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Studies on the population dynamics, host preference and chemical control of brown garden snail Helix aspersa Muller

Studies on the population dynamics, host preference and chemical control of brown garden snail Helix aspersa Muller

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture 72: 83-89

In field surveys in Pakistan in 1990, the population density of Helix aspersa on onion, berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum) and cabbage was 21.30-28.80 snails/msuperscript 2 in February, 36.00-50.80 snails/msuperscript 2 in March, April and May and 17.50-18.50 snails/msuperscript 2 at the end of May. On turnip and sunflower, the population remained at 3.50-14.70 snails/msuperscript 2 throughout the cropping season.

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