The grain yield and yield attributes of coriander varieties as influenced by sowing dates

Bhati, D.S.; Agarwal, H.R.; Sharma, R.K.

Indian Cocoa, Arecanut and Spices Journal 13(2): 58-60


Accession: 002251208

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Seeds of 4 Coriandrum sativum cultivars (Pusa Selection 360, RC-1, UD-20 and UD-21) were sown on 3 dates (3 Nov., 18 Nov. and 3 Dec.). A base dressing of 30 kg each of N, P2O5 and K2O/ha was applied at sowing and a top dressing of 30 kg N/ha as urea was applied with irrigation at the time of flowering. In general, sowings in Nov. gave significantly higher seed yields and numbers of umbels/plant than did sowing on 3 Dec. The highest mean seed yield, 3.85 g/plant, was given by Pusa Selection 360. With Pusa Selection 360 and UD-20, there was little difference in yield between the sowings on 3 and 18 Nov., but RC-1 (a cultivar requiring a long growing season) and UD-21 only gave a reasonable yield when sown on 3 Nov.