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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2225

Chapter 2225 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

De-Paoli, M.B.rbina, M., 1992:
Solid-phase extraction and gas chromatographic determination of flumethrin residues in honey

Philbrook, B.; Oplinger, E.; Freed, B., 1991:
Solid-seeded soybean cultivar response in three tillage systems

Baldock, J.A.; Oades, J.M.; Vassallo, A.M.; Wilson, M.A., 1990:
Solid-state CP/MAS 13C N.M.R. analysis of bacterial and fungal cultures isolated from a soil incubated with glucose

Morgan, E.; Fleming, G.; Patching, J.; Colleran, E., 1989:
Solid-state fermentation of sugar beet for the purpose of fuel-alcohol production

Loeser, H., 1990:
Solidaster luteus. A controlled culture in Heidelberg

Padr, Z., 1990:
Solitary bees and bumble bees of the Botanical Garden of Charles University in Prague

Ball, A.S.; Allen, M., 1991:
Solubilisation of wheat straw by actinomycete enzymes

Frazier, A.W.; Kim, Y.K.; Griffin, C.L., 1990:
Solubilities in the ammonium thiosulfate-urea-ammonium nitrate-water system at 0 degrees C

Shiu, W.Y.; Ma, K.C.; Mackay, D.; Seiber, J.N.; Wauchope, R.D., 1990:
Solubilities of pesticides in water Part I: environmental physical chemistry

Shiu, W.Y.; Ma, K.C.; Mackay, D.; Seiber, J.N.; Wauchope, R.D., 1990:
Solubilities of pesticides in water. Part II: data compilation

Shaffer, H.B., 1991:

Rudloff, S.; Lönnerdal, B., 1992:
Solubility and digestibility of milk proteins in infant formulas exposed to different heat treatments

Wenzel, W.W.; Blum, W.E.H., 1991:
Solubility and speciation of fluorine in water-stressed soil

Rudii, I.V.; Antraptseva, N.M., 1991:
Solubility and thermodynamic characterization of double hydrated phosphates of certain divalent metals

Tukhtaev, S.; Kucharov, K.; Yusupov, A.K.; Musaev, N.Y., 1990:
Solubility in the CO(NH2)2--H2O system

Dmitrevskii, B.A.; Kopyleva, B.B.; Yarosh, E.B., 1990:
Solubility in the CaO-P2O5-H2O system in the presence of surfactants

Ivanov, Y.A.; Tsekhanskaya, Y.V.; Sorina, G.A.; Bezlyudova, L.I.; Filonov, A.M., 1991:
Solubility in the NH4NO3-H3PO4-H2O and CO(NH2)2-H3PO4-H2O systems. Density and viscosity of saturated solutions

Isabaev, Z.; Shasaidova, D.; Khusankhodzhaev, M.G.; Zakirov, B.S., 1990:
Solubility isotherm of the calcium nitrate-aminoethanol-water system at 25 degrees C

Jahiruddin, M.; Cresser, M.S., 1991:
Solubility of Zn as affected by Fe, Al and P concentrations in relation to pH

Teratani, F.; Yamashita, T.; Ito, A.; Ejiri, A., 1988:
Solubility of acetylated wood meal in cellulose solvents

Johnson, M.G.; McBride, M.B., 1991:
Solubility of aluminium and silicon in acidified spodosols: evidence for soluble aluminosilicate

Abu Sharar, T.M., 1990:
Solubility of calcium carbonate in the aquatic system of King Talal Reservoir (Jordan)

Slatkavitz, C.A.; Clydesdale, F.M., 1988:
Solubility of inorganic iron as affected by proteolytic digestion

Marco, O.N. di; Mendez, D., 1989:
Solubility of protein in soyabeans, intensity of heat treatment and weight gain in mice

Bubnik, Z.; Kadlec, P., 1992:
Solubility of sucrose in impure solutions

Yantsieva, S.K.; Namazov, S.S., 1990:
Solubility of the phases in the K4P2O7-(NH4)4P2O7-H2O system

Musaev, N.Y.; Tukhtaev, S.; Kucharov, K., 1990:
Solubility polytherm of the NaClO3-NH4NO3-H2O system

Singh C.P.; Amberger A., 1991:
Solubilization and availability of phosphorus during decomposition of rock phosphate enriched straw and urine

Kasai,, S., 1991:
Solubilization and reconstitution of Ca2+ pump from corn leaf plasma membrane

Kapoor, K.K.; Mishra, M.M.; Malik, R.S.; Banger, K.C., 1991:
Solubilization of Mussoorie rock phosphate by use of pyrite and thiobacilli

Fujii N.; Hamano M.; Hashimoto H.; Ono F., 1992:
Solubilization of a lipophilic compound in highly concentrated saccharide solutions containing protein

Bangar, K.C.; Mishra, M.M., 1990:
Solubilization of insoluble phosphates by humic acid

Indrasith, L.S.; Kindle, H.; Lanzrein, B., 1990:
Solubilization, identification, and localization of vitellogenin-binding sites in follicles of the cockroach, Nauphoeta cinerea

Hanley, K.; Chappell, J., 1992:
Solubilization, partial purification, and immunodetection of squalene synthetase from tobacco cell suspension cultures

Konishi, K.; Ninomiya, Y.; Aoyama, Y.; Itoh, H.; Mori, Y.; Obara, A.; Tamura, M., 1990:
Soluble IL-2 receptor and hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Birkland, T.P.; Sypek, J.P.; Wyler, D.J., 1992:
Soluble TNF and membrane TNF expressed on CD4+ T lymphocytes differ in their ability to activate macrophage antileishmanial defense

Pak, N.; Ayala, C.; Vera, G.; Pennacchiotti, I.; Araya, H., 1990:
Soluble and insoluble dietary fibre in cereals and legumes grown in Chile

Nagal K.B.; Maiti N.K.; Oberoi M.S.; Sharma S.N., 1991:
Soluble antigen of fowl adenovirus isolated by electrophoresis

Rogachenko, A.D.; Ferents, A.F., 1991:
Soluble carbohydrates in relation to growth and grain yield of maize hybrids

Arjmandi, B.H.; Craig, J.; Nathani, S.; Reeves, R.D., 1992:
Soluble dietary fibre and cholesterol fibre and cholesterol influence in vivo hepatic and intestinal cholesterol biosynthesis in rats

Kostetskii, A.F.; Vaserin, Y.I., 1992:
Soluble metabolic antigens of Trichinella spiralis: production and characteristics

Boero V.J.; Eckenfelder W.W.Jr; Bowers A.R., 1991:
Soluble microbial product formation in biological systems

Hincke, M.T.; Bernard, A.M.; Lee, E.R.; Tsang, C.P.; Narbaitz, R., 1992:
Soluble protein constituents of the domestic fowl's eggshell

Fukumoto, S.; Yazaki, S.; Maejima, J.; Tsuboi, T.; Hirai, K., 1990:
Soluble protein profiles and isozyme patterns of Diphyllobothrium pacificum by isoelectric focusing: comparison with those of related diphyllobothriid species

Demeersman M.; D.L.porte A.; Van Hoecke P., 1990:
Soluble wheat protein in calf milk replacers

D.L.porte A.A.; Demeersman M., 1991:
Soluble wheat protein in milk replacer for veal calves

Anteunis, V., 1990:
Soluble wheat protein: functional properties and application possibilities

Koster, K.L.; Lynch, D.V., 1992 :
Solute Accumulation and Compartmentation during the Cold Acclimation of Puma Rye

Jennings, G.D.; Martin, D.L., 1990:
Solute leaching due to chemigation

Konrad J.M.; McCammon A.W., 1990:
Solute partitioning in freezing soils

Robbins, C.W., 1991:
Solute transport and reactions in salt-affected soils

Gerits, J.; Lima, J.L.M.P. de, 1990:
Solute transport and wind action in relation to overland flow and water erosion

Schulin, R.; Fluhler, H., 1990:
Solute transport in a bimodel pore system

Roth, K., 1991:
Solute transport in natural soils: modelling using transfer functions

Bache, B.W., 1990:
Solute transport in soils

Benes, V.; Vrba, J., 1989:
Solute transport in the unsaturated zone: model verification and input data

Grigor, J.M.V., 1991:
Solute-solvent interactions as interpreted by nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry: A contribution to taste science

Ren, Z.; Sucoff, E.I., 1990:
Solution aluminum and transpiration in Picea rubens and Gleditsia triacanthos seedlings

Somasundaran, P.; Xiao, L.; Wang, D., 1991:
Solution chemistry of flotation of sparingly soluble minerals

Shapkova, L.; Shevkova, N., 1990:
Solution for healthy tasks in training girls 8-10 of age in artistic gymnastics

Veselovskaya, N.V.; Stepanenko, A.I.; Akulenok, O.V.; Metel' skii, Y.A., 1990:
Solution for photometric determination of protein in milk

Steffan, R.T.; Atlas, R.M., 1990:
Solution hybridization assay for detecting genetically engineered microorganisms in environmental samples

Bhuiyan, M.A.; Allayla, R.I.; Hussain, T.; Ishaq, A.M.; Mohsen, M.F.N., 1990:
Solution of the transport equation by the collocation method in conjunction with the adaptive Hermite element family

Pisar, E.; Papp, M., 1990:
Solution of three point hitch electrohydraulic circuits for heavy-duty power devices

Filippov, V.K.; Shvedov, D.N.; Charykova, M.V.; Puchkov, L.V.; Matuzenko, M.Y., 1991:
Solution-solid and solution-vapour phase equilibrium in the LiCl-NaCl-KCl-CH3OH four-component system at 25 degrees C

Allueva, A.; Ocana, M., 1990:
Solutions to the diet planning model of Epplin and Heady taking into consideration time costing

Mussman, H.C., 1990:
Solutions to water quality problems: USDA's role

Standiford, R.B.; Howitt, R.E., 1992:
Solving empirical bioeconomic models: a rangeland management application

Sessions, J., 1992:
Solving for habitat connections as a Steiner network problem

Kolasinski, R., 1991:
Solving problems of bee pollination in kiwi plants in South Africa

Johl, S.S., 1991:
Solving the edible oil crisis in India by massive production of milk fat

Vostrov, I.S.; Orazov, K.; Lebedev, G.V., 1990:
Solving the problem of cotton wilt

Chen, Y.W., 1992:
Solving the problem of pig waste - the Microbiological Bedding Treatment (MBT)

Mironenko, N.V.; Bulat, S.A., 1988:
Solving the problem of resistance to pathogens in higher plants by genetic engineering methods

Volkov, I.B.; Kovalev, V.F., 1991:
Solvovetin - an original injectable form of oxytetracycline

Ling, D.H.; Liang, C.Y.; Ma, Z.R.; Chen, M.F.; He, B.S., 1990:
Somaclonal male-sterile mutants and their expressions in indica rice

Hwang, S.C., 1990:
Somaclonal resistance in Cavendish banana to Fusarium wilt

Kinoshita, T.; Mori, K.; Mikami, T., 1989:
Somaclonal selection of physiological mutants through plant cell culture

Kinoshita, T.; Mori, K., 1991:
Somaclonal selection of physiological mutants through rice cell culture

Dolgykh, Y.I.; Bolonkina, Y.V.; Larina, S.H.; Shamina, Z.B., 1991:
Somaclonal variability in inbred line A188

Bondarenko, A.M., 1991:
Somaclonal variation and biotechnological methods in breeding cereal crops

Sala, F.; Baratta, G.; Todesco, G.; Consonni, G.; Gavazzi, G.; Tonelli, C.; Vecchio, F., 1990:
Somaclonal variation and chemically induced mutagenesis for the production of salt and drought tolerance in tomato

Tabares, E.; Pachon, J.; Roca, W.M., 1991:
Somaclonal variation and its application to crop improvement

Prakash, C.S., 1990:
Somaclonal variation for disease resistance in Populus deltoides (eastern cottonwood)

Larkin, P.J.; Spindler, L.H.; Banks, P.M., 1991:
Somaclonal variation for non-homologous recombination and utilisation of germplasm collections

Deineko, E.V.; Omel' yanchuk, N.A., 1990:
Somaclonal variation for the leaf hairiness trait in the spring wheat near-isogenic line ANK7A in tissue culture

Vuylsteke, D.; Swennen, R., 1990:
Somaclonal variation in African plantains

Schwenkel, H.G.; Grunewaldt, J., 1990:
Somaclonal variation in Cyclamen persicum Mill. after in vitro mass propagation

Hammerschlag, F.A.; Ognjanov, V., 1990:
Somaclonal variation in peach: screening for resistance to Xanthomonas campestris pv. pruni and Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae

Karp, A., 1989:
Somaclonal variation in plants

Parshina, L.A.; Belova, L.I.; Numerova, O.M.; Devyatkina, E.P.; Zinchenko, E.V., 1990:
Somaclonal variation in regenerates and their progeny in Triticum timopheevii Zhuk. and different genotypes of bread wheat

Mohmand, A.S., 1991:
Somaclonal variation in some agronomic character in wheat

Rietveld, R.C.; Hasegawa, P.M.; Bressan, R.A., 1991:
Somaclonal variation in tuber disc-derived populations of potato : I. Evidence of genetic stability across tuber generations and diverse locations

Omel' yanchuk, N.A.; Koval' , S.F.; Gvozdev, A.V.; Deineko, E.V.; Solonenko, L.P.; Fedotova, V.D.; Shumnyi, V.K., 1990:
Somaclonal wheat variants with a complex of altered characteristics of selective value

Sivini, G., 1990:
Somali pastoralism between market and state

Samatar, A., 1989:
Somali tradition, peripheral capitalism, and the politics of development

Pohler, W.; Szigat, G., 1991:
Somatic Hordeum vulgare chromosome elimination in H. vulgare - H. bulbosum hybrids as revealed by the occurrence of alloplasmic H. bulbosum sectors

Tovar, J.; Lichtenstein, C., 1992:
Somatic and Meiotic Chromosomal Recombination between Inverted Duplications in Transgenic Tobacco Plants

Osteras, O., 1990:
Somatic cell count in goat milk - effect on product quality

Zadrazil, K.; Jilemnicky, J.; Skokanova, J., 1990:
Somatic cell count in milk and its relationship with the mastitis test

Osteras, O., 1990:
Somatic cell count in milk. Influence on product quality

Bolzoni, G.; Boni, P.; Magnino, S., 1991:
Somatic cell count in milk: use of a freeze-dried standard in milk to verify opto-fluorometric instruments

Fenyvessy, J., 1990:
Somatic cell count of ewe milk and unfavourable effects of mastitis milk on industrial processing

Jackson, N.S.; Hardin, D.K.; Randle, R.F.; Boyle, C.R., 1991:
Somatic cell counts in first lactation cows from Staphylococcus aureus positive v. negative herds

Kalogridou-Vassiliadou, D.; Manolkidis, K.; Tsigoida, A., 1992:
Somatic cell counts in relation to infection status of the goat udder

Gray, D.J., 1990:
Somatic cell culture and embryogenesis in the Poaceae

Bishop, M.D.; Tavakkol, A.; Threadgill, D.W.; Simmen, F.A.; Simmen, R.C.; Davis, M.E.; Womack, J.E., 1991:
Somatic cell mapping and restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of bovine insulin-like growth factor I

Hill, A.W., 1991 :
Somatic cells - friends or foes?

Pavlyuchenko, T.A.; Tarasevich, L.F., 1990:
Somatic cells in milk in relation to selection for mastitis resistance and milk quality in cattle

Rubes, J.; Horínová, Z.; Gustavsson, I.; Borkovec, L.; Urbanová, J., 1991:
Somatic chromosome mutations and morphological abnormalities in sperms of boars

Ishii, K., 1991:
Somatic embryo formation and plantlet regeneration through embryogenic callus from mature zygotic embryos of Picea jezoensis var. hondoensis, Picea jezoensis, and Picea glehnii

Xiaoli, Z.; Yang, H.; Wenjie, Y.; Ti, X., 1992:
Somatic embryogenesis and analysis of peroxidase in cultured lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) cotyledons

Kumar, Anjani, 1992:
Somatic embryogenesis and high frequency plantlet regeneration in callus cultures of Thevetia peruviana

Debeaujon, I.; Branchard, M., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis from protoplast-derived cultures of muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.)

Prioli L.M.; Silva W.J.D., 1989:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration capacity in tropical maize inbreds

Garcia Sogo, B.; Debauza, M.; Roig, L.A.; Moreno, V., 1992:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from cotyledon protoplasts of Cucumis sativus

Ohga, Y.; Ono, M.; Furuno, K., 1989:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from hypocotyls and cotyledons of Angelica acutiloba and Foeniculum vulgare

May, R.; Trigiano, R., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from leaves of Dendranthema grandiflora

Harry I.S.; Thorpe T.A., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from mature zygotic embryos of red spruce

She, J.M.; Wu, J.Y.; Wang, H.B.; Zhou, H.Y.; Chen, Z.X.; Li, S.J.; Yue, J.X., 1989:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from protoplast culture of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Yan, Q.S.; Zhang, X.Q., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from protoplasts of indica rice

L.G.; Zhang L.; Chen R.; L.K., 1990:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from suspension cultures of young inflorescences of indica rice

Chalupa, V., 1987:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in Picea, Quercus, Betula, Tilia, Robinia, Fagus, and Aesculus

Sudarmonowati, E., 1992:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in cassava (Manihot esculenta, Crantz)

Suprasanna, P.; Rao, K.V.; Reddy, G.M., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in maize

Komatsuda, T., 1989:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in soyabeans

Li, Y.H.; Guo, Z.S., 1990:
Somatic embryogenesis and plantlet formation of Picea wilsonii under different conditions

Bhansali R.R., 1990:
Somatic embryogenesis and regeneration of plantlets in pomegranate

Wang, Y.F.; Xu, Q.; Liu, Z.X., 1990:
Somatic embryogenesis from cell suspension culture of Onobrychis viciaefolia Scop

Mujib, A.; Bandyopadhyay, S.; Banerjee, S.; Ghosh, P.D., 1990:
Somatic embryogenesis from hypocotyl callus of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)

Martinelli, L.; Scienza, A.; Gianazza, E.; Villa, P.L., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis from leaves and petioles of grapevine

Corte Olivares J.; Phillips G.C.; Butler Nance S.A., 1990:
Somatic embryogenesis from pecan zygotic embryo explants

Vieitez, A.; San-Jose, C.V.eitez, F.; Ballester, A., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis from roots of Camellia japonica plantlets cultured in vitro

Narasimhulu, S.B.; Kirti, P.B.; Prakash, S.; Chopra, V.L., 1992:
Somatic embryogenesis in Brassica nigra (Koch)

Monnier, M.; Faure, O.; Sigogneau, A., 1990:
Somatic embryogenesis in Vitis

Takamizo, T.; Suginobu, K.; Ohsugi, R., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis in a recalcitrant cultivar of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in an improved medium

Preil, W.; Beck, A., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis in bioreactor culture

Antonova, T.S.; Borovkov, A.Y.; Zezul' , T.G.; Krasnyanskii, S.F., 1992:
Somatic embryogenesis in callus from immature embryos of sunflower

Frey L.; Saranga Y.; Janick J., 1992:
Somatic embryogenesis in carnation

Piagnani, C.; Eccher, T., 1990:
Somatic embryogenesis in chestnut

Campeau, N.; Tabaeizadeh, Z., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis in protoplasts of Triticum aestivum X Leymus angustus F1 hybrids

Jacobsen, H.J., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis in seed legumes: the possible role of soluble auxin receptors

Sasamoto, H.; Hosoi, Y., 1989:
Somatic embryogenesis in suspension cultures of Quercus serrata Thunb

Merkle S.A.; Wiecko A.T., 1990:
Somatic embryogenesis in three magnolia species

Verdeil, J.L.; Buffard Morel, J.; Pannetier, C., 1989:
Somatic embryogenesis of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) from leaf and inflorescence tissue. Research findings and prospects

Parrott, W.A.; Merkle, S.A.; Williams, E.G., 1991:
Somatic embryogenesis: potential for use in propagation and gene transfer systems

Gaspar, T.; Coumans, M., 1991:
Somatic embryos and artificial seeds: from economic aspects to technical problems

Schultheis, J.R., 1990:
Somatic embryos as a synthetic seeding system using fluid drilling techniques for direct sowing of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Poir.)

Cade R.M.; Wehner T.C.; Blazich F.A., 1990:
Somatic embryos derived from cotyledons of cucumber

Biswajit Ghosh; Sumitra Sen, 1989:
Somatic embryos in Asparagus cooperi Baker

Faure, O., 1990:
Somatic embryos of Vitis rupestris and zygotic embryos of Vitis species: morphology, histology, histochemistry and development

Doseff, A.; Martienssen, R.; Sundaresan, V., 1991:
Somatic excision of the Mu1 transposable element of maize

Tsujimoto, H.; Sasakuma, T.; Ogihara, Y., 1991:
Somatic genome analysis: cloning of a C-genome specific sequence

L.G.ennec, J.C.; Sitruk, F.; Breault, C.; Black, R., 1990:
Somatic growth in infants receiving prolonged caffeine therapy

Puite, K.J.; Mattheij, W.M., 1989:
Somatic hybrid plants from 2x (+) 2x fusions between Solanum tuberosum and S. phureja

Mathias, R.J.; O.N.ill, C.M.; Murata, T., 1991:
Somatic hybridisation of Brassica napus and Moricandia arvensis

Gilissen, L.J.; van Staveren, M.J.; Verhoeven, H.A.; Sree Ramulu, K., 1992:
Somatic hybridization between potato and Nicotiana plumbaginifolia : 1. Spontaneous biparental chromosome elimination and production of asymmetric hybrids

Gilissen, L.J.; van Staveren, M.J.; Ennik, E.; Verhoeven, H.A.; Sree Ramulu, K., 1992:
Somatic hybridization between potato and Nicotiana plumbaginifolia : 2. Karyotypic modification and segregation of genetic markers in hybrid suspension cultures and sublines

Gilissen, L.J.W.; Ramulu, K.S.; Verhoeven, H.A., 1991:
Somatic hybridization between potato and Nicotiana plumbaginifolia: spontaneous biparental chromosome elimination and segregation of genetic markers in asymmetric hybrids

Funatsuki, H.; Lazzeri, P.A.; Lorz, H., 1991:
Somatic hybridization in Hordeum species

Mathias, R.J.; O.N.ill, C.M.; Murata, T., 1992:
Somatic hybridization of Brassica napus and Moricandia arvensis

Jones, B.; Blackhall, N.W.; Hammatt, N.; Davey, M.R., 1990:
Somatic hybridization of Glycine species: the use of flow cytometry for isolation of heterokaryons

Schumann, U.; Gotz, E., 1991:
Somatic hybridization of Solanum tuberosum L. with Phytophthora-resistant wild potato species

Mollers, C.; Wenzel, G., 1991:
Somatic hybridization of dihaploid potato protoplasts as a tool for breeding tetraploid potatoes

Moellers C.; Wenzel G., 1992:
Somatic hybridization of dihaploid potato protoplasts as a tool for potato breeding

Debeaujon, I.; Branchard, M., 1990:
Somatic hybridization of muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.) with kiwano (Cucumis metuliferus Naud.) and squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) by protoplast electrofusion

Gleba, Y.Yu, 1991:
Somatic hybridization of plants engineering novel genotypes

Helgeson, J.P., 1989:
Somatic hybridization of wild Solanum species with potato: a potential source of diversity for breeders

Ketchum, R.E.B., 1991:
Somatic hybridization, stress physiology, and alkaloid production in plant cell suspension cultures

Karlsson, J.; Glimelius, K., 1991:
Somatic hybrids between Brassica napus and Arabidopsis thaliana

Mendis, M.H.; Power, J.B.; Davey, M.R., 1991:
Somatic hybrids of the forage legumes Medicago sativa L. and M. falcata L

Anonymous, 1991:
Somatic hypermutation in V-regions

Rogerson, B.J.; Hackett, J.J.; Storb, U., 1991:
Somatic hypermutation in transgenic mice

Laneri, U.; Franconi, R.; Altavista, P., 1990:
Somatic mutagenesis of Gerbera jamesonii hybr.: irradiation and in vitro culture

Ichikawa, S.; Ishii, C., 1991:
Somatic mutation frequencies in the stamen hairs of Tradescantia grown in soil samples from the Bikini Island

Steele, E.J., 1991:
Somatic mutation: past, present, and future

Bauer, R., 1990:
Somatic plant hybridization - a review

Kolesnikova, L.S.; Matienko, B.T., 1992:
Somatic polyploidization of the pericarp tissues in some varieties of apple

Giusti, A.M.; Coffee, R.; Manser, T., 1992:
Somatic recombination of heavy chain variable region transgenes with the endogenous immunoglobulin heavy chain locus in mice

Tirapegui, J.O.; Cardoso, M.A.; Callegaro, M.da.G., 1990:
Somatomedin, growth and nutritional status

Vallejo, M.; Miller, C.P.; Habener, J.F., 1992:
Somatostatin gene transactivation regulated by a bipartite pancreatic islet D-cell-specific enhancer coupled synergistically to a cAMP response element

Ricci, G.L.; Fevery, J., 1989:
Somatostatin inhibits the effect of secretin on bile flow and on hepatic bilirubin transport in the rat

Shin, S.H.; Heisler, R.L.; Szabo, M.S., 1991:
Somatostatin partially impedes the stimulatory effects of thyrotrophin-releasing hormone and dibutyryl cyclic AMP on prolactin release: prolactin release through multiple routes

Karnik, P.S.; Wolfe, M.M., 1990:
Somatostatin stimulates gastrin mRNA turnover in dog antral mucosa

Schaufele, F.; West, B.L.; Reudelhuber, T., 1990:
Somatotroph- and lactotroph-specific interactions with the homeobox protein binding sites in the rat growth hormone gene promoter

Haudenschild, R., 1990:
Somatotropin - increasing yields with the needle

Ernst, L.K., 1991:
Somatotropin - the first real product of animal biotechnology

Eppard, P.J.; Veenhuizen, J.J.; Whitehead, T.L.; Okesson, D.M.; Widger, L.A.; Hintz, R.L.; Collier, R.J., 1991:
Somatotropin and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) content of cows' milk following tailhead or postcapsular injections of sometribove (USAN, methionyl bovine somatotropin)

Peel, C.J.; Bauman, D.E., 1987:
Somatotropin and lactation

Kokorina, E.P.; Gushchik, T.S.; Vasil' ev, N.I., 1990:
Somatotropin and lactation in livestock

Kazmer G.W.; Canfield R.W.; Bean B., 1991:
Somatotropin and prolactin profile characteristics in young dairy sires before and after a 72 hour fast during different seasons

Kirilov, D., 1990:
Sombrero - a new zinnia variety

Bostrom, S., 1991:
Some Cephalobidae (Nematoda: Rhabditida) from sand on the island of Samos, Greece

Tallon, I.; Bach, C., 1986:
Some Coleoptera of the Cabra Sierra (Cordoba)

Williams, E H.; Jr.; Dyer, WG., 1992:
Some Digenea from freshwater fishes of Alabama and Florida including Allocreadium (Neoallocreadium) lucyae sp. n. (Digenea: Allocreadiidae)

Martinek, V., 1988:
Some Diptera (group Acalyptrata) found in the environs of Susice and of the castle at Rabi

Roch, J., 1990:
Some Hemiptera caught in Otterburn Park, Rouville census area

Speight, M.C.D., 1991:
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Some aspects influencing the efficiency of gerbera micropropagation

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Some aspects of Biomphalaria genetics

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Some aspects of aerodynamics of agricultural aircraft

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Some aspects of anthropogenic impact on channel processes of rivers (by example of Altai)

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Some aspects of biological control of weeds in forestry

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Some aspects of development and homology of the genital glands arteries in cattle

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Some aspects of fish feeding

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Some aspects of groundwater balance in Punjab

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Some aspects of growing and storing sugarbeet stecklings

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Some aspects of host selection by two aphid hyperparasitoids: Asaphes vulgaris Wlk. and Asaphes suspensus (Nees) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)

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Some aspects of hyperlipidaemia in the dog and cat

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Some aspects of improving the technical level of the sugar industry

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Some aspects of large-scale nursery management in Sabah

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Some aspects of linked product and credit market contracts among risk-neutral agents

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Some aspects of maize races

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Some aspects of management of the African bee

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Some aspects of meiosis in triticale

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Some aspects of microbial activity in anthropogeneous soils with reference to specific reclamation projects

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Some aspects of microbiological digestion of hydrolyzed lignin

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Some aspects of mineralogical composition characteristics of soils developed on local moraines

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Some aspects of mushroom cultivation in developing countries

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Some aspects of non-production functions of moist meadows (gene pool)

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Some aspects of patterns of seed formation in distant hybrids of citrus

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Some aspects of plant nutrition/soil fertility management to consider in maximum yield research

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Some aspects of production and marketing on the Bebedouro irrigation project, Petrolina, PE

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Some aspects of protein and enzyme polymorphism in seeds of lentils (Lens culinaris Medik. Vorles)

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Some aspects of puberty and sexual maturity in Canchim and Nelore purebred and crossbred heifers

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Some aspects of reproduction in an artificial insemination scheme in the tropics

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Some aspects of reproductive problems in buffaloes

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Some aspects of root growth in compacted soils

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Some aspects of selenium relationships in soils and plants

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Some aspects of sheep breeding in the United Arab Emirates

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Some aspects of social policy in the agricultural sector

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Some aspects of soil moisture control for soils with shallow groundwater levels

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Some aspects of soil strength

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Some aspects of the Ghanaian rural banking scheme, 1976-87

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Some aspects of the biology of Callosobruchus subinnotatus (Pic) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) a pest of stored bambarra groundnuts

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Some aspects of the biology of Leucania unipuncta (Haw.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in sugarcane

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Some aspects of the biology of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisduval) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on cabbage

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Some aspects of the biology of phlebotomine sandfly vectors

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Some aspects of the bionomics of Anopheles fluviatilis (Diptera: Culicidae) James, 1902 in Bastar District, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Some aspects of the concept of soil hardness as related to the investigation of loosening

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Some aspects of the dairy cattle breeding in Cuba

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Some aspects of the ecological niches of Aedes (S.) aegypti (Linnaeus, 1762) (Diptera: Culicidae) and Culex (C.) quinquefasciatus Say, 1823 (Diptera: Culicidae) in the urban environment

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Some aspects of the ecology of Lernaeocera lusci (Bassett-Smith, 1896), a copepod parasite of fish from the families Merlucciidae and Gadidae

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Some aspects of the ecology of weeds of vineyards in Bombarral

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Some aspects of the epidemiology of tinea pedis

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Some aspects of the evolution of hunting in Spain

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Some aspects of the foliar absorption of trace elements

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Some aspects of the forest industry with exotics in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Some aspects of the gastrointestinal flora of veal calves fed different rations: a pilot study

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Some aspects of the hygroscopicity of fertilizers

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Some aspects of the in vitro culture of chestnuts (Castanea sp.)

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Some aspects of the life cycle of the tick Ixodes pilosus under laboratory conditions

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Some aspects of the nitrogen cycle in a Californian strand ecosystem

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Some aspects of the nutritional value of ice creams

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Some aspects of the present status and outlook for development of the phosphorus fertilizer and feed phosphate industry

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Some aspects of the production of Labneh by ultrafiltration using cow's, sheep's and goat's milk

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Some aspects of the reproductive biology of the Ficus natalensis complex in southern Africa

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Some aspects of the sulfur nutrition of crops

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Some aspects of the theory and domestic practice of tourism

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Some aspects of the utilization of Trichogramma sp. in Romania

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Some aspects of the utilization of nitrate and ammonium by plants

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Some aspects of trichinellosis in Croatia

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Some aspects of tube-rose marketing in Nadia District (West Bengal) - a case study

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Some aspects of utilization of nonwoody forest plant resources in China

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Some aspects on resistance of acetylated wood against biodeterioration

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Some aspects on the storage and application of Trichogramma maidis in corn

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Some basic component technology considerations for rodent IPM in sugarcane

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Some biochemical alterations in blood of goats infested by Linognathus africanus

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Some biochemical alterations in seedling leaves of rough lemon infected with Elsinoe fawcettii

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Some biochemical aspects on functionalism of embryo-suspensor in garden nasturtium: a review

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Some biochemical changes induced by plum pox in plum

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Some biochemical observations on the cuticle of Ascaridia galli (Nematoda: Heterakidae)

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Some biochemical parameters in serum of Cheghu goats

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Some biological and bionomical observations on Earias fabia Stoll

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Some biological characteristics of Scymnus yamato (Col.: Coccinellidae)

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Some biological characteristics of a precocious line of Eimeria intestinalis

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Some biological characteristics of representatives of Rheum species

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Some biological findings relating to the control of maize stalk borer (Sesamia nonagrioides Lef. Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) causing damage in maize fields in the Aegean Region

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Some biological traits of male-sterile lines of sugarbeet. I. Evaluation of male-sterile lines of sugarbeet in the second year of growth

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Some biological traits of male-sterile lines of sugarbeet. II. Anatomical studies of the anthers

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Some biophysical plant characters associated with stem borer resistance in sorghum genotypes

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Some biophysical properties of an infectious canine hepatitis virus (CAV-1)

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Some blood biochemical changes in Ipomoea carnea toxicity in Osmanabadia goats

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Some botanical consequences of tectonics and orogeny

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Some botanical species sometimes visited by bees in winter

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Some carcass characteristics of a commercial broiler genotype - Hybro

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Some causes of lamb scour

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Some causes of seasonal variations in production and purchase of milk on individual farms of Central Poland

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Some cautions on the use of geographic information system (GIS) technology to integrate soil site and area data

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Some changes in the blood cells of larvae of Agrotis segetum (Den.-Schiff.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) parasitized by Periscepsia carbonaria (Panz.) (Diptera: Tachinidae)

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Some changes in the composition and value of the cows' colostrum according to the time and way of milking

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Some changes in the humus conditions of a typical chernozem as a result of subsurface cultivation

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Some characteristic changes during bud formation from poplar callus

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Some characteristic features of Adygeiskii cheese technology

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Some characteristics of 7S globulin mutants of soyabean

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Some characteristics of Getah virus isolated from fetal infections in newborn piglets

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Some characteristics of Moraxella bovis strains isolated from cattle

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Some characteristics of Sarcocystis spp. found in the muscles of sheep

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Some characteristics of alpine permafrost, Mt. Daisetsu, central Hokkaido, northern Japan

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Some characteristics of bark and wood structure of Quercus robur in Slavonia

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Some characteristics of chrysanthemum yellows disease

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Some characteristics of globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) seeds

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Some characteristics of migration in mountain society: case studies from Garhwal Himalaya

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Some characteristics of protein hydrolysis on the digestive- transporting surfaces of the cestode Eubothrium rugosum and the intestine of its burbot host

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Some characteristics of robber flies (Diptera: Asilidae) in the Lithuanian SSR

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Some characteristics of soils and soil formation in juniper forests of the Tyan-Shan range

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Some characteristics of the crown of healthy Norway spruce trees

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Some characteristics of the host-parasite relationship of the entomopathogenic nematode Heterorhabditis heliothidis (histologic and cytologic examination)

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Some characteristics of the phytoclimate in a field of dark tobacco

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Some characteristics of the separation of quartz wastes from the beneficiation of the phosphorites of the Baltic basin

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Some characteristics of the ultrastructure of neurones in cyclophyllid cestodes

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Some characteristics of tongued and grooved blocks

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Some characters of a new species of Meloidogyne parasite of coffee in Cuba

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Some chemical and physical properties of dried skim milk

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Some chemical properties of soil under Norway spruce plantations

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Some clinical and biochemical observations of chloral hydrate narcosis in donkeys

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Some cognitive problems concerning relationships between planning and the market: the experience of Shouguang County

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Some comments on Chinese agricultural fluctuations

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Some comments on coprological investigations for parasites of horses conducted over six years (1985-1990) by the CIRAD parasitology laboratory (Port-Laguerre)

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Some comments on loss or accumulation of soil organic matter and their effects on soil quality

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Some comments on the use of the solar radiation conversion efficiency in oil palm breeding

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Some commonly found leaf and planthoppers on vegetable plants in the suburbs of Peshawar N.W.F.P., Pakistan

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Some comparative results on evapotranspiration of greenhouse ornamental crops, using lysimeter, greenhouse H2O balance and LVDT sensors

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Some comparisons of average to peak soil-tire contact pressures

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Some comparisons of the characteristics of polyploid and diploid pear cultivars

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Some components in royal jelly studied by GC/MS

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Some components of the energy balance of a natural biogeocoenosis of the semidesert zone of Azerbaijan

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Some concepts concerning soil site assessment for water quality

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Some conceptual problems in stabilizing and improving the production responsibility system in the state farm sector in Heilongjiang Province

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Some congenital anomalies in newborn calves

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Some consequences of growing herbicide-resistant crops for the development of resistance in weeds

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Some consideration on diversifying selection

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Some considerations about KTP sugar cane harvester machine reliability

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Some considerations about air pollution in Lubumbashi (Shaba, Zaire)

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Some considerations about expression of marker genes in experiments of genetic transformation in Cucumis anguria var. longipes by coculturing cotyledon explants with Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Some considerations about the energy consumptions in the prime movers at the combines of Villa Clara province

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Some considerations about the tyramine content of some Cuban beers and wines

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Some considerations in modelling private woodlot timber supply

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Some considerations in the structural engineering of sea-cages for aquaculture

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Some considerations on economic policy options for agricultural restructuring in South(ern) Africa

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Some considerations on priorities in forage species choice for Cape Verde

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Some considerations on restraining the decline in the rural population in the Popular Republic of Congo

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Some considerations on the application of the Soviet method for determining reactivity of pulps in the viscose process

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Some considerations on the autecology of the genus Salix

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Some considerations on veterinary drug use and supply in Nigeria

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Some considerations regarding the growth of pines in eastern Venezuela

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Some considerations when selecting young jack pine families using growth and form traits

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Some constituents of Cucumis anguria

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Some constituents of mabi bark

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Some consumer perceptions of food

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Some contemporary issues in biological control of insects and their relevance to the use of entomopathogenic nematodes

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Some contemporary misconceptions regarding the solution of problems concerning the Bulgarian village and agriculture

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Some controversial positions in forest mensuration

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Some cross-cultural patterns in tourist role preferences: a study of Greek and American tourist behaviors

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Some cultural anthropological principles in the study of tourism

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Some data for the evaluation of udder health on the Hungarian large scale dairy farms

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Some data on extensive breeding of Muscovy ducks

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Some data on geomorphology pf termite mounds in tropical Africa

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Some data on mycetangia of bark-beetles

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Some data on the comparative activity of glyphosate, glufosinate and sulfosate

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Some data on the spread of mycoplasma diseases on citrus plants in Georgia

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Some debating issues on the theories and practices of biological control of weeds

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Some defoliators of ash and the effects of defoliation

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Some design aspects of agricultural gantry systems

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Some design parameters and working conditions of agricultural tyres affecting soil compaction

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Some developments in cream manufacture and processing

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Some developments in magnolias for the garden

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Some differences in blood protein polymorphism between Busha and Jersey breeds of cattle

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Some diseases of donkeys in Kenya as seen during postmortem examination

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Some early observations on HIV infection in children at King Edward VIII Hospital, Durban

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Some economic and social aspects of pesticide use

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Some economic aspects of marketing betelvine in West Bengal

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Some economic aspects of the green movement

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Some economic considerations of beech in Italy

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Some economic eusporangiate ferns in Mindanao, Philippines

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Some economic problems relating to the question of quality in the cereal sector

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Some economics of potato storage in the northern highlands of Tanzania

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Some ectoparasites (Acarina and Suctoria) of Argentine marsupials

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Some effects of chemical weathering in three cultivated acid sulfate soils in Sweden

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Some effects of dietary aluminum and silicon on broiler chickens

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Some effects of dunder application on delta soils of the Burdekin

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Some effects of housing on the social behaviour of dairy cows

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Some effects of husbandry on the fertility of female geese

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Some effects of road surface on log truck performance

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Some elements of respiration and occurrence of oxidized and reduced iron forms in earthy peat soils

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Some elite disease-resistant wheat germplasm resources

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Some elite maize germplasm resources in China

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Some elite sources of resistance to Cercospora sojina

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Some empirical methods of estimating advertising effects in demand systems: an application to dried fruits

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Some endogenous factors influencing browning in plantain peels during ripening

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Some energy saving devices during sugar processing

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Some environmental consequences of groundsheets on campsite vegetation

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Some enzymatic activities and blood parameters in follicular fluid and serum of non pregnant she-camel (Camelus dromedarius)

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Some enzymatic changes in the leaves of Ricinus communis infected by Cercospora ricinella

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Some enzymatic studies under pathogenesis

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Some enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in Mesocestoides corti and Heterakis spumosa

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Some enzymes of glycolysis in developing grains of high and low starch barley

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Some epidemiological aspects of superficial mycoses

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Some epidemiological aspects of toxoplasmosis in Havana Province

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Some estimates of labour demand in rice cultivation

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Some estimates of the price of milk quota in England and Wales

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Some evolutionary trends in the morphogenesis of the larvae of the hermaphrodite generation of the Microphallidae

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Some examples of average to peak soil tire contact pressures

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Some examples of important problems connected to rainfall-runoff modelling in semi-arid zone

Anonymous, 1991:
Some expansion of EC compound feed use expected

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Some experience with furrow presses

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Some experiences encouraging farmer water users' participation in irrigation system operation and maintenance

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Some experiences in the separation of suspended solids from mixed juice by means of hydrocyclones

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Some experiences in the treatment of retarded growth in piglets

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Some experiences with artificial insemination in pigs

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Some experiences with induced twinning in cattle in the Czech Republic

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Some experiences with the use of adhesives based on tannins

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Some experimental results of soil erosion and its control in Africa and Latin America

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Some experiments in managing fodder trees in Rwanda

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Some experiments on the transmission of Theileria annulata through ticks

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Some factors affecting clotting and proteolytic activities of milk clotting enzymes from Irpex lacteus and calf rennet

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Some factors affecting herbage intake of high yielding dairy cows at grazing

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Some factors affecting lamb survival

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Some factors affecting milk production of doe rabbit and its preweaning litters

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Some factors affecting milk yield in indigenous goats reared on a farm in Salerno province

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Some factors affecting nitrate concentration in wheat stem

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Some factors affecting production and reproduction in 5/8 Holstein, 5/8 Brown Swiss and 5/ 8 Brahman heifers

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Some factors affecting responses of four stored product beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae & Bostrichidae) to pheromones

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Some factors affecting serum calcium and phosphorus levels during the time of egg formation in relation to egg shell quality

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Some factors affecting superovulatory response to hormonal stimulation in ewes in southeast Kazakhstan

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Some factors affecting the accelerated biodegradation of carbofuran in sugar beet cultivations of central Belgium

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Some factors affecting the clotting activity of adult camel rennet

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Some factors affecting the coefficients of correlation between soil properties

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Some factors affecting the emergence of Anguina tritici larvae from wheat seedgalls and their ascendence onto the seedlings

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Some factors affecting the estimation of genetic parameters for cattle dystocia under a threshold model

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Some factors affecting the formation of colostral immunity in piglets

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Some factors affecting the incidence of flag smut of wheat

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Some factors affecting the incidence of potato brown rot

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Some factors affecting the isolation of mesophyll protoplasts from red clover (Trifolium pratense L.)

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Some factors affecting the number of natural services per conception in buffaloes under field conditions

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Some factors affecting the rearing of Anglo-Nubian kids under extensive management in a semi-arid climate

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Some factors affecting the reproduction of Varroa jacobsoni Oud. under laboratory conditions

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Some factors causing differences in the in vitro dry matter digestibility of temperate grasses during the heading period

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Some factors causing temporal and spatial variation in white clover performance in grazed swards

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Some factors contributing to the improved boiling house performance at Mhlume

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Some factors controlling cabbage white butterfly

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Some factors determining level of use of improved stoves by Brahmin and Chhetri women in central Nepal

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Some factors effectual in droplet transporting on trees in orchard treatment

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Some factors in rough bark disorder of dwarf apple trees (Malus domestica Borkh.). II. Mineral and starch contents of dwarf apple trees with rough barks

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Some factors in rough bark disorder of dwarf apple trees (Malus domestica Borkh.). III. Translocation of 14C to roots in trees with the disorder and differences between susceptible and tolerant cultivars in 14C translocation and root growth

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Some factors influencing electrolyte leakage from maize (Zea mays L.) kernels

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Some factors influencing formaldehyde emission from particleboards

Riehl, G.; Kehr, E., 1990:
Some factors influencing formaldehyde release from particleboards

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Some factors influencing regeneration of potato plants from protoplasts: a study with 18 diploid clones

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Some factors influencing shoot tip culture of rice

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Some factors influencing target site delivery of systemic herbicides

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Some factors influencing the adsorption of particulates by fungal mycelium

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Some factors influencing the calcium level in apple fruits

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Some factors influencing the occurrence of 'Sujika', a physiological disorder of Japanese Persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) cv. 'Nishimurawase'

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Some factors influencing the occurrence of maize chlorotic dwarf virus inclusions in maize (Zea mays) plants

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Some factors influencing the population dynamics of two herds of Misaki feral horses

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Some factors related to crown projection area

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Some factors related to disposal of Friesian cows in Iraq

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Some facts about Trichogramma as a biological control agents on sugarcane

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Some facts about agriculture and forage production in France

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Some facts about dairying in Canada

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Some farm level aspects of change in agricultural structure in the GDR

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Some fascinating features of orchid pollen

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Some features and problems of forestry in Switzerland

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Some features and processes associated with the caliche under humid climate, Balcarce, Argentina

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Some features characterizing the geochemical behaviour of strontium-90 in soil-water systems

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Some features of anatomy and plastid apparatus structure of leaves of different whorls of steppe plants of the Tuva region

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Some features of dry-matter production in a young Alnus sieboldiana community on dumped detritus with special reference to reproductive parts

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Some features of hydrogeological conditions of the Arabian Peninsula. (On the example of Yemen)

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Some features of reproduction in Plutella xylostella

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Some features of surface-screened soils and problems of tree nutrition

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Some features of the hydrothermal treatment of lumber during the drying process

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Some features of the initial stages of assimilation of isotope-labelled dipeptide

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Some features of the preferential behaviour of Deroceras reticulatum

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Some fish trematodes from the Mediterranean Sea

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Some floristic classification researches on the improvement of the subalpine and alpine pastures of turkey

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Some food security considerations

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Some forms of mobile Fe, Al, and Mn compounds and oxidation-reduction processes in pseudopodzolic soils

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Some freak varieties of coconut in Lakshadweep

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Some functional changes after ovariectomy in sows

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Some fundamental characteristics of the situation and long- term development of the Japanese agricultural sector

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Some fungal pathogens of the cassava green spider mites Mononychellus spp. (Tetranychidae) in Kenya

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Some fungal rots of bitter gourd from Orissa

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Some further evidence on the Law of One Price: the Law of One Price still holds

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Some future directions for integrated pest management in chickpea: a viewpoint

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Some general characteristics of the ruminal ecosystem in cattle

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Some growth variables and their relationships with planting density in two sugarcane cultivars

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Some haematological and biochemical indices of the blood in Polish Konik horses during pregnancy

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Some haematological indices and the mineral concentration in the serum and erythrocytes in Polish Merino X Suffolk sheep

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Some haematological values at birth in live and stillborn piglets

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Some health problems in Alsatians seen in a referral veterinary hospital in South Eastern Nigeria

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Some historical aspects of Estonian dairying

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Some honey bee virus diseases in Iran

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Some hormonal characteristics of high and low yielding Holstein cows and water buffaloes located in temperate and subtropical environments

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Some host plants, and an egg parasite, of the maize stem borer, Ostrinia furnacalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in New Guinea

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Some household insect pests and their control

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Some immune responses in cattle exposed to Mycobacterium paratuberculosis after injection with modified-live bovine diarrhea virus vaccine

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Some implications of body composition research for modern clinical management

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Some implications of palaeoecology for contemporary ecology

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Some implications of recent safety legislation for air-assisted spraying

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Some implications of the European Community's CAP

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Some important disease problems in tomato growing in Belgium during the season - 1990

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Some important genetically and constitutionally predisposed diseases of the skeletal and muscular systems in lean types of pig, and their causes

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Some indications for the culling of beef cows

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Some indicators of anaemia in pigs on large pig farms

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Some indicators of possible iron deficiency in a group of obese children

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Some indicators of the nutritive value of VITEX fodder yeast estimated in rats

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Some indices of lipid metabolism in patients with gastrointestinal forms of food-borne toxicoinfections

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Some indices of the physical and mechanical properties of forest tree seeds

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Some indices pertaining to the leprosy control programme in Tamil Nadu, based on data from a random sample of fourteen government control units

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Some information on the dispatch, storage and viability of seed of Chosenia arbutifolia

Rajagopalan, K., 1990:
Some innovative methods practised in Amul area to enhance adoption rate (AR) and conception rate (CR) of artificial insemination in buffaloes

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Some insect and spider pathogenic fungi from Mexico with data on their host ranges

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Some interdisciplinary and international connections in the development of pedology

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Some interesting beetles from a North Zealand fen, with two new Danish species associated with nests of moles (Coleoptera)

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Some interesting features of male meiosis in Chlorophytum tuberosum Baker

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Some interesting species observed in the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea & Papilionoidea)

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Some investigations of leafhoppers of grasslands and allied crops in Pakistan

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Some investigations on an outbreak of enzootic bronchopneumonia among fattening buffalo-calves

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Some investigations on saprolegniasis in Tilapia species at Assiut, Egypt

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Some investigations on soil inhabiting native cellulose digesting bacteria

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Some investigations on the generation and distribution of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus in China

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Some investigations on the pesticidal properties of carbazoles

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Some investigations with Heterodera schachtii Schmidt on different varieties of rape

Anonymous, 1991:
Some issues relating to the current rural economic reforms and development: a general review

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Some knowledge from research on the influence of the phytohormone BAP and of biopreparations on the technological quality and storability of sugarbeet

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Some laboratory measurements of permeability of Bothkennar clay in relation to soil fabric

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Some large species of knotweeds, Polygonum L. s.l., in Norway

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Some laws governing the demineralization of lactose solutions by the ion-exchange method

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Some lepidopterous pests of Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris Linne

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Some lesser known tree-borne oilseeds of India

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Some lipid values in children and adolescents in Bratislava

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Some little known parasitic strongyle larvae (Nematoda: Strongylidae) of horses

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Some magnetic and geochemical properties of soils developed on Triassic substrates and their use in the characterization of colluvium

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Some maize production parameters for KwaZulu

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Some major exploiting parameters of threshing machines

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Some major implications of climatic fluctuations on water management

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Some management techniques for refeeding of animal and poultry waste

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Some market power implications of the Shipping Act of 1984: a case study of the US to Pacific Rim transportation markets

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Some measures of the size and significance of the agri-food sector, Canada and the provinces

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Some mechanical characteristics of apples

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Some mechanical properties of the flagellar-pedicellar suspension in Aedes aegypti (L.)

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Some mechanisms involved in growth stimulation of ectomycorrhizal fungi by bacteria

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