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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2221

Chapter 2221 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Paul, C.; Mika, V., 1989: Set up of NIRS calibration populations for predicting protein and net energy content in forage grasses and legumes

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Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220007

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Anonymous, 1991: Setting the pace

Dattilo, J.; O' Keefe, B. M., 1992: Setting the stage for leisure: encouraging adults with mental retardation who use augmentative and alternative communication systems to share conversations

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Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220020

Zhu, Y. C., 1991: Setting up a Chinese-style wholesale market for grain

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Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220028

Becsei, J., 1990: Settlement and social structure

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Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220076

Zhao, Z.; Pan, D., 1991: Several problems involved in special account management of agricultural product procurement funds

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Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220081

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220082

Paupe, J.; Scheinmann, P., 1991: Severe allergy in children

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Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220085

Paz, G. de la; Miret, R.; Delgado, A., 1990: Severe attack of florets and date on which thrips affect inflorescences of Panicum maximum Jacq

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220087

Fossum T.W.; Evering W.M.; Miller M.W.; Forrester S.D.; Palmer D.R.; Hodges C.C., 1992: Severe bilateral fibrosing pleuritis associated with chronic chylothorax in five cats and two dogs

Murphy, R. A.; Barton, G.; Pinkas, H.; Schaefer, R., 1991: Severe colitis due to Strongyloides stercoralis in a patient with cutaneous Kaposi's sarcoma

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Bergenthal, M.; Fromm, D.; Liebe, W., 1990: Severe damage to the rotor of a syngas compressor

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Lobo Ruano, M., 1991: Severe diseases of melons and watermelons

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220095

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220097

Wagstaff, J.; Korson, M.; Kraus, J. P.; Levy, H. L., 1991: Severe folate deficiency and pancytopenia in a nutritionally deprived infant with homocystinuria caused by cystathionine beta-synthase deficiency

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220101

Tokura Y.; Tamura Y.; Takigawa M.; Koide M.; Satoh T.; Sakamoto T.; Horiguchi D.; Yamada M., 1990: Severe hypersensitivity to mosquito bites associated with natural killer cell lymphocytosis

Hayek M.E.; Eisenberg P.G., 1989: Severe hypophosphatemia following the institution of enteral feedings

Mahadev Pramanick; Chakraborti, N. K., 1990: Severe incidence of rice blast in West Bengal during 1990

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Khaldi, F.; Bennaceur, B.; Ben Othman, H.; Achouri, E.; Ayachi, R.; Regaieg, R., 1990: Severe liver involvement in the course of kala-azar. Seven case reports

Gingery R.E.; Nault L.R., 1990: Severe maize chlorotic dwarf disease caused by double infection with mild virus strains

Thien Huynh Van; Chien Vo Thanh; Anh Trinh Kim, 1990: Severe malaria in a provincial hospital in Vietnam

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220113

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220114

Perret, P.; Koblet, W., 1990: Severe occurrence of vine chlorosis

Sanford, S. E.; Josephson, G.; Palmer, N., 1991: Severe parasitic hepatitis in pigs

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220117

Morin, M.; Girard, C.; Elazhary, Y.; Fajardo, R.; Drolet, R.; Lagace, A., 1990: Severe proliferative and necrotizing pneumonia in pigs: a newly recognized disease

Pegelow, C. H.; Ledford, M.; Young, J.; Zilleruelo, G., 1992: Severe protein S deficiency in a newborn

Lulseged, S., 1990: Severe rickets in a children's hospital in Addis Ababa

Smith, D. F.; Smith, C. C.; Douglas, J. G.; Reid, T. M. S.; Gould, I. M., 1990: Severe salmonellosis related to oral administration of anti-diarrhoeal drugs

Cowell, A. K.; Cowell, R. L.; Tyler, R. D.; Nieves, M. A., 1991: Severe systemic reactions to Hymenoptera stings in three dogs

Malik R.; Hunt G.B.; Hinchliffe J.M.; Church D.B., 1990: Severe whipworm infection in the dog

Rao, K. C., 1989: Severity of infection of anthracnose in certain varieties of grapevine at Hyderabad

Gasowski, A., 1989: Severity of infection of wheat (Triticum aestivum ssp. aestivum) with leaf rust at different growth phases

Anonymous, 1990: Severn Waterways: 1990 boating surveys

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220131

Ishii H.; Tanaka K.; Aoki M.; Murakami T.; Yamada M., 1991: Sewage sludge composting process by static pile method

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Stott R.F.; Wright S.J.L., 1991: Sewage treatment with plants

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220141

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220142

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220143

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220144

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220145

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220146

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220147

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220148

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220149

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220150

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220151

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220153

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220155

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220156

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220159

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220164

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220165

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220167

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220169

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220170

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220171

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220172

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220173

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220174

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220175

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220178

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220179

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220180

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220181

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220182

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220183

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220185

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220186

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220187

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220188

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220189

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220190

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220191

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220192

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220193

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220194

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220195

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220196

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220197

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220198

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220199

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220201

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220203

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220204

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220205

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220206

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220207

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220208

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220209

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220210

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220211

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220212

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220213

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220214

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220215

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220216

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220217

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220218

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220219

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220220

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220221

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220222

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220223

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220225

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220226

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220227

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220228

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220229

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220230

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220231

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220232

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220233

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220234

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220236

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220237

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220240

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220241

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220242

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220245

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220247

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220248

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220249

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220251

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220252

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220253

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220254

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220255

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220256

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220257

Section 3 , Chapter 2221, Accession 002220258

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220259

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220261

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220264

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220266

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220270

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220271

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220273

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220276

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220277

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220279

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220281

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220282

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220283

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220284

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220285

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220286

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220287

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220288

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220289

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220290

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220292

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220293

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220294

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220295

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220296

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220297

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220298

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220299

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220300

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220302

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220303

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220304

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220305

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220306

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220307

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220308

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220309

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220310

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220311

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220312

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220313

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220314

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220315

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220316

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220318

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220321

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220322

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220323

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220324

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220325

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220326

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220328

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220329

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220331

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220332

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220333

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220334

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220336

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220337

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220338

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220339

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220340

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220341

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220342

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220343

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220344

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220345

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220346

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220347

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220349

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220350

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220351

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220352

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220353

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220357

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220358

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220359

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220360

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220362

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220363

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220365

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220366

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220367

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220368

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220369

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220370

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220371

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220373

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220374

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220375

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220376

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220377

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220378

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220379

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220380

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220381

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220382

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220383

Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220384

Anonymous, 1991: Sezela's 'first' saves R 150 000

Anonymous, 1992: Sezela's problem pans out well

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Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220405

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Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220429

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Section 3, Chapter 2221, Accession 002220747

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