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Response of local and hybrid varieties of cassava to nitrogen and potassium fertilizers

Ashokan, P.K.; Nair, R.V.; Geethakumari, V.L.; Lalithabai, E.K.

Journal of Root Crops 14(1): 17-22


Accession: 002210150

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In trials in 1979-82 with 2 cassava genotypes given no fertilizer or 60, 120 or 180 kg/ha each of N and K2O, Noorumuttan (local) and hybrid 1687 gave av. tuber yields of 14.0 and 15.3 t/ha, resp., without fertilizers and 18.9 and 25.6 t with NK. Yields increased with 60 kg N or K2O/ha and further increases in yield with the higher rates of N and K were not significant. Fertilizers decreased tuber DM and starch contents.

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