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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2212

Chapter 2212 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hinze, K.; Thompson, R.D.; Ritter, E.; Salamini, F.; Schulze Lefert, P., 1991:
Restriction fragment length polymorphism-mediated targeting of the ml-o resistance locus in barley (Hordeum vulgare)

Pethe, V.; Lagu, M.; Chitnis, P.K.; Gupta, V.; Ranjekar, P.K., 1989:
Restriction fragment length polymorphism: a recent approach in plant breeding

Low, F.C.; Arif, S.A.M.; Chow, K.S.; Yaacob, W.A.R.W.; Gale, M.D., 1991:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms as probes for plant diversity

Prada, J.; Zimmermann, S.; Stephan, R.; Beutin, L., 1992:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms associated with alpha -hemolysin determinants are correlated with the expression of alpha -hemolysin strains of Escherichia coli

Shiels, A.; Griffin, C.S.; Muggleton Harris, A.L., 1991:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms associated with the gene for the major intrinsic protein of eye-lens fibre cell membranes in mice with hereditary cataracts

Nielsen V.H.; Larsen N.J., 1991:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms at the growth hormone gene in pigs

Penty, J.M.; Sise, J.A.; Montgomery, G.W., 1991:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms at the ovine locus for the alpha -subunit of pituitary glycoprotein hormones

Shia, Y.C.; Beever, J.E.; Lewin, H.A.; Schook, L.B., 1991 :
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms at the porcine t complex polypeptide 1 (TCP1) locus

Smith, J.S.C.; Smith, O.S., 1991:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms can differentiate among U.S. maize hybrids

Gardes, M.; Fortin, J.A.; Mueller, G.M.; Kropp, B.R., 1990:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms in the nuclear ribosomal DNA of four Laccaria spp.: L. bicolor, L. laccata, L. proxima, and L. amethystina

Dietrich, P. del Pilar Dussan, M.; Floeter-Winter, LM.; Trebilcock Affonso, MH.; Plessman Camargo, E.; Soares, MB., 1990:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms in the ribosomal gene spacers of Trypanosoma cruzi and Trypanosoma conorhini

Yamamoto, N.; Ono, G.; Takashima, K.; Totsuka, A., 1991:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms of grapevine DNA with phenylalanine ammonia-lyase cDNA

Hunter, N.; Foster, J.D.; Benson, G.; Hope, J., 1991:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms of the scrapie-associated fibril protein (PrP) gene and their association with susceptibility to natural scrapie in British sheep

Gasser, D.L.; Goldner Sauve, A.; Katsumata, M.; Goldman, A.S., 1991:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms, glucocorticoid receptors, and phenytoin-induced cleft palate in congenic strains of mice and steroid susceptibility differences

Bobola, M.; Eckert, R.; Klein, A., 1992:
Restriction fragment variation in the nuclear ribosomal DNA repeat unit within and between Picea rubens and Picea mariana

Gigolashvili, G.G.; Urtmelidze, D.R.; Dzhokhadze, D.I., 1989:
Restriction fragments of chloroplast DNA in some leguminous plants

Maruyama, N.; Handa, S.; Watanabe, K., 1991:
Restriction length fragment polymorphism in mouse peptidylarginine deiminase gene (Pdi)

Takova, T.; Miteva, V., 1988:
Restriction mapping of fragments of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis plasmid DNA cloned in E. coli

Morzaria, S.P.; Young, J.R., 1992:
Restriction mapping of the genome of the protozoan parasite Theileria parva

Jousset, F.X.; Jourdan, M.; Compagnon, B.; Mialhe, E.; Veyrunes, J.C.; Bergoin, M., 1990:
Restriction maps and sequence homologies of two densovirus genomes

Fontana, F., 1990:
Restriction of chromosome interchanges to males of Reticulitermes lucifugus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

Walker J.D.; Dodds R.A.; Murrells T.J.; Viberti G.C.; Bending J.J.; Mattock M.B.; Keen H., 1989:
Restriction of dietary protein and progression of renal failure in diabetic nephropathy

Skalnik, D.G.; Dorfman, D.M.; Williams, D.A.; Orkin, S.H., 1991:
Restriction of neuroblastoma to the prostate gland in transgenic mice

Oraveerakul, K.; Choi, C.S.; Molitor, T.W., 1992:
Restriction of porcine parvovirus replication in nonpermissive cells

Denamur, E.; Sayada, C.; Souriau, A.; Orfila, J.; Rodolakis, A.; Elion, J., 1991:
Restriction pattern of the major outer-membrane protein gene provides evidence for a homogeneous invasive group among ruminant isolates of Chlamydia psittaci

Benkö, M.; Harrach, B., 1990:
Restriction site mapping of bovine adenovirus type 1

Kim, S.S.; Narang, S.K., 1990:
Restriction site polymorphism of mtDNA for differentiating Anopheles quadrimaculatus (Say) sibling species

Symonds, J.E.; Gibson, J.B., 1992:
Restriction site variation, gene duplication, and the activity of sn-glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in Drosophila melanogaster

D.J.nckheere, J.F.; Yagita, K.; Endo, T., 1992:
Restriction-fragment-length polymorphism and variation in electrophoretic karyotype in Naegleria fowleri from Japan

Cristina, N.; Oury, B.; Ambroise-Thomas, P.; Santoro, F., 1991:
Restriction-fragment-length polymorphisms among Toxoplasma gondii strains

Schurter, W.; Mathe, D.; Reinhard, C., 1990:
Restriction/modification in Bacillus thuringiensis strain HD1cryB

Jouvenaz, D.P., 1990:
Restrictions on ingestion of bacteria and normal flora of imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta queens: implications for bacterial formicide research

Saxon, B.; Hendrick, M.; Waddle, J.R., 1991:
Restrictive cardiomyopathy in a cat with hypereosinophilic syndrome

Preston, D., 1992:
Restructuring Bolivian rurality? Batallas in the 1990s

Kuba, F., 1992:
Restructuring Soviet agriculture

Stebelsky, I., 1990:
Restructuring Soviet agriculture: towards a spatial dimension

Hermans, C.M.L., 1992:
Restructuring a peat grassland area with an integrated farm model

Heinrich, I.; Cecora, J., 1991:
Restructuring agriculture in central Europe. Experience in unified Germany and Hungary

Isermeyer, F., 1991:
Restructuring agriculture in the new federal states: situation report after a year of unity

Jeantet, A.; Pape, Y. le; Nicolas, F., 1991:
Restructuring and changes in factory design in the European animal feed industry

Langreo, A.; Rodriguez Zuniga, M.R., 1991:
Restructuring and technical change in the meat complex: the pigmeat sector

Ruivenkamp, G., 1990:
Restructuring of sweeteners production in developing countries

Fursov, V.; Mashadov, A.; Durdyev, Y.; Karadurdyev, D.; Mamedov, K.; Bakasov, A.; Shakhnazarov, R.; Galushka, F., 1991:
Restructuring state variety trials

Debergh, R., 1991:
Restructuring the Belgian dairy industry

Meester, C. de, 1991:
Restructuring the European dairy industry

Akolo, L.A., 1992:
Restructuring the Tonga Commodities Board

Anonymous, 1990 :
Restructuring the rural economy: a strategy for land access

Szazados, I., 1991:
Result of complementary bacteriological meat inspection carried out at the laboratory of the Pecs abattoir between 1974 and 1989

Epikhov, V.A.; Strigun, V.M., 1991:
Result of selection for 1000-seed weight and number of infertile nodes in garden pea

Parry, G.J.; Ogston, S.A., 1992:
Results - child development at age 18 months

Matthiesen, D.T.; Manfra Marretta, S., 1990:
Results and complications associated with partial mandibulectomy and maxillectomy techniques

Sidorenko, W., 1990:
Results and development problems of the 'Rossija' agrofirm

Klemm, R.; Pingel, H., 1992:
Results and effects of direct selection for feed efficiency in the domestic ducks. 1. Results of direct selection experiments

Bartsch, H., 1990:
Results and evaluation of a double-blind study with vitamin E and diclofenac-sodium and a combination of vitamin E plus diclofenac-sodium in the treatment of osteoarthritis

Rehfuess, K.E.; Makeschin, F.; Rodenkirchen, H., 1991:
Results and experience from amelioration trials in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) forests to northeastern Bavaria

Burg, J. van den, 1991:
Results and experiences from fertilization experiments in the Netherlands

Rauhe, K., 1990:
Results and experiences of long-term field experiments using organic fertilizers and 15N

Mañé, M.C.; Vives, M.A.; Barrera, R.; Bascuas, J.A., 1990:
Results and histological development of various surgical techniques for correcting eversion of the third eyelid in dogs

Johnen, B.G.; Iwan, J., 1988:
Results and implications from monitoring German raw water for residues of a wide range of pesticides

Germantsev, L.A., 1990:
Results and methods of breeding spring wheat for drought resistance in the area beyond the Volga

Cantagalli, G.; Vignioli, C.; Trentini, S.; Vinti, G.L., 1991:
Results and observations of the first three years of trials with trickle irrigation on crop plants in the areas of Alta Valle del Tevere, Umbria, and the Trasimeno Lake

Pawelska, K., 1989:
Results and perspectives of breeding sugar-beet varieties resistant to the beet nematode

Meunier, P.J., 1989:
Results and perspectives of the Groupe de Recherche et d'Information sur les Osteoporoses

Kvasnicka, P.; Linhart, O., 1990:
Results and programme of tench (Tinca tinca L.) breeding

Novoselova, A.S., 1989:
Results and prospects in breeding red clover

Gumenyuk, A.D.; Kislinskii, A.G.; Kirichenko, V.V., 1990:
Results and prospects of breeding sunflower

Ambroise Thomas, P.; Cristina, N., 1991:
Results and prospects of new DNA probes and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in toxoplasmosis

Kobylyanski, V.D.; Lapikov, N.S.; Katerova, A.G.; Eroshenko, T.T., 1990:
Results and prospects of winter rye hybrids breeding using CMS

Schuster, W.; Friedt, W., 1988:
Results and trends in breeding and cultivation of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) in West Germany

Aguiar, I.B. de; Corradini, L.; Valeri, S.V.; Rubino, M., 1988:
Results at age five years and eight months of a Eucalyptus cloeziana provenance trial in the Ribeirao Preto Region (SP), Brazil

Schmidt, K.; Mueller, K., 1991:
Results concerning rainfall interception in agricultural plant stands

Pivoda, I.; Zamfirescu, S.; Lungu, M.; Cojocaru, A., 1989:
Results concerning the use of metabolic profile tests in unfertile states in young sheep

Vogel, J.; Schuler, K., 1989:
Results from 40 years of potato variety breeding

Yang, M.Q.; Zeng, Y.T., 1991:
Results from a four-year-old tropical Acacia species provenance trial on Hainan Island, China

Dlabaja, Z., 1990:
Results from a new grain drier

Kolstrom, T., 1991:
Results from a sowing and planting trial of Norway spruce on fertile sites in North Karelia, Finland

Stromeyer, H., 1990:
Results from aerobic conservation of large rectangular bales of moist straw using preservatives

Fleury, J.J.; Costa Neto, J.B.F.; Alvarenga, M.A., 1989:
Results from an embryo transfer programme with Mangalarga mares in Brazil

Tiemann, H.; Papenhagen, F., 1989:
Results from clover and grass breeding

Hildebrand, D.F.; Pfeiffer, T.W., 1991:
Results from crosses of low linolenate soybean mutants

Pastorek, Z., 1990:
Results from field experimental biogas stations in Czechoslovakia

Mendiola, M.A.; Lissarrague, J.R.; Sotes, V., 1990:
Results from four years of herbicide use in vineyards in the centre of the Iberian peninsula

Fischer, M., 1989:
Results from fruit breeding in the German Democratic Republic with special regard to resistance breeding

Berger, U.; Kriebel, M.; Scholz, H.; Wilhelmi, H., 1990:
Results from job analyses of head foresters and district foresters to determine the engineering and technical work capacity in State Forest Enterprises

Staudacher, G.; Staudacher, M., 1989:
Results from lincomycin therapy of streptococcal and staphylococcal mastitis in cows

Snipstad, A., 1990:
Results from official cultivar trials of peas

Kontturi, M., 1990:
Results from official cultivar trials with peas in Finland

Flengmark, P., 1990:
Results from official trials in Denmark

Anonymous, 1991:
Results from performance testing stations in 1990

Wolf, P.; Mehlhart, G., 1992:
Results from semi-scale experiments on the denitrification in percolating filter plants

O'Connor, T.P.; Ehler, C.N., 1991:
Results from the NOAA National Status and Trends Program on distribution and effects of chemical contamination in the coastal and estuarine United States

Schaaf, H.; Ranfft, K., 1990:
Results from the VDLUFA data collection on chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in sewage sludges, River Neckar sediments, soils, feedstuffs, milk and dairy products

Frisch, J.E.; Vercoe, J.E., 1991:
Results from the buffalo evaluation project and future directions for research

Stray Pedersen, T., 1990:
Results from the central control of fat, protein and cell count analysis at the district laboratories in 1989

Adam, L.; Burth, U.; Hahn, E.; Kluge, E., 1988:
Results from the control of fungal pathogens in cereals and conclusions for fungicide use in 1988

Stellmach, G., 1990:
Results from the isolation of latent, tumorgenic agrobacteria from grapevines

Ogasanovic, D.; Plazinic, R.M.; Papic, V.M., 1991:
Results from the study of some early apricot cultivars on various interstocks

Marx, R.; Kohl, M.; Klein, J., 1990:
Results from the treatment of liquid pig manure used as a substrate for a biotechnological conversion process

Waage, S.; Osteras, O.; Aursjo, J.; Nyberg, O.; Ron, I.; Slettbakk, T.; Solberg, I., 1989:
Results from the udder health programme in Norway

Lambertini, L.; Zaghini, G.; Dammacco, D., 1990:
Results from the use of Bacillus subtilis in feeds for rabbits

Hutton, E.M., 1988:
Results from two interspecific Leucaena crosses - L. leucocephala X L. esculenta & L. leucocephala X L. shannoni grown in an acid oxisol

Suciu, I.; Miclea, V.; Tat, I., 1990:
Results in rearing Mulard ducklings

Francardi, V., 1990:
Results in the use of a new microbiological preparation based on Bacillus thuringiensis var. tenebrionis in the control of the larvae of Pyrrhalta luteola (Mull.)

Ewy, A.; Pflug, W.; Klee, W., 1991:
Results obtained during three years of computer-assisted fertility supervision of dairy herds

Neuhaus, W.; Adam, L., 1988:
Results obtained from the application of new fungicides to cereal crops

Livershtein, I.I.; Pleshko, L.S., 1990:
Results obtained granulated herbicides

Miresan, E.; Pop, A.; Miresan, V.; Tocaciu, E., 1990:
Results obtained in fattening adult cast sheep

Lambertini, L.; Zaghini, G.; Dammacco, D., 1990:
Results obtained using aromatic substances in feeds for pigs

Amsing, J.J., 1988:
Results obtained with Nemacur in the control of the root-lesion nematode, Pratylenchus vulnus on roses as a green-house crop

Branchu, B.; Bruandet, D.; Demaux, M., 1990:
Results obtained with different silo cleaners - An economic analysis of their interest in French conditions

Jackisch, B.; Weber, K.; Jeroch, H., 1990:
Results obtained with ergambur, an ergotropic substance

Pieperbeck, N.; Kleinrahm, R.; Wagner, W.; Jaeschke, M., 1991:
Results of (pressure, density, temperature) measurements on methane and on nitrogen in the temperature range from 273.15 K to 323.15 K at pressures up to 12 MPa using a new apparatus for accurate gas-density measurements

Luangviriyasaeng, V.; Pinyopusarerk, K.; Williams, E.R., 1991:
Results of 12 months of Acacia auriculiformis trials in Thailand

Jackson, K.E.; Williams, E.; Pratt, P.W.; Melouk, H.A.; Filonow, A.B.; Fagbenle, H.H.; Sholar, J.R., 1990:
Results of 1989 plant disease control field studies

Jackson, K.E.; Damicone, J.P.; Williams, E.; Melouk, H.A.; Pratt, P.W.; Russell, C.C.; Sholar, J.R., 1992:
Results of 1991 plant disease control field studies

Damroze, I., 1989 :
Results of 20-year investigations of the distribution of aphid vectors of viruses of major agricultural crops

Rzeznik, Z., 1990:
Results of 20-year studies of beech in Polish provenance trials

Paul, V.H., 1990:
Results of 7 years' investigations on the effects of growth regulators in double-00 oilseed rape

Merilainen, J.; Wilponen, J., 1991:
Results of Articop inseminations in 1990

Kurtz, E., 1992:
Results of Cercospora resistance testing 1988-1991

Weiss, D., 1990:
Results of Czechoslovak-Iranian entomological expeditions to Iran 1970, 1973 and 1977. (Together with results of collections made in Anatolia). Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera

Konuche, P.K.A., 1989:
Results of Eucalyptus species trial at Londiani

Kimondo, J.M.; Konuche, P.K.A., 1989:
Results of Eucalyptus species trials and establishment methods on seasonally waterlogged soils at Turbo

Biswas, B.C.; Tewatia, R.K., 1991:
Results of FAO sulphur trials network in India

Velich, I.; Horvath, I., 1990:
Results of French bean breeding

Bomme, U.; Wurzinger, A., 1990:
Results of Nmin soil analysis in medicinal plants and herbs

Miller, K.C.; Abbott, R.E., 1991:
Results of TGR survey

Buttner, K., 1989:
Results of a 15-year investigation of parasitization in a roe deer population in the Steigerwald

Hering, S.; Haasemann, W.; Braun, H., 1989:
Results of a 19-year plantation trial with hybrid, European and Japanese larch in the smoke damage region of the upper Erzgebirge

Visser, G.; Edel, W., 1992:
Results of a 1991 investigation of cleaning and disinfection of broiler premises

Silva, A.R. da; Silva, C. de M.P.; Freitas, M. dos R.; Branco, C.; Branco Filho, J.R.C., 1989:
Results of a 5 day therapeutic schedule for Plasmodium vivax in 3 municipalities of Ilha de Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil

Munzert, M.; Scheidt, M., 1989:
Results of a breeding programme with dihaploids of Solanum tuberosum (L.)

Bongiovanni, G.C.; Barbini, M.; Ansaloni, R., 1990:
Results of a campaign of monitoring certain Noctuidae harmful to sugarbeet using synthetic pheromones

Shinn, J.H.; Essington, E.H.; Miller, F.L.; O'Farrell, T.P.; Orcutt, J.A.; Romney, E.M.; Shugart, J.W.; Sorom, E.R., 1989:
Results of a cleanup and treatment test at the Nevada test site: evaluation of vacuum removal of Pu-contaminated soil

Lloyd, L.S.; Winch, P.; Ortega-Canto, J.; Kendall, C., 1992:
Results of a community-based Aedes aegypti control program in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Pugachev, I.I., 1989 :
Results of a comprehensive study of the world collections in central Asia

Massengill, W.K., 1990:
Results of a conference site selection and recreational amenities survey mailed to southeastern meeting planners

Guttormsen, G., 1990:
Results of a cultivar trial of green asparagus over two cropping years

Vezuli, A., 1988:
Results of a cytogenetic study of bulls (Bos taurus L.) used in artificial insemination

Nazar-Stewart, V.; Nolan, C.M., 1992:
Results of a directly observed intermittent isoniazid preventive therapy program in a shelter for homeless men

Bruggemann, G.; Koehler, C.O.; Koch, E.M.V., 1990:
Results of a double-blind trial of diclofenac plus thiamin, pyridoxine and vitamin B12 compared with diclofenac alone in patients with acute symptoms of lumbago: a multicentre study

Kozak, J., 1990:
Results of a goose programme at Godollo

Thomas, E., 1990:
Results of a hatching test with root exudates from various crucifers and with Heterodera schachtii cysts of different ages

Kohne, J.S.; Kremer Kohne, S., 1990:
Results of a high density avocado planting

Roudebush, P.; Cowell, C.S., 1992:
Results of a hypoallergenic diet survey of veterinarians in North America with a nutritional evaluation of homemade diet prescriptions

Assabri, A.M., 1989:
Results of a malariometric survey of the population of the Yemen Arab Republic in 1986

Rendon, F.; Siabatto, A.; Herrera, M.A.; Alvarez A.G., 1990:
Results of a pilot programme to monitor the resistance of Heliothis virescens (Fabricius) to methyl parathion and pyrethroids in the cotton region of Espinal, 1988 harvest

Ghidini, A.; Sirtori, M.; Spelta, A.; Vergani, P., 1991:
Results of a preventive program for congenital toxoplasmosis

Munzert, M., 1989:
Results of a questionnaire Potato breeding at the diploid level

Smirnova, N.S., 1990:
Results of a questionnaire to gerdeners

Jiabi, P.; Pelant, R.K.; Youqing, Q., 1990:
Results of a shipment of 200 rabbits to China in November, 1985

Chernega, T.M.; Martynova, N.N., 1990:
Results of a study of agrobiological characters in the breeding nursery in promising early table grape hybrid forms bred at the Odessa Agricultural Institute

Gavrishov, N.N.; Sidnin, A.S., 1990:
Results of a study of clonal rootstocks of apple

Lukina, N.I., 1990:
Results of a study of forms of pea for protein content and yield

Vilichku, F.; Spitsina, N.; Abbasov, G.; Pavlenkova, I., 1990:
Results of a study of interplanting the pollen parent in the interrow spaces of the maternal line on hybridization plots of single maize hybrids

Kirnosov, M.M.; Sinyakov, A.A., 1990:
Results of a study of lucerne forms under irrigation

Sukhanberdina, E.K.; Katarzhina, L.A., 1990:
Results of a study of resistance to Fusarium in cabbage

Sych, Z.D., 1990:
Results of a study of watermelon breeding material

Walter, U.; Okunowski, I., 1991:
Results of a study on the virulence of a new race of yellow rust of wheat (Puccinia striiformis West.) isolated from cultivar Ares

Fang, S.Y.; Poques, A.; Sun, J.H., 1989:
Results of a survey of cone and seed insects in some conifer forests of northeast China

Gehlert, W., 1990:
Results of a survey on diversification of the Western European sugar industry

Dzhongirov, D.O., 1990:
Results of a trial of potato varieties in the western Pamirs

Grisoni, M.; Cabeu, P.; Aubert, B., 1989:
Results of a twelve-year trial of the behaviour of five rootstocks in association with four citrus cultivars on the island of Reunion

Daubresse, J.C.; Caudron, V.; Lemy, C.; Bailly, A.; Duchateau, A., 1989:
Results of a weight-loss course in hospitalized patients. The significance of the administration of small doses of triiodothyronine during a protein diet

Neyzi, O.; Olgun, P.; Kutluay, T.; Uzel, N.; Saner, G.; User, I.; Gokcay, G.; Tasdelen, E., 1989:
Results of an educational intervention study on promotion of breastfeeding

Henroteaux, M., 1990:
Results of an endoscopic study of colitis in dogs; predominance of idiopathic colitis

Reinemann, D.J.; Khalid, M.; Kah, G.F., 1991:
Results of an energy conservation programme for irrigation pumping in Pakistan

Sommaruga, A., 1991:
Results of an epidemiological inquiry into the effects of nosema disease in one USSL in Lombardy

Simon, A.M.; Gasanova, M.D., 1990:
Results of an evaluation of interline F1 hybrids of cabbage for response to downy mildew

Martini, F. de; Maurer, J., 1992:
Results of an evaluation of newly-installed pipeline milking apparatus

Koppen, H.; Hulbert, D., 1989:
Results of an expanded evaluation of yellow dish trapping on the basis of phenological investigations in crop protection

Wunsche, J., 1991:
Results of an in vitro technique: lysine liberation from feedstuffs after enzymic hydrolysis with pepsin and intestinal fluid of pigs

Ermolaev, V.I.; Mirtskhulava, E.G.; Mitichashvili, R.S.; Adeishvili, T.S.; Savina, M.A.; Baranov, O.K., 1990:
Results of an international comparison test of reagents for serum protein allotypes in pigs, carried out in 1987-88

Anoro Asensio, M.L.; Gil Martinez, M., 1990:
Results of an investigation into tractor and machinery costs

Johann, K., 1988:
Results of an investigation on red rot in very vigorous Norway spruce stands

Patzold, G., 1990:
Results of an investigation with a medium-vigorous rootstock MM.106 and 3 dwarfing rootstocks as interstocks with 8 cultivars

Keller, J., 1990:
Results of anther and ovule culture in some species and hybrids in the genus Allium L

Kralik, G.; Mandic, B.; Popovic, B., 1988:
Results of application of growth promoters in production of chicken meat

Engle, C.E.; Scoggan, A.C., 1991:
Results of applying Nemacur to Californian citrus crops over a period of several years to control nematodes

Juricová, Z.; Hubálek, Z.; Halouzka, J.; Hudec, K.; Pellantová, J., 1989:
Results of arbovirological examination of birds of the family Hirundinidae in Czechoslovakia

Guiberteau Cabanillas, A.; Guerrero Boafe, J.; Antunez Gonzalez, A.A., 1990:
Results of assay on the presence of insect pests on maize 1989

Hessling, J.L.; Esposito, M.P.; Traver, R.P.; Snow, R.H., 1990:
Results of bench-scale research efforts to wash contaminated soils at battery-recycling facilities

Anonymous, 1991:
Results of bookkeeping farms according to production line in 1989

Bushueva, V.I.; Taranukho, G.I.; Pentkovskaya, L.A., 1990:
Results of breeding Lupinus angustifolius for shattering resistance of the pods and determinate habit

Soromotina, A.A.; Yakovlev, A.S., 1989:
Results of breeding Medicago falcata in central Yakutia

Fischer, C., 1991:
Results of breeding apples for resistance to pathogens

Bajtay, I., 1991:
Results of breeding baby sweetcorn, a type suitable for canning

Navolotskii, V.D., 1990:
Results of breeding barley using haploidy

Velich, I.; Horvath, I.; Szarka, J., 1989:
Results of breeding edible dry beans

Khodzhakulov, T.K.; Khokhlov, A.N., 1991:
Results of breeding fodder varieties of wheat for Uzbekistan

Malashenko, V.S.; Novoselov, M.Y.; Mel' nikova, T.E., 1991:
Results of breeding red clover at the All-Union Fodder Institute

Novotna, I., 1990:
Results of breeding research with garden pansy

Antipova, N.Yu, 1990:
Results of breeding work and a study of some agronomic measures with sweet pepper

Kulik, L.A., 1989:
Results of breeding work on cereal and pulse crops in the system of the Sakhsvekla Science and Production Unit

Kiseleva, V.A., 1989:
Results of breeding work with oats at the L'gov Breeding and Experiment Station

Sifner, F., 1988:
Results of catching synanthropic moths in different types of traps and adhesives with pheromone

Amer H.A.; Sedik M.F.; Khalafalla F.A.; Abd E.G.any Awad H., 1991:
Results of chemical analysis of prawn muscle as influenced by sex variations

Novotna, I., 1990:
Results of classification of cut freesia inflorescences according to a standard set up in 1982 for six cultivars

Mundt, H.C., 1989:
Results of clinical trials with Baycox in poultry

Gupta, S.C.; Verma, B.N.; Mnyenyembe, P.H.; Banda, M.H.P.; Chambo, H.S., 1990:
Results of collaborative finger millet trials during 1988/89

Gupta, S.C.; Mkhatshwa, P.D.; Verma, B.N.; Chigwe, C.F.B., 1990:
Results of collaborative forage trials/nurseries 1988/89

Novelli, A.; Giusti, L., 1992:
Results of comparative rearing tests with different broiler hybrids

Xhuveli, L.; Sulovari, H.; Sota, T., 1990:
Results of comparative trials of bread wheat

Mauersberger V.; Graul W., 1990:
Results of conservation tillage for spring barley cropping

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Results of conservative treatment of club foot in foals by using Dallmer's special shoe

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Results of continuous ambulatory electrocardiography in a cat with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

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Results of continuous digestion tests with poultry manure and guinea grass (Panicum maximum)

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Results of controlled pollination in Alnus cordata

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Results of cooperation in the management of tropical pine forests in Vietnam

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Results of cranberry fertilizer experiments on Tanipalu bog

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Results of crossbreeding of 3 breeds of pigs (Polish Landrace, German Landrace and Duroc)

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Results of crossing Santa Gertrudis bulls with Kazakh Whiteheaded cows

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Results of deposition measurements in forest areas of the lowland of East Germany

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Results of dietary treatment of children with chronic renal insufficiency

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Results of drip irrigation tubing evaluation program in the Hawaiian sugar industry

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Results of ecological breeding in the production of new varieties of winter diploid rye in the Byelorussian SSR

Skrzyszowska M., 1991:
Results of embryo splitting in sheep and cattle

Anonymous, 1992:
Results of embryo transfer in Europe in 1990

Anonymous, 1991:
Results of embryo transfer in the former German Democratic Republic

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Results of endocrinological investigations in culture media, following coculture of bovine oocytes with granulosa cells

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Results of estimating 134Cs and 137Cs in foodstuffs during 4 years (May 1986 to May 1990) in the Lazio region

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Results of evaluating cucumber varieties for the purpose of breeding for resistance to bacterial disease and downy mildew

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Results of evaluating varieties of winter barley in the foothills zone of the northern Caucasus

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Results of examining aborted bovine fetuses

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Results of experimental mutagenesis for barley improvement in the north Caucasus

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Results of experimental vaccination trials against coccidiosis in fowls in the years 1987-1989

Desache, F.; Cantagrel, R., 1989:
Results of experiments and studies undertaken in 1988 to control mildew in Charentes. In 1988, grape mildew was exceptionally virulent

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Results of experiments on fruit crops at Pakhribas Agricultural Centre

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Results of experiments with granulosis and nuclear polyhedrosis virus preparations in fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants

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Results of extended nutrients removal trials at the two-stage sewage treatment works in Salzburg-Siggerwiesen

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Results of fattening and slaughtering broiler chicks fed on diets containing double-improved cultivar rapeseed oilmeal

Gaspardy, A., 1991:
Results of fattening of Holstein, Hungarofries and German Black Pied steers under extensive conditions

Bolduan G.; Schnabel E.; Beck M., 1991:
Results of fermentation in hindgut sections of pigs

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Results of field experiments in soil tillage in 1991

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Results of field investigations on pig carcasses. 2. Carcass quality of barrows and gilts of different genetic types

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Results of field tests of a combine harvester load controller

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Results of field trials and demonstrations from the FAO fertilizer programme over 25 years and comparison with other international data

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Results of first thinning in a maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) stand which developed following fire

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Results of follow-up investigations during several years of synchronized farrowing in sow herds

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Results of forest drainage experiments in south-western Estonia

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Results of forest insect and disease surveys in the Algonquin Region of Ontario, 1989

Jones, C.J.; Bolan, P.M., 1991:
Results of forest insect and disease surveys in the Algonquin region of Ontario, 1990

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Results of forest insect and disease surveys in the Central Region of Ontario, 1989

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Results of forest insect and disease surveys in the Eastern Region of Ontario, 1989

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Results of forest insect and disease surveys in the North Central Region of Ontario, 1989

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Results of forest insect and disease surveys in the Northern Region of Ontario, 1989

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Results of forest insect and disease surveys in the Northwestern Region of Ontario, 1989

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Results of forest insect and disease surveys in the central region of Ontario, 1990

Keizer, A., 1991:
Results of forest insect and disease surveys in the eastern region of Ontario, 1990

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Results of forest insect and disease surveys in the northern region of Ontario, 1990

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Results of forest insect and disease surveys in the northwestern region of Ontario, 1990

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Results of four lines of full diallel crosses

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Results of freezing Chamaerops humilis L. in a cold chamber

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Results of fruit rootstock trials. IV. Strongly dwarfing apple rootstocks

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Results of fungus flora work in the Mongolian People's Republic

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Results of further studies on the effectiveness of synthetic pyrethroids for disinfestation and protection of unbarked logs against insects

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Results of growth selection in a line of heavy geese

Orlic, S., 1989:
Results of height and diameter growth of Norway spruce (P. abies Karst) in spacing trials in Slavonia

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Results of herbicide application to closely planted apple trees

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Results of herbicide trials in young stone fruits

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Results of hormonal induction of superovulation in Kazakh Whiteheaded cattle

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Results of identification of the boiling process in the vacuum pans of a sugar factory

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Results of identifying sources of high drought resistance in the gene pool of succulent-fruited crops

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Results of indirect blood pressure measurement in trotting horses

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Results of inheritance evaluation of agronomically important traits in sunflower

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Results of intensive care for 128 newborn foals

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Results of introducing and breeding Vaccinium species at the Central Siberian Botanical Garden

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Results of investigation on coffee leaf rust in Vietnam

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Results of investigations on chlorinated hydrocarbon pollution of foods in Hungary

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Results of irrigating grapes and comparison of irrigation methods under Grave del Piave conditions

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Results of joint studies of member countries of the CMEA on the production of an early red clover variety

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Results of laboratory studies on the efficacy of specific antitoxin and olive oil for treatment of botulism caused by Clostridium botulinum type C

Balasubramanian, S.; Bishnoi, A.L.; Pawar, A.D., 1991:
Results of laboratory trials on rate of parasitism of the stored eggs of Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton) under low temperature by the parasite Trichogramma pretiosum Riley (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

Reinhold, G.; Richter, A.; Schulz, J.; Menger, H., 1990 :
Results of laparoscopic insemination of sheep with deep-frozen semen

Podrazsky, V., 1990:
Results of liming in regions of air pollution in the Jizerske Mountains, the Giant Mountains and the Orlicke Mountains

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Results of line breeding and progeny testing of Booroola Merino sheep in Hungary

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Results of long-term continuous oestrus synchronization on a large intensive dairy farm and its economic evaluation

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Results of long-term selection for open-field activity in laboratory mice

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Results of maize selection

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Results of measures used to control and eradicate bovine leukosis in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Results of medical checkup and the serodiagnosis of leptospirosis in reconvalescents in the Kuban region

Anonymous, 1991:
Results of milk recording in the former German Democratic Republic in 1989

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Results of monitoring and forecasting pests of Scots pine under the influence of emissions

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Results of monitoring trials on residues in foods of animal origin in Bavaria

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Results of mycological studies of donated human milk

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Results of nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT) reduction tests on healthy canine neutrophils

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Results of nutritional diagnosis in patients with bronchial carcinoma

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Results of on-farm drying of large round bales

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Results of on-farm evaluation of lactating sows of the Schwerfurt Meat breed before weaning

Waage, S., 1990:
Results of organized udder health control

Schuler, L.; Bergfeld, U.; Kohler, D., 1991:
Results of parameter estimation by means of simulated selection in the Japanese quail

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Results of partial mandibulectomy for the treatment of oral tumors in 142 dogs

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Results of pearl millet regional collaborative trials/nurseries for 1988/89 season

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Results of phenological observations on selected evergreen exotic broadleaved tree species at the Mlynany Arboretum

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Results of plum-rootstock trials in the Netherlands

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Results of preliminary studies on the toxicity of aqueous extracts from some poisonous and inedible fungi towards larvae of the house longhorn beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus)

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Results of producing early forms of tomato with increased dry matter content

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Results of provenance trials in Costa Rica

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Results of provenance trials of Abies grandis in Poland

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Results of radiation breeding in potato

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Results of rearing and performance testing in imported strains of carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

Anonymous, 1989:
Results of research by Cenicana on cultivar MZC 74275

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Results of research in Italy on the main provenances of pines in section halepensis ten years after planting

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Results of research in the Forest Experiment Station of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy over 125 years (1862-1987)

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Results of research into causes of tree death in Austrian pine (Pinus nigra Arn.) plantations on Zlatibor and proposal of protection measures

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Results of research on grape cluster thinning in the Tuscan hills

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Results of research on screens for the control of Glossina tachinoides in the Sudano-Guinean savanna zone of Burkina Faso

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Results of research studies on ethylene scrubbing techniques

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Results of research with rice crops in 1988/1989

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Results of researches on techniques of ethylene scrubbing

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Results of rootstock trials. II. Semi-vigorous apple rootstocks for light soils

Patzold, G., 1991:
Results of rootstock trials. Part 1. Dwarfing apple rootstocks

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Results of screening the network of Yunnan rice germplasm resources for resistance to rice blast

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Results of seed tests. V. - Germination of stored seeds of lupins (Lupinus L.), lentils (Lens culinaris Medik.) and vetches (Vicia L.)

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Results of seed tests. X. Occurrence of Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht. on stored seeds of Capsicum annuum L

Simay, E.I., 1991:
Results of seed tests. XI. Seed and seedling rot of Capsicum annuum L. caused by Trichothecium roseum (Pers.) Link ex Grey

Simay, E.I., 1991:
Results of seed tests. XIII. Some pathogenic fungi occurring on seeds of eggplants

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Results of seed tests. XIV. On germination parameters registered for seed samples of Capsicum annuum L

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Results of selection for feed conversion in ducks

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Results of serological investigations in different foci of Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax malaria

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Results of serological tests for some infections in brown hares

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Results of serological tests of red deer, roe deer, fallow deer and mouflon for selected infections

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Results of several years of testing winter wheat cultivars under different production intensities

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Results of simulated selection for combined milk and growth potential in German Black Pied Dairy cattle

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Results of simulation studies for automatic milking

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Results of six years research into alley cropping, in La Montana, Turrialba, Costa Rica

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Results of soyabean (Glycine max L. Merr) cultivar evaluation at two locations in Peru, 1988-1989 season

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Results of spray experiments on the control of fire blight

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Results of state varietal trials of vetch

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Results of studies in the breeding and seed production of oak in the forests of the Ukraine west of the Dnepr

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Results of studies of dwarf forms of winter triticale

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Results of studies of fungal ecology in the middle Angara river area

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Results of studies of machine harvesting of green pepper

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Results of studies on the causes and control of beet yellows viruses in the Wanzleben district, Saxony

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Results of studies on the selection of beet resistant to damping off (Aphanomyces cochlioides)

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Results of studying a collection of Bromus inermis in the Krasnoyarsk area

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Results of studying a collection of double-zero varieties of spring swede rape

Dzhubatyrova, S.S., 1990:
Results of studying a collection of durum wheat

Sedova, T.S., 1989:
Results of studying a collection of wild Ussuri soyabean

Chmeleva, Z.V.; Chikida, N.N., 1989:
Results of studying large-grained forms of triticale for grain quality

Poviliunas, J.A., 1990:
Results of studying the suitability of ploughs for stony soils

Wunderer, W.; Schmuckenschlager, J., 1990:
Results of subsoil and trickle irrigation of vines over several years

Fjeldborg, J., 1991:
Results of surgical correction of laryngeal hemiplegia in horses by using a modification of the method of Mackay-Smith & Marks

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Results of systematic searches for haematozoa in an internal medicine department in Gabon

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Results of testing grain sorghum hybrids and cultivars

Il' in, I.A., 1990:
Results of tests of the Enisei-1200N automated combine

Anonymous, 1990:
Results of the 16th test of finishing performance, carcass composition and meat quality of pigs produced in selection and crossbreeding schemes

Anonymous, 1992:
Results of the 17th evaluation of finishing performance, carcass composition and meat quality of terminal pigs produced by selection and crossbreeding schemes

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Results of the 1989 net benefits calculation for all commodities

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Results of the 1991 interlaboratory comparison of 89Sr and 90Sr determination in milk

Anonymous, 1992:
Results of the 1992 livestock census. A further decline in the number of goats

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Results of the 5th Random Sample test for laying hens in the German Democratic Republic in 1988-90

Gotze, S.; Klohs, R., 1991:
Results of the 6th laying performance test at Spreenhagen in 1989-90

Anonymous, 1990:
Results of the Aliment 2000 programme. A significant number of projects

Dzaparidze, T.G., 1991:
Results of the All-Union census of livestock breeds

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Results of the Belgian 1986-expedition: Araneae, and provisional checklist of the spiders of the Galapagos archipelago

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Results of the Berti and Gerard mission to Burkina-Faso in 1986 (Odonata)

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Results of the CORESTA collaborative experiment on the pathogenicity of tobacco blue mold in 1989

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Results of the Czechoslovak-Cuban cooperation concerning investigations of ticks and arboviruses transmitted by ticks

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Results of the Czechoslovak-Iranian entomological expeditions to Iran 1970, 1973 and 1977

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Results of the German Agricultural Society's 40th whipping cream quality tests

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Results of the adaptation of Gmelina arborea and Terminalia arjuna to the swamp soils south of Havana

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Results of the biological testing of Allyspol 75 EC preparation in dairy cows

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Results of the comparison of two contrast media for myelography in dogs

Petrikova, K., 1989:
Results of the effect of four temperatures on tomato seed swelling

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Results of the experimental use of the Imocolibov vaccine on a dairy farm in Bosnia and Hercegovina

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Results of the experiments conducted on vegetable crops at Pakhribas Agricultural Centre (1987/88)

Heymann, P.; Spelsberg, G., 1989:
Results of the international Douglas fir provenance trial in North Rhine-Westphalia

Mihaljcevic, M., 1991:
Results of the international trial with sunflower hybrids. I. Morpho-physiological characteristics

Kuklina, A.G., 1990:
Results of the introduction and selection of blue-fruited honeysuckles

Polyakov, A.K.; Malyugin, I.E.; Pisanyi, G.G., 1988:
Results of the introduction of Tilia in the Donbass

Petrov, M., 1988:
Results of the introduction of cork oak (Quercus suber) in Bulgaria

Balasubramanian, S.; Arora, R.S.; Pawar, A.D., 1990:
Results of the laboratory testing of a synthetic pyrethroid on Trichogramma brasiliensis (Ashmead)

Gorbov, N., 1988:
Results of the non-observance of milking practices

Montero Lago, G.; Diaz Perez, M.; Marrero Figueroa, A.; Castillo Gonzalez, F.A., 1991:
Results of the pilot application of the biolarvicide Bacillus sphaericus 2362 to larval habitats of mosquitoes in Santa Cruz del Norte municipality (La Habana province)

Michna, G.; Okonski, J.; Poloczek, A., 1987:
Results of the preliminary quality evaluation of ensiled pressed lucerne

Wedekind, I.; Karch, K., 1990:
Results of the repeated application of partial doses of translocated herbicides against creeping thistle

Prochazkova, D., 1989:
Results of the study of selected soil characteristics in southern Moravia and their ecological significance

Balabushka, V.K., 1990:
Results of the trials of growth regulators on summer cuttings of introduced woody plants

Kohlich, A.; Moosbeckhofer, R., 1991:
Results of the use of Apistan strips

Moosbeckhofer, R.; Kohlich, A., 1989:
Results of the use of Apistan strips at the Institute for Beekeeping

Karymsakov, K.; Baiberekov, S.B., 1989:
Results of the use of Romney Marsh and Estonian rams on dams of Hampshire type

Chaudieu, G.; Bardet, J.F.; Morin, M., 1992:
Results of the use of a new bone graft (T650) in veterinary orthopaedic surgery and traumatology

Popovic, M.; Kozlina, B., 1990:
Results of the use of an experimental Salmonella vaccine in pigeons

Morar, R.; Cimpeanu, S.; Morar, E.; Marghitas, L.; Rozalia, Z., 1990:
Results of the use of certain phytotherapeutic preparations in the feeding of weaned piglets

Suss, R.; Wolf, M.; Richter, A., 1992:
Results of the use of imported frozen Booroola semen

Wolf, M.; Wolf, R.; Richter, A.; Preuss, M.; Tschauschev, P., 1991:
Results of the use of the GnRH analogue Gonavet for the improvement of fertility in German Mutton Merino sheep

Eccher, A., 1988:
Results of thirty years experiments with Pinus radiata in Italy

Klein, H.J.; Dieckmann, M.; Deegen, E., 1990:
Results of thorax radiography in 76 foals

Valero, J.R., 1989:
Results of three years of experimental aerial application of Bacillus thuringiensis at 2.0 L/ha against Choristoneura fumiferana C

Navarro Virgos, C.J., 1989:
Results of trials of Varroa control methods

Bodi, I., 1988:
Results of trials with 21 spur-type apple cultivars grafted on M.26 rootstocks

Schimmel, D.; Fodor, L.; Stein, I.; Putsche, R., 1990:
Results of typing and virulence testing of field strains of Pasteurella haemolytica

Rozhkov, V.V., 1989:
Results of using New Zealand Corriedale rams on Askanian finewool ewes

Barth, T.; Kiessling, J.; Walther, A., 1990:
Results of using gonadorelin in cows during the puerperal period

Katkov, V.A.; Komkova, T.N.; Mironova, L.N., 1989:
Results of using interspecific and intergeneric hybridization in breeding perennial herbage crops

Gruszecka, H., 1992:
Results of using liquid preparations decreasing massecuite viscosity

Goncharenko, G.G., 1989:
Results of using methods of isoenzyme genetics in breeding conifers

Novaak, V.; Zahradnik, P., 1988:
Results of using the pheromone preparation Linoprax to reduce the population of the wood borer Xyloterus lineatus

Gautam, S.R.; Niraula, N.B., 1990:
Results of vegetable research conducted at low altitude, Patle Khola 1987-1988

Faulkner, J.E.; Budsberg, S.C., 1990:
Results of ventral bulla osteotomy for treatment of middle ear polyps in cats

Lis, H., 1988:
Results of veterinary inspection of slaughtered animals in Poland and their economic significance

Schraishuhn, P.; Kolberg, M., 1990:
Results of virological examination of 1012 racing pigeons

Biermann, U.; Schmitt, K.; Krauss, H., 1991:
Results of virus diagnosis by electron microscopy on samples from dogs, cats, calves, pigs and foals during 1989

Felgner, G.; Kramer, D.; Meissner, R., 1991:
Results of water management investigations concerning the agricultural use of sewage sludge in the former GDR

Demeyere, A.; Temmerman, L. de; Flusu, F.; Weckx, A., 1988:
Results of weed control trials 1988

Vidrih, T., 1990:
Results of white clover (Trifolium repens L.) oversowing into hill pasture sward

Ghirelli, A., 1990:
Results of wide spacing of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) plantations in Sardinia

Nikanorov, G.M., 1989:
Results of work at the Moldavian Forestry Experiment Station on introduction, breeding and variety testing of poplars, and prospects for the commercial production of useful varieties of hybrid origin selected in variety trials

Beer, W.W.; Hugemeister, U.; Westphal, B., 1990:
Results of work on Puccinia hordei Otth. and Rhynchosporium secalis (Oudem.) Davis in winter barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) at the Institute of Plant Breeding at Gulzow-Gustow in 1978-88

Shelud' ko, L.A., 1990:
Results of work on the introduction of mint species in the forest steppe of the Ukraine and their use in breeding

Eck, W. van, 1989:
Results on farms with management restrictions

Liebert, F.; Gebhardt, G. , 1990:
Results on lysine, methionine, cystine and threonine requirements of fattening pigs

Gerath, H.; Schweiger, W., 1990:
Results on nutrient efficiency in red clover as a basis for breeding low-input varieties

Twardy, S.; Kopec, S., 1989:
Results on research work on sward renovation

Schenk G., 1989:
Results on the application of the screening method for resistance to viruses in potato breeding

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Results on the evaluation of irrigation water in grain sorghum under the conditions of a cambic chernozem at the Agricultural Institute, Fundulea

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Results with M.27 can be improved

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Results, after 3 years, of release with glyphosate of Pinus banksiana and Pinus sylvestris seedlings in a plantation

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Resumption of post-partum oestrous behaviour and associated plasma progesterone profiles in Menz ewes

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Resupination in orchids. III. Effects of indoleacetic, naphthaleneacetic and gibberellic acids and benzyladenine on buds and flowers of Aranda Kooi Choo

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Resurgence of bothriocephalosis (Diphyllobothrium latum infection) in the region of Lake Maggiore. Report of eighteen human cases

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Resurgence of citrus red mite, Panonychus citri McGregor induced by synthetic pyrethroids

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Resurgence of the synthetic pyrethroids on kanzawa spider mite and tea tortricids

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Resuscitation of stressed indicator organisms in infant food during storage

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Resveratrol accumulation in grapevine infected with grapevine vein necrosis disease

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Resynthesis of higher ploidy levels in potato breeding

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Retail food store inventory behavior

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Retail grocery markets for catfish

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Retail marketing of flowers with profile and profit

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Retail milk - gold mine or hard slog?

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Retail structure in Germany. German food trade 1991: record DEM 300 billion turnover

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Retail target markets for landscape plants

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Retail, leisure & tourism

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Retailers explore food safety and quality assurance options

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Retailing rivalry

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Retaining our best men and women: providing valued job outcomes in leisure services

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Retaliation against Thailand for its patent law

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Retardant property of Tilt

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Retardation of abscission of citrus leaf and fruitlet explants by brassinolide

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Retardation of ripening and development of water stress in papaya fruit seal-packaged with polyethylene film

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Retardation of toxic heavy metal dispersion from nickel-copper mine tailings, Sudbury District, Ontario: role of acidophilic microorganisms II. Structure and microanalysis of bioprecipitants

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Retarded leaching of nitrate in acid soils from the tropics: measurement of the effective anion exchange capacity

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Retention and distribution of ancymidol in bark-based container growing media

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Retention and transmission characteristics of zucchini yellow mosaic virus by Aphis gossypii and Myzus persicae (Homoptera: Aphididae)

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Retention capabilities of ponds and swamps of the Mazury Lake District

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Retention marketing

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Retention of 14C label is lower in old than in young Wistar rats after oral dosing with [14C]pyridoxine

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Retention of Listeria and Salmonella cells contaminating skim milk by tangential membrane microfiltration (Bactocatch process)

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Retention of antimony in skin biopsies of leishmaniasis patients after treatment with N-methylglucamine antimoniate

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Retention of aphid resistance during the commercialization of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) cv. Nova

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Retention of applied potassium and zinc in submerged soils

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Retention of carotenes, xanthophylls and alpha -tocopherol in frozen carrot

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Retention of genetically superior lines during early-generation testcrossing of maize

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Retention of heavy metals from blast-furnace dedusting sludges by a clayey subsoil

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Retention of ileal-digestible threonine by growing pigs

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Retention of rare earths by hay particles following incubation in fresh or autoclaved rumen fluid

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Retention of riboflavin (vitamin B2) in cheese using bovine milk fat globule membrane as the riboflavin-carrier

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Retention of standing timber for fish and wildlife habitat in reservoirs

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Retention of the capacity to produce plants from protoplasts in cryopreserved cell lines of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Retention of various microbial species during purification of milk using cross-flow microfiltration

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Retention of vigour and viability of stored pea (Pisum sativum L.) seed

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Retention or loss of nitrogen in forest wetlands

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Retention times of small particles and water in the gut of dairy goats fed at different levels of intake

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Rethinking assumptions about farm and community

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Rethinking desertification: what do we know and what have we learned?

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Rethinking environmental economics: missing links between economic theory and environmental policy

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Rethinking industrialization: a discussion of regional development strategies in the less industrialized countries

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Rethinking men and gender relations: an investigation of men, their changing roles within the household, and the implications for gender relations in Kisii district, Kenya

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Rethinking of technology for small-farming

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Rethinking range ecology: implications for rangeland management in Africa

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Rethinking the commons

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Reticular contraction attributes and passage of digesta from the ruminoreticulum in cattle fed roughage diets

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Reticuloendotheliosis and 'pullet disease' in Israel

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Retina fatty acid composition of piglets fed from birth with a linoleic acid-rich vegetable-oil formula for infants

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Retinal and skeletal dysplasia in a field trial Labrador Retriever puppy

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Retinal damage due to antimalarial treatment

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Retinal degeneration in the dog and cat

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Retinal degeneration in the rd mouse is caused by a defect in the beta subunit of rod cGMP-phosphodiesterase

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Retinal haemorrhage in tropical malaria

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Retinal haemorrhages in Zambian children with cerebral malaria

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Retinal haemorrhages in falciparum malaria

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Retinal nerve fiber layer infarct in a patient with babesiosis

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Retinitis following disseminated cryptococcosis in a renal allograft recipient. Efficacy of oral fluconazole

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Retinoic acid stimulates placental hormone secretion by choriocarcinoma cell lines in vitro

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Retinoid repletion of vitamin A-deficient mice restores IgG responses

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Retinoids and carotenoids in bovine pineal gland

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Retinoids and chemically induced lung tumours

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Retinyl ester (vitamin A ester) and carotenoid composition in human liver

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Retinyl palmitate hydrolase activity in human liver

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Retirement communities in Canada: toward a leisurely model

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Retirement from farming

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Retransformation bias in a stem profile model

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Retranslocation of accumulated 14C-assimilates as affected by dormancy breakers in Kyoho grapevines

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Retrenchment and realignment

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Retro-orbital route for brain specimen collection for rabies diagnosis

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Retroelement particles as purification, presentation and targeting vehicles

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Retroelements in higher plants

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Retrofitting small grain drills with a tramline control mechanism

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Retrofitting the ammonia syngas converter for energy efficiency

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Retrograde ejaculation in a Shetland sheepdog

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Retrograde flow of spermatozoa into the urinary bladder of cats during electroejaculation, collection of semen with an artificial vagina, and mating

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Retrograde vaginocystography: a contrast study study for evaluation of bitches with urinary incontinence

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Retroperitoneal actinomycosis: a case report and review of the literature

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Retrospect and prospect of environmental protection and economic development in Taiwan

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Retrospective analysis of breast histology and indication for surgical intervention

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Retrospective analysis of paludification in landscapes of the Yenisei valley

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Retrospective and prognostic aspects of the effects of scientific and technical development in rape production

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Retrospective evaluation of two latex agglutination tests for detection of circulating antigens during invasive candidosis

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Retrospective examinations for Cryptosporidium in the bursa of Fabricius in growing layers

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Retrospective index weights used in multiple trait selection in a maize breeding program

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Retrospective observations on the geographical relationship between Rhipicephalus appendiculatus and East Coast fever in southern Africa

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Retrospective shoot growth analysis for three seed sources of loblolly pine

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Retrospective study of 38 cases of femur fractures in horses less than one year of age

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Retrospective study of Campylobacter species isolated from porcine diagnostic case material

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Retrospective study of aspergillosis in pet birds

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Retrospective study of diseases of the exocrine pancreas in dogs and cats

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Retrospective study of myocardial canine parvovirus infection by in situ hybridization

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Retrospective study of testicular degeneration in raccoons with canine distemper infection

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Retrospective study of the efficacy of two methods of microscopical examination in dermatological mycology

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Retrospective study of the epidemiology of malaria in a Parisian hospital from 1976 to 1988 (review of 209 cases)

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Retrospective study of the worldwide market for olive oil and table olives

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Retrospective survey of the surgical treatment of osteochondrosis of the forelegs in dogs

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Retrospective survey on 134 diseased cats with feline leukaemia virus infection

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Retrotransposable elements R1 and R2 interrupt the rRNA genes of most insects

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Retrotransposable elements in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Retrotransposition mechanisms

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Retrotransposon families in rice

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Retrotransposon gene engineering

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Retrotransposon gypsy and genetic instability in Drosophila (review)

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Retrotransposon mys is concentrated on the sex chromosomes: implications for copy number containment

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Retrotransposons in Gramineae chromosomes

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Retrovesical hydatid causing haemospermia

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Retroviral elements in the genome of the chicken: implications for poultry genetics and breeding

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Retroviral vector infection and transplantation in rats of primary fetal rat hepatocytes

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Retroviral vectors related to the myeloproliferative sarcoma virus allow efficient expression in hematopoietic stem and precursor cell lines, but retroviral infection is reduced in more primitive cells

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Retroviral vectors: efficient system of transfer and expression of foreign genes in mammalian cells

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Retroviral-mediated gene transfer

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Retroviral-mediated gene transfer of human ornithine transcarbamylase into primary hepatocytes of spf and spf-ash mice

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Retrovirus insertion into herpesvirus in vitro and in vivo

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Retrovirus vectors for efficient transfer of exogenous genes into target cell genomes

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Retrovirus-induced feline red blood cell aplasia: pathogenesis and response to suramin

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Retrovirus-induced immunodeficiency in mice exacerbates gastrointestinal candidiasis

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Retrovirus-mediated gene expression in mammalian cells

Ballarini, G., 1991:
Return of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Italy and farm surveillance

Anonymous, 1992:
Return of the glass bottle

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Return on investment in no-tillage vs. conventional tillage cotton

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Return period of rainfall for Santa Maria, state of Rio Grande do Sul

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Return to an integral system of physical education for vocational school students and young workers

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Return to public investment in wheat research in the Western United States

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Returnable milk bottles

Borgstrom, U., 1990:
Returnable packaging for milk is questioned

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Returns from CSIRO research

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Returns from education in rural Bangladesh

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Returns from extra quota

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Returns from research: meat and livestock

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Returns to cash rented farmland and common stock, 1940-1990

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Returns to investment on agricultural research and extension in India and Punjab state level

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Returns to investments by market intermediaries in Rawalpindi-Islamabad market

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Returns to investments by market intermediaries in Rawalpini-Islamabad market

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Returns to limited crop diversification

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Returns to scale and factor productivity in the cooperative sugar industry in Punjab and Haryana

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Returns to scale in the agro-food industry. An analysis of firm size from panel data

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Returns to size and structure of agriculture: a suggested interpretation

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Returns vs. endowments in the earnings attainment process for metropolitan and nonmetropolitan men and women

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Reuse of waste coal ash - the effect of application of zeolitized coal ash on the growth of turf growing in sandy soil

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Reuse of wastewater effluent for irrigation in severely arid regions: alternative schemes-a case study

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Reuse of wastewater from meat processing plants for agricultural and forestry irrigation

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Rev activates expression of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 vif and vpr gene products

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Revaluation of the radiant energy in maize hybrids

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Revamping: breathing new life into old ammonia plants

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Revegetating salt-affected land with shrubs

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Revegetation in the Canadian North - a 15 year perspective. Summary of findings

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Revegetation of abandoned mine lands in Pennsylvania with containerized seedlings and soil amendments

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Revegetation of burned anthracite coal refuse banks using municipal sludge

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Revegetation of mined areas in New Caledonia

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Revegetation of reclaimed mine soils under weather uncertainty: a stochastic dynamic optimization approach

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Revegetation potential of overburden materials from Kittanning coal mines

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Revegetation technologies

Stafford, J.L., 1990:
Revegetation with native grasses in conservation/amenity areas

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Reversal by ceftriaxone of dilated cardiomyopathy Borrelia burgdorferi infection

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Reversal of chloramphenicol-inhibited protein synthesis by EDTA and sulphhydryl compounds in bhendi seedlings (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench)

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Reversal of chloroquine resistance of 'wild' isolates of Plasmodium falciparum by desipramine

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Reversal of chloroquine resistance with cyproheptadine in 'wild' strains of Plasmodium falciparum

Basco, L.K.;, J., 1990:
Reversal of chloroquine resistance with desipramine in isolates of Plasmodium falciparum from Central and West Africa

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Reversal of copper toxicity in Amphora coffeaeformis: role of externally bound copper

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Reversal of dietary-induced hyperlipidemia in Biomphalaria glabrata (Gastropoda)

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Reversal of immunosuppression induced by a protein-free diet: comparison of nucleotides, fish oil, and arginine

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Reversal of microcephaly and developmental delay after cure of hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia

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Reversal of postmortem degeneration of mouse oocytes during meiotic maturation in vitro

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Reversal of pre-leukaemia with antioxidants: a case report

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Reversal of reproductive deficiency in the hpg male mouse by neonatal androgenization

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Reversal of stream acidification at the Birkenes catchment, southern Norway: predictions based on potential ANC changes

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Reversal of thioacetamide induced cholestasis by picroliv in rodents

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Reversal of xylazine sedation in dogs

Soli, N.E.; Krogenaes, A.; Moe, L., 1990:
Reversal of xylazine sedation in dogs with yohimbine

Lafont, R., 1991:
Reverse endocrinology, or 'hormones' seeking functions

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Reverse flow of milk as a factor in the active transfer of mastitis pathogens during machine milking of cows

Stewart B.M.; Jordan C.; Burns D.T., 1991:
Reverse osmosis as a concentration technique for soluble organic phosphorus in fresh water

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Reverse osmosis of whey. Determination of mass transfer coefficients

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Reverse technology flow as a key to future world and US agriculture

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Reverse transcriptase encoded by a retrotransposon from the trypanosomatid Crithidia fasciculata

Jaubert, A.; Martin, P., 1992:
Reverse-phase HPLC analysis of goat caseins. Identification of alpha s1 and alpha s2 genetic variants

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Reversed enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of specific anti-Plasmodium falciparum immunoglobulin M antibodies

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Reversed helper/suppressor T-lymphocyte ratio in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from patients with breast cancer and Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Bican P.; Spahni A., 1991:
Reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography of whey proteins

Shanzer A.; Libman J.; Lytton S.D.; Glickstein H.; Cabantchik Z.I., 1991:
Reversed siderophores act as antimalarial agents

Shearan, P.; O.K.effe, M.; Smyth, M.R., 1991:
Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of dexamethasone in bovine tissues

Ban, T.; Papp, E.; Inczedy, J., 1992:
Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography of anionic and ethoxylated non-ionic surfactants and pesticides in liquid pesticide formulations

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Reversibility of furazolidone-induced cardiotoxicosis in ducklings

Hurlimann, R.; Risti, B.; Jenni, R.; Jost, R.; Oelz, O., 1991:
Reversible Budd-Chiari syndrome caused by an amoebic liver abscess

Dow, JAT.; O'Donnell, MJ., 1990:
Reversible alkalinization by Manduca sexta midgut

Edwards, J.; Jordan, J.R., 1992 :
Reversible anther opening in Lilium philadelphicum (Liliaceae): a possible means of enhancing male fitness

Reeves, W.C.; Marcuard, S.P.; Willis, S.E.; Movahed, A., 1989:
Reversible cardiomyopathy due to selenium deficiency

Gupta S.; Kanwar U.; Sanyal S.N., 1990:
Reversible changes in lipid metabolism in testis and other tissues induced by embelin

Gaudin, Y.; Tuffereau, C.; Segretain, D.; Knossow, M.; Flamand, A., 1991:
Reversible conformational changes and fusion activity of rabies virus glycoprotein

Cantone, F.; Dunkle, L., 1991:
Reversible effects of inhibitory diffusates from maize inoculated with Cochliobolus carbonum

Bruggers C.S.; Wayne R.; Altman A.J.; Rourk M.H.; Vedanarayanan V.; Chaffee S., 1990:
Reversible focal neurologic deficits in severe iron deficiency anemia

Mayer, J.M.; Chevalier, X.; Albert, E.; Casteran, J.M.; Boutin, B.; Ponsot, G.; Dematons, C.; Cophignon, J., 1990:
Reversible hearing loss in a patient with cryptococcosis

Lewis, J.C., 1991:
Reversible immobilisation of Asian small-clawed otters with medetomidine and ketamine

Blatt, M.R.; Thiel, G.; Trentham, D.R., 1990:
Reversible inactivation of K+ channels of Vicia stomatal guard cells following the photolysis of caged inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate

Scheid, O.; Paszkowski, J.P.trykus, I., 1991:
Reversible inactivation of a transgene in Arabidopsis thaliana

Oeller, P.; Min-Wong, L.T.ylor, L.; Pike, D.; Theologis, A., 1991:
Reversible inhibition of tomato fruit senescence by antisense RNA

Richard, D.S.; Gilbert, L.I., 1991:
Reversible juvenile hormone inhibition of ecdysteroid and juvenile hormone synthesis by the ring gland of Drosophila melanogaster

Echevarria, C.; Vidal, J.; Jiao, J.A.; Chollet, R., 1990:
Reversible light activation of the phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase protein-serine kinase in maize leaves

Bartges, J.W.; Nielson, D.L., 1992:
Reversible megaesophagus associated with atypical primary hypoadrenocorticism in a dog

Ahmed, Z.U.; Krohn, F.B., 1990:
Reversing the United States declining competitiveness in the marketing of international tourism: a perspective on future policy

Bosch, D.J.; Shabman, L.A., 1990:
Reversing the decline of private oyster planting in the Chesapeake Bay: an evaluation of policy strategies

McAllister, P.A., 1991:
Reversing the effects of 'betterment planning' in South Africa's black rural areas

Jones, J.D.G.; Harper, L.; Carland, F.; Ralston, E.; Dooner, H.K., 1991:
Reversion and altered variegation of an SPT:Ac allele in tobacco

Fahmy, A.R.; Miyata, T., 1992:
Reversion of chlorfluazuron resistance after release from selection pressure in the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella

Battey N.H.; Lyndon R.F., 1990:
Reversion of flowering

Cwynar, L.C.; Spear, R.W., 1991:
Reversion of forest to tundra in the central Yukon

Osman, A.A.; Watson, T.F.; Sivasupramaniam, S., 1991:
Reversion of permethrin resistance in field strains and selection for azinphosmethyl and permethrin resistance in pink bollworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Brklacich M.; Bryant C.R.; Smit B., 1991:
Review and appraisal of concept of sustainable food production systems

Seres, K., 1991:
Review and assessment of the 1990/91 campaign in the sugar industry of Yugoslavia

Hicks, R.J.; Stotzky, G.; Van Voris, P., 1990:
Review and evaluation of the effects of xenobiotic chemicals on microorganisms in soil

Ishee, M.K., 1991:
Review and management of roadless lands in wilderness planning

Deng, J.Y., 1990:
Review and prospects of studies of Taigu genic male-sterile wheat

Cantor, R.A.; Rizy, C.G., 1991:
Review article. Biomass energy: exploring the risks of commercialization in the United States of America

Haenel, H., 1989:
Review article. Phylogenesis and nutrition

Otieno, L.S.; Mc'Ligeyo, S.O., 1988:
Review article: immune nephritides due to malaria

Byrnes, K.J., 1990:
Review of A.I.D. experience with farming systems research and extension projects

Anonymous, 1990:
Review of Botswana's agricultural research system

Anonymous, 1991:
Review of EC dairy market in 1990

Maloy, O., 1991:
Review of Echinodontium tinctorium 1895-1990

Pakaluk, J.; Slipinski, SA., 1990:
Review of Eupsilobiinae (Coleoptera: Endomychidae) with descriptions of new genera and species from South America

Anonymous, 1992:
Review of Finnish agriculture to 1990

Quemere, P., 1990:
Review of French and foreign trials on the utilization of peas by pigs (piglets, meat pigs and sows)

Yotsukura, M.; Aoki, N.; Fukuzumi, N.; Ishikawa, K., 1991:
Review of a case of tsutsugamushi disease showing myocarditis and confirmation of Rickettsia by endomyocardial biopsy

Krug, E.C., 1991:
Review of acid-deposition - catchment interaction and comments on future research needs

Purcell, J.C., 1990:
Review of agribusiness issues and future perspectives

Munoz Leyva, J.A.; Naranjo Rodriguez, I.; Hidalgo Hidalgo de Cisneros, J.L., 1992:
Review of analytical methods for determination of histamine in foods

Ashley, N.V.; Roach, D.J., 1990:
Review of biotechnology applications to nuclear waste treatment

Belokobyl' skii, S.A., 1990:
Review of braconids of the genus Rhaconotus Ruthe (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) of the Palaearctic

Galina, C.S.; Arthur, G.H., 1991:
Review of cattle reproduction in the tropics. Part 6. The male

Carroll, K.K., 1991:
Review of clinical studies on cholesterol-lowering response to soy protein

Brown, W.V., 1990:
Review of clinical trials: proving the lipid hypothesis

Boesman, G., 1990:
Review of conventional heating systems and energy conservation systems in greenhouses

Wale, M., 1989:
Review of crop protection research at Kobo and recommendations for future research

Tsakiris, A., 1990:
Review of current method of disease control in cashew

Ly, L.V., 1990:
Review of dairy development in Vietnam

Huang, F.T.; Li, Z.N.; Li, L.D., 1990:
Review of decadal solar drying in China

Gilbert, A.J.; Glass, C.R., 1991:
Review of design options for pesticide containers

Hahn, K.O., 1992:
Review of endocrine regulation of reproduction in abalone Haliotis spp

Fielding, W.J., 1990:
Review of experimental design in a developing country: a case-study from Jamaica

Anonymous, 1990:
Review of factory operations

Mironov, S.V., 1989:
Review of feather mites from the subfamily Pteronyssinae (Analgoidea, Avenzoariidae) of the fauna of the USSR

Pierce L.K.; Wehner T.C., 1990:
Review of genes and linkage groups in cucumber

Fujino, K., 1992:
Review of genetics and stock management of the Pacific abalone

Tumbali, G.G.; Cabagua, W.G., 1990:
Review of government agricultural policies

Anonymous, 1990:
Review of grain supply and demand in 1988/89

Middlemis, H., 1990:
Review of groundwater models and data requirements for dryland salinity catchment investigations

Skrzypczynska, M., 1989:
Review of insects found in cones of Abies alba Mill in Poland

Hewson, R.; Chandra, S.; Connell, S., 1991:
Review of integrated area development projects

Smith, R.A., 1992:
Review of integrated beach resort development in Southeast Asia

Hagin, J.O.sen, S.; Shaviv, A., 1990:
Review of interaction of ammonium-nitrate and potassium nutrition of crops

Finkelstein, N.P., 1989:
Review of interactions in flotation of sparingly soluble calcium minerals with anionic collectors

Plusquellec H.L.; Mcphail K.; Polti C., 1990:
Review of irrigation system performance with respect to initial objectives

Kuznetsov, V.I., 1988:
Review of leaf rollers of the subtribes Gatesclarkeanidii and Olethreutidii (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) of the fauna of North Vietnam

Schulz, C.O.; Segal, S.A.; Reichardt, W.D., 1990:
Review of literature on herbicides, including phenoxy herbicides and associated dioxins

Karekezi, S., 1990:
Review of mature renewable energy technologies in sub-Saharan Africa

Wu, W.J.; Liang, G.W., 1989:
Review of methods fitting Holling disc equation

Spolaor, D.; Santo, M.L. dal; Zilio, F., 1988:
Review of methods for detecting and isolating Listeria by culturing

Antal, M.J.J.; Mok, W.S.L.; Varhegyi, G.; Szekely, T., 1990:
Review of methods for improving the yield of charcoal from biomass

Howdle, P.D.; Losowsky, M.S., 1990:
Review of methods for measuring gliadins in food

Lascano, R.J., 1991:
Review of models for predicting soil water balance

Ponomarenko, M.G., 1989:
Review of moths of the genus Anarsia Z. (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae) of the fauna of the USSR

Veen, H.S. van; Kremer, W.D.J., 1992:
Review of mycotic mastitis in cows

Baumgartner, D.L., 1988:
Review of myiasis (Insecta: Diptera: Calliphoridae, Sarcophagidae) of Nearctic wildlife

Hiscock K.M.; Lloyd J.W.; Lerner D.N., 1991:
Review of natural and artificial denitrification of groundwater

Geiger, C.J.; Wyse, B.W.; Parent, C.R.; Hansen, R.G., 1991:
Review of nutrition labeling formats

Dowling, C.W.; Jones, Q., 1989:
Review of nutrition of grain sorghum

Carlson, G., 1991:
Review of ongoing research in Sweden concerning handling and spreading of manure

Vick, K.W.; Mankin, R.W.; Cogburn, R.R.; Mullen, M.; Throne, J.E.; Wright, V.F.; Cline, L.D., 1990:
Review of pheromone-baited sticky traps for detection of stored-product insects

Sharma, M., 1991:
Review of piglet mortality in the national pig breeding centre, Serbithang

Pop, I.; Cristea, V.; Hodisan, I.; Gergely, I., 1988:
Review of plant associations covering the Cluj district

Kostecki P.T.; Calabrese E.J.; Horton H.M., 1989:
Review of present risk assessment models for petroleum contaminated soils

Lyons, E.T.; Drudge, J.H.; Tolliver, S.C., 1992:
Review of prevalence surveys of internal parasites recovered (1951-1990) from horses at necropsy in Kentucky

Gelei, J., 1991:
Review of process data for automatic controlling the sugar end

Wakeling, S.A., 1990:
Review of production, consumption, stocks and prices

Anonymous, 1990:
Review of progress in the Biotechnology-Microbial Pest Control Agent Risk Assessment Program

Glem Hansen, N., 1992:
Review of protein and amino acid requirements for mink

Noordwijk, M.V.n; Brouwer, G., 1991:
Review of quantitative root length data in agriculture

Willis, R., 1991:
Review of recent developments in rural planning in New Zealand

Zhao, F.Q.; Wang, J.X., 1990:
Review of research on germplasm resources in wheat and prospects for the future

Anonymous, 1990:
Review of results 1990. Research Station, Brandon, Manitoba

Roy, R.N., 1992:
Review of results of the FAO interregional sulphur network

Johnson, F.J., 1991:
Review of sampling and analytical methods for fertilizers in use in the United States of America

Mount, H.R.; Base, S.R.; Houten, D.G. van, 1991:
Review of selected pedons for andic soil properties in the northeast United States

Yang, X.H., 1992:
Review of several theories on raising agricultural comparative advantage

Nsembo, L.L.; Tanner, D.G.; Mwitirway, K.; Ngirabose, B.; Holmes, L., 1990:
Review of soil fertility studies on bread wheat in north Kiru, Zaire

Dancette, C., 1991:
Review of soil water balance research in the Sudano-Sahelian zone

Owonubi, J.J.; Abdulmumin, S.; Malgwi, W.B.; Muazu, S., 1991:
Review of soil water balance studies in the Sudano-Sahelian zone of Nigeria

Castagnone Sereno, P., 1989:
Review of sugarcane nematodes

Revell, B.J., 1990:
Review of support policies for fragile rural areas

Buchholz, K.; Bruhns, M., 1992:
Review of the 1991 campaign and technical innovations in Germany

Martin, L.; Duren, E. van; Townshend, J.; Reenstra Bryant, R., 1991:
Review of the Canadian Meat Import Act

Chiappini, E., 1989:
Review of the European species of the genus Anagrus Haliday (Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea)

Anonymous, 1991:
Review of the Ghana agricultural research system. Volume I: report; Volume II annexes

Heydon, S.L., 1989:
Review of the Nearctic Rhicnocoella and Callimerismus with a discussion of their phylogenetic relationships (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)

Pakaluk, J., 1988:
Review of the New World species of Pharaxonotha Reitter (Coleoptera: Languriidae)

Liyanage, A. de S., 1989:
Review of the Plant Pathology Department

Jayasinghe, C.K., 1990:
Review of the Plant Pathology and Microbiology Department

Vitonova, G., 1990:
Review of the USSR agriculture situation and outlook

Nafus, D.M.; Schreiner, I.H., 1991 :
Review of the biology and control of the Asian corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis (Lep: Pyralidae)

Nekulisyanu, Z.Z., 1991:
Review of the carabid fauna (Carabidae) of Moldavia

Dufour, B., 1990:
Review of the control of enzootic bovine leukosis in France

Worrall, I.; Meyer, E., 1991:
Review of the development and performance of an articulated infield haulage unit on a large sugarcane estate

Shattuck, SO., 1992:
Review of the dolichoderine ant genus Iridomyrmex Mayr with descriptions of three new genera (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Dunkel F.V.; Read N.R., 1991:
Review of the effect of sorbic acid on insect survival in rearing diets with reference to other antimicrobials

Kryzhanovskii, O.L.; Atamuradov, K.I., 1989:
Review of the fauna of ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of the Western Kopetdag and its zoogeographical characteristics. Communication 1

Kadyrov, A.Kh, 1989:
Review of the fauna of wood-cutting beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) of Tadzhikistan

Pollock, V.H.; Haffer, K.N., 1991:
Review of the first feline leukemia virus vaccine

Anonymous, 1988:
Review of the forestry programme in the Serra da Estrela

Kramers, P.G.N.; Gentile, J.M.; Gryseels, B.J.A.M.; Jordan, P.; Katz, N.; Mott, K.E.; Mulvihill, J.J.; Seed, J.L.; Frohberg, H., 1991:
Review of the genotoxicity and carcinogenicity of antischistosomal drugs: is there a case for a study of mutation epidemiology? Report of a task group on mutagenic antischistosomals

Ferguson, DC., 1991:
Review of the genus Epimorius Zeller and first report of the occurrence of E. testaceellus Ragonot in the United States (Pyralidae: Galleriinae)

Rakovic, M., 1990:
Review of the genus Leiopsammodius Rakovic on the world basis with a key to species from the Western Hemisphere and description of a new species (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Aphodiinae)

Winfield, C.G., 1991:
Review of the impact of the Code of Practice for the Welfare of the Pig. A report prepared for the Sub-committee on Animal Welfare, responsible to the Australian Agricultural Council

Akao, K.; Ariki, S., 1989:
Review of the optimal rotation period theory

Mikhailovsksaya, M.V., 1990:
Review of the phorid flies of the genera Diploneura Lioy and Dohrniphora Dahl (Diptera, Phoridae) from the Far East

Demade, I., 1989:
Review of the present knowledge of growth hormone: regulation of its release, metabolic activity and possible application to meat producing farm animals

Schulz, J.; Beuche, W., 1990:
Review of the relationship between electrical conductivity of quarter-milk samples and the fall in milk yield from udder quarters affected by mastitis

Devauchelle, N.; Mingant, C., 1991:
Review of the reproductive physiology of the scallop, Pecten maximus, applicable to intensive aquaculture

Granada, G.A. , 1990:
Review of the status of cassava production in Colombia with regard to sanitary problems

Arzanov, Y.G., 1990:
Review of the weevil fauna (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) of Rostov province and the Kalmyk ASSR

Ahmed, Z.U., 1992:
Review of tourism in the USA

Upadhyaya, S.K.; Wulfsohn, D., 1990:
Review of traction prediction equations

Baker, M.R., 1989:
Review of transmission patterns of nematode parasites of vertebrates

Mollah, M.R., 1989:
Review of trellis structures for horticultural crops

Anonymous, 1990:
Review of tributyltin oxide (TBTO) wood preservatives and surface biocides

Anonymous, 1988:
Review of tropical plant pathology. Volume 5. Diseases of fibre and oilseed crops

Raychaudhuri, S.P.; Verma, J.P., 1990:
Review of tropical plant pathology. Volume 6. Techniques and plant quarantine

Yankovskii, A.V., 1989:
Review of type material on the simuliid genus Obuchovia Rubzov, 1947 (Diptera, Simuliidae) held at the Zoological Institute of the Academy of Science of the USSR

Page, E.S. (Chairman); Hoskin, B.D.; Thomson, K.J., 1990:
Review of veterinary manpower and education. Report of the Committee chaired by Dr E. S. Page

Gandah, M., 1991:
Review of water balance studies in Niger

Easdown, W.; Teakle, J.; Jensen, E., 1989:
Review of weed management in the Australian sorghum industry

Boonstra, E.R., 1990:
Review of world sulphur demand and supply

Bourdot, G.W.; Field, R.J., 1988:
Review on ecology and control of Achillea millefolium L. (yarrow) on arable land in New Zealand

Kado oka, Y., 1992:
Review on immunopotentiating activities of bifidobacteria

Boxus, P., 1989:
Review on strawberry mass propagation

Anjum F.M.; Walker C.E., 1991:
Review on the significance of starch and protein to wheat kernel hardness

Deyl, Z.; Struzinsky, R., 1991:
Review. Capillary zone electrophoresis: its applicability and potential in biochemical analysis

Dizdar, N.; Henriksson, A.; Kagedal, B., 1991:
Review. Determination of L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine in biological fluids and tissues

Horne, R.; Hickey, J., 1991:
Review. Ecological sensitivity of Australian rainforests to selective logging

Hashimoto, T., 1991:
Review. Non-porous hydrophilic resin-based packings for the separation of biopolymers

Dunlap, J.R., 1990:
Review. Understanding and controlling ethylene in horticulture production

Stevenson, M.M.; Nowotarski, M.; Yap, G., 1990:
Review: cytokines and malaria

Vanclay, J.K., 1991:
Review: data requirements for developing growth models for tropical moist forests

Agnew, J.; Radford, B.J., 1989:
Review: establishment of grain sorghum

Lehmann, A.B., 1989:
Review: undernutrition in elderly people

Marwaha, S.S.; Kennedy, J.F., 1988:
Review: whey - pollution problem and potential utilization

Murthy, B.R.; Vatsala, A.; Nagaraj, T.S., 1991:
Revised Cam-clay model

Maple, P.A.C.; Hamilton Miller, J.M.T., 1991:
Revised MRSA guidelines: is the use of ciprofloxacin against MRSA a cause for concern?

Duewer, L.A.; White, T.F., 1990:
Revised choice beef price and spread calculation procedures

Hoebeke, ER.; Liebherr, JK.; Bell, RT., 1991:
Revised distribution of the immigrant carabid Bembidion obtusum (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in eastern North America

Das, S.C., 1989:
Revised list of approved pesticides (as on December, 1989)

Kindstedt, P.; Kiely, L., 1992:
Revised protocol for the analysis of melting properties of Mozzarella cheese by helical viscometry

Morgan, L.A.; Smart, R.E.; Wood, P.N.; Segaran, A., 1989:
Revised rootstock recommendations

Henshaw, D.; Howse, D., 1989:
Revised status of eight species of European Agromyzidae (Diptera) described both as larvae and adults, and four new names for homonyms

Min, Z.; Wu, B.Z.eng, Q.; Mizuno, M.I.numa, M.T.naka, T., 1990:
Revised structure of a diterpene from Euphorbia antiquorum

Huttner, S.L.; Arntzen, C.; Beachy, R.; Breuning, G.; Nester, E.; Qualset, C.; Vidaver, A., 1992:
Revising oversight of genetically modified plants

Francis, T., 1991:
Revising therapeutic recreation for substance misuse: incorporating flow technology in alternatives treatment

Baraud, J., 1990:
Revision of Anoxia Castelnau of Europe and Asia. 3rd note: the subgenus Mesanoxia Medvedev (Col. Melolonthidae)

Webster, G.L., 1992:
Revision of Astrocasia (Euphorbiaceae)

Johnson, NF., 1991:
Revision of Australasian Trissolcus species (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)

Rahayu, G.; Parbery, I.H., 1991:
Revision of Australian Asterinaceae: Asterina species on Winteraceae and Eupomatiaceae

Wharton, RA.; Austin, AD., 1991:
Revision of Australian Dacnusini (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Alysiinae), parasitoids of cyclorrhaphous Diptera

Decraemer, W., 1991:
Revision of Epsilonema species from Antarctica described by Steiner (1931) (Nemata)

Maslova, N.P.; Fot' yanova, L.I., 1990:
Revision of Platanus mabutii and new palaeogenic species of this genus from the Far East

Carvalho, C.J.B., 1989:
Revision of Psilochaeta Stein and description of Dalcyella gen. nov. from Chile (Diptera, Muscidae)

Drugmand, D., 1990:
Revision of Xantholinus s.str. Berthold, 1827 from Belgium (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Xantholininae)

Ahmad, I.; Mohammad, F.A., 1987:
Revision of a little known genus Keriahana Distant (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae: Pentatominae: Menidini) with description of a new species from Pakistan and their relationships

Toida, Y.; Yaegashi, T., 1991:
Revision of a record on Meloidogyne thamesi from mulberry in Japan

Clark, WE., 1990:
Revision of the Anthonomus subgenus Anthonomocyllus Dietz (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Cialdella, A.M., 1989 :
Revision of the Argentine species of Polygonum s.l. (Polygonaceae)

Kvacek, Z.; Walther, H., 1991:
Revision of the Central European Tertiary Fagaceae according to leaf epidermis characters. 4. Fagus

Vazquez, X.A., 1990:
Revision of the Ibero-Balearic species of the genus Oedemera Olivier (Col. Oedemeridae)

Bohn, H., 1990:
Revision of the Loboptera species of Spain (Blattaria: Blattellidae)

Fidalgo, P., 1987:
Revision of the Neotropical species of the genus Acmopolynema Ogl. (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae)

Vit, S., 1990:
Revision of the Neotropical species of the genus Eucinetus Germar (Coleoptera: Eucinetidae)

McKamey, S.H.; Deitz, L.L., 1991:
Revision of the Neotropical treehopper genus Metcalfiella (Homoptera: Membracidae)

Dietrich, C.H.; Deitz, L.L., 1991:
Revision of the Neotropical treehopper tribe Aconophorini (Homoptera: Membracidae)

Clark, WE., 1989:
Revision of the Neotropical weevil genus Atractomerus Duponchel and Chevrolat (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Menzel, F.; Mohrig, W., 1991:
Revision of the Sciaridae (Diptera, Nematocera) from Taiwan worked on by Franz Lengersdorf

Carvalho, C.J.B., 1989:
Revision of the South American genera Brachygasterina Macquart and Correntosia Malloch (Diptera, Muscidae)

Bohn, H., 1989:
Revision of the Sylvestris group of Ectobius Stephens in Europe (Blattaria: Blattellidae)

Clark, WE., 1990:
Revision of the calvescens species group of the genus Anthonomus Germar (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Beveridge, I., 1990:
Revision of the family Gilquiniidae Dollfus (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) from elasmobranch fishes

Ramirez Perez, J., 1987:
Revision of the family Simuliidae (Diptera, Nematocera) in Venezuela

Clark, WE., 1990:
Revision of the fischeri species group of the genus Anthonomus Germar (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Clark, WE., 1990:
Revision of the flavirostris species group of the genus Anthonomus Germar (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Kazmierski, A., 1989:
Revision of the genera Tydeus Koch sensu Andre. Homeotydeus Andre and Orthotydeus Andre with description of a new genus and four new species of Tydeinae (Acari: Actinedida: Tydeidae)

Stevens, MM., 1991:
Revision of the genus Alseis Kirkaldy (Homoptera: Cicadelloidea: Cicadellidae), with descriptions of six new species

Hoberg, EP.; Adams, AM.; Rausch, RL., 1991:
Revision of the genus Anophryocephalus Baylis, 1922 from pinnipeds in the Holarctic, with descriptions of Anophryocephalus nunivakensis sp. nov. and A. eumetopii sp. nov. (Tetrabothriidae) and evaluation of records from the Phocidae

Kabata, Z., 1990:
Revision of the genus Clavellopsis Wilson, 1915 (Copepoda: Lernaeopodidae)

Chambrier, A. de, 1989:
Revision of the genus Crepidobothrium Monticelli, 1900 (Cestoda: Proteocephalidae), parasites of neotropical snakes. I. C. gerrardii (Baird, 1860) and C. viperis (Beddard, 1913)

Filippova, N.A.; Panova, I.V., 1989:
Revision of the genus Dermacentor Koch (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae) from the fauna of the USSR and neighbouring territories

Pozdnyakov, S.E., 1990:
Revision of the genus Didymocystis and the erection of the genus Didymosulcus gen. nov. (Trematoda, Didymozoidae)

Gibbons, L.M.; Halvorsen, O.; Stuve, G., 1991:
Revision of the genus Elaphostrongylus Cameron (Nematoda, Metastrongyloidea) with particular reference to species of the genus occurring in Norwegian cervids

Castillo Fernandez, D.; Lambshead, P.J.D., 1990:
Revision of the genus Elzalia Gerlach, 1957 (Nematoda: Xyalidae) including three new species from an oil producing zone in the Gulf of Mexico, with a discussion of the sibling species problem

Hirst, DB., 1992:
Revision of the genus Isopeda Koch (Heteropodidae: Araneae) in Australia

Mendes, L.F., 1988:
Revision of the genus Lepisma Lin., 1758 s. lat. (Zygentoma, Lepismatidae)

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