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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2203

Chapter 2203 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Schimenti, J.; Hammer, M., 1990: Rapid identification of mouse t haplotypes by PCR polymorphism (PCRP)

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Pyke, K.A.; Leech, R.M., 1991: Rapid Image Analysis Screening Procedure for Identifying Chloroplast Number Mutants in Mesophyll Cells of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh

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Drutz, D.J., 1992: Rapid infusion of amphotericin B: is it safe, effective, and wise?

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VanRaden, P.M.; Hoeschele, I., 1991: Rapid inversion of additive by additive relationship matrices by including sire-dam combination effects

Hoeschele, I.; VanRaden, P.M., 1991: Rapid inversion of dominance relationship matrices for noninbred populations by including sire by dam subclass effects

Doco, T.; Carcano, D.; Ramos, P.; Loones, A.; Fournet, B., 1991: Rapid isolation and estimation of polysaccharide from fermented skim milk with Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus by coupled anion exchange and gel-permeation high-performance liquid chromatography

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Biewendt, H.G., 1991: Rapid layout and control of tubular holders, in particular for HTST heaters

Bhat, N.R.; Tayama, H.K., 1991: Rapid leaching causes a decline in efficacy of drench-applied ancymidol in bark growing media

Rawson H.M., 1991: Rapid leaf growth in wheat and its links with flowering

Taylor, O.R.; Delgado, A.; Brizuela, F., 1991: Rapid loss of European traits from feral neotropical African honey bee populations in Mexico

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Armbrust D.V., 1990: Rapid measurement of crop canopy cover

Knee M., 1991: Rapid measurement of diffusion of gas through the skin of apple fruits

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Cobb B.G.; Schoelles D.B., 1989: Rapid method for determining amylose using a microplate reader

Tsai, Y.L.; Olson, B.H., 1991: Rapid method for direct extraction of DNA from soil and sediments

Tsai, Y.L.; Park, M.J.; Olson, B.H., 1991: Rapid method for direct extraction of mRNA from seeded soils

Farkas, R.; Matha, V., 1989: Rapid method for distinguishing plasmatocytes and granulocytes in Galleria mellonella by rhodamine 123 staining

Mutisya, F.M.; Geadelmann, J.L., 1988: Rapid method for estimating leaf area per plant in early maturing maize

Zhumanov, B.Zh, 1989: Rapid method for identification of cutworm parasitoids

A.J.nabi, S.M.; Shoemaker, R.C., 1992: Rapid method for preparing double-stranded template DNA for polymerase chain reaction amplification from soybean

Pillai, S.D.; Josephson, K.L.; Bailey, R.L.; Gerba, C.P.; Pepper, I.L., 1991: Rapid method for processing soil samples for polymerase chain reaction amplification of specific gene sequences

Prapamontol T.; Stevenson D., 1991: Rapid method for the determination of organochlorine pesticides in milk

Presa, C.; Ramos, M.; Reuvers, T., 1990: Rapid method for the estimation of clenbuterol residues in urine by thin-layer chromatography

Zobkova, Z.S.; Mytnik, L.G.; Shidlovskaya, V.P., 1988: Rapid method for the manufacture of ryazhenka

Qiu, X.C.; Zhu, Y.Q.; Liu, G.P., 1989: Rapid method for the spectrophotometric determination of sulphate in surface water using ion-exchange separation and the sulphate reaction and chlorophosphonazo III (CPA III)-Ba2+ complex

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Kaster, L.V.; Carson, M.A.; Meehan, M.E.; Sisco, R., 1991: Rapid method of evaluating maize for sheath-collar feeding resistance to the European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Dolgova, E.M.; Alad' ina, Z.K.; Mikhailova, V.N., 1990: Rapid method of evaluating sunflower for resistance to downy mildew

Stoilova, A., 1990: Rapid method of inducing mutations in distant hybrids of cotton

Ikramov, Yu; Musaev, D.A.; Usmanov, S.A., 1989: Rapid method of producing cotton lines using subsp. yucatanense

Ismailov, E., 1991: Rapid method of selecting strains

Hill, C.; Massey, I.J.; Klaenhammer, T.R., 1991: Rapid method to characterize lactococcal bacteriophage genomes

Paz, M.T.; Iniguez, C.; Gonzalez, J., 1990: Rapid methods for determination of fat in coconut conserve and chocolate milk

Ritchey, K.D.; Ramirez, L.V.; Goenaga, R.; Chew, V., 1990: Rapid methods for determining tanier (Xanthosoma spp.) root responses to soil acidity

Jaouen, J.C. le; Mens, P. le, 1989: Rapid methods for evaluating the suitability of ewe milk and goat milk for cheesemaking

McCann, G.; Moran, L.; Rowe, M.T., 1991: Rapid methods for microbiological testing

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Fung, D.Y.C., 1991: Rapid methods in applied microbiology: an update

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Zhang, L.Y.; Li, G.G.; Li, K.L.; Chen, R.Z., 1989: Rapid micropropagation of eight Brassica cultivars by shoot tip culture

Malinin, G.I.; Malinin, T.I., 1991: Rapid microscopic detection of malaria parasites permanently fluorochrome stained in blood smears with aluminum and morin

Wheelock G.D.; Scott J.G., 1991: Rapid microsome preparation from limited numbers of house flies

Kaiser, W.M.; Spill, D., 1991: Rapid Modulation of Spinach Leaf Nitrate Reductase by Photosynthesis : II. In Vitro Modulation by ATP and AMP

Dzurec D.J., 1991: Rapid moisture determination in viscous fluid fermented dairy products using a microwave oven

Tyler, J.E.; Poole, D.F.G.; Kong, K.L., 1990: Rapid monitoring of fluoride (F-) levels in blood plasma

Beckenbach, A.T., 1991: Rapid mtDNA sequence analysis of fish populations using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

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McLauchlin, J., 1989: Rapid non-cultural methods for the detection of Listeria in food - a review

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Harris, A.; Lindeman, A.K.; Martin, B.J., 1991: Rapid orocecal transit in chronically active persons with high energy intake

Lugt, G. van der; Geelen, P.; Schrama, P., 1990: Rapid outgrowth of grafted roses is necessary for a good result. Grafted plants for rockwool culture must be placed in blocks immediately after grafting

Boyle, A.; Feltquite, D.; Dracopoli, N.; Housman, D.; Ward, D., 1992: Rapid physical mapping of cloned DNA on banded mouse chromosomes by fluorescence in situ hybridization

Bamberg, J.B.; Hanneman, R.E.J., 1991: Rapid ploidy screening of tuber-bearing Solanum (potato) species through pollen diameter measurement

House, W.J.; Zimalirana, G., 1992: Rapid population growth and poverty generation in Malawi

Wong, W.W.; Leggitt, J.L.; Clarke, L.L.; Klein, P.D., 1991: Rapid preparation of pyrogen-free superscript 2H2 18O for human-nutrition studies

Carter, G.R.; Chengappa, M.M., 1991: Rapid presumptive identification of type B P multocida from haemorrhagic septicaemia

Smith, J.L.; Um, M.H., 1990: Rapid procedures for preparing soil and KCL extracts for 15N analysis

Hogue, E.; Neilsen, D., 1991: Rapid production methods for Ottawa-3 rootstock and branched apple nursery stock

Groot, A.F.C., 1992: Rapid progress of Hisex crosses

Zhao, M., 1990: Rapid propagation of Aloe variegata by tissue culture

Mo, H.K.; Zhang, Q.M.; Li, Q.Q.; Wang, H., 1990: Rapid propagation of Monotagma smaragdium Schium

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Anonymous, 1992: Rapid propagation of fast-growing woody species

Han, Y.; Xi, T., 1989: Rapid propagation of lettuce by embryos

Hogue, E.J.; Neilsen, D., 1990: Rapid propagation of new apple cultivars on dwarfing rootstocks

Chen F T.A., 1991: Rapid protein analysis by capillary electrophoresis

Prestwich, G.; Atkinson, J., 1990: Rapid purification and N-terminal amino acid sequence of a photoaffinity-labeled juvenile hormone binding protein from an arctiid moth larva, Platyprepia virginalis

Turano, F.J.; Wilson, B.J.; Matthews, B.F., 1991: Rapid purification and thermostability of the cytoplasmic aspartate aminotransferase from carrot suspension cultures

Ma, J.; Inzana, T.J., 1992: Rapid purification of a 110-kilodalton hemolysin of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae by monoclonal antibody-affinity chromatography

Chavan S.M.; Kumar A.; Jadhav S.J., 1991: Rapid quantitative analysis of starch in sugar cane juice

Haglund, L.A.; Greenfield, R.A., 1992: Rapid relapse of cryptococcal meningitis after termination of maintenance fluconazole in AIDS

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Reuvers T.; Perogordo E.; Jimenez R., 1991: Rapid screening method for the determination of diethylstilbestrol in edible animal tissue by column liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Khanna, P.; Olivier, J.M., 1989: Rapid screening of antagonists of blotch bacterium, Pseudomonas tolaasii

Water, C. van de; Haagsma, N., 1990: Rapid screening of chloramphenicol in milk and swine muscle tissue using a sensitive streptavidin-biotin enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

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Darling, T.N.; Burrows, C.M.; Blum, J.J., 1990: Rapid shape change and release of ninhydrin-positive substances by Leishmania major promastigotes in response to hypo-osmotic stress

Maeda, J.; Dudrick, S.J., 1990: Rapid spectrophotometric determination of plasma carnitine concentrations

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Daeschlein, G., 1990: Rapid staining methods and immunofluorescence staining in the laboratory diagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii-alternatives to GROCOTT staining?

Heeny, J.L.; Valli, V.E.O., 1991: Rapid stick test for the diagnosis of bovine leukemia virus infection from serum or milk

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Pauk, J.; Szarka, B.; Simon, I.K., 1991: Rapid suspension establishment and efficient protoplast-plant system of agronomically important rice varieties

Anonymous, 1991: Rapid techniques for assessing wetland vegetation and water regime

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Wongsrichanalai C.; Chuanak N.; Webster H.K.; Timasarn K., 1992: Rapid test for malaria diagnosis

Veronesi, R.; Melo, D.G.; Irino, K. et al., 1992: Rapid test for the diagnosis of cholera: the co-agglutination test in an endemic area of Brazil

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Picchioni G.A.; Miyamoto S.; Storey J.B., 1991: Rapid testing of salinity effects on pistachio seedling rootstocks

Trinca, S.; Caccia, R.; Pace, C. de; Dodds, J.H.; Mugnozza, G.T.S., 1990: Rapid transformation and regeneration procedure for potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) leaf discs by co-culture with Agrobacterium tumefaciens used as a vector for the transfer of DNA sequences encoding lytic peptides

Wiser, M.F.; Lanners, H.N., 1992: Rapid transport of the acidic phosphoproteins of Plasmodium berghei and P. chabaudi from the intraerythrocytic parasite to the host membrane using a miniaturized fractionation procedure

Inoue, Y.; Okada, A.; Nezu, R.; Takagi, Y.; Kawashima, Y., 1991: Rapid turnover proteins as index of nutritional status in benign diseases

Sanyal, A.K., 1992: Rapid ultraviolet spectrophotometric assay of benzoyl metronidazole in an oral suspension

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Gilbert, P.A., 1991: Rapid water content by computer-controlled microwave drying

Hinsinger P.; Jaillard B.; Dufey J.E., 1992: Rapid weathering of a trioctahedral mica by the roots of ryegrass

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