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Chapter 2,232

Studies on biological control of Phytophthora blight of red pepper. IV. Performance of antagonistic agents in field under polyethylene filmhouse

Lee, E.J.; Jee, H.J.; Park, K.S.; Kim, C.H.

Korean Journal of Plant Pathology 6(1): 58-64


Accession: 002231269

When seedlings of Capsicum annuum were raised in pots containing seedbed soil formulated with Pseudomonas cepacia (ASI87LH3) and transplanted into fields with the pot soil, initial incidence of Phytophthora capsici was delayed for 30-79 d but later development of the disease was not reduced. When granules formulated with the same antagonist were applied into the rhizosphere at field transplanting, less delay of initial incidence was observed.

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