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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2335

Chapter 2335 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cali, A.; Meisler, D.M.; Lowder, C.Y.; Lembach, R.; Ayers, L.; Takvorian, P.M.; Rutherford, I.; Longworth, D.L.; McMahon, J.; Bryan, R.T., 1991:
Corneal microsporidioses: characterization and identification

Bellezza, E.; Mechelli, L.; Arcelli, R., 1993:
Corneal pigmentation in the dog. Histopathological and ultrastructural findings

Stadsvold, N., 1994:
Corneal sequestration in the cat, Keratectomy

Moore, D.L.; Jones, R.G., 1994:
Corneal stromal abscess in a cat

Gilger, B.C.; Wright, J.C.; Whitley, R.D.; McLaughlin, S.A., 1993:
Corneal thickness measured by ultrasonic pachymetry in cats

Yorston, D.; Foster, A., 1992:
Corneal ulceration in Tanzanian children: relationship between malaria and herpes simplex keratitis

Foster, A.; Yorston, D., 1992:
Corneal ulceration in Tanzanian children: relationship between measles and vitamin A deficiency

Gordon, J.G.; Kwochka, K.W., 1993:
Corneocyte counts for evaluation of antiseborrheic shampoos in dogs

Boatto, V.; Pilati, L., 1993 :
Corner solutions, crop regimes and technological discontinuity

Abedon, B.G.; Tracy, W.F., 1993:
Corngrass (Cg) increases susceptibility to common rust and European corn borer

Simova Tosic, D.; Spasic, R., 1990:
Coroebus elatus F. (Coleoptera: Buprestidae), the causal agent of decay of strawberry plants

Merle, P. du; Attie, M., 1992:
Coroebus undatus (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) on cork oak in SE France: estimation of damage and relation of damage to environmental factors

Brandt, L., 1992:
Coromandel Red

Wu, J.H.; Kao, J.T.; Wen, M.S.; Wu, D., 1993:
Coronary artery disease risk predicted by plasma concentrations of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, apolipoprotein AI, apolipoprotein B, and lipoprotein(a) in a general Chinese population

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Coronary atherosclerosis in relation to body fatness and its distribution

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Coronary heart disease and lipoprotein (a): relation with other lipid risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Goldbourt, U., 1993:
Coronary heart disease prevention, nutrition, physical exercise and genetics: rationale for aiming at the identification of subgroups at differing genetic risks

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Coronary risk factors in children of parents with premature coronary artery disease

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Coronary risk factors in schoolchildren

Tamura, K.; Takikawa, Y.; Tsuyumu, S.; Goto, M.; Watanabe, M., 1992:
Coronatine production by Xanthomonas campestris pv. phormiicola

Rachinsky, A.; Hartfelder, K., 1990:
Corpora allata activity, a prime regulating element for caste-specific juvenile hormone titre in honey bee larvae (Apis mellifera carnica)

Penzhorn, B.L.; van der Merwe, N.J.; Penrith, M.L., 1993:
Corpora amylacea in seminal vesicles and ampullae of tsessebi antelopes (Damaliscus lunatus)

McDonald, J.H., 1993:
Corporate capitalism and the family farm in the U.S. and Mexico

Getz, D., 1993:
Corporate culture in not-for-profit festival organizations: concepts and potential applications

Mazuch, B., 1992:
Corporate identity and its significance for a tourist business

Junne, G., 1992:
Corporate industries face biotechnology revolution

Gupta, A.K.; Rakesh Singh, 1991:
Corporate investment in agriculture research: issues in sustainable development

Anonymous, 1993:
Corporate plan 1993-1998

Casado, M.A., 1993:
Corporate recruiters and alumni: perceptions of professional courses

White, I.; Sully, M.J.; Ford, P.W.; Melville, M.D., 1992:
Corporate scientific management and the path to commercialization of the disk permeameter

Ness, Mr, 1992:
Corporate social responsibility

Ness, M.R., 1993:
Corporate social responsibility in the food sector

Mendel, W., 1993:
Corporate training by adventure learning

Morrison, A.M.; Ladig, K.A.; Hsieh, S., 1994:
Corporate travel in the USA: characteristics of managers and departments

Bell, R.A., 1993:
Corporate travel management trends - implications for research strategies

Bell, R.A., 1993:
Corporate travel-management trends and hotel-marketing strategies

Boydell, P.; Schrammer, A.; Pike, R., 1994:
Corpus adiposum in the horse: 6 cases

Shalom, U.; Pener, M.P.; Applebaum, S.W., 1993:
Corpus allatum activity and the effects of juvenile hormone on oocyte development in azadirachtin-induced over-aged nymphs of Locusta migratoria (L.)

Jung, J.K.; Seong, H.H.; Oh, S.J.; Yang, B.S.; Lee, M.S., 1994:
Corpus luteum characteristics and serum progesterone levels during the oestrous cycle in Korean native cattle

Howell, J.L.; Fuquay, J.W.; Smith, A.E., 1994:
Corpus luteum growth and function in lactating Holstein cows during spring and summer

Assey, R.J.; Purwantara, B.; Greve, T.; Hyttel, P.; Schmidt, M.H., 1993:
Corpus luteum size and plasma progesterone levels in cattle after cloprostenol-induced luteolysis

Ivanova, L.M.; Kartashkin, B.A.; Mikhailova, G.N., 1991:
Correct estimation of permissible amounts of nitrates in vegetables during storage

Potthast, V., 1993:
Correct feeding helps to protect the environment

Moguilevsky, N.; Guillaume, J.P.; Varsalona, F.; Bulinckx, M.; Bollen, A., 1994:
Correct in vivo processing of a chimeric ubiquitin-proapolipoprotein A-I fusion protein in baculovirus-infected insect cells

Menghetti, E.; Marulli, P.; Mucedola, G.; Montaleone, M.; Russo, R., 1993:
Correct nutrition of pregnant women for optimum foetal-neonatal development

Worstorff, H.; Dethlefsen, A., 1994:
Correct udder stimulation promotes milk ejection

Bogaard, A.E.J.M. van den; Breeuwsma, A.J.; Julicher, C.H.M.; Mostert, A.; Nieuwenhuijs, J.H.M.; Vaarkamp, H.; Verhoeff, J.; Vulto, A., 1994:
Correct use of veterinary antibiotics. Recommendations of a Working Group of the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association

Eicher, E.M.; Shown, E.P.; Bhat, D.; Seldin, M.F., 1993:
Corrected centromere orientation for mouse chromosome 19 MIT markers

Deusen, P.C. van, 1994:
Correcting bias in change estimates from thematic maps

Hellerstein, D.M., 1992:
Correcting for bias when average values are used to compute changes in consumer surplus

Brester, G.W.; Wohlgenant, M.K., 1993:
Correcting for measurement error in food demand estimation

Demery, L.; Grootaert, C., 1993:
Correcting for sampling bias in the measurement of welfare and poverty in the Cote d'Ivoire Living Standards Survey

Sutherland, C.W.; Adrian, D.D.; Tittlebaum, M.; Legendre, D.M., 1992:
Correcting pH and odor problems in a sugarcane wash water treatment system

Gunther, R.; Roth, D., 1994:
Correction factors for assessment methods of potential evaporation (PET), taken from lysimeter values

Milota, M.R., 1991:
Correction factors for moisture-meter measurements of jelutong (Dyera costulata)

Sobue, N., 1990:
Correction factors of the resonance frequency for tapering and shear deformation of a log in flexural vibration

Brede A.D., 1991:
Correction for slope in green speed measurement of golf course putting greens

Wang, Q.; Taylor, M.W., 1993:
Correction of a deletion mutant by gene targeting with an adenovirus vector

Yamoah, C.F.; Burleigh, J.R.; Eylands, V.J., 1992:
Correction of acid infertility in Rwandan oxisols with lime from an indigenous source for sustainable cropping

Ferencz, C.; Tarcsai, G.; Lichtenberger, J., 1993:
Correction of atmospheric effects of satellite remote sensing data (Landsat MSS-NOAA AVHRR) for surface canopy investigations

Goode, H.F.; Naylor, J.R.; Walker, B.E., 1993:
Correction of cellular zinc depletion by oral zinc supplementation in elderly subjects

Johnson, K.A.; Maddison, J.E.; Allan, G.S., 1992:
Correction of cervical esophageal stricture in a dog by creation of a traction diverticulum

Kirti, P.B.; Narasimhulu, S.B.; Mohapatra, T.; Prakash, S.; Chopra, V.L., 1993:
Correction of chlorophyll deficiency in alloplasmic male sterile Brassica juncea through recombination between chloroplast genomes

Ramanathan, G.; Nagasundaram, N.; Devarajan, R.; Savithri, P., 1993:
Correction of chlorosis in sugarcane

Hunter, J.E.; Applewhite, T.H., 1993:
Correction of dietary fat availability estimates for wastage of food service deep-frying fats

Cary, E.E., 1992:
Correction of elemental analysis of soil-grown wheat roots contaminated with soil

Mielenz, N.; Wagenknecht, M., 1992:
Correction of estimated variance-covariance matrices by optimisation in the space of positive definite matrices

Denisenko, V.N.; Voronin, E.S.; Pechnikova, G.N.; Smolenskaya Suvorova, O.O., 1992 :
Correction of immunodeficiencies during fetal developemnt in cattle

Boudrieau, R.J.; Tidwell, A.S.; Ullman, S.L.; Gores, B.R., 1994:
Correction of mandibular nonunion and malocclusion by plate fixation and autogenous cortical bone grafts in two dogs

Montalvo Valdenegro, H.; Juarez Lozano, A.; Sanchez y Garcia Figueroa, F., 1991:
Correction of milk yields for age and season of kidding in selection programmes for goats in Mexico

Savich, V.I.; Attikaing, D., 1991:
Correction of optimum soil fertility parameters allowing for sorption properties of plant root systems

Kobluk, C.N., 1993:
Correction of patellar luxation by recession sulcoplasty in three foals

Malenga, N.E.A.; Grice, W.J., 1991:
Correction of potassium deficiency in replanted tea in Malawi by remedial application of P and K fertilizers

Foresman, M.D.; Nelson, D.M.; McIvor, R.S., 1992:
Correction of purine nucleoside phosphorylase deficiency by retroviral-mediated gene transfer in mouse S49 T cell lymphoma: a model for gene therapy of T cell immunodeficiency

Alexander, R.B.; Smith, R.A.; Schwarz, G.E., 1993:
Correction of stream quality trends for the effects of laboratory measurement bias

Hoffbrand, A.V.; Jackson, B.F.A., 1992:
Correction of the DNA synthesis defect in vitamin B12 deficiency by tetrahydrofolate: evidence in favour of the methyl-folate trap hypothesis as the cause of megaloblastic anaemia in vitamin B12 deficiency

Nasr, S.Z.; O.L.ary, M.H.; Hillermeier, C., 1993:
Correction of vitamin E deficiency with fat-soluble versus water-miscible preparations of vitamin E in patients with cystic fibrosis

Herz, J.; Clouthier, D.E.; Hammer, R.E., 1993:
Correction: LDL receptor-related protein internalizes and degrades uPA-PAI-1 complexes and is essential for embryo implantation

Simpson, S.P., 1992:
Correction: Detection of linkage between quantitative trait loci and restriction fragment length polymorphism using inbred lines

Pitt, John L., 1993:
Corrections to species names in physiological studies on Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus

Fox, S.M.; Bray, J.P., 1993:
Corrective osteotomy for bilateral forelimb varus deformities in a working dog

Deng, Y.M.; Chen, J.S.; Yuan, Y.K., 1992:
Correctly handle the relations between grain producing areas and selling areas

Shah, R.G.; Mehta, V.M., 1992:
Correlated behaviour of blood and corpus luteum progesterone level with luteal cell types in Surti buffaloes

Fanourakis, N.E.; Tzifaki, E.E., 1993:
Correlated inheritance of fruit neck with fruit length and linkage relations with 10 other characteristics of cucumber

Dong, Z.; Na, G.Q.; Wang, R.X.; Xie, F.T., 1993:
Correlated performance between leaf and seed in soyabeans

Kündig, C.; Hennecke, H.; Göttfert, M., 1993:
Correlated physical and genetic map of the Bradyrhizobium japonicum 110 genome

Sharma, V.K.; Varshney, S.K.; Jha, P.B.; Singh, N.K., 1992:
Correlated response for metric traits of groundnut in association with maize

Rajesh Mishra; Rao, S.K.; Koutu, G.K.; Bilaiya, S.K., 1992:
Correlated response in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Gandhi, R.S.; Gurnani, M., 1994:
Correlated response in lifetime traits basing selection on production efficiency traits in Sahiwal cattle

Sandhu, T.S.; Gumber, R.K.; Bhullar, B.S., 1991:
Correlated response of grain yield and protein content in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Lakhani, J.P., 1993:
Correlated response to selection of quantitative traits in soybean

Moride, Y.; Hayes, J.F., 1993:
Correlated responses in growth hormone to selection for weight gain in mice

Kuhlers, D.L.; Jungst, S.B., 1993:
Correlated responses in reproductive and carcass traits to selection for 200-day weight in Landrace pigs

Wong-Valle, J.; McDaniel, G.R.; Kuhlers, D.L.; Bartels, J.E., 1993:
Correlated responses to selection for high or low incidence of tibial dyschondroplasia in broilers

Bezrukov, V.F., 1993:
Correlated variability of qualitative and quantitative traits in a single-locus, diallelic model

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Correlates of Leishmania-specific immunity in the clinical spectrum of infection with Leishmania chagasi

Srikantan, K.S.; Mulay, S.; Radkar, A., 1992:
Correlates of family planning acceptance: a multivariate analysis

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Correlates of male mating success in two species of Anthidium bees (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Defo, B.K.ate; Young, T.B., 1993:
Correlates of malnutrition among children under 2 years of age admitted to hospital in Yaounde, Cameroon

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Correlates of over- and underreporting of energy intake in healthy older men and women

Napier, T.L.; Sommers, D.G., 1994:
Correlates of plant nutrient use among Ohio farmers: implications for water quality initiatives

Bhople, R.S.; Patki, A., 1992:
Correlates of role performance and training needs of farm women labour

Hawkins, B.A.; Freeman, P.A., 1993:
Correlates of self-reported leisure among adults with mental retardation

Rao, K.V.; Balakrishna, N., 1992:
Correlates of sex ratio in India

Ross G.F., 1991:
Correlates of work responses in tourist industry

Williamson, D.; Gravani, R.; Lawless, H., 1992:
Correlating food safety knowledge with home food-preparation practices

Oosthuyse, S.A., 1991:
Correlating pre-storage ripeness of mangoes with the proportion of good quality fruit present after four weeks of cold-storage

Kalathiya, K.V.; Sen, N.L., 1991:
Correlation among floral and yield characteristics in coconut, variety Dwarf Green

Kalathiya, K.V.; Sen, N.L., 1992:
Correlation among fruit characters in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) cv. 'Dwarf Green'

Sontakey, P.Y.; Dabre, W.M.; Deotale, R.D.; Mohod, V.K.; Kene, D.R., 1992:
Correlation among morpho-physiological and biochemical constituents in Striga resistant and susceptible cultivars of sorghum

Bala, M., 1993:
Correlation among wood properties in Cedrus deodara (Roxb.) Loud

Wang, S.G.; Zhou, Z.M.; Luan, S.J.; Tan, X.R.; Zhang, F., 1990:
Correlation analysis between meteorological factors and diameter increment of Korean pine in plantations

Shimada, T.; Miyamoto, K., 1993:
Correlation analysis of rainfall: classification method of rainfall in view of sediment yield and transport

Holdaway, M.R., 1990:
Correlation analysis of tree growth, climate, and acid deposition in the Lake States

Gai, J.Y.; Jin, J.P.; Gao, Z., 1994:
Correlation analysis regarding tofu yield, quality and processing traits of soybean

Alvarez, D.; Luduena, P.; Frutos, E., 1992:
Correlation and causation among sunflower traits

Colquhoun, J., 1992:
Correlation and cause: an issue in the epidemiology of fluorosis

Omondi, C.O.; Ayiecho, P.O., 1992:
Correlation and multi-regression analyses in populations of two Kenyan landraces of spiderflower (Gynandropsis gynandra)

Vadhvani, H.K.; Kukadia, M.U.; Parmar, V.L., 1992:
Correlation and path analysis in Sesamum

Verma, S., 1992:
Correlation and path analysis in blackgram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper)

Singh, G.; Singh, M., 1993:
Correlation and path analysis in maize under mid-hills of Sikkim

Patil, F.B.; Jadhav, S.D., 1992:
Correlation and path analysis in pearl millet x napier hybrids

Dhal, J.K.; Acharya, N.N., 1992:
Correlation and path analysis in potato

Singh, G.; Singh, M.; Dhiman, K.R., 1992:
Correlation and path analysis in ricebean under mid altitude conditions

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Correlation and path analysis in safflower

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Correlation and path analysis in some rice varieties under alkaline stress

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Correlation and path analysis in sugarcane

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Correlation and path analysis in tomato

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Correlation and path analysis on yield and yield components in taro

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Correlation and path analysis studies between little leaf disease incidence and biochemical traits of egg-plant (Solanum melongena L.)

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Correlation and path analysis studies in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

Mandal, N.; Dana, I., 1992:
Correlation and path association of some yield contributing characters in brinjal

Murthy, N.; Shivshankar, G.; Parameswarappa, K.G., 1992:
Correlation and path coefficient analysis for grain yield in rice

Jadhav A.S.; Mane B.M., 1991:
Correlation and path coefficient analysis in gram

Jadhav, A.S.; Barve, B.V.; Dukare, N.S., 1992:
Correlation and path coefficient analysis in gram and safflower grown under intercropping system

Balan, A.; Ramasamy, P.; Sivasamy, N., 1991:
Correlation and path coefficient analysis in horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum (L.) Verdec)

Jadhav, A.S.; Kamble, A.B.; Mane, V.S., 1992:
Correlation and path coefficient analysis in irrigated gram

E.Attar, A.H., 1991:
Correlation and path coefficient analysis in lentil and the relative importance of seed yield contributing characters as influenced by between- and within-row spacing

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Correlation and path coefficient analysis in okra

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Correlation and path coefficient analysis in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

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Correlation and path coefficient analysis in pumpkin

Tariq M.; Khan M.A.; Idrees G., 1992:
Correlation and path coefficient analysis in upland cotton

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Correlation and path coefficient analysis in winged bean

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Correlation and path coefficient analysis of yield and yield contributing characters in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum Linn.)

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Correlation and path coefficient analysis of yield at different density in ramie

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Correlation and path coefficient studies in Terminalia arjuna Bedd

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Correlation and path coefficient studies in early maturing clones of sugarcane (Saccharum spp. complex)

Tomar, S.K.; Singh, S.P., 1992:
Correlation and path coefficient studies over environments in desi cotton (Gossypium arboreum L.)

Mandal, N.; Dana, I., 1993:
Correlation and path-coefficient analysis in two-rowed barley Hordeum distichum L

Shelembi, M.A.; Wright, A.T., 1992:
Correlation and path-coefficient analysis on yield components of twenty spring bread wheat genotypes evaluated at 2 locations in Arusha region of Tanzania

Yakovlev, E.B., 1991:
Correlation and regression analysis in studying the biological characteristics of different rice varieties

Shinde, V.S.; Saraf, C.S., 1991:
Correlation and regression studies in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Dahiphale V.V.; Rodge R.P.; Sondge V.D., 1991:
Correlation and regression studies in chilli

Jadhav, A.S.; Pawar, S.D.; Dukare, N.S., 1991:
Correlation and regression studies in maize

Bouzerzour, M.; Benmahamed, A., 1991:
Correlation and regression studies of barley in eastern Algeria

Bangarwa, A.S.; Kairon, M.S.; Singh, V.P., 1990:
Correlation and regression studies of growth parameters and grain yield of winter maize

Saini, J.P.; Chakor, I.S., 1992:
Correlation and regression studies of yield and yield attributing characters of sugarcane

Bangar, K.S.; Sharma, S.R.; Thakur, G.L.; Rathore, O.P., 1991:
Correlation and regression studies on yield and quality parameters as affected by nitrogen levels supplied through urea and urea super granules

Morosini, M.; Schreitmueller, J.; Reuter, U.; Ballschmiter, K., 1993:
Correlation between C-6/C-14 chlorinated hydrocarbons levels in the vegetation and in the boundary layer of the troposphere

Lin, H.H.; Hsu, H.Y.; Chang, M.H.; Wang, J.T.; Chen, P.J.; Chen, D.S., 1992:
Correlation between ELISA and recombinant immunoblot assay in serum samples positive for anti-HCV

Higuchi,; D.B.ito, T.; Martins Reis, M.; Barbosa, A.; Bellotti, G.; Pereira-Barreto, A.C.; Pileggi, F., 1993:
Correlation between Trypanosoma cruzi parasitism and myocardial inflammatory infiltrate in human chronic chagasic myocarditis: Light microscopy and immunohistochemical findings

Garcia Benavides, P.; Lopez Robles, J.; Fresno, J.; Arias, M., 1994:
Correlation between Xiphinema index and the grapevine fanleaf virus disease in vineyards of Castilla Leon (Central Spain)

Vries, N. de; Mahan, S.M.; Ushewokunze Obatolu, U.; Norval, R.A.I.; Jongejan, F., 1993:
Correlation between antibodies to Cowdria ruminantium (Rickettsiales) in cattle and the distribution of Amblyomma vector ticks in Zimbabwe

Ruhnke, M.; Eigler, A.; Engelmann, E.; Geiseler, B.; Trautmann, M., 1994:
Correlation between antifungal susceptibility testing of Candida isolates from patients with HIV infection and clinical results after treatment with fluconazole

Ding, B.; Haudenshield, J.S.; Willmitzer, L.; Lucas, W.J., 1993 :
Correlation between arrested secondary plasmodesmal development and onset of accelerated leaf senescence in yeast acid invertase transgenic tobacco plants

Tolvaj, L., 1992:
Correlation between brightness changes and absorption changes of different carbonyl groups on wood samples during UV photodegradation

Gupta, S.K.; Sundararaman, V., 1991:
Correlation between burrowing capability and AChE activity in the earthworm, Pheretima posthuma, on exposure to carbaryl

de Jesus, A.M.; Almeida, R.P.; Bacellar, O.; Araujo, M.I.; Demeure, C.; Bina, J.C.; Dessein, A.J.; Carvalho, E.M., 1993:
Correlation between cell-mediated immunity and degree of infection in subjects living in an endemic area of schistosomiasis

Ganushkina, L.A., 1992:
Correlation between changes in the intestinal microflora of mosquito larvae affected by phytobacteriomycin and the susceptibility of females to the malarial agent

Chalchat, J.C.; Garry, R.P.; Bastide, P.; Fabre, F.; Malhuret, R., 1991:
Correlation between chemical composition/antimicrobial activity: V - a comparison of 2 methods to determine MIC values

Qian, J.L.; Ke, S.Z.; Huang, J.S.; Xiang, C.X., 1993:
Correlation between chemical elements contents in tree rings and soils

Matsuo T.; Ide S.; Shitida M., 1992:
Correlation between chilling sensitivity of plant tissues and fatty acid composition of phosphatidylglycerols

Vidotto, V.; Perotti, D.; Qiangqiang, Z.; Aoki, S., 1994:
Correlation between chlamydosporulation and phospholipase production in Candida albicans

Koller, W.W.; Honer, M.R., 1993:
Correlation between climatic factors and the dynamics of production of eggs in diapause in two species of pasture spittlebugs (Homoptera: Cercopidae)

Heimbach, Fred, 1992:
Correlation between data from laboratory and field tests for investigating the toxicity of pesticides to earthworms

Seven, A.; Sengul, R.; Candan, G.; Kiziltan, M.; Tasan, E.; Hatemi, H., 1993:
Correlation between diabetic neuropathy and glycated haemoglobin, hair glycation and blood sorbitol

Chaudhari, D.C.; Goel, C.L.; Joshi, B.D.; Uniyal, D.N.; Amba Prasad; Bist, R.S., 1992:
Correlation between diameter and resin yield by rill method of tapping

Golmirzaie, A.S.rquen, F., 1992:
Correlation between early and late growth characters in an improved true potato seed population

Zhu, X.X.; Oliver, J.H.; Dotson, E.M.; Ren, H.L., 1994:
Correlation between ecdysteroids and cuticulogenesis in nymphs of the tick Ornithodoros parkeri (Acari: Argasidae)

Kochish, I.I., 1991:
Correlation between egg production of broiler fowls at the beginning and end of the laying period

Visic, M., 1991:
Correlation between eight characters in three sunflower hybrids and path analysis of the coefficients

Shaheen, A.; Trag, A.R.shid; Nabi, G.; Ahamad, F., 1992:
Correlation between female pupal weight and fecundity in bivoltine silkworm Bombyx mori L

Barzilai, N.; Karnieli, E.; Barzilai, D.; Cohen, P., 1993:
Correlation between glucose disposal and amino acids levels in hyperthyroidism

Liao, J.S.; Chen, Q.X., 1990:
Correlation between growth and development of banana plants and temperature and rainfall

Ubugunov, L.L.; Merkusheva, M.G.; Budaev, B.K., 1991:
Correlation between harvest quantity and quality of irrigated potatoes, and increasing rates of macrofertilizers in dry steppe region of Siberia

Pantako, T.O.; Amiot, J., 1994:
Correlation between in vitro solubility and in vivo absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus from milk protein diets in the rat

Regius Mocsenyi, A.; Szelenyi Galantai, M.; Dinnyes Simig, J.; Votisky Varga, E., 1992:
Correlation between iodine supply and protein utilization

Skrzeczkowski, L.J.; Howell, W.E.; Mink, G.I., 1993:
Correlation between leaf epinasty symptoms on two apple cultivars and results of cRNA hybridization for detection of apple scar skin viroid

uricic, B.; Lolin, M.; Valcic, M.; Lako, B., 1993:
Correlation between leptospiral infections in man and carnivores in the Belgrade area

Olbrich, H.G.; Evangeliou, A.; Tabatabaei, S.B.; Cieslinski, G.; Hartmann, A.; Beyersdorf, F.; Hermann, G.; Böhles, H., 1994:
Correlation between long-chain acylcarnitine in serum and myocardium after heart transplantation in humans

Abd E.M.ity, T.H.; Abou Zeid, N.M.; Tawfik, A.E., 1990:
Correlation between microbial populations in phylloplane of faba bean varieties and their reaction to Botrytis fabae

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Correlation between pore size distribution, soil moisture, and particle size of calcareous soils

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Correlation between size of body parts (particularly mandibles) and wet body weight in aquatic insects

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Correlation between some traits and possibilities of predicting heterosis in the F1 on hybridization of Bombyx mori L

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Correlation between sulfur oxides concentration and sulfur content in the leaves of woody plants

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Correlation between teat number of does and progeny

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Correlation between the Circadian Rhythm of Resistance to Extreme Temperatures and Changes in Fatty Acid Composition in Cotton Seedlings

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Correlation between the development of mink kits in the lactation and growth periods, correlations to fur properties and heritability estimates

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Correlation between the distribution pattern of cortical granules and the incidence of polyspermy in ovulated hamster eggs

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Correlation between the diurnal dynamics of hormonal balance and transpiration and ion absorption by wheat plants

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Correlation between the head weight and royal jelly gland weight of the Italian honey bee

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Correlation between the physico-mechanical properties of gyttja from Olsztyn district

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Correlation between the preferred biting site of Culex quinquefasciatus and the region of the body affected by clinical filariasis

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Correlation between the receptive fields of locust interneurons, their dendritic morphology, and the central projections of mechanosensory neurons

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Correlation between the results of a histopathological examination and the detection of abnormal brain fibrils in the diagnosis of bovine spongiform encephalopathy

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Correlation between the size of the intergenic regulatory region, the status of cytosine methylation of rRNA genes and nucleolar expression in wheat

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Correlation between the variability of the pine tree height and different variables of the stand in the site classes

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Correlation between water-holding capacity of different types of cellulose in vitro and gastrointestinal retention time in vivo of rats

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Correlation between yield and components at three stages of selection in sugarcane

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Correlation between yield and yield attributes on wheat

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Correlation in wheat (Triticum aestivum)

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Correlation model of transport in random fields

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Correlation of aggregation phenotypes and activity of mutant Ac transposase derivatives

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Correlation of bitter pit on Northern Spy apples with bitter pit-like symptoms induced by Mg2+ salt infiltration

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Correlation of Blue Light-Induced Phosphorylation to Phototropism in Zea mays L

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Correlation of bronchoalveolar lavage findings to severity of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in AIDS

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Correlation of Carbonic Anhydrase and Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase Expression in Pea

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Correlation of changes in body weight and cardiovascular risk factors

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Correlation of content in total protein and protein fractions in milk of cows of various breeds

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Correlation of densitometric measurements of aerial color infrared photography with visual grades of citrus groves

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Correlation of edaphic factors with plant-parasitic nematode population densities in a forage-field

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Correlation of esterase isozymes to malathion resistance in the small brown planthopper (Homoptera: Delphacidae)

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Correlation of fatty acid components variation in cotton tissues with Fusarium wilt resistance

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Correlation of field and soil fertility

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Correlation of in vitro fluconazole resistance of Candida isolates in relation to therapy and symptoms of individuals seropositive for human immunodeficiency virus type 1

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Correlation of infection intensities of black scurf with yield components of potato

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Correlation of intraocular distances to the iridocorneal angle in Samoyeds with special reference to angle-closure glaucoma

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Correlation of milk yield of cows with immunogenetic markers

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Correlation of occurrence of Dryocosmus kuriphilus to the phenophase of chestnut trees

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Correlation of pH and light intensity on flower color in potted Eustoma grandiflorum Grise

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Correlation of particleboard strength and formaldehyde emission with urea step additions and 13C NMR of UF resins

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Correlation of pathogenicity and biochemical changes in experimental murine candidiasis

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Correlation of performance of sole-crop and intercrop cowpeas with and without protection from insect pests

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Correlation of phosphoinositide hydrolysis with exflagellation in the malaria microgametocyte

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Correlation of plain radiographic and lumbar myelographic findings with surgical findings in thoracolumbar disc disease

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Correlation of racing and reproductive performance in greyhounds with response to thyroid function testing

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Correlation of resistance and susceptibility of tomato cultivars to Rotylenchulus reniformis with levels of phenolics and amino acids present

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Correlation of serum fatty acid composition with dietary intake data in children and young adults

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Correlation of soil properties with phosphate fixation in some alkaline-calcareous soils of northwest India

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Correlation of the Corpus adiposum buccae of Bichat with some anthropometric values

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Correlation of the apoproteins of LHC I to their respective Lhc (cab) genes in barley

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Correlation of the content of total protein and protein fractions in milk of cows of various breeds

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Correlation of the crawling and flying migrations in populations of the dominant species of carabid beetles (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the south-west of the steppe zone

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Correlation of traits used in pig breeding

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Correlation studies in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern and Coss)

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Correlation studies in hybrid sorghum grown as a succeeding crop after harvest of linseed

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Correlation studies in sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

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Correlation studies to facilitate the selection of bread wheat varieties for the marginal areas of Kenya

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Correlations among potential selection criteria for improving the feeding value of forage sorghums

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Correlations among species diversity indices

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Correlations between anthocyanin type, pollinator and flower colour in the Labiatae

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Correlations between fatty acid intake and cancer incidence

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Correlations between grain yield and certain plant and ear characteristics in maize hybrids

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Correlations between histologic endometrial lesions in mares and clinical response to intrauterine exposure with Streptococcus zooepidemicus

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Correlations between light trap catches, field populations of yellow stem borer YSB, and lunar phase

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Correlations between near-infrared spectra of wet-stored timber and the storage time in relation to the water quality

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Correlations between pigment potential of the reproductive organs and grain weight in parental forms and hybrids of triticale

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Correlations between sorghum components of drought resistance and various agronomic characteristics at four locations

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Correlations between the activities of PEPC and malic enzymes with growth parameters in sugarcane

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Correlations between the ascorbate-glutathione pathway and effectiveness in legume root nodules

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Correlations between worm burden and markers of Th1 and Th2 cell subset induction in an inbred strain of mouse infected with Trichuris muris

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Correlations between years for foliar gummy stem blight disease ratings on field grown cucumbers

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Correlations for genetic expression for growth of calves of Hereford and Angus dams using a multivariate animal model

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Correlations for yield and specific gravity between potato tuberling and second year field generations

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Correlations of RAR isoforms and cellular retinoid-binding proteins mRNA levels with retinoid-induced teratogenesis

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Correlations of bud development and flowering times of trees and shrubs

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Correlations of changes in the free amino acid pool with redifferentiation during callus subculture in rice

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Correlations of daily activity with avian cholera mortality among wildfowl

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Correlations of early maturity and forage yield with the position of initial inflorescence of prairie milkvetch induced by 60Co gamma rays

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Correlations of molecular connectivity indices with toxicities of organic nitriles

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Correlations of morphological characters with size and activity of the symbiotic apparatus in soyabean

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Correlations of performance for activated sludge using multiple regression with autocorrelation

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Correlations of plasma lipoproteins with LDL subfractions by particle size in men and women

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Correlations of vitamin A and E intakes with the plasma concentrations of carotenoids and tocopherols among American men and women

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Correlative growth control: a basic understanding of the growth habit of fruit trees (part 1)

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Correlative inhibition of inflorescence development in Leucospermum 'Red Sunset'

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Correlative relations between the amount of mobile forms of phosphorus, potassium, microelements and physico-chemical soil properties

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Correlative relations in technology of kajmak

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Correlative study of defective cartilage and bone growth in foals fed a low-copper diet

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Correspondence analysis with MATLAB

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Correspondence between knowledge, attitudes, and behavior in farm health and safety practices

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Corrugated particleboards for roofing

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Cost and impact of current control methods used against Heracleum mantegazzianum (giant hogweed) and the case for instigating a biological control programme

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Cost and its calculation for animal products

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Cost benefits of large units

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Cost control in forest harvesting and road construction

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Cost effective cane transport system

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Cost of autotomy in the Phasmida (Insecta) I. Species with low autotomy frequency

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Cost of the model department semi-hard cheese factory using the example of Gouda cheese manufacture. Part 2: Results and interpretation of the model calculations

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Cost-effectiveness of scaring brent geese Branta b. bernicla from fields of arable crops by a human bird scarer

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Cost-efficient weed control in soybean (Glycine max) with cultivation and banded herbicide applications

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Cost-orientated pricing margins in milk products and consequences of their use

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Cost-related personnel time recording

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Cost-sharing programs and assistance

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Cost/benefit analysis of yeast and yeast autolysate production from cheese whey

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Costing change or changing costs

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Costing the countryside

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Costing the earth: the challenge for governments, the opportunities for business

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Costs and profitability of milk production at Szymankowo state farm as an example

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Costs and returns from egg production

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Costs of a simple cattle house under Norwegian conditions

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Costs of achieving recommended diets at different economic levels

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Costs of avoiding or removing nitrates from groundwater

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Costs of contractual nature conservation in private forests

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Costs of establishing a 10-acre Jonagold apple orchard in northwest Washington

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Costs of forage harvesting with different conservation methods in mountainous areas

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Costs of nature conservation, as exemplified by a model reserve 'of European importance'

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Costs of new combine harvesting methods

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Costs of plant resistance to herbivory

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Costs of producing and selling burley tobacco: 1990, 1991, and preliminary 1992

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Costs of producing and selling burley tobacco: 1991, 1992, and preliminary 1993

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Costs of therapy for dermatophyte infections

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Costs to affected individuals following an outbreak of food poisoning: a pilot study

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Costs with automation, studied at five market milk dairies

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Costs, margins and returns in agricultural marketing

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Costunolide and dihydrocostunolide from Saussurea lappa

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Cote d'Ivoire and Tropenbos

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Cote d'Ivoire and the challenges of plant biotechnology

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Cotesia erionotae (Wilkinson) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), for biological control of banana skipper, Erionota thrax (L.) (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) in Papua New Guinea

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Cotoneaster for bumble bees and honey bees

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Cotoneaster hylmoei - an overlooked cotoneaster

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Cotransformation of lactococcin-producing, 2.0-mega dalton and erythromycin-resistant pGB 301 plasmids to Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis protoplast

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Cottage cheese

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Cottage cheese (acid) whey effects on sodic soil aggregate stability

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Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) response to DPX-PE350 applied post-em

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Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) response to clomazone and insecticide combinations

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Cotton Mat5-A (C164) Gene and Mat5-D cDNAs Encoding Methionine-Rich 2S Albumin Storage Proteins

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Cotton and Wool Situation and Outlook Update

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Cotton and soybean root system growth in three soil temperature regimes

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Cotton boll retention and its relationship to lint yield

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Covert iridovirus infection of blackfly larvae

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Covert symptoms of pollution stress in introduced vegetation near Cape Town

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Cow cubicle usage and preference

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Cow doping

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Cow feeding

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Cow milk allergy in infancy and hypoallergenic formulas

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Cow milk protein allergy. Causes, diagnosis and treatment

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Cow milk, pasteurized, homogenized or not. Specifications

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Cow milk-sensitive enteropathy: predisposing factors and treatment

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Cow planning programs tested

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Cow power: livestock and the pastoralist in Africa

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Cow productivity versus costs of milk production

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Cow stress - a social phenomenon?

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Cow trainers and hoof condition

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Cow weights and reproduction on native rangeland and native rangeland-complementary forage systems

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Cow's milk allergy

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Cow's milk consumption and IDDM incidence in Sardinia

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Cow's milk provocation induces an immune response to unrelated dietary antigens

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Cow's milk, diabetes, and infant feeding

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Cow/calf ranching in 10 western states

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Cowboys and cultivators: the Chinese of Inner Mongolia

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Cowdria ruminantium identified in Amblyomma gemma using a DNA probe pCS20

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Cowdriosis in Senegal: some epidemiological aspects

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Cowpea as green manure for productivity of wheat and oat

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Cowpea cultivars for rainfed cultivation in Gourma, Mali

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Cowpea production in rice-based cropping systems of the Philippines - extrapolation by simulation

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Cowpea water relations and growth response on a toposequence water table gradient

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Cows in early lactation deserve more protein

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Cows' milk induced intestinal bleeding in infancy

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Cows' milk linked to juvenile diabetes

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Coxiella and Rickettsiella: comparison of ultrastructure with special reference to their envelope

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Coxiella burnetii (Q fever) abortion storms in goat herds after attendance at an annual fair

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Coxiella burnetii antibodies in calves concentrated in a large-capacity calf house in an area with endemic incidence of Q fever

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Coxofemoral joint laxity from distraction radiography and its contemporaneous and prospective correlation with laxity, subjective score, and evidence of degenerative joint disease from conventional hip-extended radiography in dogs

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Coxofemoral luxations in cats

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CpDNA inheritance in interspecific crosses and evolutionary inference in Louisiana irises

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Cr(III) in activated sludge

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Crab hosts for Paragonimus westermani (Kerbert, 1878) in Malaysia

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Crab scrap compost demonstration

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Crab spiders hunting geometrid larvae through gauze bags

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Crab-apple - a new host for three species of Aspergillus

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Crabgrass control in coastal bermudagrass

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Crack damage on Norway spruce - distribution, symptoms, cause, effects

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Cracking analysis with deterioration of milking liner by image processing

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Cracking in drying soils

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Cracking of black walnuts

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Cracks in irrigated clay soil may allow some drainage

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Cracks, bifurcation and shear bands propagation in saturated clays

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Crafting a destination vision. Putting the concept of resident-responsive tourism into practice

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Crafting institutions for self-governing irrigation systems

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Crambe meal is equivalent to soybean meal for backgrounding and finishing beef steers

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Crambe meal: a review of nutrition, toxicity and effect of treatments

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Crambe: oil for industry

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Cranberry bog morphometry in southeast Massachusetts kettles and outwash channels

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Cranberry stomatal conductivity

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Cranial and facial changes in sheep

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Craniometrical characteristics and sexual dimorphism of domestic cat (Felis catus L., 1758: Carnivora, Felidae) in Bulgaria

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Crassicaudosis: a parasitic disease threatening the health and population recovery of large baleen whales

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Crassulacean acid metabolism in Kalanchoe species collected in various climatic zones of Madagascar: a survey by delta 13C analysis

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Crassulacean acid metabolism in two species of orchids infected by tobacco mosaic virus-orchid strain and/or cymbidium mosaic virus

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Crataegus Xruscinonensis var. aronioides (Rosaceae), a new nothospecies and nothovariety for the flora of Greece

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Cravings and aversions of pregnant adolescents

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Crayfish (Orconectes virilis) feeding on young lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush): effect of rock size

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Crayfish plague and management strategies in Norway

Mann, E.J., 1993:
Cream - Part 1

Mann, E.J., 1993:
Cream - Part 2

Mann, E.J., 1993:
Cream - Part I

Mann, E.J., 1993:
Cream - Part II

Kammerlehner, J., 1994:
Cream Emmental cheese with at least 55% fat in DM created

Cizbanovski, T.; Srbinovska, S., 1990:
Cream cheese made from whey proteins

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Cream powder - determination of total solids content

Anonymous, 1994:
Cream resists the recession

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Cream ripening types

Honer, C., 1992:
Cream-filled investment

Maginnis, P., 1993:
Creamery has the cheese market wrapped

Manley, E., 1993:
Creamery's smoking is good for its wealth

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Creatine kinase in dog plasma: preanalytical factors of variation, reference values and diagnostic significance

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Creating a basis for good fertility by feeding

Erickson, R.P.; Lai, L.W.; Grimes, J., 1993:
Creating a conditional mutation of Wnt-1 by antisense transgenesis provides evidence that Wnt-1 is not essential for spermatogenesis

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