Section 3
Chapter 2,335

Correlation of pH and light intensity on flower color in potted Eustoma grandiflorum Grise

Griesbach, R.J.

HortScience 27(7): 817-818


ISSN/ISBN: 0018-5345
Accession: 002334322

The environment can affect the intensity of flower color in Eustoma grandiflorum. Low light and alkaline pH within the growing cell can lead to reduced color intensity. Two independent causes are responsible for the decrease in the intensity of flower color. 1) Older flowers were more alkaline than freshly opened flowers. A 7% increase in pH was related with a 10% reduction in color intensity. 2) Flowers that open under low light were paler than those opening under high light intensity. A 25% decrease in light intensity was related to a 30% reduction in the concentration of anthocyanin and a 40% reduction in color intensity.

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