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Utilization of urea nitrogen by lactating cows in relation to frequency of urea intake

Aleksiev, A.; Kr' ' steva, E.; Ilchev, A.; Khun, Z.G.

Zhivotnov' dni Nauki 26(6): 51-57


Accession: 002272777

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In 2 experiments using the successive period method 6, high yielding Black Pied cows were given diets of similar composition with urea fed 12 times daily at intervals of 2 h or twice daily at intervals of 12 h. Results showed that urea could be successfully used in diets for dairy cows with a daily milk yield of 25 kg increasing dietary protein by 3.0 to 3.5%. Utilization was best when urea was given frequently in small amounts together with added minerals. Urea-nitrogen utilization was 49% better in cows fed 180 to 210 g daily in 12 portions.

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