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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2325

Chapter 2325 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ferrari, T. C. A.; Moreira, P. R. R.; Ferrari, M. L. A.; Viana, I. R. C.; Correa Oliveira, R.; Gazzinelli, G.; Cunha, A. S., 1993: Clinical and immunological study of schistosomal myeloradiculopathy

Mcgough, Deanna A., 1993: Clinical and laboratory aspects of the black yeasts

Koryakovskii, V. A.; Fedotov, V. P.; Yutskovskii, A. D.; Gladytsev, V. V., 1992: Clinical and laboratory assessment of therapeutic efficacy of oral mebethizole in experimental microsporosis

Kitagawa, H.; Sasaki, Y.; Kumasaka, J.; Mikami, C.; Kitoh, K.; Kusano, K., 1993: Clinical and laboratory changes after administration of milbemycin oxime in heartworm-free and heartworm-infected dogs

Nasisse, M. P.; Guy, J. S.; Stevens, J. B.; English, R. V.; Davidson, M. G., 1993: Clinical and laboratory findings in chronic conjunctivitis in cats: 91 cases (1983-1991)

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324006

Stefano, J. L.; Norman, M. E., 1993: Clinical and laboratory observations. Nitrogen balance in extremely low birth weight infants with nonoliguric hyperkalemia

Zoni, L.; Zanna, D.; Lesi, C., 1992: Clinical and metabolic considerations on correct intake of the major nutrients for a balanced diet

Samsonov, M. A.; Pogozheva, A. V.; Abbakumov, A. S.; Suvorov, Y. I.; Levitskii, I. N.; Levachev, M. M.; Korf, I. I.; Isaev, V. A.; Bigbov, T. M., 1993: Clinical and metabolic effects of fish oil in patients with myocardial ischaemia, familial hyperlipoproteinaemia and hypertension

Martinez, A.; Aguilera, R., 1991: Clinical and metabolic observations in cows fed on sugarcane bagasse treated with sodium hydroxide

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324013

Nabuurs, M. J. A.; Van Zijderveld, F. G.; De Leeuw, P. W., 1993: Clinical and microbiological field studies in the Netherlands of diarrhoea in pigs at weaning

Martelli, P.; Meloni, S.; Lucidi, E.; Cavirani, S.; Cabassi, S.; Bottarelli, E., 1992: Clinical and microbiological findings in endemic low fertility in sows

Urbanovich, P. P.; Khmil' , E. P.; Skorokhid, V. I.; Stefanik, M. B., 1992: Clinical and morphological changes in laboratory animals and pigs induced by toxic doses of synthetic fatty acids

Wang, J. S.; Tung, K. C.; Lee, Y. S., 1990: Clinical and morphological studies on cerebrospinal setariasis of deer in Taiwan

Clayton, Y. M., 1992: Clinical and mycological diagnostic aspects of onychomycosis and dermatomycoses

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324019

Matsumoto, Tadahiko; Matsuda, T.; Mcginnis, M. R.; Ajello, L., 1993: Clinical and mycological spectra of Wangiella dermatitidis infections

Kenawi, M. Z.; Morsy, T. A.; Abdalla, K. F.; Nasr, M. E.; Awadalla, R. A., 1993: Clinical and parasitological aspects of human scabies in Qualyobia Governorate, Egypt

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324023

Pampiglione, S.; Schiavon, S.; Candiani, G.; Fioravanti, M. L., 1991: Clinical and parasitological observations on a case of disseminated furuncular myiasis caused by Cordylobia rodhaini in a man from Ethiopia

Agwale, S. M.; Dondji, B.; Okolo, C. J.; Duhlinska, D. D., 1993: Clinical and parasitological prevalence of leishmaniasis in school children in Keana, Awe L. G. C. of Plateau State, Nigeria

Coyne, Bonnie E.; Fingland, Roger B.; Kennedy, George A.; Debowes, Richard M., 1993: Clinical and pathologic effects of a modified technique for application of spiral prostheses to the cervical trachea of dogs

DeVries, S. E.; Galey, F. D.; Namikoshi, M.; Woo, J. C., 1993: Clinical and pathologic findings of blue-green algae (Microcystis aeruginosa) intoxication in a dog

Buoscio, D. A.; Sisson, D.; Zachary, J. F.; Luethy, M., 1994: Clinical and pathological characterization of an unusual form of subvalvular aortic stenosis in four Golden Retriever puppies

Munster, M.; Bomhard, D., 1993: Clinical and pathological diagnosis of helicobacter like bacteria in the dog's stomach

Nsalambi, D., 1993: Clinical and pathological differences between two strains of African swine fever (ASF) virus in Angola

Schaffer, E. H.; Gordon, S., 1993: Clinical and pathological features of ocular melanoma in 37 cats

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324032

Mair, T. S.; Brown, P. J., 1993: Clinical and pathological features of thoracic neoplasia in the horse

Abrams Ogg, Anthony C. G.; Kruth, Stephen A.; Carter, Ronald F.; Dick, John E.; Valli, Victor E. O.; Kamel Reid, Suzanne; Dube, Ian D., 1993: Clinical and pathological findings in dogs following supralethal total body irradiation with and without infusion of autologous long-term marrow culture cells

Callanan, J. J.; Thompson, H.; Toth, S. R.; O'neil, B.; Lawrence, C. E.; Willett, B.; Jarrett, O., 1992: Clinical and pathological findings in feline immunodeficiency virus experimental infection

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324036

Chang, Woon Fa; Wu, Fu Ming; Shyu, Jeou Jong; Lin, Jyh Hung; Tsay, Chin En; Lin, Hong Kuo, 1992: Clinical and pathological studies of swine copper intoxication

Hafez, M. A. M.; Tawfik, A. M.; Maysa ; Shaker, H. M.; El Danaf, N. A., 1992: Clinical and pathological studies on lumpy skin disease firstly recorded in Egypt

Prajapathi, A. K.; Jani, B. M.; Mehta, V. M., 1994: Clinical and physiological effects of different intramuscular dosages of xylazine in goats

Dewey, C. E.; Friendship, R. M.; Wilson, M. R., 1993: Clinical and postmortem examination of sows culled for lameness

Kurtdede, A.; Borku, M. K.; Aslanbey, D.; Altntas, A.; Uysal, H., 1990: Clinical and radiographic findings in the extremities of young dogs fed an unbalanced, meat rich diet and studies on their serum, calcium, phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase values and treatment

Schmidt, Melinda L.; Rutteman, Gerard R.; Van Niel, Marijke H. F.; Wolvekamp, Pim T. C., 1993: Clinical and radiographic manifestations of canine malignant histiocytosis

Weiss, D. J.; Geor, R. J., 1993: Clinical and rheological implications of echinocytosis in the horse: a review

Yang, Sen An; Lu, Chin Fang; Kuo, Mei Chen; Chen, Gwo Shin; Chiou, Kuen Shing; Yu, Hsin Su; Chen, Eng Rin, 1992: Clinical and scanning electron microscopic studies on Norwegian scabies infection

Facco, F.; Chiossi, M.; Lattere, M.; Grazi, G.; Repetto, M. D.; Pietro, P. di, 1991: Clinical and serological data related to tick bite: a case report

Conlon, Jennifer A. Rice; Shewen, Patricia E., 1993: Clinical and serological evaluation of a Pasteurella haemolytica A1 capsular polysaccharide vaccine

Anan' eva, L. P.; Korenberg, E. I.; Skripnikova, I. A.; Soldatkina, L. M.; Nasonova, V. A., 1990: Clinical and serological study of Lyme disease in north-western USSR

Luders, H.; Behr, K. P., 1991: Clinical and subclinical deficiency diseases of poultry

Reeves, W. C., 1990: Clinical and subclinical disease in man

Dupont, B., 1991: Clinical and therapeutic aspects of cryptococcosis associated with AIDS

Arlotti, M.; Martelli, L. T.; Piscina, A.; Fasulo, G.; Moscatelli, G.; Cardelli, A.; Ciammarughi, R., 1992: Clinical and therapeutic considerations on 34 cases of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Runceanu, L.; Nicorici, R.; Tanase, D., 1992: Clinical and therapeutic trials with preparation Estrustim

Max, A.; Witkowski, M.; Jurka, P.; Boryczko, Z., 1994: Clinical and ultrasonographic evaluation of ovarian structures and ovulation in heifers after luteolysis with PGF2 alpha

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324054

Makk L.J.K.; Mcclave S.A.; Creech P.W.; Johnson D.R.; Short A.F.; Whitlow N.L.; Priddy F.S.; Sexton L.K.; Simpson P., 1990: Clinical application of the metabolic cart to the delivery of total parenteral nutrition

Saperstein, George, 1993: Clinical applications of an antibiotic susceptibility test for mastitis

Read, H. M., 1992: Clinical applications of chemotherapy in small animal practice

Stewart, M., 1994: Clinical applications of musculoskeletal scintigraphy in the horse

Gorgul, S.; Pekbilir, A.; Camoglu, A.; Atasoy, N., 1991: Clinical applications of the use of a combination of thiazine hydrochloride (xylazine-Rompun) and ketamine HCL (Ketalar) in calves

Tolkoff Rubin, N. E.; Rubin, R. H., 1992: Clinical approach to viral and fungal infections in the renal transplant patient

O' Dair, H. A.; Hooper, C. D.; Gruffydd Jones, T. J.; Harbour, D. A.; Waters, L., 1994: Clinical aspects of Chlamydia psittaci infection in cats infected with feline immunodeficiency virus

Schattenkerk, J. K. M. E., 1992: Clinical aspects of coccidian and microsporidian parasites

Hirano, T.; Hashimoto, H.; Hirose, S.; Mori, K., 1993: Clinical aspects of deep mycosis in patients with collagen diseases

Anonymous, 1993: Clinical aspects of immunology. Volume 3

Fagliari, J. J.; Kuchembuck, M. R. G.; Curi, P. R.; Okuda, H. T., 1991: Clinical aspects of natural intoxication of cattle with the mycotoxin, sporidesmin

Conti Diaz, I. A.; Rodriguez, H., 1990: Clinical aspects of paracoccidioidomycosis

Mori, T.; Ebe, T.; Takahashi, M.; Kohara, T.; Isonuma, H.; Matsumura, M., 1993: Clinical aspects of penicilliosis, a rare infection

Tumol' skaya, N. I., 1992: Clinical aspects of the problems of hydatid disease and means for their solution

Robles, C. A.; Uzal, F. A.; Pueyo, J. M.; Pelliza, A., 1993: Clinical aspects, epidemiology and diet study in horses and mules with Mal Seco

Stowe, Hd; Herdt, Th, 1992: Clinical assessment of selenium status of livestock

Novelli, E. L. B.; Rodrigues, N. L.; Chiacchio, S. B., 1993: Clinical biochemical determinations in the Mangalarga-Paulista horse: reference values

Fusari, A.; Ubaldi, A.; Conti, V., 1993: Clinical biochemistry findings in piglets with congenital tremor

Wittwer, F. G.; Heuer, G.; Contreras, P. A.; Bohmwald, H., 1993: Clinical blood chemistry values of downer cows from the south of Chile

Edwards, M. R.; Taylor, R. A.; Franceschi, R. A., 1993: Clinical case applications of Mitek tissue anchors in veterinary orthopaedics

Prelaud, P., 1993: Clinical case: metabisulphite allergy in a cat

Suresh, R.; Raj, M. G. Jayathanga; Rajan, T. S. S.; Pattabiraman, S. R., 1993: Clinical cases of anaplasmosis in crossbred cows

Ratajczak, Kornel; Skrzypczak, Piotr, 1994: Clinical characteristics of Bioketan

Borisova, M. A.; Markeshin, S. Ya; Ryasanova, N. Ya; Degtyareva, A. A.; Zakharova, T. F.; Bychkova, M. V., 1989: Clinical characteristics of tick-borne encephalitis in the Crimea

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Steinhardt, M.; Gollnast, I.; Langanke, M.; Bunger, U.; Kutschke, J., 1993: Clinical chemical blood values in newborn calves. II. Repeat sampling from the same animals

Waelchli, R. O.; Lutz, H.; Hermann, M.; Eggenberger, E., 1992: Clinical chemical constituents of blood from foals up to two months of age

Jensen, A. L.; Hoier, R., 1993: Clinical chemical diagnosis of diseases assisted by logistic regression illustrated by diagnosis of canine primary and secondary hepatobiliary diseases

Romer, H.; Wagenseil, F.; Oesterle, P.; Albrecht, E.; Unglaub, W., 1992: Clinical chemical testing within the Health Service for Cattle

Ramos, J. J.; Verde, M. T.; Marca, M. C.; Fernandez, A., 1994: Clinical chemical values and variations in Rasa Aragonesa ewes and lambs

Vezzoni, A.; Sacco, B. di, 1993: Clinical classification of filariosis: therapeutic and prognostic significance

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324088

Sapunar, J.; Latorre, R.; Guerra, M.; Defilippi, C., 1992: Clinical considerations on two cases of hepatic human fascioliasis. Importance of image analysis

Golden, David B. K.; Lawrence, Ira D.; Hamilton, Robert H.; Kagey Sobotka, Anne; Valentine, Martin D.; Lichtenstein, Lawrence M., 1992: Clinical correlation of the venom-specific IgG antibody level during maintenance venom immunotherapy

Barros, Severo Sales De; Driemeier, David; Santos, Murilo Nogueira Dos; Guerrero, Jose Antonio Morana, 1992: Clinical course and reversibility of enzootic calcinosis caused by Nierembergia veitchii in sheep

Kociecka, W.; Mrozewicz, B.; Simon, E.; Pakua, M., 1990: Clinical criteria and evaluation of clinical picture and course of lymphonodular toxoplasmosis

Magdus, Melinda; Vrabely, Tamas; Simon, Laszlo, 1993: Clinical diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by means of ECG and echocardiographic examinations in a cat

Gorski, J.; Wojcik, J., 1993: Clinical diagnosis of viral diseases in cats

Doherty, M. L.; Windle, H. J.; Voorheis, H. P.; Larkin, H.; Casey, M.; Clery, D.; Murray, M., 1993: Clinical disease associated with Trypanosoma theileri infection in a calf in Ireland

Mraz, A.; Kosutzky, J., 1992: Clinical effects and morphological changes after giving low ochratoxin A doses to broiler chicks

Jones, D. L., 1993: Clinical effects of detomidine with or without atropine used for arthrocentesis in horses

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324100

Amarpal ; Amresh Kumar, 1994: Clinical effects of parenteral anaesthetic agents in normal and hepatotoxic bovine

Mangold, A. J.; Bermudez, A. C.; Anziani, O. S.; Abdala, A. A.; Guglielmone, A. A., 1992: Clinical effects of vaccinal and pathogenic Babesia bigemina to Holando Argentino steers

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324103

Zienicke, H.; Korting, H. C., 1993: Clinical efficacy and tolerability of saperconazole for tinea of glabrous skin. A report of four cases

Reinhard, H. J., 1992: Clinical efficacy of FSH-P for inducing superovulation in cows

Brown, A. G.; Grant, A. N., 1993: Clinical efficacy of injectable amoxycillin against furunculosis in Atlantic salmon broodstock

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324107

Miller, William H.Jr.; Scott, Danny W.; Wellington, Jocelyn R.; Panic, Rada, 1993: Clinical efficacy of milbemycin oxime in the treatment of generalized demodicosis in adult dogs

Rose, Marcy L.; Semrad, Susan D., 1992: Clinical efficacy of tirilazad mesylate for treatment of endotoxemia in neonatal calves

Velasco F, N.; Long, C. L., 1992: Clinical estimation of energy expenditure: applicability in individual multiple trauma patients

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324112

Buts, J. P.; Sano, C. di; Hansdorffer, S., 1993: Clinical evaluation of a special formula based on soya milk in children with intolerance/allergy to cow milk protein

DeFelice, J.; Rumsfield, J.; Bernstein, J. E.; Roshal, J. Y., 1989: Clinical evaluation of an after-pediculicide nit removal system

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324115

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324116

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324117

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324118

Leopold, A.; Mari, G.; Cascio, G., 1992: Clinical evaluation of oestrous follicles in the horse and breeding results

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324120

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324121

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324122

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324123

Kvasnicka, William G.; Hanks, Donald; Huang, Juch Chin; Hall, Mark R.; Sandblom, David; Chu, Hsien Jue; Chavez, Lloyd; Acree, William M., 1992: Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of inoculating cattle with a vaccine containing Tritrichomonas foetus

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324126

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324127

Adib Hashemi, F. A.; Nowrouzian, I.; Schels, H. F., 1991: Clinical evaluation of tranquillizing effects of Rompun in camel

Ratajczak, K.; Kiebowicz, Z.; Skrzypczak, P., 1993: Clinical evaluation of xylazine with regard to gasometric and haemodynamic parameters

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324130

Matsubayashi, K.; Gotoh, S.; Kawamoto, Y.; Watanabe, T.; Nozawa, K.; Takasaka, M.; Narita, T.; Griffiths, O.; Stanley, M-A., 1992: Clinical examinations on crab-eating macaques in Mauritius

Vahala, J., 1993: Clinical experience and a comparison of ketamine-medetomidine and ketamine-xylazine anaesthesia of captive Cape hunting dogs (Lycaon pictus)

Velasquez Jones, L.; Becerra, F. C.; Faure, A.; Leon, M. de; Moreno, H.; Maulen, I.; Abraham Jalil, A.; Muraira, A., 1990: Clinical experience in Mexico with a new oral rehydration solution with lower osmolality

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Quintavalla, F.; Bianchini, L.; Haas, V. de; Katz, T., 1993: Clinical experience in treating dogs with flunixin meglumine

Chang T J.; Chiang P C.; Chen T P.; Hwang K P.; Chen E R., 1991: Clinical experience on malaria

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324138

Rautanen, Tarja; El Radhi, Sahib; Vesikari, Timo, 1993: Clinical experience with a hypotonic oral rehydration solution in acute diarrhoea

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324140

Keller, H.; Genzow, M., 1994: Clinical experience with the new sedative romifidine in horses

Quintavalla, F.; Bianchini, L.; Haas, V. de; Katz, T., 1993: Clinical experience with the treatment of horses with flunixin meglumine oral paste

Stone, R. W., 1992: Clinical experience with the use of jugular catheters during Caparsolate treatment of heartworms

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Tortorice, K. L.; Heim Duthoy, K. L., 1989: Clinical features and treatment of Lyme disease

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324147

Walsh, James A.; Hines, David L., 1993: Clinical field safety trial for a feline leukemia virus vaccine

Kar, Shantanu K.; Mania, Jayanti; Kar, Prasant Kumar, 1993: Clinical filarial disease in two ethnic endemic communities of Orissa, India

Treviranus, A., 1993: Clinical findings and lineage of calves and young cattle with bovine leukocyte adhesion deficiency

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Patel, P. R.; Dave, M. R., 1994: Clinical findings of dermatophytosis in buffaloes

Neil, B.; Walde, I.; Stur, I., 1993: Clinical findings of the iridocorneal angle in Siberian Huskies with regard to the predisposition to glaucoma

Saito, Y., 1991: Clinical findings on endocrine condition for selection of embryo-transfer recipients

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Anonymous, 1994: Clinical immunity to Plasmodium falciparum

Kort, H. S. M.; Koers, W. J.; Van Nes, A. M. T.; Young, E.; Vorenkamp, J.; Wolfs, B. G.; Van Bronswijk, J. E. M. H., 1993: Clinical improvement after unusual avoidance measures in the home of an atopic dermatitis patient

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324164

Bickhardt, K.; Waldmann, K. H.; Wendt, M., 1993: Clinical laboratory diagnostics in veterinary swine practice

Marsh, K.; Newton, C. R. J. C.; Winstanley, P. A.; Were, J. B.; Kirkham, F., 1991: Clinical malaria - new problems in patient management

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324167

Solomon, W. J., 1991: Clinical management of subfertility in two standardbred stallions

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324169

Dmitriev, S. N.; Nabatov, M. S.; Stashenko, V. D.; Ezhkova, T. A.; Dyrina, E. L., 1991: Clinical manifestations of bites of Black Widow spiders

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324189

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324201

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324202

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324203

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324223

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324676

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324706

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324718

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324726

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324736

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324742

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324762

Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324763

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324766

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324789

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324797

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324819

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324834

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Section 3, Chapter 2325, Accession 002324848

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