Technology of the manufacture of Valle Grande cheese from buffalo and cow milk

Cardoso, F.; Suarez Solis, V.; Nunez, M.; Hombre, R. de

Alimentaria 28(220): 47-50


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-5755
Accession: 002240003

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The manufacture of semi-hard cheese by mixing of whole buffalo milk and skim milk with satisfactory sensory quality at 45 days of maturation time in two size 1 and 4.5 kg was defined. The Valle Grande cheese (1 kg) has a moisture, fat dry matter (fdm), moisture without fat matter (mwfm), salt and pH of 40.75; 41.56; 54.12; 2.35% and 5.39 respectively. It has a global grade of ripening of 22.91%; effective grade of ripening of 12.31%, ripening index of 16,32% and the relation NA/NS is more than 50%, with a normal reological behaviour. The Valle Grande cheese (4.5 kg) has the composition on average: moisture 41.61%; fdm 43.08%; mwfm 55.12%; salt 2.26% and pH 5.38. The global grade of ripening is 22.79%, effective grade of ripening is 12.40%, ripening index 14.67% and the relation NA/NS is more than 50% too. From the reological point of view, this cheese show a sortening at 60 days in maturation.