Studies on the relative efficiency of soil and soil plus foliar application of nitrogen on growth, yield and quality of banana cv. Giant Governor

Ghosh, T.K.; Apurba Bandyopadhyay; Mitra, S.K.; Sen, S.K.

South Indian Horticulture 37(5): 258-261


Accession: 002233352

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In an experiment at Mohanpur, N at 90, 120 or 240 g/plant was applied to the foliage and soil in various combinations in addition to a basal dressing of 90 g P2O5 and 240 g K2O per plant. The best results with regard to plant growth, yield and fruit TSS and ascorbic acid contents were obtained when a total of 120 g N/plant was applied, 50% by foliar and 50% by soil application.