Section 3
Chapter 2,308

Bacterial spot and blight of coriander

Arsenijevic, M.

Zastita Bilja 41(4): 415-422


Accession: 002307893

From coriander diseased plants more than 28th nonfluorescent bacterial strains of white colonies were isolated. Their pathogenicity were proved on young coriander plants artificially inoculated under the greenhouse conditions. The isolates investigated (Ko-1, Ko-2, Ko-6, Ko-7 and Ko-8) caused HR in tobacco, and Pelargonium leaves as well as on string bean pods. Based on the preliminary investigations, using pathogenicity and Lopat tests, it can be supposed that the bacterial strains, isolated from coriander pants in Yugoslavia, belong to the Ia group of pathogenic Pseudomonads, without ability to produce fluorescent pigment on King B medium.

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