Section 3
Chapter 2,245

The conversion of poorly drained paddy fields to upland fields in a rainy and snowy district (part III) . Subsoiling practice and the survey of development processes in the paddy fields of grey lowland soils

Iida, S.; Yoshino, T.; Inohara, A.; Okayama, S.; Kamanaka, K.

Japanese Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 62(2): 27-34


Accession: 002244721

Medium and coarse-textured Grey Lowland Soils, previously paddy fields, were subsoiled at 2m intervals and used for pasture. After one season, structures became finer and inter-ped fissures were well developed. Grass growth was hindered by excess water between the subsoiler passes. In a field of Gravelly Lowland Soils, a subsurface drain was connected to 5 trenches filled with rice husks at 20m spacings. The field was subsoiled at 2m intervals and planted with eddoes (Colocasia antiquorum).

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