Cloning and transfer of a Triticum timopheevii alpha/beta-gliadin gene into Nicotiana tabacum

Filatov, V.D.; Kaliev, A.B.; Kornienko, O.V.; Zairov, S.Z.

1 Vsesoyuznyi simpozium "Novye metody biotekhnologii rastenii", Pushchino, 20-22 noyabrya, 1991 Tezisy dokladov: 44-45, 147-148


Accession: 002324727

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The alpha/beta-gliadin gene was selected in a T. timopheevii DNA library, sequenced, inserted into a specially constructed bireplicon mini-Ti-plasmid and transferred into tobacco plants using a binary transfer system containing the bireplicon plasmid with selectable markers. The transformed kanamycin-resistant plants were analysed for activity of neomycin phosphotransferase and for integration of the wheat gene (and modified variants of it) into the tobacco genome by means of blot hybridization.