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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2216

Chapter 2216 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Alves Pires, C.; Santos Gomes, G.M.; Pratlong, F.; Ribeiro, H.; Campino, L.; Abranches, P., 1991:
Sandflies of Portugal. IV. Natural infestation of Phlebotomus ariasi with Leishmania infantum MON-24 in the Alto Douro focus

Lavrov, A.P., 1991:
Sandy soils of the southeastern Karakum

Pallesen, S., 1992:
Sane - the new Danish sheep breed

Upyrev, A.V., 1992:
Sanitary and epidemiological evaluation of the status and prevention of Enterobius infection in children's institutions in new building developments

Khmel' kov, V.P.; Shaternikova, I.N.; Sokolova, E.A.; Evgrafov, V.G.; Aronova, E.N.; Lysenko, L.A., 1989:
Sanitary and hygienic evaluation of nutrition, energy expenditure and state of some metabolic processes in workers on installations and ships of the Gas Industry Ministry of the USSR

Sasinovich, L.M.; Pan' shina, T.N., 1989:
Sanitary aspects of synthetic pyrethroid application

Greene A.K.; Reynolds T.G.; Southerland E.M., 1991:
Sanitary evaluation of target flowmeter used in a dairy processing plant

Calo, A.; Borgo, M., 1990:
Sanitary measures for diagnosis of Pierce's disease using imported grape material

Novikov, Y.V.; Plitman, S.I., 1992:
Sanitary protection of reservoirs: present-day problems

Krasovsky, G.N.; Ilinsky, S.V.; Egorova, N.A.; Alekseeva, T.V., 1990:
Sanitary status of water reservoirs in the Moscow region

Kotel' nikov, G.A.; Malkov, S.N., 1992:
Sanitary-helminthological evaluation of various methods of salting fish in the basins of the Rivers Vyatka and Kama

Korchak, G.I., 1992:
Sanitary-significant importance of the content of microorganisms from genus Candida in the water of sea beaches

Cairncross, S., 1990:
Sanitation and the control of hookworm disease

Kneller, P.B.; Jayaswal, R.K.; Eils, L.M., 1990:
Sanitation controls for cold cup soft drink vending machines

Dijkstra, F., 1991:
Sanitation of polluted soil areas and hazardous waste management at DSM

Honer, C., 1992:
Sanitation: front and center

Derksen, M.M.J., 1990:
Santa Sabina: surviving in a rural shanty town

Goncalves, J.S., 1991:
Sao Paulo's sugar-alcohol complex: long-term efficiency of the sector and concentration of land and income

Laing, F.M.; Howard, D.B., 1990:
Sap sweetness consistency vs. growth rates in young sugar maples

Vanden Bossche, H.; Marichal, P.; Willemsens, G.; Bellens, D.; Gorrens, J.; Roels, I.; Coene, M.C.; L.J.une, L.; Janssen, P.A., 1990:
Saperconazole: a selective inhibitor of the cytochrome P-450-dependent ergosterol synthesis in Candida albicans, Aspergillus fumigatus and Trichophyton mentagrophytes

Conticini, L., 1990:
Sapodilla (Manilkara achras Mill.)

Hallanoro, H.; Ahvenainen, J.; Ramm Schmidt, L., 1991:
Saponin, a cause of foaming problems in beet sugar production and use

Kasai, R.; Tanaka, T.; Nie, R.L.; Miyakoshi, M.; Zhou, J.; Tanaka, O., 1990:
Saponins from Chinese medicinal plant, Hemsleya graciliflora (Cucurbitaceae)

Ahmad, V.; Perveen,, S., 1990:
Saponins from the leaves of Guaiacum officinale

Essiamah, S.K., 1989:
Sapping of oil palm (Elaeis guineesis) in West Africa

Dudka, I.A.; Isaeva, N.M.; Davydov, O.N., 1989:
Saprolegniaceae inducing mycoses in fish

Krishna, L.; Gupta, VK.; Katoch, RC.; Singh, D., 1990:
Saprolegniasis in Indian major carps - an investigation

Bagy, M.M.; Abdel-Mallek, A.Y., 1991:
Saprophytic and keratinolytic fungi associated with animals hair from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Palarpawar, M.Y.; Ghurde, V.R., 1989:
Saprophytic colonization of leaf sheath of turmeric by Colletotrichum capsici and Colletotrichum curcumae

Singh, J., 1988:
Saquadil for the control of outbreaks of intestinal coccidiosis in poultry

Dubey, J.P.; Speer, C.A., 1991:
Sarcocystis canis n. sp. (Apicomplexa: Sarcocystidae), the etiologic agent of generalized coccidiosis in dogs

Inoue, I.; Yamada, M.; Fujita, M.; Shimizu, H., 1990:
Sarcocystis capracanis (Protozoa, Apicomplexa) in goats in Japan

Dubey, JP.; Hamir, AN.; Kirkpatrick, CE.; Todd, K S.; Jr.; Rupprecht, CE., 1992:
Sarcocystis felis sp. n. (Protozoa: Sarcocystidae) from the bobcat (Felis rufus)

Inoue, I.; Yamada, C.; Yamada, M.; Kondo, T., 1990:
Sarcocystis hirsuta (Protozoa, Apicomplexa) in cattle in Japan

Costanzo, G.R., 1990:
Sarcocystis in American black ducks wintering in New Jersey

Yamada, M.; Yukawa, M.; Mochizuki, K.; Sekikawa, H.; Kenmotsu, M., 1990:
Sarcocystis in Murray Grey stock cattle introduced from Australia

Pamphlett, R.; O'Donoghue, P., 1990:
Sarcocystis infection of human muscle

Page, C.D.; Schmidt, R.E.; Hubbard, G.B.; Langlinais, P.C., 1989:
Sarcocystis myocarditis in a red lory (Eos bornea)

Gangadharan, B.; Valsala, K.V.; Nair, M.G.; Rajan, A., 1992:
Sarcocystosis in a Sambar deer (Cervus unicolor)

Lukesova, D.; Pav, J., 1989:
Sarcocystosis in cloven-footed game animals in Czechoslovakia

Svobodová, V., 1991:
Sarcocystosis in lambs

Salmela, P.; Rasi, T., 1990:
Sarcocystosis in slaughter cattle

Dubey, J.P.; Porter, S.L.; Hattel, A.L.; Kradel, D.C.; Topper, M.J.; Johnson, L., 1991:
Sarcocystosis-associated clinical encephalitis in a golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)

Juyal, P.D.; Bhatia, B.B., 1989:
Sarcocystosis: an emerging zoonosis

Bovee E.C., 1991:

Nandi, B.C., 1989:
Sarcophagid flies (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) from Bay Islands

Nandi, B.C., 1989:
Sarcophagid flies (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) from Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, India

Pape, T., 1990:
Sarcophagidae (Diptera) from Makatea Island and Kwajalein Atoll, South Pacific

Head, E.S.; Macdonald, E.M.; Ewert, A.; Apisarnthanarax, P., 1990:
Sarcoptes scabiei in histopathologic sections of skin in human scabies

Yoshida, Y., 1989:
Sarcoptes scabiei, fleas, lice and other pests in post-war Japan

Jagadish, S.; Bhalerao, D.P., 1989:
Sarcoptic mange in a rabbit: a case report

Chhabra, R.C.; Kapuma, R., 1991:
Sarcoptic mange in goats and its control

Vanderkop, M.; Lowes, M., 1992:
Sarcoptic mange in ranch foxes

Holt, G.; Berg, C., 1990:
Sarcoptic mange in red foxes and other wild carnivores in Norway

Davies, P.R.; Moore, M.J.; Pointon, A.M., 1991:
Sarcoptic mite hypersensitivity and skin lesions in slaughtered pigs

Paul, A.; Roy, P.; Dasgupta, B., 1989:
Sarcosaprophagous flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae, Muscidae and Sarcophagidae) in the urban, rural and forest areas of Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, India

Introna, F.; Suman, T.W.; Smialek, J.E., 1991:
Sarcosaprophagous fly activity in Maryland

Arnastauskene, T., 1989:
Sarcosporidia of wild boars in the Lithuanian SSR

Mason, J.R.; Clark, L., 1990:
Sarcosporidiosis observed more frequently in hybrids of Mallards and American Black Ducks

Khan, M.; Abidi, A.A.; Haider, A.; Gul, K.; Subhan, F., 1990:
Sarhad-82: a second best alternate wheat variety to Pak-81 for N.W.F.P

Hakoda, N., 1990:
Sasanqua - its variety and histories

Steele, T.W.; Boylen, D.M.; Baumgartner, A., 1988:
Saskatchewan's forest industry, 1985

Tien, P., 1990:
Satellite RNA for the control of plant diseases

Gallitelli, D., 1989:
Satellite RNA of artichoke mottled crinkle virus (AMCV) as a possible means of biological control

Roossinck, M.J.; Sleat, D.; Palukaitis, P., 1992:
Satellite RNAs of plant viruses: structures and biological effects

Bartels, M.; Pohlmann, J., 1988:
Satellite aided land use classification as an instrument for rural regional planning-a case study in the eastern Aures mountains, Algeria

Wylie, B.K.; Harrington, J.A.J.; Prince, S.D., 1991:
Satellite and ground-based pasture production assessment in Niger: 1986-1988

Akiyama, T., 1990:
Satellite data and crop area and the estimation of yield

Meyer, M.; Werth, L., 1990:
Satellite data: management panacea or potential problem

Tomppo, E., 1990:
Satellite image aided forest tax class estimation

Gillis, M.D.; Pick, R.D.; Leckie, D.G., 1990:
Satellite imagery assists in the assessment of hail damage for salvage harvest

Kenneweg, H.; Forster, B.; Runkel, M.; Winter, R., 1989:
Satellite images for surveying forest damage - where are the problems?

Cutler, Hg, 1990:
Satellite metabolites and synthetic derivatives of abscisic acid as potential microbial product herbicides

Fry, W.; Dudgeon, G., 1990:
Satellite monitoring of vegetation health for pastoral management

Prince, S.D., 1991:
Satellite remote sensing of primary production: comparison of results for Sahelian grasslands 1981-1988

Servat, E.; Lapetite, J.M., 1989:
Satellite remote sensing: a technology applicable to hydrological forecasting. The example of onchocerciasis control

Bailey, C.L.; Linthicum, K.J., 1989:
Satellite remote sensing: the newest technology for monitoring vector populations and predicting arbovirus outbreaks

Servat, E.; Lapetite, J.M., 1990:
Satellites and computer-assisted hydrology help check onchocerciasis in West Africa

Weatherford, S.C.; Chiruzzo, F.Y.; Laughton, W.B., 1992:
Satiety induced by endogenous and exogenous cholecystokinin is mediated by CCK-A receptors in mice

Anonymous, 1990:
Satisfactory exhibition in Nidarohallen

Anonymous, 1991:
Satisfying a region's appetite

Perry, M.M.; Mather, C.M., 1990:
Satisfying the needs of the chick embryo in culture, with emphasis on the first week of development

Richardson, A.; Anderson, P.; Harty, A.; Sutton, P.; Machin, T., 1991:
Satsumas - ten cultivars compared

Bohigian G.M.; Bernstein S.L.; Coble Y.D.Jr; Estes E.H.Jr; Friedlander I.R.; Kennedy W.R.; Numann P.J.; Scott W.C.; Skom J.H.; E.A., 1990:
Saturated fatty acids in vegetable oils

Castonguay, Y.M.rkhart, A.I.i, 1991:
Saturated rates of photosynthesis in water-stressed leaves of common bean and tepary bean

Glazov, V.I.; Golovanov, P.S.; Dukhanin, G.P., 1990:
Saturated vapor pressure of the NaNO3-KNO3 system

Zakharov, G.M.; Romanova, N.L.; Fedoseenko, N.V.; Ushnitskii, S.P., 1991:
Saturation of crop rotations with cereals and efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers

Brazhenko, I.P.; Raiko, A.P.; Udovenko, E.A.; Kramarenko, I.V., 1991:
Saturation of rotations with sugarbeet

Bernays, EA.; Janzen, DH., 1988:
Saturniid and sphingid caterpillars: two ways to eat leaves

Biesheuvel, A.R., 1991:
Sauerkraut. Manufacturers require more quality

Yadava, P.S., 1990:
Savannas of north-east India

Medina, E.; Silva, J.F., 1990:
Savannas of northern South America: a steady state regulated by water-fire interactions on a background of low nutrient availability

Redey, P., 1990:
Save Apaj!

Patel, V.J., 1990:
Save Trees, Save Farmers Campaign Through Drip

Dawes, J., 1991:
Save it

Palacpac Alo, A.M., 1990:
Save your animals! Try medicinal herbs

Robe, K., 1990:
Saves $47,000 per year in fossil fuel use

Deaton, A., 1992:
Saving and income smoothing in Cote d'Ivoire

Devasenapathy, P.; Balasubramanian, R.; Swaminathan, K.R., 1991:
Saving energy in crop production

Hammond, W.C.; Adkins, W., 1990:
Saving energy in milking parlors

Smith, T.K.; Cestaro, N., 1992:
Saving future generations - the role of physical education

Rohlfing, H.R., 1990:
Saving labour time on planting bowls

Frohlich, L., 1991:
Saving the city's spas - from a medical viewpoint

Schulman, M.D.; Cotten, S.R., 1991:
Saving the farm: strategies for success or distress

Postel S., 1990:
Saving water for agriculture

Barbari, M.; Rossi, P., 1992:
Saving water: less slurry to dispose of

Alvarado, J., 1991:
Savings in small scale agriculture

Onyenwaku, C.E.; Ozoh, C.M., 1992:
Savings mobilization among rural households in Anambra State of Nigeria

Otero, M., 1991:
Savings mobilization and microenterprise programmes

Balkenhol, B., 1991:
Savings, credit and the poor: what has the ILO to do with the financial sector?

Ferrazzi, P., 1990:
Savory (Satureja spp.)

Jendekova, J., 1988:
Sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta) of selected localities of southwestern Slovakia housed at the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava

Bulukhto, N.P., 1988:
Sawflies on maple

Greene, W.D.; McNeel, J.F., 1989:
Sawhead performance in southern conditions

Balfas, J.; Rachman, O., 1989:
Sawing and machining properties of six wood species

Kopitovic, S.; Pudar, Z.; Klasnja, B.; Jeremic, L., 1989:
Sawing characteristics of poplar wood

Cown, D.J.; McConchie, D.L.; Kimberley, M.O., 1988:
Sawing methods for Pinus radiata pruned logs - an indicative study

Cardellichio, P.A.; Binkley, C.S.; Zausaev, V.K., 1990:
Sawlog exports from the Soviet Far East

Appiah, S.K.; Ofori, J.; Foli, E.G., 1987:
Sawmill recovery at a typical Ghanaian-owned medium sawmill

Waugh, G.; Rozsa, A., 1991:
Sawn products from regrowth Eucalyptus regnans

Nir, E., 1989:
Sawn timber recovery rates of some PNG species of logs

Warncke, E.; Olesen, J.M., 1991:
Saxifraga hirculus L. patch size and seed-set

Park, P., 1991:
Say cheese for a sunny smile with fewer fillings

Friedman, M., 1991:
Saying cheese at IDDA

Tsupkova, N.A., 1989:
Scab and fruit rot of apple

Anonymous, 1990:
Scab confirmation screening under seminatural field conditions

Guimbao Bescos, J.; Moreno Marin, P.; Pac Sa, R.; Gutierrez Colas, V., 1990:
Scabies in the school: description of an atypical outbreak

Schwartz, J.; Nagel, R.; Heidrich, R.F., 1988:
Scabies: a clinical update

Lord J.M.; Norton D.A., 1990:
Scale and the spatial concept of fragmentation

Tsankov, G.; Breuer, M.; Schmidt, GH.; Maslov, A., 1991:
Scale shape and colour of egg batches of some Thaumetopoea species (Insecta Lepidoptera Thaumetopoeidae)

Hung, ACF., 1990:
Scale-like structures on the tibia of the parasitic wasps, Trichogramma spp. (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

Velimirovic, V., 1990:
Scales-olive pests in southern part of Montenegro

Miller, R.D., 1990:
Scaling of freezing phenomena in soils

Snyder, V.A., 1990:
Scaling of mechanical forces and stresses in unsaturated granular soils

Benavides Y.M.I.; Moncada H.X.; Rodriguez C.B., 1991:
Scalp involvement in patients with scabies

Anderson, M.P.; Pohl, S.H.; Froehlich, D.P., 1990:
Scan-air: the air quality evaluation kit

Brinchmann, K.S.; Huse, M., 1991:
Scandinavia: challenging nature in Norway

Hansen, L.M., 1988:
Scandinavian co-ordination of recording methods

Sievanen, T., 1991:
Scandinavian research on multiple forest uses: socio-economic and ecological aspects of forest recreation

Elliot, M.B.; Zyl, J. van, 1991:
Scanner data analysis with specific reference to the South African carbohydrate market

Green, R.; Hassan, Z.A.; Johnson, S.R., 1991:
Scanner data and the estimation of demand parameters

Sato, T.; Takahashi, S., 1992:
Scanning and transmission electron microscopic study on tinea glabrosa by the cyanoacrylate adhesive strip method

Irwin, S.W.; McCloughlin, T.J.; Fried, B., 1991 :
Scanning and transmission electron microscopical observations on the tegument of excysted metacercariae and adults of Zygocotyle lunata

Nakade, T.; Kotani, T.; Ando, Y.; Numata, Y.; Uchida, Y., 1992:
Scanning electron and light microscope observations on the hoof in equine laminitis

Lopez, R.; Salazar, L., 1989:
Scanning electron micrographs of different populations of root-knot nematode of coffee, Meloidogyne exigua (Nemata: Heteroderidae)

Inoue H.; Takahashi B., 1991:
Scanning electron microscope observation of abnormal flowers and their frequency in avocado trees

Suzuki, K.; Taniguchi, T.; Maeda, E., 1991:
Scanning electron microscope observation of the morphological change in ventral organs of rice embryos during embryogenesis and germination

Kuang, P.R.; Xie, Q.C., 1991:
Scanning electron microscope observations of Tracheliastinae (parasitic Copepoda)

Szekely, J.G.; Chelack, W.S.; Delaney, S.; Marquardt, R.R.; Frohlich, A.A., 1991:
Scanning electron microscope observations of growth and ochratoxin-A production of Aspergillus alutaceus variety alutaceus (formerly A. ochraceus) on gamma -irradiated barley

Baujard, P.; Mounport, D.; Martiny, B.; Ndiaye, M.A., 1990:
Scanning electron microscope observations of two species of thegenus Scutellonema Andrassy, 1958 (Nemata : Hoplolaimidae)

Dhaliwal, H.S.; Navarrete Maya, R.; Valdez, J., 1989:
Scanning electron microscope studies of penetration mechanism of Tilletia indica in wheat spikes

Kruse, J., 1988:
Scanning electron microscope studies of the seeds of the genus Allium L. III

Obiekezie, A.I.; Anders, K., 1991:
Scanning electron microscope studies on Philometra (Ranjhinema) beninensis Obiekezie, 1986 (Nematoda: Philometridae)

D.V.s, L.; Josens, G.; Vray, B.; Pecheur, M., 1990:
Scanning electron microscope study of Melophagus ovinus (Linnaeus 1758)

Helaly, F.M.; E.A.ady, M.M.; E.A.ady, N.I., 1991:
Scanning electron microscope study of SBR formulations containing fertilizers and molluscicides

Josens, G.; Vray, B.; Vos, L. de, 1990:
Scanning electron microscope study of the large liver fluke Fasciola hepatica Linnaeus, 1758

Messaddeq, N.; Fabre, M.; Kremer, M., 1990:
Scanning electron microscope study of the tibial combs in C. nubeculosus (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae)

Koga, M.; Ishibashi, J.; Ishii, Y.; Ishimura, T., 1988:
Scanning electron microscopic comparisons among the early and advanced third-stage larvae of Gnathostoma hispidum and the gnathostome larvae obtained from loaches

Geiger, G., 1992:
Scanning electron microscopic investigation of the odontoblasts and of the pulpodentinal border in domesticated sheep (Ovis ammon aries)

Zdarska, Z.; Soboleva, TN., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopic investigation of the trematode Hasstilesia ochotonae Gvosdev, 1962

Wang Ming; Kong Fanyao, 1989:
Scanning electron microscopic observation on the jejunal mucosa of Pekin duck infected with Tyzzeria perniciosa

Fan, P.F., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopic observations of Paragonimus kellicotti

Ke, Z.X.; Poo, C.L., 1989:
Scanning electron microscopic observations on epicuticular patterns in mosquito larvae (Diptera, Culicidae) and taxonomic studies

Ohe, K. von der; Dustmann, J.H., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopic studies of pollen from honey. III. The harmomegathy mechanism and its effect on the exine structure of different pollen types

Iqbal M.; Khan A.; Rizwi M.A., 1989:
Scanning electron microscopic studies on hilum structures in black and green grams

Saxena, N.; Upadhyay, S.N.; Dutta, G.P.; Kazim, M.; Maitra, S.C., 1988:
Scanning electron microscopic studies on rhesus monkey placenta during early gestational malarial infection

Raman S.; Mohan N.G.R.; Goswami N.N., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopic studies on the structure of salt affected soils treated with various amendments

Verdier, V.; Schmit, J.; Lemattre, M., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopic study of the establishment of 2 strains of Xanthomonas campestris pv. manihotis on cassava leaves in vitro

Sato T.; Otani K.; Genta T.; Shirai W., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopic study on the gastritis of the swine

Eveland, LK.; Fujino, T.; Fried, B., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopical observations of Pellioditis pellio (Nematoda: Secernentia)

Qiu, X.J.; Lin, Y.G.; Ma, W., 1989 :
Scanning electron microscopical observations on the distortion in morphology of mosquito larvae induced by diflubenzuron

Li, Y.J.; Jin, Z.W.; Tai, D.S., 1988:
Scanning electron microscopical studies on the decay process of poplar by white rot fungus

Hegde R.S.; Miller D.A., 1992:
Scanning electron microscopy for studying root morphology and anatomy in alfalfa autotoxicity

Moore, M.B.; Ubelaker, J.; Silvany, R.; Martin, J.; McCulley, J.P., 1991:
Scanning electron microscopy of Acanthamoeba castellanii: adherence to surfaces of new and used contact lenses and to human corneal button epithelium

Tenora, F.; Shalayeva, N., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopy of Ascaris tarbagan (Nematoda)

Wang, J.S.; Liew, C.T., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopy of Cryptosporidium spp

Gijon Botella, H.; Del Castillo Remiro, J.A.; Lopez Roman, R., 1989:
Scanning electron microscopy of Raillietina (Raillietina) micracantha Fuhrmann, 1908 parasitizing Columba livia domestica captured in the Canary Islands

Tenora, F.; Stanek, M., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopy of Toxascaris procyonis Stefanski et Zarnowski, 1951 (Nematoda)

Prociv, P., 1989:
Scanning electron microscopy of adult Toxocara pteropodis and Toxocara canis (Nematoda: Ascaridoidea)

Demirevska Kepova K.; Pencheva N.; Christov I., 1989:
Scanning electron microscopy of barley chloroplasts and etioplasts

Whelan E.D.P.; Kokko E.G., 1992:
Scanning electron microscopy of chromosomes of common wheat

Pariyanonda, S.; Maleewong, W.; Arunyanart, C.; Kan-Lah, P.; Morakote, N.; Thong-Pho-Lane, S., 1991:
Scanning electron microscopy of cuticular surface of the adults Paragonimus heterotremus in Phitsanulok, Thailand

Rodriguez, M.H.; Orozco, A.; Chavez, B.; Martinez-Palomo, A., 1992:
Scanning electron microscopy of egg hatching of Anopheles albimanus (Diptera: Culicidae)

Iwaki, M.; Choochote, W., 1991:
Scanning electron microscopy of eggs of Mansonia uniformis, Ma. indiana, Ma. annulifera, and Ma. annulata (Diptera: Culicidae)

Fan, P.F.; Jiang, F.M., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopy of nematodes. 4. Bunostomum trigonocephalum

Fan, P.F., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopy of nematodes. 5. Three species of Trichocephalus

Lopez, R.; Salazar, L., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopy of several populations of Meloidogyne javanica (Nemata: Heteroderidae)

Ramos, J.A.; Ramis, A.J.; Rabanal, R.M.; Marco, A.; Domingo, M.; Ferrer, L.M., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopy of swine lymphoid organs

Kang, B.; Olander, H.J., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopy of the colon inoculated with Treponema hyodysenteriae in colonic loops of swine

Redlin, S.C., 1992:
Scanning electron microscopy of the conidioma of Discula destructiva (Coelomycetes)

Nogueira, N.F.; de Souza, W., 1991:
Scanning electron microscopy of the dorsal vessel of Panstrongylus megistus (Burmeister, 1835) (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)

Linley, JR., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopy of the eggs of Aedes vexans and Aedes infirmatus (Diptera: Culicidae)

Eng, K.L.; Chiang, G.L.; Hamidah, T.; Loong, K.P., 1990:
Scanning electron microscopy of the eggs of Mansonia uniformis, Ma. indiana and Ma. annulifera (Diptera: Culicidae)

Uchida, Y.; Takeuchi, H.; Ando, Y.; Kotani, T.; Numata, Y.; Nakade, T., 1991:
Scanning electron microscopy of the epidermis and dermis of the sole of the bovine hoof

Nuzzaci, G.; Lillo, E. de; Mariani, R.G., 1991:
Scanning microscopy in acarology: a new technique for preparation of eriophyids preserved in different ways (Acarina)

Miles, M.J.; Carr, H.J.; McMaster, T.C.; I'Anson, K.J.; Belton, P.S.; Morris, V.J.; Field, J.M.; Shewry, P.R.; Tatham, A.S., 1991:
Scanning tunneling microscopy of a wheat seed storage protein reveals details of an unusual supersecondary structure

Moore, S.H.; Drummond, E.A., 1991:
Scarification of hardseeded soybeans by combine harvesting

Moise, R.F., 1990:
Scarifier and moss rake adapted to be fitted to a small power driven cultivator

Donaldson, B., 1991:
Scaring off the opposition

Papp, L.; Kaufman, G., 1989:
Scatopsidae, Lauxaniidae, Diastatidae and Hippoboscidae (Diptera) of the Kiskunsag National Park, Hungary

Baril, C.; Herrmann, J.L.; Richaud, C.; Margarita, D.; Girons, I.S., 1992:
Scattering of the rRNA genes on the physical map of the circular chromosome of Leptospira interrogans serovar icterohaemorrhagiae

Bouteille, B.; Darde, M.L.; Amici, J.M.; Bonnetblanc, J.M.; Catanzano, G.; Pestre Alexandre, M., 1991:
Scedosporium apiospermum mycetoma originating from Guadeloupe

Salkin, I.F.; Cooper, C.R.; Bartges, J.W.; Kemna, M.E.; Rinaldi, M.G., 1992:
Scedosporium inflatum osteomyelitis in a dog

Schafer, H.; Krieger, H.; Trost, N.; Bossel, H., 1990:
Scenario simulation of growth changes in beech stands affected by air pollution

Anonymous, 1989:
Scenarios for forest decline

Haan, T. de; Hoop, D.W. de, 1991:
Scenarios for the consumption of feed and fertilizers in dairy farming in the year 2000

Crosson, P.R., 1992:
Scenarios of future U.S. agricultural production and technology and their environmental costs

Bristow, R.S.; Currey, M.P., 1990:
Scenic parkway planning: institutional barriers to development

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Screening barley varieties for nitrogenase activity in the rhizosphere

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Screening barley varieties for tolerance of acidic aluminium

Anonymous, 1989:
Screening blood donors for anti-HIV antibodies between January 1988 and March 1989

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Screening chick-pea (Cicer arietinum L.) for salt tolerance

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Screening coriander lines against grain mould disease

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Screening cover crops for use in conservation tillage systems for vegetables following spring plowing

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Screening cowpea for resistance to major diseases in Zambia

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Screening cowpea varieties for resistance to Striga gesnerioides in the semi-arid zone of Nigeria

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Screening cucumber for resistance to belly rot caused by Rhizoctonia solani

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Screening cultivars for yield stability to limit the probability of disaster

Sint Jan, V. van; Skali Senhaji, N.; Bouharmont, J., 1990:
Screening different rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties for their response to in vitro culture

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Screening durum wheat germplasm for dry growing conditions: morphological and physiological criteria

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Screening finger millet genotypes for resistance to foot-rot and smut

Khanna, R.K.; Johri, J.K.; Srivastava, K.M.; Khanna, S., 1991:
Screening for alternative biocides amongst plant-based essential oils

Anonymous, 1990:
Screening for anthracnose resistance

Uttenthal, A., 1992:
Screening for antibodies against Aleutian disease virus (ADV) in mink. Elucidation of dubious results by additive counterimmunoelectrophoresis

Anonymous, 1990:
Screening for bacterial pustule resistance

Hartman, G.L., 1991:
Screening for bacterial wilt resistance in tomato: seedling response to Pseudomonas solanacearum

Tomlinson, G., 1991:
Screening for chemical inhibitors of growth rate, encystment, and excystment in Acanthamoeba castellanii

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Screening for congenital Toxoplasma infection

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Screening for effectiveness of 4 VA mycorrhizal fungi on Acacia auriculiformis in infertile soil

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Screening for efficiency of Rhizobium strains on chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) in northern dry zone of Karnataka

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Screening for fitness in professional preparation: three cross-cultural views

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Screening for gestational toxoplasmosis and rubella?

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Screening for heat tolerance in potato (Solanum spp.): an in vitro approach

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Screening for high-yielding triticales to replace wheat in the Cukurova region of Turkey

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Screening for hyperlipidaemia in diabetes mellitus. Relationship to glycaemic control

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Screening for lipid producing fungi

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Screening for non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance in a Dunedin general practice - is it worth it?

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Screening for parasite prevalence of the Azande population in north-east Zaire

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Screening for pathogens and contaminating micro-organisms in micropropagation

Fahleson, J.; Lagercrantz, U.; Eriksson, I.; Glimelius, K., 1991:
Screening for presence of genetic material from Eruca sativa in sexual progenies of somatic hybrids between Brassica napus and Eruca sativa using an Eruca-specific repetitive sequence as a probe

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Screening for ragged stunt virus and brown planthopper resistance in Thailand

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Screening for resistance against the maize weevil Sitophilus zeamais (Motsch.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Peruvian maize accessions

Anonymous, 1990:
Screening for resistance to PVMV, CVMV and PVY

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Screening for resistance to Rotylenchulus species

Scott, R.; Worrall, W.; Frank, W., 1991:
Screening for resistance to Russian wheat aphid in triticale

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Screening for resistance to Tylenchulus semipenetrans and Radopholus species

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Screening for resistance to cyst nematodes, Globodera and Heterodera species

Kinloch, R.A., 1990:
Screening for resistance to root-knot nematodes

Majumder, N.D.; Mandal, A.B.; Bandyopadhyay, A.K., 1990:
Screening for salt resistant rice varieties for Andamans

Joshi, Y.C.; Ravindra, V.; Nautiyal, P.C.; Zala, P.V., 1990:
Screening for salt-tolerance in groundnut

Anonymous, 1990:
Screening for starch digestibility of sweet potato

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Screening for stress tolerance by chlorophyll fluorescence

Anonymous, 1990:
Screening for sweetpotato weevil resistance

Belder, E. den, 1991:
Screening for the activity of fungal metabolites

Kurita, Z., 1990:
Screening for tolerance to magnesium chloride in guayule, Parthenium argentatum Gray

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Screening for varietal resistance to butachlor and its inheritance in rice

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Screening frenchbean against floury leaf spots

Rast, A.T.B., 1991:
Screening germplasm of Solanum melongena for resistance to the eggplant strain of bell pepper mottle virus (BPMV) and other tobamoviruses

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Screening groundnut for resistance to early leaf spot in India

Kannaiyan, J.; Haciwa, H.C.; Syamasonta, B., 1991:
Screening groundnut genotypes for resistance to streak necrosis disease in Zambia

Morris C.A., 1991:
Screening herds for cows with a history of twin calving

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Screening high-yielding barley lines for the high plateaux of Algeria

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Screening hospital employees for measles immunity is more cost effective than blind immunization

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Screening introduced tomatoes for canning

Ostry, M.E.; Nicholls, T.H., 1989:
Screening larch for resistance to Mycosphaerella needlecast disease

Anonymous, 1990:
Screening method for Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria

Fukal, L.; Marek, M., 1991:
Screening method for the simultaneous immunochemical determination of aflatoxin and ochratoxin A in cereals and feeds

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Screening methods for genetic variants of milk proteins

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Screening of Amazon native plants with a potential for inhibiting fertilization in rats

Mackay, W.A.; Ng, T.J.; Hammerschlag, F.A., 1992:
Screening of Cucumis melo parental, F1, F2, and backcross populations for determination of the genetic basis of tolerance to Myrothecium roridum

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Screening of Indian elephants, cattle and sheep for antibodies to foot and mouth disease virus-infection associated antigen

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Screening of adjuvants through combined evaluations of metamitron uptake and efficiency

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Screening of advanced pigeonpea germplasm lines for resistance to sterility mosaic

Hwang, S.F., 1992:
Screening of alfalfa cultivars for resistance to Fusarium wilt in northeastern Alberta

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Screening of aquatic snails for the transmission of Gastrothylax crumenifer

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Screening of average-risk individuals for colorectal cancer

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Screening of bacterial antagonists against Pythium with BASF pluronic polyol F-127

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Screening of bajra cultivars against ergot disease

Hernandez Gutierrez, A.; Garcia, C., 1988:
Screening of bean varieties for resistance to Sclerotium rolfsii

Anonymous, 1990:
Screening of breeding lines for beanfly resistance

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Screening of brinjal lines against Meloidogyne javanica

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Screening of cacao hybrids progenitors resistant to Phytophthora spp

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Screening of cardamom cultivars for its suitability to North Wynad, Kerala

Vijay Mahajan; Gill, H.S.; Ram Singh, 1991:
Screening of cauliflower germplasm lines against downy mildew (Peronospora parasitica)

Sharaby, A., 1987:
Screening of certain inorganic salts as possible sterilants against the lesser cotton leafworm Spodoptera exigua (Hbn); by pupal treatments

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Screening of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) varieties under iron deficiency-stress conditions using biochemical indicators

Iqbal, S.M.; Khan, I.A.; Bashir, M., 1989:
Screening of chickpea cultivars against Ascochyta blight in Pakistan

Anand Singh; Sood, B.C., 1990:
Screening of chickpea cultivars against ascochyta blight in Himachal Pradesh, India

Kalia, V.; Verma, B.R., 1991:
Screening of chickpea varieties for sources of resistance to Ascochyta blight

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Screening of chrysanthemum cultivars and selections for resistance to iron deficiency chlorosis

Rajagopal, V.; Kasturibai, K.V.; Voleti, S.R., 1990:
Screening of coconut genotypes for drought tolerance

Kanro, M.Z.; Yulianti, T., 1991:
Screening of cotton varieties to bacterial blight disease (Xanthomonas malvacearum)

Aggarwal, A.; Kohli, R.K., 1992:
Screening of crops for seed germination against Parthenium hysterophorus L. leachates

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Screening of diabetic children for coeliac disease with antigliadin antibodies and HLA typing

Sagar, P.; Jindla, L.N.; Mehta, S.K.; Maun, G.S., 1990:
Screening of different jute cultivars against Bihar-hairy caterpillar Spilosoma obliqua Walker in the Punjab

Suman, B.C.; Sharma, V.P., 1990:
Screening of different varieties of wheat (Triticum aestivum Linn.) for spawn production of Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing. in Himachal Pradesh

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Screening of domestic and wild Citrullus germplasm for resistance to the yellow-stunting disorder in the United Arab Emirates

Hassan, A.A.; A.M.sri, H.H.; Obaji, U.A.; Wafi, M.S.; Quronfilah, N.E.; A.R.ys, M.A., 1991:
Screening of domestic and wild Cucumis melo germplasm for resistance to the yellow-stunting disorder in the United Arab Emirates

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Screening of drugs against the protoscolex of Echinococcus granulosus in sheep

Pipolo, V.C.; Tihohod, D.; Athayde, M.L.F.; Pipolo, A.E., 1991:
Screening of early soybean genotypes for Meloidogyne javanica resistance and its possible use as alternative crop for sugarcane renewal areas

E.D.frawi, G.; E.G.ntiry, A.M.; Weigand, S.; Khalil, S.A., 1991:
Screening of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) for resistance to Aphis craccivora Koch

Arun Kumar, 1988:
Screening of forage sorghum cultivars against prevalent foliar disease

Cui, G.X.; Zheng, G.C.; Dong, Z.P., 1989:
Screening of foxtail millet materials resistant to Aphelenchoides besseyi

Yash Gupta; Chowfla, S.C., 1990:
Screening of frenchbean germplasm for resistance to bean common mosaic virus

Fernandez Garcia, E., 1992:
Screening of fungal antagonists to control Sclerotium cepivorum

Quaiser Ahmad; Abu Mohammad, 1989:
Screening of fungicides against Sesamum wilt

Sattar, M.H.A.; Kassem, N.A., 1991:
Screening of fungicides for control of early blight on tomato

Anonymous, 1990:
Screening of germplasm for beanfly resistance

Anonymous, 1990:
Screening of germplasm for root knot nematode resistance

Hussain, A.; Chaudhry, M.N.A.; Ahmad, M., 1992:
Screening of germplasm for yield and quality in egg plant in the Punjab

Kandasamy, D.; Palanisamy, D.; Oblisami, G., 1988:
Screening of germplasm of sweet potato for VA-mycorrhizal fungal occurrence and response of the crop to the inoculation of VAM fungi and Azospirillum

Pandey, G.; Singh, R.B., 1990:
Screening of gram cultivars against root knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita)

Jackson, T.A.; MacNab, H.; Garnham, M.L., 1989:
Screening of grass grub populations and soil types for their influence on pathogenicity of the bacterium Serratia entomophila

Wright, N.A., 1990:
Screening of herbaceous species for energy crops on wet soils in Ohio

Dhanapal, G.N.; Reddy, B.M.V.; Bomme Gowda, A., 1989:
Screening of herbicides for dryland crops under Bangalore condition

Jadhav, N.S.; Shelke, D.K.; Bhosle, R.H., 1988:
Screening of herbicides for rabi sorghum (Sorghum bicolor)

McIntyre, G.; Barbe, C., 1989:
Screening of herbicides for use in tobacco plantations

Balyan, R.S.; Malik, R.K.; Bhan, V.M., 1988:
Screening of herbicides for weed control in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Honagodimath, S.B.; Prabhakar, A.S.; Kalaghatagi, S.B., 1989:
Screening of high yielding paddy varieties under rainfed conditions of Dharwad

Bhatt, A.K.; Bhalla, T.C.; Agrawal, H.O., 1991:
Screening of highly xylanolytic fungi from forest soil around Shimla

Bong, C.L.; Phua, P.K., 1989:
Screening of hybrid materials for resistance to VSD

Dahmen, E.R.; Hall, M.J., 1990:
Screening of hydrological data: tests for stationarity and relative consistency

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Screening of indigenous germplasm of chilli against virus diseases in the south western region of Punjab

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Screening of interspecific derivatives of groundnut for resistance to rust

Kumar M.G.; Bhat P.K.; Vijayalakshmi C.K., 1989:
Screening of kerosene and neem extract against coffee green scale

Batish, V.K.; Sharma, V.; Grover, S., 1990:
Screening of lactobacilli for antibacterial activity and their biochemical evaluation

Ashraf, M.; Bokhari, M.H.; Waheed, A., 1990:
Screening of local/exotic accessions of mung bean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) for salt tolerance

Iqbal S.M.; Zubair M.; Ghafoor A., 1990:
Screening of mash against yellow mosaic disease

Slizeni' , Z.M.; Semochkina, H.F.; Samsonova, A.C., 1990:
Screening of microorganisms that utilize o-phthalate esters

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Screening of microorganisms to decolorize a model melanoidin and the chemical properties of a microbially treated melanoidin

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Screening of muskmelon genotypes for their resistance to Meloidogyne incognita

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Screening of mustard cultivars against Lipaphis erysimi (Kaltenbach)

May, M.J.; Hilton, J.G., 1991:
Screening of new herbicides, products and mixtures for sugarbeet weed control, 1990

Arslan, M.; Aroglu, H.H., 1991:
Screening of new soybean varieties for Cukurova ecological conditions as a double crop

Onkar Singh; Kanwar, R.S., 1990:
Screening of new sugarcane genotypes for frost hardiness in subtropical India

Singh, J.P.; Majeed, Q., 1991:
Screening of ornamental annuals to the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, in Iraq

Sharma, I.D.; Sharma, K.C., 1991:
Screening of pea germplasm for resistance to leaf miner, Phytomyza atricornis Meigen

Nyomora, A.M.S., 1990:
Screening of peach fruit cultivars in the southern highlands of Tanzania

Gaur, V.K.; Sharma, L.C., 1988:
Screening of pigeonpea for resistance to Fusarium wilt

Patel, P.S.; Patel, J.R., 1990:
Screening of pigeonpea germplasm to pod borers and podfly

Gerard, P.J.; Ruf, L.D., 1991:
Screening of plants and plant extracts for repellency to Tinea dubiella, a major New Zealand wool pest

Gautier, M.; Rouault, A., 1990:
Screening of plasmids in strains of Propionibacterium

Sarker, S.; Islam, M.H.; Dey, T.K., 1990:
Screening of promising foxtail millet lines for resistance to foot rot

Duhra, M.S.; Singla, M.L.; Kanwar, R.S., 1991:
Screening of promising sugarcane varieties to insect pests under field conditions

Tang, B.G.; Wang, Y.F.; Sun, L.H.; Wu, R.S., 1990:
Screening of salt-tolerant variants from seed-callus embryonic cell lines in rice

Kela, S.L.; Ogunsusi, R.A.; Ogbogu, V.C.; Nwude, N., 1989:
Screening of some Nigerian plants for molluscicidal activity

Vanachter A.; Vangheel M.; Van Assche C.; Van Wambeke E., 1991:
Screening of some alternative disinfectants for general sanitary use in intensive horticulture

Dube, V.P.; Charaya, M.U.; Pal, M., 1988:
Screening of some cultivars of cotton against root knot caused by Meloidogyne incognita var. acrita

Atale, S.B.; Vitkare, D.G., 1989:
Screening of some elite varieties for their combining ability in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Ansari M.H.; Ahmad S., 1991:
Screening of some medicinal plants for antiamoebic action

Sharma, W.; Trivedi, P.C., 1990:
Screening of some okra cultivars for resistance against Meloidogyne incognita

Sener, B.; Bingol, F.; Abbasoglu, U., 1988:
Screening of some plants from Anatolia for antifungal activity

Patil, M.S.; Naik, V.R.; Joshi, M.S.; Anahosur, K.H., 1988:
Screening of sorghum germplasm to rust disease caused by Puccinia purpurea Cooke

Saxena, J.M.hrotra, B., 1989:
Screening of spices commonly marketed in India for natural occurrence of mycotoxins

Muthukrishnan, K.; Krishnamoorthy, S.V.; Shakunthala, S.V.A.; Vijayaraghavan, H., 1990:
Screening of sugarcane clones for resistance to smut (Ustilago scitaminea Syd) in Cauvery delta region

Gardiner, E.S.; Yeiser, J.L.; Atkins, R.L.J., 1991:
Screening of sulfometuron/hexazinone granules for herbaceous weed control

Nittayajarn, A.; Mullin, B.C.; Baker, D.D., 1990:
Screening of symbiotic frankiae for host specificity by restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis

Staub, J.E.; Krasowska, A., 1990:
Screening of the U.S. Cucumber Germplasm Collection for heat stress tolerance

Staub, J.E.; Crubaugh, L.; Baumgartner, H.; Hopen, H., 1991:
Screening of the cucumber germplasm collection for tolerance to clomazone herbicide

Dent D F.; Lih J M., 1990:
Screening of the microbial strains and optimum conditions for the decolorization of molasses pigments

Barry, T.; Yeiser, J.L., 1991:
Screening of triclopyr and picloram granules for woody plant control

Hansa Pandey; Jyoti Saxena; Neeta Pande; Pande, S.K.; Mehrotra, B.S., 1988:
Screening of various substrates for mycotoxin producing potential of Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus

Hansa Pandey; Jyoti Saxena; Neeta Pande; Pande, S.K.; Mehrotra, B.S., 1989:
Screening of various substrates for the mycotoxin producing potential of Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus

Misra, R.D.; Gangwar, K.S., 1990:
Screening of wheat (Triticum aestivum) germplasm for drought resistance

Singh, D.V.; Dhaliwal, H.S., 1989:
Screening of wheat germplasm for components of resistance to Karnal bunt disease

Anonymous, 1990:
Screening of wild cultivars for soybean rust resistance

Wien, H.C., 1990:
Screening pepper cultivars for resistance to flower abscission: a comparison of techniques

Woolley, P.D.; Lacey, H.B.; Helsen, K., 1991:
Screening pregnant women for genital herpes

Zaoutis, T.E.; Reinhard, G.R.; Cioffe, C.J.; Moore, P.B.; Stark, D.M., 1991:
Screening rabbit colonies for antibodies to Pasteurella multocida by an ELISA

Fiola, J.A.; Swartz, H.J., 1989:
Screening raspberry (Idaeobatus) hybrids for resistance to Verticillum albo-atrum

Bruhn, J.C.; McGee, T.S.; Franke, A.A., 1990:
Screening raw milk for sulfamethazine and aflatoxin M1

Gildersleeve R.R.; Smith G.R.; Pemberton I.J.; Gilbert C.L., 1991:
Screening rose clover and subterranean clover germplasm for isoflavones

Petersen J.C.; Hill N.S.; Mosjidis J.A.; Windham W.R., 1991:
Screening sericea lespedeza germplasm for herbage quality

Ramamurthy, R.; Sankarapandian, R.; Chitralega, K., 1988:
Screening sorghum entries resistant to midge

Tadesse Mulatu; Girma Tegegn, 1989:
Screening sorghum varieties for ergot (Sphacelia sorghi) resistance

Sapra, V.T.; Anaele, A.O., 1990:
Screening soybean genotypes for drought and heat tolerance

Dadson, R.B.; Joshi, J.M.; Nobakht, M., 1990:
Screening speciality soybean cultivars for harvest index

Chebotareva, M.S., 1990:
Screening stone fruit crops in breeding for resistance to leaf blight

Conlan, D.J.; Dear, B.S.; Milne, B.; Gammie, R.; Sandral, G.A., 1990:
Screening subterranean clover cultivars for their tolerance to simazine

Muhammad Mushtaq; Nayyar, M.M.; Muhammad Saeed, 1989:
Screening sugarcane varieties for borer resistance

Buysens, S.; Scheffer, R.J., 1992:
Screening systems for bio-control and growth promotion

Linke, K.H.; Singh, K.B.; Saxena, M.C., 1991:
Screening technique for resistance to Orobanche crenata Forsk. in chickpea

Jackai, L.E.N.; Singh, S.R., 1988:
Screening techniques for host plant resistance to cowpea insect pests

Mol J.; Meijer J., 1991:
Screening test for trypsin inhibitor

Colman, G.; Weaver, E.; Efstratiou, A., 1992:
Screening tests for pathogenic corynebacteria

Jevtic, R.; Pribakovic, M.; Stojanovic, S.; Leath, S., 1991:
Screening the virulence of Erysiphe graminis DC. ex Merat f.sp. tritici Em. Marchal in mobile nurseries

Stantcheva, Y.; Stamova, L., 1990:
Screening tomato lines for resistance to early blight Alternaria solani (Ell. & Martin) Jones & Grout

Rijckaert, G., 1988:
Screening trial with growth regulators on white clover seed production

Thompson, H.W.; Joshi, J.M.; Dadson, R.B., 1991:
Screening vegetable soybean for corn earworm resistance

Thomas, P.; More, T.A., 1990:
Screening wild Cucumis spp. in the field and with artificial seed inoculation against Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melonis

Clement, S.L.; Lester, D.G., 1990:
Screening wild Hordeum species for resistance to Russian wheat aphid

Chen S.; Dong Y.; Zhou R.; Wang J., 1990:
Screening wild relatives of wheat for disease resistance

Biehler, M.J.; Sussmuth, R., 1990:
Screening, constructing and testing of denitrifying bacteria for their use as starter cultures in a new nitrate elimination process for drinking water with poly- beta -hydroxy butyric acid (PHB) in solid phase reactors

York, P.A., 1992:
Screening, selection and breeding for resistance to Meloidogyne spp. in the Gramineae

Awasthi, A.K., 1988:
Screw pine (Pandanus) among aborigines of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Davidson, S., 1990:
Screw-worm stowaways - assessing the risk

Smocek, J., 1991:
Screwedness of the spike rachis - a new phenomenon in wheat spike morphology

Polk, P., 1990:
Screwworm alert

Novy, J.E., 1991:
Screwworm control and eradication in the southern United States of America

Hall, M.J.R., 1991:
Screwworm flies as agents of wound myiasis

Anonymous, 1989:
Screwworms in Puerto Rico

Anonymous, 1987:
Screwworms in imported dog

Mehta, V.M.; Shah, R.G.; Sarvaiya, N.P., 1990:
Scrotal and testicular biometry in Surti buffalo bull calves from birth to 15 months of age

Glauber, C.E.; Acosta, A.P.G.; Repetto, I.M.A., 1990:
Scrotal circumference in Bos indicus bulls and their crosses

Madrid, N.; Noguera, E.; Rincon, I.; Zambrano, S.; Garcia, N.; Carrillo, R.; Rincon, R., 1990:
Scrotal circumference, puberty, growth and semen traits in crossbred young bulls (50% Brahman, 25% Brown Swiss and 25% indeterminate crossbreds)

Tabata, R.S., 1992:
Scuba diving holidays

Das G.; Sen Mandi S., 1992:
Scutellar amylase activity in naturally aged and accelerated aged wheat seeds

Siddiqi, M.R.; Bridge, J., 1991:
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