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Supplemental corn grain for steers grazing native rangeland during summer

Pordomingo, A.J.; Wallace, J.D.; Freeman, A.S.; Galyean, M.L.

Journal of Animal Science 69(4): 1678-1687


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8812
PMID: 2071525
Accession: 002236311

Effects of supplemental corn grain on forage OM intake (FOMI), digesta kinetics, ruminal fermentation patterns, in vitro OM digestibility (IVOMD), and in situ OM digestion were examined in steers grazing summer blue grama rangeland in northeastern New Mexico during July and August 1988. Sixteen ruminally cannulated steers (average BW 507 kg) were allotted to four treatments and individually fed whole-shelled corn at 0, .2, .4, and .6% of BW in a complete random design with repeated measurements over time. Forage OMI decreased linearly (P = .02) with increasing levels of supplemental corn; however, a tendency toward greater FOMI, as well as faster particulate and fluid passage, was observed when corn was fed at .2% of BW compared with 0, .4, or .6% of BW. Molar proportions of butyrate increased (P less than .10) but molar proportions of acetate and propionate, ruminal pH, and total VFA concentration did not change (P greater than .10) with added corn. Added corn linearly decreased (P less than .10) ruminal ammonia N concentrations in July, but patterns were inconsistent in August. A cubic response (P less than .05) for in situ OM disappearance with added corn was noted after 24, 72, and 96 h of incubation. Supplemental whole corn fed at .2% of BW had no detrimental effects and tended to increase FOMI. However, supplemental corn fed at .4 or .6% of BW decreased FOMI compared with 0 or .2% of BW.

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