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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2333

Chapter 2333 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hinzelin, F.; Baradel, J.M., 1992:
Contaminated foodstuffs: bilberries and foie gras

Dennis, J., 1993:
Contaminated land audits-practical aspects

Anonymous, 1990:
Contaminated soil '90: proceedings of the third international KfK/TNO conference on contaminated soil, December 10-14, 1990, Karlsruhe, Germany, Volume 2

Hans, D.; Baumann, U.; Solluk, K.; Ruttimann, A.; Uhlig, S., 1992:
Contaminated soil mapping (heavy metals). A comparison of atom absorption spectrometry (AAS) and X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF)

Del Bono G.C.; Gianfaldoni D.; Pozzo F., 1991:
Contamination and decontamination in animal derived foods

Lazaro, R.; Herrera, A.; Conchello, M.P.; Arino, A., 1991:
Contamination by organochlorine pesticide residues in fresh sausages

Galindo Reyes, J.G.; Guerrero Ibarra, M.A.; Villagrana Lizarraga, C.; Quezada Urenda, L.G.; Angulo Escalante, S., 1992:
Contamination by pesticides in water, sediments, shrimps and clams, in 2 ecosystems of the coast of Sinaloa, Mexico

Craig, I.; Mbevi, C., 1993:
Contamination in the tropics: hand contamination received by spray operators during pesticide preparation, with particular reference to the use of paraquat in the tropics

Samoilenko, V.S.; Savdun, N.A.; Sergienko, V.I.; Skalozub, V.N.; Klimakhin, N.A.; Chugunov, A.I.; Kurguzova, G.N., 1992:
Contamination level of wastewaters from enterprises

Munch, D.; Ullrich, C., 1993:
Contamination of adjoining soils by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals on tarmacked forest paths and roads

Ali, A., 1992:
Contamination of alluvial aquifers by metal industries in parts of central Ganga basin, India

Padgett, P.E.; Leonard, R.T., 1993:
Contamination of Ammonium-Based Nutrient Solutions by Nitrifying Organisms and the Conversion of Ammonium to Nitrate

Kordel, W.; Kloppel, H.; Haider, J., 1993:
Contamination of aquatic ecosystems by runoff events - comparison of small and large plot experiments

Brook, S.J.; Brook, I., 1993:
Contamination of bar soaps in a household setting

Choo, L.N., 1990:
Contamination of children's playgrounds with Toxocara hookworm larvae in Singapore

Tatsukawa, R., 1992:
Contamination of chlorinated organic substances in the ocean ecosystem

Otte, M.L., 1990:
Contamination of coastal wetlands with heavy metals: factors affecting uptake of heavy metals by salt marsh plants

Coulon, J.B.; Varignier, M.; Darne, D., 1991:
Contamination of cow milk with butyric acid bacteria: a study carried out on dairy farms in the Haute-Loire

Skrinjar, M.; Stubblefield, R.D.; Vujicic, I.F.; Kelemen, D., 1992:
Contamination of feed and meat, liver and kidney of beef cattle and lambs with moulds and ochratoxin A

Zust, J.; Vengust, A.; Kabaj Tomsic, Z.; Pestevsek, U., 1992:
Contamination of feeds with trichothecene

Stoyke, M.; Lusky, K.; Doberschutz, K.D.; Gobel, R., 1994:
Contamination of feeds, fruit and vegetables with benzo(a)pyrene in Brandenburg

Kristoforovic Ilic, M.; Slavic, M.; Mihajlovic, B.; Vajagic, L., 1991:
Contamination of food of animal origin by organochlorine insecticide residues

Headworth, H.G., 1993:
Contamination of groundwaters from farming activities

Grob, K.; Artho, A.; Biedermann, M.; Mikle, H., 1993:
Contamination of hazelnuts and chocolate by mineral oil from jute or sisal sacks

Clyti, N.; Corfmat, Y.; Bosio, A.M.; Bourlioux, P., 1992:
Contamination of hospital foods by Listeria

Uhnak, J.; Veningerova, M.; Prachar, V., 1993:
Contamination of human milk by organochlorine pesticides

Bazzocchi, F., 1991:
Contamination of marine fish by heavy metals and its reflections on public health

Dragacci, S.; Fremy, J.M., 1993:
Contamination of milk by aflatoxin M1. Fifteen years of monitoring

Unglaub, W.; Neumann, F., 1994:
Contamination of pollen with fenoxycarb (e.g. in Insegar) - bioassay for assessing its effect

Sanaa, M.; Menard, J.L., 1994:
Contamination of raw milk by Listeria monocytogenes: sources, risk factors and prevention

Ahuja, A.K.; Awasthi, M.D., 1993:
Contamination of rice and wheat grains with residues of HCH and DDT

Podlesakova, E.; Nemecek, J.; Vacha, R., 1994:
Contamination of soils in the north-Bohemian region by hazardous elements

Nemecek, J.; Podlesakova, E.; Firyt, P., 1994:
Contamination of soils in the north-Bohemian region by organic xenobiotic compounds

Lund, I.; Kirknel, E., 1993:
Contamination of spraying personnel with pesticides

Wulf, A.; Siebers, J.; Kehr, R., 1993:
Contamination of spruce timber and bark after routine bark beetle treatment with cypermethrin and lindane

Fleming, R.J.; Bradshaw, S.H., 1992:
Contamination of subsurface drainage systems during manure spreading

Nigg, H.N.; Russ, R.V.; Mahon, W.D.; Stamper, J.H.; Knapp, J.L., 1991:
Contamination of sucrose solution with aldicarb sulfoxide inhibits foraging by honeybees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Hurle, K.; Lang, S.; Kirchhoff, J., 1993:
Contamination of surface waters by pesticides

Ali, E.A.; Ibrahim, Y.H.; Nasralla, N.M., 1992:
Contamination of the agricultural land due to industrial activities southern of greater Cairo

White, G.J.H.; Edwards, G.R.; Nicholson, K., 1992:
Contamination of white clover seed crops by buried seed

Tataruch, F., 1993:
Contamination of wildlife with environmental pollutants

Nikov, P.S.; Bukharbaeva, A.S.; Baimbetova, A.M.; Amireeva, N.T., 1991:
Contamination with aflatoxins of milk and milk products in the South-East of Kazakhstan

Adbiev, T.A.; Babaeva, R.I., 1990:
Contamination with helminth eggs of environmental objects

Juszkiewicz, T.; Kozak, A.; Wisniewska Dmytrow, H., 1993:
Contamination with mycotoxins of mixed feeds and concentrates in Poland

Falandysz, J., 1992:
Contamination with pesticides of food imported from tropical countries

Asquith, A.; Messing, RH., 1993:
Contemporary Hawaiian insect fauna of a lowland agricultural area on Kaua'i: implications for local and island-wide fruit fly eradication programs

Freathy, P.; Sparks, L., 1994:
Contemporary developments in employee relations in food retailing

Rosenbloom, C.; Millard-Stafford, M.; Lathrop, J., 1992:
Contemporary ergogenic aids used by strength/power athletes

Ashmore, P., 1993:
Contemporary erosion of the Canadian landscape

Mikhaylova, L.V., 1992:
Contemporary hydrochemical conditions and the effect of pollution on the ecosystem and fisheries of the Ob Basin - a survey

Lapping, M.B.; Moser, J., 1992:
Contemporary issues in US rural planning and policy-making 1990-91

LeDoux, C.B.; Baumgras, J.E., 1989:
Contemporary logging technology for harvesting young central hardwoods

Nordestgaard, A.G.; Stapleford, L.; Worthen, N.; Bongard, F.S.; Klein, S.R., 1992:
Contemporary management of amebic liver abscess

Groch, J., 1991:
Contemporary problems of balneological curing development in Polish Carpathian spas

Bottone, E.J., 1993:
Contemporary protozoal pathogens

Lattin, JD.; Asquith, A., 1991:
Contemporary records of Brachysteles parvicornis (Costa) in the United States (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Anthocoridae)

Esquivel, M.; Hammer, K., 1992:
Contemporary traditional agriculture - structure and diversity of the conuco

Lavdovskaya, M.V.; Lysenko, A.Y., 1993:
Contemporary views on the epidemiology of cryptosporidiosis

Blanco, A.; Munoz, L., 1992:
Content and biological availability of the carotenoids of the peach palm (Bactris gasipaes) as a source of retinol

Cavero, R.Y.; Echeverria, A.; Iribarren, F.; Lopez, M.L., 1992:
Content and changes in 9 chemical elements in Piquillo capsicum throughout its development

Marlett, J.A., 1992:
Content and composition of dietary fiber in 117 frequently consumed foods

Gabbasova, I.M.; Sirayeva, E.Z.; Kol' tsova, G.A.; Khakimova, G.A., 1993:
Content and composition of organic phosphates in the soils of Bashkiria

Sheudzhen, A.K.; Ryabtsova, S.A.; Aleshin, E.P., 1991:
Content and fractional analysis of phosphorus in meadow-chernozem soil under rice while applying trace elements

Turski, R.; Wojcikowska Kapusta, A.; Deryo, S.; Martyn, W., 1990:
Content of B, Mn, Cu, Zn and Pb in cereal grains in experiments with different levels of plant protection

Lobzhanidze, N.Z., 1992:
Content of DNA in bull spermatozoa in relation to breeding value

Lohle, K.U., 1994:
Content of Na, K, Ca, Cl and P in the blood of African dwarf goats in comparison with data for other goat breeds and sheep

Hodynski, C., 1991:
Content of active weed diaspores in soil and infestation with weeds of cultivated fields

Frei, B.; Gaziano, J.M., 1993:
Content of antioxidants, preformed lipid hydroperoxides, and cholesterol as predictors of the susceptibility of human LDL to metal ion-dependent and -independent oxidation

Kolb, E.; Alawad, A.; Wahren, M., 1993:
Content of ascorbic acid in eight tissues of quails

Kouider, S.A.; Kolb, E., 1994:
Content of ascorbic acid, glucose, total protein, ALT and AST in blood plasma from healthy and parasitized sheep before and after intravenous injection of ascorbic acid solution

Dziekanowski, A.; Ciecko, Z.; Nowak, G., 1992:
Content of basic macro- and microelements in potato tubers depending on the level of potassium fertilizer application

Matsuka, M., 1993:
Content of benzoic acid in royal jelly and propolis

Nemeth Szerdahelyi, E.; Freudenreich, P.; Fischer, K., 1993:
Content of biogenic amines in pork

Bakanidze, M.S.; Tavdumadze, E.I., 1991:
Content of carbohydrates in leaves of different tea types and cultivars in relation to growing conditions

Werner, W., 1992:
Content of chlorinated hydrocarbons in the soils of the Rhineland Palatinate Province

Indrak, P., 1991:
Content of essential oil and linalyl acetate in a collection of Lavandula angustifolia

Hiane, P.A.; Penteado, M. de V.C.; Badolato, E., 1990:
Content of fatty acids and chemical composition of fruit and meal of Bocaiuva (Acrocomia mokayayba Barb. Rodr.)

Polyakova, L.V., 1990:
Content of flavonoids in pasture plants of Medicago falcata L. in relation to palatability to livestock

Nedeljkovic, D.; Sikic, B.; Petrovic, S., 1991:
Content of free cholesterol and cholesterol esters in the serum of rats after a diet containing oil with and without cholesterol

Czarnowska, K.; Majchrzak, B., 1991:
Content of heavy metals in soils of the Kabacki Forest

Ortega y Bolanos, M.J. de; Garcia Hernandez, M.L., 1992:
Content of lead and tin in evaporated milk during storage

Skrzecz, I., 1990:
Content of lysozyme in the haemolymph of chosen species of Lepidoptera and Hymenoptera

Safronova, G.P., 1989:
Content of macro-elements in the foliage of regeneration of Picea obovata and Abies sibirica in the spruce/fir forests of Siberia

Thielscher, H.H.; Kretschmer, M.; Thielscher, M., 1994:
Content of magnesium and calcium in the blood plasma of pigs of two breeds differing in fitness

Ohlin, B., 1993:
Content of mercury in fish in general trading

Giaccio, M.; Cichelli, A.; Oddone, M., 1993:
Content of metals in traces in some edible oils

Kvyatovskii, A.F., 1991:
Content of microelements in grain and their removal with yield when optimizing nutrition of maize on ordinary chernozem of the Ukrainian steppe under irrigated conditions

Suchorska Orowska, J., 1991:
Content of mineral elements in plants fertilized with Nowmin and its components

Lovik, A.; Jackson, M.B.; Rossing, O.; Skjolsvold, I.H.; Eskeland, B., 1993:
Content of minerals, electrolytes, trace elements and vitamins in hospital diet, National Hospital, Oslo

Dzakishev, E.G.; Mamyshov, M.M.; Mart' yanova, E.A., 1991:
Content of mobile sulfur in soils of Kazakhstan

Gajewska, R.; Nabrzyski, M., 1991:
Content of molybdenum in daily diets of children and adults and in some food products

Nazarov, A.V., 1992:
Content of nitrate nitrogen in soil and potato tubers depending on the practice of using organic and mineral fertilizers

Kasperczyk M.; Filipek J., 1989:
Content of nitrogen in grasses grown alone and in mixtures with red clover

Wachowicz, M., 1991:
Content of nitrogenous compounds in sugarbeet as a supplement to the Vukov indices

Brahmana, J.; Sipayung, A.; Purba, P., 1993:
Content of phenolic compounds as an index of resistance in coconut fruit to premature nutfall disease

Ruhl, K.; Hartmann, W.; Stosser, R., 1992:
Content of phenolic compounds in healthy and plum pox potyvirus-infected leaves of Prunus domestica

Dolgodvora, S.Y.; Burlakova, R.F.; Chernyaeva, G.N., 1990:
Content of phenolic compounds in the wood and bark of aspen (Populus tremula)

Zhalilov, O.Z.; Dzhangurazov, N.F.; Pavlovskaya, N.E., 1991:
Content of phosphorus compounds in the seeds of reciprocal hybrids of cotton in relation to their earliness

Rep' ev, S.I.; Varich, A.V.; Zolotov, S.V., 1991:
Content of protein and hydrocyanic acid in the seeds of mutant lines of Vicia sativa

Barya, R., 1992:
Content of some elements in selected meadow plant species depending on differentiated nitrogen fertilizer application

Mertens, A.; Feuerich, S., 1994:
Content of some major and trace elements in erythrocytes of fallow deer at different times of year, different ages and in both sexes

Feurich, S.; Mertens, A., 1994:
Content of some major and trace elements in the blood plasma of fallow deer

Mertin, D.; Oravcova, E.; Sviatko, P.; Suvegova, K., 1993:
Content of some mineral elements in chosen organs of polar foxes (Alopex lagopus) during fur maturity

Suvegova, K.; Mertin, D.; Sviatko, P.; Oravcova, E., 1993:
Content of some mineral elements in chosen organs of silver foxes (Vulpes vulpes)

Truchlinski, J.; Grela, E., 1991:
Content of some nitrogenous substances in serum of pigs fed on a diet containing 0 rapeseed meal

Miklovic, D.; Kovacova, M., 1993:
Content of the main nutrients in the root and leaf dry matter of sugarbeet in the first year of growth

Stoyanova, Z.; K"drev, T.; Vasileva, M., 1992:
Content of total, protein and non-protein nitrogen in young maize plants depending on zinc content in their organs

Toporova, L.V., 1992:
Content of vitamin A, riboflavin and carotenoids in the liver and eggs of hens fed on complex supplements of products of microbiological synthesis

Kmiecik, W.; Lisiewska, Z.; Jaworska, G., 1990:
Content of vitamin C in raw material and in frozen or appertized broad bean preserves depending on the variety and on the degree of seed maturity

Plewniak, J., 1991:
Content, size and lay-out for single-family building in a forest enterprise

Yushkov, P.I.; Chueva, T.A.; Karavaeva, E.N.; Molchanova, I.V.; Kulikov, N.V., 1993:
Contents of 134+137Cs and 90Sr in the crown of birch trees in the first years after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

Ikebe, K.; Nishimune, T.; Tanaka, R., 1991:
Contents of 17 metal elements in food determined by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry - confectioneries, prepared foods, beverages and seasonings

Jasiewicz, C., 1990:
Contents of Ca, K, Mg, Na and P in indicator parts of 10 cultivars of winter wheat

Heinze, M.; Kirsten, L., 1991:
Contents of elements in needles of main branches and 'tinsel twigs' of Picea abies under conditions of forest decline

Stocker, G., 1993:
Contents of elements of Scots pine and Norway spruce bark - indication of the immissions load in conifer forest ecosystems

Kucera, O., 1991:
Contents of heavy metals and milk fat in hare in artificial breeding

Roy, M.; Basu, P.S., 1992:
Contents of hormones and indole acetic acid metabolism in root nodules of Clitoria ternatea L

Suganuma, N.; Satoh, S., 1991:
Contents of isoflavones and effect of isoflavones on root hair curling in non-nodulating (rj1rj1) soybean plant

Hidaka, T.; Fukuda, N.; Taniguchi, K., 1992:
Contents of lipids, fatty acids, carotenoids and chlorophylls in broccoli (Brassica oleracea L var italica Plen)

Falandysz, J.; Kotecka, W.; Bona, H., 1992:
Contents of manganese, copper, zinc and iron in edible leaves and fruits of wild growing plants

Przysawski, J.; Kulesza, C.; Gertig, H.; Duda, G.; Maruszewska, M.; Szajkowski, Z., 1991:
Contents of organochlorine pesticides in reproduced daily diets of workers and white-collars

Tebaay, R.H.; Welp, G.; Brummer, G.W., 1993:
Contents of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and their distribution pattern in soils with different contamination levels

Kmiecik, W.; Lisiewska, Z.; Jaworska, G., 1991:
Contents of some nitrogen compounds in fresh and frozen broad bean as related to the variety and to the degree of seed ripeness

Kmiecik, W.; Lisiewicz, Z.; Gebczynski, P., 1991:
Contents of total and phytate phosphorus in fresh and frozen and appertizing seed of broad bean

Okolska, G.; Nadolna, I.; Kunachowicz, H., 1992 :
Contents of vitamins A and E in vitaminized plant fats

Amirkhanov, N.A.; Islamov, B.S., 1991:
Contents of vitamins and trace elements in two species of Cousinia Cass. cultivated in the Samarkand district

Wituszynska, B.; Lebiedzinska, A.; Grzecznowska, K., 1992:
Contents of vitamins of the B complex in fresh and crisp breads

Castro, O.M. de; Camargo, O.A. de; Cantarella, H.; Vieira, S.R.; Dechen, S.C.F., 1992:
Contents of zinc, copper, manganese and iron in two latosols under conventional and no-tillage systems

Thomas, J.A.; Elmes, G.W.; Wardlaw, J.C., 1993:
Contest competition among Maculinea rebeli butterfly larvae in ant nests

Moore, D.S., 1993:
Contesting terrain in Zimbabwe's eastern highlands: political ecology, ethnography and peasant resource struggles

Goodnight, C.J.; Schwartz, J.M.; Stevens, L., 1992:
Contextual analysis of models of group selection, soft selection, hard selection, and the evolution of altruism

Brooker, R.; Macdonald, D., 1993:
Contextualising physical education and the national curriculum

Woodside, A.G.; House, F.; Jones, K., 1993:
Contingency modelling and in-store testing of customer acceptance of new product-line extensions

Hoehn, J.P., 1992:
Contingent valuation in fisheries management: the design of satisfactory contingent valuation formats

Camarata, P.J.; Dunn, D.L.; Farney, A.C.; Parker, R.G.; Seljeskog, E.L., 1992:
Continual intracavitary administration of amphotericin B as an adjunct in the treatment of aspergillus brain abscess: case report and review of the literature

Mezerova, J.; Nemecek, L.; Snasil, M., 1992:
Continual intravenous anaesthesia in dogs with a mixture of xylazine, ketamine and guaifenesin

Reininger, F.; Gruber, W.R.; Klimant, I.; Weigl, B.H., 1993:
Continual measuring and monitoring of chemical parameters in the soil zone with the emphasis on O2-measurement and a look at pH- and CO2-measurement

Thamm, F., 1993:
Continual registering of seepage water content in the humus layer - proposal for technical realization

Birenbaum, E.; Vila, Y.; Linder, N.; Reichman, B., 1993:
Continuation of breast-feeding in an Israeli population

Pilbrow, J., 1992:
Continued development of front-mounted cultivation equipment

Epps, W.; Handy, C.R., 1993:
Continued export expansion likely for U.S. food processors

Visser, I.K.; Vedder, E.J.; Vos, H.W.; van de Bildt, M.W.; Osterhaus, A.D., 1993:
Continued presence of phocine distemper virus in the Dutch Wadden Sea seal population

Tornquist, M.; Purnell, R.E.; Tolling, S.T., 1991:
Continued susceptibility of Ostertagia ostertagi infective larvae to morantel tartrate

Gillanders, L., 1991:
Continuing education and competency: issues for the New Zealand Dietetic Association

Zakic, M.; Vukcevic, M., 1991:
Continuing education in catering and tourism as a factor influencing tourism development in Yugoslavia

Anderson, R.M.; Arnold, M.S.; Donnelly, M.B.; Funnell, M.M.; Johnson, P.D.; Oh, M.S., 1992:
Continuing education needs of dietitians who are diabetes educators

Pelletier, D.L.; Habicht, J.P., 1994:
Continuing needs for food consumption data for public health policy

Visnovsky, J.; Uzakova, M., 1994:
Continuing reconstruction of education at the Faculty of Farm Management and Economics, University of Agriculture, Nitra, Slovakia

Gupta, A.K., 1994:
Continuing with IRDP: experience of Madhya Pradesh

Prattala, R.; Pelto, G.; Pelto, P.; Ahola, M.; Rasanen, L., 1993:
Continuity and change in meal patterns: the case of urban Finland

Mokma, D.L.; Doolittle, J.A.; Tornes, L.A., 1994:
Continuity of ortstein in sandy Spodosols of Michigan

Anonymous, 1994:
Continuous Cheddar

Berckmans, D.; Ni, J.Q.; Vinckier, C., 1993:
Continuous ammonia and ventilation rate measurement to evaluate an ammonia sensor in field conditions

Böhler, J.; Riegel, W.; Keller, E.; Logemann, E.; Just, H.; Schollmeyer, P.J., 1992:
Continuous arteriovenous haemoperfusion (CAVHP) for treatment of paraquat poisoning

Goncalves, R.F.; Rogalla, F., 1992:
Continuous biological phosphorus removal in a biofilm reactor

Gebler, J.; Kucera, S., 1992:
Continuous boiling of massecuites. 2. Continuous boiling crystallizer

Gebler, J.; Pruska, J.; Legner, M., 1992:
Continuous boiling of massecuites. 3. Control of a continuous vacuum pan

Gebler, J.; Bubnik, Z., 1993:
Continuous boiling of massecuites. 4. Results of measurements

Kishihara, S.; Fujii, S.; Tamaki, H.; Kim, K.B.; Wakiuchi, N.; Yamamoto, T., 1992:
Continuous chromatographic separation of sucrose, glucose and fructose using a simulated moving-bed adsorber

Wolters, G.M.V.H., 1993:
Continuous cleaning

Ciocon, J.O.; Galindo-Ciocon, D.J.; Tiessen, C.; Galindo, D., 1992:
Continuous compared with intermittent tube feeding in the elderly

Kalashnik, V.; Mazukha, A., 1991:
Continuous control of lighting according to a predetermined programme

Jimenez Mejias, M.E.; Moreno Maqueda, I.; Regordan, C.; Artola Igarza, J.L., 1993:
Continuous derivation of cerebrospinal fluid and meningitis by Candida parapsilosis. Treatment with fluconazole

Richomme, Y.; Mamma, D., 1992:
Continuous determination of total organic carbon

Hackett, G.E.; Uhlinger C.; Mitchell, R.; McCashin, F.B.; Conboy, S., 1992:
Continuous deworming programs, part 1

Cheng, L.N.; Zhu, W.X.; Han, Y.; Xu, S.M.; Ma, J.W.; Ou, Y.F., 1992:
Continuous ethanol fermentation by immobilized cells in external circulating fluidized-bed reactor at a pilot plant scale

Kallel-Mhiri, H.E.gasser, J.; Miclo, A., 1993:
Continuous ethyl acetate production by Kluyveromyces fragilis on whey permeate

Gobbetti, M.; Rossi, J., 1993:
Continuous fermentation with free-growing and immobilized multistarters to get a kefir production pattern

Kulozik, U.; Kessler, H.G., 1991:
Continuous fermentative lactic acid production in a tubular reactor

Nielsen, A.K., 1992:
Continuous filling/pre-pressing system for cheeses with round or slit-shaped (fish-shaped) holes

Farran, A.; D.P.blo, J.; Hernandez, S., 1992:
Continuous flow determination of organophosphorus pesticides using solid phase extraction coupled on-line with high performance chromatography

Keum, D.H., 1991:
Continuous flow rice drying using simulation resident and tempering time effects

Schreiber, H., 1992:
Continuous genetic alteration in the B-locus of barley controlling lemma and pericarp colour

Emile, J.C.; Gillet, M.; Ghesquiere, M.; Charrier, X., 1992 :
Continuous grazing of tall fescue by dairy cattle: improving production by using a variety selected for palatability

Allgood, M.; Vellidis, G.A.lison, J.; Perry, C.; Kvien, C., 1993:
Continuous in-process determination of moisture loss from curing peanuts

Weintraub, M.; Rassin, T.; Eisenberg, S.; Ringel, Y.; Grosskopf, I.; Iaina, A.; Charach, G.; Liron, M.; Rubinstein, A., 1994:
Continuous intravenous heparin administration in humans causes a decrease in serum lipolytic activity and accumulation of chylomicrons in circulation

Dodeja, A.K.; Abichandani, H.; Sarma, S.C.; Dharam Pal, 1992:
Continuous khoa making system - design, operation and performance

Kulozik, U.; Kessler, H.G., 1992:
Continuous lactic acid production in a stirred tank reactor with cell retention: effect of the dilution rate on volumetric production

Fiedler, S., 1993:
Continuous long-term measurement of redox potential in hydromorphic soils

Payne, J.H., 1992:
Continuous low grade centrifugals

Kawanari, M.; Okamoto, K.; Honda, Y.; Hukushima, M., 1992:
Continuous manufacture of butter using high-fat cream and its physical properties

Zoerb, G.; Moore, G.; Burrow, R., 1993:
Continuous measurement of grain moisture content during harvest

Janal, R.; Hevr, M.; Pilz, Z.; Svasta, J., 1993:
Continuous method of detection of milk and health conditions of dairy cows

Kreuzer, K., 1991:
Continuous microwave heating of milk samples during serial analysis

Anonymous, 1994:
Continuous milking - the future for dairy farming?

Swerts, M.; Uytterhoeven, G.; Merckx, R.; Vlassak, K., 1992:
Continuous monitoring of N2O and N2 production in soil cores

Chandramauli, R., 1992:
Continuous pan brief note on design and performance of 'B' massecuite production

Thomson, S.; Smith, M., 1992:
Continuous position and speed sensor for center pivot sprinkler systems

Ostergaard, B., 1992:
Continuous pre-press in cheesemaking

Laimay, F., 1992:
Continuous process for the washing of proteins, and equipment for the implementation of this process

Scheunemann, C., 1991:
Continuous production of dwarf French beans with staged cropping

Zhang, H.; Li, F.C.; Zhang, S.L.; Ding, X.J., 1992:
Continuous production of invert sugar by immobilized proliferous cells in magnetic field fluidized bed reactor

Kadantseva N.S.; Markvichev N.S.; Manakov M.N.; Rakitin V.Yu; Karpov A.M., 1991:
Continuous production of lactic acid in a membrane bioreactor

Kopylov, V.I., 1991:
Continuous production of strawberries in the Crimea

Ramakrishna, S.V.; Jamuna, R.; Emery, A.N., 1992:
Continuous production of thermostable alpha -amylase by immobilized bacillus cells in a fluidized-bed reactor

Anonymous, 1994:
Continuous quality improvement: a managerial guide for the hospitality industry

Zagatti, P.; Rochat, D.; Berthier, A.; Nadarajan, L., 1993:
Continuous rearing of the palm weevil Rhynchophorus palmarum (L.) in the laboratory

Isensee, E.; Luth, H.G., 1992:
Continuous recording of soil density

Miao, Y.; Sumikawa, O.; Wu, S.; Glova, A.D.; Chang, S.W.; Feng, C.P.; Yoshizaki, S., 1994:
Continuous separation characteristics of a conical-type paddy separator

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Continuous sheep milk production in Mediterranean regions. 1. A preliminary feeding trial on lactating ewes during the hot season in dry areas

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Continuous shoot proliferation of Dendrocalamus strictus in stationary liquid cultures

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Continuous submarginal phosphorus with broilers and the effect of preslaughter transportation: carcass defects, further-processing yields, and tibia-femur integrity

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Continuous synchronization of cows under practical conditions

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Continuous vacuum pan for 'A' massecuite boiling - a first of its kind in India

Klepal, J.; Kucera, J., 1993:
Continuous vacuum pans from the firm ZVU a.s. and experience with their operation

Klepal, J.; Kucera, J., 1993:
Continuous vacuum pans of the firm ZVU and evaluation of their operation

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Continuous vaporized sulphur burner: a novel design approach for controlled sulphur burning

Smith, R., 1992:
Continuous vertical crystallizers for the sugar industry

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Continuous working system for milk production and herd reproduction management

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Continuous yoghurt culturing process. 2. Continuous main culturing

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Continuous-flow fast atom bombardment liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry of carotenoids

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Continuously elevated concentrations of oxytocin during milking are necessary for complete milk removal in dairy cows

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Contortylenchus genitalicola n. sp. (Tylenchida: Allantonematidae) from the Japanese pine sawyer, Monochamus alternatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

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Contour 'V' ditch - a new technqiue in forest plantation

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Contour hedgerow technology in the Philippines : not yet sustainable

Zanten, J.E.V. van, 1992:
Contours of a strategy

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Contraception and prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents and young adults in Uganda

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Contraceptive use in Matlab, Bangladesh in 1990: levels, trends, and explanations

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Contraceptive use in Matlab, Bangladesh: the role of gender preference

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Contract choice in modern agriculture: cash rent versus cropshare

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Contract farming and female rice growers in the Gambia

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Contract farming and its impact on small farmers in less developed countries

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Contract farming in Africa: an application of the new institutional economics

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Contract farming in the Federal German food industry - agricultural policy assessment and research requirements

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Contractile characteristics of the flexor muscle of mice infected with Trichinella spiralis, T. nativa or T. pseudospiralis

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Contracting leisure management: an antidote to bureaucracy

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Contractor equipment maintenance: problems and opportunities

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Contracts for biodiversity prospecting

Simpson, R.D.; Sedjo, R.A., 1992:
Contracts for transferring rights to indigenous genetic resources

Broughton, J.C.; Overby, J.O., 1993:
Contracts: clinical training in therapeutic recreation

Janicki, A.M., 1991:
Contractures of the stifle joint in dogs - surgical correction of two cases

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Contralateral cranial cruciate ligament rupture: incidence in 114 dogs

Sen T.B.; Banerjee A.K., 1992:
Contrast radiography in the determination of the terminal bowel in atresia ani et recti in calves

Abernethy, B.; Burgess Limerick, R.; Parks, S., 1994:
Contrasting approaches to the study of motor expertise

Kolmes, S.A.; Dennehy, T.J.; Sam, Y., 1994:
Contrasting behavior of twospotted spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) on discontinuous residues of a pyrethroid and a chlorinated hydrocarbon acaricide

Mendis, K.N., 1992:
Contrasting clinical disease in Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum malaria, and the association of both with cytokines

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Contrasting diaspore and vegetation attributes of grasses from natural and disturbed habitats in an urban eucalypt forest reserve

Martin D.J.; Stewart B.G., 1991:
Contrasting dough surface properties of selected wheats

Groth, J.V.; Ozmon, E.A., 1994:
Contrasting effects of asexual reproduction and random mating on changes in virulence frequency in a field collection of Uromyces appendiculatus

Lillehoj, H.S.; Nichols, M., 1993:
Contrasting effects of dexamethasone on host immunity to E. acervulina infection in two genetically disparate inbred lines of chickens

Lösel, P.M.; Guerin, P.M.; Diehl, P.A., 1993:
Contrasting effects of sera from rabbits and cattle infested with ticks on the in vitro feeding performance of the tick Rhipicephalus appendiculatus

Peterson, C.J.; Facelli, J.M., 1992:
Contrasting germination and seedling growth of Betula alleghaniensis and Rhus typhina subjected to various amounts and types of plant litter

Soulsby, C., 1993:
Contrasting hydrological regimes in two ploughed forest soils in upland Wales

Kubota, A.; Johansen, C.; Ae, N.; Arihara, J.; Okada, K., 1993:
Contrasting phosphorus responses of pigeonpea genotypes differing in maturity duration

E.Ghonemy, M.R., 1993:
Contrasting rural development strategy: Morocco and Libya

Martin, H.W.; Graetz, D.A.; Locascio, S.J.; Hensel, D.R., 1994:
Contrasts of nitrapyrin, dicyandiamide, and isobutylidene diurea effects on total inorganic soil nitrogen

Anonymous, 1992:
Contribuciones para el Estudio de la Pesca Artesanal en America Latina. Proceedings of the Mini-Symposium on Small-Scale Fisheries of the 46th International Congress of Americanists, 4-8 July 1988, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Panari, G.; Corradini, C., 1993:
Contribution for analytical characterization of chymosin produced by fermentation of microorganisms

Cavaleiro, C.; Roque, O.; Cunha, A.-Da, 1993:
Contribution for the characterization of Portuguese fennel chemotypes

Paz de Erickson, A.M., 1991:
Contribution of AIBDA to professional development through its Inter-American Meetings

Anonymous, 1993:
Contribution of Austrian agriculture to nutrition

Lange, M.; Champagne, C.P.; Goulet, J., 1994:
Contribution of Lactococcus lactis var. lactis biovar. diacetylactis to the browning of Brie and Camembert-type cheeses

Fujimura, T., 1993:
Contribution of agricultural chemicals to agricultural productivity

Khan, F.S., 1991:
Contribution of agroforestry towards the socio-economic development of Charsadda District, NWFP (Pakistan)

Gijzen, H.J.; Barugahare, M., 1992:
Contribution of anaerobic protozoa and methanogens to hindgut metabolic activities of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana

Valyasevi, A.; Winichagoon, P., 1992:
Contribution of animals to meet human nutritional needs in rural Asia

Cohn, J.S.; Johnson, E.J.; Millar, J.S.; Cohn, S.D.; Milne, R.W.; Marcel, Y.L.; Russell, R.M.; Schaefer, E.J., 1993:
Contribution of apoB-48 and apoB-100 triglyceride-rich lipoproteins (TRL) to postprandial increases in the plasma concentration of TRL triglycerides and retinyl esters

Zafar, S.I.; Ulfat Naheed; Abdullah, N.; Yasin, M., 1989:
Contribution of basidiomycete fungi in the natural process of biodegradation of wood in forest stands

Wortmann, Charles S., 1993:
Contribution of bean morphological characteristics to weed suppression

Moussa, M.A.; Skaik, M.B.; Selwanes, S.B.; Yaghy, O.Y.; Bin-Othman, S.A., 1994:
Contribution of body fat and fat pattern to blood pressure level in school children

Fiss, C.F.; Wilton, J.W., 1993:
Contribution of breed, cow weight, and milk yield to the preweaning, feedlot, and carcass traits of calves in three beef breeding systems

Mishovich, M.; Koiich, L.; Ivanovich, M.; Mishevich, D.; Shatarich, I.; Trifunovich, B.V., 1994:
Contribution of breeding to increase in yield

Genon, J.G.; Dufey, J.E., 1991:
Contribution of clay and organic matter to the cation exchange capacity of soils of southeast Belgium

Owen, R.K.ondl, M.C.ima, A., 1992:
Contribution of consumed home-delivered meals to dietary intake of elderly women

Rey, B., 1993:
Contribution of crossbred goats to milk production and social welfare in Burundi

Cruzan, M.B.; Barrett, S.C.H., 1993:
Contribution of cryptic incompatibility to the mating system of Eichhornia paniculata (Pontederiaceae)

Voskerusa, J., 1993:
Contribution of different alkenylglucosinolates in the glucosinolate fraction of rape seed

Pacyna, J.M., 1992:
Contribution of elements to the atmosphere from natural sources

Scholten, J.J., 1992:
Contribution of environmental impact assessment to decision-making: experiences from the Netherlands

Kromhout, D.; Bueno de Mesquita, H.B.; Hertog, M.G.L., 1993:
Contribution of epidemiology in elucidating the role of foods in cancer prevention

Kabir, H., 1992:
Contribution of factors to sugarcane productivity differential between large and small farms in an area of Bangladesh

Conroy, C., 1994:
Contribution of farm forestry to rural livelihoods: a case study from E. Gujarat

Nestel, P.J., 1993:
Contribution of fats and fatty acids to performance of the elite athlete

Mcnatt, J.; Bach, L.W.llwood, R., 1992:
Contribution of flake alignment to performance of strandboard

O.G.rro, L.W.; Tudor, S., 1994:
Contribution of four races of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria to bacterial spot in Barbados

Elbez, G.; Jodin, P., 1992:
Contribution of gluing to the development of reconstituted glue laminated wood

Terrettaz, J.; Jeanrenaud, B., 1990:
Contribution of glycerol and alanine to basal hepatic glucose production in the genetically obese (fa/fa) rat

Andriantsimahavandy, A.; Michel, P.; Rasolofonirina, N.; Roux, J., 1993:
Contribution of immunology in chromomycosis diagnosis in Madagascar

Bertochio, F.; Audiot, A.; Flamant, J.C., 1992:
Contribution of individual animals to herd production. An analysis of the evaluation of cows of different genetic types in dairy herds in the Aspe Valley

Keogh, M.K., 1993:
Contribution of ingredients and their interactions to the stability of a water-in-oil emulsion

Zhang, H.; Zhang, X.N., 1992:
Contribution of iron and aluminium oxides to electrokinetic characteristics of variable charge soils in relation to surface charge

Sharma, P.; Ghildiyal, M.C., 1992:
Contribution of leaf and pod photosynthesis to seed yield in mustard, J.; Basco, L.K.; Cremer, G.; Charmot, G., 1992:
Contribution of molecular genetics to the understanding of drug resistance in Plasmodium falciparum

Anonymous, 1993:
Contribution of nature conservation and forestry to the preservation of forest gene resources

Gauquelin, T.; Fromard, F.; Badri, W.; Dagnac, J., 1992:
Contribution of nutrient elements to the soil from litter, rainfall and throughfall in a Juniperus thurifera wood in the western High Atlas, Morocco

Papaparaskeva Petrides, C.; Ioannides, C.; Walker, R., 1993:
Contribution of phenolic acid and quinonoid structures in the mutagenicity of the edible mushroom Agaricus bisporus

Covey, S.N.; Turner, D.S.; Stratford, R.; Saunders, K.; Lucy, A.; Riseborough, S.; Ray, P., 1991:
Contribution of plant and virus genes to cauliflower mosaic virus pathogenicity

Chauhan, S.P.S.; Verma, O.S.; Varshney, J.G., 1993:
Contribution of production factors on groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) yield in central Uttar Pradesh

Srivastava, G.P.; Srivastava, V.C., 1992:
Contribution of production factors on growth and yield of chickpea (Cicer arietinum)

Bhargava, S.S.; Jadhav, A.S.; Gupta, D.K.; Shaikh, A.A.; Harinarayana, G., 1991:
Contribution of production parameters to yield of rainfed pearl millet

Ochatt, S.; Patat Ochatt, E.M., 1993:
Contribution of protoplast technology in breeding woody species

Mullin, B.; Abawi, G.; Pastor-Corrales, M.; Kornegay, J., 1991:
Contribution of root and shoot tissues of Phaseolus vulgaris to Meloidogyne incognita resistance

Patra, N.K.; Sharma, S.; Ram, R.S., 1991:
Contribution of several plant traits to citral content in lemongrass (Cymbopogon spp.)

Hardie, J., 1991:
Contribution of sex pheromone to mate location and reproductive isolation in aphid species (Homoptera: Aphidinea)

Renou, M.; Lucas, P., 1993:
Contribution of single sensillum recordings to the understanding of pheromone communication in Lepidoptera

Simonsen, L.; Stallknecht, B.; Bülow, J., 1993:
Contribution of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue to adrenaline-induced thermogenesis in man

Obled, C.; Arnal, M., 1992:
Contribution of skin to whole-body protein synthesis in rats at different stages of maturity

Vrkoc, F., 1992:
Contribution of some factors to the development of crop production in the CSFR

Rekik, B.; Allaire, F.R., 1993:
Contribution of stayability to the accuracy of selection for improved production value and herd life

Birkhold, K.T.; Darnell, R.L., 1993:
Contribution of storage and currently assimilated nitrogen to vegetative and reproductive growth of rabbiteye blueberry

Ruget, F., 1993:
Contribution of storage reserves during grain-filling of maize in northern European conditions

Iwamoto, S.; Utsunomiya, A.; Oishi, O.; Shimohara, T.; Ishibashi, R., 1992:
Contribution of straw burning and volcano to airborne particulate in unpolluted areas - case study in Fukuoka Prefecture

Opio, F., 1993:
Contribution of subsistence diets to farm household nutrient requirements in the Pacific

Burygin, A.M., 1992:
Contribution of substrate material to the fertility of reclaimed lands: experience from the Kursk magnetic anomaly region

Talukdar, M.C.; Khera, M.S., 1991:
Contribution of surface and subsurface soil potassium to maize and bajra crops nutrition

Milczak, M., 1991:
Contribution of the Agricultural Academy in Lublin to progress in breeding hops

Papadopoulou, B.; Roy, G.; Dey, S.; Rosen, B.P.; Ouellette, M., 1994:
Contribution of the Leishmania P-glycoprotein-related gene ltpgpA to oxyanion resistance

Schmalz, H.; Khdir, K., 1992:
Contribution of the awns to grain yield in isogenic pairs of winter wheat lines

Vallerand, F.; Casabianca, F.; Santucci, P.M.; Bouche, R., 1992:
Contribution of the concept of organization for research/action upon Mediterranean livestock farming systems: pig and small-stock husbandry systems in Corsica

Doppler, W., 1993 :
Contribution of the farming systems approach to regional food security and rural infrastructure

Astana, S., 1990:
Contribution of the forestry subsector to the economic development of West Kalimantan

Autret, M., 1992:
Contribution of the health service to feeding and nutrition overseas

Kapuscinski, J.; Moczko, J., 1991:
Contribution of the heat flux in the soil to the structure of the heat balance of the active surface

Sumar, J., 1991:
Contribution of the radioimmunoassay technique to knowledge of the reproductive physiology of South American camelids

Hoste, C.H., 1992:
Contribution of trypanotolerant livestock to development in zones affected by African animal trypanosomiasis

Singh, A.K.; Sharma, H.M.; Sharma, R.P.R., 1992:
Contribution of various inputs in rape (Brassica napus) field of north Bihar

Fawaz, M.; Radwan, F.R., 1993:
Contribution of vertical agricultural development to food security in Egypt

Kunzi, H., 1992:
Contribution of visual appraisal to the economy of cattle breeding

Palo, V.; Polakova, A., 1994:
Contribution of water-soluble components of stored (barelled) ewe milk cheese to its palatability

Lim, N.Z. (Editor), 1993:
Contribution of women in cultural tourism

Burla, H.; Bachli, G., 1991:
Contribution on knowledge of substrates in which drosophilid species develop

Mohrig, W.; Dimitrova, B.; Mamaev, B., 1992:
Contribution on the sciarid fauna of Bulgaria (Dipt., Sciaridae)

Aleksiev, A., 1992:
Contribution to Bulgarian phytonematod fauna. I

Baudoin, J.P.; Camarena Mayta, F.; Schmit, V., 1992:
Contribution to a better understanding of the phyletic position of the food legume Phaseolus polyanthus Greenm

Sallin, C.; Baumann, E.; Butikofer, U.; Sieber, R.; Bosset, J.O., 1993:
Contribution to determination of oxidized sterols in milk and milk products. I. Possibilities and limits of RP-HPLC techniques

Tomasovicova, A., 1991:
Contribution to evaluation of distinctness and uniformity in some Czechoslovak varieties and newly-bred varieties of red clover

Villanueva, V.R.; Santerre, A., 1991:
Contribution to forest decline studies; biochemical effects of atmospheric pollution (acid rain) in (Picea abies)

Medvedev, L.N.; Okhrimenko, N.V., 1991:
Contribution to knowledge of leaf beetles of the genus Chrysolina Motsch. (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) in the Caucasus

Sharifnabi, B.; Hedjaroude, G.A., 1993:
Contribution to knowledge of smuts of Iran

Fernandes, I.M., 1990 :
Contribution to knowledge of the Coccoidea (Homoptera) of Portugal. I - Annotated list of the coccoids of the garden of the Zoological Centre

Galindo Flores, G.; Hernandez Cuevas, L.; Rodriguez Palma, M.; Estrada Torres, A., 1993:
Contribution to knowledge of the Myxomycetes of Lagunas de Zempoala National Park

Bartolo, G.; Brullo, S.; Minissale, P.; Spampinato, G., 1990:
Contribution to knowledge of the Quercus ilex forests of Sicily

Ortiz, P.L., 1990:
Contribution to knowledge of the apicultural flora of Cadiz province

Ventura, M.; Sansavini, S.; Buscaroli, C., 1993:
Contribution to knowledge of the genetic variability of national apple germplasm

Toth, S.; Gunther, R., 1992:
Contribution to knowledge of the hoverfly fauna of the north-west Caucasus (Diptera, Syrphidae)

Vlizlo, V.; Lewtschenko, W., 1992:
Contribution to liver diseases of beef bulls

Fernandez, I.; Martin Cacao, M.; Ortiz, P.L., 1992:
Contribution to melissopalynological knowledge of Sierra Morena

Goncalves, J.S.; Souza, S.A.M., 1993:
Contribution to regional analysis: changes in agriculture in Southeast Sao Paulo State, 1960-85

Moughli, L.; Westfall, D.G.; Bounif, M., 1992:
Contribution to soil-phosphorus test calibration for wheat in Morocco

Popovic, R.; Grubor, M., 1993:
Contribution to solving the problem of processing frozen beet and purification of the diffusion juice produced

Anand, V.K.; Sharma, S., 1991:
Contribution to the aquatic and marshy flora of Jammu (J & K) - a list of new records

Braga, F.J.H.N.; Abreu, C.M.; Abreu, P.R.; Camargo, E.E.; Rivitti, M.C.M.; Tedesco Marchesi, L.C.M.; Gambini, D.J.; Barritault, L., 1992:
Contribution to the beginning of a study of two infectious granulomatous disease (leprosy and mucocutaneous leishmaniosis) by scintigraphic methods

Benazoun, A., 1992:
Contribution to the biological study of the olive bark borer, Phloeotribus scarabaeoides Bern (Col. Scolytidae) in olive trees in the Taroudant region of Morocco

Mutombo, T., 1992:
Contribution to the care of malnourished children. Instance of the Protestant Hospital of Dabou

Karadzic, V.; Grbic, J.; Dosenovic, I., 1994:
Contribution to the comprehension of physical, chemical and fermentation properties of molasses from Yugoslav sugar factories

Sokol, P., 1988:
Contribution to the construction of forest roads damaged by landslides in the flysch region

Urban, J., 1993:
Contribution to the current status of our knowledge of salicicolous insects species in the osier plantations of Moravia

Richard, S.; Moalic, J.L.; Sauvagere, V.; Ribot, X.; Baratte, B., 1994:
Contribution to the determination of normal clinical blood values in a group of military horses

Takla, M., 1992:
Contribution to the diagnosis of coccidiosis in sheep

Balbo, S.M.; Bella, C. di; Piraino, C.; Vesco, G., 1991:
Contribution to the diagnosis of ovine toxoplasmosis

Zimmer, K.; Hurter, K.P.; Haas, B.; Haberkorn, B.; Jonas, D., 1992:
Contribution to the diagnosis of rabbit haemorrhagic disease and the European brown hare syndrome

Zitricky, M.; Konik, S.; Durecko, R.; Skok, M., 1993:
Contribution to the differential diagnosis of decreased milk fermentation

Josifov, M.V., 1992:
Contribution to the distribution of the Heteroptera in the Balkan Peninsula with notes on the synonymy of numerous mirid species (Insecta, Heteroptera)

Jayalakshmi, R.; Lakshmanan, K.K., 1992:
Contribution to the embryology of wild species of Arachis

Jacob, W.K.; Kuhn, H.; Kurschner, H.; Rabsch, W., 1993:
Contribution to the epidemiological analysis of Salmonella typhimurium infections in cattle - results of phage typing and biochemotyping in the region of eastern Thuringia from 1974 to 1991

Jacob, W.K.; Kurschner, H., 1993:
Contribution to the epidemiological analysis of Salmonella-infections in cattle - results of investigations in the region of eastern Thuringia from 1974 to 1992

Kourilova, J.; Kultan, V., 1990:
Contribution to the epidemiology of Campylobacter jejuni/coli

Ozbek, H.; Cetin, G., 1991:
Contribution to the fauna of Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) from eastern Anatolia along with some new records from Turkey

Bouzidi, A.; Giudicelli, J., 1986:
Contribution to the faunistic and ecological study of the blackflies (Diptera, Simuliidae) of Morocco. I. A new species from High Atlas: Simulium (Nevermannia) toubkal n. sp

Flament, J., 1992:
Contribution to the fight against vitamin A deficiency in the tropics

Liskova, M.; Sabova, M.; Valocka, B., 1993:
Contribution to the finding of the southern border of Xiphinema diversicaudatum (Micoletzky, 1927) Thorne, 1939 distribution range in the Slovak Republic

Schwarzova, T., 1993:
Contribution to the karyotaxonomy and evolution of some species of the genus Chenopodium L. (section Botryoides and Ambrina)

Garcia, A.; Triana, O.; Denis, B.; Hernandez, O., 1992:
Contribution to the knowledge about paper qualities from Cuban fibrous materials

Garcia Segura, S.; Garijo Alba, C.; Garcia Garcia, E.J., 1992:
Contribution to the knowledge and control of Parabemisia myricae (Kuwana, 1927) (Insecta: Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in Malaga (southern Spain)

Priore, R.; Ferrazzi, P., 1992:
Contribution to the knowledge of Apis mellifera L. foraging activity on the Campania flora. II. Leguminosae-Convolvulaceae

Castro, D.C.; Cicchino, A.C., 1990:
Contribution to the knowledge of Eulinognathus americanus Ewing, 1923 and E. torquatus Castro, 1982 (Phthiraptera, Anoplura, Polyplacidae)

Beaucournu Saguez, F.; Rivosecchi, L., 1982:
Contribution to the knowledge of Italian Simuliidae: XXIV. On the presence in the Western Alps (Val d'Aosta) of a species of the genus Twinnia (subfamily Gymnopaidinae)

Cagniant, H., 1991:
Contribution to the knowledge of Moroccan ants. Camponotus holldobleri n.sp. (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Landi, S., 1991:
Contribution to the knowledge of Otiorrhynchus salicicola Heyd. (Coleoptera Curculionidae)

Bene, G. del, 1991:
Contribution to the knowledge of Parthenolecanium pomeranicum (Kaw.) (Homoptera Coccidae), a species new to Italy

Boidin, J.; Lanquetin, P.; Gilles, G., 1993:
Contribution to the knowledge of Phanerochaetoideae in France (Basidiomycotina)

Belcari, A., 1989:
Contribution to the knowledge of Tephritidae (Diptera). V. Biological and morphological notes on Acidia cognata (Wied.) (Diptera, Tephritidae)

Pavan, G.; Palestrini, C.; Trevisan, E., 1990:
Contribution to the knowledge of Thorectes intermedius (Costa) larval stridulation (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Geotrupidae)

Badik, M., 1989:
Contribution to the knowledge of butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera) of the Pripor State Nature Reserve in the Mala Fatra National Park

Kulfan, M., 1989:
Contribution to the knowledge of butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera) of the Skalna Alpa State Nature Reserve in the Vel'ka Fatra Mountains

Calistru, G.; Damian, D., 1990:
Contribution to the knowledge of compatibility for yield between some vine rootstock cultivars grafted with cultivars of Vitis vinifera

Binazzi, A.; Covessi, M., 1991 :
Contribution to the knowledge of conifer aphids, XII. The genus Dreyfusia Boerner in Italy with the description of a new species (Homoptera Adelgidae)

Monreal, J.A.; Salvador, D.; Mansilla, J., 1992:
Contribution to the knowledge of defoliating insects of green oak (Q. ilex L.), in the province of Albacete

Cerezo, G.G., 1993:
Contribution to the knowledge of distribution and abundance of Parnassius apollo (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Sierra Nevada (Southern Spain)

Hernandez, H.M.; Godinez A.H., 1994:
Contribution to the knowledge of endangered Mexican cacti

Valladares, G., 1992:
Contribution to the knowledge of leaf-miners from the genus Calycomyza Hendel (Diptera: Agromyzidae), in Argentina. II

Nowacki, J., 1992:
Contribution to the knowledge of noctuid moths (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) of the Puszcza Romincka Forest

Oprea, M.; Fetoiu, A.; Podosu, A., 1992:
Contribution to the knowledge of pathogenic microflora in grapevine

Espanol, F.; Comas, J., 1991:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Anobiidae from southern Africa (Coleoptera: Bostrychoidea). First note

Alvarado, M.; Duran, J.M.; Serrano, A.; Rosa, A. de la, 1992:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Hessian fly, Mayetiola destructor Say in lower Andalucia

Vienna, P., 1988:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Histeridae (Coleoptera) of Ecuador

Durio, P.; Durante, G.; Sobrero, L., 1982:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Ixodoidea of Italy - Researches on the distribution of the ticks of Piemonte and Liguria

Rey del Castillo, C., 1989:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Lissonotini (Hym.,: Ichneumonidae) in Spain: I. Genera Alloplasta Foerster, 1868, Cryptopimpla Taschenberg, 1863 and new data about Syzeuctus Foerster, 1868

Simonyi, S., 1990:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Macrolepidoptera of the Alpar-Tiszakecske region

Oltra Moscardo, M.T.; Michelena Saval, J.M., 1988:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Microgastrinae of the Iberian Peninsula (Hym., Braconidae): IV. Lissogastrini

Marin, F.; Monserrat, V.J., 1989:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Neuroptera from Cantabria (Insecta: Neuropteroidea)

Diaz Aranda, L.M.; Monserrat, V.J., 1988:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Neuroptera of Jaen (Insecta, Neuropteroidea)

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Contribution to the knowledge of the Psocoptera (Insecta: Psocoptera) of Galicia

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Contribution to the knowledge of the amount of water in the soil during the growing period of the vine

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Contribution to the knowledge of the aphid fauna of Bolivia (Homoptera: Aphididae)

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Contribution to the knowledge of the neuropterans of Teruel (Insecta, Neuropteroidea)

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Contribution to the knowledge of the oribatids (Acari, Oribatei) of the province of Huesca, II. Pyrenean zone

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Contribution to the knowledge of the oribatids (Acari, Oribatei) of the province of Huesca, III. Monegros region

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Contribution to the knowledge of the orthopteran fauna of the Ukrainian Carpathians (Orthoptera)

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Contribution to the knowledge of the sphecid fauna of the province of Castellon II: Larrinae, Nyssoninae and Philanthinae (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)

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Contribution to the knowledge of the state of Guerrero (Mexico) ruderal flora

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Contribution to the knowledge of weeds in Tierra de Barros (Badajoz)

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Contribution to the knowledge of weeds occurring in cereal crops in Badajoz

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Contribution to the knowledge on the chromosome numbers of the genera Sechium P. Br. and Sicana Naudin (Cucurbitaceae)

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Contribution to the marine flora of Milos Island, Cyclades, Greece. I. Uptake of heavy metals by marine phaeophyta

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Contribution to the methodology of calculating the economic damage threshold with particular reference to Sciaphobus squalidus Gyll

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Contribution to the micropropagation of triploid watermelon

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Contribution to the millipede fauna of Bulgaria (Diplopoda)

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Contribution to the mollusc fauna of Unterfranken, II. The molluscs of the nature reserve Klingelbachschlucht near Triefenstein, district Main-Spessart, Germany

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Contribution to the occurrence of infection of zoo mammals with influenzavirus type A

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Contribution to the pathobiochemistry of furazolidone-induced oxidative toxicity in chickens

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Contribution to the phenology of the elm leaf beetle (Xanthogaleruca luteola Muell.)

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Contribution to the philosophy of nature: mechanisms of self pollination in the sour cherry cultivar utowka

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Contribution to the production of the monographs of the African Pharmacopoeia. Research on morphological and anatomical structures of medicinal plants

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Contribution to the sciarid fauna of Bulgaria (Diptera, Sciaridae). II

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Contribution to the selection of forage in the Andean region of Colombia

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Contribution to the static effect of the UNIMONT joint

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Contribution to the studies on magnesium requirements of fattening chickens

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Contribution to the study of Salvia lavandulifolia essential oil: potential toxicity attributable to sabinyl acetate

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Contribution to the study of Viscum album L. subsp. austriacum (Wiesb.) Vollman populations in forest areas of Avila Province (Spain)

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Contribution to the study of barley yellow dwarf virus in the Souss-Massa region of Morocco

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Contribution to the study of food supply and nutritional survey in collective restaurants

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Contribution to the study of honey bee-transgenic oilseed rape interactions

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Contribution to the study of host parasite relationships between banana Musa acuminata (Group AAA) and three plant parasitic nematodes: Radopholus similis, Helicotylenchus multicinctus and Hoplolaimus pararobustus

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Contribution to the study of marigold (Tagetes sp.) flower traits

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Contribution to the study of mechanized soil tillage in fruit plantations

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Contribution to the study of mutual sucking behaviour in dairy heifers

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Contribution to the study of phytosanitary products acaricides and insecticides in grapes

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Contribution to the study of representatives of the family Carabidae (Coleoptera) in Bulgaria. II

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Contribution to the study of string-bean and bean susceptibility to Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola (Burkholder) Young, Dye and Wilkie

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Contribution to the study of sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) clonal lots in the province of Havana. II. Associations and independence of variables in multidimensional spaces

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Contribution to the study of the Black Canary pig

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Contribution to the study of the ants from the Gibraltar Strait Region, and their biogeographical interest (Hym., Formicidae)

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Contribution to the study of the effect of various meteorological factors on production and quality of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) fibres

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Contribution to the study of the essential oil of Thuja occidentalis L

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Contribution to the study of the fertility of soils of the island of Santiago

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Contribution to the study of the haemocyte tissue and circulating cells in Lymnaea truncatula Muller (a pulmonate gastropod mollusc). Impact of parasitism and iridovirosis

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Contribution to the study of the microbial flora of Gorgonzola cheese

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Contribution to the study of the phyletic relationships within the Phaseolus vulgaris L.-Phaseolus coccineus L.-Phaseolus polyanthus Greenm. complex

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Contribution to the study of variability of Crinipellis perniciosa (Stahel) Singer, a causal agent of cocoa witches' broom

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Contribution to the study of wind in relation to wind erosion in Nefzaoua (Southwest Tunisia)

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Contribution to the taxonomy of some genera of paramormiine moth flies (Diptera, Psychodidae) with description of a new genus Karakovounimerus.

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Contribution to the theme of systematic sampling in forest inventory

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Contribution to the understanding of plant communities in the Chaqueno Serrano woodlands in the province of Cordoba, Argentina

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Contribution to the use of mating disruption to control the pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders) on cotton

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Contribution towards the knowledge of the chemical composition of growing species from moist meadows

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Contributions concerning the possibility of using silica gel as a drying agent of seeds

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Contributions of Atwater and USDA to knowledge of nutrient requirements

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Contributions of French veterinaries to the knowledge and eradication of vine phylloxera

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Contributions of agricultural finance to agricultural development in Taiwan

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Contributions of agroecosystems to global climate change

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Contributions of animal nutrition to lowering environmental impact

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Contributions of animal products to the vitamin intakes of Americans

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Contributions of dent corn germplasm to stalk and root quality in sweet corn

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Contributions of dietary calcium and physical activity to primary prevention of osteoporosis in females

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Contributions of epidemiology in understanding plant resistance to parasitic attacks

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Contributions of forest industries to rural community development in Nigeria

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Contributions of forest inventory and yield study for a forestry information system

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Contributions of plant breeding to future cropping systems

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Contributions of social sciences to multiple-use management: an update

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Contributions of women and household members to the economy in rural areas

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Contributions to a knowledge of the family Miridae of North Korea (Heteroptera)

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Contributions to a knowledge of the family Pipunculidae of North Korea (Diptera)

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Contributions to forest valuation theory

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Contributions to herbicide residue determination in water as precondition for ecological agriculture

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Contributions to hydrological research

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Contributions to improving the methodology of evaluating resistance in wheat varieties to Fusarium infection of the ear

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Contributions to knowledge of the structure of the vegetative apparatus in some species of Solanum L

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Contributions to soil geography

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Contributions to the study of the mitochondrial genome of a cytoplasmic hybrid of Brassica napus X Raphanus sativus and its relation to male sterility

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Control and avoidance of soil compaction in practice

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Control and damage threshold values for powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis DC) on cereals

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Control and eradication of Aujeszky's disease in EEC-countries

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Control and management in the automatic milking system dairy farm

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Control and management of Easter lily diseases

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Control and management of factors affecting the reproductive performance of small ruminants in the tropics

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Control and prevention of scabies

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Control and prophylaxis of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Middle Asia republics of the former USSR

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Control and surveillance of filariasis in Guangdong Province

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Control by light of hypocotyl elongation and levels of endogenous gibberellins in seedlings of Lactuca sativa L

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Control computer-operated unit in the system with tensometric scales and large-area display to control preparation and distribution of liquid feed through the pipeline distribution for pigs

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Control effects of Apitol against Varroa jacobsoni Oud. in Korea

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Control effects of machine oil emulsion on scale insects and mites on Citrus

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Control for rate of seed development and seed yield potential in soybean

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Control in dairy products

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Control indicators for the examination of pork for Trichinella spiralis by the acid-pepsin digestion method

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Control information on the farm

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Control measures against root rot in forest nurseries

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Control measures relating to quarantine pests and diseases in the free market of the European Community, post 1992

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Control mechanisms to reduce fertilizer nitrogen movement into groundwater

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Control methods for Anoplophora malasiaca (Thomson)(Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in citrus groves. I. Comparison of effects in several methods for preventing oviposition

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Control of Aedes albopictus larvae using time-release larvicide formulations in Louisiana

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Control of Aedes dorsalis with sustained-release methoprene pellets in a saltwater marsh

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Control of Africa's floating water weeds. Proceedings of a workshop held in Harare, Zimbabwe, on 24-27 June 1991

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Control of African cassava mosaic geminivirus by using virus-free planting material

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Control of Alternaria alternata by Clerodendrum aculeatum

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Control of Alternaria and melanose on citrus using chlorothalonil and cupric hydroxide

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Control of Alternaria black pod disease of bean in Southwestern Ontario, Canada

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Control of Alternaria diseases of brassica seed crops caused by Alternaria brassicae and Alternaria brassicicola with ground and aerial fungicide applications

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Control of Alternaria infection of fruit of apple cultivar Nittany with calcium chloride and fungicides

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Control of Aphanocladium spot of Agaricus and Pleurotus

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Control of Apion soleatum Wagner (Coleoptera: Apionidae) on cotton: preliminary results

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Control of Atrijuglans hetaohei Yang (Lep.: Heliodinidae) with diflubenzuron

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Control of Bathurst burr (Xanthium spinosum) in irrigated soybeans in southern New South Wales

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Control of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) on poinsettia with granular aldicarb

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Control of Bemisia tabaci and the potential of Paecilomyces fumosoroseus as a biopesticide

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Control of Bihar hairy caterpillar, Spilosoma obliqua Walker (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) on soybean

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Control of Botrytis cinerea in cut rose flowers by gibberellic acid, ethylene inhibitors and calcium

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Control of Botrytis on grape and residues in wine

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Control of Botrytis spp. in tulip with reduced input of chemical crop protection

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Control of Brachyplatys sp. on Gliricidia shade trees of cocoa at Aek Pancur estate

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Control of Candida albicans vaginitis in mice by short-duration butoconazole treatment in situ

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Control of Chagas' disease vectors

Huang, J.W., 1994:
Control of Chinese leek rust with a plant nutrient formulation

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Control of Chromolaena odorata (L.) R.M. King and H. Robinson by planting signalgrass (Brachiaria decumbens stapf)

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Control of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and Geotrichum candidum through action of Trichoderma viride and commercial fungicides

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Control of Colorado Potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) in Poland

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Control of Conopia hector Butler by painting insecticides on the wound scar

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Control of Cuscuta with herbicides in onion

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Control of Dactylogyrus inversus parasitizing the gills of cultured sea bass, Lateolabrax japonicus

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Control of Ditylenchus sp. on sweet potato using 5% Jingxianling G

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Control of Epinotia granitalis (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) with Paecilomyces spp. on cotton bands wrapped on the trunks of Cryptomeria japonica

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Control of Eurasian watermilfoil using triclopyr

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Control of Frankliniella occidentalis with Orius majusculus: experiences during the first full season of commercial use in the UK

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Control of Glossina tachinoides in Benin, with particular reference to deltamethrin-impregnated tyre traps

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Control of Gnomonia erythrostoma (Pers.) Auersw. on cherry. III. The effect of treatments on cherry cracking

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Control of Haematobia irritans on dairy cattle with an auto-application dust bag containing coumaphos

Salawu, E.O., 1992:
Control of Heterodera sacchari by ethoprop and carbofuran

Caubel, G.; Muchembled, C., 1991:
Control of Heterodera schachtii using nematicides or trap plants of the family Cruciferae

Li, L.Z.; Cui, Y.S.; Yan, J.; Zhou, X.S.; Guo, Z.H.; Yang, H.P.; Jiang, Z.L., 1992:
Control of Holotrichia diomphalia by Beauveria spp. and Metarhizium anisopliae.

Vercambre, B., 1991:
Control of Hoplochelus marginalis (white grubs) on sugarcane

Leng, T.; Maclean, R.J., 1992:
Control of Imperata cylindrica and Ischaemum muticum with glyphosate using CDA technique

Lo, N.P., 1992:
Control of Ischaemum rugosum and other grasses in direct seeded rice

Cranwell, M.P., 1993:
Control of Johne's disease in a flock of sheep by vaccination

Erasmus, D.J.; Maggs, K.A.R.; Biggs, H.C.; Zeller, D.A.; Bell, R.S., 1993:
Control of Lantana camara in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, and subsequent vegetation dynamics

Gupta, A.; Prabhu, K.A., 1993:
Control of Leuconostoc contamination in the sugar industry

Campanini, M.; Pedrazzoni, I.; Barbuti, S.; Baldini, P., 1992:
Control of Listeria monocytogenes in meat products by a strain of Lactobacillus plantarum

Tompkin, R.B.; Christiansen, L.N.; Shaparis, A.B.; Baker, R.L.; Schroeder, J.M., 1992:
Control of Listeria monocytogenes in processed meats

Siti, E., 1992:
Control of Maladera larvae attacking groundnuts

Lhaloui, S.; Buschman, L.; Bouhssini, M.E.; Starks, K.; Keith, D.; Houssaini, K.E., 1992:
Control of Mayetiola species (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) with carbofuran in bread wheat, durum wheat and barley with yield loss assessment and its economic analysis

Cuadra, R.; Aguilera, C.; Perez, J.A., 1990:
Control of Meloidogyne incognita by crop rotation and fallow

Kaul, V.K.; Chhabra, H.K., 1993:
Control of Meloidogyne incognita by incorporation of organic wastes

Cuadra, R.; Aguilera, C.; Perez, J.A., 1990:
Control of Meloidogyne incognita with the nematicides DD and heterofos

Vargas, R.; Acosta, N.; Monllor, A.; Betancourt, C., 1992:
Control of Meloidogyne spp. with Pasteuria penetrans (Thorne) Sayre and Starr

Bennettova, B.; Krecek, J.; Bennettova, R.J., 1989:
Control of Monomorium pharaonis by methoprene

Kocisova, A., 1992:
Control of Musca domestica under regional conditions

Intapan, P.; Kaewkes, S.; Maleewong, W., 1992:
Control of Opisthorchis viverrini cercariae using the copepod Mesocyclops leuckarti

Beard, M.L.; Rose, S.T.; Barnes, A.M.; Montenieri, J.A., 1992:
Control of Oropsylla hirsuta, a plague vector, by treatment of prairie dog burrows with 0.5% permethrin dust

Milner, R.J.; Hartley, T.R.; Lutton, G.G.; Prior, C., 1994:
Control of Phaulacridium vittatum (Sjostedt) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in field cages using an oil-based spray of Metarhizium flavoviride Gams and Rozsypal (Deuteromycotina: Hyphomycetes)

Chauhan, V.B.; Singh, U.P., 1991:
Control of Phytophthora blight of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp.) by metalaxyl

Simons, J.N.; Simons, J.E.; Simons, J.L.; Winsberg, T., 1990:
Control of Phytophthora crown rot in bell pepper with directed sprays of metalaxyl

Jansen, A.C.M.; Kruistum, G. van, 1992:
Control of Phytophthora cryptogea and wet rot bacteria when forcing witloof on water

Bol, V. van; Decamps, C.; Maraite, H.; Peeters, A., 1993:
Control of Phytophthora infestans in potato crops. Test of methods usable in organic farming

E.B.hi, M.M.; Hassan, M.G.; E.S.ify, M.A., 1992:
Control of Pleurodonte orbiculata snails by different chemicals used in the field

Scheepens, P.C.; Hoogerbrugge, A., 1990:
Control of Prunus serotina in forests with the endemic fungus Chondrostereum purpureum

Buysens, S.; Hofte, M.; Poppe, J., 1993:
Control of Pythium spp. in nutrient film technique systems with fluorescent pseudomonads

Sparacino, A.C.; Tano, F.; Ferro, R.; Riva, N., 1993:
Control of Rubus spp. growing on banks of irrigation channels and flooded rice fields

Screedevi, P.; Thomas, C.G., 1993:
Control of Saccolepis interrupta (Wild) Stapf in dry seeded rice in Kerala

Orphanides, G.M., 1993:
Control of Saissetia oleae (Hom.: Coccidae) in Cyprus through establishment of Metaphycus bartletti and M. helvolus (Hym.: Encyrtidae)

Meyer, H.; Steinbach, G.; Methner, U., 1993:
Control of Salmonella infections in livestock - basis for a reduction of Salmonella contaminations in food

Room, P.M.; Gunatilaka, G.A.; Shivanathan, P.; Fernando, I.V.S., 1990:
Control of Salvinia molesta in Sri Lanka by Cyrtobagous salviniae

Wilps, H.; Nasseh, O.; Krall, S.; Kabo, O., 1992:
Control of Schistocerca gregaria adults in the area of new preparations and methods

Huang, X.T., 1992:
Control of Sclerotinia rot in sunflower

Shen, W.Z., 1992:
Control of Sclerotinia rot of rape (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum de Bary) with 40% carbendazim LS

Delgado de Kallman, L.; Arbelaez Torres, G., 1990:
Control of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib) de Bary in chrysanthemum and snap bean with different isolates of Trichoderma and with fungicides

Peres, A.; Allard, L.M.; Penaud, A.; Regnault, Y., 1992:
Control of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum on sunflower

Perera, E.; Garcia, J.L.; Tschiedel, I.; Ventosa, B.; Gonzalez, L.A.; Lago, E.; Lopez, T.; Osa, J. de la, 1990:
Control of Sigatoka disease on banana with the systemic fungicide Falimorph 66.2% under production conditions

Ahmad Faiz, M.A., 1992:
Control of Stenochlaena palustris under rubber

Carson, A.G.; Kunjo, E.M., 1991:
Control of Striga in the Gambia

Beevi, N.D.; Natarajan, K., 1991:
Control of Tetranychus ludeni Zacher on bhendi

Nihoul, P.; Impe, G. van, 1991:
Control of Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae) with Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot (Acari: Phytoseiidae) in tomato crops under glass

Saito, T., 1992:
Control of Thrips palmi and Bemisia tabaci by a mycoinsecticidal preparation of Verticillium lecanii

Ruisinger, M.; Backhaus, G.F., 1994:
Control of Trialeurodes vaporariorum and Bemisia tabaci with Encarsia formosa in stock cultures of Euphorbia pulcherrima

Lamberti, F.; Landriscina, S.; Ciancio, A.; Catalano, L., 1993:
Control of Xiphinema diversicaudatum, nematode vector of SLRV on peach in Piedmont

Williams, D.F.; Vail, K.M., 1994:
Control of a natural infestation of the Pharaoh ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) with a corn grit bait of fenoxycarb

Buck, J.; Schutz, M.; Wiesner, H.U., 1991:
Control of a production line for whipping cream according to HACCP with particular emphasis on Bacillus cereus

Squerens, N.; Tondeur, R.; Verstraeten, C.; Schiffers, B.C., 1992 :
Control of a soft scale of ornamental plants (Eupulvinaria hydrangeae Steinweden) (Homoptera: Coccidae) using an insect growth regulator: fenoxycarb

Jaswant Singh, 1992:
Control of adulteration in milk with a simple device

Tanboon ek, P., 1992:
Control of aflatoxin in maize

Chourasia, H.K., 1992:
Control of aflatoxin production with fungicides

Giles, D.K.; Ben Salem, E., 1992:
Control of air-jet velocity and turbulent structure from pneumatic nozzles

Bae, S.H., 1993:
Control of animal health and diseases

Sahu, R., 1992:
Control of annual aquatic weeds of deep-water paddy fields by pre-emergence spray of butachlor

Brar, H.S.; Ravinderjit Singh; Kundra, H.C., 1991:
Control of annual blue grass (Poa annua) and other weeds in fodder oats

Hall, J.C.; Carey, C.K., 1992:
Control of annual bluegrass (Poa annua) in Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) turf with linuron

Chan, S.L.; Fletcher, G.L.; Hew, C.L., 1993:
Control of antifreeze protein gene expression in winter flounder

Pinese, B.; Lisle, A.T.; Ramsey, M.D.; Halfpapp, K.H.; Faveri, S. de, 1994:
Control of aphid-borne papaya ringspot potyvirus in zucchini marrow (Cucurbita pepo) with reflective mulches and mineral oil-insecticide sprays

Araya, J.E.; Cambron, S.E., 1992:
Control of aphids on spring oats and winter wheat with slow release granular systemic insecticides

Sholberg, P.L.; Haag, P., 1994:
Control of apple powdery mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha) in British Columbia by demethylation-inhibiting fungicides

Camargo, L.M.P. de A.; Villela, O.V.; Toledo, N.M.P. de, 1991:
Control of aquatic weevils on irrigated rice using carbofuran applied to the seedbed

Grenier Y.; Couillard D., 1990:
Control of arborescent vegetation below power lines with wastewater sludge

Bauernfeind, R.J.; Wilde, G.E., 1993:
Control of army cutworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) affects wheat yields

Bir, D.; Rao, P.; Malik, R.K.; Kumar, R., 1992:
Control of arrow-wood (Pluchea lanceolata) in summer fallow and its effect on pearlmillet

Yehia, Z.R.; E.W.kil, H.R.; Mekhail, G.M.; Tewfik, M.S., 1992:
Control of atrazine-tolerant broad-leaved weeds in maize by fluroxypyr

Karavyanskii, N.S.; Miroshnikova, L.K., 1990:
Control of awnless brome grass diseases in fodder crop rotations

Douglas, C.W.; van Noort, R., 1993:
Control of bacteria in dental water supplies

Shah R.; Bhatnagar M.K.; Mali B.L.; Dashora P.K., 1991:
Control of bacterial blight of cowpea

Yamazaki, S.; Kamimura, H.; Funakubo, R.; Takeshita, M., 1992:
Control of bacterial dispersion from humidifier to the humidified air

Siva, C.V.; Sannabhadti, S.S.; Shah, R.K., 1994:
Control of bacterial endospores in dairy industry: review article

Wong, P.K.; Chung, W.K., 1993:
Control of bacterial foaming in activated sludge process by chlorination

Katoh, T.; Tanaka, T.; Fujita, Y., 1992:
Control of bacterial seedling blight and Bakanae disease with several pesticides 1. Effect for bacterial seedling blight

Ohno, Y.; Okuda, S.; Natsuaki, T.; Teranaka, M., 1992:
Control of bacterial seedling blight of rice by fluorescent Pseudomonas spp

Furuya, N.; Matsuo, H.; Koga, K.; Matsuyama, N., 1992:
Control of bacterial seedling rot of rice by pretreatment with avirulent strains of Pseudomonas glumae and its mechanisms

Bettiol, W.; Brandao, M.S.B.; Saito, M.L., 1992:
Control of bean rust with extracts and wettable powder of Bacillus subtilis

Park, J.D.; Goh, H.G., 1992:
Control of beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), using synthetic sex pheromone. I. Control by mass trapping in Allium fistulosum field

Anonymous, 1992:
Control of berry moth, (Prophantis smaragdina) (Butler) in coffee

Horak, M.J.; Wax, L.M., 1992:
Control of bigroot morningglory (Ipomoea pandurata)

Chu, C.C.; Coleman, J.S.; Mooney, H.A., 1992:
Control of biomass partitioning between roots and shoots: atmospheric CO2 enrichment and the acquisition and allocation of carbon and nitrogen in wild radish

Qvarnstrom, K.; Ramert, B., 1992:
Control of black spot (Marssonina rosae) on garden roses

Thornes, R.D.; Wall, P.G., 1991:
Control of blow fly strike in sheep by coumarin

Cruse, H.; Schmitz, J.; Braun, U.; Schweins, A., 1993:
Control of body height in a stick insect walking on a treadwheel

Manisegaran, S.; Kumaraswami, T.; Natarajaratnam, N., 1991:
Control of bollworms (Earias spp., Heliothis armigera Hub, and Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders) on cotton

Figueiredo, J.B.; Andrade, J.R.A.; Lins, J.L.F.H.A., 1993:
Control of bovine mastitis through antibiotic therapy aided by dimethyl sulfoxide

Weber, A.; Bernt, C.; Bauer, K.; Mayr, A., 1993:
Control of bovine salmonellosis under field conditions by using herd-specific vaccines

Benet, J.J., 1992:
Control of bovine tuberculosis in France in 1991

Thibault, J.C.; Crevat, D.; Chappuis, G., 1993:
Control of bovine virus diarrhoea-mucosal disease in cattle: examples of the combined use of serological screening, viral antigen detection and vaccination

Ashraf, M.; Khaliq, A.; Ahmad, K.F., 1993:
Control of brinjal fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Gn. with some insecticides

King, J.E., 1992:
Control of broadleaf weeds in cool-season turfgrass with Confront herbicide

Valand, V.M.; Vyas, H.G., 1991:
Control of brown scale Saissetia coffeae Wlk. (Homoptera: Coccidae) on pointed gourd with Aspergillus spp

Rajavel, D.S.; Gopalan, M., 1991:
Control of cabbage diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) with synthetic pyrethroids

Larbier, M.; Uzu, G., 1991:
Control of carcass fatness and quality in broilers: nutritional aspects

Heaton, J.B.; Dullahide, S.R., 1994:
Control of celery leaf curl disease caused by Colletotrichum acutatum

Badinand, F., 1994:
Control of cell count in milk

Smiley, R.W.; Biddle, J.A.; Ott, S.; Cook, G.H., 1991:
Control of cereal cyst nematode with Temik

Smiley, R.W.; Ingham, R.E.; Cook, G.H., 1991:
Control of cereal cyst nematode with in-furrow and seed treatments

Beer, E., 1993:
Control of cereal diseases after thresholds have been reached

Halmagyi, L.; Gulyas, S.; Molnar, J.; Farkas, I., 1991:
Control of chalk brood of honey bees with Micocidin

Jones, A.L.; Ehret, G.R.; Garcia, S.M.; Kesner, C.D.; Klein, W.M., 1993:
Control of cherry leaf spot and powdery mildew on sour cherry with alternate-side applications of fenarimol, myclobutanil, and tebuconazole

Abou Zeid, N.M.; Moustafa, M.S.H.; Hassanein, A.M.; E.E.din, I., 1990:
Control of chocolate spot disease of faba bean and the effect of fungicides on the behaviour of the causal fungus

Evans, G.M.; Taing Aung; Scanlon, M.J., 1992:
Control of chromosome pairing and the exploitation of polyploidy

Helyer, N.; Gill, G.; Bywater, A., 1992:
Control of chrysanthemum pests with Verticillium lecanii

Bilgrami, K.S.; Jeswal, P., 1993:
Control of citrinin caused nephrotoxicosis through aqueous leaf extract of Vitis vinifera L., mercurious corrossivus and cortisone

Orozco Santos, M., 1991:
Control of citrus leaf spot (Alternaria limicola) and other diseases of Mexican lemon (Citrus aurantifolia) with mancozeb and detergent sprays

Brink, T., 1992:
Control of citrus thrips

Mathiassen, S.K.; Kudsk, P., 1992:
Control of cleavers (Galium aparine) in cereals in relation to growth stage and climatic conditions including soil moisture and rainfastness

Humpherson Jones, F.M.; Dixon, G.R.; Craig, M.A.; Ann, D.M., 1992 :
Control of clubroot using calcium cyanamide - a review

Williams, R., 1993:
Control of coccidiosis by vaccination

Braghieri, G.; Gariano, G.; Genicco, M., 1989:
Control of cockroaches using different kinds of adhesive traps

Soria, S.J.; Cruz, P.F.N. da; Milanez, J.M., 1991:
Control of cocoa tree bud mite, Eriophyes reyesi Nuzzaci (Acari: Eriophyidae), in Bahia

Anonymous, 1992:
Control of coffee berry borer Hypothenemus hampei (Ferreri)

Silva Acuna, R.; Zambolim, L.; Gonzalez Molina, E.D.l C., 1993:
Control of coffee leaf rust under shade by triadimenol combined with copper oxychloride in Venezuela

Becker, J.; Weltzien, H.C., 1993:
Control of common bunt of wheat (Tilletia caries (D.C.) Tul & C. Tul.) with organic nutrients

Mishra, P.K.; Mishra, D.; Dhal, J.K.; Chhotaray, P.K., 1991:
Control of common scab of potato by seed tuber treatment

Anonymous, 1993:
Control of communicable diseases; definition of milk and milk products - USA

Hartheiser, M., 1994:
Control of contamination of milk by butyric acid bacterial spores

Shand, H., 1993:
Control of cotton: the patenting of transgenic cotton

Dolgov, I.A.; Shevchuk, V.P., 1994:
Control of crawler tractor transmission by use of partial emptying the torque converter

Landrey, O.P.; Eichler, G.G.; Chedzey, J., 1993:
Control of creeping grasses in small grower cane in the Umbumbulu district

Zhang, W.J.; Luo, J.T.; Liu, Z.F., 1991:
Control of cucumber and eggplant diseases by the disinfectant Wei Dao

Hocart, C.H.; Letham, D.S.; Wang, J.; Cornish, E.; Parker, C.W., 1992:
Control of cytokinin levels by inhibitors of metabolism, symbiosis and genetic manipulation

Taylor, M.A.; Dodd, M.C.; Chambers, K.R., 1992:
Control of decay of nectarines, apricots and plums by post-harvest fungicide application using an atomiser

Tabor, R.C.C., 1993:
Control of deer in a managed coppice

Abdallah, M.M.F., 1991:
Control of different weed species at different soil depths with soil solarization

Brown, R.C.; Lemmon, B.E., 1992:
Control of division plane in normal and griseofulvin-treated microsporocytes of Magnolia

James, T.K.; Rahman, A.; Cornwell, M.J., 1992:
Control of docks and buttercups with thifensulfuron in pasture

Ogg, A.G.Jr, 1993:
Control of downy brome (Bromus tectorum) and volunteer wheat (Triticum aestivum) in fallow with tillage and pronamide

Khalil, M.R.; Khan, N.U.; Younas, M.; Shah, N.H.; Hassan, G., 1992:
Control of downy mildew (Pseudoperonospora cubensis (Berk. & Curt.) Rostow) of melon (Cucumis melo) with different fungicides

Gupta, G.K.; Verma, S.K., 1991:
Control of downy mildew of pearl millet with Ridomil

Brown M.W.; Jaeger J.J.; Pye A.E.; Schmitt J.J., 1992:
Control of edaphic populations of woolly apple aphid using entomopathogenic nematodes and a systemic aphicide

Barlow, ND., 1991:
Control of endemic bovine Tb in New Zealand possum populations: results from a simple model

Stock, M.J., 1992:
Control of energy balance in experimental animals

Forbes, J.M., 1992:
Control of energy intake in farm animals

Lennon, D.; Gellin, B.; Hood, D.; Leach, D.T.; Woods, G.M.; Williams, P.; Thakur, S.; Crombie, D., 1993:
Control of epidemic group A meningococcal disease in Auckland

Huntington, P.J.; Campbell, N.J.; Perkins, N.R., 1992:
Control of equine internal parasites - part I

Schultz, T.R.; Johnston, W.J.; Golob, C.T.; Maguire, J.D., 1993:
Control of ergot in Kentucky bluegrass seed production using fungicides

Grierson D., 1992:
Control of ethylene synthesis and ripening by sense and antisense genes in transgenic plants

Gatehouse, J.A.; Shirsat, A.H., 1993:
Control of expression of seed storage protein genes

Janczak, C., 1992:
Control of faba bean diseases

Mao, W.J., 1992:
Control of false smut of rice plant with the antibiotic Jinggangmycin

Beever, D.E.; Dawson, J.M.; Buttery, P.J., 1992:
Control of fat and lean deposition in forage fed cattle

Leng, R.A.; Jessop, N.; Kanjanapruthipong, J., 1993:
Control of feed intake and the efficiency of utilisation of feed by ruminants

Savory, C.J., 1992:
Control of feeding behaviour

Anonymous, 1992:
Control of fermentation: future possibilities

Kidson, C., 1991:
Control of filariasis

Liu XinJi; Liu JingYuang; Chen Zi, 1989:
Control of filariasis in Fujian Province

Stencl, J., 1992:
Control of final drying process of hay in high layer

Ben Arie, Z., 1992:
Control of fire blight

Tariq, A.H.; Khan, S.H.; Saleem, A., 1992:
Control of flag smut (Urocystis agropyri) through screening of varieties and systemic seed-dressing fungicides

Islam, M.R., 1992:
Control of flax diseases through genetic resistance

Prelaud, P., 1993:
Control of flea infestation of the environment

Spork, P.; Preiss, R., 1993:
Control of flight by means of lateral visual stimuli in gregarious desert locusts, Schistocerca gregaria

Smith, P., 1993:
Control of floating water weeds in Botswana

Bagnall, D.J., 1992:
Control of flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana by light, vernalisation and gibberellins

Kirk, W.W.; Leadbitter, N.J., 1993:
Control of foliar and stem base diseases of winter oilseed rape using difenoconazole in northern Britain

Elangovan, R., 1992:
Control of foot rot of papaya

Roomi, M.W.; Abbas, T.; Shah, A.H.; Robina, S.; Qureshi, A.A.; Hussain, S.S.; Nasir, K.A., 1993:
Control of fruit flies (Dacus spp.) by attractants of plant origin

Toit, W.J. du; Steyn, W.P.; Brink, T., 1991:
Control of fruit flies in citrus

Sanudo S.B.; Zuniga R.B.E., 1991:
Control of fruit rot of strawberry caused by Gloeosporium in the province of Narino

Castro, H.R., 1992:
Control of fruit tree growth and development using growth regulators

Garson, C.A.; Henderson, I.D., 1993:
Control of fume and deposition efficiency in roll arcing

Walters, D.R.; Havis, N.D.; Foster, S.A.; Robins, D.J., 1992:
Control of fungal diseases of arable crops using inhibitors of polyamine biosynthesis

Hertzberg, H.; Durgiai, B.; Kohler, L., 1992:
Control of gastro-intestinal strongylids in calves during their first summer's grazing: use of the morantel bolus at late turning out to graze

Marchand, A.; Delatour, P., 1993:
Control of gastrointestinal and pulmonary parasites in cattle with a continuous-release bolus of morantel. A. Part One. Introduction, characteristics and pharmacological properties of Paratect Flex

Fulka, J.; Leibfried-Rutledge, M.L.; First, N.L., 1993:
Control of germinal vesicle breakdown in bovine x murine hybrid oocytes

Leite, B., 1993:
Control of germination in Colletotrichum graminicola: mechanisms and perspectives

Zakladnoi, G.A., 1991:
Control of grain losses caused by pests

Muthiah, C.; Rabindra, R.J., 1991:
Control of gram-pod borer (Heliothis armigera) on pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) with controlled droplet application of nuclear polyhedrosis virus and effect of oral feeding of virus on mulberry silkworm (Bombyx mori)

Kuo, K.C.; Kao, C.W.; Leu, L.S., 1992:
Control of grape downy mildew disease in Taiwan

Jensen, P.E.; Rydahl, P., 1992:
Control of grass weeds in winter cereals, autumn or spring. Results of trials in 1974-1991

Boramanikar, P.K.; Shinde, P.A., 1992:
Control of grassy shoot disease of sugarcane by heat therapy

Malathrakis, N.E.; Klironomou, E.J., 1992:
Control of grey mould of tomatoes in greenhouses with fungicides and antagonists

Vanek, G., 1992:
Control of grey mould, white rot, a grape berry moth and chlorosis

Chilton, P.J.; Foster, S.S.D., 1991:
Control of ground-water nitrate pollution in Britain by land-use change

Nashiki, M.; Meguro, R.; Suyama, T., 1993:
Control of growth of Rumex obtusifolius L. during grass establishment by manipulation of seeding rate

Patil, R.S.; Dumbre, R.B., 1993:
Control of grubs of rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros L

Mishra, S.K.; Pattanayak, B.; Naik, R.P., 1993:
Control of gummosis disease in cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) under field condition

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