Soil nitrogen and its release from fertilizer and the application technique using all fertilizer as basal fertilizer. (1.) The ideal nitrogen uptake pattern for paddy rice and the pattern for the release of nitrogen from fertilizers

Ueno, M.; Kumagai, K.; Sato, Y.; Inoue, M.; Tanaka, N.

Agriculture and Horticulture 65(7): 828-834


Accession: 002223442

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In trials with rice cv. Sasanishiki, the uptake of N was measured during various parts of the growth period for plants grown in 4 different regions of Yamagata Prefecture. Data were presented for the average yield of rice in the whole of Yamagata and in these regions for the period 1965-88. Differences were found in the patterns of N uptake and in the yields in the different regions. The pattern of N uptake was divided into 3 periods with the first ending at the end of June and the second at panicle emergence. The release of N from a range of different fertilizers was followed over a similar period to that occupied by rice growth and these release patterns were discussed in relation to the uptake by rice and the establishment of an ideal pattern of N uptake and provision of N by a slow release fertilizer applied as a base fertilizer.