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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2267

Chapter 2267 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Saettler, A. W.; Corea, F. J., 1988: Transmission of Phaeoisariopsis griseola by bean seed

Babinet, J.; Gay, F.; Bustos, D. et al., 1991: Transmission of Plasmodium falciparum by heart transplant

Chave, J. P.; David, S.; Wauters, J. P.; Van Melle, G.; Francioli, P., 1991: Transmission of Pneumocystis carinii from AIDS patients to other immunosuppressed patients: a cluster of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in renal transplant recipients

Machmud, M.; Middleton, K. J., 1991: Transmission of Pseudomonas solanacearum through groundnut seeds

Turell, Mj; Linthicum, Kj; Beaman,. Jr.;, 1990: Transmission of Rift Valley fever virus by adult mosquitoes after ingestion of virus as larvae

Otte, M. J.; Abuabara, J. Y., 1991: Transmission of South American Trypanosoma vivax by the neotropical horsefly Tabanus nebulosus

Beaman, JR.; Turell, MJ., 1991: Transmission of Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus by strains of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) collected in North and South America

Ovies, J.; Larrinaga, L., 1988: Transmission of Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli by a wild host

Goff, H. D.; Slade, P. J., 1990: Transmission of a Listeria sp. through a cold-air wind tunnel

Hadas R.; Ashulin L.; Bar Joseph M., 1992: Transmission of a citrus viroid to avocado by heterologous grafting

Heard, P. B.; Niebylski, M. L.; Francy, D. B.; Craig, G. B, Jr, 1991: Transmission of a newly recognized virus (Bunyaviridae, Bunyavirus) isolated from Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) in Potosi, Missouri

Kelly, P. J.; Mason, P. R., 1991: Transmission of a spotted fever group rickettsia by Amblyomma hebraeum (Acari: Ixodidae)

Summers C.G.; Newton A.S.Jr; Kirk M.; Temple S.R., 1990: Transmission of beet yellows and beet mosaic viruses by noncolonizing aphid vectors

Robertson, I. B., 1992: Transmission of blue-eared pig disease

Furniss, MM.; Solheim, H.; Christiansen, E., 1990: Transmission of blue-stain fungi by Ips typographus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in Norway spruce

Fraser, H; Bruce, Me; Chree, A; Mcconnell, I; Wells, Gah, 1992: Transmission of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and scrapie to mice

Tarry, D. W.; Bernal, L.; Edwards, S., 1991: Transmission of bovine virus diarrhoea virus by blood feeding flies

Reddy, M. R. S.; Murti, V. D., 1988: Transmission of citrus tristeza virus by dodder laurel from acidlime to acidlime

Reddy, M. R. S.; Naidu, P. H., 1989: Transmission of citrus yellow corky vein

Campbell, Rn; Lecoq, H; Wipf-Scheibel, C; Sim, St, 1991: Transmission of cucumber leaf spot virus by Olpidium radicale

Sang, D. K., 1991: Transmission of cutaneous leishmaniasis due to Leishmania tropica in Kenya

Hirsch, J. F.; Deschamps, C.; Lhuillier, M., 1990: Transmission of dengue to a laboratory technician after accidental inoculation

Callanan, J. J.; Hosie, M. J.; Jarrett, O., 1991: Transmission of feline immunodeficiency virus from mother to kitten

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266030

Dupouy Camet, J.; Ancelle, T.; Vicens, I.; Bougnoux, M. E.; Mougin, F.; Tourte Schaefer, C., 1990: Transmission of giardiasis in a day care centre: analysis of risk factors and control

Engelbrecht, DJ.; Kasdorf, GGF., 1990: Transmission of grapevine leafroll disease and associated closteroviruses by the vine mealybug, Planococcus ficus

Schulman, S.; Lindgren, A. C.; Petrini, P.; Allander, T., 1992: Transmission of hepatitis C with pasteurised factor VIII

Stiehm, E. R.; Vink, P., 1991: Transmission of human immunodeficiency virus infection by breast-feeding

Reddell, P.; Spain, A. V., 1991: Transmission of infective Frankia (actinomycetales) propagules in casts of the endogeic earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurus (Oligochaeta: Glossoscolecidae)

Ginsberg, M. M., 1991: Transmission of malaria in San Diego County, California

Young, S. Y.; Yearian, W. C., 1989: Transmission of nuclear polyhedrosis virus by the parasitoid Microplitis croceipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) to Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on soybean

Mage, C., 1990: Transmission of parasites by water

Adams M.J., 1991: Transmission of plant viruses by fungi

Heuvel, Jfjm-Van-Den; Boerma, Tm; Peters, D., 1991: Transmission of potato leafroll virus from plants and artificial diets by Myzus persicae

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266045

Portillo, M. M.; Benatena, H. N., 1986: Transmission of psorosis from citrus to citrus by aphids

Delpietro, H.; Segre, L.; Marchevsky, N.; Berisso, M., 1990: Transmission of rabies to rodents through ingestion of tissues from naturally infected animals

Foil L.D.; Issel C.J., 1991: Transmission of retroviruses by arthropods

Yesuraja, I.; Mariappan, V., 1991: Transmission of rice tungro by green leafhopper GLH on successive days

Mathen, K.; Rajan, P.; Radhakrishnan Nair, CP.; Sasikala, M.; Gunasekharan, M.; Govindankutty, MP.; Solomon, JJ., 1990: Transmission of root (wilt) disease to coconut seedlings through Stephanitis typica (Distant) (Heteroptera: Tingidae)

Hardman, P. M.; Wathes, C. M.; Wray, C., 1991: Transmission of salmonellae among calves penned individually

Lyons, E. T.; Tolliver, S. C.; Drudge, J. H.; Granstrom, D. E.; Stamper, S.; Collins, S. S., 1991: Transmission of some internal parasites in horses born in 1989 on a farm in Central Kentucky

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266055

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266057

Rico de Cujia, L. M., 1989: Transmission of the causal agent of a foliar disease of African palm

Prochazka, J.; Bumerl, J.; Mika, V., 1991: Transmission of the endophytic fungus Acremonium sp. in the seed generations of grasses

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266060

Stobbs, LW.; Broadbent, AB.; Allen, WR.; Stirling, AL., 1992: Transmission of tomato spotted wilt virus by the western flower thrips to weeds and native plants found in southern Ontario

Sturchler D.; Weiss N.; Gassner M., 1990: Transmission of toxocariasis

Frenkel, J. K., 1990: Transmission of toxoplasmosis and the role of immunity in limiting transmission and illness

Gibb, K. S.; Randles, J. W., 1991: Transmission of velvet tobacco mottle virus and related viruses by the mirid Cyrtopeltis nicotianae

Ren, Z. L.; Lelley, T.; Robbelen, G., 1991: Transmission of wheat and rye chromosomes in octoploid triticale X common wheat populations

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266066

Adamson, ML.; Buck, A.; Noble, S., 1992: Transmission pattern and intraspecific competition as determinants of population structure in pinworms (Oxyurida: Nematoda)

Mead, D.; Flaherty, M.; Weck, E., 1991: Transmission ratio distortion

Dawson, M.; Wells, G. A. H.; Parker, B. N. J.; Scott, A. C., 1991: Transmission studies of BSE in cattle, hamsters, pigs and domestic fowl

Khune, N. N., 1990: Transmission studies of Fusarium udum Butler in pigeonpea

Ma, Q. L.; Ishimaru, A.; Phu, P.; Kuga, Y., 1990: Transmission, reflection, and depolarization of an optical wave for a single leaf

Fuhrman, J. A.; Lane, W. S.; Smith, R. F.; Piessens, W. F.; Perler, F. B., 1992: Transmission-blocking antibodies recognize microfilarial chitinase in brugian lymphatic filariasis

Feuilloley, P.; Issanchou, G., 1990: Transmittance measurements of covering materials in the visible and infrared range

McNulty, R.; Wafer, P., 1990: Transnational corporations and tourism issues

Murakami, K.; Go, F., 1990: Transnational corporations capture Japanese market

Sepstrup, P., 1990: Transnationalization of television in Western Europe

Richard, C., 1990: Transnewsteadia nepalensis, n. gen., n. sp., and Ortheziola loebli, n. sp., Ortheziidae of Nepalese forest litter (Homoptera: Coccoidea-Archaeococcoidea)

Hauser, R. J.; Parker, B., 1991: Transoceanic impediments to increased US grain exports

Smith J.E.; Dunn A.M., 1991: Transovarial transmission

Tesh, R. B., 1984: Transovarial transmission of arboviruses in their invertebrate vectors

Melcer, B., 1988: Transparency of costs in logistics - an instrument for controlling distribution

Scholtens, A., 1991: Transparent and milky white plastic suitable as a covering for red currants

Warren, D. C., 1991: Transpiration and conductance responses of salt-desert vegetation in the Owens Valley of California in relation to climate and soil moisture

Cantiani, M.; Guerri, F. S., 1989: Transpiration and cyclic fluctuations in stem diameter of some forest trees (1st part)

Kidman, R. L., 1991: Transpiration and evaporation crop coefficients for corn

North, Rd, 1991: Transpiration and humidity preference in a temperate wood ant Formica rufa L

Ishihara, K.; Kiyota, E.; Imaizumi, N., 1990: Transpiration and photosynthesis characteristics of the panicle in comparison with the flag leaf in rice plant

Zajicek, Jm; Heilman, Jl, 1991: Transpiration by crape myrtle cultivars surrounded by mulch, soil, and turfgrass surfaces

Dedkov, V. P., 1991: Transpiration coefficients for plants of the eastern Karakum

Chadwick, J. M.; Hellickson, M. L., 1989: Transpiration coefficients of fresh fruits stored in bulk

Brenner, A. J.; Jarvis, P. G.; VanDenBeldt, R. J., 1991: Transpiration from a neem windbreak in the Sahel

Kozlova, L. N., 1988: Transpiration in forest outliers in the Krasnoyarsk forest-steppe

Graaf, R. de, 1991: Transpiration. High CO2-content checks transpiration

Moshiri, F.; Smith, E. G.; Taormino, J. P.; Maier, R. J., 1991: Transpirational regulation of cytochrome d in nitrogen-fixing Azotobacter vinelandii. Evidence that up-regulation during N2 fixation is independent of nifA but dependent on ntrA

Turner, C. B.; Savva, D., 1992: Transplacental infection of a foal with Toxoplasma gondii

Christianson W.T.; Kim H.S.; Yoon I.J.; Joo H.S., 1992: Transplacental infection of porcine fetuses following experimental challenge inoculation with encephalomyocarditis virus

Manda, J. A., 1989: Transplacental migration of Dirofilaria immitis microfilariae

Arora, R. G., 1990: Transplacental ochratoxicosis: a study on the morphology of chondrocranium in the mouse

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266107

Depner, K. R.; Hubschle, O. J. B.; Liess, B., 1990: Transplacental transmission of BVD virus following experimental inoculation of goats at different stages of gestation

Lindstrom, Om, 1992: Transplant date influences cold hardiness of Leyland cypress following transplanting into the field

Adams, J. C., 1988: Transplant shock effects on water oak (Quercus nigra L.) provenance study

Eddington, Dl; Suggs, Cw; Mcclure, Wf; Miller, Tk Iii, 1991: Transplant size sensing using dual-wavelength reflectance

Faria, T. N.; Deb, S.; Kwok, S. C. M.; Vandeputte, M.; Talamantes, F.; Soares, M. J., 1990: Transplantable rat choriocarcinoma cells express placental lactogen: identification of placental lactogen-I immunoreactive protein and messenger ribonucleic acid

Surguladze, M. M., 1989: Transplantation as a method for controlling the development of new forms in plants

Fuhrmann J.J.; Vasilas B.L., 1991: Transplantation as a soybean field technique to modify root nodule occupancy

Liebich, W., 1991: Transplantation of an accessory teat as treatment of teat end laceration with teat duct defect

Landa, V., 1989: Transplantation of nuclei from 2- to 16-cell embryos into enucleated blastomeres of 2-cell mouse embryos

Sharma, A.; Tomar, S. S., 1991: Transplanted rice-based cropping sequences in an irrigation canal command area of Rajasthan

Jadhav R.V.; Bote N.L., 1989: Transplanting and fertilizer application made easy for wetland paddy

Akre, R. D.; Paulson, G. S., 1991: Transplanting ants to pear orchards for psylla control

Svenda, A., 1987: Transplanting automation of spruce seedlings

Wood B.W.; Payne J.A.; Jones O., 1990: Transplanting bearing pecan trees

Saito, M., 1990: Transplanting cultivation of emerging rice seedlings. 1. Transplanting date and percentage of seedling establishment and heading date

Saito, M., 1990: Transplanting cultivation of emerging rice seedlings. 2. The effect of growth duration and planting depth on tillering

Nishimoto, T.; Taimatsu, T., 1991: Transplanting cultivation of spinach and Chinese cabbage using the plug system

Nagashima, T.; Tsuruoka, Y.; Miyama, M.; Nakajima, H., 1988: Transplanting culture of soyabeans using a rice transplanter

Keever, G. J.; Cobb, G. S.; Foster, W. J., 1991: Transplanting date influences winter injury and growth of two azalea cultivars

McFarland, M. L.; Ueckert, D. N.; Hartmann, S.; Hons, F. M., 1990: Transplanting shrubs for revegetation of salt-affected soils

Bohorquez R, C. A.; Prada T, M. C., 1988: Transplanting small plants of Rhizophora mangle (Rhizophoraceae) in the Parque Nacional Corales del Rosario, Colombia

Rietveld, W. J., 1989: Transplanting stress in bareroot conifer seedlings: its development and progression to establishment

Patel, O. P.; Nigam, K. B., 1990: Transplanting technique in Papaver species

Weber, R.; Friedli, K., 1991: Transponder feeding of breeding sows - results and conclusions

Robinson, D., 1990: Transport - the vital links

Burgisser, C.; Scheidegger, A.; Borkovec, M.; Sticher, H., 1991: Transport and adsorption behaviour of cadmium in columns

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266138

Cardenas, J.; Rios, A.; Alvarado, E., 1989: Transport and handling of agricultural products

Hanel, V.; Marx, W., 1990: Transport and handling of straw as unit loads

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266141

Anonymous, 1990: Transport and pre-slaughter handling

Bowden, Wb; Vorosmarty, Cj; Morris, Jt; Peterson, Bj; Hobbie, Je; Steudler, Pa; Moore, B.Iii, 1991: Transport and processing of nitrogen in a tidal freshwater wetland

Staaland H.; Hove K.; Pedersen O., 1990: Transport and recycling of radiocesium in the alimentary tract of reindeer

Comtois, C., 1990: Transport and territorial development in China 1949-1985

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266147

Schultz, G., 1989: Transport costs in Scandinavia: dairy farming in Norway and Sweden

Anonymous, 1989: Transport costs in the brewery industry of Finland, Norway and Sweden

Halsall, D., 1992: Transport for tourism and recreation

Niehoff, K. H., 1991: Transport from the field into storage

Sadeghi A.M.; Starr J.L., 1992: Transport in a horizontal flow chamber

Valiantzas, J.; Thirriot, C., 1990: Transport in heterogeneous porous formations, 1. Time-dependent convective dispersion

Valiantzas, J.; Thirriot, C., 1990: Transport in heterogeneous porous formations, 2. Time-dependent double dispersion

Rubin, Y., 1991: Transport in heterogeneous porous media: prediction and uncertainty

Briskin, D. P., 1990: Transport in plasma membrane vesicles - approaches and perspectives

Lundgren, J. O. J., 1992: Transport infrastructure development and tourist travel - case Europe

Hart, Jj; Ditomaso, Jm; Linscott, Dl; Kochian, Lv, 1992: Transport interactions between paraquat and polyamines in roots of intact maize seedlings

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266160

Garcia A.IIi; Brune D.E., 1991: Transport limitation of oxygen in shrimp culture ponds

Martens, H.; Gabel, G.; Leonhard, S., 1990: Transport mechanisms in the ruminal epithelium of sheep

Peters, R., 1991: Transport methods in the field

Rhee, J.; Bode, L. E., 1990: Transport model of spray droplets above and within a plant canopy

Caussade B.; Prat M., 1990: Transport modelling in watersheds

Kruglikov, B. P., 1990: Transport of 137caesium in the digestive tract of ruminants

Borkovec, V.; Prochazka, S.; Ibrahim, M. E. D., 1990: Transport of 14C-sucrose and 14C-benzyl adenine in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in the pre-anthesis period

Maneckjee, A.; Idler, D. R.; Weisbart, M., 1991: Transport of 17 alpha ,20 beta -dihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one in brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis ovarian follicles

Mehlin, H; Skoglund, U; Daneholt, B., 1991: Transport of Balbiani ring granules through nuclear pores in Chironomus tentans

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266170

Gabel, G.; Martens, H., 1991: Transport of Na+ and Cl- across the forestomach epithelium: mechanisms and interactions with short-chain fatty acids

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266175

Roth, K.; Fluhler, H.; Attinger, W., 1990: Transport of a conservative tracer under field conditions: qualitative modelling with random walk in a double porous medium

Trevors, Jt; Elsas, Jd-Van; Overbeek, Ls-Van; Starodub, Me, 1990: Transport of a genetically engineered Pseudomonas fluorescens strain through a soil microcosm

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266179

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266180

Herrero, A.; Flores, E., 1990: Transport of basic amino acids by the dinitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC 7120

Said H.M.; Korchid S.; Horne D.W.; Howard M., 1990: Transport of biotin in basolateral membrane vesicles of rat liver

Alpert, P.; Warembourg, F. R.; Roy, J., 1991: Transport of carbon among connected ramets of Eichhornia crassipes (Pontederiaceae) at normal and high levels of CO2

Roth, K; Jury, Wa; Fluhler, H; Attinger, W., 1991: Transport of chloride through an unsaturated field soil

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266186

Ekholm P.; Varo P.; Aspila P.; Koivistoinen P.; Syrjala Qvist L., 1991: Transport of feed selenium to different tissues of bulls

Anonymous, 1988: Transport of fresh fruit and vegetables. Proceedings of a workshop held at CSIRO Food Research Laboratory, North Ryde, Sydney, Australia, 5-6 February 1987

Parker, K. E.; Briggs, W. R., 1990: Transport of indole-3-acetic acid during gravitropism in intact maize coleoptiles

Parker, Ke; Briggs, Wr, 1990: Transport of indoleacetic acid in intact corn coleoptiles

Erel, Y.; Patterson, C. C.; Scott, M. J.; Morgan, J. J., 1990: Transport of industrial lead in snow through soil to stream water and groundwater

Fernando, M. A., 1989: Transport of invasive stages of Eimeria

Sutherland, IA.; Mounsey, A.; Holmes, PH., 1992: Transport of isometamidium (Samorin) by drug-resistant and drug-sensitive Trypanosoma congolense

Gilliam, F. S.; Richter, D. D., 1991: Transport of metal cations through a nutrient-poor forest ecosystem

Jadczuk, E., 1990: Transport of mineral elements from grassed alleyways to herbicide strips as a result of grass mowing

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266199

Grupe, M.; Koch, D., 1991: Transport of nickel of geogenic and anthropogenic origin - Results of a micro lysimeter experiment

Schobert, Christian; Komor, Ewald, 1992: Transport of nitrate and ammonium into the phloem and the xylem of Ricinus communis seedlings

Wolswinkel, P., 1992: Transport of nutrients into developing seeds: a review of physiological mechanisms

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266204

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266205

Germann, P. F., 1991: Transport of particles in soil

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266207

Shackleton, J. B.; Robinson, C., 1991: Transport of proteins into chloroplast. The thylakoidal processing peptidase is a signal type peptidase with stringent substrate requirements at the -3 and -1 positions

Weisbeek P.; Hageman J.; De Boer D.; Smeekens S., 1991: Transport of proteins towards the chloroplast thylakoid lumen

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Senger, P. L., 1991: Transport of semen by the female reproductive tract in the cow as it relates to insemination technique

Rhee, J.; Young, B. W.; Bode, L. E., 1990: Transport of spray droplets from flat-fan nozzles

Keller, F., 1992: Transport of stachyose and sucrose by vacuoles of Japanese artichoke (Stachys sieboldii) tubers

Polak, A., 1990: Transport of the antimycotic 5-fluorocytosine and related substances in fungi

Wadhwa, V. K., 1989: Transport of timber by truck mounted bunks and stakes

Mench, M., 1990: Transport of trace elements from soil to roots and root uptake

Schneider, A., 1990: Transport of trace elements in the plant. Interactions-deficiencies

Ahrens, M. J., 1990: Transport of tropical commodities

Anonymous, 1989: Transport of vegetables in Papua New Guinea

Sanchez Giron Renedo, V., 1991: Transport on the farm

Nielsen, D. R.; Genuchten, M. T. van; Jury, W. A., 1989: Transport processes from soil surfaces to groundwaters

Fromm, J.; Eschrich, W., 1988: Transport processes in stimulated and non-stimulated leaves of Mimosa pudica. I. The movement of 14C-labelled photoassimilates

Fromm, J.; Eschrich, W., 1988: Transport processes in stimulated and non-stimulated leaves of Mimosa pudica. II. Energesis and transmission of seismic stimulations

Fromm, J.; Eschrich, W., 1988: Transport processes in stimulated and non-stimulated leaves of Mimosa pudica. III. Displacement of ions during seismonastic leaf movements

Martinoia, E., 1992: Transport processes in vacuoles of higher plants

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266231

Eksteen, G. J.; Truter, A. B., 1989: Transport simulation test with avocados and bananas in controlled atmosphere containers

Churkin, A. T., 1989: Transport systems with spiral-coiled pipelines (schematic diagrams, calculations)

Franzen, L. G., 1990: Transport, deposition and distribution of marine aerosols over southern Sweden during dry westerly storms

Hakola, H.; Joffre, S.; Lattila, H.; Taalas, P., 1991: Transport, formation and sink processes behind surface ozone variability in North European conditions

Melli, M., 1990: Transport, mineral nutrition and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Arachis hypogaea and Vicia faba

Kabala, Wp; Giacomelli, Ga, 1992: Transportation and elevation system for greenhouse crops

Lakshminarayanan, S., 1991: Transportation constraints in fertiliser distribution

Strouhal, E.; Syrovy, O., 1990: Transportation of agricultural products by roads and by fields in Czechoslovakia

Bayliss P.A.; Hinton M.H., 1990: Transportation of broilers with special reference to mortality rates

Tarrant, P. V., 1990: Transportation of cattle by road

Mal' tseva, M. V., 1990: Transportation of embryos and the duration of storage in liquid nitrogen

Zhang, J. L.; Lou, X. M.; Cai, R. Z.; Huang, R. X.; Hong, M. M., 1991: Transportation of maize transposable element Activator in rice

Garrido, N.; Santiesteban, C., 1990: Transportation of must by pump (must duct)

Gersovitz, M., 1992: Transportation policy and panterritorial pricing in Africa

Due, J. F.; Allen, B. J.; Kihl, M. R.; Crum, M. R., 1990: Transportation service to small rural communities: effects of deregulation

Krutilla, K., 1991: Transportation specification in forest trade models

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Sokolov, A. V.; Rossov, V. K., 1989: Transporter for refilling with liquid preservatives

Turnbull, D., 1990: Transporting technoscientific knowledge/practice: the case of a malaria vaccine (reply to Daly)

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266252

Osterman, J. C., 1991: Transposition of Ac2 in response to temperature

Cardon, G. H.; Frey, M.; Saedler, H.; Gierl, A., 1991: Transposition of En/Spm in transgenic tobacco

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Teske, E.; Stokhof, A. A.; Ingh, T. S. G. A. M. van den; Wolvekamp, W. T. C.; Slappendel, R. J.; Vries, H. W. de, 1991: Transthoracic needle aspiration biopsy of the lung in dogs with pulmonic diseases

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Robinson, AF.; Baker, GL.; Heald, CM., 1990: Transverse phototaxis by infective juveniles of Agamermis sp. and Hexamermis sp

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Hokkanen H.M.T., 1991: Trap cropping in pest management

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Bosisio, M., 1991: Trapping bugs with a PVC pipe

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266285

Leidy R.B.; Wright C.G., 1991: Trapping efficiency of selected adsorbents for various airborne pesticides

Bedard, W. D.; Ferrell, G. T.; Whitmore, M. C.; Robertson, A. S., 1990: Trapping evaluation of beetle vectors of black stain root disease in Douglas fir

Danin, A.; Ganor, E., 1991: Trapping of airborne dust by mosses in the Negev Desert, Israel

Duenas, E.; Ovilo, I., 1990: Trapping of aphids in a sugarbeet crop

Wright, V. F.; Hagstrum, D. W., 1990: Trapping technology for monitoring stored-product insects

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266291

Hoffmann, M. P.; Wilson, L. T.; Zalom, F. G.; Coviello, R.; Murray, M.; Goodell, P. B.; Rough, D., 1990: Trapping tomato fruitworm in the Central Valley

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Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266556

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Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266559

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Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266567

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Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266571

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266572

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266573

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Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266590

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Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266605

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266607

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Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266615

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Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266621

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266622

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266623

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266624

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266625

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Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266641

Section 3, Chapter 2267, Accession 002266642

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