Seasonal variation in ovulation rate, litter size, and ova wastage in local Rahmani and Ossimi ewes

Gabr, M.G.; Aboul Naga, A.M.; Aboul Ela, M.B.; El Nakhla, S.M.

Proceedings The Third Egyptian British Conference on Animals, Fish and Poultry Production, 7-10 Oct 1989, Alexandria, Egypt Vol 2: 657-666


Accession: 002216558

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62 Rahmani and 48 Ossimi ewes on an accelerated lambing programme (lambing every 8 months) were monitored for oestrus signs, and examined by endoscopy to determine ovulation rate. For the 2 breeds, the incidence of oestrus in May was 96.4 and 82.8% resp. and in Jan. 67.7 and 56.2%, ovulation rate 1.48 and 1.32, and litter size 1.24 and 1.15. Wastage rate of ova from single ovulations was higher in Ossimi than in Rahmani (21.3 vs. 13.7%); there was no breed difference for double ovulations. In both breeds, ovulation rate was lower in May than in Sep. or Jan., and litter size was also lower for matings in May than in the other 2 months. Repeatability of ovulation rate was 0.36 ad 0.15 in Rahmani and Ossimi resp.