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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2237

Chapter 2237 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bhuiyan, N.I., 1992:
Sulphur fertilization for rice and non-rice crops of Bangladesh agriculture

Anonymous, 1991:
Sulphur granulation made easy

Hussain, S.G., 1990:
Sulphur in Bangladesh agriculture

Ismunadji, M., 1988:
Sulphur in Indonesian agriculture

Kawai, K.K., 1988:
Sulphur in Japanese agriculture

Messick, D.L.; Morris, R.J.; Gabryszewski, J.M., 1992:
Sulphur in crop production and sources to meet future requirements

Hilal, M.H., 1992:
Sulphur in desert agro-systems

Bornemisza, E., 1990:
Sulphur in soils of Central America

Parkpian, P.; Cholitkul, W.; Chaiwanakupt, S., 1991:
Sulphur in the agriculture of Thailand

Ledgard, S.F.; Upsdell, M.P., 1991:
Sulphur inputs from rainfall throughout New Zealand

Ryskov, Y.G.; Oleinik, S.A.; Morgun, Y.G.; Samoilova, Y.M., 1989:
Sulphur isotopic composition as indicator of salts origin in landscapes of the Stavropol upland

Kim, W.S., 1988:
Sulphur mineralogy in soils

Beringer, H.; Mutert, E., 1992:
Sulphur nutrition of crops with special reference to K2SO4

Nys, C.; Stevens, P.; Ranger, J., 1990:
Sulphur nutrition of forests examined using a sulphur budget approach

Bahl, G.S.; Pasricha, N.S.; Baddesha, H.S., 1990:
Sulphur nutrition of three varieties of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) at three stages of growth

Schnug, E., 1991:
Sulphur nutritional status of European crops and consequences for agriculture

Kitto, M., 1989:
Sulphur production in the Middle East-present situation and outlook

Anonymous, 1992:
Sulphur production set to increase

Anonymous, 1992:
Sulphur recovery at Leuna

Grant, C.A., 1991:
Sulphur requirements of canola

Tiwari, K.N., 1990:
Sulphur research and agricultural production in Uttar Pradesh, India

Lamond, R.E., 1991:
Sulphur research in Kansas

Bhuiyan, N.I.; Islam, M.M., 1989:
Sulphur response of wetland rice in Bangladesh

Dvalishvili, V.G.; Stepanova, G.N., 1989:
Sulphur standards for young meat-and-wool rams

Biswas, B.C.; Tewatia, R.K.; Prasad, N., 1991:
Sulphur status in China-lessons for India

Park, J.K.; Park, Y.H.; Kim, W.C.; Yoon, J.H., 1988:
Sulphur status in Korean soils

Lian, S.; Guo, H.Y.; Su, N.R., 1988:
Sulphur status in agriculture of Taiwan, Republic of China

Ahmed, N.; Saleem, M.T.; Rashid, M., 1992:
Sulphur status of soils in Pakistan

Murray, P.J.; Godfrey, S.I.; Rowe, J.B., 1990:
Sulphur supplementation of lupin grain for sheep

Tolgyesi, G., 1991:
Sulphur uptake by maize in relation to the concentration of other elements

Maslova, I.Ya, 1989 :
Sulphur uptake by spring wheat during the process of yield formation

Lal, K.; Dravid, M.S., 1990:
Sulphur utilization by mustard as influenced by P, S, K2SiO3 and FYM in Typic Ustipsamment

Santoso, D.; Sri Adiningsih, J.; Kasno, A., 1992:
Sulphur, magnesium and micronutrients in Indonesian agriculture

Anonymous, 1990:
Sulphuric acid catalysts

Anonymous, 1992:
Sulphuric acid round-up

Anonymous, 1990:
Sulphuric acid: a new threat

Tabanali, A.K.; Khaidarkulov, G.I., 1990:
Sultana-type and table grape varieties in Uzbekistan

McDonald, D., 1989:
Sumitomo - Japanese leader in pyrethroids

Anonymous, 1991:
Summaries of papers presented at the XV Brazilian Congress of Nematology, Botucatu, SP, 18-22 February 1991

Anonymous, 1991:
Summaries of the contributions to the crop protection workshop 1991

Anonymous, 1991:
Summaries of the papers presented at the 16th meeting of the CITS-Subcommittee Measurement and Process Control held in Grob Gerau on 12th April 1990

Anon, 1990:
Summaries of toxicity studies on quinclorac

Cunningham, E.P., 1991:

Alonso, R.M.; Anton, M., 1990:
Summary account of common fungal diseases on Pinus spp. in Cuba and neighbouring countries of the Caribbean

Carrow, J.R.; Smith, S.M.; Laing, J.E., 1990:
Summary and prospects for the future

Ducci, F.; Tocci, A.; Veracini, A., 1988:
Summary list of basic plant material of Prunus avium collected in N. and S. Italy

Alstad, A.D., 1991:
Summary of Venezuelan equine encephalitis surveillance January 1, 1990-October 1, 1991

Bardon Fernandez, E., 1991:
Summary of a study on level of satisfaction in national and foreign tourist demand in relation to the Spanish tourism product

Brasse, D., 1990:
Summary of concerns with the draft EPPO guideline for evaluating the hazards of pesticides to honey bees

Anonymous, 1990:
Summary of discussions and recommendations

Ji yun, J.; Portch, S., 1992:
Summary of greenhouse plant nutrient survey studies of Chinese soils

Ekholt, B.A.; Jones, R.D., 1990 :
Summary of irrigation practices with the Pinal active management area, central Arizona

Anonymous, 1990:
Summary of main activities in 1990

Ray, D.E.; Meyers, W.H., 1990:
Summary of policy model results for 1990 from commodity options

Turk, J.; Turk, M.; Fales, W.; Kintner, L.; Nelson, S.; Shaw, D.; Brown, T.; Morehouse, L., 1989:
Summary of porcine respiratory disease diagnosis at the Missouri Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for the years 1984 and 1986

Anonymous, 1991:
Summary of rabies in Europe. Rabies in individual countries. Rabies case data Europe

Doss, R.P.; Chastagner, G.A.; Riley, K.L., 1988:
Summary of recent research on Botrytis elliptica

Ribaudo, M.; Woo, D., 1991:
Summary of state water quality laws affecting agriculture

Loper, G.M.; Wolf, W.W.; Taylor, O.R.J., 1990:
Summary of studies attempting to influence honey bee drone flight direction - radar obervations

Anonymous, 1991:
Summary of the 1990 annual report on companion animal registration in the Netherlands

Csapody, G., 1990:
Summary of the domestic methods of sugarbeet seed production

Anonymous, 1990:
Summary of the report on evaluation study of district industries centre in Maharashtra

Anonymous, 1990:
Summary of the report on the evaluation study on the national rural employment programmes

Donald, D.G.M., 1990:
Summary of the results of fertiliser research undertaken by the silviculture section of the Faculty of Forestry, University of Stellenbosch, 1962-1988

Wenzel, U.D.; Albert, G., 1990:
Summary of the results of pathological and bacteriological examination of mink in the Leipzig area of Germany between 1976 and 1989

Laughon, B.E.; Allaudeen, H.S.; Becker, J.M.; Current, W.L.; Feinberg, J.; Frenkel, J.K.; Hafner, R.; Hughes, W.T.; Laughlin, C.A.; Meyers, J.D.; Schrager, L.K.; Young, L.S., 1991:
Summary of the workshop on future directions in discovery and development of therapeutic agents for opportunistic infections associated with AIDS

Anon, 1989:
Summary of toxicity studies on bensultap

Frankard, B.; Lambert, J.; Jacob, C.; Peeters, A.; Toussaint, B., 1990:
Summary on the nitrate content in the distribution water of the Province of Luxembourg

Reeves, W.C., 1988:
Summary remarks and future research directions regarding the program on mosquito abundance and arbovirus activity in southern California

Anonymous, 1988:
Summary report for studies on the tropical forest ecosystem in Jianfengling region, Hainan Island. I. Biological gene pool. II. Ecological series

Hides, D.H., 1990:
Summary report of the white clover seed production EC Agrimed research group

Meijerink, A.M.J., 1990:
Summary report on ILWIS development

Anonymous, 1991:
Summary results of the survey on fertilizer marketing costs and margins in Asia and the Pacific, 1989/90

Osmanzai, M., 1990:
Summary: cereals agronomy research 1988-89

Scott, V.E.; Crouch, G.L., 1988:
Summer birds and mammals of aspen-conifer forests in west-central Colorado

Pavlenko, F.A.; Torba, A.I., 1988:
Summer bud-grafting of walnut

Hasslacher, D., 1991:
Summer eczema in the horse - a field study on the treatment with a steroid-free, new, galenic, 10% salicylic oil preparation

Anonymous, 1991:
Summer grazing of sheep

Wildner, L. do P.; Dadalto, G.G., 1991:
Summer green manures for west Santa Catarina

Yonemichi, H.; Sarashina, T., 1991:
Summer mastitis in Hokkaido: clinical and pathological findings in heifers experimentally infected with Actinomyces pyogenes

Sarashina, T.; Yonemichi, H., 1991:
Summer mastitis in Hokkaido: clinical and pathological findings in mastitis experimentally induced with Actinomyces pyogenes and Peptococcus indolicus

Sol, J., 1990:
Summer mastitis: epidemiology, aetiology, prevention and therapy

Davis, D.; Dernoeden, P., 1991:
Summer patch and Kentucky bluegrass quality as influenced by cultural practices

Myers, S.C., 1990:
Summer pruning effects on young peach tree development and fruit quality

Azam, B., 1988:
Summer pruning of kiwifruit

Anonymous, 1991:
Summer sores

Novoselov, Y.K.; Grishina, N.V., 1991:
Summer stubble sowings

Velthuis, H.H.W.; Buren, N.W.M. van; Marien, G.H.A., 1991:
Summer treatment of varroatosis using Perizin

Hansen, M., 1992:
Summer vaccination

Barnhart, T.R., 1991:
Summer's the time to sell water

D.A.ato, A.; Lahoz, E.; Cerato, C.; Pentangelo, A., 1990:
Summer-autumn multiplication of virus free seed tubers of different cultivars produced in the winter-spring season and treated with AG3

Orsini, J.P.G., 1989:
SummerPack, a computer package for sheep and pasture management over the summer-autumn period in a mediterranean environment

Charmillot, P-J.; Brunner, JF., 1989:
Summerfruit tortrix, Adoxophyes orana: life cycle, warning system and control

Orsini, J.P.G., 1990:
Summerpack, an interactive computer software for the prediction of liveweight changes of sheep grazing dry pastures or stubbles in the south of Australia

Waart, A. van de; Baart, J., 1990:
Summerred is the best interstock for Elstar and Jonagold

Chema, S., 1990:
Summing-up of strategies for the control of ticks in Africa

George, J.E., 1990:
Summing-up of strategies for the control of ticks in regions of the world other than Africa

Lawrence, J.A., 1990:
Summing-up of strategies for tick-borne disease control in Africa, especially east Africa

Pipano, E.; Grewal, A.S., 1990:
Summing-up of strategies for tick-borne disease control in regions of the world other than Africa

Rogerson, C.M., 1990:
Sun International: the making of a South African tourism multinational

Smith, N.J., 1991:
Sun and shade leaves: clues to how salal (Gaultheria shallon) responds to overstory stand density

Murisier, F., 1989:
Sun scorch of grapes in Valais

Ridder, J.M., 1992:
Sundale family complete

Katebi, M.N.A.; Ghulam Habib, 1988:
Sundarbans and forestry

Chazdon, R.L., 1988:
Sunflecks and their importance to forest understorey plants

Sahu, B.N.; Nayak, B.C., 1990:
Sunflower (Helianthus annuus Linn.) as a second crop under double cropping system in rainfed upland latosol soil

Ujjinaiah, U.S.; Rajashekar, B.G.; Venugopal, N.; Seenappa, K., 1991:
Sunflower - pigeonpea intercropping

McCormick, I.; Hyberg, B., 1991:
Sunflower acreage response to increased commodity program flexibility

Hariot, J., 1990:
Sunflower aphids. What strategy?

Fischer, C.; Hahne, G., 1991:
Sunflower cotyledon protoplasts: their development in liquid and solidified medium

Bilbro, J.D., 1992:
Sunflower dry matter production and plant structural relationships for wind erosion modeling

Micura, J., 1990:
Sunflower harvest with adapted combines

Kirichenko, V.V.; Povyakalo, V.I., 1992 :
Sunflower hybrid Khar'kovskii 49

Tkachenko, P.I., 1990:
Sunflower hybrids with high oleic acid content

Dayal, D., 1989:
Sunflower intercropping with paired-row planting of groundnut

Kalaidzhyan, A.A., 1991:
Sunflower mutant without petioles

Kalaidzhyan, A.A., 1990:
Sunflower mutants tolerant of high density

Salih, F.I.M.; Taha, S.H., 1989:
Sunflower seed meal as a protein concentrate in diets for broiler chicks

Fisher, L.J.; Bittman, S.; Mir, P.; Mir, Z., 1991:
Sunflower-corn silage as a forage for lactating cows

Venugopal, N.; Puttarangaswamy, K.T.; Seenappa, K., 1990:
Sunflower-pigeonpea intercropping as insurance against unpredictable monsoon situations on drylands

Merrien, A., 1989:
Sunflower-response to water under French conditions

Paradisi, U., 1991:
Sunflowers in Marche

Pardisi, U., 1992:
Sunflowers in the coastal region of Marche

Guiducci, M.; Bianchi, A.A., 1990:
Sunflowers on the high plain of Leonessa (Rieti) 1. Comparison between cultivars

Guiducci, M.; Bianchi, A.A., 1990:
Sunflowers on the high plain of Leonessa (Rieti) 2. Effect of sowing rate and distance between rows

Wang, Q.Y., 1991:
Sunlight greenhouse with heat preservation in high latitudes region

Fuentes, A.; Hamilton, R., 1991:
Sunn-hemp mosaic virus facilitates cell-to-cell spread of southern bean mosaic virus in a nonpermissive host

Tennyson, L., 1992:
Super Chief: tomato on the fast track

Mehta, A.K., 1989:
Super Seal BOPP films

Kokken, M.J., 1990:
Super oleins from palm oil fractionation

Bar Zur, A.; Saadi, H.; Nahman, N.; Hujerat, F.; Padova, R., 1990:
Super sweet sugary enhancer (se) sweet corn varieties

Koval' , V.S.; Petrovskii, A.M.; Astistov, G.G.; Pinchevskaya, E.A.; Yakornov, E.A.; Shurbaev, G.P., 1992:
Super-high-frequency drying of hardwoods in a pulsed regime

Bikandou, G.; Kokolo, J.; Massengo, R., 1992:
Superacute amoebic colitis at the C.H.U. of Brazzaville. (four case reports)

Kumar, L.; Singh, M.; Mitra, S.K.; Bannerjee, C.K., 1990:
Superadded aspergillosis on carcinoid bronchial adenoma leading to delayed diagnosis

Goar, B.G.; Lagas, J.A.; Borsboom, J.; Heijkoop, G., 1992:
Superclaus: performance world-wide

Pukacki P.M.; Mckersie B.D., 1990:
Supercooling and ice nucleation events in the crown of winter wheat seedlings

Raasch, A.; Knorr, D., 1990:
Supercritical CO2 extraction of aroma compounds from peels of passion fruits (Passiflora edulis Sims)

Ritter, D.C.; Campbell, A.G., 1991:
Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of southern pine and ponderosa pine

Wright, B.W.; Wright, C.W.; Fruchter, J.S., 1989:
Supercritical fluid extraction of coal tar contaminated soil samples

Burk R.C.; Kruus P.; Ahmad I.; Crawford G., 1990:
Supercritical fluid extraction of trace organics from solids

Hay, R.J.; Kalter, D.C., 1990:
Superficial Candida infections

Costa, E.F. da; Wanke, B.; Martins, E.C.S., 1991:
Superficial and cutaneous mycoses. Comparative study between two populations: Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Aracaju (SE)

Rezabek, G.H.; Friedman, A.D., 1992:
Superficial fungal infections of the skin. Diagnosis and current treatment recommendations

Welsh, O.; Arenas, R., 2010:
Superficial mycoses

Piontelli L.E.; Toro S.M.M.A.; Casanova Z.D.; Jara, D., 1991:
Superficial mycoses in patients from dermatological services of the V Region: study of prevalence in the period 1984-1989

Purim, K.S.M.; Telles Filho, F. de Q.; Serafini, S.Z., 1990:
Superficial phaeohyphomycosis (tinea nigra). Report of two cases from Parana

Medleau, L.; Rakich, P.M.; Latimer, K.S.; Grant, J.B., 1991:
Superficial pyoderma in the cat: diagnosing an uncommon skin disorder

Huffman, JE.; Murphy, PM.; Fried, B., 1992:
Superimposed infections in golden hamsters infected with Echinostoma caproni and Echinostoma trivolvis (Digenea: Echinostomatidae)

Harvey, J.A.; Kenny, P.; Poindexter, J.; Pak, C.Y., 1990:
Superior calcium absorption from calcium citrate than calcium carbonate using external forearm counting

Hume, D.J.; Shelp, B.J., 1990:
Superior performance of the Hup- Bradyrhizobium japonicum strain 532C in Ontario soybean field trials

Beers, T.R.; Burnes, J.; Fleming, C.R., 1990:
Superior vena caval obstruction in patients with gut failure receiving home parenteral nutrition

Sukura, A.; Soveri, T.; Lindberg, L.A., 1991:
Superiority of methylprednisolone over dexamethasone for induction of Pneumocystis carinii infection in rats

Kaufman, P., 1990:
Supermarket prices and price differences

Worsley, A., 1989:
Supermarket shoppers and the heart food festival: awareness and responses

Price, Cc, 1990:
Supermarkets seek growth in foodservice

Landau Ellis, D.; Gresshoff, P.M., 1992:
Supernodulating soybean mutants nts382 and nts1007 map to the same RFLP marker confirming genetic complementation data

Brockhouse, C.; Bass, JAB.; Feraday, RM.; Straus, NA., 1989:
Supernumerary chromosome evolution in the Simulium vernum group (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Bavin, V.; Rafay, J.; Parkanyi, V., 1990:
Superovulating different breeds of rabbits

Kosec, M.; Petac, D., 1989:
Superovulating rabbits with PMSG

Rosnina, Y.; Jainudeen, M.R.; Nihayah, M., 1992:
Superovulation and egg recovery in goats in the tropics

Thomas, C.K.; Xavier, F.; Leena, K.; Madhavan, E., 1991:
Superovulation and embryo collection from culled cows

Svitoyus, A.G., 1991:
Superovulation and embryo quality in relation to concentrations of progesterone and immunoglobulins in blood of cows before hormonal treatment

Pandey, A.; Sinha, S.K.; Mishra, O.P.; Pandey, J.N., 1992:
Superovulation and embryo recovery in Black Bengal goats

Taneja, M.; Pareek, P.K.; Jatkar, P.R., 1990:
Superovulation and embryo recovery in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) using different doses of pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (PMSG)

Mani, I.; Vadnere, S.V., 1989:
Superovulation and synchronization of estrus in goats

Azevedo, N.A.; Coelho, E.N., 1991:
Superovulation and synchronization of oestrus in cattle

Pasitskii, N.D.; Shavkun, V.E.; Lesiv, M.N.; Sharan, N.M., 1991:
Superovulation and yield of good quality embryos in relation to carotene content of the blood in cows

Gregory, R.M., 1989:
Superovulation in cattle: Physiological aspects, procedures and limitations

Alekseenko, A.N.; Ralchev, I.; Maslev, T., 1991:
Superovulation in embryo donor goats

McMillan, W.H.; Hall, D.R.H., 1991:
Superovulation in ewes: are follicle numbers a useful predictor of ovulation rate?

Martemucci, G.; Toteda, F.; Manchisi, A.; Minervini, F.; D.A.lesandro, A., 1991:
Superovulation in sheep with PMSG: effect of administration of anti-PMSG

Nasser, L.; Bo, G.A.; Palasz, A.; Mapletoft, R.J., 1991:
Superovulation in the cow with a single subcutaneous injection of Folltropin

Jabbour, H.N.; Evans, G., 1991:
Superovulation of Merino ewes with an ovine pituitary follicle stimulating hormone extract

Staigmiller, R.; Bellows, R.; Anderson, G.; Seidel, G.J.; Foote, W.; Menino, A.J.; Wright, R.J., 1992 :
Superovulation of cattle with equine pituitary extract and porcine FSH

Pleshkevich, I.S.; Gorbunov, Y.A.; Zhuk, N.F., 1991:
Superovulation of donor cows

Koene, M., 1990:
Superovulation of the mare by stimulation with HMG in an embryo-transfer programme

Lee J.S.; Lim K.T.; N.J.S., 1991:
Superovulation treatment and short term storage of embryos in domestic rabbits

Pawshe, C.H.; Kadu, M.S.; Fasihuddin, M.; Totey, S.M., 1992:
Superovulation with FSH-P and PMSG hormones in crossbred cows and heifers

Thatcher, W.W.; Drost, M.D., 1989:
Superovulation, embryo transfer and heat stress

Wani, G.M.; Geldermann, H.; Hahn, J., 1990:
Superovulations during early luteal phase in goats

Dabas, Y.P.S.; Sud, S.C., 1989:
Superovulatory response and milk progesterone levels in cow heifers following gonadotrophin administration

Dabas Y.P.S.; Sud S.C., 1990:
Superovulatory response and plasma progesterone in gonadotropin treated anestrus cattle

Techakumphu, M.; Lohachit, C., 1990:
Superovulatory response in crossbred sheep after PMSG or PMSG + GnRH treatment

Novaes, A.S.; Vale Filho, V.R.; Carvalho, J.C.C., 1991:
Superovulatory response of young Holstein heifers, sexually mature heifers and primiparous cows, treated with human menopausal gonadotropin

Ryot, K.D.; Vadnere, S.V., 1991:
Superovulatory response to two hormonal regimens in non-descript goats

Donnelly, J.K.; Robinson, D.S., 1991:
Superoxide dismutase

Xu, B.; Zhuang, B.C.; Lu, Q.H., 1990:
Superoxide dismutase (SOD) zymogram patterns and their geographical distribution among wild Glycine soja and cultivated G. max in China

Hosono, A.; Suzuki, M.; Otani, H., 1991:
Superoxide dismutase activity in the crude cell extract from Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus 3535

Canini, A.; Galiazzo, F.; Rotilio, G.; Grilli Caiola, M., 1991:
Superoxide dismutase detection in Anabaena azollae Strasb. isolated from Azolla filiculoides Lam

Zhuang, B.C.; Xu, B., 1991:
Superoxide dismutase zymogram patterns and their geographical distributions of semiwild soybean (G. gracilis) in the northeast of China

Daza, M.C.; Sandalio, L.M.; Rio, L.A. del; Quijano Rico, M., 1990:
Superoxide dismutases in coffee plants. Presence of an iron-containing isoenzyme

Davies, B.; Chattings, L.S.; Edwards, S.W., 1991:
Superoxide generation during phagocytosis by Acanthamoeba castellanii: similarities to the respiratory burst of immune phagocytes

Okano, T.; Tamai, H.; Mino, M., 1991:
Superoxide generation in leukocytes and vitamin E

Carle, R.; Beyer, J.; Cheminat, A.; Krempp, E., 1992:
Superscript 2H NMR Determination of site-specific natural isotope fractionation in (-)- alpha -bisabolols

Ye, Z.; Dyke, K. van; Spearman, T.; Safa, A.R., 1989:
Superscript 3H-Azidopine photoaffinity labeling of high molecular weight proteins in chloroquine resistant falciparum malaria

Lindgaard Jorgensen, P.; Riemann, B., 1989:
Superscript 3H-thymidine incorporation preliminary investigations of a method to forecast the toxicity of chemicals in biodegradability tests

Freitag, M.; Dopke, H.H.; Niemann, H.; Elsaesser, F., 1991:
Superscript 3H-uridine incorporation in early porcine embryos

Coster, J. de, 1991:
Superspindle: a new concept

Ramazzotti, L., 1990:
Supervised control in a vineyard in Lazio: the results of a decade of experience

Ilardo, G.; Caracci, M., 1990:
Supervised control of the olive fly

Borgstrom, U., 1990:
Supervision and control of cleaning

Douglas, M., 1991:
Supervision of rural health centres in Papua New Guinea: consolidation of the delivery of health services

Anonymous, 1991:
Supplement No. 4 to the list of preparations

Anonymous, 1991:
Supplement for Africa. Programme for the 1990 World Census of Agriculture

Aleev, A.; Shakirov, S., 1991:
Supplement to feed

Gyawali, B.K., 1988:
Supplement to insects recorded in Nepal on various crops of economic importance

Draganovic, B.; Micic, G., 1989:
Supplement to investigation of technology processes of cesium - 134, 137 decontamination of beef and lamb meat

Shvedchikova, N.K., 1991:
Supplement to the 'Flora of Kunashir island'

Patrick, B.H., 1992:
Supplement to the Lepidoptera of the Mackenzie Country with recommendations on their conservation

Buck, K., 1992:
Supplement to the limiting number of rotations of disc and centrifugal slicers

Araujo Pereira, L. de, 1988:
Supplement to the list of orchids of Alagoas - II

Szilagyi, M.; Tolgyesi, G.; Suri, A.; Szabo, E., 1989:
Supplemental boron effects on some biochemical and physiological parameters in sheep

Bailey, J.B.; Olsen, K.N., 1990:
Supplemental chemical control for omnivorous looper on avocados

Chang, X.; Mowat, D.N., 1992:
Supplemental chromium for stressed and growing feeder calves

Randel, P.F., 1990:
Supplemental concentrates with four levels of crude protein for grazing dairy cows

Pordomingo, A.J.; Wallace, J.D.; Freeman, A.S.; Galyean, M.L., 1991:
Supplemental corn grain for steers grazing native rangeland during summer

Coppock, C.E.; Wilks, D.L., 1991:
Supplemental fat in high-energy rations for lactating cows: effects on intake, digestion, milk yield, and composition

Machacek, V.; Svarc, J., 1991:
Supplemental methods of defining plant nutrition by phosphorus

Ruff, M.D.; Chute, M.B.; Garcia, R., 1991:
Supplemental use of liquid amprolium in skip-a-day feeding of replacement pullets

Anderson, R.A.; Polansky, M.M.; Bryden, N.A.; Canary, J.J., 1991:
Supplemental-chromium effects on glucose, insulin, glucagon, and urinary chromium losses in subjects consuming controlled low-chromium diets

Neil, Maria, 1992:
Supplementary dietary water to mink in lactation and early kit growth

Cronje, P.B., 1990:
Supplementary feeding in ruminants - A physiological approach

McLeod, D.S., 1991:
Supplementary feeding of young Jamaica Red Poll bulls at pasture during dry periods in beef production studies

Anonymous, 1991 :
Supplementary feeds may be uneconomical

Wanapat, M., 1989:
Supplementary feeds: their effects on performance of draught animals and their acceptability to Southeast Asian Farmers

Boyages, S.C.; Halpern, J.P.; Maberly, G.F.; Collins, J.; Jupp, J.; Eastman, C.J.; Jin, C.E.; Gu, Y.H.; Zhou, L., 1990:
Supplementary iodine fails to reverse hypothyroidism in adolescents and adults with endemic cretinism

Saleh, A.F.M., 1991:
Supplementary irrigation in Bangladesh: requirements, benefits and prospects

Bettin, A.; Faupel, H., 1990:
Supplementary lighting for azaleas

Hurka, W., 1990:
Supplementary lighting of Antirrhinum seedlings

Biermann, W., 1990:
Supplementary lighting of Elatior begonias

Delecolle, J.C.; Rieb, J.P., 1990:
Supplementary list of the ceratopogonids of Alsace (Dipt. Nematocera)

Xiao, B.N., 1988:
Supplementary observations of the morphological features of Oesophagostomum kansuensis and a study of the life history of the free-living stage

Fan, P.F., 1989:
Supplementary report of Haemonchus contortus by scanning electron microscopy

Friedrich, M.; Makings, P., 1990:
Supplementary taxonomic characters for the discrimination of Petrobius brevistylis Carpenter from P. maritimus (Leach) in both sexes (Microcoryphia, Machilidae)

Ward, M.G.; Adams, D.C.; Wallace, J.D.; Galyean, M.L.; Knapp, B.W., 1990:
Supplementation and monensin effects on digesta kinetics. 1. Cattle grazing summer range

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Supplementation of rice bran and/or dried leucaena leaf to growing native cattle fed grass hay during the dry season

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Supplementation of the substrate for Pleurotus-species at filling

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Supplying dairy cows with magnesium in spring

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Supplying quality multinutrient fertilizers in the Latin American and Caribbean Region - emphasizing bulk blending and the complementary role of granulation

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Support by the European Community of agricultural reforms in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe

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Support for investment in horticulture II. The most important programmes for trading enterprises

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Support for long-term agricultural research

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Support for women in microenterprises in Africa

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Support insulation of a fully-integrated refrigerated ammonia tank

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Support programme and aids for the new Federal Lander

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Support related to number of animals - a summary

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Support to rural dairy processing in Tanzania

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Supporting and animating community-based rural development in Europe - some lessons for Scotland?

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Suppression of cytoplasmic male sterility by nuclear genes alters expression of a novel mitochondrial gene region

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Suppression of Root-knot Nematode Populations with Selected Rapeseed Cultivars as Green Manure

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Suppression of the Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) with augmentative releases of predaceous stinkbugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)

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Suppression of the Ph gene of wheat and its origin in the genome

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Suppression of the black pigment in female hybrids of Papilio glaucus and P. multicaudatus: further evidence of the value of ecdysone in breaking pupal diapause

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Suppression of the high affinity phosphate uptake system: a mechanism of arsenate tolerance in Holcus lanatus L

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Suppression of weeds by competitive weed cultivars and interaction with herbicide

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Suppression of wheat take-all and black root rot of tobacco by Pseudomonas fluorescens strain CHA0: results of field and pot experiments

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Suppressive effect of Orius sp. (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) on the population density of Thrips palmi (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in eggplant in an open field

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Suppressive effects of cigarette smoking on the prevalence of summer-type hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by Trichosporon cutaneum and specific antibody response to the antigen

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Suppressive soils and practical application of biological control of Fusarium diseases

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Suppressor production as a key factor for fungal pathogenesis

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Suppurative cholangiohepatitis in a cat

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Supra farm collaboration. Single enterprise partnerships: save costs and labour

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Supramammary administration of enrofloxacin in sheep

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Suramin and therapy of onchocerciasis

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Surface and ultrastructural feeding injury to strawberry leaves by the twospotted spider mite

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Surface antigens present on vegetative Rhizobium meliloti cells may be diminished or absent when cells are in the bacteroid form

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Surface application of lime to grasslands

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Surface area calculation for Onchocerca volvulus microfilariae

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Surface bacterial count of sheep carcasses, and the effect of carcass spraying after evisceration

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Surface chemical properties of colloids in main soils of China

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Surface complexation at (Hydr)oxide surfaces

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Surface crusting in two alluvial soils of northern Niger

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Surface deterioration and protection of lignocellulosic material

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Surface disinfection of raw produce

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Surface erodibility of earthen channels at high stresses. Part I - open channel testing

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Surface erodibility of earthen channels at high stresses. Part II - developing an in situ testing device

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Surface features of the avocado fruit

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Surface hardness of wood and wood composites by wedge tests

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Surface herbicide injection using air jets

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Surface hydrology

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Surface layers of bacteria

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Surface lectin binding characteristics of developing stages of Brugia in Armigeres subalbatus: II. Brugia malayi

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Surface migration of earthworms in grassland

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Surface mining-its role on site quality

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Surface properties of the products of incomplete hydrolysis of spruce wood by monocalcium phosphate solutions

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Surface protection of wood in the open

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Surface recultivation and renovation of pastures

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Surface residues of EPN on okra and brinjal

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Surface run-off and soil erosion under Pennisetum purpureum grass and a Pinus merkusii stand at Aek Nauli, North Sumatra

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Surface runoff control on sloping fields by hardpan breaking

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Surface runoff on pervious basins in the Sahel area. Comparison with other pervious tropical basins

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Surface runoff, soil and nutrient losses in plots reforested with eucalypts in sandy soils in Sao Simao county, Sao Paulo

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Surface sculpture of pollen of Sorghum species

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Surface seal development in relation to rainstorm intensity

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Surface seal influence on surge flow furrow infiltration

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Surface sealing and infiltration

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Surface soil pH in non-arid Queensland

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Surface strain on the equine hoof wall in vivo: implications for the material design and functional morphology of the wall

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Surface structure effects on close-range reflectance as a function of soil organic matter content

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Surface tension of water from agricultural production

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Surface testing of particleboard and medium density fiberboard for laminating applications

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Surface topography and description of a larval didymozoid (Trematoda, Didymozoidae) from the threadfin bream Nemipterus peronii

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Surface topology of chilling injury of tomato fruit

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Surface trash density detection

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Surface ultrastructure of newly excysted metacercariae of Paragonimus heterotremus

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Surface ultrastructure of the developmental stages of Heterophyopsis continua (Trematoda: Heterophyidae)

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Surface wash: the dominant geomorphic process in the surviving rainforest of Singapore

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Surface water chemistry of impounded wetlands and the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, USA

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Surface water erosion danger and gully erosion occurrence in the Western Beskidy and the Western Beskid foothills

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Surface water management for crop production on highly erodible land

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Surface-active properties of aqueous solutions of lignosulfonates

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Surface-mine grasslands

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Surface-mount chip design for instrumented sphere miniaturization

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Surface-slope effects on sprinkler uniformity

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Surfactant efficacies of sucrose palmitate and stearate in water, cane juice and molasses

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Surfactant-altered rates of chlorimuron and metsulfuron photolysis in sunlight

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Surficial processes in the rainforest of western Amazonia

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Surfing: motivations, values, and culture

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Surgery of cataract in dogs

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Surgery of the small intestine

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Surgical and anesthetic management of puppies and kittens

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Surgical correction of a true congenital pleuroperitoneal diaphragmatic hernia in a cat

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Surgical correction of an intestinal obstruction in a turtle

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Surgical correction of canine perineal disorders

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Surgical correction of congenital ocular and nasal dermoids and third eyelid gland prolapse in related Burmese kittens

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Surgical correction of unusual temporomandibular joint conditions

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Surgical disorders of the bovine foot: their treatment following bacteriological examinations

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Surgical embryo recovery from superovulated goats, using a Foley catheter

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Surgical handling of lumpy skin disease in cows

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Surgical management of hepatic and biliary disease in cats

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Surgical management of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in immunocompromised patients

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Surgical management of oesophageal anomalies in buffaloes

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Surgical management of spinal fractures and luxations

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Surgical management of umbilical infection in calves

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Surgical models to measure organ amino acid metabolism in vivo

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Surgical options for laryngeal paralysis in dogs: a consideration of partial laryngectomy

Anonymous, 1988:
Surgical pathology of animals

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Surgical procedure for duodenal cannulation in the adult dairy cow

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Surgical removal of subfoveal neovascularization in the presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome

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Surgical repair of a cranial meningocele in a calf

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Surgical repair of perineal tears in the horse - technique and results

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Surgical repair of peripheral detachment of the medial meniscus in 34 cattle

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Surgical stapling devices in small animal surgery

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Surgical tactics in associated hepatic and pulmonary hydatidosis

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Surgical techniques

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Surgical techniques for urinary tract diversion and salvage in small animals

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Surgical therapy of the short bowel syndrome

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Surgical treatment and postoperative care of some cases of intestinal colic in horses

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Surgical treatment of a congenital bronchoesophageal fistula in a dog

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Surgical treatment of caecal dilatation/torsion in the cow - 80 cases (1988-1990)

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Surgical treatment of cervical disc herniations in ambulatory dogs. Ventral decompression vs. fenestration, 111 cases (1980-1988)

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Surgical treatment of coxofemoral luxation in the dog - recovery and long-term results

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Surgical treatment of hepatic hydatid cyst ruptured into the biliary ducts. A review of eighty-six cases

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Surgical treatment of hepatic hydatidosis

Ordabekov, S.O., 1991:
Surgical treatment of hepatic hydatidosis by means of carbon dioxide lasers

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Surgical treatment of hydatid cyst of liver

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Surgical treatment of hydatidosis

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Surgical treatment of open splint bone fractures in 26 horses

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Surgical treatment of perforating duodenal ulcer in a dog by use of modified choledochoduodenostomy and gastrojejunostomy

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Surgical treatment of polydactylism and long term follow up in five horses

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Surgical treatment of severe obesity

Neumann, W., 1991:
Surgical treatment of the cataract in small animals (1st Part)

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Surmounting barriers to forest regeneration in abandoned, highly degraded pastures: a case study from Paragominas, Para, Brazil

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Surplus animal manure: new object of regulation in the Netherlands and in Germany

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Surplus farm family female labour for production and processing of horticultural crops

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Surprise plan - research project on 'new style rice'

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Surprising results of inventories in forest enterprises

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Surrogate transformation of perennial ryegrass, Lolium perenne, using genetically modified Acremonium endophyte

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Surveillance and control of N.J. mosquito populations in U.S. Corps of Engineers' dredge spoil areas: a pilot program utilizing aerial insecticides

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Surveillance and control of aflatoxin contamination of dried figs and fig paste imported into the United Kingdom

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Surveillance and control of meningococcal meningitis epidemics in refugee populations

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Surveillance and control programs for cestode diseases

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Surveillance and epidemiologic mapping of monoclonal antibody-defined rabies variants in Florida

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Surveillance and monitoring for exotic pests

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Surveillance for arthropod-borne viral activity and disease in California during 1987

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Surveillance for dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever

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Surveillance for dracunculiasis, 1981-1991

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Surveillance for epidemic cholera in the Americas: an assessment

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Surveillance methodology for planning, and evaluation of nutritional states

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Surveillance of Aedes albopictus in Tokushima City by ovitrap method

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Surveillance of Chagas' disease vectors in Sao Paulo state

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Surveillance of Plasmodium falciparum sensitivity to chloroquine in West Africa. In vivo tests with a dose of 5 or 10 mg/kg bodyweight

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Surveillance of cattle herds for bovine virus diarrhoea virus (BVDV)-infection using data on reproduction and calf mortality

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Surveillance of in vivo sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to the 4-aminoquinolines in Cameroon

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Surveillance of patients attending a rural diarrhoea treatment centre in Bangladesh

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Surveillance of primary root diseases of tea

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Surveillance of sandflies in Henan, 1987

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Surveillance of severe pediatric undernutrition: conceptual and practical issues

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Surveillance of shigellosis in rural Bangladesh: a 10 years review

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Surveillance of the population antibody level in filariasis controlled areas using indirect fluorescent antibody test

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Surveillance of toxigenic fungi and aflatoxins in rice and paddy grains

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Surveillance of tsetse fly and cattle populations for trypanosomes in the BICOT area during the sterile insect technique control programme

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Surveillance solutions to microbiological problems in water quality control in Developing Countries

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Surveillance studies on parasitism in wild boar (Sus scrofa) in Punjab, Pakistan

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Survey and analysis of mixed stands of Cunninghamia lanceolata

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Survey and confirmation of Tatipaka diseased palms in central delta of River Godavari in Andhra Pradesh

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Survey and control of musk thistle (Carduus nutans) in Tennessee field nurseries

Trockenbrodt M., 1990:
Survey and discussion of the terminology used in bark anatomy

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Survey and efficiency of Puerto Rican strains of entomopathogenic nematodes

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Survey and identification of the resources of R. fredii in Shanxi, China

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Survey and management review of a rainforest reserve: Sangay National Park, Ecuador

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Survey and pedological study of some experimental fields under different cropping systems

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Survey and preliminary study of bean germplasm resources in north-east China

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Survey and studies on dung fauna in Egypt

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Survey for Ixodes spp. and Borrelia burgdorferi in southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois

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Survey for aflatoxin and zearalenone in nationally produced maize destined for animal feed

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Survey for antibodies to various Leptospira strains in breeding cows and heifers in the Novi Pazar area

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Survey for diseases and parasites in exotic ruminants in Texas

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Survey for insecticide resistance in some Ontario populations of the apple leafminer parasite, Pholetesor ornigis (Weed) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

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Survey for natural enemies of Diuraphis noxia (Mordvilko) in Eurasia

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Survey methods, distribution, and seasonality of Korscheltellus gracilis (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae) in the Green Mountains, Vermont

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Survey of Actinobacillus (Haemophilus) pleuropneumoniae infection in swine by different methods

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Survey of Bacillus thuringiensis and B. sphaericus from soil samples of four provinces in China and their principal biological properties

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Survey of Enterobius vermicularis infection among school children in Tainan City

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Survey of Fusarium sambucinum (Gibberella pulicaris) for mating type, trichothecene production, and other selected traits

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Survey of Italian exports of fish and shellfish (molluscs and crustaceans) (1984-88)

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Survey of Japanese medicinal plants for the detection of allelopathic properties

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Survey of Sarcocystis infection in cattle in Korea

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Survey of adult mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) during irrigation development in the Mahaweli Project, Sri Lanka

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Survey of aeromycoflora at Sriganganagar City (Rajasthan)

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Survey of aflatoxin contamination of feeds in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China

Muller, W., 1990:
Survey of agrometeorological approaches for characterizing the meteorological water balance

Anonymous, 1990:
Survey of animal draught power in various agro climatic zones of the country: socio-economic features and current husbandry practices (I.C.A.R. sponsored adhoc Scheme)

Singh, P.K., 1991:
Survey of animal draught power in various agro-climatic zones of the country: socio-economic features and current husbandry practices (a study of Gujarat zone). I.C.A.R. sponsored adhoc scheme final report

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Survey of animal livers for vitamin A content

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Survey of antibiotic residues in livestock and fishery products

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Survey of antibodies to Leptospira in man and wild rats in Pohnpei, Micronesia

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Survey of antibodies to arthropod-borne viruses in pigs in Japan

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Survey of antibodies to feline viruses in free-ranging lions

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Survey of avian coccidiosis in three broiler farms in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Survey of bacterial blight damage on pea in Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh

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Survey of bacteriological quality of market samples of kalakand in Bangalore city

Henry, M., 1991:
Survey of barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) from grasses in west of France

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Survey of barley yellow dwarf virus in small-grain cereals in the Ethiopian Highlands

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Survey of birds and lizards for ixodid ticks (Acari) and spirochetal infection in northern California

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Survey of blood protozoa and blood parasites of pet dogs in Samut-Prakan Province

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Survey of bovine tuberculosis in wild red deer in Jutland

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Survey of breeding and varietal types of asparagus at the INRA

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Survey of chemical exposures in a viscose rayon plant

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Survey of chemical pollutants in biota from Tokyo Bay (VIII). Residue levels in Japanese sea bass and gull in 1988

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Survey of cobalt exposure and respiratory health in diamond polishers

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Survey of cucumber cultivars grown in North Carolina

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Survey of dairy products in Victoria, Australia for Listeria species

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Survey of dermatophytes in companion animals in Portugal

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Survey of dermatophytosis in Madrid during a decade (1978-1987)

Petersen, J.H., 1991:
Survey of di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate plasticizer contamination of retail Danish milks

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Survey of dogs for Coxiella burnetii and Chlamydia psittaci antibodies

Gurycova, D.; Kopcok, M., 1992:
Survey of dogs from Bratislava for Francisella tularensis infection

Turkan I.; Suge H., 1991:
Survey of endogenous gibberellins in a barley mutant showing abnormal response to gravity

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Survey of enteropathogenic agents in children with and without diarrhoea in Ghana

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Survey of entomopathogenic fungi naturally infecting cereal aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) of irrigated grain crops in southwestern Idaho

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Survey of farm households' target management by objectives at two townships and one village, Jiangxi Province

Watanabe, T., 1990:
Survey of fenitrothion, fenobucarb and their products in the atmosphere after aerial application

Anonymous, 1990:
Survey of fertilizer marketing costs and margins in Asia and the Pacific 1988/89

Anonymous, 1991:
Survey of fertilizer marketing costs and margins in Asia and the Pacific for 1988/89

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Survey of field outbreaks of avian infectious laryngotracheitis in England and Wales

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Survey of filariasis in the Comoros Islands, Grande Comore and Moheli

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Survey of forest products industries in Potenza province

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Survey of forest renewal programs in British Columbia. Part II: Northern Interior

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Survey of fungal flora on skin of cattle and on forage plants in Sao Jose do Rio Preto

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Survey of genetical work carried out at the Institute of Plant Breeding and Acclimatization (1985-1989)

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Survey of groundnut diseases in Guinea

Kannaiyan, J., 1990:
Survey of groundnut diseases in the Eastern Province, Zambia

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Survey of heavy metals in ex-farm milks of England and Wales

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Survey of hepatic and pulmonary helminths of wild cervids in Alberta, Canada

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Survey of hessian fly in northern Tunisia

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Survey of house fly pupal parasitoids on dairy farms in Maryland and New York

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Survey of infection of the tick Ixodes ricinus with Borrelia burgdorferi. Additional note

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Survey of kharif weeds in Rewa division of Madhya Pradesh (India)

Yang, X. et al., 1991:
Survey of land scale management in Jinan suburban areas

Capar, S.G., 1990:
Survey of lead and cadmium in adult canned foods eaten by young children

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Survey of leaf stomates and trichomes of some problem weeds of Bukidnon, Philippines

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Survey of miticide use in Georgia honey bee hives

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Survey of mixed beech /fir /spruce forests under a selected management system. 2

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Survey of natural enemies of date palm pests in Libya

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Survey of nematode parasites of domestic ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) in Bihar

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Survey of nematodes in coffee nurseries

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Survey of non-parasitic stages of ticks on pasture continually grazed by cattle

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Survey of occupational exposure of waste industry workers to infectious waste in Washington State

Svec, R., 1990:
Survey of parasitic diseases in pigeon breeding

Gibbs, J.N.; Greig, B.J.W., 1990:
Survey of parkland trees after the great storm of October 16, 1987

Detterline, JL.; Wilhelm, WE., 1991:
Survey of pathogenic Naegleria fowleri and thermotolerant amebas in federal recreational waters

Nagayama, T.; Maki, T.; Kawai, Y.; Kobayashi, M.; Shioda, H.; Kan, K.; Hashimoto, H.; Nishima, T., 1990:
Survey of pesticide residues in imported crops - Apr. 1988 to Mar. 1990

Nagayama, T.; Maki, T.; Hashimoto, H.; Kawai, Y.; Kan, K.; Iida, M.; Kobayashi, M.; Shioda, H.; Nishima, T., 1990:
Survey of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits - Apr. 1989 to Mar. 1990

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Survey of pests and diseases of cork oak from the Black Sea coastline of the Caucasus

Pacheco, I.A.; Santori, M.R.; Taylor, R.W.D., 1990:
Survey of phosphine resistance in stored grain insect pests in the state of Sao Paulo

Songa, W.A.; Omanga, P.; Reddy, M.V., 1991:
Survey of pigeonpea wilt and other diseases in Machakos and Kitui Districts of Kenya

Badoux, S., 1990:
Survey of plant breeding in Switzerland. Special cases: soyabeans and fodder grasses

Kim J.I.; Han S.C., 1990:
Survey of plant parasitic nematodes in crops of controlled horticulture

Ogata, K.; Hosoya, E.; Sato, T., 1988:
Survey of poisonous substances in honey

Vroomen, L.H.M.; Struijs, T.D.B. van der; Kerkvliet, J.D., 1990:
Survey of radioactive contamination of the heather honey crop 1989

Hale, C.C.; Lichtenberg, W.H., 1990:
Survey of refrigerated storage in the U.S. and Canada

Pandey, G.; Singh, R.B., 1990:
Survey of root diseases of chickpea in Allahabad region

Pandey, G.; Singh, R.B., 1990:
Survey of root diseases of green gram in Allahabad region

Linares Portela, R.; Suarez Hernandez, M.; Armas, L.F. de, 1990:
Survey of scorpions in housing and persons stung in seven municipalities in the province of Ciego de Avila

Hamilton, G.R., 1990:
Survey of seeding and tillage equipment

Gabriel, D.; Tancini, R.S. da; Luporini, M.P.M.; Ferreira, A.F.; Coelho, V.A., 1991:
Survey of soil cover to determine hibernating weevils Anthonomus grandis Boheman, 1843 (Coleoptera; Curculionidae) in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Rajendram, GF.; Devarajah, FR., 1990:
Survey of some rice insect pests and their predators in three districts of Sri Lanka

Budantsev, A.L., 1992:
Survey of species of the genus Nepeta (Lamiaceae). Section Nepeta

Komar, M.; Marinsek, J.; Sinigoj Gacnik, K.; Ivanc, S.; Milohnoja, M., 1990:
Survey of sulphonamide residues in urine samples, animal tissues and food of animal origin in Slovenia in 1986, 1987 and 1988

Giti Roy, 1991:
Survey of superficial mycotic diseases in Calcutta metropolis

Muirhead, S., 1991:
Survey of swine producers identifies excess nitrate, nitrite levels in water

Peters, R.R., 1991:
Survey of teat dips and teat dip efficacy testing of products used by Maryland dairy producers participating in on-farm extension program

Ambian, F.; Auto, S.; Bakath, D.; Watt, W.; Mercer, C.W.L., 1989:
Survey of termite attack on buildings in Lae

Miyawaki, A.; Nakamura, Y., 1988:
Survey of the Japanese flora in the nemoral and boreal zones

Thomas, J.O., 1990:
Survey of the causes of dystocia in sheep

Brooks, R., 1990:
Survey of the dog population of Zimbabwe and its level of rabies vaccination

Lebot, V., 1989:
Survey of the genetic resources of Piper methysticum Forst. f. in Oceania

Klein, T.A.; Burgess, L.W.; Ellison, F.W., 1990:
Survey of the incidence of whiteheads in wheat crops grown in northern New South Wales, 1976-1981

Atwa, A.A.; Dessouky, S.M.; Sharrara, A.M.; Kabeel, M.T., 1987:
Survey of the magnitude and causes of losses in some Egyptian vegetable crops

Chou, K.C.; Chou, L.Y., 1990:
Survey of the natural enemies of mango leaf-hoppers in Taiwan

Wassell, T.R.; Esslemont, R.J., 1992:
Survey of the operation of dairy herd health schemes by veterinary practices in the United Kingdom

Smith, R.A.; Couche, G.A., 1990:
Survey of the phylloplane as a source of novel Bacillus thuringiensis variants

Park, J.C.; Zong, M.S.; Chang, I.M., 1991:
Survey of the presence of the Fusarium mycotoxins nivalenol, deoxynivalenol and T-2 toxin in Korean cereals of the 1989 harvest

Matosic Cajavec, V.; Mikacic, D.; Gaal, E.; Vrana, M.; Markovic, I.; Markovic Devcic, B., 1991:
Survey of the results of use of enzymes from PLIVA Production Programme in chick fattening

Vidal, I.; Longeri, L., 1990:
Survey of the symbiotic association Azolla filiculoides-Anabaena azollae in paddy fields in Chile

Uygun, N.; Elekcioglu, I.H., 1990:
Survey of the whitefly (Homoptera, Aleyrodidae) species in eastern Mediterranean Region

Kaul, H.N.; Shetty, P.S.; Ghalsasi, G.R.; Dhanda, V., 1990:
Survey of ticks (Acarina: Ixodidae) for Crimean haemorrhagic fever virus activity in Jammu & Kashmir state, India

Gonzalez M.S., 1990:
Survey of trace elements in the agricultural resources of Chile. Waters and soils of the Elqui and Limari valleys, IV Region

Orlic, D.; Vidic, B.; Jovanovic, V.; Lazic, S.; Manojlovic, L., 1991:
Survey of viral and bacterial infections in the deer population (Cervus elaphus) of the Pannonian depression

Johari, D.; Singh, R.G., 1991:
Survey of weed flora in sugarcane fields in different agroclimatic conditions of Uttar Pradesh

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