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Chapter 2,228

Spring applications of formic acid for control of Acarapis woodi

Wilson, W.T.; Collins, A.M.

American Bee Journal 131(12): 785


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-7626
Accession: 002227583

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In southern Oklahoma, USA, tracheal mites were satisfactorily controlled by 3 applications of 40 ml 65% formic acid at weekly or 2-weekly intervals during February and March, when the weather was cool (10-20 degrees C). After the third treatment, > 90% of adult mites were dead (< 17% in untreated controls). Adult and immature bees appeared to be unaffected; but immature mites, especially eggs, were not killed. When 20-ml applications were given, 4 or 5 weekly applications were necessary. Applications of 10 ml were ineffective.

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