Section 3
Chapter 2,249

The effectiveness of complex use of oestrogens and prostaglandins for oestrus synchronization in cows and heifers

Medvedev, G.F.; Golubeva, E.D.; Samba, D.; Bykov, L.D.

Intenzifikatsiya Proizvodstva Moloka i Govyadiny: 41-46


Accession: 002248733

Treatment of postpartum cows with an oestrogen preparation (Folliculin) shortened uterine involution and increased CR at the 1st postpartum oestrus. THe use of Folliculin + PGF2 alpha during the 1st month post partum reduced the service period by 16 days, compared with untreated cows. The use of PGF2 alpha in heifers and in cows with a long open interval after calving resulted in CRs to 1st insemination of 36.0-83.3% in heifers and 34.4-66.6% in cows.

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