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The influence of 10 days flooding in seven development stages of spring barley on its growth, yield, and N, P, K content and uptake. Part I. Growth and yield

Stepniewski, W.; abuda, S.

Polish Journal of Soil Science 22(1): 93-99


ISSN/ISBN: 0079-2985
Accession: 002252385

Barley Diva was grown in pots containing 5 kg brown loess soil, and the soil flooded for 10 d at each of 7 growth stages from 1st leaf to milk ripeness. Flooding at the 1st leaf, end of heading and milk ripe growth stages did not affect DW or grain yield at harvest. DM yield reduction was greatest (38%) after flooding at the 1st node stage. Grain yield reductions were 22, 48, 53 and 42% after flooding at the 3rd leaf, 1st node, 3rd node and beginning of heading growth stages, respectively.

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