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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2211

Chapter 2211 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Droese, H.; Radecki, A.; Roszak, W.; Starczewski, J., 1991:
Response of crops to the degree of soil compaction. VI. Flax

Radecki, A.; Roszak, W.; Starczewski, J., 1990:
Response of crops to the degree of soil compaction. VII. Peas

Roszak, W.; Radecki, A.; Opic, J., 1991:
Response of crops to the degree of soil compaction. VIII. Field beans

Vadigeri, B.G.; Madalageri, B.B., 1989:
Response of cucumber genotypes to ethrel and GA3

Pavelek, M., 1992:
Response of cultivars and new selections of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) to photoperiod

Blackshaw, R.E.; Derkson, D.A., 1992:
Response of cultivated mustard species to DPX-A7881

Chaturvedi, O.P.; Singh, R.P.; Shukla, H.S.; Pandey, K.S., 1991:
Response of day-lily (Hemerocallis fulva L.) to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization

Bolland M.D.A., 1991:
Response of defoliated swards of subterranean clover and yellow serradella to superphosphate applications

Guggari, A.K.; Kamath, K.S.; Koraddi, V.R., 1992 :
Response of desi hybrid cotton (DDH-2) to spacing and fertilizer levels under rainfed conditions

Rasul, M.G.; Khan, A.I.; Rashid, M.H.; Rashid, M.M., 1989:
Response of different potato varieties to different levels of irrigation

Halimie, M.A.; Mughal, M.S.; Mehdi, S.A.; Rana, Z.A., 1989:
Response of different timings of carbofuran (Furadan 3G) on the maize borer incidence and yield of the crop

Verma, R.R.; Srivastava, P.M., 1990:
Response of different varieties of apple (Malus pumila) to pest infestation

Chimanshette T.G.; Shelke V.B., 1990:
Response of differential irrigation and fertilizer levels to cotton genotypes

Abdel Monem, M.; Azzaoui, A.; E.G.arous, M.; Ryan, J.; Soltanpour, P., 1990:
Response of dryland wheat to nitrogen and phosphorus in some Moroccan soils

Soni J.C.; Dubey A.K.; Singh R.V.; Vyas M.D.; Singh P.P., 1989:
Response of dwarf wheat to seed rate and nitrogen under limited irrigations

Nakhtore C.L.; Kewat M.L., 1989:
Response of dwarf wheat to varying fertility levels under limited and adequate irrigation conditions

Mustyatsa, S.I., 1990:
Response of early lines to increased crop density

Prasad U.K.; Prasad T.N.; Pandey R.D.; Sahni R.P., 1990:
Response of early paddy to water regimes and nitrogen in calcareous soil

Patra, S.S., 1989:
Response of early pigeonpea cultivars to fertilizer in the north central plateau zone of Orissa, India

Rao, S.K.; Roland, D.A.; Hoerr, F.J., 1992:
Response of early- and late-maturing commercial Leghorn pullets to low levels of dietary phosphorus

Grace, J.K., 1991:
Response of eastern and Formosan subterranean termites (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) to borate dust and soil treatments

Pires A.L.; Ahlrichs J.L.; Rhykerd C.L., 1992:
Response of eleven forage species to treatment of acid soil with calcitic and dolomitic lime

Sarananda, K.H., 1989:
Response of embul banana (Musa spp.) to modified atmosphere storage

Singletary, G.W.; Doehlert, D.C.; Wilson, C.M.; Muhitch, M.J.; Below, F.E., 1990:
Response of enzymes and storage proteins of maize endosperm to nitrogen supply

A.A.sir I.A.; Rubeiz I.G.; Khoury R.Y., 1991:
Response of fall greenhouse cos lettuce to clear mulch and nitrogen fertilizer

Lucas, P.; Oort, G.M.R.A. van, 1990:
Response of farmers to the loss of land caused by urban pressure

Verma, J.P.; Thakur, R.N.; Sharma, B.N.; Katiyar, D.S.; Vijai Singh, 1991:
Response of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum L.) to N and P

Flannigan, B.; Barnes, S.D., 1990:
Response of fermentative yeasts to trichothecene mycotoxins

Lanza, J., 1991:
Response of fire ants (Formicidae: Solenopsis invicta and S. geminata) to artificial nectars with amino acids

Ranney, T.G.; Whitlow, T.H.; Bassuk, N.L., 1990:
Response of five temperate deciduous tree species to water stress

Gutmanski, I.; Borkowski, W., 1988:
Response of fodder beet cultivars to nitrogen fertilization

Pandey J.K.; Tomer P.S., 1989:
Response of fodder maize varieties to different levels of nitrogen

Moreira, N., 1989:
Response of forage oats to nitrogen fertilizer in high and low fertility soils

Mustika, I., 1991:
Response of four black pepper cultivars to infection by Radopholus similis, Meloidogyne incognita, and Fusarium solani

Sala, M.; Calvo, A., 1990:
Response of four different Mediterranean vegetation types to runoff and erosion

Burdine H.W.; Sanchez C.A., 1990:
Response of four lettuce cultivars to temperature and daylength

Brunet, E.; Avela, A.; Rios, C.; Almaguer, J., 1990:
Response of four tropical grasses to nitrogen fertilizer under irrigated conditions

Hawlader, M.S.H.; Islam, M.H., 1991:
Response of foxtail millet varieties to varying dates of sowing in kharif season

Knowles, J.B.; Wood, R.J.; Rosenberg, I.H., 1988:
Response of fractional calcium absorption in women to various coadministered oral glucose doses

Mehar Singh; Singh, R.C., 1990:
Response of french bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to irrigation and nitrogen application

Ashworth E.N.; Wisniewski M.E., 1991:
Response of fruit tree tissues to freezing temperatures

Neilsen, G.; Hogue, E.; Yorston, J., 1990:
Response of fruit trees to phosphorus fertilization

Ni, B.R.; Pallardy, S.G., 1991:
Response of gas exchange to water stress in seedlings of woody angiosperms

Peng J.; Ishii K.; Ukai Y., 1991:
Response of genetic variability of quantitative characters to nitrogen levels in rice

Hayakawa T.; Kamachi K.; Oikawa M.; Ojima K.; Yamaya T., 1990:
Response of glutamine synthetase and glutamate synthase isoforms to nitrogen sources in rice cell cultures

Smith, S.P.; Davies, W.P.; Bulman, C.; Evans, E.J., 1990:
Response of grain protein in winter wheat to nitrogen

Hansel, H.; Fleck, A., 1990:
Response of grain yield protein content and protein yield of various winter wheat genotypes to the productivity level in trials without fungicide or CCC treatment in a dry climate. (A contribution to the low-input discussion)

Sharma, A.K.; Haribendra Singh; Sushil Singh; Rohan Singh; Namdeo, K.N., 1989:
Response of gram (Cicer arietinum L.) to rhizobial and N fertilization

Singh, R.V.; Singh, H.P., 1989:
Response of gram genotypes to row and plant spacing

Javiya J.J.; Ahlawat R.P.S.; Patel J.C.; Kaneria B.B.; Tank D.A., 1989:
Response of gram to irrigation under varying levels of nitrogen and phosphorus

Stroehlein J.L.; Janat M.M.; Pessarakli M., 1990:
Response of grape cultivars to nitrogen and phosphorus grown with water harvesting

Sharma, M.L.; Bharadwaj, G.S.; Chauhan, Y.S.; Sharma, S.D.; Sharma, M.S., 1988:
Response of green gram cultivars to sowing dates under rainfed conditions

Thakuria, K.; Saharia, P., 1990:
Response of greengram genotypes to plant density and phosphorus levels in summer

Sharma, M.L.; Bharadwaj, G.S.; Chauhan, Y.S.; Sharma, S.D.; Sharma, M.S., 1989:
Response of greengram to sowing dates under rainfed conditions

Patel, F.M.; Patel, L.R., 1991:
Response of greengram varieties to phosphorus and Rhizobium inoculation

Agrawal, P.C.; Rao, M.S.S., 1989:
Response of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) to Regim-8 (TIBA), Cycocel (CCC) and Ethrel (CEPA) under field conditions

Manohar, S.S.; Rathore, P.S., 1989:
Response of groundnut to soil and foliage applied sulphur

Stirling, C.M.; Black, C.R.; Ong, C.K., 1990 :
Response of groundnut to timing of irrigation

Patel M.P.; Shelke V.B.; Shelke D.K., 1990:
Response of groundnut to weed management and phosphate in premonsoon season

Patel, L.R.; Patel, R.H.; Patel, J.K., 1991:
Response of groundnut varieties to different dates of sowing and row spacings

Reddy, N.R.N.; Giri, G., 1989:
Response of groundnut varieties to plant density and phosphorus

Nicholson J.W.G.; Mcqueen R.E.; Bush R.S., 1991:
Response of growing cattle to supplementation with organically bound or inorganic sources of selenium or yeast cultures

Mandisodza, K.T.; Holness, D.H., 1985:
Response of growing-finishing pigs to supplementation of diets based on maize + soyabean meal with lysine and/or methionine

Lovendahl P.; Wooolliams J.A.; Sinnett Smith P.A., 1991:
Response of growth hormone to various doses of growth hormone releasing factor and thyrotropin releasing hormone administered separately and in combination to dairy calves

Khan A.; Spilde L.A., 1992:
Response of hard red spring wheat genotypes to management systems

Sagare, B.N.; Guhe, Y.S., 1991:
Response of hirsutum cotton grown on typic chromusterts to enriched FYM products

Scholz-Ahrens, K.E.; Hagemeister, H.; Unshelm, J.; Agergaard, N.; Barth, C.A., 1990:
Response of hormones modulating plasma cholesterol to dietary casein or soy protein in minipigs

Prasad, T.V.R.; Hosmani, M.M.; Sharma, K.M.S., 1990:
Response of horse gram (Dolichos biflorus L.) to fertilizers in cultivators fields of Bangalore District

Purushotham, S.; Sharma, K.M.S.; Kulkarni, K.R., 1988:
Response of horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum Lam.) Verdc. to combinations of N, P and K on farmers' fields in Tumkur District

Roy, R.K.; Singh, B.K., 1989:
Response of hullless barley to fertilizer application under rainfed situation of diara land

Jones W.F.; Watson V.H., 1991:
Response of hybrid bermudagrass to sulfur application

Gowda, M.K.M.; Krishnamurthy, K.; Sridhara, H.; Jayakumar, B.V.; Venkateshaiah, B.V., 1989:
Response of hybrid napier grass (var. BH-18) to different spacings and fertility levels under rainfed conditions

Munegowda, M.K.; Jayakumar, B.V.; Marigowda, C., 1989:
Response of hybrid napier grass var. NB-21 to different levels of spacing and fertilizer under irrigated conditions in the transitional belt of Karnataka

Pandrangi, R.B.; Wankhade, S.G.; Patil, D.B., 1989:
Response of hybrid sorghum to P and Zn application

Raju, A.R.; Kharche, S.G., 1990:
Response of hybrids and varieties of Hirsutum cottons to sowing time and plant density

Weber M.G., 1990:
Response of immature aspen ecosystems to cutting and burning in relation to vernal leaf flush

Bharadwaj, G.S., 1990:
Response of improved varieties of mustard to different levels of nitrogen under northern conditions of Madhya Pradesh

Toloraya, T.; Kalenich, N.; Sukhorada, A., 1990:
Response of inbred maize lines to soil and post-emergence herbicides

Variar, M.; Maiti, D., 1988:
Response of indigenous upland rice varieties to blast in endemic areas

Erickson P.I.; Ketring D.L.; Stone J.F., 1991:
Response of internal tissue water balance of peanut to soil water

Thakur, N.S.; Raghuwanshi, R.K.S.; Sharma, R.A., 1989:
Response of irrigated chickpea to applied nutrients

Dhuka A.K.; Sadaria S.G.; Patel J.C.; Vyas M.N., 1991:
Response of irrigated late sown wheat to nitrogen application

Jenny, B.F.; Moore, M.; Pardue, F.E.; Rock, D.W.; Patterson, D.L., 1991:
Response of lactating Jersey cows to a daily or sustained release form of recombinant bovine somatotropin

Knapp, D.M.; Grummer, R.R., 1990:
Response of lactating dairy cattle to diets containing increasing levels of whole roasted soybeans

Mahajan A.K.; Dubey D.P.; Namdeo K.N.; Shukla N.P., 1991:
Response of late sown wheat to seed rates and seed soaking sprouting

Jagdev Singh; Malik, A.S., 1989:
Response of late sown wheat, barley and lentil to irrigation levels

Ross, M.H.; Cochran, D.G., 1990 :
Response of late-instar Blattella germanica (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae) to dietary insect growth regulators

Shanawany M.M., 1992:
Response of layers to ahemeral light cycles incorporating age at application and changes in effective photoperiod

Leeson, S.; Caston, L.J.; Summers, J.D., 1991:
Response of laying hens to supplemental niacin

Acosta Iraida, R. de, 1990:
Response of laying hens to variable energy-protein ratios in the Unidad Avicola of the Universidad Experimental del Tachira

Jack S.B.; Long J.N., 1991:
Response of leaf area index to density for two contrasting tree species

Singh G.; Singh O.P., 1991:
Response of lentil varieties to phosphorus

Vito, M. di; Saccardo, F.; Zaccheo, G., 1991:
Response of lines of Capsicum spp. to Italian populations of four species of Meloidogyne

Awashti, U.S.; Jha, G.; Namdeo, K.N.; Shukla, N.P.; Rohan Singh, 1989:
Response of linseed (Linum usitatissimum Linn.) to nitrogen and phosphorus levels

Yadav L.N.; Jain A.K.; Singh P.P.; Vyas M.D., 1990:
Response of linseed to nitrogen and phosphorus application

Iwata S.; Nakayama N.; Nakagawara S.; Ohta Y.; Tanaka T.; Wakabayashi K.; Boeger P., 1992:
Response of liverwort cells to peroxidizing herbicides

Ashokan, P.K.; Nair, R.V.; Geethakumari, V.L.; Lalithabai, E.K., 1988:
Response of local and hybrid varieties of cassava to nitrogen and potassium fertilizers

Raju R.A.; Reddy G.V.; Reddy M.N., 1989:
Response of long duration rice to spacing and age of seedlings

Vishnu Shukla; Prabhakar, B.S., 1988:
Response of long melon to spacing and fertilisation

Mamaril, C.P.; Gonzales, P.B., 1988:
Response of lowland rice to sulphur in the Philippines

Patel J.R.; Patel P.C.; Sadhu A.C.; Patel B.G., 1990:
Response of lucerne genotypes to phosphorus and potash

Sharma R.S.; Rathi G.S., 1989:
Response of lucerne to phosphorus and potassium

Gajek, F.; Koter, Z., 1989:
Response of lucerne-grass mixtures to liming and soil pH

Borin, M., 1989:
Response of maize and sugarbeet to irrigation in environments with different water table depths

Yadav, K.; Prasad, V.; Ahmad, N.; Mandal, K., 1992:
Response of maize genotypes to Azospirillum lipoferum in calcareous soils

Truksa, J., 1992:
Response of maize hybrids to precipitation in and out of the growing season at different stand densities

Singh, V.K.; Dubey, O.P., 1991:
Response of maize to the application of nitrogen and phosphorus

Said E.M.; Menyhert Z., 1990:
Response of maize to three nitrogen sources with and without nitrapyrin

Dikshith, T.S.S.; Kumar, S.N.; Raizada, R.B.; Srivastava, M.K., 1989:
Response of malathion to cadmium chloride pretreated albino rats

Sibbald, I.R.; Wolynetz, M.S., 1990:
Response of male broiler chickens to dietary lysine:true metabolizable energy (nitrogen-corrected) ratios during three consecutive fourteen-day periods from hatching

Prasad, K.; Gupta, R.K., 1989:
Response of manganese to radish in acid soils of Nagaland

Madalageri, M.B.; Hulamani, N.C.; Patil, V.R., 1989:
Response of mango varieties and hybrids to epicotyl grafting

Muralidhara, P.; Malla, N.; Ganguly, N.K.; Mahajan, R.C., 1992:
Response of mast cells against filarial antigens from experimentally infected Mastomys natelensis with Brugia malayi

Thakur R.B., 1989:
Response of medium duration rice varieties to nitrogen

Maynard, D.W.; Clark, G.A., 1990:
Response of micro-irrigated vegetable crops on various bed widths

Van T.K.; Vandiver V.V.Jr, 1992:
Response of monoecious and dioecious hydrilla to bensulfuron methyl

Mathur, A.K.; Chitale, K.; Gaur, V.K.; Tyagi, R.N.S., 1989:
Response of mung cultivars to Cercospora leaf spot in Rajasthan

Khalil S.K., 1989:
Response of mungbean cultivars to different planting dates

Singh, N.P.; Sinha, K.K.; Singh, H.P., 1990:
Response of mungbeans to row and plant spacings

Lauderdale, T.L.; Jones, S.M.; Winter, A.J., 1990:
Response of murine T cells to antigens of Brucella abortus at sequential periods after infection

Sharma D.K.; Kumar A., 1989:
Response of mustard cultivars to moisture stress

Dongale, J.H.; Patil, B.P.; Prabhudesai, S.S.; Chavan, A.S., 1990:
Response of mustard to irrigation and fertiliser on lateritic soil in Konkan

Rathore, P.S.; Manohar, S.S., 1989:
Response of mustard to nitrogen and sulphur. I. Effect of nitrogen and sulphur on growth and chlorophyll content of mustard

Rathore, P.S.; Manohar, S.S., 1989:
Response of mustard to nitrogen and sulphur. II. Effect of nitrogen and sulphur on ancillary characters and yield of mustard

Rathore, P.S.; Maliwal, P.L., 1990:
Response of mustard to soil and foliar application of sulphur

Singh, R.V.; Chauhan, S.P.S., 1991:
Response of mustard to the levels and sources of nitrogen with and without zinc in relation to yield and water use under dryland conditions

Ray, N.; Khaddar, V.K., 1990:
Response of mustard varieties to graded levels of exchangeable sodium percentage in black-cotton soil

Tomar S.S.; Namdeo K.N., 1989:
Response of mustard varieties to row spacing and nitrogen

Xavier, D.F.; Souto, S.M.; Carvalho, M.M.; Franco, A.A., 1990:
Response of native Stylosanthes guianensis accessions to rhizobial inoculation

Pamo, E.T.; Yonkeu, S., 1989:
Response of natural grazings to nitrogenous fertilization on basaltic soils in Ademawa (Cameroon)

Sukumaran N.P.; Ezekiel R.; Perumal N.K., 1989:
Response of net photosynthetic rate and stomatal conductance to water deficit in different potato cultivars

Pookpakdi, A.; Thiravirojana, K.; Saeradee, I.; Chaikaew, S., 1990:
Response of new soybean accessions to water stress during reproductive phase

Chen, C.C.; Wang, C.S.; Liu, D.J., 1990:
Response of nitrogen assimilation and utilization of corn hybrid Tainung 1 and its parental inbreds to two levels of nitrogen fertilization

Sharma, J.K.; Upadhyay, M.S.; Namdeo, K.N., 1991:
Response of nitrogen levels on intercropping of maize with soyabean

Pandey, U.C.; Ekpo, U., 1991:
Response of nitrogen on growth and yield of onions (Allium cepa L.) in Maiduguri region of Borno State, Nigeria

Pond, W.G.; Yen, J.T., 1989:
Response of nonpregnant versus pregnant gilts and their fetuses to severe feed restriction

Jain P.M.; Gaur B.L.; Gupta P.C., 1990:
Response of opium poppy varieties to nitrogen

Vargas, R.I.; Stark, J.D.; Prokopy, R.J.; Green, T.A., 1991:
Response of oriental fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) and associated parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) to different-color spheres

Jain, S.C.; Saxena, S.B.; Tiwari, A.K.; Bansal, K.N., 1991:
Response of paddy to industrial waste H2SO4 (as pollutant) as a source of S and correlation and regression studies

Rao, E.V.S.P.; Singh, M.; Rao, A.R.S.G.; Narayana, M.R., 1989:
Response of palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii (Roxb.) Wats. var. motia) to farmyard manure and nitrogen

Darekar, K.S.; Mhase, N.L.; Shelke, S.S., 1991:
Response of pea varieties/selections to Meloidogyne incognita

Tagliavini, M.L.oney, N., 1991:
Response of peach seedlings to root-zone temperature and root-applied growth regulators

Byers R.E., 1989:
Response of peach trees to bloom thinning

Naphade, P.S.; Naphade, K.T.; Narkhede, A.H., 1991:
Response of peanut to various sources of phosphatic fertilizers

Hilal, M.H.; Selim, A.M.; Korkor, S.A., 1992:
Response of peas to application of sulphur-urea mixtures in sandy and clay loam soils

Boch, M.S., 1990:
Response of peatlands to irrigation by polluted waste water of stock-raising farms

Prince, C.A.; Sanders, D.C.; Campbell, C.R., 1988:
Response of pepper to N fertilizer and N/K ratios

Pitman, W.D., 1989:
Response of perennial Vigna species to grazing on a subtropical spodosol

Hegde, D.M., 1988:
Response of periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don) to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilization

Devitt D.A.; Morris R.L.; Bowman D.C., 1991:
Response of periwinkle to composted sewage sludge used as a soil amendment

Maliwal, G.L., 1990:
Response of phosphorus application in different phases of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea)-wheat (Triticum aestivum) system on crop productivity and phosphorus uptake

Gupta, A.S.; Alscher, R.G.; McCune, D., 1991:
Response of photosynthesis and cellular antioxidants to ozone in populus leaves

Plaut, Z., 1989:
Response of photosynthesis to water and salt stress - similarities and dissimilarities

Radoglou, K.; Aphalo, P.J.rvis, P., 1992:
Response of photosynthesis, stomatal conductance and water use efficiency to elevated CO2 and nutrient supply in acclimated seedlings of Phaseolus vulgaris L

Heuer, B., 1991:
Response of photosynthesis, translocation, and 14C partitioning in sugarbeet plants exposed to an osmotic shock

Tripathi, N.C.; Chauhan, S.P.S., 1990:
Response of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Mill Sp.) varieties to varying plant populations

Raghuwanshi, R.K.S.; Umat, R.; Thakur, H.S.; Neema, M.L., 1989:
Response of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) to methods of planting

Patra, S.K., 1991:
Response of pigeonpea to sources and levels of phosphorus in phosphorus deficient upland soil

Dev S.; Gupta S.P.; Singh J.P., 1992:
Response of pigeonpea to zinc application as influenced by genotypic variability

Goyal, S.N.; Patel, B.S.; Nizama, J.R., 1991:
Response of pigeonpeas to Fusarium wilt and insect pests

Scandalios, J.G., 1990:
Response of plant antioxidant defense genes to environmental stress

Bhatia, A.K.; Pandey, U.C., 1989:
Response of planting methods, fertility levels and spacings on seed production of kharif onions

Lawlor, D.W., 1991:
Response of plants to elevated carbon dioxide: the role of photosynthesis, sink demand and environmental stresses

Huang, Y.S.; Horrobin, D.F.; McAdoo Ells, K.R., 1988:
Response of plasma and liver fatty acids in essential fatty acid deficient rats to a single feeding of variable amounts of cholesterol against a background of a fixed intake of linoleic acid

Clay, D.V., 1991:
Response of poplar and willow to overall sprays of foliar-acting herbicides

Pilbeam, C.J.; Robson, M.J., 1992 :
Response of populations of Lolium perenne cv. S23 with contrasting rates of dark respiration to nitrogen supply and defoliation regime. I. Grown as monocultures

Jamro, N.B.; Sial, N.B.; Memon, G.H., 1990:
Response of potash (K2O) on growth and yield of wheat

A.H.dini, N.A.; Qasawi, M.A., 1989:
Response of potato cultivars to tuber seed size

Hassan, M.A.M.; Farrag, M.M.; Farag, I.A., 1989:
Response of potato cv. Diamant to various rates of mepiquat applied at three stages of plant growth

Mangal, J.L.; Yadava, A.; Lal, S.; Hooda, P.S.; Khurana, S.C., 1991:
Response of potato genotypes to different levels of soil salinity

Sharma, U.C.; Grewal, J.S., 1991:
Response of potato to NPK fertilization and their interactional effects

Khan M.S.; Rahman M.; Shaha U.K.; Kabir H., 1991:
Response of potato to irrigation at varying nitrogen levels

Sud K.C.; Grewal J.S.; Bist B.S., 1991:
Response of potato to nitrogen application at different growth stages

Sharma, U.C., 1991:
Response of potato to phosphorus and farmyard manure on acid soils of Khasi hills of Meghalaya

Bhowmik, N.N.; Dandapat, A., 1991:
Response of potato varieties to nitrogen application

Gupta A.; Pal K., 1989 :
Response of potato varieties to nitrogen fertilization under rainfed conditions

Habib, S.A.; A.S.onbil, A.A.; Ibadi, K.W.; George, I., 1989:
Response of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) and weeds to some herbicides

D.A.ato, A.; Fontana, F.; Cremaschi, D., 1989:
Response of potatoes to different irrigation regimes with two nitrogen fertilizer rates

Lobb, P.G., 1989:
Response of potatoes, onions and tomatoes to herbicides used for brushweed control

Olufajo, O.O., 1990:
Response of promiscuously nodulating soybean to N and P fertilization and Bradyrhizobium inoculation in a ferruginous tropical soil (Haplustalf)

Ravindra Thakur; Jain, R.C.; Sharma, S.R.; Thakur, G.L.; Nema, D.P., 1989:
Response of promising early, mid-late and late varieties of sugarcane of the region to nitrogen application

Prasad, K.; Singh, P., 1990:
Response of promising rainfed maize (Zea mays) varieties to nitrogen application in north-western Himalayan region

Kopec, D.M.; Heathman, E.S.; Mancino, C.F.; Dobrenz, A.K.; Moharram, H.N., 1990:
Response of purple nutsedge to turfgrass competition and imazaquin herbicide

Tardiff F.J.; Leroux G.D., 1991:
Response of quackgrass biotypes to glyphosate and quizalofop

Patil N.Y.; Sabale R.N.; Chavan C.D., 1990:
Response of rabi forage crops to different sowing dates

Salimath, V.N.; Patil, V.S.; Hiremath, S.M.; Malligawad, L.H., 1991:
Response of rabi sorghum genotypes to row spacing in transitional tract of Karnataka

Chatterjee, R.; Som, M.G., 1991:
Response of radish to various levels of nitrogen, potassium and plant spacing

Jana, P.K.; Ghatak, S.; Barik, A.; Shit, D.D.; Sounda, G.; Mukherjee, A.K., 1990:
Response of rainfed groundnut to levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and its economics

Barbosa Filho, M.P.; Dynia, J.F.; Zimmermann, F.J.P., 1990:
Response of rainfed rice to zinc and copper with residual effect on maize

Choudhury, A.K.; Saikia, M.; Dutta, K., 1990:
Response of rapeseed (Brassica napus) to irrigation and nitrogen levels under sandy-loam soils of Assam

Sigman, M.; Lönnerdal, B., 1990:
Response of rat mammary gland transferrin receptors to maternal dietary iron during pregnancy and lactation

Dahiya, S.S.; Hooda, I.S.; Faroda, A.S., 1989:
Response of raya to NPK fertilization under rainfed conditions in Haryana

Wolters, G.L.; Aldon, E.F.; Donart, G.B., 1989:
Response of reseeded coal mine spoils to season and intensity of defoliation: preliminary findings

Singh, B.P.; Singh, A.; Singh, B.N., 1990:
Response of rice (Oryza sativa) to zinc and boron application in acid Alfisols under mid-altitude conditions of Meghalaya

Fageria, N.K., 1991:
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Response of spring and summer-harvested asparagus to harvest pressures

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Response of spring barley cultivars to soil acidification

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Response of spring planted okra to varying levels of irrigation and plant spacing

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Response of spring- or summer-harvested asparagus to mild to severe cutting pressures

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Response of sucrose and boric acid on pollen viability of Gladiolus spp

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Response of summer groundnut to mulching under varying irrigation regime

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Response of the anterior pituitary and efficacy of administration of synthetic gonadorelin (Dirigestran inj. Spofa) in cows after parturition

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Response of the oyster mushroom to supplementation prior to pasteurization

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Response of the participating farmers to the implementation of the course and training on oil palm and bulk cocoa cultivation techniques at Betung 11, South Sumatra

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Response of two Acacia species to drought and inoculation with an ectomycorrhizal fungus

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Response of two Phaseolus vulgaris cultivars to inoculation and N and Mo fertilization on an Inceptisol from Upala, Alajuela

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Response of two alligatorweed biotypes to quinclorac

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Response of underplanted Douglas-fir to herbicide injection of sclerophyll hardwoods in southwest Oregon

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Response of upland cotton to applications of soluble calcium

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Response of upland rice to seed rate and butachlor

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Response of urea-molasses semi-solid block supplement on live weight gain and nutrient utilisation in underfed buffalo calves

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Response of varieties to irradiation

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Response of various cultivars of black gram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper) to field infestation of pulse beetle Callosobruchus sp. in Madhya Pradesh

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Response of various explants of soybean to the group of growth media with absent exogenous phytohormones

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Response of various indices of iron status to acute iron depletion produced in menstruating women by low iron intake and phlebotomy

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Response of vegetable pea to irrigation

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Response of vegetable peas to irrigation, seeding rates and P fertilizer

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Response of vegetable-type soybean genotypes to acute ozone injury exposure

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Response of vitamin D metabolites to calcium restriction in hypercalciuric renal lithiasis

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Response of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsumara and Nakai) to nitrogen fertilization

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Response of watermelon to irrigation and nitrogen

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Response of weaned pigs to low air temperature or reduced nocturnal temperature

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Response of weeds to tillage and cover crop residue

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Response of wheat (Triticum aestivum) to the balanced fertilization

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Response of wheat and gram to different levels of fertilizer under similar soil and rainfall condition of Pothwar

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Response of wheat and triticale varieties to different altitudes in Venezuela

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Response of wheat at different growth stages to feeding of aphids and their control index

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Response of wheat genotypes to varying fertility levels under limited and adequate water supply

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Response of wheat grown on manganese-deficient soil to methods and rates of manganese sulphate application

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Response of wheat growth and CO2 assimilation to altering root-zone temperature

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Responses to global warming and pollution

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Responses to nutrient pulses of two colonizers requiring different disturbance frequencies

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Responses to sowing depth of winter faba bean

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Responsibility systems in the context of the restructuring of the policy order in Chinese agriculture

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Responsible Care: program to improve health, safety and environment

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Responsible tourism: some anthropological issues

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Responsiveness of compound feed prices in the European Community to changes in feed input prices

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Restaurant associated Staphylococcus transmission by potatoes in Pasco County, Florida

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Restaurant culture: congruence and culture in the restaurant industry

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Restaurants and food poisoning

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