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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2282

Chapter 2282 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Abstracts., 1993: 25th Annual meeting of the Swiss Societies for Experimental Biology (USGEB/USSBE)

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Anonymous, 1994: 3-A sanitary standards for air or hydraulically driven diaphragm pumps for milk and milk products, number 44-01

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Anonymous, 1994: 3-A sanitary standards for equipment for packaging viscous dairy products, number 23-02

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Anonymous, 1993: 3-A sanitary standards for multiple-use plastic materials used as product contact surfaces for dairy equipment, number 20-17

Anonymous, 1994: 3-A sanitary standards for plate type heat exchangers for milk and milk products, number 11-05

Anonymous, 1993: 3-A sanitary standards for pressure reducing and back pressure regulating valves for milk and milk products, number 64-00 (08-17N)

Anonymous, 1993: 3-A sanitary standards for sanitary fittings for milk and milk products, number 63-00 (08-17 as amended)

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Kusuhara, M.; Hachisuka, H., 1992: A case of Trichophyton verrucosum infection

Fukuda, M., 1992: A case of acute myelomonocytic leukemia diagnosed before death as mucormycosis on the basis of pleural fluid culture

Higo, T.; Hasebe, M.; Kobayashi, K.; Kurihara, T.; Sagara, T., 1992: A case of acute necrotising pancreatitis due to Ascaris invading the biliary tract

Takaki, K.; Umeno, M.; Takeda, T.; Sawae, Y., 1994: A case of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis with pulmonary atelectasis free of asthmatic symptoms

Sakui, M.; Ohfuji, S.; Taniyama, H.; Furuoka, H., 1993: A case of amyloidosis in a sow associated with granulomatous mastitis

Schuster, R.; Hamann, F., 1993: A case of an Oslerus osleri infection (nematoda) in a dog

Wada, S.; Nagase, T.; Koike, Y.; Kugai, N.; Nagata, N., 1992: A case of anorexia nervosa with acute renal failure induced by rhabdomyolysis; possible involvement of hypophosphatemia or phosphate depletion

Perez Silva, E.; Herrera, T., 1992: A case of application of traditional medicine in intoxication by lethal mushrooms of the genus Amanita in Mexico

Merle, H.; Trode, M.; Roche, B., 1993: A case of aspergillary keratomycosis

Del Campo, C.H.; Vits, L.; Del Campo, M.R.; Ferguson, J.G., 1993: A case of atresia ani with rectovestibular fistulae in an alpaca (L. pacos)

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Faudou, H., 1994: A case of bradycardia of visceral origin

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el-Sibae, M.M., 1991: A case of chloroquine resistant Falciparum malaria in Saudi Arabia

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Moraghan, S., 1993: A case of chronic renal failure in a cat

Yerusham, I.; Tromp, A.; Pipano, E., 1992: A case of clinical besnoitiosis in a 15-month old Israeli friesian calf

Tomsíková, A., 1993: A case of coccidioidomycosis in Plzen

Rokugo, M.; Aoyama, H.; Akao, N.; Kondo, K., 1992: A case of creeping eruption caused by a spirurid larva

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Houston, D.M.; Clark, E.G.; Matwichuk, C.L.; Teachout, D.J., 1993: A case of cutaneous sterile pyogranuloma/granuloma syndrome in a golden retriever

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Hooi, L.N.; Na, B.S.; Sin, K.S., 1992: A case of empyema thoracis caused by actinomycosis

Bago, A.L.; Velasquez, A., 1993: A case of environmental education and awareness raising in the Philippines

Shifriss, O., 1993: A case of extremely low expressivity of gene B2 in C. moschata

Leger, N.; Ferte, H.; Berthelot, P.; Nourry, D.; Brocvielle, P., 1992: A case of feline babesiosis in Haute-Saone, France

Margolis, L., 1993: A case of forensic parasitology

Wen, X.Y.; Chen, Z.N., 1991: A case of gastric myiasis due to contaminated food

Gouteux, J.P., 1992: A case of geographical exclusion in tsetse: the advance of Glossina palpalis palpalis towards Brazzaville (Congo) at the expense of G. fuscipes quanzensis

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Arafa, M.M.; Lashen, A.H., 1993: A case of human fascioliasis in Qualyobia Governorate

de Roodt, A.R.; Suárez, G.; Ruzic, A.; Bellegarde, E.; Braun, M.; Blanco, C.M., 1993: A case of human sparganosis in Argentina

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Nishiyama, T.; Araki, T.; Amano, H.; Ishizaka, S.; Fukui, H.; Tsuji, T., 1993: A case of imported Plasmodium malariae malaria

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Volkova, K.I., 1992: A case of malignant tuberculosis of the lungs presumed to have developed against a background of Pneumocystis pneumonia

Morales, E.; Pena, G.; Torres, P., 1992: A case of massive ascariasis in a riverside community of the river Rinihue, Chile

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Noda, T.; Ichiki, Y.; Shikano, Y.; Maeda, M.; Mori, S.; Udagawa, S.I., 1993: A case of onychomycosis due to Aspergillus niger

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Sargin, H.; Cirak, S.; Gürçay, S., 1992: A case of porphyria due to carbaryl intoxication

Takaki, K.; Umeno, M.; Takeda, D.; Okada, K.; Sawae, Y., 1994: A case of primary pulmonary cryptococcosis diagnosed by detection of a cryptococcal antigen

Hachisuka, H.; Kusuhara, M., 1993: A case of protothecosis

Boussarie, D., 1993: A case of pulmonary mycosis in a goshawk. Treatment with itraconazole

Betlejewska, K.; Ramisz, A., 1993: A case of resistance of small strongyles (Cyathostominae) against Fenbesan in horses

Rival, F.; Desrois, J.H., 1994: A case of septicaemic cutaneous ulcerative disease in two soft shelled turtles (Cyclanorbis senegalensis)

Bloch, B.; Larsen, J.L., 1994: A case of severe general oedema in young farmed turbot associated with a herpes virus infection

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el-Serougi, A.O., 1991: A case of urinary myiasis due to Piophila casei

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Morelet, M.; Chandelier, P., 1993: A case of variability in Sphaeropsis sapinea

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Karmacharya, C., 1992: A case study of cage fish culture in Rupa Lake, Nepal

Curran Celentano, J.; Erdman, J.W.Jr, 1993: A case study of carotenemia in anorexia nervosa may support the interrelationship of vitamin A and thyroid hormone

Trivedi, P.K., 1992: A case study of cocoa replanting and new planting in Bahia, Brazil 1966-1985

Yurugi, T.; Chiba, M., 1991: A case study of financial management on a large-scale beef cattle ranch

Fukuyo, N.; Arita, H., 1993: A case study of land exchange for urban development - developing a method of control for rural land utilization (4)

Arita, H., 1993: A case study of land readjustment technique for paddy fields in the Agricultural White zone. A study of land readjustment technique for the purpose of establishing land use order (II)

Eastwood, D.B.; Gray, M.D.; Brooker, J.R., 1992: A case study of promoting fresh beef through in-store demonstrations

Outlaw, J.L.; Knutson, R.D.; Marek, G.B.; Eiting, B.J.; Schwart, R.B.J.; Perera, J.R., 1994: A case study of retail milk pricing strategies in two Texas cities

Sun, D.; Dickinson, G.R., 1994: A case study of shelterbelt effect on potato (Solanum tuberosum) yield on the Atherton tablelands in tropical north Australia

Yuan, C.G.; Leng, H.R., 1993: A case study of sustainable farming systems, Fuma site, China

Young, H., 1992: A case study of the Chadian refugees in Western Sudan: the impact of the food assessment mission

Asiabaka, C.C., 1992: A case study of the agricultural programmes of the National Directorate of Employment in Nigeria, M.; Mo, O.; Fung, D.Y.C.; Kastner, C., 1992: A case study of the influence of microbial quality of air on product shelf life in a meat processing plant

Karim, A., 1992: A case study on comprehensive village development in a cooperative society: Joypur. (A success story in rural development)

Chakote, V.D., 1990: A case study on continuous fermentation at Shree Warana S.S.K. Ltd., Waranagar (Kolhapur)

Takekoshi, T., 1992: A case study on successful activities of an agricultural extension service

Anil, S.S.; Pushkaran, P.S.; Raju, V., 1992: A case study on the physical involvement of men and women in dairying

Valmont, V.A., 1993: A case study on the status of the dairy industry in Saint Lucia (with special reference to the Beausejour dairy farm)

Sugimoto, T.; Nibe, A.; Takahashi, H., 1993: A case study on the use of a computer expert system for pig business diagnosis

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Evans, S.N.; Mcpeek, M.S.; Speed, T.P., 1993: A characterisation of crossover models that possess map functions

Anonymous, 1991: A characteristic of Tuchenhagen - a higher proportion of engineers

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