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Properties of large and small potato starch granules

Kang, K.J.; Kim, K.; Kim, S.K.; Park, Y.K.; Han, J.G.

Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology 21(4): 528-535


Accession: 002197415

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Potato starch from Daeji and Seipoong was classified into large and small granules and percentage distribution of each was evaluated (results given in graphs). Starches and isolated large and small granules were also examined as regards protein, fat, ash and amylose concn, water binding capacity, swelling power at 80 degrees C, X-ray diffraction patterns, amylograph characteristics (pasting temp., viscosity at various temp., etc.), differential scanning calorimetric attributes and histological aspects. Results are given in tables and graphs. Swelling power was higher, and solubility lower, in small starch granules.

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