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Behaviour and fate of herbicides and other pesticides applied to container grown hardy ornamental nursery stock (HONS) systems with overhead irrigation

Harris, G.L.; Pepper, T.J.; Scott, M.; Burbridge, B.; Mason, D.J.

Brighton crop protection conference, weeds Proceedings of an international conference, Brighton, UK, 22-25 November 1993 (Vol. 2): 821-826


ISSN/ISBN: 094840471
Accession: 002308879

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In experimental trials conducted on gravel beds in Hampshire, UK, during 1990, the loss of 2 herbicides (oxadiazon applied at 0.4 g/msuperscript 2 after potting and simazine at 0.11 g), a fungicide (furalaxyl at 4.27 g) and an insecticide (fonofos at 3.7 g) from a peat-based growing medium for HONS (namely Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Columnaris glauca and Cupressocyparis leylandii) was evaluated.

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