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A summary of the chromatin structure and other architectural features of the maize Adh1 5' flanking region

Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter (68): 41, 42

A summary of the chromatin structure and other architectural features of the maize Adh1 5' flanking region

The chromatin structure of the maize Adh1 (alcohol dehydrogenase) promoter is illustrated diagrammatically, together with appropriate references.

Accession: 002289956

Related references

Ferl R.J.; Laughner B.J., 1991: Cloning of a novel dna binding protein with specificity for the are region of the maize adh1 5 flanking region. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Supplement (15 PART A): 55

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Paul, A.L.; Ferl, R.J., 1986: The maize Adh1 promoter: chromatin structure. Examination of the 5' region of the alcohol dehydrogenase 1 gene revealed 7 sites showing hypersensitivity to DNase I. Such sites are known to be associated with gene regulation functions in animal systems. Their positions are indicated, toge...

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Martínez-García, J.F.; Estruch, F.; Pérez-Ortín, J.E., 1989: Chromatin structure of the 5' flanking region of the yeast LEU2 gene. The chromatin structure of the LEU2 gene and its flanks has been studied by means of nuclease digestion, both with micrococcal nuclease and DNase I. The gene is organized in an array of positioned nucleosomes. Within the promoter region, the nucle...

Alvarez de la Rosa, D.; Avila, J.; Martín-Vasallo, P., 2002: Chromatin structure analysis of the rat Na, K-ATPase beta2 gene 5'-flanking region. The Na, K-ATPase is formed by two major subunits (alpha and beta) encoded by a gene family of at least four alpha and three beta isoforms. These genes show distinctive expression patterns involving complex tissue-specific and developmental regulat...

Ji, L.; Xu, R.; Lu, L.; Zhang, J.; Yang, G.; Huang, J.; Wu, C.; Zheng, C., 2014: TM6, a novel nuclear matrix attachment region, enhances its flanking gene expression through influencing their chromatin structure. Nuclear matrix attachment regions (MARs) regulate the higher-order organization of chromatin and affect the expression of their flanking genes. In this study, a tobacco MAR, TM6, was isolated and demonstrated to remarkably increase the expression...