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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2199

Chapter 2199 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Centner, T. J.; White, F. C., 1989: Protecting inventors' intellectual property rights in biotechnology

Anonymous, 1990: Protecting natural resources with remote sensing. The third Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Conference held at the University of Arizona and the Doubletree Inn, Tucson, Arizona, 9-13 April 1990

Crompton, J. L., 1990: Protecting park and natural areas without purchasing them: a review of methods adopted in the USA

Mayfield, W. A., 1989: Protecting quality: spindle picking cotton

Golinowska, M., 1989: Protecting rape against pests and weeds on the Magnice demonstration farm

Peterson, L., 1989: Protecting the environment via bacteria

Behrens, R. H., 1990: Protecting the health of the international traveller

Taylor, W. R. J., 1991: Protecting the health of the traveller

Palmer, C.; Young, P. J., 1991: Protecting water resources from the effects of landfill sites: Foxhall landfill site

Borchi, S.; Ciabatti, P. S., 1990: Protecting young silver fir from roe deer browsing damage

Brooks, D., 1990: Protecting your financial returns

Haimanti Dhir; Roy, A. K.; Archana Sharma; Geeta Talukder, 1990: Protection afforded by aqueous extracts of Phyllanthus species against cytotoxicity induced by lead and aluminium salts

Buzoni Gatel, D.; Guilloteau, L.; Bernard, F.; Bernard, S.; Chardes, T.; Rocca, A., 1992: Protection against Chlamydia psittaci in mice conferred by Lyt-2+ T cells

Gendrel, D.; Kombila, M.; Nardou, M.; Gendrel, C.; Djouba, F.; Richard Lenoble, D., 1991: Protection against Plasmodium falciparum infection in children with hemoglobin S

Jean-Francois, Mjb; Poskitt, Dc; Turnbull, Sj; Macdonald, Lm; Yasmeen, D., 1991: Protection against Streptococcus equi infection by monoclonal antibodies against an M-like protein

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198018

Iacono-Connors, Lc; Welkos, Sl; Ivins, Be; Dalrymple, Jm, 1991: Protection against anthrax with recombinant virus-expressed protective antigen in experimental animals

Isobe, T; Suzuki, K; Yoshihara, S., 1991: Protection against chicken leucocytozoonosis provided by immunization with spleen homogenate infected with Leucocytozoon caulleryi

Haycock, P., 1991: Protection against contaminants

Ling, K.; Nomba, S.; Gonsalves, C.; Slightom, J. L.; Gonsalves, D., 1991: Protection against detrimental effects of potyvirus infection in transgenic tobacco plants expressing the papaya ringspot virus coat protein gene

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198024

Hoover E.A.; Perigo N.A.; Quackenbush S.L.; Mathiason Dubard C.K.; Overbaugh J.M.; Kloetzer W.S.; Elder J.H.; Mullins J.I., 1991: Protection against feline leukemia virus infection by use of an inactivated virus vaccine

Platford, G. G., 1988: Protection against flood damage

Madigan, J. E.; Hietala, S.; Muller, N., 1991: Protection against naturally acquired Rhodococcus equi pneumonia in foals by administration of hyperimmune plasma

Marshall, D. J.; Walker, R. I.; Coveny, R. E., 1991: Protection against ovine footrot using a topical preparation of zinc sulphate

Nielson, J. P.; Foged, N. T.; Sorensen, V.; Barfod, K.; Jensen, A. B.; Petersen, S. K., 1990: Protection against progressive atrophic rhinitis with a recombinant Pasteurella multocida toxin derivative

Gunther, T.; Merker, H. J.; Vormann, J., 1990: Protection against salicylate-induced hypocalcemia in pregnant rats by magnesium deficiency

Potocek, J.; Gaar, V.; Hnizdil, M.; Novak, F., 1991: Protection against the spread of potato wart disease and potato root nematode

Misra, S. G.; Dinesh Mani, 1991: Protection and developments of forests

Luzzi, G. A.; Merry, A. H.; Newbold, C. I.; Marsh, K.; Pasvol, G., 1991: Protection by alpha -thalassaemia against Plasmodium falciparum malaria: modified surface antigen expression rather than impaired growth or cytoadherence

Giavedoni, L. D.; Kaplan, G.; Marcovecchio, F.; Piccone, M. E.; Palma, E. L., 1991: Protection confered by TrpE fusion proteins containing portions of the C-terminal region of capsid protein VP1 of foot-and-mouth disease virus

Saifuddin, M. D.; Chowdhury, T. I. M. F. R.; Sarker, A. J.; Amin, M. M., 1990: Protection conferred by vaccination with Blacksburg and Komarov strains of Newcastle disease virus against Newcastle disease in Bangladesh

Koksharova, N. E.; Novitskii, Z. B., 1988: Protection forestry on the dried out bed of the Aral Sea

Honer, C., 1991: Protection from air and water

Doroshina, L. P., 1990: Protection from chalcids and optimization of nesting conditions for megachilid bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Megachilidae)

Aubert, A.; Gueguen, S.; Plancon, D., 1991: Protection given by a multivalent vaccine, Canigen CHA2PPI/LR, against kennel cough

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198047

Powell, Sj; Prosser, Ji, 1991: Protection of Nitrosomonas europaea colonizing clay minerals from inhibition by nitrapyrin

Heijnen, Ce; Hok, A. Hin, Ch; Veen, Ja-Van, 1991: Protection of Rhizobium by bentonite clay against predation by flagellates in liquid cultures

Kal' ba, E. N.; Pomyluiko, A. P.; Kondratyuk, V. L., 1990: Protection of agricultural machinery parts against corrosion and water abrasion

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198056

Lee L.H.; Liu H.J., 1990: Protection of antibodies to major capsid proteins of infectious bursal disease virus in chickens

Staubli, A.; Chapuis, P., 1989: Protection of apple orchards against woolly aphid Eriosoma lanigerum Hausm. is it compatible with biological control of phytophagous mites?

Arase, S.; Fujita, K.; Kondo, K., 1990: Protection of broad bean against chocolate or red spot by several Pyricularia spp

Mulamekic, N.; Gagic, A.; Kavazovic, A.; Residbegovic, E.; Maslic Strizak, D.; Varenika, D., 1991: Protection of broilers against coccidiosis by giving Eimeria tenella and Eimeria necatrix oocysts treated with UV rays

Myshelova, G. N., 1989: Protection of building structures and items made of cement-particleboards

Voris, P. van; Cataldo, D. A.; Ruskin, R., 1988: Protection of buries drip irrigation devices from root intrusion through slow-release herbicides

Alonso, M.; Blandino, T.; Baudin, C., 1991: Protection of cattle vaccinated with an attenuated strain of Babesia bovis against challenge with a heterologous strain

Baksik, A., 1989: Protection of celeriac against stem nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci)

Bashford, C. L.; Rodrigues, L.; Pasternak, C. A., 1989: Protection of cells against membrane damage by haemolytic agents: divalent cations and protons act at the extracellular side of the plasma membrane

Jarmul, I.; Reps, A.; Wisniewska, M.; Iwanczak, M.; Babuchowski, A., 1990: Protection of cheese surface for freezing storage

Chianella, M.; Tartaglia, A.; Bartocci, R.; Grieco, G.; Casciello, N., 1991: Protection of chestnut against Cydia and Curculio elephas

Beard, C. W.; Schnitzlein, W. M.; Tripathy, D. N., 1991: Protection of chickens against highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5N2) by recombinant fowlpox viruses

Chambers, T. M.; Webster, R. G., 1991: Protection of chickens from lethal influenza virus infection A/chicken/Pennsylvania/1/83 virus: characterization of the protective effect

Edbauer, C.; Weinberg, R.; Taylor, J.; Rey Senelonge, A.; Bouquet, J. F.; Desmettre, P.; Paoletti, E., 1990: Protection of chickens with a recombinant fowlpox virus expressing the Newcastle disease virus hemagglutinin-neurominidase gene

Hinton, M.; Mead, G. C.; Impey, C. S., 1991: Protection of chicks against environmental challenge with Salmonella enteritidis by 'competitive exclusion' and acid-treated feed

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198072

Parker C., 1991: Protection of crops against parasitic weeds

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198074

Anonymous, 1990: Protection of cucurbit crops

Golob, P.; Hanks, C., 1990: Protection of farm stored maize against infestation by Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) and Sitophilus species in Tanzania

Petric, B.; Despot, R.; Scukanec, V.; Trajkovic, J., 1989: Protection of fir wood joinery by double vacuum method

Costacurta, A., 1991: Protection of grape genetic resources in Italy

Barrett, M., 1989: Protection of grass crops from sulfonylurea and imidazolinone toxicity

Bapodra, J. G.; Patel, V. J.; Dhudeshia, R. D., 1989: Protection of groundnut crop in Gujarat from insect pests

Ruchay, D., 1991: Protection of groundwater is more than protection of drinking water

Heinicke, W., 1990: Protection of insects - an important component of entomological activity. Report on the 15th Central Congress on Entomology, 1989, in Breege

Foulk, J. D., 1990: Protection of lights in food plants against breakage

Molan, A. L.; Saeed, I. S., 1988: Protection of mice against Echinococcus granulosus by previous inoculation with protoscoleces exposed to ultraviolet irradiation

Riviere, M; Tartaglia, J; Perkus, Me; Norton, Ek; Bongermino, Cm; Lacoste, F; Duret, C; Desmettre, P; Paoletti, E., 1992: Protection of mice and swine from pseudorabies virus conferred by vaccinia virus-based recombinants

Basra, R. K.; Basra, A. S.; Malik, C. P., 1989: Protection of mung bean seedlings against heat shock by a substitute phthalimide

Tabeta, M., 1991: Protection of nature from recent development in Okinawa

Malyuganov, V. A., 1990: Protection of new grape varieties on the basis of their resistance to diseases and pests

Gullino, M. L.; Rapetti, S.; Garibaldi, A., 1990: Protection of ornamental and flower cultivars: a continuous challenge for floriculture and for the phytopathologist

Anonymous, 1989: Protection of pine and spruce in the Latvian SSR

Szybalski, W., 1991: Protection of plants against viral diseases by cloned viral genes and anti-genes

Glez, V. M.; Borisenok, A. B.; Lubentseva, T. G.; Sinitsina, T. P., 1991: Protection of potato

Escande, Ar; Echandi, E., 1991: Protection of potato from Rhizoctonia canker with binucleate Rhizoctonia fungi

Kirilovsky, D.; Etienne, A., 1991: Protection of reaction center II from photodamage by low temperature and anaerobiosis in spinach chloroplasts

Rotrekl, J., 1991: Protection of seed lucerne from thrips (Thysanoptera) and bugs (Heteroptera)

Hell, Z.; Jerkovic, V.; Mrklic, Z., 1989: Protection of ships and offshore installations

Dobrin, A. L.; Zhumashov, A. P.; Darymov, V. Ya; Veisov, S. K., 1990: Protection of small-diameter water lines from wind erosion

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198109

Corinth H G.; Rau G., 1990: Protection of stored grain by means of carbon dioxide

Platford, G. G., 1990: Protection of stream banks and drainage lines

Jarowaja, N.; Mackowiak, D., 1990: Protection of sugarbeet plants against pile rot in stores

Bratu, R.; Enica, D.; Luca, M.; Petcu, L.; Banita, E.; Bucureanu, E., 1988: Protection of sunflower crops from some insect pests by chemical seed treatment

Chaux, D., 1991: Protection of the environment in the cane sugar industry

Stupples, L., 1992: Protection of the environment: Friends of the Earth's view of the role of the dairy industry

Kyuma, K., 1990: Protection of the environment: sustained agriculture, sustained ecosystems

Szujecki, A., 1988: Protection of the forest environment in Poland

Yi, Y. K., 1991: Protection of tobacco plants from bacterial wilt with avirulent bacteriocin-producing strains of Pseudomonas solanacearum

Rao, A. N. S., 1990: Protection of tomato from bacterial wilt (Pseudomonas solanacearum Smith.) by Bactrinol-100

Shevchenko, V. V.; Khlynova, O. G., 1989: Protection of tomatoes

Fuchs, J.; Defago, G., 1991: Protection of tomatoes against Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici by combining a non-pathogenic Fusarium with different bacteria in untreated soil

Meggyesi, T., 1990: Protection of traditional settlements

Namba, S; Ling, K; Gonsalves, C; Slightom, Jl; Gonsalves, D., 1992: Protection of transgenic plants expressing the coat protein gene of watermelon mosaic virus II or zucchini yellow mosaic virus against six potyviruses

Wolfe M.S., 1990: Protection of travelers

Santos, Y.; Bandin, I.; Nunez, S.; Gravningen, K.; Toranzo, AE., 1991: Protection of turbot, Scophthalmus maximus (L.), and rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Richardson), against vibriosis using two different vaccines

Sudarshan Singh; Hawke, J. C., 1990: Protection of unsaturated fatty acids of hay against biohydrogenation in rumen and its impact on milk yield and composition

Mishaeva, N. P., 1990: Protection of vertebrate animals against experimental tick-borne encephalitis by active and passive immunization against tick antigens

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198133

Anonymous, 1989: Protection of water quality from harmful emissions with special regard to nitrate and heavy metals. Proceedings of the 5th International symposium of CIEC, 1-4 September 1987, Balatonfured, Hungary

Dobroka, J.; Balashazy, L., 1989: Protection of water quality-reduction of nitrate contamination in water resources

Nikitin, A. P.; Spirina, A. G., 1989: Protection of waters from pollution by fertilizers and pesticides by means of forest stands

Newbill, Ma; Morrell, Jj, 1990: Protection of western redcedar sapwood from decay

Satish Kumar, 1991: Protection of wood in ancient wooden monuments

Klei, T. R.; French, D. D.; Chapman, M. R.; McClure, J. R.; Dennis, V. A.; Taylor, H. W.; Hutchinson, G. W., 1989: Protection of yearling ponies against Strongylus vulgaris by foalhood vaccination

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198140

Edathil, T. T.; Krishnankutty, V.; Jacob, C. K.; Idicula, S. P., 1988: Protection of young rubber plants from powdery mildew disease with systemic fungicides

Boggiatto, P. R.; Chapero, J. C., 1987: Protection of young steers against insects by means of tags

Vanderkop P.A.; Macneil J.D., 1989: Protection provided by sodium selenite against an oral toxic dose of monensin in broiler chicks

Gualandi, G. L.; Ferrari, M.; Cardeti, G.; Boldini, M.; Buonavoglia, C., 1991: Protection tests in pigs vaccinated with the lapinized Chinese strain of hog cholera virus (HCV) previously adapted in a minipig kidney (MPK) cell line, to challenge infection with virulent HCV

Bowers, J., 1990: Protectionism and Western European agriculture after the Second World War

Pasour, E. C, Jr, 1990: Protectionism in the sugar industry: implications for deregulation

Cano Sanz, C. G., 1990: Protectionism versus free trade. The case of rice in the world

Friedeberg, A. S., 1990: Protectionist 're-balancing' or market-orientated reform? The EC's oils and fats policy in focus

Felton, Gw; Duffey, Ss, 1991: Protective action of midgut catalase in lepidopteran larvae against oxidative plant defenses

Adone, R.; Ciuchini, F.; Pistoia, C.; Marcon, G.; Piccininno, G., 1991: Protective activity to murine experimental brucellosis conferred by monoclonal antibody ISS/32 anti-B. abortus

Alessi, P.; Visintin, D., 1988: Protective agents as a possible substrate for biogenic cycles

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198153

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198154

Zavala, F.; Chai, S., 1990: Protective anti-sporozoite antibodies induced by a chemically defined synthetic vaccine

Maltby, I. V. B., 1990: Protective clothing - The pesticide manufacturer's viewpoint

Anonymous, 1991: Protective clothing for the safe use of pesticides in hot climates

Airey, D. R., 1990: Protective clothing: A manufacturer's viewpoint

Uplaonkar, A. T., 1989: Protective discrimination and the equality of opportunity

Tanaka, M.; Ohgitani, T.; Okabe, T.; Kawamoto, S.; Takahashi, K.; Onuma, M.; Kawakami, Y.; Sasaki, N., 1990: Protective effect against intraerythrocytic merozoites of Theileria sergenti infection in calves by passive transfer of monoclonal antibody

Obaid, K. A.; Ahmad, S.; Khan, H. M.; Mahdi, A. A.; Khanna, R., 1989: Protective effect of L. donovani antigens using glucan as an adjuvant

Vassilev, G. N.; Mehandjiev, A. D., 1991: Protective effect of N-allyl and phenyl-N'-2-pyridyl-thioureas in Pisum sativum and Glycine max (L.) against radiation

Carlsson, U.; Alenius, S.; Sundquist, B., 1991: Protective effect of an ISCOM bovine virus diarrhoea virus (BVDV) vaccine against an experimental BVDV infection in vaccinated and non-vaccinated pregnant ewes

Cardenas, V. M.; Koopman, J. S.; Garrido, F. J.; Bazua, L. F.; Ibarra, J. M.; Stetler, H. C., 1992: Protective effect of antibiotics on mortality risk from acute respiratory infections in Mexican children

Ramsey, H. A.; Whitlow, L. W.; McDaniel, B. T.; Ducharme, G. A., 1991: Protective effect of decoquinate for preruminant Holstein calves in relation to serum IgG

Levander, Oa; Ager, Al Jr; Morris, Vc; May, Rg, 1991: Protective effect of ground flaxseed or ethyl linolenate in a vitamin E-deficient diet against murine malaria

Polak Wyss, A., 1991: Protective effect of human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (hG-CSF) on Cryptococcus and Aspergillus infections in normal and immunosuppressed mice

Manieri, R.; Bronzi, R.; Grilli, A.; Loffredo, B.; Data, P. G.; Napolitano, L.; Felaco, M., 1990: Protective effect of hyperbaric hypoxygenation in rat poisoning by paraquat

Jericho, Kwf; Loewen, Kg; Smithson, Se, 1991: Protective effect of inactivated bovine herpesvirus-1 in calves experimentally infected with bovine herpesvirus-1 and Pasteurella haemolytica

Kolupaev, Yu E.; Vilenskii, S. A.; Sysoev, L. A., 1991: Protective effect of inhibitors of protein biosynthesis on plant cells during potentially lethal osmotic stress

Rui, R. L.; Nie, Y. Q.; Tong, H. Y.; Shen, X. T.; Zhu, Q. T., 1989: Protective effect of plastic film coverage on photosynthesis of capsicum in summer

Syargeeu, V. A.; Leukavets, V. S., 1990: Protective effect of tryptophan and histidine against indometacin damage of the mucous membrane of the stomach in white rats

Kumazawa, N.; Ohta, S.; Ishizuka, O.; Sakurai, N.; Kamogawa, A.; Shinoda, M., 1990: Protective effect of various methanol extracts of crude drugs on experimental hepatic injury induced by carbon tetrachloride in rats

Sugaya, E; Ishige, A; Sekiguchi, K; Yuzurihara, T; Iizuka, S; Sugimoto, A; Takeda, S; Wakui, Y; Ishihara, K; Aburada, M., 1991: Protective effects of TJ-960 herbal mixture on hippocampal neuron damage induced by cobalt focus in the cerebral cortex of rats

Weng, Cn; Tzan, Yl; Liu, Sd; Lin, Sy; Lee, Cj, 1992: Protective effects of an oral microencapsulated Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine against experimental infection in pigs

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198189

Uyttebroek, E.; Devriese, L. A.; Gevaert, D.; Haesebrouck, F.; Nelis, J.; Ducatelle, R., 1990: Protective effects of different salmonella vaccines in experimentally infected pigeons

Hirayama, N; Senda, M; Nakashima, N; Takagi, M; Sugiyama, M; Yoshikawa, Y; Yamanouchi, K., 1991: Protective effects of monoclonal antibodies against lethal canine distemper virus infection in mice

Uyttebroek, E.; Devriese, L. A.; Gevaert, D.; Ducatelle, R.; Nelis, J.; Haesebrouck, F., 1991: Protective effects of vaccines against experimental salmonellosis in racing pigeons

Sugimori, G.; Masaki, S.; Konishi, T.; Hayashi, Y., 1990: Protective efficacy and safety of per anum vaccination with inactivated E. coli preparations in one-day-old chicks

Bak, U. B.; Jang, D. D.; Oh, H. S., 1990: Protective efficacy and toxicity of H. pleuropneumoniae capsule prepared by shaking in pigs

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198197

Sirinavin, S.; Chotpitayasunondh, T.; Suwanjutha, S.; Sunakorn, P.; Chantarojanasiri, T., 1991: Protective efficacy of neonatal Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccination against tuberculosis

Taylor, G; Stott, Ej; Furze, J; Ford, J; Sopp, P., 1992: Protective epitopes on the fusion protein of respiratory syncytial virus recognized by murine and bovine monoclonal antibodies

Mccullough, Kc; De-Simone, F; Brocchi, E; Capucci, L; Crowther, Jr; Kihm, U., 1992: Protective immune response against foot-and-mouth disease

Nishino, Y., 1990: Protective immunity against Newcastle disease induced by a vaccinia virus recombinant

Ohishi, K.; Suzuki, H.; Yamamoto, T.; Maruyama, T.; Miki, K.; Ikawa, Y.; Numakunai, S.; Okada, K.; Ohshima, K.; Sugimoto, M., 1991: Protective immunity against bovine leukaemia virus (BLV) induced in carrier sheep by inoculation with a vaccinia virus-BLV env recombinant: association with cell-mediated immunity

Velji, M. I.; Albright, L. J.; Evelyn, T. P. T., 1990: Protective immunity in juvenile coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch following immunization with Vibrio ordalii lipopolysaccharide or from exposure to live V. ordalii cells

Jean Francois, M. J. B.; Poskitt, D. C.; Turnbull, S. J.; Goh, T. S.; Yasmeen, D., 1992: Protective immunity to Streptococcus equi infection: a comparison of antigen preparations

Jongejan, F., 1991: Protective immunity to heartwater (Cowdria ruminantium infection) is acquired after vaccination with in vitro-attenuated rickettsiae

Dubey, Jp; Urban, Jf Jr; Davis, Sw, 1991: Protective immunity to toxoplasmosis in pigs vaccinated with a nonpersistent strain of Toxoplasma gondii

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198215

Satakopan, V. N.; Baskaran, G.; Sankar, M., 1990: Protective influence of phytotonic concentrations of Al3+ on mannitol induced water stress in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) seedlings

Strizhevskii, I. I.; Sidorina, I. Yu; Vakhrushev, Yu A.; Brandt, B. B., 1990: Protective liquids for KAS fertilizers

Bosse, Jt; Johnson, Rp; Nemec, M; Rosendal, S., 1992: Protective local and systemic antibody responses of swine exposed to an aerosol of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 1

Mukherjee, Jean; Scharff, Matthew D.; Casadevall, Arturo, 1992: Protective murine monoclonal antibodies to Cryptococcus neoformans

Bizer, E., 1990: Protective nets

Filatenkov, A. G.; Khaltaeva, G. G.; Khlebnikova, N. N.; Gorban' , S. G.; Shkurnikova, N. N.; Khamitova, M. F., 1991: Protective properties of an attenuated strain 15 of Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus in rodents against experimental airborne infection

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198225

Bafundo, K. W., 1989: Protective responses produced by immunization of day-old chicks with either Eimeria maxima, E. acervulina or E. tenella live oocyst vaccines

Rashid, A.; Popovic, R., 1990: Protective role of CaCl2 against Pb2+ inhibition in photosystem II

Packer, L., 1991: Protective role of vitamin E in biological systems

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198232

Boisvenue, Rj; Stiff, Mi; Tonkinson, Lv; Cox, Cn, 1991: Protective studies in sheep immunized with cuticular collagen proteins and peptides of Haemonchus contortus

Peschlejski, P.; Petkov, P.; Dimitrov, K.; Jotov, M.; Vasilev, V.; Haralambiev, H., 1991: Protective value of hyperimmune serum against viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits

Ayhan, H.; Aydn, N., 1990: Protein A production by staphylococci of fowl origin and the importance of two different media in protein-A production

Shimizu, S.; Tauchi, S.; Arakawa, A., 1991: Protein A-coated latex-linked antisera test for the detection of the densonucleosis virus of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Rainard, P; Lautrou, Y; Sarradin, P; Poutrel, B., 1991: Protein X of Streptococcus agalactiae induces opsonic antibodies in cows

Matthews, D. M., 1990: Protein absorption: development and present state of the subject

Bergen, W. G.; Merkel, R. A., 1991: Protein accretion

Janardhanan, K.; Lakshmanan, K. K., 1990: Protein accumulation in the developing seeds of the tribal pulse, Mucuna utilis

Bhadula, S. K.; Sawhney, V. K., 1991: Protein analysis during the ontogeny of normal and male sterile stamenless-2 mutant stamens of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Sugimoto, C.; Kawazu, S.; Kamio, T.; Fujisaki, K., 1991: Protein analysis of Theileria sergenti/buffeli/orientalis piroplasms by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

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Erasmus, L. J., 1991: Protein and NPN feeding for dairy cows: new NRC guide-lines

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Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198257

Mcgee C.D.; Greenwood C.E., 1990: Protein and carbohydrate selection respond to changes in dietary saturated fatty acids but not to changes in essential fatty acids

Section 3, Chapter 2199, Accession 002198260

Verma S.V.S.; Singh H.; Singh B.P., 1991: Protein and energy requirements by guineafowl keets

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Anonymous, 1989: Protein and non-protein nitrogen in human milk

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