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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2242

Chapter 2242 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Desai H.K.; Gupta S.K.; Patel A.A.; Patil G.R., 1991:
Texture of chhana as influenced by the manufacturing method

Patel, A.A.; Patil, G.R.; Garg, F.C.; Rajorhia, G.S., 1990:
Texture of peda as measured by Instron

Ido, K.; Nishiya, T.; Tatsumi, K.; Yamamoto, H.; Itoh, K.; Hanawa, N.; Tamaki, K., 1990:
Texturization of casein by extrusion cooking

Taolanond, A., 1990:
Thai agriculture in the next decade: directions for adjustment and change to a new dimension

Boyd, A., 1992:

Vattanatangum, A., 1989:
Thailand - economically major insect pests, diseases and mites of major vegetable crops

Rigg, J., 1991:
Thailand's Nam Choan Dam project: a case study in the 'greening' of South-East Asia

Benz, H., 1992:
Thailand's rice exports

Buzzanell, P.J.; Langley, S.V., 1990:
Thailand: emergence of a sugar superpower

Rao, A.; Anderson, M.B.; Overholt, C.A., 1991:
Thailand: the Saraburi Dairy Farming Project

Khunaphante, P., 1992:
Thailand: the preferable destination for the European tourist

Pence, D.B.; Hoberg, E.P., 1991:
Thalassornectes (Alcidectes) aukletae, new subgenus and species (Acari: Hypoderatidae) from the crested and parakeet auklets (Aves: Charadriiformes; Alcidae)

Murphy, P.H.; Beasley, C.W.; Moore, W.H.; Stabin, M.G., 1989:
Thallium-201 in human milk: observations and radiological consequences

Poulton, M.; Colbourne, J.; Dennis, P.J., 1991:
Thames Water's experiences with Cryptosporidium

Bhaskaran, R.; Rethinam, P.; Nambiar, K.K.N., 1989:
Thanjavur wilt of coconut

Kline, D.; Kline, J.T., 1992:
Thapsigargin activates a calcium influx pathway in the unfertilized mouse egg and suppresses repetitive calcium transients in the fertilized egg

Mathur, B.K.; Mittal, J.P.; Shiv Prasad; Mathur, A.C., 1991:
Tharparkar breed of cattle needs to be conserved in the Indian desert

Woodward, S., 1991:
That's entertainment

Nakhai, B.; Pal, R.; Sridhar, P.; Talwar, G.P.; Hasnain, S.E., 1991:
The alpha subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone synthesized in insect cells using a baculovirus vector is biologically active

Westerbeek, J.M.M.; Prins, A.; Kussendrager, K., 1989:
The alpha -gel phase of glycerol lactopalmitate in whipped emulsions

Boldyreff, B.; Piontek, K.; Schmidt-Spaniol, I.; Issinger, O.G., 1991:
The beta subunit of casein kinase II: cloning of cDNAs from murine and porcine origin and expression of the porcine sequence as a fusion protein

Moskalenko, I.V.; Vardanyan, G.S.; Hramtsov, A.G.; Nesterenko, P.G., 1990:
The Afromin defoamer

Pokryshchenko, V.N.; Khabrat, P.G., 1990:
The Astrakhan method of sage cultivation

Groot, P. de, 1990:
The Centipede automatic transplanter

Pitacco, A., 1990:
The Dynamic Model of chilling accumulation: its structure and performance under simulated and real thermal regimes

Meier, H.; Hauser, R., 1992:
The Equinella scheme for reporting infectious diseases of horses in Switzerland during 1990 and 1991

Ryazantsev, A.I., 1989:
The Kuban'-LK irrigator

Lange, J.P.; Pellenc, R.; Choquart, P.; Lemarquand, Y.; Morel, N.; Bourely, A.; Rabatel, G.; Rombaut, M.; Sevila, F., 1990:
The Magali robotic fruit harvester

Donrov, U., 1992:
The Serohormone PMS preparation and results of its use on sheep in Mongolia

Tornquist, M.; Pehrson, B., 1990:
The blemish-free skin project - not only a question of economics in production!

Tsekleev, G., 1991:
The cascade-container system for the rational use of energy in greenhouses

Cortazar S.R., 1989:
The dry leaf tip character and yield in wheat

Buttel, F.H., 1992:
The environmentalization of plant genetic resources: possible benefits, possible risks

Drozyner, P.; Michalski, R.; Pietkun, Z., 1991:
The fault-system expert method in the case of two faults

Falkenberg, H., 1989:
The flat hips pelt defect

Olindo, M., 1990:
The ghost market for garden machinery

Hand, D.W., 1989:
The greenhouse effect: is it best studied in greenhouses?

Spongberg, S.A.; Tredici, P. del, 1992:
The hope of spring magnolia finally flowers in Boston

Suzzoni Blatger, J.; Cianchi, R.; Bullini, L.; Coluzzi, M., 1990:
The maculipennis complex: morphological and enzymatic criteria for identification

Espejo, R.; Barragan, E.; Perez Arias, J., 1990 :
The stone mulch and soil-water relations in soils developed under slope formation

Hock, J.; Kranz, J.; Renfro, B.L., 1989:
The tar spot complex of maize, its geographical distribution, environmental requirements and economic importance in Mexico

Pacini, L., 1989:
The thermal output theory in the preparation of certified plastic cladding

Saurer, W.; Achermann, J.; Tieche, J.D.; Rudin, P.M.; Mandli, K., 1991:
The '90 numerical index for the evaluation of bread wheat quality of new wheat varieties

Boltz, K., 1989:
The 'AET' work-study method of recording for use in activity analysis: scope and examples of application in forestry

Michailides, T.J., 1989:
The 'Achilles heel' of pistachio fruit

Molochnikov, V.V., 1990:
The 'Bio-ton' technology of milk processing

Waaijenberg, D., 1990:
The 'Cabriolet' greenhouse - an idea for 'Container Cultivation 2000'

White, A.G., 1991:
The 'Gala' apple

Harmand, J.M., 1988:
The 'Green Areas' project. Experimental irrigated plantations and windbreaks in the valley and delta of the Senegal River

Alauddin, M.; Tisdell, C.A., 1989:
The 'Green Revolution' and labour absorption in Bangladesh agriculture: relevance of East Asian experience

Mentenyi, M., 1990:
The 'HID' thesis or attitude of the 'HID' group towards agriculture

Wensvoort, G.; Terpstra, C.; Pol, J.M.A., 1991:
The 'Lelystad agent' as the cause of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome ('blue ear disease')

Gerasimenko, I.; Marchenko, P., 1988:
The 'Milk' industrial productivity system

Giordano, E.; Mughini, G., 1988:
The 'Populetum Mediterraneum'

Goff, W.D.; Tunnell, L.E.; McDaniel, R., 1991:
The 'Surprize' pecan

Collen, J.V.A., 1990:
The 'Tourism management' specialization at the Hotel Management College in Maastricht (Netherlands)

Liu, A.P., 1992:
The 'Wenzhou model' of development and China's modernization

Gvozdev, V.A.; Guliev, R.R., 1991:
The 'agromanager' - generator of models simulating intra-farm leasing

Galaup, A., 1991:
The 'centre-villages' of Senegal

Ledbetter, D.H., 1992:
The 'colorizing' of cytogenetics: is it ready for prime time?

Salvioni, C., 1991:
The 'conventional' model of agriculture and its impact on the environment

Anonymous, 1988:
The 'cost of non-Europe' in the foodstuffs industry: parts A and B

Pettina, R., 1989:
The 'cropping method' in Italian forest management

Padung giat gamon, N., 1989:
The 'development lottery' - half way between risk and saving?

Baxter, M.R., 1991:
The 'freedom' farrowing system

Girardin, P., 1992:
The 'funnel effect' of a maize canopy

Counsell, D., 1990:
The 'greening' of Cleveland

Mattheck, C.; Burkhardt, S., 1991:
The 'hazard beam': biomechanics of an internal failure mechanism in trees

Pretzsch, H.; Utschig, H., 1989:
The 'increment-trend method' for estimating increment losses caused by decline on the Norway spruce and Scots pine indicator plots in damage regions in Bavaria

Din, K.H., 1992:
The 'involvement stage' in the evolution of a tourist destination

Steinhauser, H., 1990 :
The 'liquid manure problem'

Tognini, F., 1989:
The 'long road' concept for the Swiss Alps

Ranger, J.; Robert, M.; Bonnaud, P.; Nys, C., 1990:
The 'mineral test': an in situ method for studying biological alterations and the effects of forests on soils. The interaction between soil type and broadleaved or coniferous species

Laine, L., 1990:
The 'nature' of woman - the 'nature' of man: the effects of gender images on organizing sports in Finland in the 1920s and 1930s

Kox, H.L.M., 1991:
The 'non-polluter gets paid' principle for Third World commodity exports

Strauch, M.; Lasserre, J.J.; Jerabek, A.; Gretz, N., 1989:
The 'normal' food intake

Lewis, D.J., 1991:
The 'offstage miracle': carrying out and writing up field research in Bangladesh

Christodoulou, P., 1991:
The 'pinch technology' and the energy reduction in the beet sugar process

Scognamiglio, A., 1989:
The 'pine nematode': a veritable scourge

Schwabenbauer, K., 1992:
The 'reasonable indication in line with article 17 (1) of the Animal Protection Act

Fratepietro, G.; Grabona, M.M., 1990:
The 'savings bank for rural property formation' and the reorganization as a whole of land ownership: surveys of the situation in Italy and in Puglia

Han, Z.R., 1991:
The 'scissors difference' between industrial and agricultural goods in China

Yokoyama, L.P.; Igreja, A.C.M.; Neves, E.M., 1990:
The 'shift-share' model: adaptation of a method and an application for the State of Goias

Sattler, K., 1991:
The 'shoulder comb' of the Lepidoptera and its function

Blinde, E.M.; Stratta, T.M., 1992:
The 'sport career death' of college athletes: involuntary and unanticipated sport exits

McIntosh, G.H., 1989:
The 'standard' Australian laboratory rodent diet

Laville, P., 1990:
The 'terroir', an indispensible concept for the establishment and protection of 'appellations d'origine' and to the management of vineyards: the case of France

Anonymous, 1991:
The 'white line' in dairying

Grewal, T.; Theisen, M.; Borgmeyer, U.; Grussenmeyer, T.; Rupp, R.A.; Stief, A.; Qian, F.; Hecht, A.; Sippel, A.E., 1992:
The -6.1-kilobase chicken lysozyme enhancer is a multifactorial complex containing several cell-type-specific elements

Gary, F.; Berland, H.M.; Berthelot, X.; Darre, R., 1991:
The 1/29 Robertsonian translocation in cattle: screening and eradication

Kanapin, A.K.; Sharipov, I.K.; Vishnevskaya, S.S.; Vsevolodov, E.B.; Kusmuldanov, K.S., 1991:
The 1/29 chromosome translocation and its phenotypic effects in Ala-Tau cattle

Galli, A.; Poloschi, L., 1988:
The 1/29 translocation in Italian cattle breeds

Williamson, D.F.; Kahn, H.S.; Byers, T., 1991:
The 10-y incidence of obesity and major weight gain in black and white US women aged 30-55 y

Nielsen, A.K., 1991:
The 100 million kroner expansion of ARINCO

Ruegsegger, A., 1989:
The 100-day test in 1989

Friedrich, C., 1990:
The 12th Interglaces exhibition. The 'Boldor' prizes for innovation

Olekhnovich, N.M.; Makovetskii, G.I.; Medvedskii, A.I., 1992:
The 137Cs distribution in peat soils of drained and undrained lands

Xu, F.L.; Li, X.Y.; Liu, F.; He, J.Z., 1990:
The 14A intergrade mineral of soils in southern China

Gej, B., 1990:
The 14CO2 uptake, respiration and yield in two wheat cultivars following defoliation

Becker, K.W.; Janssen, E.; Meyer, B., 1990:
The 15N-balance method for calculating denitrification losses in arable fields and its verification by direct measurement of gaseous 15N-losses

Anonymous, 1990:
The 15th Dairy Equipment Show

Anonymous, 1990:
The 15th and 16th International Mungbean Nursery

Badier, A., 1990:
The 17th Top Gaz Forum. Co-generation and decentralization are the stars of the show

Madai, L., 1992:
The 1848-1849 war of independence and cholera

Vonèche, V.; Callebaut, I.; Kettmann, R.; Brasseur, R.; Burny, A.; Portetelle, D., 1992:
The 19-27 amino acid segment of gp51 adopts an amphiphilic structure and plays a key role in the fusion events induced by bovine leukemia virus

Ortuno Medina, F., 1990:
The 1939 Spanish Reforestation Plan: analysis and comments

Lopes, E.R.; Rocha, A.; Meneses, A.C.O.; Lopes, M.A.B.; Fatureto, M.C.; Lopes, G.P.; Chapadeiro, E., 1989:
The 1954-1988 post mortem prevalence of megas in Triangulo Mineiro, MG, Brazil

Gilg, A.W., 1991:
The 1980s: a radical decade?

Kennedy, S.; Smyth, J.A.; Cush, P.F.; McCullough, S.J.; Allan, G.M.; Rima, B.K.; Cosby, S.L., 1990:
The 1988 European seal morbillivirus epizootic

Sokolewicz, W., 1989:
The 1988 press about the impact of environmental pollution on the quality of food

Kent, B.M.; Davis, L.S. (Technical coordinators), 1988:
The 1988 symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources. March 29 to April 1, 1988. Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California

Thompson, L.C.; Atwood, J.D.; Lakshminarayan, P.G.; Shogren, J.F.; Johnson, S.R., 1991:
The 1989 Recommended Pesticide and Nitrogen Use Survey: description and policy applications

Osinga, F.W., 1989:
The 1989 central cheese evaluation

Crans, W.J., 1990:
The 1989 epizootic of EEE and New Jersey's prospects for the future

Tegze, M., 1990:
The 1989/90 campaign

Anonymous, 1990:
The 1990 Farm Act and the 1990 Budget Reconciliation Act: how US farm policy mechanisms will work under new legislation

Anonymous, 1991:
The 1990 Farm Bill insurance for a viable cane refining industry

Shroyer, D.A., 1991:
The 1990 Florida epidemic of St. Louis encephalitis: virus infection rates in Culex nigripalpus

Carnell, J.R., 1990:
The 1990 Grindsted Seminar Getting the most out of your recipe

Williams, K.A., 1990:
The 1990 Grindsted Seminar 'The use of cultured milk products in frozen desserts'

Urban, D., 1991:
The 1990 campaign in East German sugar factories

Shultz, S.; Regan, J., 1991:
The 1990 census, GIS technology, and rural data needs

McCalla, A.F. (Chairman), 1991:
The 1990 farm bill and the GATT outcome

Parlett, R.L.Jr, 1990:
The 1990 outlook for food prices

Voigt, A.O., 1991:
The 1990 perennials market: trending up, with both troubles and opportunities

Plant, C.W., 1991:
The 1990 presidential address - Part 2. An introduction to the British wax-flies (Neuroptera: Coniopterygidae) with a revised key to British species

Anderson, D.A., 1992:
The 1990-1991 Salmonella pullorum outbreak: overview and evaluation

Zsigmond, A., 1991:
The 1990/91 campaign

Anonymous, 1991:
The 1990/91 sugar campaign in France and in Europe

Paling, K.M., 1990:
The 1990s as a spa for leisure stress?

Kovacevic, M., 1991:
The 1991 census of population, households, dwellings and agricultural holdings

Longworth, J.W., 1992:
The 1991 Farrer Memorial Oration. Sustainability and agricultural education

Kritsky, G., 1992:
The 1991 emergence of the periodical cicadas (Homoptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada spp.: brood XIV) in Ohio

Zsigmond, A., 1992:
The 1991/92 campaign

Ratkovic, S.; Vucinic, Z., 1990:
The 1H NMR relaxation method applied in studies of continual absorption of paramagnetic Mn2+ ions by roots of intact plants

Mobley, T.A.; Toalson, R.F., 1992:
The 21st century, Part 1

Belleghem, M. van, 1990:
The 23rd International Dairy Congress in Montreal

Thierer, J.; Riehle, H.; Grebenstein, O.; Binz, T.; Herzog, S.; Thiedemann, N.; Stitz, L.; Rott, R.; Lottspeich, F.; Niemann, H., 1992:
The 24K protein of Borna disease virus

Cullis, C.A.; Creissen, G.P.; Gorman, S.W.; Teasdale, R.D., 1988:
The 25S, 18S and 5S ribosomal RNA genes from Pinus radiata D. Don

Anonymous, 1989:
The 25th anniversary of the Bavarian Institute for Forest Seed and Plant Propagation at Teisendorf

Goodwin, E.C.; Rottman, F.M., 1992:
The 3'-flanking sequence of the bovine growth hormone gene contains novel elements required for efficient and accurate polyadenylation

Anonymous, 1991:
The 3-A Sanitary Standards Program: a review and a look forward

Samson, A.C.; Levesley, I.; Russell, P.H., 1991:
The 36K polypeptide synthesized in Newcastle disease virus-infected cells possesses properties predicted for the hypothesized 'V' protein

Zsoldos, F., 1990:
The 3rd Hungarian Plant Biology Congress, held in MTA Szeged Biological Centre 1988. July 5-7. Summaries of presented papers and posters

Inada, M.; Yasui, H.; Fujie, I., 1989:
The 3rd survey report of hinoki plantation at Muikaichi

Broadwell, A.H.; Baumann, L.; Baumann, P., 1990:
The 42- and 51-kilodalton mosquitocidal proteins of Bacillus sphaericus 2362: construction of recombinants with enhanced expression and in vivo studies of processing and toxicity

Grens, A.; Scheffler, I.E., 1990:
The 5'- and 3'-untranslated regions of ornithine decarboxylase mRNA affect the translational efficiency

Felgenhauer, P.; Sedman, J.; Shostak, N.; Timofeeva, M.; Lind, A.; Bayev, A., 1990:
The 5'-flanking sequence of the loach oocyte 5S rRNA gene contains a signal for effective transcription

Mayo, M.A.; Jolly, C.A., 1991:
The 5'-terminal sequence of potato leafroll virus RNA: evidence of recombination between virus and host RNA

Blitz, I.L.; Laimins, L.A., 1991:
The 68-kilodalton E1 protein of bovine papillomavirus is a DNA binding phosphoprotein which associates with the E2 transcriptional activator in vitro

Anonymous, 1991:
The 6th International Chilled Food Fair

Yeyati, P.L.; Bonnefoy, S.; Mirkin, G.; Debrabant, A.; Lafon, S.; Panebra, A.; Gonzalez Cappa, E.; Dedet, J.P.; Hontebeyrie Joskowicz, M.; Levin, M.J., 1991:
The 70-kDa heat-shock protein is a major antigenic determinant in human Trypanosoma cruzi/Leishmania braziliensis braziliensis mixed infection

Miernyk, J.A.; Duck, N.B.; Shatters, R.G.; Folk, W.R., 1992:
The 70-Kilodalton Heat Shock Cognate Can Act as a Molecular Chaperone during the Membrane Translocation of a Plant Secretory Protein Precursor

Berezhnaya, A.V., 1989:
The 72nd Annual Sessions of the International Dairy Federation

Suter, H., 1992:
The 7th Agricultural Report from the point of view of the Farmers Union. From ecology to ecosociology

Hofer, E., 1992:
The 7th Agricultural Report from the point of view of the Federal Office. Priorities and changes in direction in agricultural policy

Pak Gasem, P., 1990:
The 7th Plan gives equal importance to various branches of production

Anonymous, 1992:
The ABCs of A & D

Salmen, J.P.S., 1992:
The ADA and hotel technology

Blagojevic, N.; Allen, B.J., 1990:
The ANSTO body protein monitor

Abbott, D.C., 1991:
The AOAC and quality assurance

Majewski, T.; Tietze, M., 1990:
The ATP milk test for the evaluation of udder health in cows

Andre, A.; Zell, W.; Hengst, C., 1989:
The AZH method of skidding whole trees with horses

Widmer, J., 1992:
The Aargau canton: a new agricultural policy guideline

Caldwell, E.E.; Peterson, P.A., 1992:
The Ac and Uq transposable element systems in maize: interactions among components

Heinlein, M.; Starlinger, P., 1991:
The Ac-dosage effect

Thomas, DB., 1991:
The Acanthosomatidae (Heteroptera) of North America

Chang, Y.F.; Young, R.; Struck, D.K., 1991:
The Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae hemolysin determinant: unlinked appCA and appBD loci flanked by pseudogenes

Warren, A.M.; Crampton, J.M., 1991:
The Aedes aegypti genome: complexity and organization

Goldsmid, J.M., 1991:
The African 'hookworm' problem: an overview

Brown, A.; Dagher, M.; McDowell, D., 1992:
The African American farmer: meeting the production, marketing, and policy challenges

Zedan, H., 1991:
The African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN) and a continental network for the conservation and management of genetic resources

Sneh, B.; Hamal, M.; Broza, M.; Otieno, W.A., 1989:
The African armyworm Spodoptera exempta and preliminary results on its control with isolates of Bacillus thuringiensis

Tomasko, M.; Caron, D., 1991:
The African bee - not all bad news for Costa Rica

Persoon, J.G.M.; Dilst, F.J.H. van; Kuijpers, R.P.; Leeuwenberg, A.J.M.; Vonk, G.J.A., 1992:
The African species of Landolphia P. Beauv. Series of revisions of Apocynaceae XXXIV

Wardell, A., 1990:
The African termite: peaceful coexistence or total war?

Burgett, M.; Fisher, G.; O.D.herty, R., 1990:
The Africanization of a nation: Belize, Central America

Spivak, M., 1991:
The Africanization process in Costa Rica

Kent, R.B., 1991:
The Africanized honey bee in Peru

McKenna, W.R., 1992:
The Africanized honeybee

Zeitlin, M.F.; Grange, A.O.; Armstrong, H.; Annunziata, A., 1992:
The Agescale

Dijk, J., 1990:
The Agricultural Economics Research Institute - farm accounting network (1): history; (2) representativeness and reliability

Comeau, A.; S.P.erre, C.A., 1992:
The Agriculture Canada/Laval University barley yellow dwarf virus program

Hinkle, S.E., 1990:
The Akron USDA-Agricultural Research Service portable boom-mounted rainfall simulator

Webster, R., 1991:
The Al Wahiba: Bedouin values in an oil economy

Dzhaparidze, T.G.; Dyukar, M.V., 1990:
The All-Union competition for the best results in animal production

Pazos, M.S., 1990:
The Alpha horizon: a layer developed at the soil-caliche interface

Borchsenius, F.; Olesen, J.M., 1990:
The Amazonian root holoparasite Lophophytum mirabile (Balanophoraceae) and its pollinators and herbivores

Anonymous, 1991:
The American Phytopathological Society Southern Division annual meeting, March 24-26, 1991, Raleigh, North Carolina

McDaniel, L.L.; Jong, S.C.; Gherna, R.L., 1992:
The American Type Culture Collection: germ plasm resources for plant pathologists

Kozol, A.J.; Scott, M.P.; Traniello, J.F.A., 1988:
The American burying beetle, Nicrophorus americanus: studies on the natural history of a declining species

Bellerose, P. et al., 1990:
The American market

Remley, M.L., 1990:
The American sportswoman in transition, 1880-1910

Anonymous, 1989:
The American white butterfly

LaPage, W.F.; Ranney, S.R., 1990:
The American wilderness - a cultural imperative

Ross, R.L.; Seiter, P.D.; McDowell, W.J., 1992:
The Americans with Disabilities Act

Hamon, J.; Tussac, M.; Fonfria, R., 1991:
The Ammophilini of continental France and Corsica (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae). Present species and identification keys

Zimmerman, W.J.; Watanabe, I.; Lumpkin, T.A., 1991:
The Anabaena-Azolla symbiosis: diversity and relatedness of neotropical host taxa

Patel, S., 1990:
The Anand pattern: a socio-historical analysis of its origin and growth

Visser, E.S.; McGuire, T.C.; Palmer, G.H.; Davis, W.C.; Shkap, V.; Pipano, E.; Knowles, D.P., 1992:
The Anaplasma marginale msp5 gene encodes a 19-kilodalton protein conserved in all recognized Anaplasma species

Ledgard, N.; Halloy, S., 1991:
The Andean alder (Alnus acuminata) in New Zealand

Ochoa, C.M., 1991 :
The Andes, cradle of the potato

Ehlich, M., 1992:
The Angeln Saddleback pig - the core of old breeds. Its position in the new federal states

Amuller, R.K., 1990:
The Anglo German breeding initiative

Belleghem, M. van, 1992:
The Annual Sessions of the International Dairy Federation

Phillips, A.; Sabatini, A.; Milligan, PJM.; Boccolini, D.; Broomfield, G.; Molyneux, DH., 1990:
The Anopheles maculipennis complex (Diptera: Culicidae): comparison of the cuticular hydrocarbon profiles determined in adults of five Palaearctic species

Clark, WE., 1991:
The Anthonomus curvirostris species group (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Zanotto, P.M.; Sampaio, M.J.; Johnson, D.W.; Rocha, T.L.; Maruniak, J.E., 1992:
The Anticarsia gemmatalis nuclear polyhedrosis virus polyhedrin gene region: sequence analysis, gene product and structural comparisons

Nickle, W.R.; Hooper, D.J., 1991:
The Aphelenchina: Bud, leaf, and insect nematodes

Ruttner, F.; Milner, E.; Dews, J., 1990:
The Apis mellifera Linnaeus 1758 phenotype verified by archeomorphometry

Tanacs, L.; Jozan, Z., 1986:
The Apoidea (Hymenoptera) fauna of the Kiskunsag National Park

Anonymous, 1992:
The Appleby experience

Ferreira, P.C.; Hemerly, A.S.; Villarroel, R.; Van Montagu, M.; Inzé, D., 1991:
The Arabidopsis functional homolog of the p34cdc2 protein kinase

Harper, J.F.; Manney, L.; DeWitt, N.D.; Yoo, M.H.; Sussman, M.R., 1990:
The Arabidopsis thaliana plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase multigene family. Genomic sequence and expression of a third isoform

Timashev, I.E., 1991:
The Aral Sea and the Aral region: how to cope with the ecological calamity?

Hoc, P.S., 1990:
The Argentinian species of Inga

Long, J.D.; Akers, D.; Wilson, S.N., 1991:
The Arkansas response to federal farm program opportunities

Venkataratnam, L., 1990:
The Asian agricultural environment and the greenhouse effect

Gehu, J.M.; Julve, P., 1989:
The Atlantic beech forests: structure, plant geography, ecology, dynamics and syntaxonomy

Riley, C.W., 1992:
The Atlantic-Caribbean cruise industry

Matthes, H.D.; Kruger, D., 1992:
The Aubrac - a French cattle breed for extensive management conditions

Allen, S.; Christmas, T.I.; McKinney, W.; Parr, D.; Oliver, G.F., 1990:
The Auckland skin clinic tinea pedis and erythrasma study

Duckhouse, DA., 1990:
The Australasian genera of pericomoid Psychodidae (Diptera) and the status of related Enderlein genera in the Neotropics

Stensholt, R.E., 1990:
The Australian International Development Assistance Bureau and agricultural technology issues

Weinstein, P., 1991:
The Australian bushfly (Musca vetustissima Walker) as a vector of Neisseria gonorrhoeae conjunctivitis

Taylor, M., 1991:
The Australian dairy industry: an overview

Hamilton, S., 1991:
The Australian food composition program

Qin, TK.; Gullan, PJ., 1990:
The Australian mealybugs (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) of Xanthorrhoea (Xanthorrhoeaceae)

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The Australian pistachio 'Sirora'

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The European plum catalogue

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The French and music

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The Gadan Group are specialists in fulfilling the particular requirements of cheese factories

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The Italian market in ornamental plants is growing

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