Soil nitrogen and its release from fertilizer and the application technique using all fertilizer as basal fertilizer. (2) . Forecasting soil nitrogen with a system of single blanket applications of basal fertilizer

Ueno, M.; Kumagai, K.; Sato, Y.; Inoue, M.; Tanaka, N.

Agriculture and Horticulture 65(11): 1266-1270


Accession: 002223443

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In trials with rice cv. Sasanishiki, N uptake was measured at different growth stages for plants given all fertilizer as a blanket basal application or with a basal application and 1 or 2 sidedressings. The uptake of N from fertilizer was measured using 15N-labelled fertilizer. Utilization of N was less during the early growth stages with all the N applied as base fertilizer, but was greater at later growth stages. Total DM, N content and N uptake at maturity were similar. In trials at 3 sites, grain yields were similar with single basal applications and split applications, but the costs of production were lower with the single basal application.