Section 3
Chapter 2,203

Rates of processes of soil evolution on uplifted marine terraces, northern California

Merritts, D.J.; Chadwick, O.A.; Hendricks, D.M.

Geoderma 51(1-4): 241-275


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-7061
Accession: 002202307

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Six properties of soils developed in unconsolidated deposits on marine terraces in the Cape Mendocino-Punta Gorda area of northern California were characterized by systematic, time-dependent trends. Each property differed in the rate of change and in the time period over which its changes were useful as relative age dating or correlation tools. Changes in accumulated mass of organic carbon and pH were useful properties only for the youngest soils (less than 10-20 Ka in this climatic region).

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