Reflection spectra of potato tubers at injury, Phytophthora infestans infection, and arachidonic acid treatment

Merzlyak, M.N.; Chivkunova, O.B.; Rybakova, I.N.

Moscow University Biological Sciences Bulletin 45(1): 27-32


ISSN/ISBN: 0096-3925
Accession: 002204436

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The analysis of diffuse reflectance spectra of tuber discs demonstrated the presence of carotenoid absorption bands. The change in the reflectance spectra was studied at injury, P. infestans infection and treatment with eicosapolyunsaturated fatty acids that cause polyphenol oxidase-mediated formation of melamine-like pigments. The dependence of changes in reflection intensity on concn of arachidonic acid was estimated. The possibility for estimation of the intensity of immune reactions on the basis of tissue reflectance spectra is discussed.