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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2236

Chapter 2236 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Furll, M.; Dabbagh, M. N.; Schafer, M., 1990: Subacute butyric acid load in cattle. 5. Effect on the acid base equilibrium and protein metabolism in cows

Furll, M.; Dabbagh, M. N., 1990: Subacute butyric acid loading in cattle. 6. Effects of a butyric acid or sodium butyrate load of up to 2.0 g/kg body wt per day

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Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235005

Nagata, T., 1992: Subacute toxicity of paraquat in Beagle dogs: clinicopathy and pathologic examinations

Hoffmann, S., 1990: Subacute toxicity of trichlorethylene for rainbow trout

Volkov, I. A.; Zikina, V. S., 1989: Subaerial strata and natural processes in the Pleistocene

Macewicz, J. B., 1992: Subaleurone tissue and high protein content in barley cultivars

Graumlich, L. J., 1991: Subalpine tree growth, climate, and increasing CO2: an assessment of recent growth trends

Murugavel, K.; Saravanapavananthan, S.; Anpalahan, A.; James, R. F., 1989: Subarachnoid haemorrhage in Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Piotrowski, W. P.; Pilz, P.; Chuang, I. H., 1990: Subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by a fungal aneurysm of the vertebral artery as a complication of intracranial aneurysm clipping. Case report

Piskernik, M., 1976: Subassociations of forest vegetation and their significance in forest practice

Perez, L. M., 1988: Subcellular distribution of enzymes of mono- and sesquiterpene biosynthesis in plant tissues

Mouhhadjer, N.; Pointis, G.; Bedin, M., 1991: Subcellular distribution of steroid sulphatase in the rat testis

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235020

Bidlack, J. E.; Bidlack, L. A.; Caire, W.; Palmer, R. G.; Shoemaker, R. C., 1991: Subcellular enzyme activities of mutant soybean lines lacking mitochondrial MDH isozyme bands

Tsagareli, M. L.; Pruidze, G. N., 1990: Subcellular localization and catalase properties in tea leaves

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235023

Dore, I; Legrand, M; Cornelissen, Bjc; Bol, Jf, 1991: Subcellular localization of acidic and basic PR proteins in tobacco mosaic virus-infected tobacco

Sindelarova, Milada; Sindelar, L., 1991: Subcellular localization of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in tobacco mesophyll protoplasts

Anhalt, S; Weissenbock, G., 1992: Subcellular localization of luteolin glucuronides and related enzymes in rye mesophyll

Holstein S.E.H.; Kobert B.; Hillmer S.; Brown P.H.; Ho T H.D.; Robinson D.G., 1991: Subcellular localization of nuclease in barley aleurone

Schlaman, Hrm; Okker, Rjh; Lugtenberg, Bjj, 1990: Subcellular localization of the Rhizobium leguminosarum nodI gene product

Radyukina, N. L.; Baskakova, S. Yu; Bruskova, R. K.; Zhiznevskaya, G. Ya; Izmailov, S. F., 1990: Subcellular location of ammonia assimilation enzymes in root nodules of yellow lupine

Ryu, J. B.; Noh, E. W.; Son, D. S., 1991: Subcellular location of five isoenzymes in Populus species by isoenzyme analysis with whole plant and mitochondria

Simkin P.A.; Heston T.F.; Benedict R.S.; Choi H.S.; Downey D.J., 1991: Subchondral architecture in bones of the canine shoulder

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235038

Jantrarotai, W.; Lovell, RT., 1990: Subchronic toxicity of dietary aflatoxin B1 to channel catfish

David, C.; Heurtel, R.; Gilles, F.; Huard, M., 1992: Subclinical Johne's disease in cattle in Ille-et-Vilaine: estimation of prevalence by complement fixation

Anderson, I. G.; Prior, H. C., 1992: Subclinical epitheliocystis in barramundi, Lates calcarifer, reared in sea cages

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235045

Alacam, E.; Tekeli, T.; Erganis, O.; Izgi, A. N., 1989: Subclinical mastitis in cattle and buffaloes: diagnosis, isolation of the aetiological agents and their antibiotic sensitivity

Keisler, Dh; Andrews, Ml; Moffatt, Rj, 1992: Subclinical mastitis in ewes and its effect on lamb performance

Stiller, Ronald A.; Paradis, Irvin L.; Dauber, James H., 1992: Subclinical pneumonitis due to Pneumocystis carinii in a young adult with elevated antibody titers to Epstein-Barr virus

Faccini, J.L.H.; Costa, A. L., 1992: Subclinical psoroptic otocariasis in Brazilian sheep with comments on a technique for mite collection

Shenkin S.D.; Cruickshank A.M.; Shenkin A., 1989: Subclinical riboflavin deficiency is associated with outcome of seriously ill patients

Guo, S. D.; Chen, X. J.; Yang, H.; Fan, Y. L., 1991: Subcloning and expression of delta -endotoxin gene and its 3' end deletion of Bacillus thuringiensis in Escherichia coli and Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235056

Gokce, P., 1989: Subconjunctival administration of chymotrypsin for treatment of corneal ulcers in dogs and cats

Sharshak, V. K., 1991: Subcover rototiller for low fertility soils

Becker, P., 1992: Subcultural desires and middle class interests: prerequisites and difficulties associated with social work in movement education in social problem areas

Ding, B.; Turgeon, R.; Parthasarathy, M. V., 1992: Subculture of freeze-substituted plasmodesmata

Schafer, L.; Overvad, K., 1990: Subcutaneous adipose-tissue fatty acids and vitamin E in humans: relation to diet and sampling site

Vidal, G.; Rodriguez de Kopp, N.; Piva, J. R.; Giardina, R.; Pierini, A., 1992: Subcutaneous alternariosis with peritoneal involvement

Ichikawa, Y.; Tokunaga, N.; Kinoshita, M.; Rikimaru, T.; Kaji, M., 1990: Subcutaneous and mediastinal emphysema associated with hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Wortman P.D., 1991: Subcutaneous cysticercosis

Bergner, T.; Loscher, T.; Barutzki, D.; Przybilla, B., 1990: Subcutaneous dirofilariasis: infection with Dirofilaria repens

Costa, A. R.; Porto, E.; Tayah, M.; Valente, N. Y. S.; Lacaz, C. da S.; Maranhao, W. M.; Rodrigues, M. C., 1990: Subcutaneous mucormycosis caused by Mucor hiemalis Wehmer f. luteus (Linnemann) Schipper 1973

Tanphaichitr, V. S.; Chaiprasert, A.; Suvatte, V.; Thasnakorn, P., 1990: Subcutaneous mucormycosis caused by Saksenaea vasiformis in a thalassaemic child: first case report in Thailand

Howerth, E. W.; Brown, C. C.; Crowder, C., 1989: Subcutaneous pythiosis in a dog

Ward, D. L., 1989: Subdermal infestation of a monitor lizard by Aponomma undatum (Fabricius) (Acarina: Ixodidae)

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235075

Kononowicz, H; Wang, Ye; Habeck, Ll; Gelvin, Sb, 1992: Subdomains of the octopine synthase upstream activating element direct cell-specific expression in transgenic tobacco plants

Rushforth A.; Green M.A.; Levene M.I.; Puntis J.W.L., 1991: Subdural fat effusion complicating parenteral nutrition

Hopkins, A. L.; Wheeler, S. J., 1991: Subdural hematoma in a dog

Young, S.; MacMahon, P.; Kovar, I. Z., 1989: Subdural intravenous fat collection: an unusual complication of central intravenous feeding in the neonate

Medjek, L.; Zenini, S.; Hammoum, S.; Hartani, M., 1991: Subdural rachidial dorsal hydatidosis. A case report

Wilms F.H.A.; Neelissen J.A.M.; Kroh M., 1990: Suberization and bud formation in tobacco explants

Chaubet, N; Philipps, G; Gigot, C; Guitton, C; Bouvet, N; Freyssinet, G; Schneerman, M; Weber, Df, 1992: Subfamilies of histone H3 and H4 genes are located on most, possibly all of the chromosomes in maize

Chee, Ms; Rizos, H; Henderson, Br; Baker, R; Stewart, Ts, 1991: Subfamilies of serine tRNA genes in the bovine genome

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235086

Thies, J. E.; Bohlool, B. B.; Singleton, P. W., 1991: Subgroups of the cowpea miscellany: symbiotic specificity within Bradyrhizobium spp. for Vigna unguiculata, Phaseolus lunatus, Arachis hypogaea, and Macroptilium atropurpureum

Gessmann, R., 1992: Subject teaching approaches to Olympic education in schools. Attempt at a stocktaking

Cardozo, M. G., 1990: Subjection of albino rats to stress

Chin Sang, V., 1990: Subjective experiences of leisure among older black women

Hartvich, P.; Vacha, B., 1990: Subjective factors influencing the attendance and utilization of fish farms

Hirsch, S.; Obaldia, N. de; Petermann, M.; Rojo, P.; Barrientos, C.; Iturriaga, H.; Bunout, D., 1991: Subjective global assessment of nutritional status: further validation

Hernandez-Plasencia, D; Santolaria-Fernandez, F; Hernandez-Garcia, M; Gonzalez-Reimers, E; Batista-Lopez, N; Jorge-Hernandez, Ja; Rodriguez-Moreno, F., 1991: Subjective nutritional assessment and short-term prognosis

Gilmore, D. D., 1991: Subjectivity and subjugation: fieldwork in the stratified community

Clark, D. C.; Haynes, K. F., 1991: Sublethal effects of chlordimeform on chemical communication and other reproductive behaviors in the female cabbage looper moth (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Patil, U. R.; Savanurmath, C. J.; Mathad, S. B.; Aralaguppi, P. I.; Ingalhalli, S. S., 1989: Sublethal effects of fenitrothion and endosulfan on growth, development and reproduction of the surviving generations of Mythimna separata (Walker)

Millikin R.L.; Smith J.N.M., 1990: Sublethal effects of fenitrothion on forest passerines

Sawby, Ryan; Klowden, Marc J.; Sjogren, Robert D., 1992: Sublethal effects of larval methoprene exposure on adult mosquito longevity

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235104

Fischer, E.; Koszorus, L., 1992: Sublethal effects, accumulation capacities and elimination rates as As, Hg and Se in the manure worm, Eisenia fetida (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae)

Kalchayanand, N.; Hanlin, M. B.; Ray, B., 1992: Sublethal injury makes Gram-negative and resistant Gram-positive bacteria sensitive to the bacteriocins, pediocin AcH and nisin

Munger, JC.; Karasov, WH., 1991: Sublethal parasites in white-footed mice: impact on survival and reproduction

Sandheinrich, M. B.; Atchison, G. J., 1990: Sublethal toxicant effects on fish foraging behavior: empirical vs. mechanistic approaches

Schmidt R.A., 1991: Sublimation of snow intercepted by an artificial conifer

Boucher, G.; Gourbault, N., 1990: Sublittoral meiofauna and diversity of nematode assemblages of Guadeloupe Islands, (French West Indies)

Berovic, M.; Cimerman, A.; Steiner, W.; Koloini, T., 1991: Submerged citric acid fermentation: rheological properties of Aspergillus niger broth in a stirred tank reactor

Dvornina, A. A.; Kushnir, S. N., 1989: Submerged cultivation of Basidiomycetes - protein producers

Stowell L.J., 1991: Submerged fermentation of biological herbicides

Sarma N.K.; Hazarika M.H., 1991: Submergence tolerance and kneeing ability of some rainfed lowland rices

Titus, J. E.; Feldman, R. S.; Grise, D., 1990: Submersed macrophyte growth at low pH. I. CO2 enrichment effects with fertile sediment

Turner, E. G.; Netherland, M. D.; Getsinger, K. D., 1991: Submersed plants and algae as factors in the loss of Rhodamine WT dye

Fry, J. D., 1991: Submersion tolerance of warm-season turfgrasses

Xu, S. M.; Jiang, Y. Q.; Miao, Y. N.; Hu, A. L.; Tong, D. L., 1991: Submicroscopic structure and the distribution of the paramural body in the soyabean leaf cell

Horky D., 1991: Submicroscopic structure of synovial membrane in the adult pig

Braunig, P., 1991: Suboesophageal DUM neurons innervate the principal neuropiles of the locust brain

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235127

Kalhoff, H.; Manz, F.; Diekmann, L.; Stock, G. J., 1990: Suboptimal mineral composition of cow's milk formulas: a risk factor for the development of late metabolic acidosis

Ogren E., 1988: Suboptimal nitrogen status sensitizes the photosynthetic apparatus in willow leaves to long term but not short term water stress

Cross, A. M.; Settle, J. J.; Drake, N. A.; Paivinen, R. T. M., 1991: Subpixel measurements of tropical forest cover using AVHRR data

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235131

Goerlich, R.; Gunder, B.; Heidrich, H. G., 1990: Subpopulations of human T-lymphocytes in the characterization of Plasmodium falciparum merozoite antigens

Unfried, K; Schiebel, K; Hemleben, V., 1991: Subrepeats of rDNA intergenic spacer present as prominent independent satellite DNA in Vigna radiata but not in Vigna angularis

Pond W.G.; Mersmann H.J., 1991: Subsequent response to early diet cholesterol and feed restriction in swine

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235135

Binns, R. M.; Duncan, I. A.; Powis, S. J.; Hutchings, A.; Butcher, G. W., 1992: Subsets of null and gamma delta T-cell receptor+ T lymphocytes in the blood of young pigs identified by specific monoclonal antibodies

Prontarskii, Yu, 1991: Subsidiary industrial activities on farms

Anonymous, 1991: Subsidies for certain farmers in debt - The Agricultural Board's preliminary regulations and comments on the Bill (1990:1092) on subsidizing certain farmers in debt

Anonymous, 1991: Subsidies for changeover and establishment - The Agricultural Board's regulations and comments on the Bill (1990:941) on income support, changeover and establishment subsidies for farmers in those parts which deal with changeover and establishment subsidies

Borelli, M.; Bocchio, N., 1990: Subsidies for poplar cultivation from EC and Regional legislation

Roubaix, E. de, 1988: Subsidies for skim milk in 1987

Roubaix, E. de, 1990: Subsidies for skim milk in 1988

Roubaix, E. de, 1990: Subsidies for skim milk in 1989

Mannaert, P., 1991: Subsidized distribution of milk to schools

Anonymous, 1990: Subsistence agriculture improvement: manual for the humid tropics

Rennie, S. J., 1991: Subsistence agriculture versus cash cropping - the social repercussions

Redford, K. H.; Robinson, J. G., 1991: Subsistence and commercial uses of wildlife in Latin America

Schubert, W., 1990: Subsistence economy and market production - possibilities and limits in developing countries

Yang, Y. Z.; Yu, Q.; Yu, G. Y.; Lui, R. X., 1991: Subsoil compaction due to total load on tractor wheel

Reeder, R. C.; Wood, R. K., 1991: Subsoil compaction effects on grain yields and soil properties

Ptacek, T. J.; Jones, R. S.; Johnson, E., 1991: Subsoil fertilizer applicator having arcuately adjustable knife

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235155

Benzel, J. E., 1990: Subsoil placement apparatus

Oddie, T. A.; Osborne, A. E.; Graveland, D. N.; Panek, L. A., 1989: Subsoil thickness effects on crop yield and soil water when reclaiming sodic minespoil

Medvedev, V. I.; Mazarov, V. P.; Gaifullin, G. Z., 1989: Subsoiler for mouldboardless soil cultivation

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Soskov, Yu D.; Bairamov, S. S., 1990: Subspecies of Trigonella foenum-graecum

Westermeyer, J., 1991: Substance use rates among medical students and resident physicians

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Habuka, N; Miyano, M; Kataoka, J; Tsuge, H; Ago, H; Noma, M., 1991: Substantial increase of the inhibitory activity of Mirabilis antiviral protein by an elimination of the disulfide bond with genetic engineering

Barev, D., 1990: Substantiating a method for loading potatoes from the harvester into the transport vehicle

Chichulin, A. V., 1991: Substantiation of a macrothermodynamic model of humus accumulation

Daskalov, D.; Nguen, A. T., 1990: Substantiation of an information parameter for soil scarifying capacity

Ivanov, Yu V.; Nefedov, B. A.; Rogozhkin, A. N., 1991: Substantiation of load-carrying capacity concerning the machines for nitrogen fertilizer application

Salikhov, V. I., 1991: Substantiation of optimal size of drum type feed steaming plant

Golikov, V. A.; Rodionov, A. V., 1991: Substantiation of parameters in the use of a feed preparation line for ewes

Kushnarev, A. S.; Shevchenko, I. A., 1991: Substantiation of parameters of stepped wedge share

Mashkov, E. A.; Babadzhanov, P. M., 1992: Substantiation of the nominal turnround capacity of the harvesting apparatus of cotton harvesters

Khusainov, R. I.; Yakushevich, S. P.; Novik, V. A., 1991: Substantiation of the parameters of a device for udder massage and milk extraction

Kuznetsov, Yu I., 1989: Substantiation of the parameters of implements for cultivation of ploughed soils

Avdeev, A. V.; Grudeva, G. I.; Sverdlov, V. P.; Basin, V. B., 1989: Substantiation of the reliability of combine harvesters

Selivanov, N. I., 1990: Substantiation of the temperature regime for use of hydro-mechanical power transmission

Evtyushenkov, N. E., 1989: Substantiation of the transport and technological processes of intrafarm grain transport

Blynskii, Yu N., 1989: Substantiation of the transport service of combine harvesters with transfer of material to mainline trains

Freger, Yu L.; Martynov, I. Yu, 1991: Substantiation of type and size nomenclature of ventilators for hay drying

Akhlamov, Yu D.; Baisman, M. L.; Tokarenko, V. I., 1991: Substantiation of working members parameters in case of separator for leguminous grass seeds

Omokawa, H.; Kobayashi, I.; Konnai, M., 1989: Substituent effect on photosynthesis of Nsuperscript 2- alpha -substituted benzyl-N4-alkyl-2,4-diamino-6-chloro-s-triazines and their phytotoxic property

Rizzi, P. L., 1991: Substitutability between food imports and national agricultural supply: the case of Italy, 1961-88

Lin, B. H. et al., 1991: Substitutability of crop rotations for agrichemicals: preliminary results

Merceron, M.; Thibaut, C.; Bazelin, C.; Fasquel, J. P.; Gervais, P., 1992: Substitute for dairy cream

Badaeva, E. D.; Budashkina, E. B.; Badaev, N. S.; Kalinina, N. P.; Shkutina, F. M., 1990: Substituted chromosomes in hybrids of Triticum aestivum X T. timopheevii

Hartley, Rd; Morrison, Wh Iii; Baliza, F; Towers, Ghn, 1990: Substituted truxillic and truxinic acids in cell walls of Cynodon dactylon

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235198

Papa, F. O.; Bicudo, S. D.; Alvarenga, M. A.; Meira, C., 1990: Substituting Bengal rose for metachrome yellow staining solution in the evaluation of sperm morphology in thawed semen

Perez Lanzac, J., 1990: Substituting barley by wheat in fattening boar pigs

Garcia Gutierrez, H.; Alba Gomez, L. O., 1989: Substituting lactose with saccharose (refined sugar) in the Nagase-Graham diluent for the freezing of bull semen

Kovacs G., 1990: Substitution analysis of frost resistance in wheat in in vitro somatic cultures and at seedling level

Bureau, J. C.; Danechvar Kakhki, M., 1990: Substitution between cereals and other concentrates in animal feeding: an application to dairy farming

Vincent, Jr; Brooks, Dj; Gandapur, Ak, 1991: Substitution between tropical and temperate sawlogs

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Hibberd, C. A.; Martin, S. K., 1990: Substitution of corn gluten meal for soybean meal in range supplements on intake and utilization of low quality native grass hay by beef steers

Burgstaller, G.; Lang, K. , 1989: Substitution of double low rapeseed meal for soyabean meal in the diet of fattening pigs

Klobasa, F.; Herbort, B.; Kallweit, E., 1991: Substitution of ewe colostrum with cow colostrum in newborn lambs. 1. Effect of feeding interval on immunoglobulin in the blood serum of lambs

Klobasa, F.; Herbort, B.; Kallweit, E., 1991: Substitution of ewe colostrum with cow colostrum in newborn lambs. 2. Effect of total amount of colostrum

Espe M.; Haaland H.; Njaa L.R., 1992: Substitution of fish silage protein and a free amino acid mixture for fish meal protein in a chicken diet

Faverdin, P.; Dulphy, J. P.; Coulon, J. B.; Verite, R.; Garel, J. P.; Rouel, J.; Marquis, B., 1992: Substitution of forage by concentrates in the dairy cow

Lim, C.; Dominy, W., 1992: Substitution of full-fat soybeans for commercial soybean meal in diets for shrimp, Penaeus vannamei

Brand A.A.; Cloete S.W.P.; Franck F., 1990: Substitution of lucerne hay by ammoniated wheat straw in growth diets for lambs

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235220

Faverdin P.; Dulphy J.P.; Coulon J.B.; Verite R.; Garel J.P.; Rouel J.; Marquis B., 1991: Substitution of roughage by concentrates for dairy cows

Mederos, C. M.; Figueroa, V.; Garcia, A.; Novo, O., 1989: Substitution of soyabean meal by torula yeast in high-test molasses diets for weaned pigs

Frajlic, V.; Steiner, Z., 1990: Substitution of soybean meal by horse bean in the feeding of piglets

Ologhobo A.D., 1991: Substitution of sunflower seed meal for soybean meal and groundnut meal in practical broiler diets

Mues, C.; Harris, D.; Horton, R.; Baskerville, N., 1991: Substitution relationships between beef and other meats in Japan

Alcantara, P. E.; Cordova, E. D.; Villeta, M. O.; Naldo, M. E., 1989: Substitution values of rice bran (D1) and rough rice (Palay) for corn in growing finishing swine rations

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Ware, S.; Pinion, G., 1990: Substrate adaptation in rock outcrop plants: Eastern United States Talinum (Portulacaceae)

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Taylor, S. W.; Jaffe, P. R., 1990: Substrate and biomass transport in a porous medium

Taylor, B. R.; Prescott, C. E.; Parsons, W. J. F.; Parkinson, D., 1991: Substrate control of litter decomposition in four Rocky Mountain coniferous forests

Meesters, P., 1990: Substrate culture at the Tongeren Demonstration Farm. Direct planting - table system

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235235

Saliu, J. K, Jr, 1990: Substrate distribution of chironomid larvae in the Oyun River, Ilorin, Nigeria

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Kafka, B., 1992: Substrate for out-of-ground cultivation and method for the production thereof

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Swanson, L. E.; Rothwell, R. L., 1989: Substrate freeze-thaw in a drained Alberta fen

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235247

Sugden, M. C.; Holness, M. J., 1990: Substrate interactions in the development of insulin resistance in type II diabetes and obesity

Alvarez, P. J. J.; Vogel, T. M., 1991: Substrate interactions of benzene, toluene and para-xylene during microbial degradation by pure cultures and mixed culture aquifer slurries

Meer, M. van der, 1991: Substrate investigation with Alstroemeria in nurseries. Cultivation 'free from the subsoil' is imminent

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235252

Carpenter W.J.; Maekawa S., 1991: Substrate moisture level governs the germination of verbena seed

Negishi S.; Sato S.; Mukataka S.; Takahashi J., 1990: Substrate presoaking effect on immobilization of protease on pig bone particles

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235255

Voorhees, M. E.; Uresk, D. W.; Trlica, M. J., 1991: Substrate relations for rillscale on bentonite mine spoil

Hares, W.; Frentzen, M., 1991: Substrate specificities of the membrane-bound and partially purified microsomal acyl-CoA:1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase from etiolated shoots of Pisum sativum (L.)

Ashall F.; Harris D.; Roberts H.; Healy N.; Shaw E., 1990: Substrate specificity and inhibitor sensitivity of a trypanosomatid alkaline peptidase

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Brzeska, H.; Lynch, T. J.; Martin, B.; Corigliano-Murphy, A.; Korn, E. D., 1990: Substrate specificity of Acanthamoeba myosin I heavy chain kinase as determined with synthetic peptides

Section 3, Chapter 2236, Accession 002235262

Montavon, P.; Kruger, N. J., 1992: Substrate specificity of pyrophosphate:fructose 6-phosphate 1-phosphotransferase from potato tuber

Lafemina R.L.; Callahan P.L.; Cordingley M.G., 1991: Substrate specificity of recombinant human immunodeficiency virus integrase protein

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Lelley J.; Niehrenheim U., 1991: Substrate treatment by fungicides in the oyster mushroom production

Bruckner, U., 1990: Substrate trials with azaleas. Increased fertilizing does not lead to better results

Riley M.; Elborn J.S.; Bell N.; Stanford C.F.; Nicholls D.P., 1990: Substrate utilization during exercise in chronic cardiac failure

Tzinia, AK.; Soteriadou, KP., 1991: Substrate-dependent pH optima of gp63 purified from seven strains of Leishmania

Liaw, Et; Penner, Mh, 1990: Substrate-velocity relationships for the Trichoderma viride cellulase-catalyzed hydrolysis of cellulose

Reijers, A., 1990: Substrate. A practical trial with substrate systems. Less substrate without loss of yield

Haghuis, P., 1990: Substrate. Reduction of mat volume for cucumbers is possible

Brown, R. L.; Beck, L. A., 1989: Subsurface agricultural drainage in California's San Joaquin Valley

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