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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2300

Chapter 2300 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lee, J. I.; Park, H. W.; Lee, B. H.; Park, R. K., 1991: An extra large-seeded groundnut variety Daewontangkong

Wong, Z. H., 1994: An extra-early and high quality peach cultivar - Xiahuei 1

Lu, B. D., 1994: An extra-late peach cultivar - Dongxue Mitao

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Hayashi, K.; Hayashi, T.; Morita, N.; Kojima, I., 1993: An extract from Spirulina platensis is a selective inhibitor of herpes simplex virus type 1 penetration into HeLa cells

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Katayama, T.; Davin, L. B.; Lewis, N. G., 1992: An extraordinary accumulation of (-)-pinoresinol in cell-free extracts of Forsythia intermedia: evidence for enantiospecific reduction of (+)-pinoresinol

Gruidl, M.; Cater, J.; Wilson, B.; Gharib, S.; Bennett, K. L., 1992: An extremely abundant ovarian mRNA from the parasitic nematode Ascaris lumbricoides var. suum has multiple repeat motifs

Ciccarone, C., 1990: An hemiparasitic affection of grapes caused by Sordaria destruens (Shear) Hawker

Barnes, C. M., 1991: An historical perspective on the applications of remote sensing to public health

Birley, M. H., 1993: An historical review of malaria, kala-azar and filariasis in Bangladesh in relation to the Flood Action Plan

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Han, T. F.; Chen, W. D., 1991: An hypothesis of mild variation

Podkolzin, A. I.; Kladii, A. G., 1991: An ice cream factory in Tol'yatti

Sinkovics, G.; Cenci, T.; Bosco, A. dal, 1993: An idea for artificial insemination. A new artificial vagina for hygienic collection of rabbit semen

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1991: An idea from Japan: mini-aubergines under glass

Karube, D.; Kato, S., 1994: An ideal unsaturated soil and the Bishop's soil

Ali, T., 1992: An identification and validation of job performance competencies needed by agricultural extension field assistants in Faisalabad District, Pakistan

Brown, M. B., 1992: An identification of the outdoor leisure involvement of older black Americans, 1982-83

Childs, Jessica, 1994: An identity for frozen yogurt

Heijden, R. W. J. van der, 1993: An idiotypic cascade driven by rabies virus antigen

Coscaron, S.; Papavero, N., 1993: An illustrated manual for the identification of the Neotropical genera and subgenera of Tabanidae (Diptera)

Smith, O. H.; Little, N. E.; Wheaton, F. W.; Liao, C. K., 1992: An image processing program for oyster orientation

Kamata, Yoshiro; Sanpei, Shigenori; Yamauchi, Fumio; Yamada, Minoru, 1993: An immobilized protease reactor for cheese analog production from soymilk

Manera, M.; Biavati, S., 1994: An immuno-histochemical techniques used to demonstrate the transition form of a squamous cell carcinoma in a mirror carp, Cyprinus carpio L

Hall J.C.; Wilson L.K.; Chapman R.A., 1992: An immunoassay for metolachlor detection in river water and soil

Roggentin, Telse; Kleineidam, Reinhard G.; Jaewski, Detlef M.; Tirpitz, Dietmar; Roggentin, Peter; Schauer, Roland, 1993: An immunoassay for the rapid and specific detection of three sialidase-producing clostridia causing gas gangrene

Mahan, Sm; Tebele, N; Mukwedeya, D; Semu, S; Nyathi, Cb; Wassink, La; Kelly, Pj; Peter, T; Barbet, Af, 1993: An immunoblotting diagnostic assay for heartwater based on the immunodominant 32-kilodalton protein of Cowdria ruminantium detects false positives in field sera

Matousek, J.; Dedic, P.; Benes, M. J.; Kopacek, P.; Turkova, V.; Trnena, L., 1990: An immunochemical study of antigen expression in potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTV)-infected tomato leaves and calluses

Evensen, O., 1993: An immunochemical study on the cytogenetic origin of pulmonary multinucleate giant cells in porcine dermatosis vegetans

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Barton, C. L.; Halton, D. W.; Shaw, C.; Maule, A. G.; Johnston, C. F., 1993: An immunocytochemical study of putative neurotransmitters in the metacercariae of 2 strigeoid trematodes from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Jochims, K.; Kaup, F.J.; Drommer, W.; Pickel, M., 1994: An immunoelectron microscopic investigation of colostral IgG absorption across the intestine of newborn calves

Duval, M.; Job, C.; Job, D., 1993: An immunoenzymatic study of the large subunits of wheat germ RNA polymerase II. Application to the study of an immobilized eukaryotic RNA polymerase

Alday Sanz, V.; Rodger, H.; Turnbull, T.; Adams, A.; Richards, R. H., 1994: An immunohistochemical diagnostic test for rickettsial disease

Hewicker Trautwein, M.; Trautwein, G., 1993: An immunohistochemical study of the fetal sheep neocortex and cerebellum with antibodies against nervous system-specific proteins

Watson, Elaine D.; Dixon, C. E., 1993: An immunohistological study of MHC class II expression and T lymphocytes in the endometrium of the mare

Smith, K. C.; Whitwell, Katherine E.; Mumford, Jennifer A.; Gower, Susan M.; Hannant, D.; Tearle, J. P., 1993: An immunohistological study of the uterus of mares following experimental infection by equid herpesvirus 1

Day, M. J., 1994: An immunopathological study of deep pyoderma in the dog

Calvert, Jg; Nazerian, K., 1994: An immunoperoxidase plaque assay for reticuloendotheliosis virus and its application to a sensitive serum neutralization assay

Liess, B.; Reinecke, Sylvia; Sanders, G.; Greiser Wilke, Irene; Moennig, V., 1993: An immunoplaque assay distinguishing between cytopathogenic and noncytopathogenic biotypes of bovine viral diarrhoea virus

Brasseur, P.; Favennec, L.; Lemeteil, D.; Roussel, F.; Ballet, J. J., 1994: An immunosuppressed rat model for evaluation of anti-Cryptosporidium activity of sinefungin

Meulbroek J.A.; Novilla M.N.; Current W.L., 1991: An immunosuppressed rat model of respiratory cryptosporidiosis

Gaworski, C. L.; Vollmuth, T. A.; Dozier, M. M.; Heck, J. D.; Dunn, L. T.; Ratajczak, H. V.; Thomas, P. T., 1994: An immunotoxicity assessment of food flavouring ingredients

Kasapbasioglu, B.; Hesketh, P. J.; Hanly, W. C.; Maclay, G. J.; Nowroozi Esfahani, R., 1993: An impedance based ultra-thin platinum island film glucose sensor

Section 3, Chapter 2300, Accession 002299055

Vinogradskaya, S. E.; Safonova, T. I., 1991: An imperfection in the new standard

Berg, K. van den; Fransen, R., 1993: An implement for and a method of milking animals automatically

Lely, C. van der; Lely, A. van der, 1993: An implement for automatically milking animals

Lely, C. van der, 1993: An implement for cleaning teats of milk-producing animals

Lely, E. van der; Berg, K. van den; Fransen, R., 1992: An implement for milking animals

Berg, K. van den; Fransen, R., 1993: An implement for milking animals and a method of after-treating the teats of a milked animal

Tsai, W. T.; Chen, W. H.; Hsieh, R. M.; Chyou, M. S.; Wu, C. C., 1992: An important factor affecting the germination and growth of Phalaenopsis seeds

Tsai, W. T.; Chen, W. H.; Hsieh, R. M.; Chyou, M. S.; Wu, C. C., 1993: An important factor affecting the germination and growth of Phalaenopsis seeds

Mil' chev, V. P.; Liskun, I. V.; Bakalinskii, V. M., 1990: An important means of economizing

Ai, Y. H., 1993: An important pattern of developing the rural market economy: study on the integration of trade, industry and agriculture or agricultural production, processing and marketing

Egles, D., 1993: An important turning point in the control of rots on vegetable crops

Section 3, Chapter 2300, Accession 002299067

Vickers, J. E.; Paynter, J. L.; Spradbrow, P. B.; Lester, R. J. G., 1993: An impression smear method for rapid detection of Penaeus monodon-type baculovirus (MBV) in Australian prawns

Raugel, P. J., 1992: An impressionist view of the French biotechnology industry

Fu, Bin Xiao; Yu, Guang Hua; Wang, Le Kai; Lan, Jing, 1993: An improved A-PAGE method for analysing gliadin in wheat

Yuan, C. X.; Bai, Y. Y., 1993: An improved Agrobacterium-mediated transformation method for flax (Linum usitatissimum cv. Ningya No. II) cotyledon segments

Section 3, Chapter 2300, Accession 002299072

Jameson, J., 1991: An improved activated carbon adsorber for controlling CO2 in fruit stores

Section 3, Chapter 2300, Accession 002299076

Abe, N.; Abe, E.; Yuasa, A., 1992: An improved assay method for UDP-glucuronyltransferase activity towards 5-hydroxytryptamine and the characteristic properties of the enzymes

Saini, H. S.; Weder, J. K. P.; Telek, L., 1993: An improved assay procedure for the determination of chymotrypsin inhibitor activity in legume seeds

Pearson, C. C., 1993: An improved calculation method for design of natural ventilation by thermal buoyancy

Tucker G.F.; Powell J.R., 1991: An improved canopy access technique

Buysse, Jan; Merckx, Roel, 1993: An improved colorimetric method to quantify sugar content of plant tissue

Section 3, Chapter 2300, Accession 002299082

Malmquist, L., 1990: An improved diffusion model for timber drying in a compartment kiln

Zhao, Zr; Wu, Zl; Huang, Gq; Li, Gr, 1992: An improved disk bioassay for determining activities of plant growth regulators

Maiti, N. K.; Saini, S. S.; Singh, R.; Oberoi, M. S.; Sharma, S. N., 1993: An improved dot ELISA to detect fowl adenovirus type-1 antigen

Chang, B. Y.; Zao, S. Q.; Zheng, Y. L.; Chen, H., 1993: An improved dye-binding method for determining lysine content in small grains

Landgraf, Mariza; Iaria, Sebastiao T.; Falcao, Deise P., 1993: An improved enrichment procedure for the isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica and related species from milk

De Boever, J. L.; Cottyn, B. G.; Vanacker, J. M.; Boucque, C. V., 1994: An improved enzymatic method by adding gammanase to determine digestibility and predict energy value of compound feeds and raw materials for cattle

Djordjevic, S. P.; Eamens, G. J.; Romalis, L. F.; Saunders, M. M., 1994: An improved enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of porcine serum antibodies against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

Lenz, Michael; Creffield, James W.; Barrett, Robert A., 1992: An improved field method for assessing the resistance of woody and non-woody materials to attack by subterranean termites

Desmonts, Catherine; Minet, Jacques; Colwell, Rita; Cormier, Michel, 1992: An improved filter method for direct viable count of Salmonella in seawater

Balzer, H.J.; Baeumlein, H., 1994: An improved gene expression screen

Rao, J. N.; Haware, M. P., 1991: An improved growth medium for the multiplication of Ascochyta rabiei in the laboratory

Arakawa, Nobuhiko; Kim, Mihyang; Otsuka, Megumi, 1992: An improved high-performance liquid chromatographic assay for the determination of pyridinoline in connective tissues

Edward, S. L.; Skerritt, J. H.; Hill, A. S.; McAdam, D. P., 1993: An improved immunoassay for chlorpyrifos-methyl (Reldan) in grain

Qiao, Y. M.; Falavigna, A., 1990: An improved in vitro anther culture method for obtaining double-haploid clones of asparagus

Escoubas, P.; Lajide, L.; Mitzutani, J., 1993: An improved leaf-disk antifeedant bioassay and its application for the screening of Hokkaido plants

Qiao, C. G.; Wang, S. Y.; Yu, F. P.; Yu, M.; Wade, L. J.; Angew, J. R.; Doulas, A. C. L., 1993: An improved mathematical model for predicting grain yield at the seedling stage in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Puettmann, Klaus J.; Rhode, Dan; Maxwell, Bruce D.; Lindquist, John, 1993: An improved measure of angular dispersion in plant neighborhoods

O'donovan, Susan M.; Dalton, John P., 1993: An improved medium for Plasmodium chabaudi in vitro erythrocyte invasion assays

Kojima, Setsuro; Takizawa, Satoru; Tamura, Shinji; Fujinaga, Shigeo; Benno, Yoshimi; Nakase, Takashi, 1993: An improved medium for the isolation of lactobacilli from kefir grains

Voyiatzis, Demetrios G.; Mcgranahan, Gale H., 1994: An improved method for acclimatizing tissue-cultured walnut plantlets using an antitranspirant

Corbet, Philip S.; Chadee, Dave D., 1993: An improved method for detecting substrate preferences shown by mosquitoes that exhibit 'skip oviposition'

Reeben, M.; Prydz, H., 1994: An improved method for detection of 5-methylcytosine by PCR-based genomic sequencing

Spothelfer Magana, J.; Thalmann, A., 1992: An improved method for estimating the activity of dehydrogenases in soil using Iodonitrotetrazoliumchloride (INT)

Hirano, K.; Adachi, Y.; Bintvihok, A.; Ishibashi, S.; Kumazawa, N. H., 1992: An improved method for extraction and clean up of aflatoxin B1 from liver

Pemberton, I. J.; Smith, G. R.; Forbes, T. D. A.; Hensarling, C. M., 1993: An improved method for extraction and quantification of toxic phenethylamines from Acacia berlandieri

Hirayama, O.; Mihara, M.; Hayashi, K., 1990: An improved method for measuring ion flow through excised roots and its application to halophyte and non-halophyte roots

Lutier Pascale M.; Vaissiere Bernard E., 1993: An improved method for pollen analysis of honey

Malenko, G. P., 1994: An improved method for preparing whole specimens from bovine preimplantation embryos: a technique note

Corrigan, J. E.; Laing, J. E., 1991: An improved method for producing small, consistent samples of hosts for presentation to the egg parasitoid, Trichogramma minutum

Vermeul, Vr; Istok, Jd; Flint, Al; Pikul, Jl Jr, 1993: An improved method for quantifying soil macroporosity

Devi, Santha; Lall, V. K.; Garg, Poonam; Saxena, Anoop; Tiwari, Madhulika, 1994: An improved method for rapid fixation and embedding of pteridophyte plant materials

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Lelu, M. A.; Bastien, C.; Klimaszewska, K.; Charest, P. J., 1994: An improved method for somatic plantlet production in hybrid larch (Larix x leptoeuropaea): Part 2. Control of germination and plantlet development

Dane, J. H.; Oostrom, M.; Missildine, B. C., 1992: An improved method for the determination of capillary pressure-saturation curves involving TCE, water and air

Sayama, Akira; Harada, Yukio, 1993: An improved method for the inoculation test of the violet root rot fungus Helicobasidium mompa

Lohuis, M. R. ten; Meyer, A.; Meyer, P., 1993: An improved method for the isolation of high molecular weight >300 kb plant DNA in liquid phase

Bahloul, M.; Burkard, G., 1993: An improved method for the isolation of total RNA from spruce tissues

Mirovsky, Pavel; Fishman, Jay A., 1993: An improved method for the prolonged maintenance of Pneumocystis carinii in vitro

Pilsworth, R. C.; Holmes, M. A.; Shepherd, M., 1993: An improved method for the scintigraphic detection of acute bone damage to the equine pelvis by probe point counting

Griesbach, R. J., 1994: An improved method for transforming plants through electrophoresis

Estomba, A.; Basaras, M.; Aguirre, A.; Vicario, A.; Jugo, B.; Mazon, L. I. , 1993: An improved method for typing of plasma alpha 1-protease inhibitor (PI1) variants in sheep

Whitlow, Th; Bassuk, Nl; Ranney, Tg; Reichert, Dl, 1992: An improved method for using electrolyte leakage to assess membrane competence in plant tissues

Deng, Guoren; Yu, Mei; Smith, Helene S., 1993: An improved method of competitive PCR for quantitation of gene copy number

Wing, R. A.; Rastogi, V. K.; Zhang, H. B.; Paterson, A. H.; Tanksley, S. D., 1993: An improved method of plant megabase DNA isolation in agarose microbeads suitable for physical mapping and YAC cloning

Alkhairy, Khalid Sharif, 1992: An improved method of preparing thick blood films for the examination of malarial parasites

Merwe, M. van der, 1990: An improved method to evaluate avocado rootstocks for resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi

Sharma, S. K.; Hill, A. R.; Mittal, G. S., 1993: An improved method to measure glycomacropeptides (GMP) in renneted milk

Klughammer, C; Schreiber, U., 1994: An improved method, using saturating light pulses, for the determination of photosystem I quantum yield via P700+-absorbance changes at 830 nm

Haemmerli, S.; Schaeffler, A.; Manz, A.; Widmer, H. M., 1992: An improved micro enzyme sensor for bioprocess monitoring by flow injection analysis

Wright, M. G.; Coetzee, J. H., 1992: An improved post-harvest disinsectation technique for Protea cut-flowers

Section 3, Chapter 2300, Accession 002299138

Roehrdanz, R. L., 1993: An improved primer for PCR amplification of mitochondrial DNA in a variety of insect species

Dong, Jin Zhuo; Mchughen, Alan, 1993: An improved procedure for production of transgenic flax plants using Agrobacterium tumefaciens

O' Connor, H. E.; Stevens, D. R.; Ruffle, S. V.; Nugent, J. H. A.; Purton, S., 1993: An improved procedure for the isolation of chloroplast DNA from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

James D.; Monette P.L., 1992: An improved procedure for the purification of apple chlorotic leaf spot virus

Quivy, Jean Pierre; Becker, Peter B., 1993: An improved protocol for genomic sequencing and footprinting by ligation-mediated PCR

Boylan, C. J.; Current, W. L., 1991: An improved rat model of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia: induced infections in Pneumocystis-free animals

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DeKoning, J.; Kaattari, S., 1992: An improved salmonid lymphocyte culture medium incorporating plasma for in vitro antibody production and mitogenesis

Murer, E. J.; Baumgarten, A.; Eder, G.; Gerzabek, M. H.; Kandeler, E.; Rampazzo, N., 1993: An improved sieving machine for estimation of soil aggregate stability (SAS)

Khalid, Ahmad M.; Bhatti, Tariq M.; Umar, M., 1993: An improved solid medium for isolation, enumeration and genetic investigations of autotrophic iron- and sulphur-oxidizing bacteria

Geers, R.; Goedseels, V., 1993: An improved system of temperature control in commercial pig houses: some effects on performance

Nakano, Y.; Kobayasi, Y.; Nagashima, K., 1992: An improved tape monitor for the determination of phosphin and arsine using p-toluenesulfonic acid

Clery, Ra; Ross, Jd, 1992: An improved technique for recording the occurrence of essential oil glands

Crozier, YC.; Koulianos, S.; Crozier, RH., 1991: An improved test for Africanized honeybee mitochondrial DNA

Tec, A. B, Jr; Quick, G. R.; Elepano, A. R.; Salazar, G. C., 1992: An improved village level micro rice mill

Thompson, Michael L.; Scharf, Richard L., 1994: An improved zero-tension lysimeter to monitor colloid transport in soils

White, K. J., 1990: An improvement plan for Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. in Nepal

Singh, S. P.; Chauhan, J. S.; Bhadauria, S., 1992: An in situ study of soil electrolyte conductivity by multiple electrode device

Gray, M. A.; Peregrine, A. S., 1993: An in vitro assay for drug sensitivity of Trypanosoma congolense using in vitro-derived metacyclic trypanosomes

Section 3, Chapter 2300, Accession 002299161

Rothwell, James T.; Sangster, Nicholas C., 1993: An in vitro assay utilising parasitic larval Haemonchus contortus to detect resistance to closantel and other anthelmintics

Yu, B.; Tsen, H. Y., 1993: An in vitro assessment of several enzymes for the supplementation of rabbit diets

Burri, C.; Brun, R., 1992: An in vitro bioassay for quantification of melarsoprol in serum and cerebrospinal fluid

Section 3, Chapter 2300, Accession 002299165

Coetzee, G. L., 1993: An in vitro comparison of two replacement techniques utilizing fascia lata after cranial cruciate ligament transection in the dog

Calderone, N. W.; Shimanuki, H.; Allen Wardell, G., 1994: An in vitro evaluation of botanical compounds for the control of the honeybee pathogens Bacillus larvae and Ascosphaera apis, and the secondary invader B. alvei

Joubert, M. H.; Frean, R. T., 1993: An in vitro evaluation of fungicides against guava wilt

Section 3, Chapter 2300, Accession 002299169

Ramos, M. A.; Carabano, R.; Boisen, S., 1992: An in vitro method for estimating digestibility in rabbits

Preece J.E.; Navarrete N.; Van Sambeek J.W.; Gaffney G.R., 1991: An in vitro microplant bioassay using clonal white ash to test for tall fescue allelopathy

Furth, E. E.; Sprecher, H.; Fisher, E. A.; Fleishman, H. D.; Laposata, M., 1992: An in vitro model for essential fatty acid deficiency: HepG2 cells permanently maintained in lipid-free medium

O' Hehir, R. E.; Busch, R.; Rothbard, J. B.; Lamb, J. R., 1991: An in vitro model of peptide-mediated immunomodulation of the human T cell responses to Dermatophagoides spp (house dust mite)

Thieme, R., 1992: An in vitro potato cultivar collection: microtuberization and storage of microtubers

Granfeldt, Y.; Bjorck, I.; Drews, A.; Tovar, J., 1994: An in vitro procedure based on chewing to predict metabolic response to starch in cereal and legume products

Granfeldt Y.; Bjorck I.; Drews A.; Tovar J., 1992: An in vitro procedure based on chewing to predict metabolic response to starch in cereal and legume products

Guerra, Antonio A.; Martinez, Susana, 1994: An in vitro rearing system for the propagation of the ectoparasitoid Catolaccus grandis

Holtug, K.; Rasmussen, H. S.; Mortensen, P. B., 1992: An in vitro study of short-chain fatty acid concentrations, production and absorption in pig (Sus scrofa) colon

Faure, J.E.; Digonnet, C.; Dumas, C., 1994: An in vitro system for adhesion and fusion of maize gametes

Koshiba, T.; Matsuyama, H., 1993: An in vitro system of indole-3-acetic acid formation from tryptophan in maize (Zea mays) coleoptile extracts

Lane, J. A.; Kershaw, M. J.; Moore, T. H. M.; Child, D. V.; Terry, P. S.; Bailey, J. A., 1991: An in vitro system to investigate the parasitism of cereals by Striga species and resistance of cowpea to Alectra vogelii

Jeney, Galina; Anderson, Douglas P., 1993: An in vitro technique for surveying immunostimulants in fish

Haroon, Sanaa A.; Baki, A. Abdul; Huettel, R. N., 1993: An in vitro test for temperature sensitivity and resistance to Meloidogyne incognita in tomato

Barakat, M. N.; El Din, T. M. S., 1993: An in vivo and in vitro analysis of a diallel cross in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Spickett, C. M.; Smirnoff, N.; Ratcliffe, R. G., 1993: An in vivo nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of ion transport in maize (Zea mays) and Spartina anglica during exposure to high salt concentrations

Bruce, Dm; Mcfarlane, Njb, 1993: An in-line moisture sensor for grain dryer control

Atewologun, A. O.; Riskowski, G. L.; Buck, N. L., 1992: An in-mass transducer for measuring the static pressure ratio (K) in grain storage bins

Raza, S. K.; Mallet, A. I.; Howell, S. A.; Thomas, P. A., 1994: An in-vitro study of the sterol content and toxin production of Fusarium isolates from mycotic keratitis

Walton, N. R. G., 1993: An incidence of massive biofouling of sand filters: a biochemical detective story

Schofield, L. N.; Saunders, J. R., 1992: An incidental case of tick paralysis in a Holstein calf exposed to Dermacentor andersoni

Riviere, F.; Soulard, J.; Weiss, P., 1991: An increase in protein content using wheat

Tellyaev, R.; Gaziev, M., 1992: An increase in lucerne productivity on wilt-infected soils

Section 3, Chapter 2300, Accession 002299197

Kapsa, J., 1992: An increase in the occurrence of Phytophthora infestans forms tolerant of phenylamides

Filippova, T. A.; Borisov, S. Ya; Kryuchkov, M. F.; Torgunov, A. G., 1993: An increase of environmental safety of vacuum pumps

Metcalf, R. L., 1992: An increasing public concern

Miller, William J., 1992: An incubation system allowing multiple dissolved oxygen and temperature combinations for salmonid emergence studies

Ekstam, Borje; Bengtsson, Bengt Erik, 1993: An incubator for studies of germination responses to temperature and interacting environmental factors

Brito, J. R. F.; Piffer, I. A.; Brito, M. A. V. P.; Sobestiansky, J., 1993: An index for classification and monitoring of pig herds with atrophic rhinitis

Haddad, G. O.; Machado, T. W.; Valle, R. del, 1994: An index for the evaluation of vigour in edible Musaceae in tropical dry forest

Alm, David M.; Stoller, Edward W.; Wax, Loyd M., 1993: An index model for predicting seed germination and emergence rates

Huang, Shongming; Titus, Stephen J., 1993: An index of site productivity for uneven-aged or mixed-species stands

Togashi, Katsumi; Nakamura, Katsunori; Takahashi, Fumiki, 1992: An index of susceptibility of pine stands to pine wilt disease

Wang, C. H.; Tan, W. P., 1992: An index system for delineating landslide regions

Wang, Y. B.; Mack, T. P., 1993: An indexed-hash algorithm for an agrometeorological data management system

Fall, M., 1994: An indicator of total agricultural income: income by socioeconomic group

Gangadhar, N. L.; Satyanarayanarao, M.; Upadhye, A. S.; Raghavan, R., 1994: An indirect ELISA for detection of rabies antibodies in vaccinated dogs

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Hofner, M. C.; Carpenter, W. C.; Lyons, S. A.; Hamblin, C., 1993: An indirect sandwich ELISA for the identification of bovine enteroviruses

Afzal, M.; Kayani, M. F.; Mohammad, A., 1993: An indirect view of the fertility changes in Pakistan

Siekierski, K., 1991: An individual tree based growth model for mixed Norway spruce-Scots pine stands in north-eastern Poland

Bassett, Mj, 1992: An induced mutant for blue flowers in common bean that is not allelic to V or Sal and is linked to Fin

Takahashi, K.; Banba, H.; Kikuchi, A.; Ito, M.; Nakamura, S., 1994: An induced mutant line lacking the alpha -subunit of beta -conglycinin in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)

Joshua, D. C.; Ramani, S., 1993: An induced mutant with extended vegetative phase in stem nodulating Sesbania rostrata

Bassett, Mark J.; Silbernagel, Mathias J., 1992: An induced mutation for genic male sterility in common bean

Strand G H., 1991: An inductive approach to remote sensing in forestry

Thomas, B., 1993: An industrial epilogue

McRitchie, S., 1994: An industry in anticipation

Coffey, M. T., 1992: An industry perspective on environmental and waste management issues: challenge for the feed industry

Buhr, B. L.; Walker, K. D.; Kliebenstein, J. B.; Johnson, S. R., 1993: An industry-level economic conceptual model of the effects of improved animal health

Kotecka B.; Rieckmann K.H., 1992: An inexpensive and simple method for screening potential antimalarial drugs

Rummer, R. B.; Rummer, D. I., 1993: An inexpensive digital rotation sensor

Russell D.M., 1992: An inexpensive humidity tent for screening plants against disease

Mason, David J.; Lloyd, Alun L.; Lloyd, David, 1993: An inexpensive infrared growth sensor array for detection of bacterial antibiotic susceptibility

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Section 3, Chapter 2300, Accession 002299622

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