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Towards a more sustainable and economic production of Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica L.) in Kenya through exploitation of improved cultivars: a review

Agwanda, C.O.; Owuor, J.B.O.

Kenya Coffee 54(638): 735-743


Accession: 002264271

The review is presented under these headings: progress in coffee breeding and research; germplasm of Coffea arabica (Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya); the main breeding programme; basic research in support of main breeding programme (especially hybrid Ruiru II); multiplication of early generation selections from the main breeding programme; programme status and progress (main breeding programme; selfing sub-programme for improvement of the pollen supply parents and development of pure line tall type disease resistant selections; and selfing sub-programmes for the derivation of true seed compact type disease resistance selections); and multiplication of improved cultivars.

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