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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2243

Chapter 2243 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bobkin, I. I., 1990: The Liski breed of sheep

Anonymous, 1990: The Lithuanian White breed of pigs

Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242002

Rieppo, K., 1989: The Locomatic 90 measurement system and its accuracy

Stevens, C., 1990: The Lome Convention

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Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242018

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Emiliani, G., 1991: The Maremmana cattle

Silvestrelli, M., 1991: The Maremmano horse

Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242033

Mahe, L., 1991: The Marsh Report: what future for the small farmers and landscapes of Europe?

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Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242066

Asri, A.; Aittaleb, A.; Duplan, J. M., 1991: The Moroccan cattle breed, Oulmes Blond

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Goto, J., 1989: The Multifibre Arrangement and its effects on developing countries

McDonald, N. S., 1991: The Murray-Darling Basin: a case study in cooperative policy development

Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242073

Walbot, V., 1991: The Mutator transposable element family of maize

Ivey Hoyle, M.; Clark, R. K.; Rosenberg, M., 1991: The N-terminal 31 amino acids of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope protein gp120 contain a potential gp41 contact site

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Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242100

Maltamo, M.; Kormonen, K., 1990: The National Tree Survey data in wood quality research

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Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242103

Barron, JR., 1990: The Nearctic species of Homaspis (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Ctenopelmatinae)

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Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242115

Anonymous, 1989: The Netherlands and the developing world

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Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242196

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Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242199

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Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242221

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Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242292

Section 3, Chapter 2243, Accession 002242293

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