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The net portal and hepatic flux of metabolites and oxygen consumption in growing beef steers given postruminal casein

Guerino, F.; Huntington, G.B.; Erdman, R.A.

Journal of Animal Science 69(1): 387-395


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8812
PMID: 2005032
DOI: 10.2527/1991.691387x
Accession: 002254845

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Changes in net portal and hepatic nutrient flux and oxygen consumption in response to 3-d abomasal casein infusions were studied in seven multicatheterized beef steers. Steers were fed 4.3 kg DM/d of a high-concentrate diet in 12 equal meals. Blood flow (para-aminohippurate dilution) and net flux (venoarterial concentration difference x blood flow) across portal-drained viscera (PDV) and hepatic tissues were measured on d 3 of the abomasal infusions. In two experiments, the response to 300 (300C) and 150 (150C) g casein/d were compared, respectively, to a control water infusion. The 300C increased (P less than .05) arterial blood concentrations of alpha-amino N (AAN), urea N and ammonia; 150C increased (P less than .05) arterial urea N. Urinary urea N excretion was increased (P less than .01) by 300C and 150C. Although 300C increased net PDV release of AAN (P less than .07) and alanine (P less than .10), there was no net change in total splanchnic (TSP) flux due to an increased net hepatic uptake of AAN (P less than .01) and alanine (P less than .05). Net PDV glucose flux was decreased (P less than .05) by 300C, but net hepatic glucose flux was not affected by either level of casein. The 150C increased TSP oxygen consumption (P less than .05) and hepatic oxygen extraction (P less than .10). Approximately 26 and 30% of the casein N infused abomasally appeared in the portal blood as AAN for 150C and 300C, respectively. The sum of net PDV ammonia and AAN fluxes accounted for 47 and 88% of the N infused for 150C and 300C, respectively. These data emphasize the importance of intestinal and liver tissues in regulating the flux of nitrogenous compounds absorbed from the diet.

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