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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2253

Chapter 2253 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dixit, V.K.; Bhardwaj, J.L., 1990:
The impact of tractorisation on farm employment in Raipur district of Madhya Pradesh

Garcia, J.G., 1990:
The impact of trade and macroeconomic policies on the performance of agriculture in Latin America

Begum, J.A.; Kabir, I.A.; Mollah, A.Y., 1990:
The impact of training traditional birth attendants in improving MCH care in rural Bangladesh

Knerr, B., 1991:
The impact of transfers to agriculture through the German tax system

Elsheemy, A.M., 1989:
The impact of variation in farm size on some economic indicators in meat-poultry farms at Beni-Suef Governorate

Borel, M.J.; Smith, S.H.; Brigham, D.E.; Beard, J.L., 1991:
The impact of varying degrees of iron nutriture on several functional consequences of iron deficiency in rats

Leveque, C., 1990:
The impact of vector control on the aquatic environment

Perloff, Jm, 1991:
The impact of wage differentials on choosing to work in agriculture

Self, O.S.; D.D.tta, S.K., 1988 :
The impact of water management practices in rice production on mosquito vector propagation

Schumann, A.W., 1991:
The impact of weeds and two legume crops on Eucalyptus hybrid clone establishment

Lonsdale, W.M., 1992:
The impact of weeds in national parks

Schofield, K.; Seager, J.; Merriman, R.P., 1989:
The impact on intensive dairy farming activities on river quality: the Eastern Cleddau Catchment study

Campos, J.L.; Munoz Roure, O., 1989:
The impact on the marine recreational fisheries of longliner operations in the Caribbean

Campbell, G.E., 1988:
The impacts of cost-sharing and income taxation on forestry investments: a case study

Grenon, M., 1991:
The impacts of energy production on land

Ismail, A.M., 1989:
The impacts of farm policies on West Virginia agriculture

Tolliver, D.D., 1990:
The impacts of grain subterminals on rural highways

Icoz, O., 1991:
The impacts of inflation on the tourism sector

Samoedi, D., 1989:
The impacts of mass liberation of Diatraeophaga striatalis Towns. on population and intensity of infestation of sugar cane moth-borer, Chilo auricilius Dudg. in central Java

Dushmanitch, V.Y.; Darroch, M.A.G., 1991:
The impacts of monetary policy on the maize and beef sectors of South Africa I: theoretical foundations and model specification

Dushmanitch, V.Y.; Darroch, M.A.G., 1992:
The impacts of monetary policy on the maize and beef sectors of South Africa II: model estimation and simulation results

Jeon, J.P., 1989:
The impacts of policy alternatives and foreign demand fluctuations on the U.S. rice market

Hanson, S.D.; Baumhover, S.B.; Baumel, C.P., 1990:
The impacts of railroad transportation costs on grain elevator handling margins

Christy, R.D.; Figueroa, E.E., 1990:
The impacts of structural change and public policy on the rural disadvantaged

McMullen, B.S.; Martin, M.V.; Cabeza, F., 1989:
The impacts of transportation deregulation on wheat shipments in the Pacific Northwest

Kerblay, B., 1989:
The impasses of Soviet agriculture

Dolder, K., 1992:
The implementation of animal protection legislation in farm animal stocks in the canton of Zurich

Zindel, F., 1992:
The implementation of animal protection regulations for farm animals in the canton of Graubunden

Wardman, A.; Salas, L.G., 1991:
The implementation of anti-erosion techniques in the Sahel: a case study from Kaya, Burkina Faso

Viljoen, M.F.; Westhuizen, C. van der, 1992:
The implementation of optimal farm plans obtained from the application of an integrated farm planning approach

Skende, P.; Kushe, R., 1990:
The implementation of some lyoluminescent materials as gamma -ray dosimeters

Lamo de Espinosa, J., 1991:
The implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy in Spain

Zaag, D.E. van der, 1990:
The implication of micropropagation for the future of seed potato production systems in Europe

Williams, A.J., 1990:
The implications both technical and economic for the water and agricultural industries in England and Wales of a range of policy measures proposed for solving the nitrate problem

Fielding, D., 1991:
The implications for education training and extension of biotechnology

Bessey, M., 1990:
The implications of a voluntary Milk Board

Goldin, I.; Knudsen, O., 1990:
The implications of agricultural trade liberalization for developing countries

Desprez, F., 1990:
The implications of biotechnology for financing research in the field of seed production

Charrier, A.; Dereuddre, J.; Engelmann, F., 1991:
The implications of biotechnology in germplasm conservation and utilization

Milford, G.F., 1991:
The implications of canopy structure for performance and yield

Murdock, S.H.; Backman, K.; Hoque, N.; Ellis, D., 1991:
The implications of change in population size and composition on future participation in outdoor recreational activities

Holdgate, M.W., 1989:
The implications of climatic change and rising sea level

Williams, J.T., 1990:
The implications of climatic changes for plant genetic conservation strategies

Feder, G., 1990:
The implications of land registration and titling in Thailand

Stockl, J.P., 1988:
The implications of milk quotas for milk processing

Ginsberg, H.S.; Bobinchock, L.; McFadzen, J., 1987:
The implications of patchy larval distribution for salt marsh mosquito surveillance

Finley, E.S., 1990:
The implications of political change in Eastern Europe on the fertilizer trade

Humphries C.J., 1991:
The implications of pragmatism for systematics

Carmichael, D., 1991:
The implications of research on sport programs for children

Sylvester Bradley, R.; Chambers, B.J., 1992 :
The implications of restricting use of fertiliser nitrogen for the productivity of arable crops, their profitability and potential pollution by nitrate

Henry, C., 1991:
The implications of the EC Single Market for agricultural input industries

Herriges, J.; Barickman, N.; Shogren, J., 1992:
The implicit value of corn base acreage

Butz, I., 1990:
The import and production of fish in Austria in 1989

Gaze, J.E., 1992:
The importance and control of Clostridium botulinum in processed foods

Stancic, B., 1988:
The importance and problems of embryo transfer in sheep

Ahmad, I.; Onder, F., 1989:
The importance and scope of population ecology in plant protection

Mack, F.G., 1989:
The importance for Latin America of agricultural exports to the European Community. Recent events and prospects

Brinkmann, R.; Schonbeck, F., 1991:
The importance for plant efficiency of biotically and abiotically caused damage to root systems

Jakob, E., 1990:
The importance of kappa -casein

Severini, C.; Fontenille, D.; Ramiakajato, M.R., 1990:
The importance of Anopheles funestus in the transmission of malaria in the hamlet of Mahitsy, near Tananarive, Madagascar

Horak, F.; Mares, V.; Barina, V., 1989:
The importance of Booroola rams imported to Czechoslovakia

Horak, F., 1991:
The importance of Booroola sheep in unifying the Merino type

Ramaswamy, N.S., 1991:
The importance of DAP in the third world

Taylor, V., 1991:
The importance of False Bay as a recreational area

Leikola, M., 1990:
The importance of Norway spruce in Finland, and its regeneration

Solymos, R., 1990:
The importance of Norway spruce in forestry in eastern Europe

Kuusela, K., 1990:
The importance of Norway spruce in the European boreal coniferous forest zone

Berg, R.; Hausmann, D., 1991:
The importance of absolute and relative heart weight for stress-induced cardiomyopathy (porcine stress syndrome) in pigs

Cheng, K.J.; McAllister, T.A.; Kudo, H.; Costerton, J.W., 1990:
The importance of adhesion in the microbial digestion of plant materials

Laurent, C., 1991:
The importance of agricultural activities in rural areas, exemplified by an agricultural region in Normandy: the Pays d'Auge

Sheldon, I.M.; Henderson, D.R., 1991:
The importance of and economic motivation for the international licensing of branded food and related products

Weiser, H., 1989:
The importance of animal models in the advancement of science

Forster, P.G., 1992:
The importance of anthropological research in rural development planning in Tanzania

Sepulveda, N.; Lizana, L.A.; Marchant, R.; Luchsinger, L.E., 1990:
The importance of banana imports in relation to the Chilean fresh fruit market

Gresshoff P.M., 1990:
The importance of biological nitrogen fixation to new crop development

Hrubik, P., 1991:
The importance of biotic pests on woody plants in arboreta and botanical gardens

Ganya, I.M.; Zubkov, N.I.; Gusan, G.Z.; Sklyarov, N.A., 1989:
The importance of birds in the integrated protection of orchards

Warrier, P.K., 1989:
The importance of black pepper in Ayurveda

Egelhof, S.W., 1991:
The importance of bovine herpesvirus 4 and its detection

Listner, G.; Sebok Papp, I., 1990:
The importance of cereal crop properties in automating the combine harvesting process

Zacharda, F.; Minarik, A., 1990:
The importance of collaboration in the 'Agromasch' international organization for Czechoslovakian agriculture

Habicht, J.P.; Pelletier, D.L., 1990:
The importance of context in choosing nutritional indicators

Polonen, I., 1992:
The importance of dam body condition for reproductive performance in mink and foxes

Albrecht, L., 1991:
The importance of dead wood in the forest

Nelson, G.C.; Cruz Letona, R., 1991:
The importance of default risk to agricultural development banks: an example from El Salvador

Howe, C.Z.; Rancourt, A.M., 1990:
The importance of definitions of selected concepts for leisure inquiry

Beynen, A.C.; Katan, M.B., 1990:
The importance of dietary cholesterol

Endress, A.G., 1990:
The importance of diversity in selecting trees for urban areas

Service M.W., 1989:
The importance of ecological studies on malaria vectors

Jankulovski, D.; Stefanovic, D.; Lazarevic, M., 1989:
The importance of elite vegetable seed production

Asperger, H., 1992 :
The importance of enterococci as a microbiological criterion for cultured milk products

Heinzl, E.; Crimella, C., 1990:
The importance of environment in rabbit rearing

Groves, D.L., 1990:
The importance of escorts and training to program quality

Huaman, Z.; Schmiediche, P., 1991:
The importance of ex situ conservation of germplasm: a case study

Corsiga, E.P., 1990:
The importance of farmer-irrigation association participation in the development of small irrigation schemes: an engineer's opinion

Gaffour Bensebbane, C., 1991:
The importance of female ectodermal genital parts in the discrimination of Eurygaster species (Laporte, 1832) I - Palaearctic species (Heteroptera, Scutelleridae)

Knee, B.W.; Graham, J.F.; Batt, M., 1990:
The importance of fertility in beef herds in south-west Victoria

Bergner, H., 1988:
The importance of fibre in the nutrition of pigs under special consideration of HCl treated straw meal

Shuman, J.R., 1991:
The importance of flow regimes in assessing the impact of agricultural runoff on reservoir water quality and zooplankton abundance

Nolard, N., 1987:
The importance of fungi as aeroallergens

Hawkes J.G., 1991:
The importance of genetic resources in plant breeding

Svensson, B., 1991:
The importance of honeybee-pollination for the quality and quantity of strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa) in central Sweden

Kubiak, M., 1989:
The importance of horses in skidding

Burgu, A.; Bozan, H., 1989:
The importance of host sex on helminth infections

Icoz, O., 1991:
The importance of human resources in the development of the tourism industry,

Karg, W., 1991:
The importance of indifferent mite species in integrated pest management of apples

Gaude, J.; Tremblay, R., 1991:
The importance of information systems in rural infrastructure projects in developing countries

Garnsworthy, P.C.; Cole, D.J.A., 1990:
The importance of intake in feed evaluation

Tinambunan, D., 1988:
The importance of integral road planning in forest management

Franzen, J.; Piatek, K.B.; Tribukait Pipes, F.; Gross, K., 1990:
The importance of light for development and pigment synthesis during bud-break of Norway spruce

Kromka, F., 1992:
The importance of marriage and family for rural society

Branthome, X.; Ple, Y., 1990:
The importance of maturity regulators and limitations of their use

Tirovska, S.; Amin, S.S., 1990:
The importance of meteorological and technical factors for grain quality and losses when harvesting soyabeans in Bulgaria

Nisbet L.J.; Fox F.M., 1991:
The importance of microbial biodiversity to biotechnology

Hyden, M.J., 1991:
The importance of mould control in animal feedingstuffs

Fournier, L.A., 1989:
The importance of natural reforestation in Costa Rica

Baumgartl, T.; Horn, R.; Kayser, R., 1991:
The importance of neutral pressure for the distribution of pressure in soils

Harley, V.S., 1988:
The importance of non-waterborne modes of transmission for giardiasis. A case study

Dellaert, L.M.W.; Swiezynski, K.M., 1989:
The importance of parental line breeding and the selection of superior parents in potato breeding: an introduction of the conference theme

Grahn, P., 1991:
The importance of parks

Moffat A.J., 1991:
The importance of pedology in modern forestry

Daponte, T., 1990 :
The importance of pin-holes in silage films and how to measure them

Zeman, M.; Zak, A.; Vitkova, D.; Dusek, F., 1991:
The importance of plasma lipids and apolipoproteins in assessing the risk of myocardial infarction in the most frequent types of primary hyperlipoproteinaemia

Ollikainen, P., 1990:
The importance of plasmin in Swiss-type cheese ripening

Anonymous, 1991:
The importance of play

Salazar, L.F.; Accatino, P., 1990:
The importance of potato virus diseases in developing countries

Magomedov, Z.Z.; Ashurbekov, A.A., 1990:
The importance of preparing rams

Holzer, K.; Schultze, U., 1988:
The importance of provenance and flushing in an attack by the spruce sawfly

Peterman, R.M., 1990:
The importance of reporting statistical power: the forest decline and acidic deposition example

Wiggins, G.B.; Marshall, S.A.; Downes, J.A., 1991:
The importance of research collections of terrestrial arthropods

Marsh, R.R., 1991:
The importance of risk in technology and diffusion: the case of small maize producers in Mexico

Schluter, U., 1990:
The importance of river bank strips for nature conservation

Tacon, F. le; Garbaye, J.; Ba, A.; Beddiar, A.F.; Diagne, O.; Diem, H.G., 1989:
The importance of root symbiosis for forest trees in dry and wet tropical forests

Stone, H.M.dermott, B.; Sidel, J., 1991:
The importance of sensory analysis for the evaluation of quality

Dubbel, V., 1989:
The importance of soil contact for the quality of beech seed

Hildebrand, E.E., 1990:
The importance of soil structure for forest nutrition, as exemplified by potassium

Lebert, M.; Baumgartl, T.; Semmel, H., 1990:
The importance of soil structure for the mechanical capability of soils

Kooistra, M.J., 1988:
The importance of soil structure in arable systems

Hermann, R.K., 1990:
The importance of spruce in North America

Goknor, I.; Erol, M.A., 1990:
The importance of stone pickers to solve stony problems

Moroz, L.G.; Rustenov, A.P.; Shapiev, I.S.; Prokoptsev, V.M., 1990:
The importance of sulphur-containing compounds for the resistance of semen to freezing

Jackson, E.B., 1991:
The importance of sweeteners in confectionery production

Hasslinger, M.A.; Tausend, S., 1989:
The importance of tapeworm infections in horses and their control

Fritsche, J.; Englisch, H.G.; Redel, H.; Hagemann, L., 1989:
The importance of testing for fattening performance and carcass yield for the increased efficiency of pig production

Nikitin, Y.D., 1989:
The importance of the State Book of Soil Conservation

Grossklaus, R., 1988:
The importance of the brown adipose tissue associated with energy balance and obesity

Ridley A.J.; Slattery W.J.; Helyar K.R.; Cowling A., 1990:
The importance of the carbon cycle to acidification of a grazed annual pasture

Maritim, A.C.; Kariuki, D.P.; Young, A.S.; Mutugi, J.J., 1989:
The importance of the carrier state of Theileria parva in the epidemiology of theileriosis and its control by immunization

Carvalho, A.F.; Koe, T. de, 1988:
The importance of the conservation and utilization of natural broadleaved forest (oak forest and birch forest)

Erasmus, L.J., 1991:
The importance of the duodenal amino acid profile for dairy cows and the impact of changes in these profiles following the use of Yea-Sacc 1026

Nunez Jorge, L., 1989:
The importance of the ecosystem in the control and/or eradication of psoroptic mange

Seyani, J.H., 1991:
The importance of the herbarium in plant genetic resources exploration in Africa

Toth, J., 1991:
The importance of the reduction of harvesting losses in soya

Schroder, K.; Wollner, F.; Roloff, A., 1990:
The importance of the root development of forest floor plants for their indicator value

Kahraman, N., 1991:
The importance of thermal springs in the area of health tourism

Koletzko, B., 1991:
The importance of trans-isomeric fatty acids in infant nutrition is reviewed

Huang, Y.M.; Kao, C.H., 1992:
The importance of transmembrane flux of Ca2+ in regulating dark-induced senescence of detached corn leaves

Buchs, W., 1990:
The importance of tree stems as a habitat of arthropods and other invertebrates

Andrews, K.L., 1987:
The importance of veronicellid slugs in Central America

Engel, G., 1990:
The importance of virus-free plant material in integrated fruit production

Baessler K.H., 1990:
The importance of vitamins in parenteral nutrition

Noakes, T.D.; Rehrer, N.J.; Maughan, R.J., 1991:
The importance of volume in regulating gastric emptying

Combellack, J.H., 1992:
The importance of weeds and ways of reducing concerns about methods for their control

Pfulb, E., 1990:
The importance of weighing lysimeters for studies on water consumption by vegetables

Higginbotham, J., 1991:
The importance of yeast metabolites in a yeast culture

Stewart, W.D.P., 1991:
The importance to sustainable agriculture of biodiversity among invertebrates and microorganisms

MacDiarmid, S.C., 1991:
The importation into New Zealand of meat and meat products. A review of the risks to animal health

Kirk, A.A.; Lumaret, J.P., 1991:
The importation of Mediterranean-adapted dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) from the northern hemisphere to other parts of the world

Tiffin, A.; Moxey, A., 1992:
The imposition of curvature restrictions in a model of UK agriculture: a Bayesian approach

Reichholf, J.H., 1988:
The impoverishment of our environment: the zoologist's view. Endangered species in Central Europe: causes and possible countermeasures

Blaga, G.; Bunescu, H.; Stefanescu, L.; Gueron, I.; Blaga, L.; Lechintan, T.; Spinu, M., 1991:
The improvement in the fertility of man-made protosols at Capus (Cluj District) utilizing the sewage sludge resulting from the treatment station of the city of Cluj-Napoca

Gasanov, Z.I., 1990:
The improvement of black pied cattle from Apsheron

Murphy, D.J., 1990:
The improvement of crop quality in oilseeds for non edible applications

Nenadovic, M., 1991:
The improvement of milk yield in black pied cattle in Vojvodina

Zhou, P.; Weng, Q.; Zhou, X.; Wang, Y.; Nie, C.; Liu, X., 1991:
The improvement of reproductive performance in domestic animals by the use of magnetism

Liang, L.S.; Tasy, J.R.; Yen, S.R.; Chou, T.H., 1991:
The improvement of the TARI peanut harvester

Lopez Galvez, J.; Sanchez Carreno, J.; Naredo, J.M.; Castilla, N., 1991:
The improvement of the low cost Almeria greenhouse type: technical-economic possibilities

Wang, S.Y.; Tsai, M.J., 1988:
The improving effects on weathering resistance of picnic tables made from Japanese cedar and China fir woods treated with CCA, CCB and paraffin-wax

Otigbuo, I.N.; Onabanjo, A.O., 1992:
The in vitro and in vivo effects of mefloquine on Trypanosoma brucei brucei

Zhang, Y.H.; Zhao, L.B.; Feng, Z.R.; Zhao, H.Y., 1989:
The in vitro cultivation of the larvae of ovine Haemonchus contortus

Meynet, J.; Duclos, A., 1990:
The in vitro culture of Persian buttercup (Ranunculus asiaticus L.). II. Production of plants by anther culture in vitro

Assy Bah, B.; Durand Gasselin, T.; Engelmann, F.; Pannetier, C., 1989:
The in vitro culture of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) zygotic embryos. A revised and simplified method of obtaining coconut plantlets for transfer to the field

Machatkova, M.; Petelikova, J.; Jokesova, E.; Dvoracek, V.; Horky, F., 1990:
The in vitro development of early cattle embryos to stages suitable for transfer

Delee, J.A.; Harris, G.C.J.; Macy, L.B., 1991:
The in vitro responses of vaginal tissue and chicken spermatozoa to glycerol

Daniel, B.E.; Preston, T.M.; Southgate, V.R., 1992:
The in vitro transformation of the miracidium to the mother sporocyst of Schistosoma margrebowiei; changes in the parasite surface and implications for interactions with snail plasma factors

Sar, M., 1991:
The in vivo (goat) and in vitro digestibilities of some roughages

Garside, W.; Ruangvoravat, C.; Dolan, P.; Hillman, N., 1991:
The in vivo and in vitro transmission ratio distortion of one complete and two partial t haplotypes in mice

Gendelman, H.E.; Ehrlich, G.D.; Baca, L.M.; Conley, S.; Ribas, J.; Kalter, D.C.; Meltzer, M.S.; Poiesz, B.J.; Nara, P., 1991:
The inability of human immunodeficiency virus to infect chimpanzee monocytes can be overcome by serial viral passage in vivo

Olszewski, E.; Reuter, H., 1992:
The inactivation and reactivation behaviour of lactoperoxidase in milk at temperatures between 50 degrees C and 135 degrees C

Caradus, J.R., 1991:
The inadequacy of using tissue phosphorus concentration as an indicator of efficiency of phosphorus use

Vissy, M., 1990:
The incentive and technical background to agriculture and technical mobility

Wason, G., 1990:
The incentive travel market in Europe

Kovacs, I.; Sury, T., 1990:
The incentives and difficulties of private farming

Krambach, K., 1991:
The incentives for cooperative farmers behind their choice of joint ownership as a business form

Sagan, D., 1988:
The incidence and constituents of rural poverty: a survey

Hilder, R.F., 1990:
The incidence and control of major fungal diseases in the Hunter Valley

Rieckmann, W., 1990:
The incidence and control of vectors in potato crops

Tollemar, J.; Ericzon, B.G.; Holmberg, K.; Andersson, J., 1990:
The incidence and diagnosis of invasive fungal infections in liver transplant recipients

Hill, S.A.; Lane, A.; Hardwick, N.V., 1989:
The incidence and importance of beet western yellows virus in oilseed rape

Wolterstorff, B.; Karl, E., 1990:
The incidence and injuriousness of the asparagus aphid

S"bev, M.; Korudzhiiski, N., 1990:
The incidence of Campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus in cattle and pigs

Oloo, GW.; Ogeda, K., 1990:
The incidence of Chilo partellus (Swinh.) (Pyralidae) and the contribution of natural enemies to its mortality under intercropping system in Kenya

Mirabolfathy, M., 1989:
The incidence of Dieffenbachia anthracnose in Tehran greenhouses

Greenstein, G.; Drozdowicz, C.K.; Garcia, F.G.; Lewis, L.L., 1991:
The incidence of Encephalitozoon cuniculi in a commercial barrier-maintained rabbit breeding colony

Cali, A.; Takvorian, P.M., 1991:
The incidence of Glugea stephani (Protozoa: Microsporida) in winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus, from the New York - New Jersey Lower Bay Complex and factors influencing it

Kwiatek, K.; Wojton, B.; Rola, J.; Rozanska, H., 1992:
The incidence of Listeria monocytogenes and other Listeria spp. in meat, poultry and raw milk

Fenlon, D.R.; Wilson, J., 1989:
The incidence of Listeria monocytogenes in farm bulk milks in NE Scotland

Buncic, S., 1991:
The incidence of Listeria monocytogenes in slaughtered animals, in meat, in meat products in Yugoslavia

Gilmour, A.; Harvey, J., 1990:
The incidence of Listeria spp. in Northern Ireland dairy products

Terplan, G.; Becker, H., 1989:
The incidence of Salmonella in dairy factories and milk products - consequences for industrial quality assurance

Mirabolfathy, M., 1989:
The incidence of anthracnose of Clivia miniata in Tehran

Clarke, R.G., 1990:
The incidence of bacterial blight (Pseudomonas syringae pv. pisi) of field peas in Victoria

Ghobrial, E.; E.D.oudi, Y.H.; Shafik, I., 1992:
The incidence of barley yellow dwarf virus in barley in Egypt

Grondahl, A.M., 1992:
The incidence of bony fragments and osteochondrosis in the metacarpo- and metatarsophalangeal joints of Standardbred trotters

Goodwin, M.A.; Smeltzer, M.A.; Dickson, T.G.; Crary, C.K.; Girchik, T.; Miller, S.L.; Brown, J., 1991:
The incidence of chick anemia gent infection in broiler breeders in the Southeastern United States

Wardhaugh, K.G.; Vogt, W.G.; Dallwitz, R.; Woodburn, T.L., 1989:
The incidence of flystrike in relation to sheep susceptibility and the abundance of the blowfly Lucilia cuprina (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Wardhaugh, KG.; Morton, R., 1990:
The incidence of flystrike in sheep in relation to weather conditions, sheep husbandry, and the abundance of the Australian sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Barutzki, D.; Randelzhofer, A.; Gother, R., 1992:
The incidence of helminth infections in sows and piglets in southern Germany

Gatne, M.L.; Narsapur, V.S.; Niphadkar, S.M.; Deshpande, V.S., 1989:
The incidence of hydatidosis in cattle slaughtered at Bombay Abattoir

Herath, K.B.; Weeraseera, D.A.; Udugama, C.; Watawana, L.; Reginald, G.J.; Hemawardena, D.M., 1988:
The incidence of iodine deficiency, hypo- and hyper-thyroidism in a sample of patients investigated at the nuclear medicine unit, Peradeniya

Geisel, O.; Kusch, S.; Geisenberger, M.; Hermanns, W., 1990:
The incidence of malignant neoplasms of the dog in a 40-year period (1950-1989) in Munich

Alvarado, A.F.; Marcoux, M.; Breton, L., 1990:
The incidence of osteochondrosis in a Standardbred breeding farm in Quebec

Grondahl, A.M., 1991:
The incidence of osteochondrosis in the tibiotarsal joint of Norwegian Standardbred trotters. A radiographic study

Frank, R.K.; Newman, J.A.; Noll, S.L.; Ruth, G.R., 1990:
The incidence of perirenal hemorrhage syndrome in six flocks of market turkey toms

Nakahori, T.; Funaki, K.; Seito, F.; Kanazawa, T., 1989:
The incidence of pink colouring of rice grain in the Nanbu District of Aomori Prefecture in 1988

Mee, J.F., 1991:
The incidence of retained foetal membranes on nine dairy research farms over a ten-year period (1978-1987)

Mielke, M.E.; Charette, D.A., 1989:
The incidence of sapstreak disease of sugar maple in Menominee County, Wisconsin, and its relationship to wounds and season of logging

Cole, R.A.; Rollason, S.A.; Hardman, J.A.; Ellis, P.R., 1990:
The incidence of seed-borne bacteria in carrots and their association with damage caused by the larvae of the carrot fly (Psila rosae)

Ridley, M., 1990:
The incidence of sperm displacement in insects: four conjectures, one corroboration

Sencic,, 1989 :
The incidence of stress syndrome and its effect on the performance of meat-type breeds of pigs and their crossbreds

Vecerova, D., 1991:
The incidence of stress syndrome in a herd of synthetic line SL98 pigs

Borg, M.O.; Mason, P.M.; Shapiro, S.L., 1991:
The incidence of taxes on casino gambling: exploiting the tired and poor

Montero Lorenzo, J.M., 1989:
The incidence of technical-economic activities in the main agricultural indexes

Berry, J.A.; Morales, C.F.; Hill, M.G.; Lofroth, B.J.; Allan, D.J., 1989:
The incidence of three diaspid scales on kiwifruit in New Zealand

Mattioli, R.C.; Jean, O.; Belem, A.M.G., 1990:
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The individuality of humic substances in diverse environments

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The induction of chilling injury in tomato is accompanied by degradation of the galactolipids of the pericarp

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The industrial process of implementing innovative ideas in farm machinery

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The industry's interest in protein research

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The infant food industry as a partner in health

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The infection of human skin and nail by Scytalidium species

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The influence and interaction of the basic biotope factors on the fertility and productivity of arable soil. Research aims and tasks of the subprogramme RP. II.14/1

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The influence of 10 days flooding in seven development stages of spring barley on its growth, yield, and N, P, K content and uptake. Part I. Growth and yield

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The influence of Lactobacillus acidophilus probiotics on efficiency and parameters of rumen fluid in calves

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The influence of N and P fertilizer application of tuberlet production of stem cuttings of potato (Solanum tuberosum) cultivar Cosima

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The influence of N-application to a grass cover on the elements of the water balance

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The influence of NH4+ and NO3- ions on the amylolytic activity in seedlings of some Triticale varieties as compared to those of wheat and rye

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The influence of PGE2 and PGF2 alpha on blood flow through swine reproductive organs during the oestrous cycle

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The influence of Solubor leaf spray on fruit production in avocado

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The influence of a changing Europe on Finnish agricultural policy

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The influence of a changing climate on soil properties

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The influence of a colony's queen state on the drifting of drone honey bees (Apis mellifera L.)

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The influence of a crowded environment on the size of males of Caloglyphus berlesei (Acari: Acaridae)

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The influence of a fish oil high in docosahexaenoic acid on plasma lipoprotein and vitamin E concentrations and haemostatic function in healthy male volunteers

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The influence of a public project on economic growth, employment and social services in a poor district of China: a typical survey on the implementation of the policy of payment in kind in the 1980s

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The influence of a subterranean clover ground cover on the growth and nutrient status of young peach trees

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The influence of abomasal distension on gastro-intestinal motility in goats

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The influence of acidity on the kinetics of oxygen-soda delignification of wood

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The influence of adding NPN-compound on silage quality and conversion of diet nutrients

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The influence of age of meat type hens on quality of eggs and the effect of egg quality on hatchability

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The influence of age on the response of ring-necked pheasants to infection with marble spleen disease virus

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The influence of aging on ovarian function

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The influence of agricultural policies on carrying capacity

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The influence of agricultural production structure on mechanization

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The influence of agricultural rotation on the cyst nematode, Heterodera schachtii of sugarbeet

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The influence of agricultural rotations on the content of chlorophyll and the leaf index in maize plants

Anonymous, 1992:
The influence of agriculture on the quality of natural waters in England and Wales

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The influence of air intake volume on the efficiency of the hammer mill

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The influence of air stress and the effect of specific additives on the aerobic stability of wilted grass silage

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The influence of alternating temperature on grain sorghum germination

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The influence of analytical error upon the interpretation of chemical variations in clay minerals

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The influence of anthelmintics used at a late stage of fattening on carcass yield and meat quality in pigs

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The influence of antisense RNA on transcriptional mapping of the 5' terminus of a baculovirus RNA

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The influence of application methods and fertilizer rates on structure and dynamics of weed communities in maize crops

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The influence of application timing on the activity of two ovolarvicidal acaricides against the fruit tree red spider mite Panonychus ulmi (Koch)

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The influence of asynchrony between olive moth (Prays oleae Bern.) adult emergence and olive fruit phenology in determining subsequent fruit infestation

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The influence of atrazine and metolachlor residues in soil from five locations in Slovenia on emergence and height of plants of wheat and sugar beet

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The influence of attitude accessibility on attitude-behaviour relationships: implications for recreation research

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The influence of auxiliary drip irrigation, with low quantities of water in olive trees in Las Garrigas (cv. Arbequina)

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The influence of auxin and cytokinin on proliferation and morphology of somatic embryos of Picea abies (L.) Karst

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The influence of auxins on the rooting of cuttings of Bougainvillea glabra Choisy

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The influence of available nitrate nitrogen in the soil profile on the nitrate contents of blanching celery

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The influence of basic zoohygienic factors on the prevalence of MMA syndrome in young sows

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The influence of basin aridity on the efficiency of runoff predicting models

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The influence of beer and wine on plasma gastrin

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The influence of biologically active substances on protein biosynthesis in hepatocytes in piglets

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The influence of biotin (vitamin H) on the synthesis of vitamin C, D-glucuronic acid and the activity of L-gulono-oxidase in chickens

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The influence of border effects on the compensation for gaps in lucerne crops

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The influence of bovine leukosis on immunoglobulins G, M and A concentrations in the sera of cows and their fetuses

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The influence of breed and animal housing on limb diseases in cattle

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The influence of breed and type of feed on the cholesterol content of the M. longissimus dorsi of steers

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The influence of buffalo and bovine serum on transformation of Trypanosoma congolense from metacyclic forms to bloodstream forms in vitro

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The influence of canopy location on intercolony transmission of nuclear polyhedrosis virus in larval populations of loblolly pine sawfly (Hymenoptera: Diprionidae)

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The influence of carbaryl on the uptake of (superscript 3H)- noradrenaline (superscript 3H)-NA by rat hypothalamic slices

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The influence of carbon dioxide enrichment on the seasonal patterns of nitrogen fixation in soybeans

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The influence of casein micelle size on selected functional properties of bulk milk proteins

Kubinec S., 1990 :
The influence of certain herbicides upon yields of selected spring barley cultivars and new varieties

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The influence of change in total costs on the efficiency of cattle fattening at the SPP Masospol in Dunajska Streda

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The influence of changing time of feeding on performance of broiler breeder hens

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The influence of cherry rootstocks on the content of major nutrients of 3 sweet cherry cultivars

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The influence of chironomid larvae on sediment oxygen microprofiles

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The influence of clear felling on temperature and vegetation in an esker area at Lammi, southern Finland

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The influence of climate and soil conditions on the grain yield of lowland rice in the Tohoku region

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The influence of climate on the nutritive value of the natural vegetation in north-east Mexico

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The influence of climatic conditions on the increase in water erosion at the Kucharovice and Kostelni Myslova stations

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The influence of clutch size and oviposition time on egg weight and egg index in Hubbard layers

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The influence of coccidial infections and ionophore treatment on tissue cations and anions in broiler chicks

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The influence of colostral leukocytes on the immune system of the neonatal calf. I. Effects on lymphocyte responses

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The influence of commercially available starter cultures on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in fresh Mettwurst

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The influence of comparative price in the substitution of coal for woodfuel and charcoal: the Zambian case

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The influence of constant and diurnally changing CO2 concentrations on plant growth and development

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The influence of constraints on the generic decision of whether or not to take a summer vacation trip

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The influence of consumer concerns and demographic factors on purchasing patterns for beef

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The influence of cotyledons in axillary and adventitious shoot production from cotyledonary nodes of Cucumis sativus L. (cucumber)

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The influence of crops and terms in the upland field rotational period on the growth and yield of paddy rice in the paddy field rotational period

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The influence of cultural techniques on quality characteristics in the processing of nematode resistant potato cultivars

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The influence of cut-block size and adjacency rules on harvest levels and road networks

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The influence of cutting edge geometry on draft and vertical forces in a sandy loam soil

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The influence of dead leaf material on the oviposition behaviour of Eldana saccharina (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in sugarcane

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The influence of deep loosening on soil micromorphology

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The influence of density and size of particles on rumination and passage from the reticulo-rumen of sheep

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The influence of density of the host population on the intensity of infestation by females of Trichogramma

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The influence of desert temperature cycles on the reproductive biology of Pseudodiplorchis americanus (Monogenea)

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The influence of desiccation upon Biomphalaria glabrata infected with Schistosoma mansoni

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The influence of dew duration, relative humidity, and leaf senescence on conidial formation and infection of onion by Alternaria porri

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The influence of diameter and length on the yield of lumber and sawmill residues from Pinus elliottii sawlogs

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The influence of diet on ovarian maturation, mating, and pheromone production in the housefly, Musca domestica

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The influence of diet on the appearance of new lesions in human coronary arteries

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The influence of dietary calcium reduction on aluminum absorption and kinetics in the rabbit

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The influence of dietary concentrate energy source and antibiotic feed additives on dairy cow performance

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The influence of dietary fiber on proliferation of intestinal mucosal cells in miniature swine may not be mediated primarily by fermentation

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The influence of dietary protein concentration on resting and fasting oxygen consumption of the albino rat

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The influence of different Reglone dosage and terms of application on the quality of sugar beet seeds

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The influence of different concentrations of surface-active substances on the daily food intake and duration of the digestive process in Lymnaea stagnalis infected with Echinostoma revolutum parthenitae

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The influence of different concentrations of surfactants on the physical and chemical properties of the haemolymph of Planorbarius (Mollusca, Bulinidae) infected with trematodes and free from infection

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The influence of different constant temperatures and saturation deficits on the survival of adult Culex (Culex) theileri Theobald (Diptera: Culicidae) in the laboratory

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The influence of different cutting heights on yield and nutritive value of whole-crop cereals and their evaluation from a farm economic viewpoint

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The influence of different delimitations on target audience homogeneity

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The influence of different fertilization systems on organo-mineral complexes in Ap horizons of long-term field experiments on ground moraines in the GDR

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The influence of different forms of nitrogen fertilizers upon the nitrificide activity of KMP and ATG

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The influence of different fungicides on grape moth damage

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The influence of different humus contents on the consistency of the loamy soil in the Rostock permanent pot experiment

Jangrot, W.; Ostrowski, K.; Rajda, W., 1990:
The influence of different methods of drainage of foreign water areas and spring water areas on the depth of groundwater level

Kressner, J. et al., 1990:
The influence of different production structures on labour requirements; et seq

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The influence of different seed rates of winter mixtures on their yield

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The influence of different site conditions on the yield of red and alsike clovers and their mixtures with grasses

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The influence of different soil structures - measured by penetrometer - on the transport of salts in road side soils

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The influence of different spectra and intensities of light in poultry houses on the health and production of broilers

Mougou, A.; Verlodt, H., 1990:
The influence of different static ventilation systems on temperature distribution and uniformity of microclimate

Paulick, C.; Stolle, F.A.; Mickwitz, G. von, 1989:
The influence of different stunning methods on the quality of sheep meat

Ros M.; Vrtovsek J.; Dular M., 1992:
The influence of different support materials to treatment efficiency in packed bed reactors

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The influence of different tillage method on nitrogen mineralization and protease activity - long term experiments at 5 sites

D.M.or, S.; Ben Amor, H., 1990:
The influence of different types of ventilation on tomato culture in the south of Tunisia

Kostuch, R., 1992:
The influence of differentiated doses of nitrogen fertilization on the botanical composition changes of mountain grassland

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The influence of differently treated mine spoils on the root growth of selected pioneer plants

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The influence of digestible energy concentration of the diet on feed intake and rate of gain by beef steers

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The influence of drainage on morphogenesis in soils developed from basic rocks in Piracicaba, Sao Paulo State

Johns, R.J., 1989:
The influence of drought on tropical rainforest vegetation in Papua New Guinea

Mahmoud, A.A., 1991:
The influence of dry cow therapy on mastitis control

Gandhi, R.S., 1991:
The influence of duration of mating females with males on egg production in Tribolium castaneum

Dukas, K., 1989:
The influence of earthquake forces on the design of supporting walls in forest road construction in Greece

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The influence of egg sequence position on fertility, embryo viability, and embryo weight in broiler breeders

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The influence of elevated CO2 and temperature on biomass production of continually defoliated white clover

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The influence of enduring involvement on attitude accessibility and the attitude-behavior relationship: a case study of wildlife viewing

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The influence of energy concentration or energy content of the ration on protein and fat deposition as well as on the efficiency of metabolizable energy utilization in growing pigs. 1. The efficiency of ME utilization caused by alterations in the carbohydrate fraction of the ration

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The influence of energy-rich supplements on nitrogen kinetics in ruminants

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The influence of engine block assembling on the geometric shape of cylinder liners

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The influence of enteral tube feeding on protein metabolism in patients with peritonitis

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The influence of environment and parasitism on the prevalence of asthma in two Venezuelan regions

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The influence of environmental concerns on the political determination of trade policy

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The influence of environmental conditions and nutrition on a health status and productivity of young turkeys

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The influence of environmental factors on plant viruses

Gottschalk, W., 1990:
The influence of environmental factors on the action of mutant genes

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The influence of espacement on the growth and development of a lodgepole pine plantation

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The influence of ev6 on the immune response to avian leukosis virus infection in rapid-feathering progeny of slow- and rapid-feathering dams

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The influence of excess riboflavin supplementation on performance of growing-finishing pigs

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The influence of exogenous gonadotrophins and cloprostenol on ovulation in gilts

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The influence of experimental conditions on the adsorption equilibrium of a pesticide

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The influence of exposure and feeding on the results of testing bacterial insecticides on mosquito larvae

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The influence of fallow under Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. on the C and N content of the soil

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The influence of farmer water rights on the design of water-proportioning devices

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The influence of fat on evacuatory function of the gastric stump and small intestine in patients with Billroth II gastric resection

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The influence of feed protein level on the energy maintenance requirement of rats during growth and after the end of their intensive growth phase with varied feed regimens

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The influence of feeding level during lactation and gestation on the endocrine status and reproductive performance of second parity sows

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The influence of feeding on predatory tactics in a water bug

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The influence of fertilization on regime factors of soil potassium

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The influence of fertilization with municipal waste compost on the yield and mineral content of a grass/clover mixture

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The influence of fertilizer application rate on the effect of the plant elongation regulator inabenfide on rice straw

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The influence of fertilizers on the biological cycling of microelements in regraded chernozem conditions of the right-bank forest-steppe of the Ukrainian SSR

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The influence of fertilizers on the content and quality composition of reclaimed soil humus

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The influence of fertilizers upon the soil

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The influence of field environmental conditions on the growth and development of four cauliflower cultivars

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The influence of fire periodicity on habitat structure

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The influence of fixation technique on the structure of the microsporidian extrasporal coat

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The influence of floor systems on behaviour of veal calves

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The influence of fluctuation in live weight and supplementation with rumen stable methionine during liveweight loss on the production, fibre diameter and staple strength of wool

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The influence of food and temperature on enzymatic activities of the millipede Glomeris hexasticha (Diplopoda)

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The influence of forest growth of denuded mountain lands upon evapotranspiration

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The influence of forest-clearance methods, tillage and slope runoff on soil chemical properties and banana plant yields in the South Pacific

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The influence of free fatty acid content and degree of saturation on the apparent metabolizable energy value of fats fed to broilers

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The influence of functional leaf removal at flower emergence on components of yield and photosynthetic compensation in banana

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The influence of game browsing on the development of plant size and aerial phytomass of young Norway spruce

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The influence of game browsing on the mortality of young forest trees in the upper montane zone

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The influence of gender-role perception on activity preferences of children

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The influence of general economic development on the agricultural sector in Nigeria: an empirical analysis using the idea of true protection

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The influence of gibberellic acid and ethrel on cut tulips

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The influence of glucose on memory in humans

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The influence of glucose supplement on the degradation of catechol

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The influence of glyphosate on the host-parasite relationship between Vicia faba and Orobanche crenata

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The influence of governmental structures on park and recreation compensation

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The influence of habitat structure on the transmission of parasites

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The influence of habitat use and foraging on the replacement of one introduced wasp species by another in New Zealand

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The influence of halophyte breakdown upon alkalinity of takyr soils under reclamation for rice-growing

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The influence of harvest technology and handling on the level of external damage and following storage losses of tubers

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The influence of heat and chemical treatment on ruminal disappearance of canola meal

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The influence of heat treatment, genotype and other cultural practices on the production of shiitake mushrooms on sawdust

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The influence of heavy metals on nitrogen mineralization with regard to the relative proportions of fungi and bacteria

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The influence of herbicides on fermentation in podzol-type soils of the subtropical zone

Goguadze, V.D., 1989:
The influence of herbicides on the process of denitrification and nitrogen fixation in various soils of the Georgian subtropical zone

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The influence of herbivorous game on Jezersko-Kokra forests in the Karavanke Mountains and Kamnik Alps

Accetto, M., 1986:
The influence of herbivorous game on forests of Jelendol in the Karavanke Mountains

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The influence of herd epidemiological factors on atrophic rhinitis in pig herds in Denmark

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The influence of high and low temperatures on the mortality of adults of Acanthoscelides obtectus (Say) (Coleoptera Bruchidae)

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The influence of history and aluminum ions on the kinetics of the IV ->III polymorphic phase transition in ammonium nitrate

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The influence of homozygosity on the level of aldosterone and Na+ and K+ ions in the blood serum of rats exposed to stress

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The influence of hormone medium upon the rapid regeneration in vitro of explants of Fraxinus excelsior L

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The influence of host food plants on host recognition by four aphidiine parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

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The influence of host plant phenology on the reproduction of Ceuthorhynchus assimilis Payk

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The influence of host sex and size on host suitability in the Galleria mellonella L. - Pseudogonia rufifrons Wied. system

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The influence of host species on the development rate of tufted apple bud moth. Platynota idaeusalis (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) larvae

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The influence of host stage and sex upon the size and composition of the nematodes parasitic in Periplaneta americana

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The influence of human activity on the fauna and abundance of malarial mosquitoes in an industrial town

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The influence of humidity on the residual action of benzene hexachloride (BHC)

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The influence of hypophysin and deoxycorticosterone acetate on kidneys activity in neonatal period in calves. I. Diuresis, glomerular filtration and excretion of endogenous creatinine in urine. II. The excretion of electrolytes in urine

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The influence of increased rates of nitrogen fertilizer application and irrigation on pasture productivity

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The influence of increasing mineral fertilizer inputs upon the overall biological activity of soil under long-term grass

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The influence of incubation temperature on bacterial counts in a meat production system

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The influence of industrial dust on the mycoflora of pino-quercetum forest near Cracow. I. Effect of cadmium dust on mycelial length and biomass of fungi in soil, humus and litter layer

Turnau, K., 1988:
The influence of industrial dust on the mycoflora of pino-quercetum forest near Cracow. II. Effects of industrial dust on the mycorrhizal status of herb-layer plants

Turnau, K., 1988:
The influence of industrial dust on the mycoflora of pino-quercetum forest near Cracow. III. The influence of industrial dust on mycorrhizas of Vaccinium myrtillus

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The influence of industrial emissions on organic matter properties and destruction of forest biogeocenoses

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The influence of industrial pollutants from the Ostrava region on contamination of agricultural land and crops by lead and cadmium

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The influence of infestation of oats by root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne sp.) on the performance of the cereal aphid, Metopolophium dirhodum (Walk.) (Hom., Aphididae)

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The influence of infrastructure on rural development

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The influence of initial plant number and spacing on the juvenile development of Douglas fir stands

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The influence of insect juvenile hormone analogues on the development of the American white butterfly Hyphantria cunea

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The influence of intestinal microflora in piglets applying the Lactobacillus casei CCM 4160

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The influence of intraspecific relations on the postmetabolous development of Frankliniella tenuicornis (Uzel, 1895) (Thysanoptera, Insecta)

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The influence of intraspecific variation on the biology and control of agricultural weeds

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The influence of invertebrates on soil fertility and plant growth in temperate grasslands

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The influence of irrigation on the biological activity of sandy chestnut soils in the Pavlodar pre-irtish region

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The influence of jasmonic acid on the development of Phaseolus vulgaris shoot culture

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The influence of juvenile hatch and female development of Heterodera schachtii on the classification for resistance in cruciferous catch crops

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The influence of keratin-bark-urea granulate on the content of easily hydrolysable nitrogen in soils

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The influence of killed vaccine against swine Escherichia infection on the anaerobic bacteria of the large intestine

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The influence of knots and grain angle on some mechanical properties of Shorea ovalis Bl. (red meranti) and Shorea laevis Ridl. (bangkirai)

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The influence of land use on the chemical properties and microelement content of soils developed from loess

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The influence of larval bee hemolymph on fertility of Varroa jacobsoni in colonies of European and Africanized honey bees

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The influence of leaf position and defoliation on the assimilation and translocation of carbon in white clover (Trifolium repens L.). 2. Quantitative carbon movement

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The influence of leaf water status and ABA on leaf growth and stomata of Phaseolus seedlings with hypoxic roots

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The influence of litter removal on some soils on calcareous parent rocks

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The influence of litter size on weight change during feline gestation and lactation

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The influence of livex on health and productivity of pheasants

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The influence of long-term irrigation of permanent meadows with Lublin municipal sewage on the yield of hay and its botanical and chemical composition

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The influence of low light levels on apple fruit abscission

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The influence of low light on apple fruit abscission

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The influence of lyophilization and storage conditions on the viability of rice bacteriosis agents

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The influence of machine oil on conidia and hyphae of cucumber powdery mildew fungus, Sphaerotheca fuliginea

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The influence of magnetic field on the formation of milk stone and crystallization of lactose

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The influence of maternal genotype on haploid barley production by Hordeum bulbosum method

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The influence of maternal iron stores on the iron status of newborns

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The influence of metabolic alkalosis of cows on the quality of the milk and colostrum and the health of newborn calves

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The influence of metabolic disorders of the calving period on the production of milk and the fertility of cows

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The influence of meteorological factors on the mineralization of organically bound nitrogen

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The influence of microsite differences in soil chemistry on the manifestation of yellowing symptoms in Norway spruce in the Harz Mountains

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The influence of microwave ovens on the demand for fresh and frozen potatoes

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The influence of monensin and selenium on weight gain and coccidiosis in lambs

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The influence of movement education on students' attitudes toward physical activity

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The influence of mycotoxins on the immune system

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The influence of natural and social factors on the magnitude of weed problems

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The influence of nectar and pollen availability and blossom density on the attractiveness of almond cultivars to honeybees

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The influence of new maternal care facilities in rural Nigeria

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The influence of nitrate fertilizer and cutting on production of Trifolium squarrosum

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The influence of nitrogen fertilization, season of application, and orchard floor management on fruit quality and leaf mineral content of 'Golden Delicious' apple trees

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The influence of no-plough tillage for winter wheat in a three-course rotation on its yield and yield structure

Kreuz, E., 1990:
The influence of no-plough tillage for winter wheat in a three-course rotation on the yield and yield structure of the following winter barley crop

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The influence of non-agricultural activities on the organization and economics of agricultural cooperatives

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The influence of nonionic surfactants on the penetration and transport of systemic fungicides in plants

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The influence of nutrient intake on the biochemical parameters of iron status in a healthy paediatric Mediterranean population

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The influence of nutrient nitrogen source on the growth and productivity of sunflower (Helianthus annuus var. Dwarf Sungold)

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The influence of nutrition on circulating levels of testosterone in rams and testosterone treated wethers

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The influence of nutritional awareness on consumer food choice

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The influence of olive moth (Prays oleae) on olive production

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The influence of oral glucose loading on baroreflex function in the elderly

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The influence of orchard utilization on changes in the properties of a soil developed from boulder clay in the Gumience Plain in Western Pomerania

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The influence of organic matter and clay on adsorption of atrazine by topsoils

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The influence of organic matter and texture on some moisture characteristics of soils in the savanna area of south-western Nigeria

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The influence of organic matter on soil aggregation in forest soils

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The influence of organic matter on toxicity of aluminium to maize (Zea mays L.)

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The influence of organized interests on agricultural policy: an empirical study of the determinants of direct income transfer in agriculture

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The influence of origin and variety on consumer perception

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The influence of oxygen concentration on ethylene production and the content of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (ACC) and 1-malonylaminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (MACC) in etiolated Phaseolus vulgaris seedlings

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The influence of oxygen content in atmospheres enriched with carbon dioxide on the mortality of the juvenile stages of Sitophilus oryzae and S. granarius

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The influence of ozone on the growth of some poplar species

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The influence of pH on the synthesis of mixed Fe-Mn oxide minerals

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The influence of parasite infection on mating success in spadefoot toads, Scaphiopus couchii

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The influence of participation and gender on employees' motives for involvement in a corporate exercise program

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The influence of past experience on wilderness choice

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The influence of perestroika on Eastern European countries

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The influence of pesticides on the faunal diversity of agricultural landscapes (with special reference to the arthropods of the field surface)

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The influence of pests and diseases on the quantity and quality of olive oil production

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The influence of phase variants of Xenorhabdus spp. and Escherichia coli (Enterobacteriaceae) on the propagation of entomopathogenic nematodes of the genera Steinernema and Heterorhabditis

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The influence of photoperiod and endocrine status on seasonal reproductive behaviour in the male fallow deer

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The influence of photoperiod on the dry-matter production of grasses and cereals

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The influence of physical and biochemical characteristics upon the selection of white clover by grazing sheep

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The influence of physiological state and dietary nitrogen supply on digestion in the dairy cow

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The influence of plant density and nitrogen fertilizer on soft wheat cultivars

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The influence of plant population and nitrogen fertility on the seed yield and quality of linseed

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The influence of plant water deficit on distribution of 14C-labelled assimilates in cacao seedlings

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The influence of planting depth of mother corms on quality and quantity of cormlets in freesia

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The influence of plastic materials on the recovery of different pesticides during groundwater sampling and during sample storage

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The influence of polluted air on ground vegetation in forests

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The influence of postpartum insemination on litter size and growth of New Zealand White rabbits

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The influence of posttraumatic parenteral calorie and nitrogen supply upon the cumulative nitrogen balance

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The influence of prednisolone administration to sows before parturition on early postnatal mortality of piglets and its dependence on the body condition of the sows

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The influence of premating feeding level and exogenous insulin on the reproductive performance of sows

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The influence of processing corn grain on glucose metabolism in ewes

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The influence of proline on the expansion potential of isolated rye protoplasts

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The influence of pupation temperature on the color patterns and development time of queen honey bees

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The influence of purified porcine relaxin on the reproductive performance of sows following artificial insemination with fresh or frozen semen

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The influence of qualitative indices and sugarbeet quality on sugar factory operation

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The influence of race, sex, and age on performance appraisal bias in public parks and recreation

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The influence of rain gauge density on the estimation of daily rainfall: a case study from Cameroon

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The influence of rainfall deficits on the abundance of Helicoverpa (=Heliothis) armigera in Andhra Pradesh, India

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The influence of rainfall distribution on the yield of maize under Leucaena leucocephala alley cropping at Mtwapa, Coast Province, Kenya

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The influence of rainfall distribution on traditional agroforestry practices in western Kenya

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The influence of reclamation measures upon content of iron and manganese in alluvial peat bog soil

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The influence of recombinant bovine growth hormone on the concentrations of various trace elements in milk and blood of dairy cows

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The influence of red/far red ratios of light and of a plant cover on the germination of some weed species

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The influence of redesiccation on dormancy and K+ leakage of primed lettuce seeds

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The influence of reproductive activity on the morphology, structure and function of the leaves of Ailanthus altissima

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The influence of reproductive traits on the capture of genetic gain

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The influence of rice bran on plasma lipids and lipoproteins in human volunteers

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The influence of robot technologies on the structure of a machinery and tractor park

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The influence of rock powders on microbial activity of three forest soils

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