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The effects of three major nutrients and manure on the yield of upland crops and the chemical properties of a volcanic ash soil

Mochida, H.; Kokubun, M.; Hara, M.; Asahi, Y.

Report of the Tohoku Branch, the Crop Science Society of Japan 32: 100-102


Accession: 002249598

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In field trials in 1979-87, a rotation of soyabeans/potatoes/maize was grown, with the soyabeans given combinations of 20 kg N, 80 kg P and 60 kg K/ha and the other crops combinations of 120 kg N, 150 kg P and 120 kg K/ha with or without application of FYM. Yields were higher with than without manure. Yields of soyabeans and potatoes were significantly correlated with soil P2O5 content and yield of maize was correlated with soil N content.

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