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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2295

Chapter 2295 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wilcox, M. H.; Cook, A. M.; Eley, A.; Spencer, R. C., 1992: Aeromonas spp as a potential cause of diarrhoea in children

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294006

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294013

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294015

Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294017

Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294018

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294029

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294038

Kamieniecki, H.; Sablik, P., 1991: Aetiology of infertility in cows under large scale husbandry

Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294040

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294057

Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294058

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294120

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294135

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294142

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294176

Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294177

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294236

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294269

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Section 3, Chapter 2295, Accession 002294272

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