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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2217

Chapter 2217 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bogardi, J.J.; Gupta, A.D.; Jiang, H.Z., 1991:
Search beam method: a promising way to define non-dominated solutions in multi-objective groundwater development

Camino, V.; Depestre, T.; Espinosa, J., 1987:
Search for Capsicum annuum susceptibility to Fusarium

Gil Ortega, R.; Palazon Espanol, C.; Barriuso Vargas, J., 1989:
Search for Verticillium dahliae resistance in Capsicum sp

Nath, B.B.; Lakhotia, S.C., 1991:
Search for a Drosophila-93D-like locus in Chironomus and Anopheles

Nicol, M.; Savoure, N., 1992:
Search for a lost gene. Thoughts on a pair worthy of study: ascorbic acid and uric acid

Meyer, N.; Rosenbaum, V.; Schmidt, B.; Gilles, K.; Mirenda, C.; Groth, D.; Prusiner, S.B.; Riesner, D., 1991:
Search for a putative scrapie genome in purified prion fractions reveals a paucity of nucleic acids

Rojas, J.C.; Ramirez-Rovelo, A.; Cruz-López, L., 1991:
Search for a sex pheromone in Triatoma mazzottii (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)

Taffin, G. de; Zakra, N.; Pomier, M.; Braconnier, S.; Weaver, R.W., 1991:
Search for a stable cropping system combining coconut and nitrogen-fixing trees

Burton, R., 1990:
Search for an environmentally-friendly antifouling paint

Vishnyauskas, A.Y.; Gorokhov, V.V.; Barauskas, K.Y.; Arkhipov, I.A.; Daniyarov, I.A.; Shakiev, E.S., 1987:
Search for anthelmintics against Orientobilharzia infections in cattle

Dorofeev, A.N.; Khort, T.P.; Rusina, I.F.; Khmel' nitskii, Y.V., 1989:
Search for antioxidants of plant origin and prospects of their use

Anonymous, 1991:
Search for ascarid eggs in faeces from animals in childrens' farms and on animal pastures

Girard, J.C.; Marchand, J.L.; Michellon, R., 1989:
Search for bacterial wilt-resistant tomato varieties in Reunion

Arkhipov, I.A., 1989:
Search for effective drugs against onchocerciasis in cattle

Breymeyer A.I., 1991:
Search for geographic scale regularities in ecosystem processes

Delate, J.J.; Bouquet, P.M.; Cousin, V.; Fuzeau, J.F.; Goas, P. le, 1989:
Search for hardy genotypes adapted to traditional animal production in the third world: first results of the French pig repopulation project in Haiti

Kolberg, M., 1990:
Search for herpesvirus and paramyxovirus-1 among racing pigeons in Germany, in relation to clinical and pathological findings

Wyers, M.; Mobio, M.G.; Schricke, E.; N.G.etta, A., 1991:
Search for lesions due to aflatoxin B1 poisoning in three industrial poultry farms in Cote d'Ivoire

Gayral, P., 1990:
Search for macrofilaricides within the framework of the control of African onchocercosis

Gora Maslak, G.; Smith, D.L.; Plomin, R.; McClearn, G.E., 1991:
Search for new RFLP strain distribution patterns in BXD recombinant inbred strains

Mikhailitsyn, F.S.; Lebedeva, M.N.; Bayandina, D.G.; Dzhabarova, V.I.; Lychko, N.D.; Kozyreva, N.P.; Bolotina, L.A.; Naidenova, A.S., 1991:
Search for new anti-parasitic compounds. 7. Study of the relation between the structure of novel halogen-containing benzamides and their anthelmintic activity

Mikhailitsyn, F.S.; Kozyreva, N.P.; Lebedeva, M.N.; Kovalenko, F.P.; Dzhabarova, V.I.; Lychko, N.D.; Bayandina, D.G.; Naidenova, A.S., 1991:
Search for new anti-parasitic compounds. 8. Synthesis, and acute toxicity and activity of some 1-alkyl-4 piperazines against multilocular hydatids and Hymenolepis

Mikhailitsyn, F.S.; Kozyreva, N.P.; Rabinovich, S.A.; Maksakovskaya, E.V.; Kulikovskaya, I.M.; Dadasheva, N.R.; Lebedeva, M.N.; Bekhli, A.F.; Lychko, N.D.; Uvarova, N.A., 1992:
Search for new antiparasitic agents. 10. Synthesis, toxicological and antimalarial properties of some nitrogen- containing heterocycles with 4-(4-alkylpiperazinil- 1)phenylamine substitute (preparation quinoprazine)

Mikhailitsyn, F.S.; Kovalenko, F.P.; Sergovskaya, N.L.; Lebedeva, M.N.; Dzhabarova, V.I.; Lychko, N.D.; Naidenova, A.S., 1992:
Search for new antiparasitic agents. 11. Acute toxicity and anti-cestode activity of the new anthelmintic Thyzanox compared to Azinox

Mikhailitsyn, F.S.; Lebedeva, M.N.; Bayandina, D.G.; Kozyreva, N.P.; Lychko, N.D.; Bolotina, L.A.; Drusvyatskaya, S.K.; Naidenova, A.S., 1991:
Search for new antiparasitic drugs. 9. Anthelmintic activity of haloid containing sulfonamidobenzamides

Mikhailitsyn, F.S.; Lebedeva, M.N.; Kozyreva, N.P.; Bolotina, L.A.; Lychko, N.D.; Dvusvyatskaya, S.K., 1991:
Search for new antiparasitic drugs. Communication 2. Synthesis and acute toxicity evaluation of new halo-containing sulfamidobenzamides

Mikhailitsyn, F.S.; Lebedeva, M.N.; Kozyreva, N.P.; Lychko, N.D.; Drusvyatskaya, S.K.; Uvarova, N.A., 1991:
Search for new antiparasitic drugs. Communication 3. Synthesis of haloid-containing sulfonamidobenzamides with a benzo-2,1,3-thiadiazole residue in the sulfonamide group and study of their acute toxicity

Mikhailitsyn, F.S.; Fedorova, O.V.; Kozyreva, N.P.; Lebedeva, M.N.; Bolotina, L.A.; Lychko, N.D.; Menlisheva, F.P., 1991:
Search for new antiparasitic drugs. Communication 4. Study of the antimalarial activity of N-(haloidnaphthyloxy)-2-hydroxy- 3,5 dihaloidbenzamides

Khaemba, B.M.; Mbogo, C.N.M., 1988:
Search for resistance sources in cowpea against the cowpea aphid in selected cultivars

Melegari, A.L.; Huarte, M.A.; Flego, D.; Botta, G., 1990:
Search for resistance to Erwinia spp. in genetic material of the Argentine Potato Programme

Patel, B.A.; Chavda, J.C.; Patel, D.J., 1990:
Search for resistance to root-knot (Meloidogyne incognita and M. javanica) and reniform (Rotylenchulus reniformis) nematodes in cowpea

Yurina, O.V.; Anikina, I.I.; Yurina, T.P., 1990:
Search for resistant forms

Esteva, J.; Nuez, F.; Garcia Jimenez, J., 1992:
Search for sources of resistance to a melon dieback disease in Spain

Nuez, F.; Esteva, J.; Soria, C.; Gomez Guillamon, M.L., 1991:
Search for sources of resistance to a whitefly transmitted yellowing disease in melon

Duc, G.; Sixdenier, G.; Lila, M.; Furstoss, V., 1989:
Search of genetic variability for vicine and convicine content in Vicia faba L. A first report of a gene which codes for nearly zero-vicine and zero-convicine contents

Egamberdiev, E.; Voitenok, F., 1991:
Searches and results

Santos, MA., 1991:
Searching behavior and associational response of Zetzellia mali (Acarina: Stigmaeidae)

Wiedenmann, R.N.; O'Neil, R.J., 1991:
Searching behavior and time budgets of the predator Podisus maculiventris

Cloutier, C.; Bauduin, F., 1989:
Searching behavior of the aphid parasitoid Aphidius nigripes (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae) foraging on potato plants

Bell, W.J., 1991:
Searching behaviour: the behavioural ecology of finding resources

Chua, TH.; Gonzalez, D.; Bellows, T., 1990:
Searching efficiency and multiparasitism in Aphidius smithi and A. ervi (Hym., Aphidiidae), parasites of pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum (Hom., Aphididae)

Ali, R.; Pitkin, B., 1991:
Searching for household food security in Africa

Delmas, A.B.; Hascoet, M., 1989:
Searching for soils equivalent to EEC standards for studying pesticide movement. Example of French soils

Johnson, E.P., 1991:
Searching for the social and cognitive outcomes of children's play: a selective second look

Bennett, J.E., 1990:
Searching for the yeast connection

Mills, NJ., 1991:
Searching strategies and attack rates of parasitoids of the ash bark beetle (Leperisinus varius) and its relevance to biological control

Wiedenmann, R.N.; O.N.ill, R.J., 1992:
Searching strategy of the predator Podisus maculiventris (Say) (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

DeBres, K., 1991:
Seaside resorts, working museums and factory shops: three vignettes as British tourism enters the nineties

Goodwin, A.M.; Shepard, R.K., 1988:
Season and drainage class effects on foliar nutrient concentrations of red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) advance regeneration

Johnson, L.; Varner, D.D.; Tatum, M.E.; Scrutchfield, W.L., 1991:
Season but not age affects Sertoli cell number in adult stallions

Orgaz F.; Mateos L.; Fereres E., 1992:
Season length and cultivar determine the optimum evapotranspiration deficit in cotton

Gaertner, S.J.; Rouquette, F.M.J.; Turner, J.W.; Long, C.R., 1991:
Season of birth and stocking rate effects on preweaning traits of Simmental-sired calves from Brahman X Hereford (F1) dams

Licitra, G.; Oltenacu, P.A.; Blake, R.W.; Lanza, A.;, G., 1990:
Season of calving and parity effects on milk yield and reproduction of Modicana and Holstein cows in Sicily

Swartz, H.J.; E.S.irbini, N.; Bors, R.; Maas, D.; Naess, S.K.; Mohamed, F.; Gouin, F.R., 1989:
Season, genotype, and application methods as they affect paclobutrazol-induced rooting of cuttings of several hardwood species

Goodwin, S., 1990:
Seasonal abundance and control of spider mites (Tetranychidae) infesting commercial strawberries in coastal New South Wales

Chadee, D.D., 1990:
Seasonal abundance and diel landing periodicity of Sabethes chloropterus (Diptera: Culicidae) in Trinidad, West Indies

Yoder, KM.; Robinson, WH., 1990:
Seasonal abundance and habits of the boxelder bug, Boisea trivittata (Say), in an urban environment

Heyerdahl R.H.; Dutcher J.D., 1990:
Seasonal abundance and overwintering mortality in populations of lepidopterous leafminers of pecan

Venter, G.J.; Sweatman, G.K., 1989:
Seasonal abundance and parity of Culicoides biting midges associated with livestock at Roma, Lesotho (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Abdullah, I.N.; Mohammad, M.A., 1991:
Seasonal abundance and population density of pine aphid, Eulachnus rileyi W. (Homoptera, Aphididae) in Hammam Al-Alil region

Coffelt, MA.; Schultz, PB., 1990:
Seasonal abundance and population dynamics of a bamboo aphid, Takecallis arundinaria (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Burg, J.G.; Knapp, F.W.; Powell, D.G., 1990:
Seasonal abundance and spatial distribution patterns of three adult muscoid (Diptera: Muscidae) species on equine premises

Royer, T.A.; Edelson, J.V., 1991:
Seasonal abundance and within-field dispersion patterns of poplar petiolegall aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) in cabbage and broccoli

McLeod, P., 1989 :
Seasonal abundance and within-plant distribution of Myzus persicae (Homoptera: Aphididae) on overwintering spinach

Kfir, R.; Kirsten, F., 1991:
Seasonal abundance of Cinara cronartii (Homoptera: Aphididae) and the effect of an introduced parasite, Pauesia sp. (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae)

Ismail, I.I.; E.N.ggar, S.; Attia, A.A., 1990:
Seasonal abundance of Eriosoma lanigerum Hausm. on apple trees

Bates, B.A.; Weiss, M.J., 1991:
Seasonal abundance of Limothrips denticornis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on spring barley

E.Seify, M.A., 1990:
Seasonal abundance of horn flies, Siphona irritanis-Haematobia irritanis (Diptera: Muscidae) in Beni-Suef

Raj, B.T., 1989:
Seasonal abundance of natural enemies of aphids infesting potato crop

Badejo, MA., 1990:
Seasonal abundance of soil mites (Acarina) in two contrasting environments

Morakote, R.; Yano, K., 1990:
Seasonal abundance of some Japanese pipunculid flies (Diptera: Pipunculidae) in paddy fields

Guzman, L.I. de; Burgett, D.M., 1991:
Seasonal abundance of the Apis mellifera L. ectoparasites Acarapis dorsalis Morgenthaler and Acarapis externus Morgenthaler (Acari: Tarsonemidae) in Oregon

Sakakibara, N.; Nishigaki, J., 1988:
Seasonal abundance of the chilli thrips, Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in a kiwi fruit orchard

Butts, R.A.; Lamb, R.J., 1991:
Seasonal abundance of three Lygus species (Heteroptera: Miridae) in oilseed rape and alfalfa in Alberta

Rechav, Y.; D.J.ger, C., 1991:
Seasonal abundance of ticks associated with indigenous goats on a northern Transvaal farm

Shah, N.K.; Garg, D.K., 1988:
Seasonal abundance of white grub beetles on a light trap

Jansson, R.K.; Hunsberger, A.G.B.; Lecrone, S.H.;, S.K., 1989:
Seasonal abundance, population growth, and within-plant distribution of sweetpotato weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on sweet potato in southern Florida

Kandoria, J.L.; Jamwal, R.; Gurdip Singh, 1989:
Seasonal activity and host range of Aphis gossypii Glover in the Punjab

Iatrou, GD.; Stamou, GP., 1989:
Seasonal activity patterns of Glomeris balcanica (Diplopoda: Glomeridae) in an evergreen-sclerophyllous formation in northern Greece

Zabalou, S.; Alahiotis, SN.; Yannopoulos, G., 1991:
Seasonal analysis of 23.5 MRF (hobo) and P-M hybrid dysgenesis determinants in a Greek natural population of Drosophila melanogaster

Sigacheva, Y.P., 1987:
Seasonal and age dynamics of Dictyocaulus infection of sheep in the central-chernozem region

Langvatn, R., 1992:
Seasonal and age related changes in size of reproductive structures of red deer hinds (Cervus elaphus)

Zakharov, P.V., 1988:
Seasonal and age variations in the principal pig helminthiases on an industrial pig farm

Pio, C.A.; Salgueiro, M.L.; Nunes, T.V., 1991:
Seasonal and air-mass trajectory effects on rainwater quality at the south-western European border

Gebre, G.; Kuhns, M., 1991:
Seasonal and clonal variations in drought tolerance of Populus deltoides

Curk, A., 1991:
Seasonal and cyclic patterns of fox rabies in Slovenia

Eloranta, E.; Timisjärvi, J.; Nieminen, M.; Ojutkangas, V.; Leppäluoto, J.; Vakkuri, O., 1992:
Seasonal and daily patterns in melatonin secretion in female reindeer and their calves

Fussell, M.; Osborne, J.L.; Corbet, S.A., 1991:
Seasonal and diurnal patterns of insect visitors to winter sown field bean flowers in Cambridge

Szucs, M., 1989:
Seasonal and fertilizer dependent nitrate changes in the soil

Perrott K.W.; Sarathchandra S.U.; Dow B.W., 1992:
Seasonal and fertilizer effects on the organic cycle and microbial biomass in a hill country soil under pasture

Akimov, I.A.; Zaloznaya, L.M.; Efimov, V.M.; Galaktionov, Y.K., 1990:
Seasonal and geographical variability of morphological characters of the mite Varroa jacobsoni (Parasitiformes, Varroidae): behaviour of mean values, mean quadratic deviations and coefficients of fluctuating asymmetry

Hudcova, O., 1990:
Seasonal and long-term changes in soil potassium under model conditions

Singh, K.J.; Singh, O.P.; Thakur, R.C., 1989:
Seasonal and off-season activity of tur-pod bug (Clavigralla gibbosa)

Janssen, M.; Perthel, D., 1990:
Seasonal and regional differences in agricultural supply response in Benin

Pilcher, MW.; Whitfield, PJ.; Riley, JD., 1989:
Seasonal and regional infestation characteristics of three ectoparasites of whiting, Merlangius merlangus L., in the North Sea

Smith, L.; Rutz, DA., 1991:
Seasonal and relative abundance of hymenopterous parasitoids attacking house fly pupae at dairy farms in central New York

Ter Heerdt G.N.J.; Bakker J.P.; D.L.euw J., 1991:
Seasonal and spatial variation in living and dead plant material in a grazed grassland as related to plant species diversity

Malhan, R.S.; Jain, D.K., 1989:
Seasonal and spatial variation in milk and ghee prices in Haryana

Raich J.W., 1989:
Seasonal and spatial variation in the light environment in a tropical dipterocarp forest and gaps

Olyphant, G.A.; Carlson, C.P.; Harper, D., 1991:
Seasonal and storm-related aspects of sediment yield from a rapidly eroding coal refuse deposit in southwestern Indiana

Krivosheeva, A.A.; Shavnin, S.A., 1988:
Seasonal and temperature-induced changes in the primary processes of photosynthesis in Siberian pine needles

Tsel'niker Y.L.; Chetverikov A.G., 1989:
Seasonal and year dynamics of reaction centres quantities of photosystems 1 and 2 in forest tree leaves

Dymina, G.D., 1991:
Seasonal and yearly variation in herbaceous plant communities in southern regions of Western Siberia

Artharamas, C.; Chitpakdee, Y., 1991:
Seasonal appearance and environmental effects of aquatic weeds in Songkla Lake at Khu-Khut

Lin, T.L.; Li, S.W.; Shia, B.C.; Tang, R.T., 1989:
Seasonal autoregressive integrated moving-average: ARIMA forecasting model for the sugar content of sugarcane

Saffadl, L.; Koncurat, M.; Buzzo, J.J.; Deglovanni, C.; Gonzalez Quintana, H.; Miranda, J.C., 1991:
Seasonal bacteriology and parasitology of pig lungs

Srivastava, S.K.; Mathur, K.C., 1991:
Seasonal biology of rice green leafhopper Nephotettix nigropictus and N. virescens

Omeke, B.C.O., 1990:
Seasonal breeding performance in the field, of Landrace and Large White pigs under humid environment

Leininger, W.C.; Sharrow, S.H., 1989:
Seasonal browsing of Douglas fir seedlings by sheep

Savidge, Ra, 1991:
Seasonal cambial activity in Larix laricina saplings in relation to endogenous indol-3-ylacetic acid, sucrose, and coniferin

Smedley, M.P.; Dawson, T.E.; Comstock, J.P.; Donovan, L.A.; Sherrill, D.E.; Cook, C.S.; Ehleringer, J.R., 1991:
Seasonal carbon isotope discrimination in a grassland community

Kazaryan, V.V.; Oganesyan, L.N., 1989:
Seasonal change in chlorophyll content in shoots of introduced woody species as an adaptive process

Lanciani, CA.; Giesel, JT.; Anderson, JF., 1990:
Seasonal change in metabolic rate of Drosophila simulans

Ogawa, K.; Hagihara, A.; Hozumi, K., 1990:
Seasonal change in specific leaf area of hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) seedlings during the first two-years

Hamada N.; Yamada A., 1991:
Seasonal change in the fungal flora of house dust

Shirai, Y., 1991:
Seasonal changes and effects of temperature on flight ability of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae)

Yamakawa, S.; Ueyama, Y., 1991:
Seasonal changes and variation in seed germination of Kyllinga brevifolia Rottb

Stickan, W.; Zhang, X.M., 1992:
Seasonal changes in CO2 and H2O gas exchange of young European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)

Ritar, Aj, 1991:
Seasonal changes in LH, androgens and testes in the male Angora goat

Chandra, S.; Agarwal, G.P.; Singh, S.P.; Saxena, A.K., 1990:
Seasonal changes in a population of Menacanthus eurysternus (Mallophaga, Amblycera) on the common myna Acridotheres tristis

Shackleton, C.M., 1991:
Seasonal changes in above-ground standing crop in three coastal grassland communities in Transkei

Näsholm, T.; Ericsson, A., 1990:
Seasonal changes in amino acids, protein and total nitrogen in needles of fertilized Scots pine trees

Madamanchi, N.R.; Hausladen, A.; Alscher, R.G.; Amundson, R.G.; Fellows, S., 1991:
Seasonal changes in antioxidants in red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) from three field sites in the northeastern United States

Hausladen A.; Madamanchi N.R.; Fellows S.; Alscher R.G.; Amundson R.G., 1990:
Seasonal changes in antioxidants in red spruce as affected by ozone

Stein, MB.; Thorvilson, HG.; Johnson, JW., 1990:
Seasonal changes in bait preference by red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Soengas, J.L.; Fuentes, J.; Otero, J.; Andres, M.D.; Aldegunde, M., 1992:
Seasonal changes in carbohydrate metabolism in the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and their relationship to changes in gill (Na+-K+)-ATPase activity

Odajima, M.; Kajita, Y.; Nam, KT.; Lee, SR.; Senge, H.; Katoh, K.; Shoji, Y.; Ohta, M.; Sasaki, Y., 1991:
Seasonal changes in food passage and digestibility in Japanese sika deer (Cervus nippon) and sheep under restricted feeding condition

Bozinovic, F.; Iturri, SJ., 1991:
Seasonal changes in glucose and tyrosine uptake of Abrothrix andinus (Cricetidae) inhabiting the Andes range

Kimura, M.T.; Awasaki, T.; Ohtsu, T.; Shimada, K., 1992:
Seasonal changes in glycogen and trehalose content in relation to winter survival of four temperate species of Drosophila

Karas, P., 1990:
Seasonal changes in growth and standard metabolic rate of juvenile perch, Perca fluviatilis L

Ono, Y., 1990:
Seasonal changes in growth and yield of sugarcane plants in the southwestern islands of Japan. II. Changes in growth of internodes

Giojalas, L.C.; Catala, S.S.; Asin, S.N.; Gorla, D.E., 1990:
Seasonal changes in infectivity of domestic populations of Triatoma infestans

Agnisetta, S., 1992:
Seasonal changes in insect pollinators

Boyer, J.N.; South, D.B., 1989:
Seasonal changes in intensity of bud dormancy in loblolly pine seedlings

Guenni L.; Rose C.W.; Hogarth W.; Braddock R.D.; Charles Edwards D., 1990:
Seasonal changes in interrelationships between climatic variables

Palmisano A.C.; Schwab B.S.; Maruscik D.A.; Ventullo R.M., 1991:
Seasonal changes in mineralization of xenobiotics by stream microbial communities

Galzunov, A.I.; Gushchin, V.N.; Shishov, B.B., 1990:
Seasonal changes in natural immunity in cows and calves

Murakami, M.; Takeda, H.; Iwatsubo, G., 1990:
Seasonal changes in nitrogen mineralization rates in the soils of Chamaecyparis obtusa and Cryptomeria japonica plantations

Singh Verma; Kulbir Singh, 1990:
Seasonal changes in nutrient composition of Golden Delicious apple leaves

Komlenovic, N., 1981:
Seasonal changes in nutrient content of pedunculate oak Quercus robur and sessile oak Quercus petraea

Jayasekera R.; Schleser G.H., 1991:
Seasonal changes in organic carbon content of leaves of deciduous trees

Matsui T., 1990:
Seasonal changes in photosynthetic enzyme activity in relation to malate content of sugarcane leaf

Furui H.; Masumura S., 1990:
Seasonal changes in plasma and aortic lipids in young rats

Nayak, P.K.; Singh, T.P., 1992:
Seasonal changes in plasma levels of reproductive steroid hormones in female tropical catfish Clarias batrachus (Linn.)

Okada, T., 1991:
Seasonal changes in population density of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) and parasitism by parasitoids in cabbage fields

Adamson, ML.; Richardson, JPM., 1991:
Seasonal changes in populations of Chabaudgolvania waldeni (Quimperiidae; Seuratoidea) in Ambystoma gracile (Ambystomatidae; Caudata)

Ma, H.H.T.; Dudgeon, D.; Lam, P.K.S., 1991:
Seasonal changes in populations of three sympatric isopods in a Hong Kong forest

Abdelmagied, M.T.; E.S.eemy, A.H., 1989:
Seasonal changes in prices of some agricultural crops in Assiut Governorate

Davis, H.; Fitt, B.D.L., 1992:
Seasonal changes in primary and secondary inoculum during epidemics of leaf blotch (Rhynchosporium secalis) on winter barley

Andersen, C.P.; McLaughlin, S.B., 1991:
Seasonal changes in shoot water relations of Picea rubens at two high elevation sites in the Smoky Mountains

Skiba, U.; Cresser, M.S., 1991:
Seasonal changes in soil atmospheric CO2 concentrations in two upland catchments and associated changes in river water chemistry

Noor Newaz, K.M.; Nazrul Islam, A.K.M., 1991:
Seasonal changes in soil chemical characteristics and chemical composition of leaf tissue in jute under flooding

Simono, T.; Takeda, H.; Iwatsubo, G.; Tsutsumi, T., 1989:
Seasonal changes in soil respiration rates from the floor of Chamaecyparis obtusa and Cryptomeria japonica plantations

Lenhardt, M., 1992:
Seasonal changes in some blood chemistry parameters and in relative liver and gonad weights of pike (Esox lucius L.) from the River Danube

Yoon T.M.; Richter H., 1990:
Seasonal changes in stomatal responses of sweet cherry and plum to water status in detached leaves

Kathiresan K.; Ravi A.V., 1990:
Seasonal changes in tannin content of mangrove leaves

Vaithiyanathan S.; Singh M., 1989:
Seasonal changes in tannin contents in some top feeds in arid region

Clausen, S.A.el, K., 1991:
Seasonal changes in the concentration of the major storage protein and its mRNA in xylem ray cells of poplar trees

Hayashi, K.; Kishimura, H., 1991:
Seasonal changes in the contents of eicosapentaenoic acid-containing triglycerides in hepatopancreas of scallop

Manik R.S.; Srivastava A.; Mudgal V.D., 1989:
Seasonal changes in the digestibility of nutrients and seminal attributes in buffalo bulls fed different levels of dietary protein

Sauter, J.J., 1988:
Seasonal changes in the efflux of sugars from parenchyma cells into the apoplast in poplar stems (Populus X canadensis 'robusta')

Clark C.J.; Smith G.S., 1991:
Seasonal changes in the form and distribution of calcium in fruit of kiwifruit vines

Salaj, J., 1988:
Seasonal changes in the frost resistance of six evergreen woody species in relation to low-temperature stress

Bartke, A.; Streger, R.W., 1992:
Seasonal changes in the function of the hypothalmic-pituitary-testicular axis in the Syrian hamster

Rodionov, V.S.; Novitskaya, Y.E.; Polezhaeva, N.S.; Makarevskii, M.F.; Il' inova, M.K.; Kanyuchkova, G.K., 1988:
Seasonal changes in the lipids in the buds, shoots and needles of Scots pine

Narawadkar, P.; Pandey, R., 1989:
Seasonal changes in the nucleic acids, proteins and amino acids in developing mango buds

Rosati, R.; Vulcano, G.; Ferrari, G.; Autorino, G.L.; Amaddeo, D., 1991:
Seasonal changes in the occurrence of rotavirus infections in dairy herds in Lazio

Yamaki Y.T., 1990:
Seasonal changes in the organic acids in juice of citrus fruits

Ramsay, MA.; Nelson, RA.; Stirling, I., 1991:
Seasonal changes in the ratio of serum urea to creatinine in feeding and fasting polar bears

Korczynski, I., 1988:
Seasonal changes in the spatial distribution of feeding by the pine weevil Hylobius abietis in Scots pine plantations

Barabanova, V.V., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the storage nutrient content of the female Varroa jacobsoni mite

MacKenzie, DS.; Thomas, P.; Farrar, SM., 1989:
Seasonal changes in thyroid and reproductive steroid hormones in female channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) in pond culture

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Seasonal labor demand and labor supply of rural households: the estimation of a dynamic agricultural household with risk

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Seasonal late frost and minimum air temperature in Ehime

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Seasonal occurrence of Microsporidium takedai (Microsporida) infection in masu salmon, Oncorhynchus masou, from the Chitose River

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Seasonal occurrence of the Miridae (Heteroptera) associated with Ohio buckeye, Aesculus glabra Willd., in Missouri

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Seasonal outbreaks of botulism in captive South American monkeys

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Seasonal pattern of nitrate losses from cultivated soil with subsurface drainage

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Seasonal pattern of shoot growth and canopy development in kiwifruit

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Seasonal pattern of the radial growth of stems of male and female aspens

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Seasonal patterns in a tropical lowland forest

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Seasonal variations of Pythium spp. in vegetable field soil

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Seasonal variations of runoff rates from field plots in the Federal Republic of Germany and in Hungary during dry years

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Seasonal variations of the composition of soil solutions and of the properties of surficial soil particles in a plowed gray forest soil

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Seasonal variations of the energy and nutritive values of the average daily diet in Poland in the years 1982 and 1986 and possibilities to smooth them

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Seasonal wool growth in Merino and Polwarth sheep on pasture

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Seasonal, hydrological, and land management factors controlling dissolved organic carbon concentrations in the Loch Fleet catchments, southwest Scotland

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Seasonality and stock-adjustment models of retail food store inventory behavior

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Seasonality and variability of the interestrous interval in the bitch

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Seasonality in community water demand

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Seasonality in nutrients and phytoplankton production in two shallow lakes: Waigani Lake, Papua New Guinea, and Barton Broad, Norfolk, England

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Seasonality in tourism: a curse or God-sent strategy?

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Seasonality of births in the North West Province, Cameroon: implications for family planning programme

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Seasonality of calving vis-a-vis milk production pattern in Murrah buffaloes

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Seasonality of denitrification in water-logged alder stands

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Seasonality of foreign tourism in the Greek island of Crete

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Seasonality of honey bee colony invasion by Varroa jacobsoni Oud

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Seasonality of rainfall: a case study of the Western Ghats region

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Seasonality of reproduction in mares slaughtered in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil

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Seasonality of reproductive ability of donor cows of beef breeds

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Seasonality of scabies

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Seasonality of tourism demand in the European Community

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Seasonality, biting cycle and parity of the yellow fever vector mosquito Haemagogus janthinomys in Trinidad

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Seasoning of Himachal Pradesh timbers

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Seasoning of commercial wood using solar energy

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Seattle City Light urban tree replacement

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Secretion pattern of gonadotropins after hormonal treatment in the mare

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Section 6B of the Agricultural Land Management Act

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Section 8. Dairy

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Section 8. Dairy

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Secure futures for forests and people

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