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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2283

Chapter 2283 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gilbert M.E., 1992:
A characterization of chemical kindling with the pesticide endosulfan

Savary, S.; Fabellar, N.; Tiongco, E.R.; Teng, P.S., 1993:
A characterization of rice tungro epidemics in the Philippines from historical survey data

Svenning, C.; Molland, T.; Langsrud, T.; Vegarud, G.E., 1993:
A characterization study of peptides derived from casein proteolysis

Anonymous, 1992:
A charter on the ethics of tourism and the environment

Uthaiah, B.C.; Rao, K.B., 1991:
A cheap method of desuckering in banana

Lee, C.E.; Kwon, Y.J.; Miyamatoto, S., 1993:
A check list of Heteroptera from Chejudo

Pillai, G.B.; Nair, K.R., 1993:
A check list of parasitoids and predators of Opisina arenosella Wlk. on coconut

Rings, RW.; Metzler, EH.; Parshall, DK., 1991:
A check list of the Lepidoptera of Fulton County, Ohio with special reference to the moths of Goll Woods State Nature Preserve

Newton, L.E.; Mbugua, P.K., 1993:
A check-list and identification key for succulent plants in general cultivation in Nairobi

Anand, R.K.; Gupta, A.K.; Ghai, S., 1988:
A check-list of Indian Epilachninae (Coccinellidae: Coleoptera) with recorded host plants

Sziraki, G.; Abraham, L.; Szentkiralyi, F.; Papp, Z., 1991:
A check-list of the Hungarian Neuropteroidea (Megaloptera, Raphidioptera, Planipennia)

Mamluk, O.F.; Tahhan, O.; Miller, R.H.; Bayaa, B.; Makkouk, K.M.; Hanounik, S.B., 1992:
A checklist of cereal, food legume and pasture and forage crop diseases and insects in Syria

Kamali, K., 1990:
A checklist of plant mites (Acari) of Khuzestan, southwestern Iran

He, J.H.; Ma, Y.; Chen, X.X., 1992:
A checklist of rice pests from China

Witting, O., 1990:
A cheese factory in the Amish USA

Gasbjerg, K., 1993:
A cheese press and a cheese mould battery for use therein

Olesen, P.; Ottosen, N.K., 1994:
A cheesemaking tank

Kritzman, G., 1993:
A chemi-thermal treatment for control of seedborne bacterial pathogens of tomato

Letts, J.B.; Evans, J.; Fung, M.; Hillman, G.C., 1994:
A chemical method of identifying charred plant remains using infra-red spectroscopy

Bell, S.J.; Bistrian, B.R.; Ainsley, B.M.; Manji, N.; Lewis, E.J.; Joyce, C.; Blackburn, G.L., 1991:
A chemical score to evaluate the protein quality of commercial parenteral and enteral formulas: emphasis on formulas for patients with liver failure

Zapesochnaya, G.G.; Kurkin, V.A.; Avdeeva, E.V.; Popov, D.M.; Kolpakova, M.V., 1992:
A chemical study of the roots of Paeonia anomala

Crassweller, R.M.; Greene, G.M.I.I.; Eby, V.; Miller, S.S., 1992:
A chemical thinning expert system on the Penn State Apple Orchard Consultant expert system (PSAOC)

Haga, T., 1992:
A chemorational approach to agrochemicals: the trifluoromethylpyridinyl group as a building block

ter Kuile, BH.; Opperdoes, FR., 1992:
A chemostat study on proline uptake and metabolism of Leishmania donovani

Sanchez Yelamo, M.D., 1994:
A chemosystematic survey of flavonoids in the Brassicinae: Diplotaxis

Lamarti, A.; Badoc, A.; Bouriquet, R., 1991:
A chemotaxonomic evaluation of Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) A. W. Hill (parsley) marketed in France

Manez, S.R.cio, M.; Giner, R.; Sanz, M.; Terencio, M.; Peris, J.; Stubing, G.R.os, J., 1994:
A chemotaxonomic review of the subtribe Crepidinae based on its phenolic constituents

Svendsen, A.; Frisvad, J.C., 1994:
A chemotaxonomic study of the terverticillate penicillia based on high performance liquid chromatography of secondary metabolites

Giner, R.M.ria; Ubeda, A.; Just,; Serrano, A.; Manez, S.; Rios,, 1993:
A chemotaxonomic survey of Sonchus subgenus Sonchus

Meier, B.; Shao, Y.; Julkunen Titto, R.; Bettschart, A.; Sticher, O., 1992:
A chemotaxonomic survey of phenolic compounds in Swiss willow species

Bezzubova, O.; Shinohara, A.; Mueller, R.G.; Ogawa, H.; Buerstedde, J.M., 1993:
A chicken RAD51 homologue is expressed at high levels in lymphoid and reproductive organs

Nohno, T.; Koyama, E.; Myokai, F.; Taniguchi, S.; Ohuchi, H.; Saito, T.; Noji, S., 1993:
A chicken homeobox gene related to Drosophila paired is predominantly expressed in the developing limb

Goddijn, O.; Duyn-Schouten, P.-Van-Der; Schilperoort, R.; Hoge, J., 1993:
A chimaeric tryptophan decarboxylase gene as a novel selectable marker in plant cells

Dong, J.; Roth, M.G.; Hunter, E., 1992:
A chimeric avian retrovirus containing the influenza virus hemagglutinin gene has an expanded host range

Saalbach, I.; Pickardt, T.; Machemehl, F.; Saalbach, G.; Schieder, O.; Müntz, K., 1994:
A chimeric gene encoding the methionine-rich 2S albumin of the Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa H.B.K.) is stably expressed and inherited in transgenic grain legumes

Weinmann, P.; Gossen, M.; Hillen, W.; Bujard, H.; Gatz, C., 1994:
A chimeric transactivator allows tetracycline-responsive gene expression in whole plants

Fuji K.; Zheng S Z.; Node M.; Hao X J., 1991:
A chiral synthesis of a unique secodehydroabietane from tall oil

Xie, N.; Min, Z.D.; Zhao, S.X.n; Lu, Y.; Zheng, Q.T.i; Wang, C.; Mizuno, M.; IInuma, M.; Tanaka, T., 1992 :
A chlorine-containing neo-clerodane diterpene from Teucrium pernyi

Asplund, G.; Christiansen, J.V.; Grimvall, A., 1993:
A chloroperoxidase-like catalyst in soil: detection and characterization of some properties

Stockinger, E.J.; Walling, L.L., 1994:
A chlorophyll a/b-binding protein gene from soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)

Shimokawa, K.; Uchida, Y., 1992:
A chlorophyllide a degrading enzyme (H2O2-DCP requiring) of Citrus unshiu fruits

Chen, Z.M.thukrishnan, S.L.ang, G.; Schertz, K.; Hart, G., 1993:
A chloroplast DNA deletion located in RNA polymerase gene rpoC2 in CMS lines of sorghum

Morton, B.R.; Clegg, M.T., 1993:
A chloroplast DNA mutational hotspot and gene conversion in a noncoding region near rbcL in the grass family (Poaceae)

Archer, E.K., 1994:
A chloroplast mutation in Nicotiana tabacum L. which has temperature-sensitive effects on germination and seedling development

Khatra, G.S.; Singh, J.; Pawar, H.S., 1992:
A cholecystocholangiographic study in pig (Sus scrofa domestica)

Reynolds, T., 1994:
A chromatographic examination of some old samples of drug aloes

Lam, T.T.; Nguyen, T.P.; Fikrig, E.; Flavell, R.A., 1994:
A chromosomal Borrelia burgdorferi gene encodes a 22-kilodalton lipoprotein, P22, that is serologically recognized in Lyme disease

Miller, J.R.; Hindkjaer, J.; Thomsen, P.D., 1993:
A chromosomal basis for the differential organization of a porcine centromere-specific repeat

Zhang, T.Q.; Buoen, L.C.; Weber, A.F.; Christianson, B.; Morrison, R.; Marsh, W.; Ruth, G.R., 1992:
A chromosomal reciprocal translocation (1q+; 14q-) in a boar siring reduced litter sizes

Charles, T.C.; Nester, E.W., 1993:
A chromosomally encoded two-component sensory transduction system is required for virulence of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Miller, J.R.; Dixon, S.C.; Miller, N.G.; Tucker, E.M.; Hindkjaer, J.; Thomsen, P.D., 1992:
A chromosome 1-specific DNA library from the domestic pig (Sus scrofa domestica)

Brock, D.; Pryor, T., 1993:
A chromosome fragment that rescues lethal oil yellow genotypes

Gill, K.; Gill, B.; Endo, T., 1993:
A chromosome region-specific mapping strategy reveals gene-rich telomeric ends in wheat

Hirsch, Kg, 1991:
A chronological overview of the 1989 fire season in Manitoba

Araya, T.; Shimizu, O.; Nishiyama, Y., 1991:
A chronological study of volcanic mudflows and debris disasters on Mt. Tokachi

Lorenz, R.J.; Lym, R.G., 1993:
A chronology of leafy spurge research

Yariwake-Vilegas, J.; Gottlieb, O.; Gottlieb, H., 1991:
A cinnamoylglucose from Gomortega keule

Mummaneni, P.; Bishop, P.L.; Turker, M.S., 1993:
A cis-acting element accounts for a conserved methylation pattern upstream of the mouse adenine phosphoribosyltransferase gene

Kawaoka, A.; Kawamoto, T.; Sekine, M.; Yoshida, K.; Takano, M.; Shinmyo, A., 1994:
A cis-acting element and a trans-acting factor involved in the wound-induced expression of a horseradish peroxidase gene

Templeton, A.R.; Sing, C.F., 1993:
A cladistic analysis of phenotypic associations with haplotypes inferred from restriction endonuclease mapping. IV. Nested analyses with cladogram uncertainty and recombination

Alexander, B., 1990:
A cladistic analysis of the nomadine bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea)

Sheppard, S.C.; Evenden, W.G., 1993:
A clamp-column method to obtain particle size separates

Barry, D.A.; Parlange, J.Y.; Sander, G.C.; Sivaplan, M., 1993:
A class of exact solutions for Richards' equation

Galloway, J., 1993:
A class of its own

Chakraborty, R., 1993:
A class of population genetic questions formulated as the generalized occupancy problem

Driscoll, P.J.; McGuirk, A.M., 1992:
A class of separability flexible functional forms

Whittemore, A.S.; Halpern, J., 1994:
A class of tests for linkage using affected pedigree members

Mumm, R.H.; Dudley, J.W., 1994:
A classification of 148 U.S. maize inbreds: I. Cluster analysis based on RFLPs

Mumm, R.H.; Hubert, L.J.; Dudley, J.W., 1994:
A classification of 148 U.S. maize inbreds: II. Validation of cluster analysis based on RFLPs

Lehmkuhl, John F., 1994:
A classification of subtropical riverine grassland and forest in Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Laptev, A.A., 1990:
A classification of the life forms of sward-forming grasses

Chang, H.T.; Ren, S.X., 1991:
A classification of the section Tuberculata of Camellia

Artemiev, M.M., 1991:
A classification of the subfamily Phlebotominae

Bezuidenhout, H.; Bredenkamp, G.J.; Theron, G.K., 1994:
A classification of the vegetation of the western Transvaal dolomite and chert grassland, South Africa

Reimschuessel R.; Bennett R.O.; Lipsky M.M., 1992:
A classification system for histological lesions

Madeira, A.C.; Clark, J.A.; Rossall, S.; McArthur, A.J., 1992:
A classification system for seeds of faba bean infected by Ascochyta fabae

Madsen, K.R., 1991:
A clean environment

Madsen, K.R., 1993:
A cleaner environment - both inside and outside

Hignight, K.W.; Muilenburg, G.A.; van Wijk, A.J., 1993:
A clearing technique for detecting the fungal endophyte Acremonium sp. in grasses

Liedl, B.E.; McCormick, S.; Mutschler, M.A., 1993:
A clearing technique for histochemical location of GUS activity in pollen tubes and ovules of Lycopersicon

Andersson, M., 1994:
A climate chamber for measuring ammonia emission

Caballero Grande, R.; Gonzalez Valenzuela, M.; Palenzuela, E., 1990:
A climate parameter for forecasting populations of Heliothis virescens

Liu, C.Z.; Pei, B.X., 1993:
A climatic method for estimating water resources based on the principles of water and heat balance

Quilchano, C.; Egido, J.A.; Gonzalez, I.; Palacios, A., 1993:
A climosequence on granites in the Sierra de Gata (Salamanca)

Patel, V.K.; Patel, R.V.; Venkatakrishna Bhatt, H.; Gopalakrishna, G.; Devasankariah, G., 1992:
A clinical appraisal of Anacyclus pyrethrum root extract in dental patients

Huang, Shih Wen, 1992:
A clinical approach to a patient with praziquantel hypersensitivity

Ruaux, C., 1993:
A clinical approach to canine and feline skin neoplasia

Stefano, G. de; Stefano, C. de; Armignacco, L.; Gala, A. la; Niutta, R., 1992:
A clinical case of cryptosporidial cholangitis

Wiselka, M.J., 1993:
A clinical overview of opportunistic infections in patients with AIDS

Weigle, K.A.; Escobar, M.; Arias, A.L.; Martinez, F.; Rojas, C., 1993:
A clinical prediction rule for American cutaneous leishmaniasis in Colombia

Rajan, T.S.S.; Prathaban, S.; Pattabiraman, S.R., 1992:
A clinical report on osteoarthropathy in an Alsatian pup

Suresh, R.V.; Bindumadhav, A.; Venkataraman, R.; Srinivasan, S.R.; Gnanaprakasam, V., 1990:
A clinical report on theileriasis in a buffalo

Shiu, W.C.T.; Leung, T.W.T.; Tao, M., 1992:
A clinical study of PSP on peripheral blood counts during chemotherapy

Scott, D.W.; MillerWilliam H.Jr.; Cayatte, S.M., 1994:
A clinical study on the effect of two commercial veterinary benzoyl peroxide shampoos in dogs

Thilagar, S.; Dewanmuthumohammed, M.S., 1992:
A clinical survey of bovine teat and udder lesions

Makkar, M.S.; Momin, R.R.; Mody, S.K.; Tripathi, R.M., 1993:
A clinical trial on efficacy of deltamethrin against sarcoptic mange in camels

Stocker, H.; Waelchli, R.O., 1993:
A clinical trial on the effect of prostaglandin F2 alpha on placental expulsion in dairy cattle after caesarean operation

Miller, W.H.; Scott, D.W.; Wellington, J.R., 1993:
A clinical trial on the efficacy of clemastine in the management of allergic pruritus in dogs

Sarma, D.R.; Rao, T.B.; Hafeez, M., 1992:
A clinical trial on the efficacy of ivermectin against mange infections in dogs

Hurley, J.R.; Begg, A.P., 1994:
A clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of hyperimmune serum to prevent R. equi pneumonia in foals

Wilson, S.C.; Armstrong, D.L.; Simmons, L.G.; Morris, D.J.; Gross, T.S., 1993:
A clinical trial using three regimens for immobilizing gaur (Bos gaurus)

Agarwal, S.B., 1993:
A clinical, biochemical, neurobehavioral, and sociopsychological study of 190 patients admitted to hospital as a result of acute organophosphorus poisoning

Patnaik, A.K.; Mostofi, F.K., 1993:
A clinicopathologic, histologic, and immunohistochemical study of mixed germ cell-stromal tumors of the testis in 16 dogs

Takeshita, A.; Miyazaki, S.; Tashiro, Y.; Yanagawa, M.; Tabaru, M., 1991:
A clone of taro (Colocasia esculenta Schott) growing naturally in Tosu city of Saga Prefecture in Japan

Damsteegt, V.D.; Gildow, F.E.; Hewings, A.D.; Carroll, T.W., 1992:
A clone of the Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia) as a vector of barley yellow dwarf, barley stripe mosaic, and brome mosaic viruses

Saldarelli, P.; Minafra, A.; Garau, R.; Martelli, G.P., 1993:
A cloned probe to grapevine virus B

Housawi, F.M.T.; Abu Elzein, E.M.E.; Gameel, A.A.; Alafaleq, A.I., 1993:
A close comparative study on the response of sheep and goats to experimental orf infection

Kath Petersen, W.; Weissbach, M., 1994:
A close examination of the moving gear on large vehicles

Ise, K., 1993:
A close linkage between the blast (Bl) resistance gene Pi-ta2 and a marker on chromosome 12 in japonica rice

Peyraud, J.C., 1993:
A close look at mastitis

Verschuren, W.M.M.; Seidell, J.C.; Kromhout, D., 1993:
A close look at the Fat Watch campaigns. Fat consumption and total and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol contents in the Netherlands population during the Fat Watch campaign

Weise, G.; Grosse, K., 1993:
A closer look at switch ploughs

Saponaro, C.; Faggioli, F.; Barba, M., 1992:
A closterovirus observed in Foeniculum spp

Spackman, M.E.; Oakeshott, J.G.; Smyth, K.A.; Medveczky, K.M.; Russell, R.J., 1994:
A cluster of esterase genes on chromosome 3R of Drosophila melanogaster includes homologues of esterase genes conferring insecticide resistance in Lucilia cuprina

Hruszkewycz, V.; Ruben, B.; Hypes, C.M.; Bostic, G.D.; Staszkiewicz, J.; Band, J.D., 1992:
A cluster of pseudofungemia associated with hospital renovation adjacent to the microbiology laboratory

Pisabarro, A.; Malumbres, M.; Mateos, L.M.; Oguiza, J.A.; Martín, J.F., 1993 :
A cluster of three genes (dapA, orf2, and dapB) of Brevibacterium lactofermentum encodes dihydrodipicolinate synthase, dihydrodipicolinate reductase, and a third polypeptide of unknown function

Sanchez, J.L.; Candler, W.H.; Fishbein, D.B. et al., 1992:
A cluster of tick-borne infections: association with military training and asymptomatic infections due to Rickettsia rickettsii

Morsy, M.A.; Panangala, V.S.; Gresham, M.M.; Toivio-Kinnucan, M., 1992:
A coagglutination assay with monoclonal antibodies for rapid laboratory identification of Mycoplasma synoviae

Lindsay, P.A., 1994:
A coagulopathy associated with a portosystemic shunt in a dog

Lukes, J., 1993:
A coccidian (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) with extracytoplasmally located stages in the kidney tubules of golden carp (Carassius auratus gibelio L.) (Cyprinidae)

Hedges, S.A., 1994:
A cockroach's dream

Bourdeix, R.; N.C.o, Y.P.; Lesaint, J.P.; Sangare, A., 1990:
A coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) selection strategy. I Rundown of achievements

D.Amore, L.J., 1993:
A code of ethics and guidelines for socially and environmentally responsible tourism

Vlugt, R.A.A. van der; Schaap, P.J.; Muller, Y.; Thurston, C.F.; Sonnenberg, A.S.M.; Visser, J.; Griensven, L.J.L.D. van, 1993:
A codon usage table for Agaricus bisporus

Baranowski, T.; Domel, S.B., 1994:
A cognitive model of children's reporting of food intake

Davidson, T.J.; Dohoo, I.R.; Donald, A.W.; Hariharan, H.; Collins, K., 1992:
A cohort study of coagulase negative staphylococcal mastitis in selected dairy herds in Prince Edward Island

Zheng, W.; McLaughlin, J.K.; Gridley, G.; Bjelke, E.; Schuman, L.M.; Silverman, D.T.; Wacholder, S.; C.C.ien, H.T.; Blot, W.J.; Fraumeni, J.F.J., 1993:
A cohort study of smoking, alcohol consumption, and dietary factors for pancreatic cancer (United States)

Becher, H.; Wahrendorf, J.; Angerer, R., 1992:
A cohort study on persons exposed to phenoxy acid herbicides and their contaminants in Germany - design and first results

Compton, S.G., 1990:
A collapse of host specificity in some African fig wasps

Anonymous, 1991:
A collection of research papers on the Japanese oak silkworm, Antheraea yamamai Guerin-Meneville

Thogersen, C.G., 1991:
A collection of wetland forest stands in Silkeborg

Vasil' chenko, E.V.; Rusova, M.T.; Dubrovin, I.A., 1990:
A collective leases a cheese- and buttermaking factory

Youngprapakorn, P.; Ousavaplangchai, L.; Kanchanapangka, S., 1994:
A color atlas of diseases of the crocodile

Heeraman, D.A.; Crown, P.H.; Juma, N.G., 1993:
A color composite technique for detecting root dynamics of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) from minirhizotron images

Leveille, C.; Carre, B.; Chevrier, M.C.; Trudel, L.; Deslauriers, N., 1993 :
A colorimetric assay for the enumeration of Candida albicans in biological samples after amplification in a selective medium

Ellis, J.A.; Fish, W.R.; Sileghem, M.; Mcodimba, F., 1993:
A colorimetric assay for trypanosome viability and metabolic function

Giangiacomo, R.; Bonomi, F., 1993:
A colorimetric study of fat globule structural modifications in milk handling

Fraser, D.; Rushen, J., 1993:
A colostrum feeder for newborn lambs

Pavaux, C.J.J., 1992:
A colour atlas of bovine anatomy

Burgess, N.R.H.; Cowan, G.O., 1993:
A colour atlas of medical entomology

Wilkinson, G.T., 1991:
A colour atlas of small animal dermatology

Weintraub, A.; Barahona, F.; Epstein, R., 1994:
A column generation algorithm for solving general forest planning problems with adjacency constraints

Beltman, W.H.J.; Hoogeweg, C.G.; Groen, A.E., 1992:
A column test to study the biotransformation of pesticides in aquifers

Kretschmann, S.; Peschke, H.; Zeise, S., 1993:
A combination of thermogravimetry and the 15N tracer technique for investigation of humic acid preparations

Devito, C.R.; Gonzalez, N.C., 1992:
A combine monitor for crop moisture

Shakarchi, N.H.; Afshar, A.; Wright, P.F.; Bosse, J., 1992:
A combined ELISA for screening of bovine sera for antibodies to bluetongue and epizootic hemorrhagic disease of deer viruses

Fitter, S.H.uzenroeder, M.T.omas, C., 1992:
A combined PCR and selective enrichment method for rapid detection of Listeria monocytogenes

Nordling, M.; Elmgren, M.; Ståhlberg, J.; Pettersson, G.; Lindquist, S.E., 1993:
A combined cellobiose oxidase/glucose oxidase biosensor for HPLC determination on-line of glucose and soluble cellodextrines

Bar Joseph, M.; Ben Shalom, Y., 1993:
A combined indexing and budwood propagation method for citrus

Lozovskaya, E.; Petrov, D.; Hartl, D., 1993:
A combined molecular and cytogenetic approach to genome evolution in Drosophila using large-fragment DNA cloning

Aksay, B.; Ten Brummeler, E.; Bovendeur, J., 1993:
A combined remediation technique for soil containing organic contaminants: hydrocyclone separation, photochemical treatment and bioremediation

Chen, J.L.; Beversdorf, W.D., 1994:
A combined use of microprojectile bombardment and DNA imbibition enhances transformation frequency of canola (Brassica napus L.)

Rodrigo, A.G., 1993:
A comment on Baum's method for combining phylogenetic trees

Veeman, M., 1993:
A comment on the continental barley market debate

Butlin, R.K., 1993 :
A comment on the evidence for a genetic correlation between the sexes in Drosophila melanogaster

Gregorius, H.; Baradat, P., 1992:
A commentary on current approaches to forest population genetics

Fox, L.K., 1994:
A commercial dip helped heal chapped teats

Jones, S.D.M.; Lang, D.; Tong, A.K.W.; Robertson, W., 1992:
A commercial evaluation of video image analysis in the grading of beef carcasses

Province, M.A.; Keller, J.; Higgins, M.; Rao, D.C., 1991:
A commingling analysis of obesity in the Tecumseh Community Health Study

Michaels, G.M.; Payne, J.T.; Anderson, J.H., 1994:
A comminuted calcaneal fracture in a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig resulting from a significant fall

Haggerty, R.J.; Armstrong, J.E., 1993:
A commodity systems assessment methodology workshop: improving agricultural production and marketing

Amagai, T.; Matsumoto, Y.; Sakai, Y.; Roux, P.; Girard, P.M., 1991:
A common antigenic epitope expressed on human Pneumocystis carinii

Anonymous, 1993:
A common market organization for potatoes; national regulations are no longer acceptable

Thomas, D.E.L., 1991:
A common policy for agriculture and the environment

Montali, R.J.; Scanga, C.A.; Pernikoff, D.; Wessner, D.R.; Ward, R.; Holmes, K.V., 1993 :
A common-source outbreak of callitrichid hepatitis in captive tamarins and marmosets

Fang, X.X., 1992:
A community analysis of the change trend of family structure in the countryside

Perkins, J.; Cummings, P., 1994:
A community economic development survey of part-time labor: implications for the hospitality industry

Dean, N.R., 1994:
A community study of child spacing, fertility and contraception in West Pokot District, Kenya

Younis, N.; Khattab, H.; Zurayk, H.; el-Mouelhy, M.; Amin, M.F.; Farag, A.M., 1993:
A community study of gynecological and related morbidities in rural Egypt

Khan, M.A.; Qazi, S.A.; Rehman, G.N.; Bari, A., 1993:
A community study of the application of WHO ARI management guidelines in Pakistan

Whitworth, J.A.G.; Morgan, D.; Maude, G.H.; Luty, A.J.F.; Taylor, D.W., 1992:
A community trial of ivermectin for onchocerciasis in Sierra Leone: clinical and parasitological responses to four doses given at six-monthly intervals

Teferedegn, B.; Larson, C.P.; Carlson, D., 1993:
A community-based randomized trial of home-made oral rehydration therapies

Sukwa, T.Y., 1993:
A community-based randomized trial of praziquantel to control schistosomiasis morbidity in schoolchildren in Zambia

Wada, S.I.hiro; Seki, H., 1994:
A compact computer code for ion speciation in aqueous solutions based on a robust algorithm

Lu, Y.H.; Merlino, M.; Isaac, P.G.; Staccy, J.; Bernard, M.; Leroy, P., 1994:
A comparative analysis between and digoxigenin-labelled single-copy probes for RFLP detection in wheat

Wang, A.M.; Zhang, X.G.; Li, H.Y.; Liao, L.F.; Jiang, W., 1992:
A comparative analysis of alpha and beta esterase isozymes in Lagurus luteus and L. lagurus

Kliskey, Andrew D., 1994:
A comparative analysis of approaches to wilderness perception mapping

Cieutat, A.M.; Rosa, J.P.; Letourneur, F.; Poncz, M.; Rifat, S., 1993:
A comparative analysis of cDNA-derived sequences for rat and mouse beta 3 integrins (GPIIIA) with their human counterpart

Zhang, Q.; Yang, G.P.; Dai, X.; Sun, J.Z., 1994:
A comparative analysis of genetic polymorphism in wild and cultivated barley from Tibet using isozyme and ribosomal DNA markers

Evdokimov, I.A., 1991:
A comparative analysis of indicators of quality of lactose

Dhanakumar, V.G.; Compton, J.L., 1994:
A comparative analysis of institution building for agricultural and rural development in the developing countries: a case study

Gharaibeh, N.S.; A.T.lafeeh, K.; Gharaibeh, M.; Batchoun, R., 1993:
A comparative analysis of osmotic fragility of mammalian blood (human, camel and rabbit)

Olivares, A.; Moreno, M.A., 1994:
A comparative analysis of some methods to study fungal aflatoxin-producing ability

Zhu, R.S., 1991 :
A comparative analysis of the effects of income distribution in urban and rural China

Goel, V.; Sethi, K., 1992:
A comparative analysis of the growth of productivity of wheat and paddy in Punjab in the post Green Revolution period

Rajkumar, R.; Pundarikanthan, N.V.; Palanisamy, K.; Sakthivadivel, R., 1992:
A comparative analysis of the models for water distribution policies through efficiency and equity implications: A case study

Royal, M.A.; Rossi, R.J., 1993:
A comparative approach to assessing the quality of life of intercollegiate athletes

Huang, W.T., 1993:
A comparative approach to discerning the differences between marketing orders and marketing boards

Ivanov, P.; Dzhendova, R.; Dikova, P.; Penchev, E.; Markov, E., 1992:
A comparative assessment of aprochemical methods of determination of available phosphorus in typical Bulgarian soils

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A comparative assessment of pheromone and light-trap catches of cotton pests

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A comparative study on the biological characteristics and physiological indices between the compact and the lateral types of maize

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A comparative study on the color vision of four coleopteran insects

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A comparative study on the physical performance capacity of vegans, ovo-lacto-vegetarians and non-vegetarians

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A comparative study on the physico-chemical and nutritional quality of hulless barley (var. Dolma) and wheat (var. Sonalika)

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A comparative study on the reproductive performance of sows of some new types

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A comparative study on yield, some yield components and nitrogen fertilization of some Egyptian cotton varieties

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A comparative systematic varietal studies of Cicer arietinum L. under local condition

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A comparative test of grain sorghum hybrids

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A comparative test on ELISA procedures to diagnose cysticercosis

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A comparative trial of two shortwood systems in southwestern Nova Scotia

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A comparison between house dust mite populations in homes of patients with atopic dermatitis and healthy non-atopics

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A comparison between the ATPase and proton pumping activities of plasma membranes isolated from the stele and cortex of Zea mays roots

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A comparison between the paraffin and fluorescent microscope methods used for studying ovule viability in sour cherries

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A comparison between two treatments for stimulating germination of Robinia pseudoacacia

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A comparison between welcome center visitors and general highway auto travelers

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A comparison of alpha -amylase isozyme profiles in selected Su and high-sugar sweet corn (sh-2, su-1, su-1 se) lines (Zea mays L.)

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A comparison of 'target' pruning, versus flush cuts and stub pruning

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A comparison of 1- and 2-cell ova production by F2 50% Meishan versus F1 White line gilts

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A comparison of 2 formulations of dithiopyr (Dimension) at multiple rates with two other preemergent herbicides in terms of root effects on two hybrid burmudagrasses

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A comparison of 2 haploidization methods in bread wheat: anther culture and interspecific hybridization with maize

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A comparison of 4-year McIntosh and Empire on 4 dwarf systems

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A comparison of African buffalo, N'Dama and Boran cattle as reservoirs of Trypanosoma vivax for different Glossina species

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A comparison of American and Irish consumers' perceptions of the quality of food products and supermarket service

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A comparison of Aphidecta obliterata (L.) (Col., Coccinellidae) populations feeding on Elatobium abietinum (Walker) and on Adelges cooleyi (Gillette)

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Anonymous, 1994:
A comparison of Pietrain x German Landrace, Pietrain x BW hybrid and Pietrain x Schaumann hybrid pigs

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A comparison of UV spectroscopy and ion selective electrode in the determination of nitrate in Hevea foliage

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A comparison of abdominal scale patterns in the mosquito Aedes aegypti

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A comparison of acute pull-out strength between two-way and one-way transfixation pin insertion for external skeletal fixation in canine bone

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A comparison of adiposity measures for screening non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

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A comparison of an enzymatic and a gas-chromatographic method for measuring the acetate concentration in the blood plasma of cattle

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A comparison of anthelmintic activity of injectable and pour-on ivermectin

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A comparison of approaches to calculating confidence intervals for benefit measures from dichotomous choice contingent valuation surveys

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A comparison of attack rates in a native and an introduced population of the parasitoid Cotesia glomerata

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A comparison of attitudes and practices among sectors of the Oklahoma floriculture industry

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A comparison of autohydrolysis and partial acid hydrolysis as a pretreatment of beech sawdust for the bioconversion

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A comparison of automated guidance systems for a variety of operations in the growing of cotton

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A comparison of average and quality adjusted basis for the Texas rice market

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A comparison of bait recruitment in monogynous and polygynous forms of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren

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A comparison of bedding material for dairy cows - a case study

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A comparison of big bale silages and silages from tower silos: silage quality, losses, dry matter intake and performance of dairy cows

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A comparison of binge-purgers, obese binge eaters, and obese nonbinge eaters on the MMPI

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A comparison of biological waste composting plants in terms of technologies, environmental impact and costs

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A comparison of body components of indigenous Saudi sheep breeds related to relative mature size and growth rate

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A comparison of broadcast and drill methods for no-till seeding winter wheat

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A comparison of broadcast granular fertiliser and placed liquid fertiliser for potatoes

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A comparison of canine distemper vaccine and measles vaccine for the prevention of canine distemper in young puppies

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A comparison of carbon dioxide and burner gas as replacement atmospheres for control of grain pests in a welded steel silo

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A comparison of changes in vigour among three genotypes of soyabean (Glycine max) during seed development and maturation in three temperature regimes

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A comparison of characteristics of aerosol from dust storms in central Asia with soil-derived dust from other regions

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A comparison of characteristics of skidding tractors in thinning operations

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A comparison of characteristics of the carcasses from Friesian, Piedmontese x Friesian, and Belgian Blue x Friesian bulls

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A comparison of characteristics, regional expenditures, and economic impact of visitors to historical sites with other recreational visitors

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A comparison of clustering procedures based on multiple traits in Gerbera and Dahlia

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A comparison of computed tomography to epidurography for the diagnosis of suspected compressive lesions at the lumbosacral junction in dogs

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A comparison of contingent preference models

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A comparison of cotton fibre qualities from bolls of different flowering dates but the same opening dates

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A comparison of cultural and chemical methods of weed control in potatoes

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A comparison of current food bank users, non-users and past users in a population of low income single mothers

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A comparison of cystatin activity in the various tissues of chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta between feeding and spawning migrations

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A comparison of danofloxacin and tylosin in the control of induced Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in broiler chicks

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A Comparison of Dark Respiration between C(3) and C(4) Plants

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A comparison of demands for meat products in the Pacific Rim region

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A comparison of determinants of urban, rural and farm poverty in Costa Rica

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A comparison of different methods for estimating potential evapotranspiration in Vojvodina Province, Yugoslavia

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A comparison of different mower conditioners

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A comparison of digestion between the nutria and the rabbit on the basis of experiments the utilisation

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A comparison of dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) and acetone extracts for the determination of chlorophyll in Hevea leaf tissue

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A comparison of direct and environmental domain approaches to planning reservation of forest higher plant communities and species in Tasmania

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A comparison of distance-dependent competition measures for height and basal area growth of individual conifer trees

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A comparison of dot-blot assay with the synergistic haemolytic inhibition test in goats naturally infected with Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis

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A comparison of earthflow movement mechanisms on forested and grassed slopes, Raukumara Peninsula, North Island, New Zealand

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A comparison of effects of body weight and feed intake on digestion in broiler cockerels with effects of tannins

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A comparison of egg quality in lines of Cornish and White Plymouth Rock fowls

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A comparison of eggshell structure from birds housed in conventional battery cages and in a modified free range system

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A comparison of endometrial biopsy, culture and cytology during oestrus and dioestrus in the horse

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A comparison of enrichment and membrane filtration methods for the isolation of Campylobacter from fresh and frozen foods

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A comparison of establishment and growth of two Stylosanthes species with eight grass species sown on cultivated and uncultivated seedbeds at three sites in the semi-arid tropics of the Northern Territory

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A comparison of ethyl and methyl esters of vegetable oil as diesel fuel substitutes

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A comparison of euthanasia methods in rats, using carbon dioxide in prefilled and fixed flow rate filled chambers

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A comparison of evaporative losses from soil of different tilths and under mulch after harvest of rice

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A comparison of evening primrose oil and sunflower oil for the management of papulocrustous dermatitis in cats

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A comparison of evolutionary rates of the two major kinds of superoxide dismutase

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A comparison of expanded-bed GAC reactor designs for the treatment of refractory/inhibitory wastewaters

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A comparison of extracellular proteases from three psychrotrophic strains of Pseudomonas fluorescens

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A comparison of extractants for the determination of cation exchange capacity and extractable cations by a mechanical vacuum extractor

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A comparison of factors affecting the production of two bacteriocins from lactic acid bacteria

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A comparison of farm-scale methods of application of sodium hydroxide on the nutritive value of a winter wheat straw

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A comparison of farmers' compliance costs to reduce excess nitrogen fertilizer use under alternative policy options

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A comparison of fattening performance between Holstein and Brown Swiss bulls and effects of initial weight on fattening performance

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A comparison of fatty acid profiles and carcass characteristics of feedlot steers fed canola seed and sunflower seed meal supplements protected from metabolism in the rumen

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A comparison of field and laboratory measurements of hydraulic conductivity

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A comparison of five soil phosphorus tests for five crop species for soil previously fertilized with superphosphate and rock phosphate

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A comparison of floral development in wild type and a homeotic sepaloid petal mutant of Clarkia tembloriensis (Onagraceae)

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A comparison of forest canopy transmittance estimators

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A comparison of formic acid and an acid-salt type additive on the performance of dairy cows in early lactation

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A comparison of four different methods of fixation of osteochondral fragments

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A comparison of four methods of estimating the body composition of male endurance athletes

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A Comparison of Freezing Injury in Oat and Rye: Two Cereals at the Extremes of Freezing Tolerance

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A comparison of frontal, continuous, and rotation grazing systems

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A comparison of full-tree versus cut-to-length systems in the Manitoba model forest

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A comparison of gas production during incubation with rumen contents in vitro and nylon bag degradability as predictors of the apparent digestibility in vivo and the voluntary intake of hays

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A comparison of genetic segregation in traditional and microspore-derived populations of Brassica juncea L. Czern and Coss

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A comparison of grass/white clover and grass silages offered to dairy cows as the sole feed

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A comparison of greenhouse and field screening methods for blackleg resistance in doubled haploid lines of Brassica napus

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A comparison of growth and dry matter production in bush pepper and vine pepper as influenced by applied NPK

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A comparison of growth and economics of raising buffalo calves under four management systems

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A comparison of growth and meat quality in Creole and large White pigs in relation to age at slaughter

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A comparison of growth from birth to six months of age in Canary Island goats under two types of management

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A comparison of growth in Czech Pied bulls and their crossbreds with Charolais and Limousin cattle

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A comparison of growth, food efficiency and carcass characteristics of single and twin beef calves derived by embryo transfer

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A comparison of gyrodactyliasis at two different commercial fish farms on the rivers Test and Itchen, Hampshire, UK

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A comparison of health provision and status in ban napho refugee cAMP and nakhon phanom province, northeastern Thailand

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A comparison of heavy metal toxicity in selected cyanobacteria

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A comparison of helminth infections in urban and rural areas of Addis Ababa

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A comparison of hierarchical Bayes and empirical Bayes methods with a forestry application

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A comparison of high speed steels for wood machining

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A comparison of hormone levels in follicle-lutein-cysts and in normal bovine ovarian follicles

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A comparison of hospitality burnout with other 'high burnout' industries

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A comparison of human and porcine platelet fatty acid composition

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A comparison of hydric soils, wetlands, and land use in coastal North Carolina

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A comparison of implants with or without hormones in grazed crossbred steers given supplements

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A comparison of in vitro assay systems for the measurement of drug sensitivity of Trypanosoma evansi

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A comparison of internal parasitism in fleeceweight-selected and control Romney sheep

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A comparison of large round bale storage and feeding systems on dairy farms

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A comparison of lesbians, gay men, and heterosexuals on weight and restrained eating

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A comparison of life cycle and reproduction of reniform nematode, Rotylenchulus reniformis on cowpea and brinjal

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A comparison of light microscopic and scanning electron microscopic study on the chorionic sculpturing of sandfly (Phlebotomus argentipes) eggs

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A comparison of lincomycin hydrochloride and clindamycin hydrochloride in the treatment of superficial pyoderma in dogs

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A comparison of lungworm faecal larval counts and trichostrongyloid faecal egg counts between red deer (Cervus elaphus) and red deer x wapiti F1 hybrids

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A comparison of mammalian sperm membranes

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A comparison of manuring, mulching, and cultivation of Eragrostis curvula hay pasture

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A comparison of meat quality of the Lueyang and Taihe indigenous breeds of fowls

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A comparison of medetomidine-propofol and medetomidine-midazolam-propofol anesthesia in rabbits

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A comparison of methods for assessing genetic variation in plant conservation biology

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A comparison of methods for estimating forest fine root production with respect to sources of error

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A comparison of methods for estimating supplement intake and diet digestibility in sheep

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A comparison of methods for extracting amplifiable Giardia DNA from various environmental samples

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A comparison of methods for isolating plasmid DNA from Clostridium perfringens

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A comparison of methods for measuring water-stable aggregates: implications for determining environmental effects on soil structure

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A comparison of methods for sampling vegetation in tropical rain forests

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A comparison of methods of obtaining criteria to measure farmers' managerial aptitude

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A comparison of methods to calculate evapotranspiration of field crops

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A comparison of methods to evaluate beef cow productivity

Grabowski, R., 1993:
A comparison of milk performance of R1 hybrid primigravida cows with 25% blood of different strains of Friesian cattle

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A comparison of milk yield and meat production in Friesians and Holstein x Friesian crossbreds in Region X in Chile

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A comparison of minirhizotron techniques for estimating root length density in soils of different bulk densities

Heeraman, D.A.; Jurna, N.G., 1993:
A comparison of minirhizotron, core and monolith methods for quantifying barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and faba bean (Vicia faba L.) root distribution

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A comparison of modern pollen rain and vegetation in southwestern Sichuan Province, China, A.W.A.M.; Neuvel, A.; Bahnweg, G.;, J.C.J.M.; Prell, H.H., 1992 :
A comparison of morphology, pathogenicity and restriction fragment patterns of mitochondrial DNA among isolates of Phytophthora porri Foister

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A comparison of natural service fertility of yearling and two-year-old bulls on pasture

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A comparison of nematode-containing baits with commercially available insecticidal baits for the control of adult Musca domestica infestations of intensive animal units

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A comparison of non-linear regression algorithm with various mathematical methods used to calculate first order BOD equation constants for sugar mill effluents

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A comparison of normal parturition with caesarean section delivery of near-term lambs on metabolic adaptation at birth

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A comparison of nutrition knowledge and attitudes, dietary practices, and bone densities of postmenopausal women, female college athletes, and nonathletic college women

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A comparison of nutritional intake, functional status and muscle strength between elderly day hospital and day centre attenders in South London

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A comparison of ozonation and chlorination for the disinfection of stainless steel surfaces

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A comparison of paraxial rods in the flagella of euglenoids and kinetoplastids

Steen, R.W.J., 1994:
A comparison of pasture grazing and storage feeding, and the effects of sward surface height and concentrate supplementation from 5 to 10 months of age on the lifetime performance and carcass composition of bulls

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A comparison of performance, prices and economic results for 1989 on pig farms in three European production areas: Brittany, Denmark and the Netherlands

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A comparison of phenotype and copper distribution in blotchy and brindled mutant mice and in nutritionally copper deficient controls

Vard, T., 1993:
A comparison of pig production systems performances in the EC

Ackzell, L., 1993:
A comparison of planting, sowing and natural regeneration for Pinus sylvestris (L.) in boreal Sweden

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A comparison of plasma prolactin, LH and progesterone concentrations during oestrus and early pregnancy in ewe lambs and ewes

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A comparison of pollinators

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A comparison of precision-placed liquid and broadcast granular fertiliser for potatoes

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A comparison of productivity of Italian and perennial ryegrass

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A comparison of prolamin fraction in the grains of triticale hybrids with wheat and rye

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A comparison of properties of invertases and inulinase from chicory

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A comparison of quality and preference of some baby corn varieties for canning

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A comparison of quality characteristics of Pakistan wheat with the existing FAQ specifications: a proposal for a new grading system

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A comparison of queen oviposition rates from monogyne and polygyne fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, colonies

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A comparison of rate of succession over 18 yr in 10 contrasting old fields

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A comparison of red spruce and balsam fir shoot structures

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A comparison of residential and visitor attitudes toward experiential impacts, environmental conditions and management strategies on the Delaware Inland Bays

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A comparison of responses to analgesia of the navicular bursa and intra-articular analgesia of the distal interphalangeal joint in 59 horses

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A comparison of restricted and non-restricted indices for genetic improvement of dairy cattle

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A comparison of rumen and fecal nitrogen concentrations of sika deer (Cervus nippon) in winter

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A comparison of rumen ciliates in black-tailed deer from California and Hawaii

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A comparison of sap flux and water relations of leaves of various isolated trees with special reference to foundation movement in clay soil

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A comparison of sedigraph and pipette methods for soil particle-size analysis

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A comparison of seed yields of winter grain legumes in Western Australia

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A comparison of serum immunoglobulin concentrations in neo-natal calves fed substitute colostrums

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A comparison of seven soil P tests for plant species with different P requirements grown on soil containing rock phosphate and superphosphate residues

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A comparison of single and repeated oral infection of chicks with two avian reoviruses

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A comparison of six different therapies for persistent corneal erosions in dogs and cats

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A comparison of social and environmental enrichment methods for laboratory housed dogs

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A comparison of soil and microbial carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus contents, and macro-aggregate stability of a soil under native forest and after clearance for pastures and plantation forest

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A comparison of soil water nitrate determined by coring and solution extraction techniques

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A comparison of soil- and canopy temperature-based methods for the early detection of water stress in a simulated patch of pasture

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A comparison of some physical and mechanical properties of full-sib and half-sib loblolly pines

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A comparison of some propagation methods for Paeonia albiflora Pallas and effective components of Paeonia albiflora Pallas root grafted with Paeonia moutan Sims

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A comparison of some sampling schemes for sire-evaluation based on field data

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A comparison of soyabean breeding populations under different breeding methods

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A comparison of spatial heterogeneity of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in two maple-forest soils

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A comparison of species richness and traits of riparian plants between a main river channel and its tributaries

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A comparison of spontaneous and wind-evoked running modes in crickets and cockroaches

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A comparison of staining techniques for somatic chromosomes of strawberry

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A comparison of sterilization use and demand from the Demographic and Health Surveys

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A comparison of steryl esters of coconut and palm kernel oils

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A comparison of subjective and historical crop yield probability distributions

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A comparison of subjective and historical yield distributions with implications for multiple peril crop insurance

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A comparison of sugarcane juice and maize as energy sources in diets for growing pigs with equal supply, of essential amino acids

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A comparison of surface-grab and cross sectionally integrated stream-water-quality sampling methods

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A comparison of tail probability estimators for flood frequency analysis

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A comparison of tall and dwarf segregants from some wheat crosses for yield and yield traits

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A comparison of tall fescue and orchardgrass silages for lactating cows

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A comparison of techniques of vineyard soil management at three different pedoclimatic sites in Suisse Romande

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A comparison of techniques used for the diagnosis of Tritrichomonas foetus infections in beef bulls

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A comparison of terbinafine (Lamisil) 1% cream given for one week with clotrimazole (Canesten) 1% cream given for four weeks, in the treatment of tinea pedis

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A comparison of terminology in three dictionaries of biotechnology II

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A comparison of the Og4C3 antigen capture ELISA, the Knott test, an IgG4 assay and clinical signs, in the diagnosis of Bancroftian filariasis

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A comparison of the SPOT and Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite systems for detecting gypsy moth defoliation in Michigan

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A comparison of the Silva Wadell powered-cone scarifier and TTS-35 disc trencher in central Newfoundland

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A comparison of the actions of platelet activating factor (PAF) antagonists WEB 2170 and WEB 2086 in the horse

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A comparison of the amino acid sequence of the serine protease of the fish pathogen Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida with those of other subtilisin-type enzymes relative to their substrate-binding sites

Surin, J.; Denham, D.A., 1994:
A comparison of the anthelmintic activity of a group of filaricides against adult Brugia pahangi and adult Acanthocheilonema viteae in jirds

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A comparison of the behaviour of solitary and group-housed budgerigars

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A comparison of the behaviours of physical education teachers in curricular and extra-curricular settings

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A comparison of the bluetongue competitive-ELISA to other serologic tests

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A comparison of the cardiovascular and metabolic effects of incremental versus continuous dose adrenaline infusions in men and women

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A comparison of the chemical composition of some triticale varieties with rye and wheat grain

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A comparison of the competitive effects and nutrient accumulation of fat-hen and groundsel

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A comparison of the contribution of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) and Y chromosomes to the discriminability of individual urine odors of mice by Long-Evans rats

Yap, C.L., 1991:
A comparison of the cost of producing rice in selected countries

Gretenkort, M.A.; Ingram, D.S., 1993:
A comparison of the disease reactions of stems and detached leaves of soil and in vitro grown plants and regenerants of oilseed rape to Leptosphaeria maculans and protocols for selection for novel disease resistance

Tomlin, J.; Read, N.W., 1992:
A comparison of the effect of 9.5 gram/day resistant starch and lactulose on colon function

Penno, J.W., 1993:
A comparison of the effect of split and single applications of nitrogen fertiliser on dairy production

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A comparison of the effect of two Artemia enrichment diets on growth and survival of young ocean pout and Atlantic lumpfish

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A comparison of the effect of two PGF2 alpha analogues on the synchronization of oestrus in beef cows

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A comparison of the effectiveness of colchicine and oryzalin in estimating cell doubling times in a root meristem

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A comparison of the effects of buprenorphine, carprofen and flunixin following laparotomy in rats

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A comparison of the effects of dietary fiber concentrated from carrot, sunflower seed and wheat bran on the serum cholesterol and blood glucose response in cholesterol-fed rats

Greene, D.W., 1993:
A comparison of the effects of several cytokinins on apple fruit set and fruit quality

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A comparison of the effects of two putative diuretic hormones from Locusta migratoria on isolated locust malpighian tubules

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A comparison of the efficacy of litter sifting and pitfall traps for sampling leaf litter ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in a tropical wet forest, Costa Rica

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A comparison of the efficacy of nuclear polyhedrosis and granulosis viruses in spray and bait formulations for the control of Agrotis segetum (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in maize

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A comparison of the efficacy of two commercial Aujeszky's disease vaccines with glycoprotein-I deletion in pigs

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A comparison of the efficiency of a Milkofix preservative substance with traditional preservatives used to determine somatic cell counts in milk samples by a fluoro-opto-electronic method

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A comparison of the fattening performance, carcasses and meat quality of four types of pigs with varying amounts of Pietrain breeding

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A comparison of the genomes of goat, sheep and buffalo pox-virus isolates

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A comparison of the growth and morphology of native and commercially obtained continental European Crataegus monogyna Jacq. (hawthorn) at an upland site

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A comparison of the growth of SRD goats and their crosses with Anglo-Nubian in Rio de Janeiro State

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A comparison of the growth, photosynthesis and transpiration of wheat and maize in response to enhanced ultraviolet-B radiation

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A comparison of the hamster test with other methods for the evaluation of the quality of frozen ram semen

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A comparison of the heat pulse method and deuterium tracing method for measuring transpiration from Eucalyptus grandis trees

Meyer, Gretchen A., 1993:
A comparison of the impacts of leaf- and sap-feeding insects on growth and allocation of goldenrod

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A comparison of the importance of selected service related factors as perceived by restaurant employees and managers

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A comparison of the influence of nesting materials on breakage and shell cleanliness of eggs from large- and small-bodied lines of turkeys

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A comparison of the influence of sterols on the specific activity of the H+-ATPases in isolated plasma membrane vesicles from oat, rye and rice shoots

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A comparison of the leachable inorganic nitrogen content in organic and conventional farming systems

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A comparison of the marginal ear vein nick technique and medial saphenous venipuncture for blood collection in feline patients

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A comparison of the metabolism of cis,cis-, cis,trans/trans,cis- and trans,trans-9,12-octadecadienoic acids in rat liver

Zurczyk, J.; Tu, A.T.; Jiong, K.X., 1992:
A comparison of the neutralization capacities of Chinese-made and U.S.-produced snake venom antivenins

Anonymous, 1993:
A comparison of the number of breeding females on 1 June 1993 and in 1992

Summerbell, C.D.; Catalan, J.; Gazzard, B., 1993:
A comparison of the nutritional beliefs of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) seropositive and seronegative homosexual men

Chilton, N.B.; Bull, C.M.chael, 1993:
A comparison of the off-host survival times of larvae and nymphs of two species of reptile ticks

Laws, J.A., 1993:
A comparison of the output from permanent swards containing clover or receiving nitrogen fertilizer when continuously grazed by ewes and lambs

Vard, T., 1993:
A comparison of the performance of pig production systems: Belgium in the EC context

Brouet, M., 1993:
A comparison of the performance of rabbit fattened under semi-outdoor or indoor management

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A comparison of the persistence of Medicago truncatula cv. Paraggio with other annual medics in the Victorian Mallee

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A comparison of the piglet production of crossbred sows. 2. Landrace x Large White

O'Keefe, J.S.; Julian, A.; Moriarty, K.; Murray, A.; Wilks, C.R., 1994:
A comparison of the polymerase chain reaction with standard laboratory methods for the detection of EHV-1 and EHV-4 in archival tissue samples

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A comparison of the polysaccharides extracted from dried and non-dried walls of suspension-cultured sycamore cells

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A comparison of the potassium requirements during early growth of Lotus pedunculatus, Medicago murex, M. polymorpha, M. truncatula, Ornithopus compressus, Trifolium balansae, T. resupinatum, Pennisetum clandestinum, and Phalaris aquatica

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A comparison of the production from Booroola and local breed sheep in different countries

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A comparison of the productivity of Large White and Creole X Large White sows under semi-intensive management in Guadeloupe

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A comparison of the productivity of pigs from conventional and specific pathogen-free (SPF) herds

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A comparison of the proximate, mineral and amino acid composition of some known and lesser known legumes in Nigeria

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A comparison of the quantities of exopolysaccharide produced by Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum in susceptible and resistant cotton cotyledons during early stages of infection

O.Rielly, J.L., 1993:
A comparison of the reduction in immunoglobulin (IgG) concentration of frozen equine plasma treated by three thawing techniques

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A comparison of the response to oxidised and reduced sulphur in oilseed rape

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A comparison of the sclerotized parts of the reproductive organs of house-dust mites of the genus Dermatophagoides using scanning electron microscopy

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A comparison of the sedative effects of medetomidine and xylazine in the horse

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A comparison of the sensitivity of wound-infecting species of bacteria to the antibacterial activity of manuka honey and other honey

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A comparison of the sensory morphology of the cephalic region of first- and third-instar Arachnidomyia aldrichi (Parker) (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)

Archer, M.E., 1992:
A comparison of the solitary wasps and bees (Hym., Aculeata) of Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire and Lydford Moorland, Devon

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A comparison of the survival of stable and unstable chromosomally located xylE marker cassettes as an indicator of cell division within populations of Pseudomonas putida released into lake water and soil

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A comparison of the susceptibility of Djallonke sheep and West Africa Dwarf goats to experimental infection with 2 different strains of Trypanosoma congolense

Ingraham, N.L.; Shadel, C., 1992:
A comparison of the toluene distillation and vacuum/heat methods for extracting soil water for stable isotopic analysis

Holland, J.M.; Chapman, R.B., 1994:
A comparison of the toxic and sub-lethal effects of fluvalinate and esfenvalerate on the twospotted spider mite (Acari: Tetranychidae)

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A comparison of the uniformity of an elevated CO2 environment in three different types of open-top chambers

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A comparison of the uptake of phosphorus from foliar-applied phosphate by the leaves of eleven varieties of potato

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A comparison of the uptake, metabolism and biologic effects of retinol delivered to human keratinocytes either free or bound to serum retinol-binding protein

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A comparison of the use of dairy proteins and synthetic polymers as emulsifying agents in the production of pharmaceutical systems

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A comparison of thermo- and skotodormancy in seeds of Lactuca serriola in terms of induction, alleviation, respiration, ethylene and protein synthesis

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A comparison of three Agrigenetics maize RFLP linkage maps

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A comparison of three methods for collecting dipteran insect larvae which inhabit the northern pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea)

Noriega, F.G.; Wells, M.A., 1993:
A comparison of three methods for isolating RNA from mosquitoes

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A comparison of three methods for measuring the water stability of soil aggregates from temperate and tropical zones

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A comparison of three methods of multivariate analysis of upland grasslands in North Wales

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A comparison of three methods of recovery of goat oocytes for in vitro maturation and fertilization

Mbagwu, J.S.C., 1992:
A comparison of three microaggregation indices with other tests of structural stability

Thomas, P.G.A.; Larsen, R.E.; Burns, J.M.; Hahn, C.H., 1993:
A comparison of three packaging techniques using two extenders for the cryopreservation of canine semen

Kerr, S.B.ll, H.; Porter, R., 1993:
A comparison of three salmonella antigen-capture ELISAs and culture for veterinary diagnostic specimens

Zandt, H.S., 1994:
A comparison of three sampling techniques to estimate the population size of caterpillars in trees

Mockett, A.P.; Huggins, M.B.; Woods, M.; Orbell, S., 1993:
A comparison of three serological methods to detect chicken and turkey antibodies to avian nephritis virus and the use of virus-specific monoclonal antibodies

Howard, A.F., 1993:
A comparison of three silvicultural prescriptions for natural tropical forests using computer simulation

Dominy, S.W.J., 1993:
A comparison of three site preparation implements in New Brunswick

Castlebury, L.A.; Glawe, D.A., 1993:
A comparison of three techniques for inoculating Chinese cabbage with Plasmodiophora brassicae

Stewart, Ha, 1991:
A comparison of tool materials, coatings, and treatments related to tool wear during wood machining

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A comparison of topical, subcutaneous and oral administrations of ivermectin to reindeer

Magnadottir, B.; Gudmundsdottir, B.K., 1992:
A comparison of total and specific immunoglobulin levels in healthy Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) and in salmon naturally infected with Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. achromogenes

Worrall, H., 1992:
A comparison of tourism multipliers in Scotland & Tayside

Fujii, H.; Hiraoka, H.; Kanetani, Y.; Sasano, N., 1993:
A comparison of tractor wheel rut ditch and traditional ditch methods of field drainage in wet seeding rice culture

Turco, D.M.; Dry, E., 1993:
A comparison of traditional and refined conversion study procedures

Roberts, A.K.; Vickers, Z.M., 1994:
A comparison of trained and untrained judges' evaluation of sensory attribute intensities and liking of Cheddar cheeses

Kelly, K.M.; Staden, J. van, 1993:
A comparison of transport and metabolism of sucrose and fructose in summer and winter in guayule (Parthenium argentatum Gray)

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A comparison of tritiated vitellogenins prepared by in vivo and in vitro techniques for studies of ovarian uptake in fish

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A comparison of turfgrass response to biologically amended fertilizers

Kattes, D.H., 1992:
A comparison of two cottonseed delinting methods with respect to planting seed quality

Brandle, J.E.; Morrison, M.J.; Hattori, J.; Miki, B.L., 1994:
A comparison of two genes for sulfonylurea herbicide resistance in transgenic tobacco seedlings

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A comparison of two infection methods for potato early blight (Alternaria solani Sorauer)

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A comparison of two insecticidal shampoos in the treatment of head louse infection

Muvavarirwa, P.; Munjeri, N., 1992:
A comparison of two methods for demonstrating antibodies to the virus of bovine virus diarrhoea-mucosal disease complex

Bonish, P.M.; Menna, M.E. di, 1993:
A comparison of two methods for isolating Fusarium spp. from pasture herbage

Chagas e Silva, J.N.; Cidadao, M.R.; Pombo, M., 1993:
A comparison of two methods of embryo recovery by laparotomy in Saloia ewes. Preliminary results

Kim, K.S.; Geurts, T.J.; Walstra, P., 1992:
A comparison of two methods to determine the rennet activity in a casein-containing system

Cali, A.; Orenstein, J.M.; Kotler, D.P.; Owen, R., 1991:
A comparison of two microsporidian parasites in enterocytes of AIDS patients with chronic diarrhea

Moodie, G.E.E.; Mathias, J.A.; Loadman, N.L., 1992:
A comparison of two production-scale modules for the intensive culture of larval walleye

Mirjat, M.; Kanwar, R., 1994:
A comparison of two saturated hydraulic conductivity measuring techniques in relation to drain installation methods

D.C.stro Melo, E.; D.A.sis Carvalho Pinto, F.; Cesar Correa, P.; De la Plaza Perez, S., 1992:
A comparison of two simulation models for stationary bed drying of maize

Meek, P., 1994:
A comparison of two skidders equipped with wide and extra-wide tires

Sanroman, A.; Pintado, J.; Lema, J.M., 1994:
A comparison of two techniques (Adsorption and Entrapment) for the immobilization of Aspergillus niger in polyurethane foam

Murphy, J.O.; Palmer, J.G., 1992:
A comparison of two tree-ring-index standardization techniques

David, A.J.; Karasek, T.S.; Ramm, C.W., 1993:
A comparison of ultraviolet light and benzidine stain for determining heartwood-sapwood boundaries in red pine

Wicks, B.E.; Fesenmaier, D.R., 1993:
A comparison of visitor and vendor perceptions of service quality at a special event

Graham, W.D.; Downey, D., 1992:
A comparison of water quality information obtained from depth-integrated versus depth-specific groundwater monitoring devices

Steen, R.W.J., 1993:
A comparison of wheat and barley as supplements to grass silage for finishing beef cattle

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A comparison of winter wheat yield and quality under uniform versus spatially variable fertilizer management

Firestone, J.; Shelton, B.A., 1994:
A comparison of women's and men's leisure time: subtle effects of the double day

Boeke, A.J.; Dekker, J.H.; Peerbooms, P.G., 1993:
A comparison of yield from cervix versus vagina for culturing Candida albicans and Trichomonas vaginalis

Colback, R., 1992:
A comparison of yields obtained under inrow and interrow irrigation methods at Mhlume (Swaziland) Sugar Company

Clarke, M.R.; Wythes, J.R., 1992:
A comparison of zebu cross and Shorthorn steers grown in the Channel Country of south west Queensland

Seham, M.; Emam, A.M., 1993:
A comparison study of cereals production and consumption in Egypt and some Developing Countries

Gregory, S.R., 1993:
A comparison study of tourist and paratourist in the Delaware Valley

Tsukerman, L.D.; Dorokhov, B.L., 1991:
A compartmental model of phosphorus transport in grape vines

Kilani, J.S., 1993:
A compatibility study of the effects of dairy and brewery effluents on the treatability of domestic sewage

Bailey, Robert L., 1994:
A compatible volume-taper model based on the Schumacher and Hall generalized constant form factor volume equation

Scarratt, J.B., 1989:
A compendium of research and development sponsored by Forestry Canada under the Canada - Ontario F.R.D.A

Walworth, J.L.; Muniz, J.E., 1993:
A compendium of tissue nutrient concentrations for field-grown potatoes

Karpushkin, L.T., 1994:
A compensation gasometric method for estimating the kinetic parameters of H2O and CO2 exchange in plant leaves

Magnussen S.; Brand D.G., 1989:
A competition process driven growth model for red pine

Libeau, G.; Diallo, A.; Calvez, D.; Lefevre, P.C., 1991:
A competitive ELISA using anti-N monoclonal antibodies for specific detection of rinderpest antibodies in cattle and small ruminants

Sekla, L.; Gadawski, R.; Nayar, G.; Brust, R., 1991:
A compilation of data on arbovirus surveillance in Manitoba: 1975-1991

Ono, T.; Murakami, T.; Mochii, M.; Agata, K.; Kino, K.; Otsuka, K.; Ohta, M.; Mizutani, M.; Yoshida, M.; Eguchi, G., 1994:
A complete culture system for avian transgenesis, supporting quail embryos from the single-cell stage to hatching

Steel, M.; Szekely, L.; Erdos, P.L.; Waddell, P., 1993:
A complete family of phylogenetic invariants for any number of taxa under Kimura's 3ST model

Cattin Vidal, P., 1990:
A complete programme for the International Congress on Milk Recording

Gurkov, M.M., 1991:
A complete reserve of standard technical documentation

Celeda, L.; Gregor, R., 1991:
A complete stand of hills and the quality of bines determine the yield

Gurkov, M.M., 1990:
A complete stock of technical standard documentation. Part 1

Sayed, S.K.I.; Van Der Spoel, H.; Truijen, G.J.P., 1993:
A complete treatment of slaughterhouse wastewater combined with sludge stabilization using two stage high rate UASB process

Fiedler, U.F.listein, R.W.bus, U.B.umlein, H., 1993:
A complex ensemble of cis-regulatory elements controls the expression of a Vicia faba non-storage seed protein gene

Lechner, F., 1993:
A complex pattern of changes in polysomal mRNA populations is evident in the leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. during photoperiodic induction of flowering

Odet, J.; Dumoulin, J., 1993:
A complex physiological disorder. Glassiness of melon

Ho, K.C.; Marschke, K.B.; Tan, J.; Power, S.G.; Wilson, E.M.; French, F.S., 1993:
A complex response element in intron 1 of the androgen-regulated 20-kDa protein gene displays cell type-dependent androgen receptor specificity

Chigrin, V.V.; Sokolov, I.I.; Sidorova, T.M.; Zhigalkina, T.E.; Parshina, T.V.; Slyusarenko, A.N., 1992:
A complex system for identification of wheat varieties resistant to ear infection by Fusarium

Xiang, Y.; Sykes, J.F.; Thomson, N.R., 1993:
A composite L1 parameter estimator for model fitting in groundwater flow and solute transport simulation

Adan, R.A.; Cox, J.J.; Beischlag, T.V.; Burbach, J.P., 1993:
A composite hormone response element mediates the transactivation of the rat oxytocin gene by different classes of nuclear hormone receptors

Causse, M.; Damerval, C.; Maurice, A.; Charcosset, A.; Santoni, S.; Vienne, D. de, 1994:
A composite map of expressed sequences, based on four individual maps

Person, H.L.; Shayya, W.H., 1993:
A composting process design computer model

Phua, S.H.; Wood, N.J.; Collins, L.J., 1994:
A compound TaqI polymorphism in sheep revealed by a carbonic anhydrase II (CA2) probe

Gamova, I.A.; Time, N.S.; Likhacheva, L.I.; El' bert, A.A., 1990:
A compound urea-phenolic adhesive for particleboards of low toxicity

Kawazu, K.; Kanzaki, H.; Kawai, S.; Kobayashi, A., 1992:
A compound which can be used for selecting transformed plant cells

Yadav, J.S.; Grover, S.; Batish, V.K., 1993:
A comprehensive dairy microbiology

Miller, R.B.; Ilic, J., 1992:
A comprehensive database of common and scientific names of world woods

Bolte, J.; Hill, D., 1993:
A comprehensive dynamic model of attached growth anaerobic fermenters

Bengtson, David A., 1993:
A comprehensive program for the evaluation of artificial diets

Hilje, L.; Ramirez, O., 1992:
A comprehensive proposal for development of integrated pest management (IPM) programmes in Central America

Yang, X.G.; Chen, D.S.; Zheng, H.S., 1994:
A comprehensive research on the meteorological environment in sun-light greenhouse (IV). A preliminary study in simulating the soil temperature field of greenhouse

Chen, D.S.; Zheng, H.S.; Zhang, J.G.; Qiu, J.J., 1992:
A comprehensive research on the meteorological environment in sun-light greenhouse. III. A comparative research on the total amount of direct radiation in the greenhouse with different arc lighting surfaces

Pusztai A.; Watt W.B.; Stewart J.C., 1991:
A comprehensive scheme for the isolation of trypsin inhibitors and the agglutinin from soybean seeds

Toride, N.; Leij, F.J.; Genuchten, M.T. van, 1993:
A comprehensive set of analytical solutions for nonequilibrium solute transport with first-order decay and zero-order production

Singh, R.S., 1992:
A comprehensive study of genic variation in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster. V. Structural-functional constraints on protein molecules and enzymes and the levels and patterns of variation among genes

Choudhary, M.; Coulthart, M.B.; Singh, R.S., 1992:
A comprehensive study of genic variation in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster. VI. Patterns and processes of genic divergence between D. melanogaster and its sibling species, Drosophila simulans

Zhang, R.T.; Yao, C.R.; Qi, X.B., 1991:
A comprehensive study of the possibility of water-saving in agriculture for North China

Arnold, J.G.; Allen, P.M.; Bernhardt, G., 1993:
A comprehensive surface-groundwater flow model

Munro, I.C.; Carlo, G.L.; Orr, J.C.; Sund, K.G.; Wilson, R.M.; Kennepohl, E.; Lynch, B.S.; Jablinske, M.; Lee, N.L., 1992:
A comprehensive, integrated review and evaluation of the scientific evidence relating to the safety of the herbicide 2,4-D

Weaich, K.; Bristow, K.L.; Cass, A., 1994:
A compression-suction-temperature (CST) cell for simulating the physical environment of preemergent seedlings

Balsvik, R.; Brendemoen, A., 1994:
A computable general equilibrium model for Tanzania. Documentation of the model, the 1990 Social Accounting Matrix and calibration

Janvry, A. de; Fafchamps, M.; Raki, M.; Sadoulet, E., 1992:
A computable household model approach to policy analysis: structural adjustment and the peasantry in Morocco

Weigel, K.; Gianola, D., 1993:
A computationally simple Bayesian method for estimation of heterogeneous within-herd phenotypic variances

Francaviglia, R.; Costantini, A.; Mecella, G.; Scandella, P., 1992 :
A computer aided system for environmental monitoring and irrigation management

Van Hintum, T.J.L., 1993:
A computer compatible system for scoring heterogeneous populations

Mrozek, M., 1993:
A computer data base for the use of simulation of the cutting sections working for the grain crops and green fodder harvesters

Vilasachandran, T.; Usha, K.; Motial, V.S.; Sharma, M.R., 1992:
A computer model for assessing agro-climatic and edaphic feasibility for rubber cultivation in the traditional tract

Worthington, A.G.; Colls, J.J., 1993:
A computer model for evaluation of the solar radiation regime in open-top chambers

Zhang, R.H.; Day, D.L.; Christianson, L.L.; Jepson, W.P., 1994:
A computer model for predicting ammonia release rates

Zhang, R.; Day, D.L.; Christianson, L.L.; Ishibashi, K.I., 1992:
A computer model for predicting ammonia release rates from swine manure pits

Skipper, D.; Tittlebaum, M., 1992:
A computer model for predicting effluent BOD concentrations from a rock-plant filter

Isk, A.; Sabanc, A., 1993:
A computer model to select optimum sizes of farm machinery and power for mechanization planning

Fennema, R.J.; Neidrauer, C.J.; Johnson, R.A.; Macvicar, T.K.; Perkins, W.A., 1994:
A computer model to simulate natural Everglades hydrology

Cupia, M., 1992:
A computer program assisting the design of machinery on farms of vast areas

Aderoba, A.A., 1994:
A computer program for determining animate and inanimate power requirements for mechanised agriculture

Bocquier, F.; Guillouet, P.; Barillet, F.; Ligios, S.; Molle, G.; Sanna, A.; Casu, S.; Caja, G.; Such, X.; Gasa, J.; Ferret, A.; Oregui, L.; Urarte, E.; Agabriel, J.; Champciaux, P.; Espinasse, C., 1993:
A computer program for diet formulation in dairy sheep: evaluation of food intake predictions

Hering, A.; Muller, B., 1991:
A computer program for estimating wood standing volume from aerial photographs

Chakravarty, G.N.; Bagchi, S.K., 1993:
A computer program for permutated neighbourhood seed orchard design

Roumen, E.C., 1993:
A computer program for storing and analyzing qualitative disease observations of leaf blast (Magnaporthe grisea) on rice

Garnier-Gere, P.; Dillmann, C., 1992:
A computer program for testing pairwise linkage disequilibria in subdivided populations

Kamarudin, K.A.; Lee, C.H.; Maslan, S., 1992:
A computer program on rodenticide selection for rat control in cocoa

Spugnoli, P.; Vieri, M., 1993:
A computer program to design the machine fleet of an agricultural system

Human, N.B.; Bower, J.P.; Burdette, S.A.; Barry, G.H., 1994:
A computer programme for use in the citrus industry to test the climatic suitability of any site in the Eastern Cape

Hector, D.J.; Gregson, K.; Mcgowan, M., 1993:
A computer simulation describing water extraction by crop root systems

Cobbaert, J.; Moens, V.; D.T.och, F.P.; Troch, P.A., 1992:
A computer simulation model for design and control of open channel irrigation systems: application to the Medjerdah Valley, Tunisia

Parmar, R.; Mcclendon, R.; Williams, E., 1994:
A computer simulation model for peanut machinery management

Alhmetzyanov, L.M., 1992:
A computer system of medical observation and evaluation of the health of workers, as exemplified by the Chernomorets Science-Production Furniture Association

Morris, C.F.; Raykowski, J.A., 1994:
A computer-aided approach to the evaluation of wheat grain and flour quality

Mann, B.P.; Wratten, S.D., 1989:
A computer-based advisory system for cereal aphid and oilseed rape-pest control

Mann, B.P.; Wratten, S.D., 1992:
A computer-based advisory system for control of the summer pests of winter oilseed rape in Britain

Richardson, D.M.; Wilgen, B.W. van; Maitre, D.C. le; Higgins, K.B.; Forsyth, G.G., 1994:
A computer-based system for fire management in the mountains of the Cape Province, South Africa

Gonzalez, R.A.; Struve, D.K.; Brown, L.C., 1992:
A computer-controlled drip irrigation system for container plant production

Nokoe, S.; Meena, H.; Munyinyi, D.; Punyua, D.K.; Latif, A.A.; Okelo, O., 1992:
A computer-simulated model for the biology and control of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus Neumann (Acari: Ixodidae)

Maji, A.K., 1992:
A computerised approach for physical suitability evaluation of lands of Singhik sub-watershed, Sikkim

Udo, H.M.J.; Brouwer, B.O., 1993:
A computerised method for systematically analysing the livestock component of farming systems

Chiappini, U.; Zappavigna, P.; Bussei, V., 1994:
A computerised procedure for planning and estimating costs of buildings in cattle housing

Schroeder, J.M.; Jaenicke, H., 1994:
A computerized database as decision support tool for the selection of agroforestry tree species

Xin, H.; Berry, I.L.; Costello, T.A., 1994:
A computerized measurement and data acquisition system for field poultry research

Houe, H.; Pedersen, K.M.; Meyling, A., 1993:
A computerized spread sheet model for calculating total annual national losses due to bovine viral diarrhoea virus infection in dairy herds and sensitivity analysis of selected parameters

Pinzke, S., 1993:
A computerized system for analysing working postures in agriculture

Choi, J.C., 1991:
A computerized system for district forest planning in Korean private forests

Jacquart Romon C.; Paulin J.P., 1991:
A computerized warning system for fire blight control

Barnes, C.; D.S.lva, C.; Jones, J.P.; Lewis, T.J., 1991:
A concanavalin-A-coated piezoelectric crystal biosensor

Irwin, S.W.; Fried, B., 1994:
A concentration of tegumental papillae in the pharynx of Zygocotyle lunata (Trematoda: Paramphistomidae)

Iwatsuki, M.; Fukasawa, T., 1992:
A concentration/X-ray diffraction method for determination of magnetite and haematite in atmospheric dust

Jozefaciuk, C.; Woch, F.; Taaaj, Z.; Nowocien, E., 1992:
A concept for complex consolidation of deeply undulating land belonging to the village of Zurawnica in Zamosc province

Brooks, R.H.; Metawie, A.F.; Abu Zeid, M., 1992:
A concept for modernizing irrigation systems for sustainability

Shur, M.I.; Korzhinskii, M.P., 1990:
A concept for the development and location of livestock production in the Ukraine

E.B.ssam, N.; Dambroth, M., 1992:
A concept of energy plants' farm

Jacyna, T., 1992:
A concept of high-density planting for sweet cherries

Blum, W.E.H.; Aguilar Santelises, A., 1994:
A concept of sustainability and resilience based on soil functions: the role of the ISSS in promoting sustainable land use

Maslanka, K.; Urbanowicz, A., 1992:
A concept of the Somka stream basin development to prevent water erosion

Ruban, Y.D., 1991:
A conception of the development of dairy and meat cattle production in Ukraine

Fernandez, P.N.; Rusinkiewicz, M., 1993:
A conceptual design of a soil database for a geographical information system

Muia, D.M., 1991:
A conceptual examination of the phenomenon of participation in rural development

Gray, D.I.; Lynch, G.A.; Lockhart, J.C.; Parker, W.J.; Todd, E.G.; Brookes, I.M., 1992:
A conceptual framework for an expert system to improve drying off decisions on seasonal supply dairy farms

Cheng, H.H., 1992:
A conceptual framework for assessing allelochemicals in the soil environment

Lee, H.H.; Tank, F.E., 1992:
A conceptual framework for biotechnology assessment

Freeling M., 1992:
A conceptual framework for maize leaf development

Shinew, K.J.; Weston, R., 1992:
A conceptual framework of organizational reward systems: implications for leisure service managers

Siemer, J., 1993:
A conceptual model for an information retrieval expert system for agricultural bibliographic literature databases

Kluender, R.A.; Thompson, L.C.; Steigerwald, D.M., 1993:
A conceptual model for predicting soil temperatures

Farres, P.J.; Wood, S.J.; Seeliger, S., 1992:
A conceptual model of soil deposition and its implication for environmental reconstruction

Hilje, L., 1993:
A conceptual plan for integrated control of the whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) on tomato crop

Swain, D.G., 1991:
A conceptual planning process for management of subsurface drainage

Kiefer, E.M., 1993:
A conceptual-stochastic model of unsaturated flow in heterogeneous soils

Pelletier, P., 1992:
A concerted 'research-development' action on the 'Les Bordes' experimental farm, in the charolais and limousine cattle production systems

Preuss, D.; Lemieux, B.; Yen, G.; Davis, R.W., 1993:
A conditional sterile mutation eliminates surface components from Arabidopsis pollen and disrupts cell signaling during fertilization

Sandberg, R.; Van-Houten, L.; Schwartz, J.; Bigliano, R.; Dallas, S.; Silvia, J.; Cabelli, M.; Narayanswamy, V., 1992:
A conductive polymer-based immunosensor for the analysis of pesticide residues

Ohtomo, K.; Kishimoto, T.; Taniguchi, T.; Makanga, J.T.; Abe, J., 1993:
A cone penetrometer device controlled by a microcomputer

Shen, J.; Kushwaha, R.L., 1993:
A cone penetrometer equipped with a single chip microcomputer

Fors, A.L., 1992:
A conference on cane payment system at El Salvador

Huylenbroeck, G. van, 1992:
A conflict analysis model for the evaluation of large scale projects in rural areas

Bryan, G.M.; Endo, M.; Erickson, K.; Crawley, G., 1992:
A conforming intraorbital implant in the horse

Suzuki,, J.; Forker, O., 1993:
A conjectural variations model of reduced Japanese milk price supports

Gan, C.L.zar, E., 1993:
A conjoint analysis of waterfowl hunting in Louisiana

Anderson, J.L.; Bettencourt, S.U., 1993:
A conjoint approach to model product preferences: the New England market for fresh and frozen salmon

Roche, P.J.; Hoare, S.A.; Parker, M.G., 1992:
A consensus DNA-binding site for the androgen receptor

Day, W.H.; McMorris, F.R., 1993:
A consensus program for molecular sequences

Pierce, A.J.; Jambou, R.C.; Jensen, D.E.; Azizkhan, J.C., 1992:
A conserved DNA structural control element modulates transcription of a mammalian gene

Herrera, S.; Rudin, W.; Herrera, M.; Clavijo, P.; Mancilla, L.; de Plata, C.; Matile, H.; Certa, U., 1993:
A conserved region of the MSP-1 surface protein of Plasmodium falciparum contains a recognition sequence for erythrocyte spectrin

Squires, E.J.mes; Summers, J.D., 1993:
A consideration of comparative metabolic aspects of the aetiology of sudden death syndrome and ascites in broilers

Keighley, P.W.S., 1993:
A consideration of the appropriate teaching, learning and assessment strategies in the outdoor adventurous element of outdoor education as it relates to the physical education national curriculum

Oguri, K.; Iida, T.; Sugiyama, M., 1992:
A consideration on multi-national meat integration

Amano, M.; Sawada, Y.; Motohashi, T.; Miyata, M.; Yoshizawa, T.; Masuda, S., 1991:
A consideration to the original home of Musa basjoo Sieb. et Zucc

Bowers, J., 1993:
A conspectus on valuing the environment

Hettiaratchi, D.R.P.; O.S.llivan, M.F.; Campbell, D.J., 1992:
A constant cell volume triaxial testing technique for evaluating critical state parameters of unsaturated soils

Bream, G.L.; Vaillancourt, P.; Botchan, M.R., 1992:
A constitutive enhancer in the bovine papillomavirus upstream regulatory region shares genetic elements with the viral P1 promoter

Michalowski, R.L., 1993:
A constitutive model of saturated soils for frost heave simulations

Berg, K. van den, 1994:
A construction for automatically milking animals

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