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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2320

Chapter 2320 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Waereborn, Ingvar, 1992:
Changes in the land mollusc fauna and soil chemistry in an inland district in southern Sweden

Marks, P.L.; Smith, B.E., 1989:
Changes in the landscape: a 200-year history of forest clearing in Tompkins County

Talanova, V.V.; Titov, A.F.; Boeva, N.P., 1992:
Changes in the level of endogenous abscisic acid in plant leaves under the influence of cold and heat hardening

Sebanek, J.; Klicova, S.; Psota, V.; Kralik, J.; Vitkova, H.; Kudova, D., 1991:
Changes in the level of endogenous gibberellins and cytokinins in spruce (Picea abies) L. (Karst.) needles during the year

Satakopan, V.N.; Baskaran, G.; Sankar, M., 1992:
Changes in the levels of RNA, proline, phenol and ascorbic acid in Al3+ toxicity in chickpea seedlings

Singh, R.S.; Bordoloi, D.N., 1991:
Changes in the linalool and methyl cinnamate amounts in a methyl cinnamate-rich clone of Ocimum basilicum at different growth stages

Lohar, M.K.; Wright, D.J., 1993:
Changes in the lipid content in haemolymph, fat body and oocytes of malathion treated Tenebrio molitor L. adult females

Rabinowitz, J.L.; Myerson, R.M., 1994:
Changes in the lipid content of rat lymph after ingestion of long-chain fatty acids

Viola, S.; Lahav, E., 1991:
Changes in the lysine requirement of carp (Cyprinus carpio) as a function of growth rate and temperature. Part 3. Juvenile and market size fish in ponds

Nakazawa, Y.; Yamada, M.; Katoh, O., 1993:
Changes in the mastication properties of cheeses while eating at different temperatures

Clark, A.M.; Samaras, S.E.; Hammond, J.M.; Hagen, D.R., 1994:
Changes in the messenger ribonucleic acid for insulin-like growth factor-1 and -11 in the porcine testis during and between two waves of testicular development

Jackova, A.; Pleva, J.; Baranova, M.; Mal' a, P.; Siklenka, P., 1992:
Changes in the methaemoglobin levels in the blood of calves in relation to the amounts of nitrates ingested and the transrenal passage of nitrates

Wardle, D.A., 1993:
Changes in the microbial biomass and metabolic quotient during leaf litter succession in some New Zealand forest and scrubland ecosystems

Troeger, K., 1993:
Changes in the microbial count of scalding water during a pig slaughter session, and its effect on surface contamination of the carcass

Muller, M.; Muller, T.; Seyfarth, W., 1993:
Changes in the microbial epiphytic flora during wilting of fodder grasses and possible effects on ensiling

Militz, H., 1993:
Changes in the microstructure of sprucewood (Picea abies L. Karst) through treatment with enzyme preparations, alkali and oxalate

Minkov, I.; Denev, I., 1992:
Changes in the microviscosity of the lipid bilayer of internal etioplast membranes accompanying light-induced reduction of protochlorophyllide

Kimura, Y.; Arai, K.; Minato, K.; Abe, S.; Noro, A., 1993:
Changes in the milk, blood and rumen components at the various stages of lactation of high yielding dairy cows

Kur' yata, V.G.; Dabizhuk, T.M.; Remenyuk, G.L., 1991:
Changes in the morphogenesis, dormancy and frost resistance of raspberries as affected by retardants

Andersen, S.J., 1992:
Changes in the mycoflora during ripening of naturally mould-fermented sausages

Dyakonova, K.V.; Yaroslavtseva, N.V.; Buleeva, V.S., 1992:
Changes in the nature of humic substances due to agriculture and intensive soil cultivation

Divis, J., 1993:
Changes in the nitrate concentrations in potato tubers during storage

Steinka, I.; Przybyowski, P., 1993:
Changes in the nitrate contents of yoghurt and kefir

Kotova, L.V.; Selezneva, G.P.; Arasimovich, V.V., 1990:
Changes in the nitrogen compounds of ripe apple fruits grown under different ecological conditions

Li, O.; Ma, R.; Simpson, J.R., 1993:
Changes in the nomadic pattern and its impact on the Inner Mongolian steppe grasslands ecosystem

Emmet, A.M., 1993:
Changes in the nomenclature of certain species of the genus Coleophora Hubner, 1822 (Lepidoptera) occurring in Britain

Otcenásek, M., 1993:
Changes in the nomenclature of mycoses

Dantas, M.M.; Mello, M.L.iza S., 1992:
Changes in the nuclear phenotypes of Triatoma infestans Klug, induced by thermal shocks

Yatsunami, K.; Echigo, T., 1993:
Changes in the number of halotolerant histamine-forming bacteria and contents of non-volatile amines in sardine meat with addition of NaCl

Chikhacheva, Y.N.; Erofeeva, L.A.; Filippova, V.A.; Mityushina, G.A., 1991:
Changes in the numbers of individual representatives of the wheat field biocoenosis in relation to the time of application of insecticides

Sharma, S.D.; Nigam, V.N., 1992:
Changes in the organic acids of developing fruit and seed of apricot cv. New Castle (Prunus armeniaca L.)

Cremer, F.; Van D.W.lle, C.; Bernier, G., 1992:
Changes in the pattern of proteins synthesized in the shoot apical meristem of Sinapis alba during floral transition

Bires, J.; Linderova, I.; Bartko, P.; Bajova, V.; Kovarova, E., 1992:
Changes in the phagocytic activity of blood leukocytes in pregnant dairy cows after the administration of Zindep

Bystryi, V.A.; Popovich, L.P., 1992:
Changes in the phosphate regime of typical Chernozems in the forest steppe of Ukraine

Watanabe, N.; Evans, J.R.; Chow, W.S., 1994:
Changes in the photosynthetic properties of Australian wheat cultivars over the last century

Yampol' skaya, Y.A.; Yurko, G.P.; Veremkovich, L.V.; Uzhvi, V.G., 1991:
Changes in the physical development of pre-school and elementary school children in Moscow during the last 20 years

Patil, P.B.; Adsule, R.N.; Naik, R.M., 1991:
Changes in the physico-chemical characteristics of grape berries during development

Tishkevich, T.K.; Petrovich, I.S.; Zabolotnyi, A.N.; Prudnikova, I.V., 1993:
Changes in the physiological and biochemical properties of lupin plants induced by incorporated radionuclides

McCarthy, J.P.; Faulkner, A.; Martin, P.A.; Flint, D.J., 1992:
Changes in the plasma concentration of gastric inhibitory polypeptide and other metabolites in response to feeding in sheep

Dryuchenko, E.A.; Filippova, A.Y.; Pel' gunov, A.N.; Larchenko, T.T.; Leutskaya, Z.K., 1993:
Changes in the polyamine content in the liver of murines under the influence of ionizing radiation and helminth infection

Kur' yata, V.G., 1991:
Changes in the polysaccharide complex of cell walls and in the composition of raspberries as affected by the ethylene donor Camposan M

Kakhana, B.M.; Krivileva, N.I., 1990:
Changes in the polysaccharide complex of tomato fruits during ripening

Vorobeikov, G.A.; Panasov, M.H.; Mavlyud, R.K.; Drichko, V.F., 1992:
Changes in the processes of plant growth and the supply and distribution of radioactive caesium in shoots of spring wheat under drought conditions

Aliev, R.T., 1993:
Changes in the proportion of repeated-sequence fractions in plant genomes in the case of heterosis

Centeno, J.; Rodriguez Otero, J.L.; Cepeda, A., 1994:
Changes in the protein profile of Arzua cheese (NW Spain) during ripening

Rolev, V.S., 1993:
Changes in the recommendation of sorghum crops for 1993

Evans, K., 1993:
Changes in the relative proportions of the two species of cyst nematodes in microplots in which different potato clones were grown for seven years

Leela Raj; Dwivedi, R.S., 1992:
Changes in the rhizosphere mycoflora induced by the foliar spray of urea

Williams, A.G.; Withers, S.E., 1993:
Changes in the rumen microbial population and its activities during the refaunation period after the reintroduction of ciliate protozoa into the rumen of defaunated sheep

Morisse, J.P.; Huonnic, D.; Cotte, J.P., 1992:
Changes in the ruminal mucosa of intensively fattened young bulls. Rapid evaluation method and their zootechnical significance

Cena Delgado, F., 1992:
Changes in the rural world and agricultural policies

Jensen, H.A.; Hjellsson, G., 1992:
Changes in the seed banks in Danish arable soil in the period 1964-1989

Tanaka, S.; Yoshimoto, H.; Nakano, F.; Hakamata, K.; Saba, T., 1992:
Changes in the shape characteristics of tea shoots and application to the estimation of plucking time

Flournoy, D.S.; Paul, J.A.; Kirk, T.K.; Highley, T.L., 1993:
Changes in the size and volume of pores in sweetgum wood during simultaneous rot by Phanerochaete chrysosporium Burds

Bartels, T.; Meyer, W.; Neurand, K., 1991:
Changes in the skin and plumage in domesticated birds. 1. Skin changes

Frampton, G.K.; Langton, S.D.; Greig Smith, P.W.; Hardy, A.R., 1992:
Changes in the soil fauna at Boxworth

Jackowska, I.; Gaazczyk, R., 1993:
Changes in the sorption of manganese and iron ions under the effect of differentiated oxygenation and reaction of the soil

Shields, I.F.; Godwin, R.J., 1992:
Changes in the species composition of a natural regeneration sward during the five year set-aside scheme

Gorshkov, V.V., 1994:
Changes in the species diversity of ground lichens under the effect of pollution depending on the time after a forest fire

Wingard, J.R., 1994:
Changes in the spectrum of fungal infections in bone marrow transplant patients

Dacheux, J.L.; Dacheux, F.; Paquignon, M., 1991:
Changes in the sperm surface membrane and the protein content of fluid during epididymal transit in the boar

Whitby, M.; Adger, W.N., 1994:
Changes in the stock of capital as an indicator of the sustainability of primary land use in the UK

Kozowska Ptaszynska, Z., 1993:
Changes in the structure and architecture of the plant canopy of two- and six-rowed spring barley cultivars as influenced by sowing rate

Rotaru, G.I.; Bazhuryanu, N.S., 1990:
Changes in the structure of apple fruit pericarp and fruit weight loss during long-term storage

Matsumoto, H.Y.mamoto, Y.K.sai, M.K.hl, G., 1993:
Changes in the structure of chromatin in pea shoots upon a shift in growth temperature from 2 degrees C to 25 degrees C

Yamamoto, Y.; Kubota, N.; Ogo, T.; Priyono, 1991:
Changes in the structure of homegardens under different climatic conditions in Java Island

Pavlova, T.V.; Izmalkova, A.G., 1993:
Changes in the structure of the North Caucasian population of the causal agent of brown rot of wheat

Um, Y.C.; Katsura, N.; Yoshioka, H., 1991:
Changes in the sugar contents and invertase activities in young fruits of tomato and melon

Cottrell, J.E.; Duffus, C.M.; Mackay, G.R.; Allison, M.J., 1993:
Changes in the surface morphology of starch granules of the cultivated potato, Solanum tuberosum L. during storage

Subrtova, D.; Hejtmankova, A.; Hubacek, J.; Borek, V., 1991:
Changes in the surface waxes of apples during storage

Yamada, M.; Kamei, Y.; Senshu, K.; Nakazawa, Y., 1993:
Changes in the texture and the parameters of compression test during the manufacturing of low sodium jellied milk

Lidon, F.C.; Henriques, F.S., 1993:
Changes in the thylakoid membrane polypeptide patterns triggered by excess Cu in rice

Saegusa, H.; Mizoguchi, A.; Kitahora, H.; Nagasawa, H.; Suzuki, A.; Ishizaki, H., 1992:
Changes in the titer of bombyxin-immunoreactive material in hemolymph during the postembryonic development of the silkmoth Bombyx mori

Stoynova, E.Z.; Vassilev, G.N.; Yonova, P.A.; Zozikova, E.I., 1992:
Changes in the ultrastructural organization of tobacco callus treated with some newly synthesized substances of auxin and cytokinin effect

Jones, J.T.; Perry, R.N.; Johnston, M.R.L., 1994:
Changes in the ultrastructure of the amphids of the potato cyst nematode, Globodera rostochiensis, during development and infection

Jones, J.T.; Perry, R.N.; Johnston, M.R.L., 1993:
Changes in the ultrastructure of the cuticle of the potato cyst nematode, Globodera rostochiensis, during development and infection

Kovalenko, A.G.; Kolesnik, L.V.; Oleshchenko, L.T., 1993:
Changes in the ultrastructure of tobacco mesophyll cells induced by various polyanions

Schumacher, T.; Mallow, H.; Bohm, M.; Scheunemann, H., 1994:
Changes in the veterinary profession of eastern Germany between 1989 and 1991

Suzuki, M.; Sitizyo, K.; Takeuchi, T.; Saito, T., 1991:
Changes in the visual evoked potentials with different photic conditions in guinea pigs

Somos, G., 1991:
Changes in the volume weight of sunflower as the result of overpressure

Ercolani, G.L., 1994:
Changes in the wettability of olive leaves colonized by epiphytic bacteria

Rubner, H., 1993:
Changes in thinking in forest policy and their effects on forestry in modern France

Fukai, Y.; Takaki, E.; Kobayashi, S., 1994:
Changes in three kinds of starch granules after enzymatic treatment

Saranga Y.; Kim Y H.; Janick J., 1992:
Changes in tolerance to partial desiccation and in metabolite content of celery somatic embryos induced by reduced osmotic potential

Chakrabarti, A.K.; Das, A.K.; Chattopadhyay, N.C., 1992:
Changes in tomato seed protein banding pattern under nitrogen fertilization

Glazer, T.; Jaworski, J.; Janowski, T.; Kostyra, E.; Ras, A.; Markiewicz, K.; Kuncewicz, A., 1992:
Changes in total chemical composition of cows' milk with acute experimental metabolic acidosis

Verma, A., 1992:
Changes in total haemolymph protein of last larval instar of Spodoptera litura by treatment with a carbamate (1-naphthyl-N-methyl carbamate) pesticide

Pankaj ; Dhawan, S.C.; Dasgupta, D.R., 1992:
Changes in total phenolic contents in resistant and susceptible barley cultivars inoculated with the cereal cyst nematode, Heterodera avenae

Klos, Y.S., 1990:
Changes in total protein and in protein fractions in blood serum of non-pregnant, pregnant and lactating ewes

Yao, S.G.; Zeng, X.; Jian, L.C., 1991:
Changes in total protein during overwintering of peach flower buds and its relation to cold hardiness

Okayama, A.; Ueshima, H.; Marmot, M.G.; Nakamura, M.; Kita, Y.; Yamakawa, M., 1993:
Changes in total serum cholesterol and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease in Japan 1980-1989

Danielewicz, W., 1991:
Changes in tree species in degraded phytocoenoses of oak-hornbeam forest on the area of Wielkopolski National Park

Elmer, P.A.G.; Braithwaite, M.; Saville, D.J., 1992:
Changes in triforine sensitivity in populations of Monilinia fructicola from Hawkes Bay orchards

Dransfield, R.D.; Brightwell, R.; Kyorku, C.; Williams, B., 1991:
Changes in tsetse species composition after suppression of G. pallidipes and G. longipennis populations at Nguruman, south-west Kenya

Raviv, M.; Reuveni, R.; Medina, S.; Shamir, Y.; Durdevani, O.; Shor, Y.; Schayer, R., 1991:
Changes in tuff during prolonged cultivation which affects rose productivity

Kwiatkowska, A.J.styna; Solinska Gornicka, B., 1993:
Changes in typological and spatial boundaries between neighbouring communities of Potentillo albae-Quercetum and Tilio-Carpinetum

Shipilov, V.S.; Burova, G.A.; Burov, V.G., 1992:
Changes in uterus motility in sheep of Romonovsky breed as influenced by neurosexual irritants

Bhamre, D.M.; Harinarayana, G., 1992:
Changes in variability, heritability and genetic advance under different mating systems in pearl millet populations

Temple, Dm, 1991:
Changes in vegetal flow resistance during long-duration flows

Rew, L.J.; Wilson, P.J.; Froud Williams, R.J.; Boatman, N.D., 1992:
Changes in vegetation composition and distribution within set-aside land

Arulnandhy, V.; Senanayake, Y.D.A., 1991:
Changes in viability, vigour and chemical composition of soybean seeds stored under the humid tropical conditions

Vasil' eva, I.S.; Ershova, A.S.; Mansurov, A.A.; Andrianov, V.A.; Abidov, Z.I.; Obragimov, Y.I.; Narmatov, N.N., 1991:
Changes in village foci of tick-borne recurrent typhus in Uzbekistan over a ten-year period

Novoderzhkina, Y.G.; Cherentsov, A.M., 1993:
Changes in vitamin C in blood and urine of patients with chronic gastritis and gastric or duodenal ulcers during diet treatment

Kitamura, A.M.tsui, K.K.jiwara, T.H.tanaka, A., 1992:
Changes in volatile C6-aldehydes emitted from and accumulated in tea leaves

Namuco, O.S.; Ingram, K.T., 1994:
Changes in water content of rice grain during water deficit

Garcia, M.E.; Dell' Amico, J.; Jerez, E.; Nunez, M., 1991:
Changes in water potential in Persian lime fruits and its relationship with stylar-end breakdown

Borowiec, S.; Kutyna, I., 1990:
Changes in weed stability depending on nitrogen fertilization and liming

Xu, Q.M.; Huang, D.M.; Tan, B.Y., 1991:
Changes in wheat field soil nutrient and water contents with different spring fertilizer and water managements

Dizdaroglu, T., 1991:
Changes in wheat production costs in Izmir province (1983-1989)

Montalbini, Paolo, 1993:
Changes in xanthine oxidase and uricase activities in potato virus Y infected tobacco leaves

Salado Navarro, L.R.; Sinclair, T.R.; Hinson, K., 1993:
Changes in yield and seed growth traits in soybean cultivars released in the southern USA from 1945 to 1983

Ohtake, M.; Tamura, T., 1993:
Changes in zinc and copper concentrations in breast milk and blood of Japanese women during lactation

Ikeda, S.; Shimizu, T., 1993:
Changes in zinc of buckwheat on processing into noodles and cooking

Liao, L.; Zhao, R.L.; Zhang, Z.Q.; Wang, J.L., 1993:
Changes induced by SMV infection in some physiological and biochemical characters of soyabean varieties with different resistance

Bueno Lozano, M.; Balsamo, A.; Cacciari, E., 1991:
Changes induced by diet in some risk factors in obese children: blood pressure, glucose regulation and lipid profile

Evangelisti, F.; Calcagno, C.; Zunin, P., 1993:
Changes induced by the Maillard reaction in milk formulae

Langakumar, K.; Kulandaivelu, G., 1993:
Changes induced by ultraviolet-B radiation in vegetative growth, foliar characteristics and photosynthetic activities in Vigna unguiculata

Shaw, L.N., 1993:
Changes needed to facilitate automatic field transplanting

Budzynska Topolowska, J.; Ziemlanski, S., 1992:
Changes occuring in fats and effects of these changes on the nutritive value

Kozowski, C.; aguna, M., 1993:
Changes occurring in private agriculture in the Pock province in 1980-90

Nageib, M.M.; Saleh, M.A.; Hagagg, L.F., 1991:
Changes occurring in some chemical components of Navel orange trees during flower bud formation

Norman, H.D.; Meinert, T.R.; Wright, J.R., 1992:
Changes of Holstein milk and fat yields by age and month of calving across time in four regions of the United States

Min, D.Y.; Ryu, J.S.; Shin, M.H., 1993:
Changes of IgE production, splenic helper and suppressor T lymphocytes in mice infected with Paragonimus westermani

Guo, S.T.; Liu, R.L.; Jiang, R.J.; Cao, M.X., 1992:
Changes of PTTH and ecdysteroid titers in last instar larvae of Asian corn borer Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenee)

Li, Z.J.; Yang, Q.; Yang, Y.X.; Zeng, L.L.; Li, S.L.; Dai, J.Z.; Wang, H.C.; Luo, D.D.; Wang, X.H., 1993:
Changes of T cell subsets in peripheral blood of patients with Schistosomiasis japonica and their relation to interleukin-1

Koussa, T.; Broquedis, M.; Bouard, J., 1994:
Changes of abscisic acid level during the development of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Merlot) latent buds, particularly in the dormancy breaking phase

Kopec, M., 1992:
Changes of acidity and exchangeable aluminium content in mountain meadow soil under long-term fertilizing and liming

Gummatov, N.G.; Pachepsky, Y.A., 1994:
Changes of aggregate composition of grey forest soil under winter wheat

Legath, J., 1992:
Changes of amino-acid levels in hydrolysates of bacteria adhered to the ovine ruminal wall during feeding with high and low nitrogen diets

Ryu, S.R.; Lee, J.I.; Choi, C.Y.; Kang, S.S., 1993:
Changes of antioxidant contents during seed filling in different sesame cultivars

Skrzypek, R.; Jarmuz, W.; Slosarz, P., 1992:
Changes of body weight and blood diagnostic parameters in dairy calves of different genotypes

Taura, Y.; Hamana, K.; Haigo, M.; Okuma, S.; Yogi, S., 1990:
Changes of bovine and swine diseases noted on veterinary ambulance in Okinawa prefecture from 1980 to 1985

Zhong, H.; Lauchli, A., 1993:
Changes of cell wall composition and polymer size in primary roots of cotton seedlings under high salinity

Moskova Simenova, D.; Traykova, D.; Babalakova, N., 1993:
Changes of dehydrogenase activity, protein and phenolic content in leaves of tomato cultivars after treatment with phenolic precursors

Kajiyama, T.; Yoshizawa, A.; Yoshida, T., 1992:
Changes of dry matter percentage in relation to sugar content of sugar beet roots

Farag, S.E.A.; E.S.eid, H.M.; Abou Hadid, A.F., 1992:
Changes of endogenous hormones in irradiated potato tubers

Zawadzki, W.; Brzek, K.; Jeszka, J., 1992:
Changes of energetic value and protein level of rumen content in sheep fed with feedstuff with livex and blood meal supplementation

Gruszecki, W.I.; Krupa, Z., 1993:
Changes of excitation spectra of in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence during induction of photosynthesis

Hirosue, T.; Hosogai, Y., 1993:
Changes of fatty acid profiles of hepatic subcellular fractions and plasma lipids in rats given iron-deficient diet and/or ethanol

Sun, Q.; Wang, P.H., 1992 :
Changes of free amino acid pool and its components in the albinism process of albescent mutant of winter wheat

Takenaka, T.; Ito, H.; Yatsunami, K.; Echigo, T., 1990:
Changes of glucose oxidase activity and amount of gluconic acid formation in the hypopharyngeal glands during the lifespan of honey bee workers (Apis mellifera L.)

Hata, H.; Koizumi, T., 1993:
Changes of growth rate and energy retention related to metabolizable energy intake in weaned piglets

Baldermann, H.; Wicklmayr, M.; Rett, K.; Banholzer, P.; Dietze, G.; Mehnert, H., 1991:
Changes of hepatic morphology during parenteral nutrition with lipid emulsions containing LCT or MCT/LCT quantified by ultrasound

Kim, G.M.; Hong, Y.H.; Lee, Y.K., 1992:
Changes of indicative substances according to heat treatment of milk

Kakuta, I.; Murachi, S., 1993:
Changes of iron content in eels (Anguilla japonica) infected with a typical Aeromonas salmonicida

Zheng, D.S., 1990:
Changes of leaf amylase activity in different varieties (species) of sugarcane during the plant ontogeny

Cheng, N.H., 1992:
Changes of leaf photosynthesis of susceptible and resistant rice varieties infected with Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae

Shimura, S.; Hasegawa, T., 1993:
Changes of lipid concentrations in liver and serum by administration of carnitine added diets in rats

Hirosue, T.; Adachi, S.; Hisogai, Y., 1993:
Changes of lipid fatty acid profiles in brain of rats given iron-deficient diet and/or ethanol

Han, Z.K.; Shen, Z.M., 1994:
Changes of microbial cellulases and fungal zoospores in water buffaloes fed rice straw supplemented with hydroxymethyl urea

Canganella, F.; Zirletta, G.; Sarra, P.G.; Massa, S.; Trovatelli, L.D., 1992:
Changes of microflora in different types of yogurt during the commercial time of storage at +4 degrees C

Li, X.M.; Zhu, C.F.; Miao, Y.N.; Zhang, L.H., 1993:
Changes of nitrate-N and activity of nitrate reductase in different parts of soyabean during plant development

Filipov, Khristo, 1992:
Changes of nitrogen content in wheat organs after discontinuing nitrogen nutrition

Montanes, L.; Sanz, M.; Gomez, V.; Heras, L., 1990:
Changes of nutrients in peach (Prunus persica L. Batsch) leaves and productivity

Chwojnowska, Z.; Charzewska, J.; Rogalska Niedzwiedz, M.; Chafbros, E., 1992:
Changes of nutritional habits of elementary school pupils in Warsaw in the transitional period from 1989 to 1990 as related to sex and age of pupils

Ikenaga, H.; Shimada, T.; Ono, K.; Takagi, S.; Suzuki, N.; Tomoda, I., 1993:
Changes of plasma cystine aminopeptidase activities in pregnant horses

Peh, H.C.; Chi, P.Y.; Lin, J.H., 1992:
Changes of plasma estradiol-17 beta and testosterone concentrations in growing mule ducks

Tchai, B.S., 1992:
Changes of plasma lipids and biochemical markers for coronary artery disease in Korea

Ferretti, G.; Simonetti, O.; Offidani, A.M.; Messini, L.; Cinti, B.; Marshiseppe, I.; Bossi, G.; Curatola, G., 1993:
Changes of plasma lipids and erythrocyte membrane fluidity in psoriatic children

Suzuki, K.; Hirose, H.; Hokao, R.; Takemura, N.; Motoyoshi, S., 1993:
Changes of plasma osmotic pressure during lactation in rats

Maldonado, R.; Jiménez, J.; Casadesús, J., 1994:
Changes of ploidy during the Azotobacter vinelandii growth cycle

Ilieva, A.; Radeva, V., 1992:
Changes of polyphenol content in lucerne plants under water stress and nitrogen deficiency

Borowiec, S., 1990:
Changes of precipitation, soils and stream water chemistry in forest areas of western Pomerania affected by industrial emissions

Yuan, S.; Xie, Q.; Lu, F., 1993:
Changes of serotonin content and turnover rate in hypothalamus of female rat during fluorosis

Akuzawa, M.; Morizono, M.; Nagata, K.; Hayano, S.; Sakamoto, H.; Yasuda, N.; Okamoto, K.; Kawasaki, Y.; Deguchi, E., 1994:
Changes of serum amylase, its isozyme fractions and amylase-creatinine clearance ratio in dogs with experimentally induced acute pancreatitis

Onishi, T.; Suzuki, S., 1994:
Changes of serum hemolytic activity and the number of reticulocytes in canine Babesia gibsoni-infection

Chen, Y.; Mckyes, E.; Tessier, S., 1994:
Changes of soil bulk density during the growing season under three tillage systems

Merzlikina, M.P., 1993:
Changes of soil conditions under wood chips mulch

Higuchi, T.; Kashiwagi, S., 1993:
Changes of soil morphological characteristics and organic matter content after long-term cultivation in Andisols on the Musashino Plateau, Japan

Liang, B.C.; Mackenzie, A.F., 1994:
Changes of soil nitrate-nitrogen and denitrification as affected by nitrogen fertilizer on two Quebec soils

Kumlung, A.; Takeda, Y., 1991:
Changes of soil properties in relation to lapsed years of hillside works on a granite area

Liu, X.S.; Liu, Z.Q.; Liu, Z.Y.; Liu, D.G., 1991:
Changes of specific leaf weight and net photosynthetic rate of tobacco

Bubnik, Z.; Kadlec, P., 1994:
Changes of sucrose crystal shape in presence of some impurities

Sciazko, D.; Koota, E.; Tyrakowska Bielec, U., 1990:
Changes of sugar contents in Brussels sprouts under influence of nitrogen fertilization

Wu, R.S.; Jiao, D.M.; Li, H.Z.; Yan, J.X.; Tong, H.Y., 1993:
Changes of superoxide anion radicals and superoxide dismutase activity during senescence of flag leaf in rice

Ohno, H.; Tsuru, T.; Kanai, R., 1992:
Changes of the enzyme activities and glutathione level in the leaves of C3 and C4 plants grown under high O2 atmosphere

Gao Y., 1991:
Changes of the individual free amino acid concentrations in cut rose petals during senescence

Kozowska Ptaszynska, Z., 1991:
Changes of tillering and yield components in spring wheat as influenced by increasing nitrogen rates

Katagiri, S.; Kaneko, N.; Nagahama, Y.; Kurihara, K., 1991:
Changes on the amount of nutrients returned by litterfall in a sprouting secondary forest

Vilarino, A.; Arines, J., 1993:
Changes on the development of Acaulospora scrobiculata in Trifolium pratense (red clover) roots and bulk substrate after plant burning

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Characteristics of chestnut gall wasp resistant Chinese chestnuts

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Characteristics of climate, vegetation cover and permanent grasslands in Tunisia

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Characteristics of consumption of basic nutrients and programming of yields of maize hybrids of different maturity on irrigated lands of the Ukrainian steppes

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Characteristics of consumption of nitrate nitrogen by infected and decontaminated potato plant

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Characteristics of control architectures adapted to a partner concept of computer supported machine guidance in agriculture

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Characteristics of cyclicity in maiden thoroughbred mares in the United Kingdom

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Characteristics of cytoplasmic male-sterile winter barley lines

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Characteristics of damage to exotic spruce and fir species by insects and fungi based on observations in Poland

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Characteristics of damage to fruit crops during prolonged frost at flowering

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Characteristics of development and maturation of Mangifera indica fruits and seeds

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Characteristics of development and yield formation of fodder plants in pure sowings and grass mixtures in the south of Tajikistan

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Characteristics of digestive physiology in fowls

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Characteristics of dioxane-soluble lignins from corn and sorghum silages and feces of sheep fed on them

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Characteristics of dissolved matters in stream water and separation of runoff components of storm events

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Characteristics of distribution in strawberry organs of radionuclides from atmospheric fallout and from soil

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Characteristics of distribution of the apple tree root system on different types of soil

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Characteristics of earthworm burrow lining affecting atrazine sorption

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Characteristics of effluent loads of nutrient salts (N,P) from paddy fields located in the alluvial and lower area of Hokuriku District-research study on nutrient load in the low plain area of Niigata

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Characteristics of electrocardiographic changes with some representative antiarrhythmic drugs in adult rats

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Characteristics of erosion and deposition from debris flows

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Characteristics of ethylene biosynthesis-inducing xylanase movement in tobacco leaves

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Characteristics of extension programme evaluation

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Characteristics of extracellular protease formation by a rumen microorganism Clostridium bifermentans and its possible role in the hydrolysis of proteins in the rumen

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Characteristics of family farms and labor utilization on them

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Characteristics of fat from heavy lambs fed a 90% corn diet or alfalfa pellets

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Characteristics of fines in corn: review and analysis

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Characteristics of fluorescence emission by leaves of nitrogen starved Paspalum dilatatum Poir

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Characteristics of fluorescent pigment-producing Pseudomonas strains isolated from soil of loquat and satsuma orchards, and roots of loquat trees

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Characteristics of food consumption

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Characteristics of food marketing

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Characteristics of formation of a pasture grass stand depending on the composition of the mixture sown and the fertilizer rate

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Characteristics of fowl cholera diagnosed in Georgia, 1989-91

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Characteristics of frost in a major wheat-growing region of Australia

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Characteristics of fruit set in nucellar seedlings of mandarin Unshiu

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Characteristics of fungi

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Characteristics of fusicoccin-induced production of ethylene in detached rice leaves

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Characteristics of graduates from agricultural colleges and the agriculture of the future

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Characteristics of growth and development of different Jerusalem artichoke cultivars

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Characteristics of gyttja consistency tested with both Casagrande's apparatus and Wasiliew's cone methods

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Characteristics of hardwood manufacturers in the northern and central Appalachian states

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Characteristics of heavy metals removed from activated sludge by acidification

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Characteristics of highly active carboxylesterases in insecticide-resistant Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus

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Characteristics of honey bee chalk brood disease and isolation of antifungal strains from soil in Korea

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Characteristics of hot spots of melon fly, Bactrocera (Dacus) cucurbitae Coquillett (Diptera: Tephritidae) in sterile fly release areas on Okinawa Island

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Characteristics of human milk antibodies and their effect in relation to the epidemiology of breastfeeding and infections in a developing country

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Characteristics of human night biting female mosquitoes collected in a malaria endemic area in the Matale district

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Characteristics of humic acids extracted from some soils of the Nile Delta in Egypt

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Characteristics of humic acids sorption capacity of 'light' and clay fractions of some soils

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Characteristics of humic substances and dynamics of dissolved organic matter in forest soils in northern Kyoto with special reference to their pedogenetic processes

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Characteristics of interspecific hybrids of Allium nutans L. and A. odorum L

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Characteristics of intrapopulation variation in the Hessian fly using differentiating wheat varieties

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Characteristics of ion transport and accumulation in legume plants grown with nitrate and ammonium nutrition

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Characteristics of isolates and incidence of Listeria monocytogenes in faeces from animals, feeds and raw foods of animal origin. 1. Incidence of Listeria monocytogenes in raw milk, beef, chicken meat and animal faeces

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Characteristics of leucine metabolism in tissues of farm animals and the regulatory factors

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Characteristics of limestone minespoil/debris from outer Himalayas of Uttar Pradesh

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Characteristics of long vertical DC arc discharges

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Characteristics of mammary secretion during early lactation from naturally-calving dairy cows and cows induced to calve prematurely

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Characteristics of metabolism in two cucumber cultivars with different resistance to powdery mildew

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Characteristics of metabolism of nitrogen-containing compounds in the leaves of tea under waterlogged conditions

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Characteristics of microbial flora isolated from cases of endometritis in cows

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Characteristics of milk and Cheddar cheese from cows fed unsaturated dietary fat

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Characteristics of mineral nutrition in some types of parasitic plants (Cuscuta, Orobanche, Thesium) and their development on crops

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Characteristics of Modified Leghemoglobins Isolated from Soybean (Glycine max Merr.) Root Nodules

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Characteristics of morphogenesis in buckwheat calluses cultured for a long time

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Characteristics of mountain grasslands in the Wabrzych district from the viewpoint of the possibility of mechanization of work

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Characteristics of muscle fibers in bulls regarding growth intensity and fat rate in carcasses

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Characteristics of mutant soyabean forms of the northern ecotype

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Characteristics of natural contents of soil elements in Karakoram and West-Kunlun Mountains of Qinghai-Tibet plateau in China

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Characteristics of net blotch agent populations on barley from Slovakia

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Characteristics of new processing tomato lines resistant to bacterial speck

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Characteristics of new rice cultivar 47-104 and main measures for its cultivation

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Characteristics of new selected forms of mandarin

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Characteristics of nutrition, physical development and health status of Moscow school children

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Characteristics of oat breeding material from the Grodkowice Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Station under mountain and foothill conditions

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Characteristics of oat breeding material from the Strzelce Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Station under mountain and foothill conditions. III. The years 1986-87

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Characteristics of older adult learners: a guide for dietetics practitioners

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Characteristics of optimum culture of garlic cultivar Seosan Back Maneul in the middle region of Korea

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Characteristics of osteopenia in hens

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Characteristics of pancreatic exocrine secretion produced by venom from the Brazilian scorpion, Tityus serrulatus

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Characteristics of parasitism of the chalcid Encyrtus infidus (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) on the birch scale Eulecanium douglasi (Homoptera, Coccoidea) at high latitudes

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Characteristics of patients with atopic dermatitis associated with severe facial lesions

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Characteristics of peasant-hood and the peasant economy: multiple occupations and market dependence as new attributes of the peasantry

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Characteristics of pecan scab lesions on mockernut hickory and pecan cultivars of differing susceptibility

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Characteristics of pelvic fracture in the cat

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Characteristics of pesticides runoff from golf links

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Characteristics of pet populations and households in the Purdue Comparative Oncology Program catchment area, 1988

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Characteristics of phenol oxidase of Schistosoma mansoni and its functional implications in eggshell synthesis

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Characteristics of phenol-formaldehyde adhesive bonds in steam injection pressed flakeboard

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Characteristics of pigs of new Siberian types

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Characteristics of pipe flow in forested slopes

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Characteristics of plant pre-mRNA introns and transposable elements

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Characteristics of porin-like major outer membrane proteins of Listonella anguillara serotypes J-O-1, -2 and -3

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Characteristics of potassium ion transport through the membranes of bacteria from a vaccine culture of Francisella tularensis

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Characteristics of properly functioning cubicle housing

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Characteristics of psychrotrophic Clostridium laramie causing spoilage of vacuum-packaged refrigerated fresh and roasted beef

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Characteristics of pyroclastic flows and debris flows accompanying the Mt Unzen-Fugendake eruption

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Characteristics of red clover ecotypes

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Characteristics of red clover forms with a short corolla tube

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Characteristics of redial generations in Lymnaea truncatula Muller infected with iridovirus and Fasciola hepatica L

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Characteristics of reestablishment of forest ecosystems after fires

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Characteristics of reflection of direct solar radiation by the plastic surface of the Quonset-type greenhouse and decision for reasonable choice of orientation

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Characteristics of regenerated plants via protoplast electrofusion between melon (Cucmis melo) and pumpkin (interspecific hybrid, Cucurbita maxima x C. moschata)

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Characteristics of reproductive structures, abortion levels and seed set

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Characteristics of respiration in grape varieties differing in frost resistance in relation to water supply conditions

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Characteristics of ruminal and total tract digestion of canola meal and soybean meal in a high-energy diet for feedlot cattle

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Characteristics of rural-based small scale industries: the case of Esan central and Esan-West local government areas in Edo state, Nigeria

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Characteristics of seed germination in gymnosperms

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Characteristics of seed germination in rhizomatous alliums of Northern Asia

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Characteristics of selected anti-nutritive substances occurring in seeds of pulse crops

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Characteristics of selected local types of sweet cherry and sour cherry

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Characteristics of sex expression in monoecious persimmons

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Characteristics of shoots from the bud bank in black oak

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Characteristics of sites occupied by subspecies of Artemisia tridentata in the Piceance Basin, Colorado

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Characteristics of soil erosion during snowmelt and thawing periods. II. Control of soil erosion in Hokkaido

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Characteristics of soil fauna under unfavourable biotope conditions

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Characteristics of soils under different aged plantations of Pinus patula and Cryptomeria japonica in eastern Himalayas

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Characteristics of some determinant factors in soil compaction and clod formation in potatoes harvested mechanically

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Characteristics of sour cherry trees on own roots or grafted in the central zone of the RSFSR

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Characteristics of spontaneous and evoked motility in the isolated perfused porcine duodenum

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Characteristics of spotted owl nest trees in the Wenatchee National Forest

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Characteristics of stand structure and species composition in secondary stands regenerated after damage by the 1954 typhoon

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Characteristics of steers fed in the OK-Steer Feedout

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Characteristics of successful dieters as measured by guided interview responses and Restraint Scale scores

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Characteristics of sugarbeet plants produced in in vitro culture

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Characteristics of sugarbeet varietal reactions to Cercospora beticola in 1991

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Characteristics of surface water resources in the arid zones of West Africa

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Characteristics of suspended sediment loads at the agricultural watersheds in Hokkaido, northern Japan

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Characteristics of teak (Tectona grandis) growing soils in the tarai region of West Bengal

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Characteristics of the L5-OEK cold supply generator

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Characteristics of the `green` material of certain conifer species

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Characteristics of the accumulation of litter in pine forests in southern Vietnam

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Characteristics of the age structure of natural populations of some grasses in relation to felling

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Characteristics of the amino acid spectrum of Lolium multiflorum cv. Lolita at different rates of applied nitrogen and cut at different growth stages

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Characteristics of the carcases and meat of slaughtered calves as indicators of 'immaturity'

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Characteristics of the climatic conditions of north-eastern Poland with consideration of the needs of agriculture

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Characteristics of the climatic factors

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Characteristics of the contemporary stage of intensification of livestock production

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Characteristics of the development cycle of microscopic fungi in soils

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Characteristics of the development of Tetranychus telarius in the vineyard

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Characteristics of the diet of boys 14 to 15 years old in two regions of Moscow

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Characteristics of the distribution of pine trees according to diameter in foci of the bark beetle Dendroctonus micans

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Characteristics of the distribution of populations of Orthoptera in natural and anthropogenic landscapes of mountain depressions in southern Siberia

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Characteristics of the drives for electric traction in agriculture

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Characteristics of the ejaculates from Meishan boars at various ages

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Characteristics of the forest floor in anti-erosion plantations in the Mozyr' Range

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Characteristics of the formation of a high-producing Holstein herd

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Characteristics of the formation of herbaceous cover on Scots pine cutover sites with partial soil cultivation

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Characteristics of the genome of goose parvovirus

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Characteristics of the growth and development of Plau-Noi trees (Croton sublyratus Kurz) grafted onto the rootstock of Plau-Yai (C. oblongifolius Roxb.)

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Characteristics of the growth and development of technological quality in sugarbeet during the growing season

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Characteristics of the growth hormone-like factor produced by plerocercoids of Spirometra erinacei

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Characteristics of the horizontal distribution of seeds in the soils of Kalmykia

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Characteristics of the induction of the ethylene by cadmium in detached rice leaves

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Characteristics of the influence of the disaccharide structure of sucrose on kinetic parameters of hepatic lipid synthesis from glucose (to the question on the mechanism of the disaccharide effect)

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Characteristics of the interception capacity of selected boreal forest sites in north Sweden

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Characteristics of the isoenzyme patterns of near-isogenic bread wheat lines after infection with brown rust

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Characteristics of the leaf epidermis in the Goetzeaceae

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Characteristics of the leaves of wild cotton species with different habit conditions

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Characteristics of the life table of Aedes albopictus, Wuhan strain

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Characteristics of the locations for selection of rice varieties using data of performance test for recommendable varieties in Toyama Prefecture

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Characteristics of the microsporidian Enterocytozoon bieneusi: a consequence of its development within short-living enterocytes

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Characteristics of the mineral composition of large-fruited cranberry

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Characteristics of the morphological features and chemical composition of zucchini fruits in relation to their size, harvest date and variety

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Characteristics of the operon for a putrescine transport system that maps at 19 minutes on the Escherichia coli chromosome

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Characteristics of the ovarian function in non-pregnant breeding mares at the beginning of the official breeding season

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Characteristics of the parasite system ixodid ticks-vertebrate animals

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Characteristics of the photoperiodic reaction of the fall webworm in the USSR

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Characteristics of the photosynthesis in alpine plants on Qinghai Plateau, M.M.; Horrigue Raouani, N., 1991:
Characteristics of the problem of growing Meloidogyne spp. and bananas under shelters

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Characteristics of the root system in some varieties and mutant lines of French bean

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Characteristics of the seeds and primary chemical composition of the flour of whole seeds of chickpeas

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Characteristics of the soil cover structure within the terminal-moraine relief in Pskov district

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Characteristics of the temperature regime of tomatoes in a heated greenhouse

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Characteristics of the vibration of disks with model teeth and the flows around the disks I. Ratios of space to width of square poles

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Characteristics of the water level regime in the Volga delta during spring floods

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Characteristics of thiamin transport in the isolated perfused guinea pig heart

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Characteristics of thylakoids and photosystem II membrane preparations from iron deficient and iron sufficient sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

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Characteristics of tick, Rhipicephalus appendiculatus, glands distinguished by surface lectin binding

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Characteristics of tobacco regenerants resistant to stress factors

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Characteristics of toxigenicity of isolates of Fusarium moniliforme var. lactis

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Characteristics of triticale varieties from the point of susceptibility of losses during combine harvesting

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Characteristics of tryptophanase (crude enzyme) of mixed rumen ciliate protozoa

Thach Thi Ngoc Anh, 1992:
Characteristics of two high quality rice varieties Khao Dawk Mali and Basmati

Jackson, S.A.L.; Hay, R.K.M., 1994:
Characteristics of varieties of thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) for use in the UK: oil content, composition and related characters

Watson, A.E., 1993:
Characteristics of visitors without permits compared to those with permits at the Desolation Wilderness, California

Guo, F.J.; Ludington, D.C.; Pellerin, R.A.; Aneshansley, D.J., 1992 :
Characteristics of washing process for milking pipelines

Mescheryakov, A.B.; Luk' yanova, O.A.; Kholodova, V.P., 1992:
Characteristics of water exchange in storage parenchyma of the sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) root in relation to sugar accumulation

Minzey, T.R.; Robinson, W.L., 1991:
Characteristics of winter bed sites of moose in Michigan

Golub, I.A., 1991:
Characteristics of yield formation in tetraploid rye depending on sowing rate, nitrogen fertilizer application and weather conditions

Rohm, H.; Lehner, M., 1990:
Characteristics properties of Austrian kefir

Frongillo, E.A.; Rauschenbach, B.S.; Roe, D.A.; Williamson, D.F., 1992:
Characteristics related to elderly persons' not eating for 1 or more days: implications for meal programs

Verdalet Guzman, I., 1992:
Characteristics, composition and behaviour during cheesemaking of goat milk

Bembridge, T.J.; Tshikolomo, K.A., 1992:
Characteristics, decision making and information sources of rural households in Venda

Jia, S.G., 1992:
Characteristics, mechanism and ways of transforming agricultural scientific and technological achievements into production forces in China

Sellar, G.C.; Keane, J.; Mehdi, H.; Peeples, M.E.; Browne, N.; Whitehead, A.S., 1993:
Characterization and acute phase modulation of canine apolipoprotein H (beta 2-glycoprotein I)

Garcia Olmedo, F.; Carmona, M.J.; Lopez Fando, J.J.; Fernandez, J.A.; Castagnaro, A.; Molina, A.; Hernandez Lucas, C.; Carbonero, P., 1992:
Characterization and analysis of thionin genes

Grainger, Alan, 1992:
Characterization and assessment of desertification processes

Kelly, D.; McFadyen, M.; King, T.P.; Morgan, P.J., 1992:
Characterization and autoradiographic localization of the epidermal growth factor receptor in the jejunum of neonatal and weaned pigs

Ghosh, S.K.; Samaddar, K.R., 1991:
Characterization and biomass production potential of yeast flora of some natural sources of Kalyani

Dipak Sarkar; Thampi, C.J.; Haldar, A.K., 1993:
Characterization and classifcation of soils of Mahsani island of the Sunderbans, West Bengal

Sahu, G.C.; Dash, S.S., 1993:
Characterization and classification of salt affected coastal soils of Astaranga, Orissa

Deshmukh, S.N.; Bapat, M.V., 1993:
Characterization and classification of soils in relation to different parent rocks and land forms

Mercado Sotelo, I.; Amurrio Ordonez, P.J.; Mudarra Gomez, J.L.; Aguilera Herrera, N., 1993:
Characterization and classification of soils in the municipality of Alcala de Guadaira, Seville, Spain

Saxena, R.K., 1992:
Characterization and classification of soils of Ghaggar Plains of Patiala, Punjab

Nirmalaya Bala; Sahu, G.C., 1993:
Characterization and classification of soils on hill slope on Middle Andaman Island

Gupta, R.D.; Verma, S.D., 1992:
Characterization and classification of some soils of Kandi belt in Jammu Siwalik hills

Baum, J.A.; Gilbert, M.P., 1991:
Characterization and comparative sequence analysis of replication origins from three large Bacillus thuringiensis plasmids

Soto, M.; Mendez, R.; Lema, J.M., 1992:
Characterization and comparison of biomass from mesophilic and thermophilic fixed bed anaerobic digesters

Chang, C.A., 1992:
Characterization and comparison of passionfruit mottle virus, a newly recognized potyvirus, with passionfruit woodiness virus

Guillermo Nunez, A.; Cuevas Diaz, D.; Leal Silva, M.S., 1991:
Characterization and control of inoculum systems

Wu, Y.; Rich, C.B.; Lincecum, J.; Trackman, P.C.; Kagan, H.M.; Foster, J.A., 1992:
Characterization and developmental expression of chick aortic lysyl oxidase

Pere, J.; Alen, R.; Viikari, L.; Eriksson, L., 1993:
Characterization and dewatering of activated sludge from the pulp and paper industry

Burgess, L.W.; Forbes, G.A.; Windels, C.; Nelson, P.E.; Marasas, W.F.O.; Gott, K.P., 1993:
Characterization and distribution of Fusarium acuminatum subsp. armeniacum subsp. nov

Soudi, B.; Chiang, C.N.; Badraoui, M.; Agbani, M.; Halima, M.B., 1992:
Characterization and distribution of nitrogen forms in selected soils of Morocco

Lupton, C.J., 1992:
Characterization and end-uses of mohair and cashmere

Montagnon, C.; Leroy, T.; Yapo, A., 1993:
Characterization and evaluation of Coffea canephora trees surveyed in Cote-d'Ivoire plantations

Kolak, I.; Radosevic, J.; Satovic, Z., 1992:
Characterization and evaluation of local chickpea populations

Espinosa Zapata, C.; Sevilla Paniagua, E.; Quilantan Villarreal, L., 1992:
Characterization and evaluation per se of low plant sunflower lines in Mexico

Raizada, M.; Walden, D.B.; Atkinson, B.G., 1993:
Characterization and expression of a gene encoding a third member of the 18kDa HSP family in an inbred

Liu, L.; Walden, D.B.; Atkinson, B.G., 1993:
Characterization and expression of genes encoding different polyubiquitin mRNAs

Liu, L.; Walden, D.B.; Atkinson, B.G., 1993:
Characterization and expression of genes encoding two different ubiquitin-fusion protein mRNAs

Forsthoefel, N.R.; Cushman, J.C., 1994:
Characterization and expression of photosystem II genes (psbE, psbF, and psbL) from the facultative crassulacean acid metabolism plant Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Peschke, V.M.; Sachs, M.M., 1994:
Characterization and expression of transcripts induced by oxygen deprivation in maize (Zea mays L.)

Fett, J.P.; Coleman, J.R., 1994:
Characterization and expression of two cDNAs encoding carbonic anhydrase in Arabidopsis thaliana

Lorenzon, M.C.A.; Almeida, E.C. de, 1993:
Characterization and floral stages of hybrid onion

Leluk, J.; Schmidt, J.; Jones, D., 1988:
Characterization and functions of the proteins of hymenopteran venoms

Souza, E.A. de; Ribeiro, M.R.; Ferreira, M. da G. de V.X., 1993:
Characterization and genesis of soils from Baixio de Irece, Bahia, Brazil

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Characterization and genetic analysis of the large grain mutant in rice

Speigel, S.M.rtin, R.; Leggett, F.B.rg, M.T.r; Postman, J., 1993:
Characterization and geographical distribution of a new ilarvirus from Fragaria chiloensis

Tanasupawat, S.; Ezaki, T.; Suzuki, K.I.hiro; Okada, S.; Komagata, K.; Kozaki, M., 1992:
Characterization and identification of Lactobacillus pentosus and Lactobacillus plantarum strains from fermented foods in Thailand

Rodrigo, R.M.; Rendón, M.C.; Torreblanca, J.; García-Herdugo, G.; Moreno, F.J., 1992:
Characterization and immunolocalization of RNA polymerase I transcription factor UBF with anti-NOR serum in protozoa, higher plant and vertebrate cells

Liu, K.H.; Godkin, J.D., 1992:
Characterization and immunolocalization of bovine uterine retinol-binding protein

Hyodo, H.; Hashimoto, C.; Morozumi, S.; Hu, W.; Tanaka, K., 1993:
Characterization and induction of the activity of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase in the wounded mesocarp tissue of Cucurbita maxima

Oyonarte, C.; Delgado, G.; Perez Pujalte, A.; Martin, J.M.; Delgado, R., 1993:
Characterization and influence of the water regime in soils of the Siera de Gador (Almeria)

Peiris, HTR.; Hemingway, J., 1993:
Characterization and inheritance of elevated esterases in organophosphorus and carbamate insecticide resistant Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) from Sri Lanka

Bassett M.J., 1992:
Characterization and inheritance of four induced leaf mutants in common bean

Viale, A.M.; Ngernprasirtsiri, J.; Akazawa, T., 1991:
Characterization and Intraorganellar Distribution of Protein Kinases in Amyloplasts Isolated from Cultured Cells of Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus L.)

Khalife, J.; Liu, J.L.; Pierce, R.; Porchet, E.; Godin, C.; Capron, A., 1994:
Characterization and localization of Schistosoma mansoni calreticulin Sm58

Borovsky, D.; Powell, C.A.; Nayar, J.K.; Blalock, J.E.; Hayes, T.K., 1994:
Characterization and localization of mosquito-gut receptors for trypsin modulating oostatic factor using a complementary peptide and immunocytochemistry

Mayer, H.; Viernstein, H., 1993:
Characterization and microencapsulation of enzyme preparations as digestion aids in animal nutrition

Dechen, S.C.F.; Dematte, J.L.I.; Marconi, A., 1993:
Characterization and micromorphology of podzolic soils and cambisols developed from shale of the Corumbatai formation in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Rodriguez, F.; Alcaraz, C.; Eiras, A.; Yáñez, R.J.; Rodriguez, J.M.; Alonso, C.; Rodriguez, J.F.; Escribano, J.M., 1994:
Characterization and molecular basis of heterogeneity of the African swine fever virus envelope protein p54

van Alen-Boerrigter, I.J.; Baankreis, R.; de Vos, W.M., 1991:
Characterization and overexpression of the Lactococcus lactis pepN gene and localization of its product, aminopeptidase N

Balogun, I.; Oyebande, L., 1993:
Characterization and parameterization of the physical and hydrological processes of the Niger Delta wetland soils

Anderson, J.; Srikantha, T.; Morrow, B.; Miyasaki, S.H.; White, T.C.; Agabian, N.; Schmid, J.; Soll, D.R., 1993:
Characterization and partial nucleotide sequence of the DNA fingerprinting probe Ca3 of Candida albicans

Pedersen, L.H.; Jacobsen, S.; Hejgaard, J.; Rasmussen, S.K., 1993:
Characterization and partial purification of beta -1,3-D-glucan (callose) synthase from barley (Hordeum vulgare) leaves

Frittrang, A.; Deising, H.M.ndgen, K., 1992:
Characterization and partial purification of pectinesterase, a differentiation-specific enzyme of Uromyces viciae-fabae

Marchfelder, A.; Brennicke, A., 1994:
Characterization and partial purification of tRNA processing activities from potato mitochondria

Leforban, Y.; Cariolet, R., 1992:
Characterization and pathogenicity for pigs of a hog cholera virus strain isolated from wild boars

Lloyd, C.M.; Collins, I.; Belcher, A.J.; Manuelpillai, N.; Wozencraft, A.O.; Staines, N.A., 1994:
Characterization and pathological significance of monoclonal DNA-binding antibodies from mice with experimental malaria infection

Baum, T.J.; Gresshoff, P.M.; Lewis, S.A.; Dean, R.A., 1994:
Characterization and phylogenetic analysis of four root-knot nematode species using DNA amplification fingerprinting and automated polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Hebtemariam, G.; Damessa, D., 1994:
Characterization and preliminary evaluation of Ethiopian tetraploid wheat germplasm

Korte, H.E.; Offermann, W.; Puls, J., 1991:
Characterization and preparation of substituted xylo-oligosaccharides from steamed birchwood

Makni, S.; Zouiten, F.; Yaloui, S. et al., 1992:
Characterization and progress of cryoglobulinaemia during visceral leishmaniasis

Singh, D.P.; Misra, S.; Chatterjee, R.K., 1992:
Characterization and protectivity of Acanthocheilonema viteae adult somatic proteins

Héchard, Y.; Dérijard, B.; Letellier, F.; Cenatiempo, Y., 1992:
Characterization and purification of mesentericin Y105, an anti-Listeria bacteriocin from Leuconostoc mesenteroides

Brush, R.A.; Griffith, M.; Mlynarz, A., 1994:
Characterization and Quantification of Intrinsic Ice Nucleators in Winter Rye (Secale cereale) Leaves

Anonymous, 1993:
Characterization and quantitation of immunogens in veterinary biologics

Nasraoui, B., 1992:
Characterization and role of cutinase in the penetration of phytopathogenic fungi through the plant cuticle

Zhou, Z.; Bateman, J.C.; Babchin, A.; Bird, G.W., 1994:
Characterization and settling of solid contaminants in coal mine effluent

Bilezikjian, L.M.; Vaughan, J.M.; Vale, W.W., 1993:
Characterization and the regulation of inhibin/activin subunit proteins of cultured rat anterior pituitary cells

Enyaru, J.C.; Odiit, M.; Gashumba, J.K.; Carasco, J.F.; Rwendeire, A.J., 1992:
Characterization by isoenzyme electrophoresis of Trypanozoon stocks from sleeping sickness endemic areas of south-east Uganda

Hoppen, V.R.; Auricchio, M.T.; Batistic, M.A., 1989:
Characterization by thin layer chromatography of Allium sativum L. extracts

Zhu, G.; McDougald, L.R., 1992:
Characterization in vitro and in vivo of resistance to ionophores in a strain of Eimeria tenella

Peris, M.; Frech, G.C.; Simpson, A.M.; Bringaud, F.; Byrne, E.; Bakker, A.; Simpson, L., 1994:
Characterization of 2 classes of ribonucleoprotein complexes possibly involved in RNA editing from Leishmania tarentolae mitochondria

Valencia, S.F.R.; Sanchez D.S.; Jacinto C.H., 1992:
Characterization of 20 genotypes of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) for yield and oil content and quality in three environments

Moore, K.B.; Oishi, K.K., 1993:
Characterization of 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase Activity during Maize Seed Development, Germination, and Seedling Emergence

Nylander, O.; Sababí, M.; Bark, J., 1991:
Characterization of 51Cr-EDTA as a marker of duodenal mucosal permeability

Laviada, M.D.; Arias, M.; Sánchez-Vizcaíno, J.M., 1993:
Characterization of African horsesickness virus serotype 4-induced polypeptides in Vero cells and their reactivity in Western immunoblotting

Bosset, J.O.; Butikofer, U.; Gauch, R.; Sieber, R., 1994:
Characterization of Alpine cheeses from the Swiss sub-Alpine area: isolation of terpenes and aliphatic hydrocarbons using 'Purge and Trap' analysis of the volatile flavour compounds of these cheeses

Villegas-Sepulveda, N.; Jimenez-Moraila, B.; Herrera-Estrella, L.; Simpson, J., 1994:
Characterization of Amaranthus hypochondriacus light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b-binding polypeptide cDNAs

Ouattara, A.S.; Traore, A.S.; Garcia, J.L., 1992:
Characterization of Anaerovibrio burkinabensis sp. nov., a lactate-fermenting bacterium isolated from rice field soils

Baumler, R.; Zech, W., 1994:
Characterization of Andisols developed from nonvolcanic material in eastern Nepal

Bally, R.; Simonet, P.; Haurat, J.; Normand, P., 1992:
Characterization of Azospirillum irakense and Azospirillum lipoferum by direct sequencing of a PCR amplified 16S rDNA gene

Notermans, S.; Tatini, S., 1993:
Characterization of Bacillus cereus in relation to toxin production

Alippi, A.M., 1992:
Characterization of Bacillus larvae White, the causative agent of American foulbrood of honey-bees. First record of its occurrence in Argentina

Drobnikova, V.; Richter, V.; Hausler, J.; Pytelova, I., 1994:
Characterization of Bacillus larvae and related bacilli by chromatography of cell fatty acids

Yang Cong, M.; Puga, G.P. de; Lopez, J.R.F., 1991:
Characterization of Biomphalaria orbignyi Paraense, 1974, a mollusc of medico-epidemiological importance recently reported from Cuba

Stehmann, R.; Mehlhorn, G., 1993:
Characterization of Bordetella bronchiseptica isolated from the air of pig houses

Takahashi, Y.; Sohnaka, M.; Nakao, M.; Miyamoto, K.; Fukunaga, M., 1993:
Characterization of Borrelia species isolated from ixodid ticks, Ixodes ovatus

Agarwal, A.; Shukla, O.P.; Tekwani, B.L., 1992:
Characterization of Ca(2+)-ATPase of Setaria cervi (Nematoda: Filarioidea): effect of phenothiazines and anthelmintics

Ponton, J.; Marot-Leblond, A.; Ezkurra, P.A.; Barturen, B.; Robert, R.; Senet, J.M., 1993:
Characterization of Candida albicans cell wall antigens with monoclonal antibodies

Rava, C.A.; Purchio, A.F.; Sartorato, A., 1994:
Characterization of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum pathotypes occurring in some dry bean production areas

Culpepper, J.H.; Sayavedra Soto, L.A.; Bassam, B.J.; Gresshoff, P.M., 1991:
Characterization of Cornus (dogwood) genotypes using DNA fingerprinting

Mousset, C.; Volaire, F.; Ghesquiere, M., 1992:
Characterization of Corsican populations of cocksfoot. Study of their adaptation to the mediterranean zone

E.G.orr, A.A.; Marriott, A.C.; Ward, V.K.; Booth, T.F.; Higgs, S.; Gould, E.A.; Nuttall, P.A., 1990:
Characterization of Dugbe virus by biochemical and immunochemical procedures using monoclonal antibodies

Herbert, R.G.; Pasternak, J.J.; Fernando, M.A., 1992:
Characterization of Eimeria tenella unsporulated oocyst-specific cDNA clones

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