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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2319

Chapter 2319 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Berdegue, J. A., 1993: Challenges of farming systems research and extension

Berdegue, J. A., 1992: Challenges of farming systems research and extension

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318069

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318091

Beyer, L.; Blume, H. P.; Schleuss, U.; Frund, R.; Schulten, H. R., 1992: Change in the humus of a colluvisol after afforestation as compared to adjacent colluvisols used for agriculture

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318096

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318132

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318142

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318165

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318181

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318193

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318223

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318225

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318228

Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318230

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Section 3, Chapter 2319, Accession 002318999

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