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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2269

Chapter 2269 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dunn, R. A., 1990: Turf nematodes: diagnosis and control for turf maintenance professionals

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Anonymous, 1992: Turfgrass

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Baldwin, N. A., 1990: Turfgrass pests and diseases

Sartain, J. B., 1988: Turfgrass responses to new slow-release N sources

Anonymous, 1991: Turfgrass seed 1991

Anonymous, 1992: Turfgrass seed 1992

Anonymous, 1992: Turfgrass seed 1993

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Epimakhov, N.; Duyunova, R.; Naumenko, T., 1991: Turkey genetic resources

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Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268022

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Hannah, S. D., 1991: Turn your CRS into a CR$

Monteson, P. A.; Singer, J., 1992: Turn your spa into a winner

Khvostov, V. A.; Pozov, N. V., 1991: Turnability of a three axle unit with a controlled distribution of energy flows to boards

Anonymous, 1991: Turning a fresh shade of green?

Moncada P. C, P.; Grassi, G.; Zibetta, H., 1992: Turning biomass energy to account: possible benefits for the agriculture and energy sector

Frederick, L., 1991: Turning fishery wastes into saleable compost

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Chollett, D. L., 1992: Turning privatization on its head

Domsch, H., 1991: Turning tillage and soil protection - a contradiction ?

Mabbett, T. H., 1990: Turning weed resistance to herbicides into crop resistance to herbicides

Fujisawa, I., 1990: Turnip mosaic virus strains in cruciferous crops in Japan

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Briem, J., 1992: Turnkey plant from Atlantic coast

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Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268052

Roche J.F.; Boland M.P., 1991: Turnover of dominant follicles in cattle of different reproductive states

Murach, D., 1991: Turnover of fine roots on acid spruce sites

Kloezen, W.; Slabbers, J., 1992: Turnover of irrigation systems: a role for engineers?

Marumoto, T., 1990: Turnover of microbial biomass nitrogen in rhizosphere soils of upland crops

Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268057

Ke, F.; Dou, H.; Mengel, K., 1990: Turnover of plant matter in soil as assessed by electro-ultrafiltration (EUF) and CaCl2 extracts

Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268059

Furudate S I.; Suzuki H.; Sato S., 1992: Turnover rates of hypothalamic dopamine associated with the two types of prolactin surges during pseudopregnancy in rats

Wang, Q. H., 1991: Turpan: China's prime grape producer

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Raiski, S., 1991: Tutteli products on the baby food market in Finland

Spare, C. G., 1990: Tutteli: a unique range of infant foods

Anonymous, 1991: Twelfth regional consultation meeting on the Asia and Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development - final report

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Clark, J. S., 1990: Twentieth-century climate change, fire suppression, and forest production and decomposition in northwestern Minnesota

Montaldo B, P., 1990: Twenty five years of exclusion of cattle on seasonally swampy anthropogenic pasture (1965-1990)

Slee, M. U., 1991: Twenty five years of postgraduate study at the Department of Forestry, Australian National University

Anonymous, 1989: Twenty five years of the Ibarapa Community Health Programme

Nijssen, H. M. C., 1991: Twenty large-flowered carnations tested under practical conditions

Anonymous, 1989: Twenty years of EIMA, twenty years of mechanization, memoirs, testimonials, analysis, outlook

Elbel, R. E., 1985: Twenty years of arbovirus studies in Western Utah

Beineke, W. F., 1989: Twenty years of black walnut genetic improvement at Purdue University

Chopart, J. L.; Nicou, R., 1989: Twenty years of continuous cropping with and without cultivators in Senegal

Shapiro, AM., 1992: Twenty years of fluctuating parapatry and the question of competitive exclusion in the butterflies Pontia occidentalis and P. protodice (Lepidoptera: Pieridae)

Chapuis, P., 1990: Twenty years of forestry research in Cuba

Medel S, F., 1990: Twenty years of fruit crop research and development in southern Chile (1970-1990)

Roberge, M. R., 1988: Twenty years of group management in a yellow birch-sugar maple stand

Bender, B.; Morris, B., 1991: Twenty years of history, evolution and social change in gatherer-hunter studies

Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268089

Arzone, A.; Patetta, A., 1990: Twenty years of research on the action of agricultural pesticides on bees

Arzone A.; Patetta A., 1990: Twenty years of researches on the action of pesticides on honeybees

Pasricha, N. S.; Aulakh, M. S., 1991: Twenty years of sulphur research and oilseed production in Punjab, India

Morin, R., 1991: Twenty years of supply management in Canada

Efremov, V. V., 1988: Twenty years production of the multivitamin preparation Undevit

O' Hara, K. L., 1990: Twenty-eight years of thinning at several intensities in a high-site Douglas-fir stand in western Washington

Lewontin, R. C., 1991: Twenty-five years ago in GENETICS: Electrophoresis in the development of evolutionary genetics: milestone or millstone?

Anonymous, 1990: Twenty-five years of scientific and technical collaboration between Cuba and the German Democratic Republic 1965-1990

Saedler, H.; Starlinger, P., 1992: Twenty-five years of transposable element research in Koln

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Anonymous, 1991: Twenty-ninth congress 21-23 January 1991, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg. Abstracts

Boston, M. R.; Nash, R., 1989: Twenty-one species of Hymenoptera (Ichneumonidae: Ichneumoninae) new to Ireland, with a list of ichneumonine species in the Ulster Museum, Belfast

Anonymous, 1991: Twenty-sixth Session, Rome, 9-28 November 1991, Third Progress Report on WCARRD Programme of Action

Anonymous, 1991: Twenty-sixth session, Rome, 9-28 November 1991: second progress report on the implementation of the plan of action for integration of women in development

Anonymous, 1991: Twenty-sixth session: Rome 9-28 November 1991: plan of action for people's participation in rural development

Blaser, J.; Chollet, M., 1991: Twenty-year results of 2 conifer species trials (ET13R and ET25R) in the Mahatsinjo pilot plot (under the jurisdiction of the FANALAMANGA, Haut-Mangoro)

Chakraborty, S.; Singh, T. P., 1992: Twentyfour hour profile of plasma vitellogenin in tropical catfish, Clarias batrachus

Anonymous, unda: Twentyfourth Report of the Research Department 1987 and 1988

Zoebelein, G., 1990: Twentythree year surveillance of development of insecticide resistance in diamondback moth from Thailand (Plutella xylostella L., Lepidoptera, Plutellidae)

Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268115

Yarie, J.; Mead, B. R., 1988: Twig and foliar biomass estimation equations for major plant species in the Tanana River Basin of interior Alaska

Abraham, M.; Padmakumary, G.; Nair, M. C., 1988: Twig blight (die-back) of Artocarpus incisa

Koppler, J.; Hoffman, H. H.; Marx, H. J.; Mannchen, B.; Gutbier, S., 1991: Twin dams need to have a larger frame

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Dawe, R. K.; Freeling, M., 1991: Twisted 1: a new morphological mutation

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Ayer, W. A.; Craw, P. A.; Nozawa, K., 1991: Two 1H-naphthopyran-1-one metabolites from the fungus Paecilomyces variotii

Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268138

Boyce, P., 1992: Two Japanese species of Asarum

Yasumuro, Y.; Nakata, N.; Tomita, M., 1991: Two Sec3 loci of HMW secalin on the long arm of chromosome 1R in rye (Secale cereale L.)

Block, M. de; Debrouwer, D., 1991: Two T-DNA's co-transformed into Brassica napus by a double Agrobacterium tumefaciens infection are mainly integrated at the same locus

Siepe, K., 1991: Two Typhula species of the subgenus Cnazonaria: T. lutescens and T. setipes

Argentine, J., 1991: Two abamectin-resistant strains of Colorado potato beetle

Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268150

Wagenbach, H., 1991: Two advantages of soyabean oil in pig feeding. Valuable energy source and dust binding agent

Koulianos, S.; Crozier, RH., 1991: Two ancient mitochondrial alleles in Australian honeybees

Niyogi, K. K.; Fink, G. R., 1992: Two anthranilate synthase genes in Arabidopsis: defense-related regulation of the tryptophan pathway

Edelbaum, O.; Sher, N.; Rubinstein, M.; Novick, D.; Tal, N.; Moyer, M.; Ward, E.; Ryals, J.; Sela, I., 1991: Two antiviral proteins, gp35 and gp22, correspond to beta -1,3-glucanase and an isoform of PR-5

Nishina, H.; Cho, I. H.; Hashimoto, Y., 1991: Two approaches to environmental control in greenhouses - heat balance analysis and system identification in heating system with heat pump

Fukunaga S.; Kohno K.; Nakamura F.; Kondo K., 1992: Two autumn molts in mink skin caused by melatonin treatment

Trezzini, Gf; Zryd, Jp, 1991: Two betalains from Portulaca grandiflora

Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268163

Palma, R. L., 1991: Two bird lice (Insecta: Phthiraptera) collected during Captain Cook's 2nd voyage around the world

Yaremenko, V. I., 1991: Two breed and multibreed crossing of pigs at large commercial complexes

Guez, S.; Calas, V.; Couprie, B.; Stoll, D.; Cabanieu, G., 1992: Two case reports of nasosinus Scedosporium apiospermum infection

Fuse, K.; Shimizu, T.; Kikuichi, M.; Churei, T., 1990: Two cases of bovine mastitis caused by Mycoplasma bovis

Ono, A.; Yamamoto, C.; Kojima, T.; Kinoshita, Y.; Matsuzaki, S.; Iwase, S.; Kobayashi, Y.; Harada, N.; Tsubura, A.; Inui, T., 1991: Two cases of candidiasis in extremely low birth weight infants

Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268170

Larroque, M.; Brun, S.; Rakoto Mangua, R., 1990: Two cases of contamination of foods by solvents from plastic materials

Gascon, J.; Soldevila, M.; Casamitjana, R., 1989: Two cases of cretinism in north Rwanda

Kacprzak, E.; Kurczewska, M.; Stefaniak, J., 1990: Two cases of cryptosporidiosis in adults

Panagiotidou, D.; Kapetis, E.; Chryssomalis, F.; Karakatsanis, G.; Badillet, G., 1991: Two cases of cutaneous alternariosis in Greece

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Brain P.H.; Howlett C.R., 1991: Two cases of epidermotropic lymphoma in dogs

Ogawa, T., 1990: Two cases of glomerulonephritis in cats

Kagei, N.; Purba, Y.; Sakamoto, O., 1992: Two cases of human infection with Bertiella studeri in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Kurosaki, T.; Toba, T.; Saitoh, Y.; Ikegami, H., 1990: Two cases of infantile apnea caused by hypersensitivity to cow's milk

Rekhis, J.; Amara, A., 1990: Two cases of intoxication in goats due to oxalis (Oxalis cernua L.)

Charmot, G.; Simon, F.; Le Bras, J., 1987: Two cases of multi-resistant Plasmodium falciparum malaria contracted in Douala with atypical clinical presentation

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Woodrow J.E.; Seiber J.N., 1991: Two chamber methods for the determination of pesticide flux from contaminated soil and water

Rider, S., 1992: Two cheers for CAP reform

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Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268195

Chung, D. A. K.; Gibson, D. M., 1991: Two closely related kappa variable region pseudogenes pose an evolutionary paradox

Simon, R; Altschuler, Y; Rubin, R; Galili, G., 1990: Two closely related wheat storage proteins follow a markedly different subcellular route in Xenopus laevis oocytes

Carton Y.; Haouas S.; Marrakchi M.; Hochberg M., 1991: Two competing parasitoid species coexist in sympatry

Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268200

Schmitt, C. K.; McKee, M. L.; O' Brien, A. D., 1991: Two copies of Shiga-like toxin II-related genes common in enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli strains are responsible for the antigenic heterogeneity of the O157:H- strain E32511

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Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268210

Bilqees, FM.; Khan, A., 1991: Two digenetic trematodes from freshwater fishes of Kalri Lake, Sind, Pakistan

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Acta, G. M., 1991: Two examples of recent agrometeorological studies on cereals and vineyard protection in France

Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268233

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Lockery S.R.; Kristan W.B.Jr, 1991: Two forms of sensitization of the local bending reflex of the medicinal leech

Rohfritsch, O., 1990: Two gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) on Tilia: two different patterns of interaction with their host tree

Aguilar, F; Montandon, Pe; Stutz, E., 1991: Two genes encoding the soybean translation elongation factor eEF-1 alpha are transcribed in seedling leaves

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Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268276

Day, P. R., 1990: Two kinds of risks

Aoki, S.; Kuroso, U., 1989: Two kinds of soldiers in the tribe Cerataphidini (Homoptera: Aphidoidea)

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Section 3, Chapter 2269, Accession 002268293

Scotter, Dr; Heng, Lk; White, Re, 1991: Two models for the leaching of a non-reactive solute to a mole drain

Peng, T. X.; Moya, A.; Ayala, F. J., 1991: Two modes of balancing selection in Drosophila melanogaster: overcompensation and overdominance

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